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Signal Fact 71

In 1865 messrs Saxby and Farmer formed a company to manufacture and supply railway signalling.

Metropolitan District Railway

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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
Whitechapel - Campbell Road
See Whitechapel & Bow Joint Railway WB001 for detail.
Vallance Road Junction - Mansion House Junction
Vallance Road Junction WB001
St Mary's Junction MD003
St Mary's
Aldgate East
Aldgate East Junction MT012
Minories Junction MD011
Tower Hill
The Monument (3)
Cannon Street
Mansion House Junction MD010
Article: RAilway Magazine January 1966 (Tower Hill).
Opened 1884
Whitechapel Junction - St Mary's Junction
Whitechapel Junction EL001
St Mary's Junction MD002
MD010 Mansion House Junction - Studland Road Junction
Mansion House Junction MD002
Mansion House
The Temple
Charing Cross
Westminster Bridge
St James's Park
Sloane Square
South Kensington Junction MT005
South Kensington
Gloucester Road (4)
Cromwell Curve East Junction
Cromwell Road Junction MD012 MD013
Earls Court
Warwick Road Junction MD014
West Kensington East Junction MD010
West Kensington (2)
Midland Junction MR065
Baron's Court
Studland Road Junction SW035
(1) Brompton (Gloucester Road) until 1864
(2) North End (Fulham) until 1877
(3) Eastcheap until 1884
(4) Gloucester Road (Brompton) until 1907

A diagram in The Engineer for 4 October 1895 marks the down direction running from South Kensington to Sloane Square.
Aldgate Branch
Aldgate boundary with MetR MT001
Minories Junction MD002
MD012 Kensington Branch
High Street Kensington (Bay)
Cromwell Curve North Junction
Cromwell Road Junction MD010
MD013 Cromwell Road Dive Under
Cromwell Curve North Junction MD012
Cromwell Road Junction MD010
Kensington Branch, westbound, following remodelling of the area
MD014 Putney Branch
datum Mansion House
  Warwick Road Junction MD010
  West Brompton
  Walham Green
  Parsons Green
  Putney Bridge & Fulham (1)
7m15c MDR-LSWR boundary SW031
(1) Putney Bridge & Hurlingham until 1902
MD015 Earls Court Flying Junction
Into use 1914, replacing original up Putney line at Earls Court Junction. See MD Signal Notice W105 of 1913.
MD016 Pre 1914 alignment of down line, Earls Court Junction to West Kensington East Junction
Moved to allow Putney flying junction. See MD Signal Notice W105 of 1913.
MD017 Addison Road Branch
West Kensington East Junction MD010
Kensington Addison Road (1)
(1) Kensington Olympia from 1946
MD020 Turnham Green - Ealing Broadway
Turnham Green Junction SW036
Fisher's Lane Junction MD022
Chiswick Park (1)
Acton Town South Junction MD023
Acton Town (2)
Acton Town North Junction MD024
Ealing Common
Hanger Lane Junction MD030
Ealing Broadway
(1) Acton Green until 1887
(2) Mill Hill Park until 1910
MD021 Turnham Green Junction South Side Tracks
See RCH Junction book, 1913 map. South side tracks only, north side tracks included in SW036.
MD022 Fisher's Lane Junction - Acton Lane East Junction
Fisher's Lane Junction MD020
Acton Lane East Junction SW036 SW037
MD023 South Acton Branch
South Acton North Junction NW100
South Acton
Acton Town South Junction MD020
MD024 Acton - Hounslow Barracks
Acton Town North Junction MD020
South Ealing
Northfields (2nd)
Northfields (1st)
Boston Manor (1)
Osterley & Spring Grove (1st)
Osterley (2nd)
Lampton Junction MD027
Kingsley Road Junction MD028
Hounslow Town (2nd) (2)
Heston - Hounslow (3)
Hounslow Junction LE023
Hounslow Barracks (4)
(1) Boston Road until 1911
(2) Hounslow East from 1925
(3) Hounslow Central from 1925
(4) Hounslow West from 1925
MD025 Latimer Road & Acton Railway
Construction work started but lines never completed.
MD027 Hounslow Town Branch
Lampton Junction MD024
Hounslow Town Junction MD028
Hounslow Town (1st)
1883-1886 and 1903-1909
MD028 Hounslow Curve
Hounslow Town Junction MD027
Kingsley Road Junction MD024
MD030 Rayners Lane Branch
Hanger Lane Junction MD020
North Ealing
Park Royal
North Ealing
Alperton (1)
Sudbury Town
Sudbury Hill
South Harrow (1st)
South Harrow (2nd)
Rayners Lane Junction MT034
(1) Perivale & Alperton until 1910


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