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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes A

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Signal Fact 1

The Regulation of Railways Act, 1889 gave the Board of Trade the power to make & enforce orders in respect of:

block working and interlocking of points and signals on lines carrying passengers, &

continuous brakes on passenger trains.

Explanation of column content is here.

ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
AAL   Ashendon and Aynho line. Now NAJ3.  
AAM yes Ashchurch and Malvern line. Previously AML. MR275
AAV yes Ascot Junction to Ash Vale Junction. SW056
ABB yes Abbotsbury Branch. GW224
ABB   Ashburton Branch. Now AHB.  
ABD yes Aberdare Branch. TV010
ABE yes ABE1 Allington West Junction - Barkston
ABE2 Barkston East Spur
ABF   Aberfoyle Branch NB451
ABG   Arbroath & Guthrie Line CA583
ABH yes Aberystwyth Harbour Branch CM081
ABJ yes Denton to Droylsden NW792
ABK   Arbuckle Branch NB301
ABL   Abercanaid or Merthyr Tunnel Loop. GW452
ABN   Abingdon Branch GW104
ABO yes Ashbourne to Rocester NS022
ABT   Albert Harbour Branch GS172
ABS   Abergavenny South Curve NW241
ABT   Albert Harbour Branch GS172
ABW yes Abbotswood Branch GW701
ABX yes Airdrie and Bathgate NB200
ABY yes Amesbury Branch SW123
ACC   Alloa Co-op Coal Depot NB600
ACD yes Allington Chord GN142
ACK yes Alnwick Branch NE741
ACL   Cronberry & Annbank Line GS050
ACN yes Aylesbury - Cheddington NW011
ACP yes Avenue Coking Plant MR755a
ACR yes Ashford - Canterbury West - Ramsgate SE060
ACW yes Acton Canal Wharf - Willesden MR062
ACZ   Abercarn Colliery Siding GW516
ADD yes Add1 Adderley Green Branch
Add2 Adderley Green Branch
ADH yes ADH1 Bridges Junction to Springbank South Junction

ADH2 Hessle Road Junction to Springbank South Junction
ADJ   Aberdare Junction GW462
ADL   Andoversford Line. Now AND.  
ADL   Addiewell Branch NB222
ADU   Aberavon Disused Loop RS008
ADW   Attercliffe Junction to Darnall West Junction Curve GC316
AEB yes Audley End to Bartlow GE051
AEG yes Allerton East Junction - Garston Junction NW595
AFB   Aladdin Factory Branch GW046
AFE yes Shrewsbury Curve SH002
AFL yes Aintree Fork Line LY183
AFR yes Avonmouth & Filton Railway GW125
AFS yes Aviemore - Forres, original Highland Main Line HR003
AGB   Gullane Branch NB008
AGE   Swanage Branch SW115
AGS   Ayr Goods Branch GS119
AGW yes Angerstein Wharf Branch SE025
AGY yes Attercliffe Goods Yard, Sheffield GC341
AHB yes Ashburton Branch. Previously ABB. GW271
AHG yes Nine Elms Junction - Linford Street Junction SW006
AHR yes Arnside to Hincaster FN004
AHS   Muirkirk & Lesmahawgo Branch CA204
AHX yes Hunts Cross Chord CL067
AIF   Airdrie Fork CA343
AIR yes Airdrie Branch CA341
AIW yes Alton - Winchester SW062d
AJB yes Addlestone Junction - Byfleet Junction SW055
AJF yes Almond Junction Fork NB296
AJL yes Haxey - Reedness, Axholme Joint AJ001
AJM yes AJM1 Ambergate Junction - Rowsley
AJM2 Rowsley - Millers Dale
AJW yes Abbey Joint Line Junction - Weddington Junction AN002
AKC yes Alnwick - Cornhill NE742
AKE yes AKE1 Alloa - Kincardine Junction NB600
AKJ   Andover Junction to Kimbridge Junction SW122
AKL   Abandoned Kirby Line MR649
ALB   Queen Alexandra Bridge Branch NE392
ALC yes Aston North Junction - Lichfield City Junction NW344
ALF   Alyth Fork CA553
ALG yes Albion Gas Works Branch NW368
ALH   Alloa Harbour Branch NB606
ALK yes Aberdare Link Line (BR 1973) TV012
ALL yes Alloa Branch, Alloa - Larbert CA512
ALN yes Alston - Haltwhistle NE436
ALO yes Alloa - Oakley
Dunfermline - Oakley - Alloa
ALP   Alexandra Palace Branch GN021
ALS yes South Alloa Branch CA513
ALT yes Hillhouse Branch LY202
ALW   Alloa Connecting Line NB605
ALY yes Alyth Branch CA559
AMB yes Avonmouth Branch GW142
AMC   Aldwarke Main Colliery Branch
AME   Amble Junction to Amble NE737
AMJ yes Ashton Moss Curve GC402
AML   Ashchurch and Malvern line. Now AAM  
AML yes Attenborough - Meadow Lane Junction MR602
AMP   Air Ministry Loop GW191
AMS yes Moira West - Shackerstone AN001
AMY yes AMY1 Auchmuty Junction - Markinch Junction
AMY2 Paper Mill - Auchmuty Junction
ANB yes Annan Branch
Annan - Kirtlebridge
AND yes Andoversford - Swindon - Ludgershall MW010
ANH   Airdrie North Goods NB306
ANI yes ANI1 Aberdeen - Keith
ANI2 Keith - Forres
ANI3 Forres - Millburn Junction
ANL yes Acton & Northolt Line GW040
ANN yes Ayr & Mauchline Branch GS063
ANS   Aldwarke North Junction to South Junction Link GC310
ANZ   Aschurch North Curve MR274
AOS   Allhallows Branch SE032
APB yes Aberpergwm Branch GW611
APB yes Ambergate - Pye Bridge MR424
APL yes Dungeness Branch SE046
APS yes Aberthaw Power Station Branch BY052
APY   Austin & Pickersgill's Yard Branch NE391
ARB yes Alcester Branch GW739
ARG yes ARG1 Dalmarnock Junction - Strathclyde Junction
ARG2 Strathclyde Junction - Finnieston West
ARH yes Ardrossan Harbour Branch. GS145
ARM   Armadale Branch NB242
ARN   ARN1 Ardrossan Harbour Junction to BR/CPA boundary
ARN2 BR/CPA boundary to Ardrossan North
ASB yes Ashwell Branch MR102
ASC yes Shackerstone - Coalville AN004
ASC   Abergavenny South Curve. Now ABS.
ASE yes Nuneaton - Snarestone AN001
ASH yes Stoke Golding - Hinckley AN003
ASK yes Askew Branch GW787
ASN   Aldwarke South Junction Link MR840a
ASS yes Ashes Branch (Stanhope) NE328
AST   Astley Bridge Branch LY101
ATF   Ash Junction to Farnham Junction SW064
ATG yes ATG Turnham Green - Gunnersbury Junction

ATG1 Acton Lane Junction to Gunnersbury Junction
ATG2 Turnham Green to Acton Lane Junction
ATH yes Ashford - Hastings SE045
ATL yes Atlantic Line LB022
ATW yes Cowbridge - Aberthaw LL TV070
ATZ   Ashburnham Tinplate Works BP008
AUC yes Auchmuty Branch NB513
AUD yes Audley Branch NS064
AVB yes Almond Valley Branch CA534
AVD   Avonmouth Dock Branch CE003
AVE yes Avenue Branch NE726
AVG   Strathspey Railway Company HR003
AVN   Aberavon Branch PT002
AWB   Acton Wells Branch. Now AWL.
AWC   AWC1 Alloa West Goods

AWC2 Alloa West Curve
AWL yes Acton Wells Line GW061
AWM yes Alderbury Junction - West Moors SW128
AWP yes Anlaby Road - West Parade North Junction NE066
AYB   Aylesbury Branch. Now PRA.
AYH yes AYH1 Newton Junction - Ayr Harbour North
AYH2 Falkland Junction - Ayr Harbour Junction
AYL yes AYL1 Abbeyhill Junction - Lochend Junction
AYL2 Lochend Junction - PIershill Junction
AYL3 Craigentinny - Piershill Junction
AYR yes AYR1 Bridge Street Junction - Stoneybrae Junction

AYR2 Stoneybrae Junction - 7mp
AYR3 7mp - Dalry Junction
AYR4 Barrassie South Junction - Dalry Junction
AYR5 Dalry Junction - Lochgreen Junction (Troon Loop)
AYR6 Lochgreen Junction - Ayr
AYS yes Ashburys Yard Sidings GC377
AYT yes Aberystwyth Branch GW663


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