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Great North of Scotland Railway

Signal Fact 67

Docklands Light Railway was opened in stages from 1987.

Trains were controlled by pulsed codes in the track circuits and driven automatically.

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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

Generally speaking, milepost mileages were from Aberdeen (Delburn Junction) and trains ran Down from Aberdeen.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
Opened (A)
Aberdeen - Keith
0m00c Aberdeen (Denburn Junction) (1) CA580
0m17c Aberdeen Joint Union East SB
0m30c Schoolhill
0m32c Schoolhill SB
0m75c Hutcheon Street station & SB
1m28c Kittybrewster South SB
1m30c Kittybrewster
  Kittybrewster Junction (1st) GO002
1m52c Kittybrewster North SB
1m59c Kittybrewster Junction (2nd) GO002
2m20c Don Street SB
2m27c Don Street
2m48c Woodside SB
2m57c Woodside
3m36c Persley Halt
3m75c Bucksburn SB
4m04c Bucksburn
4m40c Bankhead
5m02c Stoneywood
6m00c Dyce station (1st)
6m11c Dyce South SB
6m20c Dyce (2nd)
  Dyce Junction GO010
6m25c Dyce North SB
6m61c Raith's Farm Shunters Cabin
8m20c Pitmedden LC
8m20c Pitmedden GB
  Pitmedden station
10m36 Kinaldi SB
10m43c Kinaldie
11m29c Kikton of Kinellar LC
12m78c Boat of Kintore LC
12m78c Boat of Kintore GB
13m29c Kintore
13m53c Kintore Junction GO003
14m22c Cairnhall LC
14m46c Fullerton LC
15m16c Port Elphinstone SB
16m06c Inverurie Station SB
16m32c Inverurie (1st) (2)
16m72c Inverurie station (2nd)
16m79c Inverurie New Station SB
17m19c Inverurie Loco Siding SB
  Inverurie Junction GO004
20m13c Inveramsay South SB
  Inveramsay Junction GO005
20m30c Inveramsay North SB
21m27c Pitcaple SB
21m29c Pitcaple station
24m51c Oyne SB
24m51c Oyne LC
25m37c Buchanstone LC
25m57c Lamington Farm LC
26m55c Drakewell Farm LC
  Insch South SB
27m42c Insch station
27m46c Insch North SB
27m47c Insch LC
28m65c Shevock (Dunndeer) LC
31m05c Wardhouse SB LC
  Wardhouse station
32m58c Kennethmont East SB
32m61c Kennethmont LC
32m63c Kennethmont
32m71c Kennethmont West SB
33m11c Leith Hall LC
34m40c Candy Farm LC
34m74c Toll of Cults LC
35m63c Gartley South SB
35m65c Gartly
35m67c Gartly LC
35m76c Gartley North SB
40m43c Huntly South SB
40m55c Huntly SB
40m67c Huntly station
40m71c Huntly North SB
44m08c Avochie SB
45m23c Rothiemay South SB
45m24c Rothiemay
45m27c Rothiemay North SB
46m41c Little Mill LC
  Cairnie Junction station
48m22c Cairnie Junction SB
  Cairnie Junction GO020
48m34c Grange South SB
  Grange Junction GO021
48m77c Grange Junction SB
  Grange station
49m62c Burnmouth LC
51m40c Mill O'Wood Siding SB
52m78c Newmill SB
53m04c Keith South SB (1st-2nd)
53m05c Keith South SB (3rd)
53m05c Keith Junction GO030 HR010
(1) Denburn Junction is mid point within the joint station
(2) originally Inverury.

(A) Opened: Aberdeen - Kittybrewster 1867, Kittbrewster - Huntly 1854, Huntly - Keith 1856.
Opened 1855
Waterloo Branch
0m00c Waterloo Aberdeen Harbour
1m53c Kittybrewster Junction (1st) GO001
Article: Steam Days 2017 February.
Opened 1859
Closed 1966
Alford Branch
datum Aberdeen
13m53c Kintore Junction GO001
18m18c Kemnay
24m23c Tillyfourie East GF
  Tillyfourie station
24m35c Tillfourie West SB
29m17c Alford SB
  Alford station
Alford station is now the terminus of the Alford Valley Railway. However, their line does not follow the GNoS route towards Kintore.
Opened 1856
Closed 1966
Oldmeldrum Branch
datum Aberdeen
17m51c Inverurie Junction GO001
  Fingask Halt
21m63c Oldmeldrum SB
21m73c Oldmeldrum station
Opened (A)
Closed (B)
Macduff Branch
datum Aberdeen
20m13c Inveramsay Junction GO001
27m45c Rothie-Norman (1)
30m59c Fyvie
34m03c Auchterless South SB
34m21c Auchterless North SB
36m77c Turriff
39m55c King Edward
  Macduff (Banff) (2)
  Banff Bridge
44m71c Macduff SB
49m45c Macduff
(1) originally Rothie
(2) originally Banff & Macduff.

(A) Opened: Inveramsay - Turriff 1857, Turriff - Macduff (Banff) 1860, Macduff (Banff) - Macduff 1872.
(B) Closed: Inveramsay - Turriff 1966, Turriff - Macduff 1961.
Opened (A)
Closed (B)
Dyce to Peterhead (Formartine & Buchan Railway)
datum Aberdeen
  Dyce Junction GO001
6m25c Dyce Buchan SB
7m27c Parkhill
8m67c Elrick SB
11m25c Newmanchar South SB
11m34c Newmanchar North SB
14m05c Udny SB
14m13c Udney North GF
16m22c Logierieve station & SB(1)
17m38c Esslemont
19m03c Ellon (South) Junction GO011
  Ellon station
19m15c Ellon North GF
22m76c Arnage South SB
23m10c Arnage North GF
30m57c Maud South SB
30m63c Maud Junction GO015
  Maud Junction station (2)
33m45c Abbey of Deer Platform
34m76c Mintlaw South SB
  Mintlaw (3)
35m05c Mintlaw North GF
38m17c Longside West GF (4)
  Longside Lenabo RFC
38m26c Longside East SB (5)
  Lenabo Branch Junction GO013
  Newseat Halt
42m02c Inverugie
  Harbour Branch Junction GO014
42m70c Peterhead SB
44m22c Peterhead station
(1) Newburgh Road until 1862.
(2) Brucklay until 1865, then New Maud Junction until 1866; Maud from 1925.
(3) originally Old Deer & Mintlaw.
(4) previously Longside South.
(5) previously Longside North.

(A) Opened Dyce - Mintlaw 1861; Mintlaw - Peterhead 1862.
(B) Closed Dyce - Maud Junction 1979; Maud Junction - Peterhead 1970.

Much of the route is now the Formartine & Buchan Way.
Opened 1897
Closed 1945
Boddam Branch
datum Aberdeen
19m03c Ellon Junction GO010
  Ellon station
24m40c Pitlurg
29m15c Cruden Bay
  Bullers O'Buchan Halt
34m02c Boddam SB
34m22c Boddam
Opened 1897
Closed 1940
Cruden Bay Tramway
0m00c Cruden Bay Station Forecourt
0m40c Palace Hotel
  Hotel Yard
Opened 1918
Closed 1923
Lenabo Branch
Lenabo Branch Junction GO010
Lenabo RNAS
Opened 1865
Closed 1946
Peterhead Harbour Branch
Harbour Branch Junction GO010
Peterhead Harbour
Opened 1865
Closed 1979
Fraserburgh Branch
datum Aberdeen
30m63c Maud Junction GO010
  Maud Junction station (1)
30m72c Maud North SB
32m68c Brucklay
36m61c Strichen
  Mormond Halt
41m61c Lonmay
44m07c Rathen SB
45m09c Philorth Halt
  Pneumatic Toolworks Siding
  Fraserburgh Junction GO016
46m69c Fraserburgh SB (2nd)
  Fraserburgh SB (1st)
  Fraserburgh station
(1) New Maud Junction until 1866; Maud from 1925.
Opened 1903
Closed 1965
St Combs Light Railway
datum Fraserburgh
  Fraserburgh Junction GO015
  Kirkton Bridge Halt
  Philorth Bridge Halt
5m08c St Combs
Runs parallel with GO015 for first 66 chains.
Opened (A)
Closed 1968
Cairnie Junction - Elgin East via Coast Line
datum Aberdeen
48m50c Cairnie Junction GO001
48m79c Grange Junction North SB
  Grange North Junction GO021
  Milligan (1)
51m69c Knock
53m07c Glenbarry (2)
  Tillynaught Junction GO022
58m36c Tillynaught South SB
  Tillynaught station
58m42c Tillynaught North SB
  Portsoy Junction GO023
61m04c Portsoy South SB
  Portsoy (2nd)
61m13c Portsoy North SB
63m23c Glassaugh
65m23c Tochieneal South SB
65m29c Tochieneal North SB
66m38c Cullen
68m47c Portknockie East SB
68m55c Portknockie West SB
69m71c Findochty SB
70m00c Findochty station
71m23c Portessie Junction SB
  Portessie Junction (3) HR016
  Portessie station (GNSR-Joint)
72m34c Buckie East SB
72m48c Buckie SB
72m53c Buckie West SB
73m58c Buckpool SB
75m01c Portgordon
77m34c Spey Bay East SB (3)
  Spey Bay (3)
77m43c Spey Bay West SB (3)
78m57c Garmouth East SB
78m62c Garmouth West SB
82m04c Urquart
84m28c Calcots East SB
84m34c Calcots West SB
  Lossie Junction GO024
86m10c Lossie Junction SB
86m78c Elgin East Junction GO030
(1) aka Millagan, Millegan.
(2) Barry until 1872.
(3) aka Findochty Junction.
(3) Fochabers-on-Spey until 1893, then Fochabers until 1916, then Fochabers & Spey Bay until 1918.

(A) Opened Cairnie Junction - Grange North Junction 1886, Grange North Junction - Portsoy 1859, Portsoy - Tochieneal 1884, Tochieneal - Garmouth 1886, Garmouth - Lossie Junction 1884, Lossie Junction - Elgin East 1852.

OS maps from 1860s show mile posts dual marked Banff (6) and Grange (10) just south of Tillynaught.

Article: Railway Magazine 1962 January.
Opened 1859
Closed 1960
Grange North Spur
0m00c Grange Junction GO001
0m36c Grange North Junction GO020
Opened 1859
Closed 1968
Tillynaught - Banff
datum Aberdeen
58m50c Tillynaught Junction GO020
  Tillynaught station
  Ordens Halt
61m72c Ladysbridge
  Bridgefoot Halt
  Golf Club House Halt
64m50c Banff SB
  Banff station (1)
(1) originally Banff Harbour

OS maps from 1860s show mile posts dual marked Banff and Grange. Mileages also quoted as 58m18c - 64m34c

Article: Railway Magazine 1962 January.
Opened 1859
Closed 1910
Portsoy Harbour Branch
Portsoy Junction GO020
Portsoy (1st)
Portsoy Harbour
Opened 1852
Closed 1966
Lossiemouth Branch
precise datum to be confirmed
0m00c Lossie Junction GO020
  Linksfield Platform
  Linksfield LC
  Greens of Drainie Platform
  Greens of Drainie LC
5m39c Lossiemouth
Datum uncertain. Quoted mileage at Lossiemouth seems to be to HR-GNoS boundary 2c HR side of GNoS Elgin station.

1911 Working Timetable shows the line as down from Lossiemouth to Lossie Junction.

Article: Railway Magazine 1962 January.
Opened (A)
Closed (B)
Main Line: Keith - Elgin
datum Aberdeen
Keith & Dufftown Railway
53m05c Keith South Junction GO001 HR010
53m19c Keith station
53m36c NR / K&DRA boundary
53m66c Keith Town station (2)
54m38c Stratisla Mills GF
56m38c Auchindachy South SB
56m54c Auchindachy station (3)
56m64c Auchindachy North SB
57m67c Towiemore Halt
58m00c Botriphnie Siding SB
59m38c Drummuir East SB
59m46c Drummuir station
59m51c Drummuir West SB
63m25c Parkmore Junction GO031
63m59c Dufftown South SB
64m00c Dufftown station

Strathspey Railway
64m01c Dufftown North SB
64m08c end of line (for Keith & Dufftown Railway Association)
64m13c Dufftown Distillery Siding
67m66c Craigellachie South SB
  Craigellachie (4)

Morayshire Railway
67m69c Strathspey Junction GO033
67m74c Craigellachie North SB
68m24c Dandaleith (5)
70m14c Rothes South SB
  Rothes station
  Rothes Junction GO032
70m29c Rothes North SB
  Birchfield Platform (6)
75m06c Coleburn SB
  Coleburn-Glenlivet Distillery Sidings, also gravel pit
  Coleburn's Platform (7)
77m34c Longmorn
  Elgin East Junction GO020
80m16c Elgin East SB
  Elgin (GNSR)
80m35c Elgin Centre HR010
(2) originally Earlsmill (3) originally Boltriphnie
(4) originally Strathspey Junction
(5) originally Craigellachie
(6) OS map c1903 labels as Birchfield Siding. Birchfield Halt from 1939.
(7) originally Coleburn

(A) Opened: Keith - Dufftown 1862, Dufftown - Dandaleith 1863, Danaleith - Rothes 1858, Rothes - Elgin 1862.
(B) Closed: Keith - Dufftown 1985, Dufftown - Craigellachie 1971, Craigellachie - Elgin 1968.

DFN Keith Junction to Dufftown Distillery Siding
DTE Dufftown Distillery Siding - Elgin Centre

Morayshire Railway section originally miled from Elgin.

Keith - Dufftown now Keith and Dufftown Railway Association.
GO031 Dufftown Goods Branch
Parkmore Junction GO030
Parkbeg Quarry
Glendullan Distillery
Mortlach Distillery
Opened 1858
Closed (B)
Rothes to Orton
0m00c Rothes Junction GO030
1m32c Sourden (1)
3m04c Orton Junction HR010
(1) aka Souden, Sowden.

(B) Closed: Rothes - Sourden 1880, Sourden - Orton Junction 1866.
Opened (A)
Closed (B)
Strathspey Line
datum Aberdeen
67m69c Strathspey Junction GO030
67m73c Craiellachie West GF (1)
70m16c Aberlour
  Dailuaine Halt
  Dailuaine Junction GO034
73m45c Carron
  Imperial Cottages Halt
  Gilbey's Cottages Halt
76m10c Knockando (2)
80m12c Ballindalloch
  Advie (1st)
  Advie (2nd)
  Dalvey Farm Halt
89m04c Cromdale
91m77c Grantown-on-Spey (3)
  Ballifurth Farm Halt
96m23c Nethy Bridge (4)
101m25c Boat of Garten HR003
(1) aka Craigellachie Strathspey. SB
(2) Dalbeattie until 1905; later Tamdhu by owning distllery company.
(3) Grantown until 1912; Grantown-on-Spey East from 1950.
(4) originally Abernethy; aka Nethybridge.

(A) Opened: Craigellachie - Nethybridge 1863, Nethybridge - Boat of Garten 1866.
(B) Closed: Craigellachie - Aberlour 1971, Aberlour - Boat of Garten 1968.
GO034 Dailuaine Distillery Branch
Dailuaine Junction GO033
Article: Railway Magazine 1966 October.
Opened (A)
Closed (B)
Deeside line
datum Aberdeen Station
Deeside Railway
0m54c Ferryhill Junction CA580
1m30c Holburn Street
1m64c Ruthreiston
3m04c Pittodels
3m42c Cults East SB (1st)
3m49c Cults East SB (2nd)
3m56c Cults West SB
4m10c West Cults
4m63c Bieldside
5m33c Murtle
6m34c Milltimber
7m51c Culter
  Culter Paper Mill Branch Junction
9m74c Drum
10m54c Park East SB
10m65c Park West SB
  Mills of Drum
14m29c Crathes
17m00c Banchory East SB
  Banchory (1st)

Aboyne & Braemar Railway
  Banchory (2nd)
17m34c Banchory West SB
  Dee Street Halt
21m30c Glassel
23m68c Torphins East SB
24m08c Torphins west SB
26m08c Lumphanan
31m42c Aboyne East SB
31m53c Aboyne West SB
36m58c Dinnet East SB
36m64c Dinnet West SB
  Cambus O'May Halt
42m43c Ballater SB
  Ballater station
43m33c end of line
(A) Opened: Farryhill - Banchory 1853, Banchory - Aboyne 1859, Aboyne - Ballater 1866.
(B) Closed: Ferryhill - Culter 1967, Culter - Ballater 1966.

West of Crathes towards Banchory now Royal Deeside Railway. Much of the remainder is now the Deeside Way long distance path.
GO041 Deeside Goods Branch
Denburn South Junction CA
Deeside Goods


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