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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
Opened (A)
Highland Main Line
datum Perth Station. 19th century OS maps show mile posts dual miled from Perth and Inverness.
7m02c Stanley Junction CA530
8m32c Charleston LC
8m63c Kinclaven LC
10m15c Murthley LC
10m15c Murthley South SB
10m17c Murthley station
10m37c Murthley North SB
12m48c Kingswood South SB
12m55c Kingswood SB
12m71c Kingswood North SB
  Rohallion private station
15m24c Dunkeld South SB
15m25c Dunkeld SB
15m31c Dunkeld & Birnam station (1)
15m40c Dunkeld North SB
17m76c Inchmagranachan South SB
18m01c Inchmagranachan SB
18m07c Inchmagranachan North
18m36c Inchmagranachan No.2 LC
18m57c Inchmagranachan No.3 LC
19m76c Easter Dalguise No.1 LC
20m14c Easter Dalguise No.2 LC
20m16c Dalguise South SB
  Dalguise station
20m23c Dalguise SB
20m25c Dalguise North SB
21m29c Guay SB
  Guay station
21m29c Guay LC
22m67c Haugh of Tulllymet LC
  Ballinluig Junction HR002
23m44c Ballinluig South SB
23m40c Ballinluig station
23m66c Ballinluig North SB
25m33c Moulinearn LC
25m54c Mouliearn South SB
25m68c Mouliearn SB
25m70c Mouliearn North SB
28m19c Pitlochry South SB
28m21c Pitlochry station
28m31c Pitlochry LC
28m31c Pitlochry North SB
28m33c Pitlochry SB
28m65c Moulin LC
32m15c Urrard No.1 LC
32m16c Killiecrankie South SB
32m17c Killiecrankie
32m41c Urrard No.2 LC
32m42c Killiecrankie North SB
33m27c Auldclune No.3 LC
34m02c Kings Island LC
34m36c Ballentoul LC
35m05c Blair Atholl LC
35m06c Blair Atholl South SB
35m09c Blair Atholl station
35m27c Blair Atholl North SB
38m30c Pittagowan LC
39m50c Struan station
39m68c Struan South SB
40m04c Struan North SB
41m25c Clunes LC
43m20c Black Tank Siding SB
44m76c Dalnacardoch GF
44m69c Dalanraoch SB
45m50c Dalnacardoch SB
45m73c Dalanraoch SB (from 1966)
48m21c Edendon SB
49m03c Red Van LC
50m60c Dalnaspiedal LC
50m67c Dalnaspidal South SB
50m73c Dalnaspidal station & SB
51m08c Dalnaspidal North SB
54m00c County March SB
54m14c Whitebridge LC
54m65c Balsporran LC
54m73c Balsporan SB (1st)
55m53c Balsporran SB (2nd)
58m30c Dalwhinnie South SB Ben Alder LC
58m47c Dalwhinnie station
58m53c Dalwhinnie (North) SB
58m70c Distillery Burn LC
60m41c Cuaich LC
62m38c Inchlea LC
62m44c Inchlea South SB
62m56c Inchlea SB
62m67c Inchlea North SB
66m72c Etteridge SB
68m51c Newtonmore South SB
68m62c Newtonmore station
68m72c Newtonmore SB
68m74c Newtonmore North SB
69m74c Altlaurie LC
70m32c Ballachroan LC
70m56c Pitmain No.1 LC
70m71c Pitmain No.2 LC
71m32c Kingussie South SB
71m43c Kingussie station
71m50c Kingussie (North) SB LC
72m39c Macraes LC
73m11c Lynchat LC
73m72c Balavil Burn LC
74m05c Balavil Gates LC
74m47c Balavil SB
74m77c Croftcarnoch No.2 LC
77m23c Kincraig Loop south points
77m30c Kincraig South SB
77m33c Kincraig station (2) & SB
77m56c Kincraig Loop north points
77m57c Kincraig North SB
79m35c Dalraddy South SB
79m49c Dalraddy North
82m31c Lynwilg No.1 LC
83m16c Aviemore South SB
83m31c Aviemore station
83m32c Aviemore Platform SB
83m51c Aviemore North Junction HR003
  Laggantygown South SB
  Laggantygown North SB
88m36c Carrbridge South SB
89m64c Carrbridge Loop south points
90m00c Carr Bridge station (3) & SB
90m10c Carrbridge North GF
90m16c Carrbridge Loop north points
95m16c Slochd South SB
95m31c Slochd SB
95m33c Slochd North GF
98m60c Tomatin South GF
98m78c Tomatin station & SB
98m78c Tomatin North GF
102m71c Moy Loop south points
102m75c Moy South GF
103m--c Moy station
103m09c Moy North GF
103m24c Moy Loop north points
107m13c Daviot South SB
107m14c Daviot station & SB
  Daviot North SB
111m29c Culloden Moor SB
111m30c Culloden station
111m34c Culloden Moor station
116m45c Cradlehall Crossovers
117m18c Millburn SB (2nd)
117m20c Millburn Junction
117m34c Millburn SB (1st)
117m50c Welsh's Bridge SB
117m56c Welsh's Bridge Junction HR006 HR007
117m62c Locomotive SB
117m78c Inverness Station SB
118m03c Inverness station HR020
(1) originally Burnam & Dunkeld, later Dunkeld
(2) originally Boat of Insh.
(3) Carrbridge since 1983. OS maps always show Carrbridge but Carr Bridge and Carr-bridge are used otherwise interchangeably with Carrbridge by locals.

(A) Opened: Stanley - Dunkeld 1856, Dunkeld - Aviemore 1863, Aviemore - Carrbridge 1892, Carrbridge - Daviot 1897, Daviot - Millburn 1898, Millburn - Inverness 1855.
Opened 1865
Closed 1965
Aberfeldy Branch
23m41c Ballinluig Junction HR001
  Ballinluig station
28m04c Grandtully
32m36c Aberfeldy Distillery SB
32m45c Aberfeldy SB
  Aberfeldy station
Claimed mileage for Ballinluig Junction is inconsistent with that stated in Quail for Ballinluig Station. Maps clearly show the junction just south of the station.
Opened (A)
Part Closed (B)
Original Main Line
datum Perth Station (north end). Old OS maps show mile posts from Inverness at least as far as Forres.
83m51c Aviemore North Junction HR001
83m60c Aviemore Speyside SB
84m23c Dalfaber LC
88m34c Boat of Garten South SB
88m43c Boat of Garten station
88m51c Boat of Garten North SB
92m60c Broomhill station (1)
95m79c Grantown-on-Spey South SB
96m00c Grantown-on-Spey West SB
96m03c Grantown-on-Spey station(2)
96m16c Grantown-on-Spey North SB
104m25c Dava South SB
104m32c Dava station
104m33c Dava SB
104m56c Dava North SB
110m50c Dunphail South SB
110m68c Dunphail North SB
  Forres South Junction HR004
119m24c Forres South SB
119m26c Forres (2nd)
119m39c Forres West SB
119m41c Forres West Junction HR010 HR011
  Dalvey temporary station (300540 857993)
122m52c Brodie East SB
122m57c Brodie station
122m72c Brodie West SB
122m61c Brodie LC
124m23c Ellands No.3 LC
125m22c Easterton LC
126m31c Auldearn SB
126m61c Drumduan No.2 LC
128m63c Nairn East SB
128m70c Nairn SB
128m72c Nairn station
129m01c Nairn West SB
132m51c Easter Glackton LC
134m20c Balspardon LC
134m28c Gollanfield East SB
134m25c Gollanfield Junction station (3)
134m32c Fort George SB
134m39c Gollanfield (West) Junction HR005
134m42c Gollanfield Junction SB
135m26c Milton of Gollanfield LC
137m10c Dalcross SB
Dalcross LC
  Dalcross station
140m00c Lower Cullernie LC
  Allanfearn station (4)
140m46c Allanfearn SB LC
143m09c Raigmore LC
143m20c Millburn Junction HR001
(1) aka Glenbogle
(2) originally Grantown, later Grantown West
(3) originally Fort George, later Gollanfield
(4) originally Culloden

(A) Opened: Aviemore - Forres 1863, Forres - Nairn 1858, Nairn - Inverness 1855.
(B) Closed: Aviemore - Boat 1969, Boat - Dallas Dhu 1965, Dallas Dhu - Forres 1967, Forres South - West 1966.

AFS Aviemore - Forres, quoted as 83m26c-119m24c.
AVG Aviemore - Grantown on Spey, quoted in Quail for Strathspey Railway but not seemingly recognised anywhere else.
ANI3 Forres - Millburn Junction. Millburn Junction quoted elsewhere as 143m38c. Which is correct?

Aviemore - Broomhill now Strathspey Railway Co Ltd.
Opened 1863
Closed 1967
Forres Fork Line
Forres South Junction HR003
Forres (2nd)
Forres East Junction HR010 HR011
Opened 1899
Closed 1961
Fort George Branch
datum Gollanfield Station
0m14c Gollanfield Junction HR003
1m38c Forst George SB
1m60c Fort George
Opened 1862
Rose Street Curve
datum Perth Station (north end)
117m56c Welsh's Bridge Junction HR001
117m71c Rose Street LC
118m01c Rose Street Junction HR020
HR007 Inverness Harbour Branch
datum Perth Station (north end)
117m56c Welsh's Bridge Junction HR001
118m14c Inverness Harbour
Opened 1858
Closed (B)
Forres to Keith
  Forres West Junction HR003
0m00c Forres station (2nd)
0m16c Forres East Junction HR004
0m23c Waterford LC
0m28c Mosset Park LC
0m42c Christie's Nursery LC
0m56c Bogton Sewage Works LC
0m71c Bogton Nursery LC
1m07c Springfield No.1 LC
2m51c Seapark No.2 LC
2m75c Kinloss West SB LC
2m76cKinloss station (1st-3rd)
  Kinloss station (2nd)
  Kinloss Junction HR012
3m04c Kinloss East SB
3m64c Newton of Struthers LC
6m42c Alves (West) Junction HR013
6m55c Alves East SB
7m79c Wards LC
8m55c Newton Quarry Siding SB
9m09c Mosstowie station & SB (316936 862182)
9m35c Whitehills LC
10m02c Lochinver Farm LC
10m09c Inverlochty No.1 LC
10m55c Allarburn Farm LC
11m74c Elgin SB Ward's Road LC
11m76c Elgin West SB
12m18c Elgin station
12m21c Elgin Centre GO030
15m25c Lhanbryde SB
15m49c Lhanbryde
18m30c Orbliston West Junction HR015
18m38c Orbliston Junction station (1)
18m48c Orliston East SB
19m69c Deanshillock LC
21m75c Orton West SB
21m63c Orton East SB
  Orton Junction station
22m08c Orton Junction GO032
22m65c Spey Viaduct SB
25m18c Mulben East SB
25m30c Mulben
25m36c Mulben West SB
25m76c Tarn LC
27m20c Rosarie LC
27m29c Bush No.1 LC
28m20c Mildearie LC
29m22c Bridgend LC
30m04c Keith West SB
30m05c Keith West Junction HR016
30m20c Keith East SB
30m23c Keith
30m40c Keith Junction GO001
(1) originally Fochabers
Opened 1858
Closed 1967
Forres Goods Loop
Forres West Junction HR003 HR011
Forres (1st)
  Forres North SB
Forres East Junction HR004 HR010
Opened 1860
Closed 1873
Findhorn Branch
0m00c Kinloss Junction HR010
3m00c Findhorn
Opened (A)
Closed (B)
Burghead & Hopeman Branch
0m00c Alves Junction HR010
  Coltfield Platform (1)
2m10c Roseisle
  Burghead Junction HR014
5m05c Burghead SB
  Burghead (2nd)
4m72c Distillery Siding
6m36c Cummingston
  Greenbrae Quarry Sidings
7m05c Hopeman SB
7m07c Hopeman
(1) originally Wards, then Coltfield

(A) Opened: Alves - Burghead 1862, Burghead - Hopeman 1892.
(B) Closed: Alves - Burghead 2000, Burghead - Hopeman 1957.

BGD Alves Junction - Distillery Siding
BGF Distillery Siding - Hopeman

Quail shows branch ending at 4m40 which seems to equate to Burghead station.
Opened 1862
Closed 1966
Burghead Harbour Branch
  Burghead Junction HR013
  Engine Shed Sidings
  Burghead (1st)
0m32c Burghead Harbour
Opened 1893
Closed 1966
Fochabers Branch
0m00c Orbliston West Junction HR010
  Balnacoul Halt
3m00c Fochabers Town (1)
(1) originally Fochabers
Opened 1884
Closed (B)
Keith & Buckie Branch
0m00c Keith West Junction HR010
2m32c Aultmore South SB (1)
  Aultmore station (1)
2m48c Aultmore North SB (1)
7m59c Enzie South SB
7m72c Enzie North SB
  Drybridge Platform
11m29c Rathven
12m26c Buckie
13m64c Portessie station (joint)
13m71c Portessie Junction (2) GO020
(1) Forgie until 31 December 1898.
(2) aka Findochty Junction.

(B) Closed: Keith - Aultmore 1966, Aultmore - Portessie 1915. Buckie - Portessie relaid by GNoSR 1919 and finally closed 1944.
Opened (A)
Far North Main Line
0m02c Inverness HR001
0m18c Rose Street Junction HR006
0m36c Ness Viaduct SB
0m47c Up RETB ends
1m12c Down RETB starts
1m14c Canal Branch Junction HR022
1m19c Canal Branch Junction SB
1m50c Clachnaharry SB
2m29c Bruichnain South SB
2m57c Bruichnain North SB
2m63c Bruichnain LC
2m73c Bullocks LC
3m10c Bunchrew Farm LC
3m58c Bunchrew SB LC
5m64c Lentran station LC
5m69c Lentran station
5m70c Lentran SB
7m29c Groam Farm South LC
7m36c Clunes South SB
7m41c Groam Farm LC
7m51c Clunes station
7m54c Clunes North SB
9m29c Beauly Ferry LC
9m73c Beauly SB
10m12c Beauly station
10m14c Beauly North SB
11m10c Wellhouse LC
12m64c Muir of Ord South SB
13m04c Muir of Ord station
13m10c Muir of Ord North SB
13m24c Muir of Ord Junction HR023
13m53c Chapelton LC
15m54c Keepers House LC
16m14c Riverford LC
16m21c Conon Bridge station
16m30c Conon station
16m32c Conon SB
17m15c Maryburgh LC
17m51c Kildun No.1 LC
18m10c Pitglassie South LC
18m23c Pitglassie Field LC
18m29c Pitglassie North LC
18m44c Dingwall South SB
18m58c Dingwall station
18n72c Dingwall North SB (1st)
18n75c Dingwall North SB (2nd)
18m79c Dingwall North Junction HR024
19m03c Dingwall Canal North LC
22m57c Foulis Crossing Loop SB
22m76c Foulis LC
22m70c Foulis (Station) SB SB
  Foulis station
23m15c Ballachiaddich LC
24m78c Novar South SB (1)
25m00c Novar (1)
25m07c Novar North SB (1)
28m43c Alness South SB
28m53c Alness North SB
28m70c Alness station
29m28c Belleport LC
  Invergordon Harbour Junction HR026
31m25c Invergordon South SB
31m37c Invergordon station
31m42c Invergordon North SB
31m76c Distillery No.1 GF
32m07c Distillery No.2 GF
32m20c Invergordon Distillery LC
33m50c Balintraid LC
  Delney station
34m79c Delney SB LC
36m45c Kildary South SB
  Kildary station (2)
36m60c Kildary North SB
  Nigg station
39m25c Nigg SB LC
40m45c Fearn SB
40m60c Fearn station
42m61c Hilton Mills LC
43m17c Balkeith South LC
44m16c Tain South SB
44m23c Tain station
44m38c Tain North SB
45m43c Glenmorangie Siding SB
46m--c Meikle Ferry station (274901 884381)
48m46c Edderton No.1 LC
49m20c Manse LC
49m51c Edderton South SB
49m55c Edderton station
49m61c Edderton North SB
51m40c Ardvannie No.2 LC
55m24c Mid Fearn halt (263089 887765)
55m26c Mid Fearn LC
55m32c Wester Fearn LC
56m40c Ardchronie LC
56m75c Kincardine Mains LC
57m32c McNicols LC
57m63c Bonar Bridge South SB (3)
57m70c Bonar Bridge station (3)
57m76c Bonar Bridge Noth SB
59m78c Balnahinch No.4 LC
60m63c Culrain Smithey LC
60m78c Culrain SB
61m00c Culrain station
61m34c Invershin station
61m35c Invershin SB
66m65c Lairg South SB
66m78c Lairg station
67m04c Lairg North SB
67m11c Lairg LC
68m54c Tornich No.1 LC
68m64c Tornich No.2 LC
72m63c Acheilidh Crossing SB Acheilidh No.2 LC
74m36c Rossal No.2 LC
76m03c Dalmore SB
76m35c Rovie LC
76m62c Rogart South SB (1st)
76m69c Rogart South SB (2nd)
77m00c Rogart North SB (2nd)
77m01c Rogart station
77m06c Rogart North SB (1st)
77m36c West Kinnauld No.2 LC
77m53c West Kinnauld No.3 LC
78m01c Kinnauld East No.1 LC
78m25c Kinnauld East No.2 LC
78m38c Morvich No.1 LC
78m62c Morvich No.3 LC
78m71c Morvich No.4 LC
79m03c Morvich No.6 LC
79m22c Morvich No.7 LC
79m62c Morvich No.8 LC
  Mound Junction HR028
80m70c The Mound Junction SB
80m70c The Mound station
82m30c Badden LC
82m44c Kirkton LC
83m17c Culmally No.2 LC
83m34c Culmally No.3 LC
83m73c Drummuie LC
84m26c Golspie South SB
84m30c Golspie station
84m45c Golspie North SB
86m19c Dunrobin LC
86m22c Dunrobin private station (4)
86m64c Mellaig No.1 LC
88m27c Strathsteven LC
89m02c Doll LC
89m24c MacBeath's LC
89m34c Inver Brora No.1 LC
89m68c Inver Brora No.2 LC
90m31c Brora LC
90m44c Brora South SB
90m48c Brora station
90m57c Brora North SB
90m71c McIvers LC
91m00c East Brora Muir No.1 LC
91m11c East Brora Muir No.2 LC
91m30c Dalchalm LC
92m05c Greenhill LC
92m40c Clynmilton East LC
93m00c Kintradwell No.1 LC
93m27c Kintradwell No.2 LC
93m63c Old Castle LC
95m03c Lothbeg LC
95m60c Loth station
95m65c Loth SB
97m22c Culgower No.1 LC
99m33c Portgower No.1 LC
99m73c Portgower station LC
  West Helmsdale
101m40c Helmsdale station
101m41c Helmsdale South SB
101m52c Helmsdale North SB
101m62c Bual No.1 LC
101m75c Bual No.2 LC
102m38c Marrel LC
104m--c Salzcraggie Platform (299588 918117)
108m38c Kilearnman LC
111m02c Kildonan South SB
111m03c Kildonan LC
110m10c Kildonan North SB
111m05c Kildonan station
111m74c Learable LC
114m74c Borrobal LC
114m76c Borrobol Platform (287225 926488)
118m13c Kinbrace South SB
118m20c Kinbrace station
118m25c Kinbrace North SB LC
121m00c Lochside LC
125m65c Forsinard South SB
125m67c Forsinard LC
125m69c Forsinard station
125m76c Forsinard North SB
133m71c Altnabreac South SB
133m76c Altnabreac station
134m02c Altnabreac North SB
142m77c Scotscalder South SB
143m02c Scotscalder station
143m05c Scotscalder North SB
143m30c Tongside No.1 LC
143m71c Tongside No.2 LC
145m59c Halkirk LC
145m59c Halkirk SB
145m62c Halkirk station
147m15c Georgemas Junction SB
147m20c Georgemas Junction HR029
147m20c Georgemas Junction station
147m25c Georgemas North SB
147m58c Sibster Moss LC
148m54c East Clayock LC
149m00c Gelshfield Gates LC
149m28c Gelshfield LC
149m48c Loch View Farm LC
150m01c Bower station (319911 958496)
153m68c Watten South SB LC
153m70c Watten station
153m74c Watten North SB
154m61c East Watten LC
156m26c Bilbster SB
  Bilbster station
161m16c Wick Junction HR030
161m21c Wick SB
161m35c Wick station
(1) Evanton from 1937.
(2) originally Parkhill.
(3) Ardgay from 1977.
(4) later Dunrobin Castle

(A) Opened: Inverness - Dingwall 1862, Dingwall - Invergordon 1863, Invergordon - Bonar Bridge 1864, Bonar Bridge - Golspie 1868, Golspie - Dunrobin 1871, Dunrobin - West Helmsdale 1870, West Helmsdale - Wick 1874.

19th century maps show mile post mileages from Inverness and also show the mileages from Perth. 46mp = 190 from Perth on OS map. Distance from Perth via Rose Street curve is 190m01c and 190m03c via Inverness station.

Article: Railway Magazine 1966 December.
Opened 1855
Altered (B)
Inverness Harbour Branch
(B) Realigned 1915, reduced length 2000.
Opened 1877
Closed 1970
Muirtown Branch
0m00c Canal Branch Junction HR020
1m57c Muirtown Canal Basin
Opened 1894
Closed 1960
Fortrose Branch
datum Muir of Ord North
0m20c Muir of Ord Junction HR020
3m58c Redcastle
5m39c Allangrange
8m02c Munlochy
11m25c Avoch
13m45c Fortrose SB
  Fortrose station
Opened (A)
Skye Line
datum Dingwall North (post 1954 figures)
0m20c Dingwall North Junction HR020
0m25c Dingwall Canal North LC
0m57c Dingwall No.1 (Craig Road) LC
0m62c Dingwall Gates SB
0m67c Dingwall Middle (A862) LC
1m05c Dingwall No.2 (Strathpeffer Road A834) LC
2m26c Fodderty Junction SB
2m31c Fodderty Junction HR025
3m64c Keppach LC
4m53c Achterneed station (1)
4m55c Achterneed LC
8m08c Rogie LC
11m23c Killin Farm No.2 LC
11m40c Killin Farm No.3 LC
11m54c Garve East SB (1st)
11m58c Garve East SB (2nd)
11m65c Garve
11m70c Garve West SB
11m71c Garve LC
12m72c Gorstan LC
14m03c Corriemoillie LC
  Lochluichart Lodge private station (1st)
17m11c Lochluichart LC
  Lochluichart station (2nd) (232337 862495)
17m20c Lochluichart station (3rd) (232348 862566)
18m12c Lochluichart SB
21m29c Achanalt East SB
21m34c Achanalt station
21m41c Achanalt West SB
22m31c Strath LC
23m18c Rose Bank LC
27m20c Quarry Burn LC
27m59c Achnasheen East SB
27m72c Achnasheen station
27m75c Achnasheen West SB
34m10c Loan Crossing SB
36m19c Glencarron Platform
38m03c Craig LC
40m34c Achnashellach station
40m36c Achnashellach SB
42m12c Balnacra No.1 LC
42m58c Balnacra No.2 LC
43m22c Coulags No.1 LC
44m35c Blackwood No.1 LC
44m67c Blackwood No.2 LC
45m65c Stratcarron East SB
45m73c Strathcarron station
45m75c Stratcarron West SB
45m77c Strathcarron LC
46m15c Auchintee LC
48m21c Attadale SB
48m22c Attadale station
52m76c Strome Ferry (East) SB (2)
53m15c Strome Ferry station (2)
53m18c Strome Ferry West SB
57m09c Duncraig Platform (3)
58m22c Plockton station
59m56c Duirnish LC
59m57c Duirnish SB
59m58c Duirnish station
63m50c Kyle of Lochalsh SB
63m64c Kyle of Lochalsh station
(1) originally Strathpeffer
(2) Stromeferry from 1962.
(3) later Duncraig

(A) Opened: Dingwall - Strome 1870, Strome - Kyle 1897. OS maps from 1870s show mile posts from Dingwall and also give mileages from Strome (eg 18MP Dingwall = 35MP Strome). There was a 2 mile log diversion (2 chains increase in length) for the Loch Luichart Hyro electric scheme, diversion opened 1954.

Article: Railway Magazine 1951 January.
Opened 1885
Closed 1951
Strathpeffer Branch
datum Dingwall North
2m31c Fodderty Junction HR024
4m38c Strathpeffer SB
  Strathpeffer station
Opened 1870
Closed 1971
Invergordon Harbour Branch
0m00c Invergordon Harbour Junction HR020
0m57c Invergordon Harbour
HR027 reserved for Dornoch cut-off
Opened 1902
Closed 1960
Dornoch Branch
0m00c Mound Junction HR020
0m15c The Mound station
  Carnbusavie Platform
3m15c Skelbo Crossing SB
3m60c Skelbo
5m33c Embo
7m31c Dornoch Crossing SB
7m51c Dornoch
Opened 1874
Thurso Branch
0m00c Georgemas Junction HR020
0m72c Hoy LC
0m75c Hoy SB
  Hoy station
1m06c Gunn LC
1m44c Blackhillock LC
1m59c Sordale No.1 LC
  Sordale No.2 LC
  Carsgoe LC
6m52c Thurso SB
6m50c Thurso station
Opened 1903
Closed 1944
Wick & Lybster Light Railway datum Wick
0m19c Wick Junction HR020
4m32c Thrumster
  Welsh's Crossing Halt
7m47c Ulbster
9m52c Mid Clyth
  Roster Road Halt
12m32c Occumster
  Parkside Halt
13m63c Lybster


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