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Signal Fact 57

The North Eastern Railway introduced an automatic fog signalling system in 1894.

It consisted of a trip arm on the track, operated by the signal wire, and sounded an alarm in the locomotive driving cab.

London & South Western Railway

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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

Milepost mileages for the LSWR are principally taken from Waterloo. As Waterloo is currently regarded as being 0m05c the datum is probably relates to the buffer stops of the main line station before the rebuilding or to the boundary with the SECR on the former connecting line. For conveniance and to relate to other publications present day mileages have been used with earlier ones listed or referred to as appropriate.

The SRS has in its possession a set of LSWR Distance Books which are undated. A similar set for the SECR and LBSCR sections were dated November 1931. The books are marked 'revision mileage' and include milepost mileages that were being proposed. The track layouts appear to date from about 1922 and the 'revision mileages' have been carefully stuck over the original ones shown. Some of the 'revision mileages' were implemented and some were not.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
SW001 Waterloo - Woking
0m00c LSWR/SER boundary SW001c
0m00c Crow's Nest
0m05c Waterloo
0m21c Waterloo 'A'
0m38c International Junction
0m39c West Crossings
0m39c Waterloo 'B'
0m43c Carlisle Lane Junction
0m57c Waterloo 'C'
1m02c Waterloo 'D'
1m19c Vauxhall East
1m29c Vauxhall
1m41c Vauxhall West
  Wandsworth Road
1m78c Nine Elms Junction (BR) SW006
2m01c Loco Junction SW003
2m46c Queens Road East ('A') SW005
2m54c Queens Road
2m62c Queens Road West ('B')
3m17c West London Junction WE002
3m57c Ludgate GW Junction SW011 WE004
3m63c Clapham 'A' (North) SW030
3m74c Clapham Junction
4m15c Clapham Junction South ('D')
4m55c Clapham Cutting
5m46c Earlsfield
5m72c Earlsfield Exit (from depot)
6m23c Durnsford Road
6m28c Durnsford Road Staff Halt
6m40c flyover bridge
7m04c Wimbledon 'A'
7m13c Wimbledon North Junction SW032
7m19c Wimbledon
7m42c Wimbledon 'D'
7m57c Wimbledon 'E'
8m34c Raynes Park (up) Junction SW012a
8m48c Raynes Park (down) Junction SW012
8m51c Raynes Park
9m62c New Malden
9m68c New Malden (up) Junction SW014
9m71c New Malden (down) Junction SW014a
10m69c Marsh Lane
10m78c Berrylands
11m78c Surbiton East
12m03c Surbiton
12m20c Surbiton West
13m05c divergence (down) Hampton Court branch SW015a
13m27c Hampton Court (up) Junction SW015
13m32c Hampton Court (down) Junction SW016
13m34c Hampton Court (up) Junction SW016a
14m12c Esher East
14m31c Esher
14m37c Esher West
14m44c Esher Race Course
15m19c Mole
15m73c Hersham
17m06c Walton-on-Thames
17m15c Walton West
18m07c Oatlands
19m12c Weybridge
19m33c Weybridge Junction SW053
20m18c Byfleet (up) Junction SW055
20m27c Byfleet (down) Junction SW055a
20m32c Byfleet & New Haw
21m54c West Byfleet
23m17c Maybury
24m21c Woking East
24m27c Woking
24m40c Woking Yard
24m56c Woking Junction SW020
25m00c mile post SW060
BML1: Waterloo - Woking Junction (Main Lines)
RDG1: Waterloo - Clapham Junction (Windsor Lines)
JAT: Waterloo International
SW001c Connection from SER
Waterloo Junction SE001
Waterloo SW001
SW002 Waterloo & City Line
1m46c Bank
0m20c Waterloo
0m00c end of line in depot
Article: Railway Magazine 1898 August (including gradient chart).
SW003 Nine Elms North Viaduct - Loco Junction via arches and Goods Lines
Nine Elms North Viaduct SW004
(passes under main lines)
Nine Elms South Viaduct
(via Goods Lines, down side)
Loco Junction SW001
SW004 Nine Elms North Viaduct - Nine Elms 'A'
Nine Elms North Viaduct SW003
(via Engine line and Yard on up side)
Nine Elms 'A' SW005
SW005 Nine Elms 'B' - Queens Road
Nine Elms 'B'
(via back of up side yard)
Nine Elms 'A' SW004
(via arrival and departure roads, up side)
Queens Road 'A' SW001
SW006 Waterloo Curve
datum Waterloo
1m78c Nine Elms Junction SW001
2m50c Linford Street Junction SE101
SW007 Clapham Yard
datum Waterloo
CLJ8: Sidings 1-33 (3m19c - 4m12c)
CLJ9: Sidings 34-49 (3m65c - 4m26c)
SW008 Durnsford Road Sidings & Wimbledon Park Depot
5m72c Earlsfield Exit SW001
6m12c Wimbledon Station Exit
7m00c end of Up Sidings SW001
Arose for the 'ashes' of Durnsford Road
SW011 Ludgate Branch
datum London Victoria via Stewarts Lane Junction
2m04c (0m47c) Lavender Hill Junction LCDR/LSWR boundary SE105a
2m44c (0m00c) Ludgate Line Junction SW001
Mileages in brackets are original LSWR ones.
SW012 Leatherhead Line
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
8m48c Raynes Park (down) Junction SW001
8m51c Raynes Park
9m02c Raynes Crossing SW012a
9m17c West Barnes Crossing
9m52c Blue House Crossing
9m57c Motspur Park
9m64c Motspur Park LC
10m11c Motspur Park Junction SW013
10m53c Worcester Park
11m20c Worcester Park Brick Siding
11m57c Cuddington Cutting
11m74c Stoneleigh
12m78c Ewell West
14m11c Epsom Junction
14m18c Epsom
16m19c Ashtead
17m67c Leatherhead Junction LB067
18m02c Leatherhead
18m10c Leatherhead Junction LB084
20m45c Bookham
21m20c Bethell's LC
22m15c Effingham Junction SW016
RPE: Raynes Park - Epsom
BTH3: Epsom - Leatherhead SR Junction
LEJ: Leatherhead SR Junction - Effingham Junction
SW012a Leatherhead Line Up Dive Under
datum Waterloo
9m02c Raynes Crossing SW012
8m48c Raynes Park
8m34c Raynes Park (up) Junction SW001
SW013 Chessington Branch
datum Waterloo
10m11c Motspur Park Junction SW012
11m05c Malden Manor
12m06c Tolworth
13m25c Chessington North
13m73c Chessington South
14m32c end of line
SW014 New Malden - Fulwell Junction
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
via up line
9m68c New Malden (up) Junction SW001
10m18c Malden Crossing (1) SW014a
11m24c Norbiton
12m09c Kingston
12m44c Hampton Wick
13m00c Fairfax Crossing
13m54c Teddington
14m29c Shacklegate Junction SW041
14m35c Staff LC
14m53c Fulwell Junction SW040
(1) Elm Lane

LSWR Diagram of System book shows Twickenham to Kingston mile posted from Waterloo via Richmond
SW014a New Malden Down Line Dive Under
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
9m71c New Malden (down) Junction SW001
10m18c Malden Crossing (1) SW014
(1) Elm Lane
SW015 Hampton Court Branch
datum Waterloo
via up line
13m27c Hampton Court Junction SW001
13m33c flyover end SW015a
14m01c Thames Ditton
14m49c Hampton Court Crossing
14m76c Hampton Court
SW015a Hampton Court Flyover
datum Waterloo
13m05c divergence point from main line SW001
13m33c end of flyover SW015
SW016 Guildford New Line
datum Waterloo
via down line
13m32c Hampton Court Junction SW001
14m04c Hinchley Wood SW016a
(lines come together at south end of Hinchley Wood station)
15m11c Claygate
16m79c Oxshott
17m17c Sheath Crossing
17m37c Cooks Crossing
17m39c Cooks LC
18m63c Cobham & Stoke D'Abernon
21m04c Effingham Junction (junction) SW012
21m10c Effingham Junction (station)
22m12c Horsley
25m26c Clandon
26m53c Merrow Siding
28m47c London Road
29m50c Guildford North Junction SW020
SW016a Guildford New Line Up Line Diveunder
datum Waterloo
14m04c Hinchley Wood SW016
13m34c Hampton Court Junction SW001
Streatham Junction - Wimbledon
See London, Brighton & South Coast Railway LB025 for detail.
Tooting Junction - Wimbledon West Junction
See London, Brighton & South Coast Railway LB026 for detail.
West London & West London Extension Railways
See West London Extension Railway WE and
West London Railway WL for detail.
SW020 Godalming & Portsmouth Direct Lines
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
24m56c Woking Junction SW001
26m65c Worplesdon
30m05c Guildford North Junction SW064
30m07c Guildford North Junction SW016
30m14c Guildford North Junction
30m27c Guildford
31m42c Shalford Junction SE073
32m06c Peasmarsh Junction LB081 SE074
33m29c Farncombe LC
33m38c Farncombe
33m46c Farncombe West LC
33m56c Godalming Junction SW023
34m37c Godalming
35m38c Busbridge Siding
36m21c Milford
36m26c Milford LC
38m36c Witley
42m79c Haslemere
44m72c Hammer Lane LC
46m67c Liphook
50m49c Liss Forest LC
50m75c Liss Common LC
50m78c Liss Common Crossing
  Liss Junction LMR
51m35c Liss
51m40c Liss LC
52m12c Prince's Bridge LC
52m17c Prince's Bridge Crossing
52m60c Stodham LC
52m63c Stodham Crossing
53m72c Sheet LC
53m76c Sheet Crossing
54m10c Kings Fernsden LC
54m15c Fernsden Crossing
54m65c Petersfield LC
54m69c Petersfield Junction SW021
54m71c Petersfield
57m23c Buriton Siding
57m27c Buriton footpath LC
59m43c Ditcham LC
59m72c Woodcroft Halt
61m14c Idsworth LC
61m18c Idsworth Crossing
63m18c Rowlands Castle
65m73c Havant Junction
66m18c Havant Junction LB090
SW021 Midhurst Branch
9m20c LBSCR/LSWR boundary LB083
9m19c Midhurst (LSWR station)
6m15c Elsted
4m16c Rogate
0m00c Petersfield Junction SW020
SW022 Grove Road Connection
Grove Road Junction H&C GW003
Grove Road Junction LSWR SW035
Connection existed 1877-1906. Geographically should follow SW035.
SW023 Godalming Goods Branch
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
33m56c Godalming Junction SW020
  Godalming Goods
This was the original line into Godalming, reduced to goods only when the Portsmouth Direct line opened.
SW030 Windsor Line, datum Waterloo
  Clapham 'A' SW001
03m74c Clapham Junction
04m60c Wandsworth Town
05m09c Point Pleasant Junction SW032
05m72c Putney
07m07c Barnes
07m15c Barnes Junction SW033
  Mortlake Junction SW044
07m50c White Hart Lane
08m21c Mortlake
09m03c North Sheen
09m12c Black Horse Crossing
09m57c Richmond
10m66c St Margarets
11m12c Twickenham Siding
11m22c Twickenham (2nd)
11m33c Twickenham (1st)
11m49c Twickenham Junction SW040
12m14c Kneller
12m43c Whitton
13m03c Whitton Junction SW042
13m35c Feltham Junction SW033
14m68c Feltham
14m74c Feltham West (Bedfont Lane) LC
16m29c Reformatory
17m40c Ashford
17m60c mile post SW050
SW031 East Putney Branch
0m56c (7m15c) Putney Bridge MDR/LSWR boundary MD014
0m09c (7m62c) East Putney
0m00c (7m71C) Putney Junction SW032
Mileages in brackets are datum Mansion House.
SW032 East Putney Branch
datum Waterloo
via down line
5m07c Point Pleasant Junction SW030
5m57c East Putney
5m67c Putney Junction SW031
6m21c Cromer Road
6m57c Southfields
7m10c Revelstoke Road
7m50c Wimbledon Park
7m54c Wimbledon Park Junction
8m26c Wimbledon North Junction SW001
8m47c Wimbledon
SW032a East Putney Flyover
datum Waterloo
East Putney SW032
Point Pleasant (up) Junction SW030
SW033 Hounslow Loop & Windsor Line
datum Waterloo
7m15c Barnes Junction SW030
7m54c Barnes Bridge
  Chiswick Junction SW044
8m47c Chiswick
8m77c Grove Park Crossing
9m28c Chiswick Junction SW034
9m43c New Kew Junction SW039
9m53c Kew Bridge
10m01c Old Kew Junction NW100
10m52c Brentford
11m34c Syon Lane
11m70c Wood Lane Crossing
12m10c Isleworth
13m40c Hounslow
14m09c Hounslow Junction
14m38c Feltham Junction SW030
SW034 Chiswick Curve
datum (presumably) Waterloo via WLE/WLL
9m68c Brentford Road Junction SW035
10m28c Chiswick Junction SW033
SW035 Kensington - Richmond
datum Waterloo via WLE/WLL
6m54c Kensington Junction (1) WL001
7m09c Shepherds Bush
7m48c Grove Road Junction SW022
7m54c Hammersmith
8m06c Studland Road Junction MD010
8m12c Ravenscourt Park
8m77c Turnham Green
9m44c Acton Lane Junction SW037
9m68c Brentford Road Junction SW034
9m76c Gunnersbury
11m00c Kew Gardens
12m30c Richmond

Present day position
9m53c Acton Lane Junction (LU/NR boundary) SW036 SW037
9m76c Gunnersbury Junction SW038
10m05c Gunnersbury
11m10c Kew Gardens
12m22c Richmond (SR)
12m39c Richmond
(1) LSWR name; Col Cobb (and others) name this Richmond Junction

ATG1: Acton Lane Junction - Gunnersbury Junction
SAR2: Gunnersbury Junction - Richmond
SW036 Studland Road Junction - Acton Lane Junction
datum Waterloo via WLE/WLL
8m06c Studland Road Junction (MDR/LSWR boundary)
8m12c Ravenscourt Park
8m48c Stamford Brook
8m77c Turnham Green
9m01c Turnham Green Junction (to Hounslow) MD
9m02c Turnham Green Junction to MDR ownership
9m14c MDR/LSWR boundary
9m44c Acton Lane Junction SW037
9m02c - 9m14c, south side tracks, recorded on RCH junction map of 1913 as being in MDR ownership; north side tracks recorded as LSWR.

ATG2: Turnham Green - Acton Lane Junction.
SW037 Acton Curve
datum Waterloo via Kensington
9m44c Acton Lane Junction SW035 SW036
9m66c Bollo Lane Junction SW038
SW038 South Acton Junction (N&SWJR) - Gunnersbury
datum Willesden N&SW Junction
2m52c South Acton Junction NW100
2m63c Bollo Lane LC
2m70c Bollo Lane Junction SW037
3m12c Gunnersbury Junction SW035
LSWR Diagram of System book shows this as Acton Junction Line, 0m00c at Brentford Road Junction - 0m22c Bollo Lane Junction - 0m40c Acton Junction. LMSR Crewe South 1937 Appendix shows Bollo Lane to South Acton section. Was this part transferred to LMSR and later back to Southern Region.
SW039 Kew Curve
datum Waterloo via Barnes
9m43c New Kew Junction SW033
  Kew Bridge

datum change Willesden N&aSW Junction
3m27c Kew East Junction NW100
LSWR owned but did some or all of it transfer to LMSR before reverting to Southern (Region). Shown in 1937 LMSR Crewe South Appendix as down from Kew East to New Kew.
SW040 Kingston Loop & Shepperton Branch
datum Waterloo via Richmond
down line alignment
11m49c Twickenham Junction SW030

up line alignment

common alignment
12m22c Strawberry Hill
12m28c Strawberry Hill Junction SW041
12m56c Fulwell Junction SW014
12m75c Fulwell
13m53c Fulwell Cutting
14m47c Hampton
14m51c Percy Road LC
15m12c Mark Hole
15m60c Hanworth
16m28c Kempton Park
16m64c Sunbury
17m34c Upper Halliford
18m73c Shepperton
  end of line
TSJ Twickenham Junction - Strawberry Hill Junction
SHF Strawberry Hill Junction - Fulwell Junction
NMS2 Fulwell Junction - Shepperton
SW041 Kingston Loop
datum Waterloo via Richmond
12m28c Strawberry Hill Junction SW040
12m53c Shacklegate Junction SW014
SW042 Hounslow Spur
datum Waterloo via Hounslow
14m39c Whitton Junction SW030
14m09c Hounslow Junction SW033
1960 & 1972 Appendices show this as the down direction. The direction has since been reversed to run 'down' from Hounslow Junction to Whitton Junction.
SW043 Feltham Yard
SW044 Barnes Curve
Mortlake Junction SW030
Chiswick Junction SW033
Opened 1862, disused from 1869, lifted 1881.
SW049 Staines Moor Chord
19m48c Staines West Junction SW051
  Staines Oil Depot
BR built connection to allow closure of GWR Staines Branch
SW050 Windsor & Reading Lines
datum Waterloo via Hounslow
17m60c mile post SW030
18m30c Oakmead LC
18m44c Shortwood Common LC
19m02c Staines
19m06c Staines East Junction SW051
19m26c Staines West Junction SW052
19m67c Thorpe Lane LC
19m70c Thorpe Lane
20m22c Egham Causeway
20m53c Pooley Green
21m02c Egham
21m63c Rusham Crossing
22m51c Stroude LC
22m53c Stroud Crossing
23m06c Virginia Water 'A' Junction SW053
23m15c Virginia Water
23m34c Virginia Water 'B' Junction SW054
24m33c Knowle East
25m11c Longcross
25m39c Knowle West
26m66c London Road LC
26m71c Sunningdale (1)
27m72c Drake & Mount's Siding
28m01c Gas Company's Siding
28m79c Ascot (2)
29m04c Ascot Junction SW056
  Ascot Race Platform
29m36c Englemere LC
30m03c Ascot West
31m09c Martin's Heron
32m24c Bracknell
33m57c Amen Crossing
34m76c Waterloo LC
35m00c Waterloo Crossing
35m30c Star Lane LC
35m36c Star Lane Crossing
35m73c Smith's LC
36m35c Wokingham Junction SE080
(1) Sunningdale until 1863 then Sunningdale & Bagshot until 1893 then Sunningdale & Windlesham until 1920.
(2) Ascot & Sunninghill until 1921.
SW051 Windsor Branch
datum Waterloo via Hounslow
19m06c Staines East Junction SW050
19m30c Staines North Junction SW052
  Staines High Street
19m48c Staines West Junction SW049
20m10c Staines Moor Junction SW052a
21m40c Wraysbury
22m48c Sunnymeads
23m63c Datchet
23m69c Datchet LC
23m74c Mays LC
25m48c Windsor & Eton Riverside
SW052 Staines West Curve
Staines West Junction SW050
Staines North Junction SW051
21 chains long
SW052a Staines Moor Junction Line
datum Paddington
18m76c Staines Moor Junction SW051
18m39c Yeoveney Junction GW068
From Windsor Branch to Staines West Branch; RE 1940 - 1946. Route still visible on 1960 OS map.
SW053 Chertsey Loop
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
24m74c Virginia Water 'A' Junction SW050
24m68c Virginia Water
24m54c Virginia Water 'C' Junction SW054
23m39c Lyne Crossing
22m25c Chertsey
22m20c Chertsey LC
20m71c Addlestone
20m65c Addlestone LC
19m74c Addlestone Junction SW055 SW055a
19m22c Weybridge Junction SW001
19m08c Weybridge (Bay)
LSWR Diagram of System book shows down direction as Weybridge to Virginia Water. Believed changed 1936 in connection with electrification and resignalling.
SW054 Virginia Water Western Curve
0m00c Virginia Water 'C' Junction SW053
0m19c Virginia Water 'B' Junction SW050
Also quotes as 24m73c - 24m54c datum Waterloo via Weybridge.
SW055 Byfleet Curve (Up Line)
0m67c Byfleet (up) Junction SW001
0m00c Addlestone Junction SW053
SW055a Byfleet Curve Diveunder
0m00c Addlestone Junction SW053
0m77c Byfleet (down) Junction SW001
SW056 Ascot & Ash Vale line
datum Waterloo via Richmond
28m66c Ascot Junction SW050
32m08c Bagshot
33m23c Jenkins Hill LC
35m26c Camberley LC
35m30c Camberley
37m48c Frimley
38m37c Frimley Junction SW057 SW058
40m48c Single Line Junction
40m57c Ash Vale Junction SW062
LSWR Diagram of System book implies this route was from mile post zero at Ascot Junction, 21c east of Ascot station.
SW057 Sturt Lane East Curve
datum Waterloo via Richmond
38m37c Frimley Junction SW056
38m62c Sturt Lane Junction SW060
SW058 Sturt Lane West Curve
datum Waterloo via Richmond
38m37c Frimley Junction SW056
38m62c Farnborough Junction SW060
SW060 Bournemouth Main Line
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
25m00c mile post SW001
27m79c Brookwood
  LNCR junction LNCR
29m31c Pirbright (up) Junction SW062a
29m49c Pirbright (down) Junction SW062
32m08c Sturt Lane Junction (1) SW057
32m17c Sturt Lane
32m31c Farnborough Junction (1) SW058
33m17c Farnborough
35m55c Bramshott
36m38c Fleet
39m66c Winchfield
42m13c Hook
43m59c Newnham Siding
44m18c Foot LC
47m00c Barton Mill
  Basingstoke East
47m52c Basingstoke Junction GW083
47m61c Basingstoke
  Basingstoke West
49m25c Winklebury
50m21c Worting Junction SW070 SW120
(1) later known as Sturt Lane East and West Junctions
SW061 Bisley Branch
0m00c Brookwood (Bay)
1m09c Bisley Camp
  LSWR/MoD boundary
2m04c Pirbright
3m60c Deepcut
4m56c Blackdown
4m63c end of line
SW062 Pirbright to Farnham Junction
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
via down line
29m49c Pirbright Junction SW060
  convergence point SW062a
31m32c Fox Hills
32m30c Ash Vale Junction SW056
32m38c Ash Vale
33m40c Aldershot North Junction SW063
  Government Sidings
35m00c Aldershot
36m75c Farnham Junction SW062d
SW062a Pirbright Flyover
datum Waterloo
  divergence point SW062
29m31c Pirbright Junction SW060
SW062d Farnham Junction to Winchester
datum Waterloo via Guildford
39m22c Farnham Junction SW062 SW064
40m28c Farnham LC
40m33c Farnham
44m20c Alice Holt footpath LC
44m24c Bentley
44m42c Bentley Junction SW065
49m13c Alton
49m24c NR/Mid Hants Railway boundary
50m09c Butts Junction SW066 SW067
51m16c Chalk Dell LC
51m52c Baigent's LC
52m36c Long Dell LC
53m44c Scotts LC
53m46c Medstead & Four Marks
54m60c Soak LC
55m00c Wanders LC
56m14c Branery LC
56m48c Bighton Wood LC
56m52c Ropley
57m31c The Footpath LC
58m03c Mills LC
58m18c Mills LC
59m22c Alresford
  end of Mid Hants Railway
61m28c Youngs LC
61m42c Itchen Stoke LC
62m71c Cordery's LC
62m78c Itchen Abbas
63m01c Corderys LC
63m77c Carters LC
65m70c Winchester Junction SW070
LSWR Diagram of System book implies the route, from Farnham Junction, was mile posted from Guildford South Junction via Tongham.
SW063 Aldershot Spur
datum Charing Cross via Redhill and Guildford
50m01c (7m16c) Aldershot South Junction SE080
50m43c (7m57c) Aldershot North Junction SW062
Mileages in brackets from LSWR Diagram of System book, datum Guildford.
SW064 Guildford - Farnham Line
datum Waterloo via Worplesdon and Guildford station
30m35c Guildford North Junction SW020
32m56c Pinks Hill
34m29c Wanborough
35m50c Ash Junction SE080
36m10c Ash Green
37m14c Tongham
39m22c Farnham Junction SW062 SW062d
GTW1: Guildford North Junction - Ash Junction
ATF: Ash Junction - Farnham Junction
SW065 Bordon Branch
datum Guildford South Junction via Tongham
14m42c Bentley Junction SW062
17m09c Kingsley Halt
  Bordon Junction LMR
19m04c Bordon
Mileage aslso quoted as 44m40c - 49m02c datum Waterloo via Guildford
SW066 Meon Valley Line
datum Waterloo via Aldershot
47m78c Butts Junction SW062
50m39c Faringdon Sidings
52m20c Tisted
54m17c Bowtell Occupation LC
54m66c Keepers Footpath LC
54m78c Scotts Occupation LC
55m33c Privett
55m64c Scotts LC
59m41c West Meon
59m48c Private Footpath LC
60m30c Public Footpath LC
61m21c Public Footpath LC
63m28c Droxford
66m15c Soberton Occupation LC
66m44c Mislingford Siding
66m74c Water Site LC
67m45c Childs LC
68m00c Public Footpath LC
68m38c Wickham
69m50c Bailey's LC
70m00c Keepers Footpath LC
71m78c Webbs Land LC
70m20c Knowle Junction SW072
Mileage also quoted as 50m19c - 72m40c datum Waterloo via Guildford
SW066c Farnborough Balloon Factory Branch
Went to Royal Aircraft Establishment
SW067 Basingstoke & Alton Light Railway
0m00c Basingstoke (Bay)
3m01c Cliddesden
6m46c Herriard
9m18c Bentworth & Lasham
13m03c Butts Junction SW062
Mileage also quoted as 48m00c to 60m40c
SW070 Bournemouth Main Line
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
50m21c Worting Junction SW060
50m76c Battledown
51m23c Parlour Gates LC
52m38c Wooton
53m74c Steventon
54m12c public footpath LC
55m05c Waltham
55m38c footpath LC
56m15c Litchfield
58m04c Micheldever
60m15c Weston
61m53c Wallers Ash East
63m12c Wallers Ash West
64m23c Winchester Junction SW062
65m22c Worthy Foot LC
65m30c Worthy
66m39c Winchester
67m60c St Cross LC
67m62c St Cross
68m75c Shawford Junction SW071
69m50c Shawford
70m50c Otterbourne
72m48c Allbrook Junction
73m25c Eastleigh East Junction SW126
73m35c Eastleigh
73m48c Eastleigh West Junction SW072
74m40c Stoneham LC
74m41c Stoneham
74m66c Southampton Airport
75m07c Brown's LC
75m28c Swaythling Foot LC
75m56c Swaythling
76m40c Woodmill
77m10c St Denys
77m15c St Denys Junction SW076
77m54c Mount Pleasant LC
77m68c Northam change of mileage
(measurement error "Northam short mile")
78m00c Northam change of mileage
78m15c Northam Junction SW100
78m20c Northam
  Southampton Junction SW101
78m25c Bevois Street LC
78m52c Chapel Road LC
79m00c Southampton Terminus SW086
BML1 Worting Junction - Northam COM
BML2 Northam COM - Northam Junction
SOY Northam Junction - Southampton Terminus

The revision mileage book (c1931) shows disparities between the scaled distances within the mile blocks in the book and the mileage figures declared, hinting that mileage error had been discovered but the pages had not been redrawn. These start with about 5-6 chains drift between Winklebury and Worting Junction and a further 5-6 chains between Wallers Ash East and Wallers Ash. This could be the origin of the 'Northam short mile' if the line was subsequently remiled from Winklebury to Northam leaving a 'jump' at the latter location.
SW071 Didcot, Newbury & Southampton Line
2m06c GWR/LSWR boundary GW089
1m54c GWR Sidings GW091c
0m00c Shawford Junction SW070
SW072 Eastleigh West Junction - Cosham
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
73m48c Eastleigh West Junction SW070
74m00c Eastleigh South Junction
74m04c Eastleigh TMD Entrance
76m16c Bubb Lane
76m76c Hedge End
78m72c Botley
79m13c single line junction
80m78c LC
81m47c Knowle Junction SW066
81m73c Knowle Platform
83m57c Fareham North Junction SW075
84m09c Fareham East Junction SW076
84m21c Fareham
84m27c Fareham West Junction SW078
86m76c Alcots LC
87m35c Portchester
88m22c Upper Paulsgrove LC
88m39c Paulsgrove LC
89m55c Wymering LC
90m01c Cosham LC (LSWR/joint line boundary) LB141
ETF Eastleigh West Junction - Fareham North Junction
SDP2 Fareham North Junction - Cosham

The revision mileage book (c1931) leads to suspicion that mileages along this route were adjusted by about 15 chains at some stage.
Cosham - Portcreek Junction
See London, Brighton & South Coast Railway LB141 for detail.
SW074 Bishops Waltham Branch
0m00c Botley (Bay)
0m19c Jenkins LC
0m46c Wingfield LC
1m02c Cooper's LC
1m21c Paper Mills LC
1m31c Durley Halt
1m32c Durley LC
1m68c Calcot LC
2m09c Warners LC
2m52c New Arch LC
3m03c Park LC
3m14c Wests LC
3m49c Slaughter House LC
3m57c Brickworks Siding
3m60c Bishops Waltham LC
3m61c Bishop's Waltham
  end of line (Pinks Siding)
SW075 Knowle Deviation Line
datum Waterloo via Eastleigh
81m47c Knowle Junction SW072
1m49c LC
  Fareham East Junction SW072
SW076 Netley Branch
datum Southampton Terminus
1m54c St Denys Junction SW070
1m59c St Denys
1m69c Adelaide LC
1m72c Adelaide Crossing
2m36c Bitterne
3m10c Chamberlayne LC
3m17c Ridgeways No.1 LC
3m28c Ridgeways No.2 LC
3m36c Whites LC
4m11c Woolston
4m58c Sholing
5m36c Keepers of Farmers Public Footpath LC
6m45c Netley
  Netley Junction SW077
7m19c Hamble
8m49c Bursledon
9m31c Hooper's Siding
10m50c Swanwick
14m14c Fareham East Junction SW072
SW077 Netley Hospital Branch
Netley Junction SW076
Netley Hospital
SW078 Fareham - Gosport
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield & Eastleigh
84m27c Fareham West Junction SW072
85m08c Newgate Lane LC
87m40c Bedenham Sidings
87m43c Admiralty Siding
87m61c Fort Brockhurst LC
88m03c Cambridge Road LC
88m12c Church Path LC
88m30c Fort Brockhurst
  Fort Brockhurst Junction SW079
88m53c Lees Lane LC
88m66c Moreland Road LC (1)
89m18c Lees Lane Crossing
89m25c Forton Junction SW080
89m46c Gosport Junction SW081
89m66c Gosport
(1) quoted as 88m67c in 1935 and 88m66c in 1951.

FTB: Fareham West Junction - Bedenham Sidings
SW079 Lee-on-the-Solent Branch
0m00c Fort Brockhurst
  Fort Brockhurst Junction SW078
0m29c Pound Lane LC
0m38c Air Ministry LC
0m55c Grange No.1 Occupation LC
0m62c No.2 Occupation LC
1m01c Fort Comer
1m68c Browndown
2m45c Elmore
3m08c Lee-on-the-Solent
SW080 Gosport Curve
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield & Eastleigh
89m25c Forton Junction SW078
  Stokes Bay Junction SW081
SW081 Stokes Bay Branch
  Gosport Junction SW078
  Stokes Bay Junction SW080
0m27c Kings Road LC
  Gosport Road & Alverstone
  Stokes Bay
Portcreek Junction - Portsmouth Harbour
See London, Brighton & South Coast Railway LB140 for detail.
Fratton - East Southsea
See London, Brighton & South Coast Railway LB142 for detail.
SW084 Portsmouth Dockyard Branch
SW085 Town Quay Line, Southampton Yard - Western Docks
SW086 Southampton Eastern Docks
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
79m00c Southampton Terminus
79m02c Canute Road LC
79m04c No.3 Rail Gate (NR/ABP boundary)
  Queen Elizabeth II Terminal
SW087 Eastleigh Goods Lines and Yards
SW100 Bournemouth Main Line
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
78m15c Northam Junction SW070
  Tunnel Junction SW101
79m19c Southampton Central
79m28c Southampton West / Central
79m78c Millbrook Junction SW102
80m11c Millbrook
80m32c Millbrook Dock Gates GF
  Redbridge Dock Gates GF
81m70c Redbridge
81m76c Redbridge Junction SW129
82m43c Totton
82m52c Totton Junction Road Junction SW103c
82m53c Eling Crossing Junction Road LC
82m67c Totton East Junction SW104
83m30c Totton West Junction
83m71c Ashurst Crossing
84m22c Jackson's footpath LC
85m34c Lyndhurst Road
88m06c Beaulieu Road
89m56c Woodfidley Gates
89m59c Woodfidley LC
92m55c Lyndhurst Road LC
92m57c Brockenhurst East / "A"
92m66c Brockenhurst
92m70c Brockenhurst West / "B"
93m25c Brockenhurst Junction
93m57c Lymington Junction SW105
93m60c (01m00c) Lymington Junction SW106
95m45c (02m69c) Sway
98m44c (05m58c) New Milton
101m05c (08m15c) Hinton Admiral
104m21c Christchurch East Junction SW107
104m28c Christchurch
  Christchurch West
106m24c Pokesdown
106m66c Boscombe
  Bournemouth East / Goods
  Bournemouth (Central) "A"
108m02c Bournemouth Central
108m10c Bournemouth (Central) "B"
110m13c Gasworks Junction SW109
110m48c Branksome Junction SW110
110m51c Branksome
111m76c Parkstone
113m50c Poole High Street LC
  Towngate Street Crossing
113m62c Poole
114m26c Holes Bay Junction SW112
115m70c Hamworthy (Poole) Junction SW106 SW113
115m77c Hamworthy Junction (station)
118m61c (123m14c) Holton Heath
  Keysworth LC
  Wareham East
120m64c Wareham footpath LC
120m70c (125m23c) Wareham
  Wareham West
121m57c Worgret Siding
121m77c (126m30c) Worgret Junction SW115
122m78c Holme No.31 LC
123m68c Rushton No.2 No.31A LC
124m12c Stoke No.32 LC
124m73c Hethfelton No.1 LC
125m09c Hethfelton No.2 LC
125m23c Bindon No.1 LC
125m35c Bindon No.2 LC
125m69c Wool
125m72c Wool LC
126m03c Wool footpath LC
126m25c Wool West LC
126m40c Darkies LC
126m56c East Burton No.35 LC
127m03c Burton Common footpath LC
127m54c Hyford (Heath) LC
127m65c Winfrith LC
127m69c Winfrith Sidings
130m21c Moreton LC
130m24c Moreton
130m60c single line junction
131m17c Woodsford No.37 LC
  Woodsford Ballast Pit
131m57c Higher Barn footpath LC
131m69c Woodford Crossing
131m77c Woodsford No.38 LC
  Chalk Sidings
132m38c Knighton No.38A LC
132m55c Lewell No.39 LC
135m02c Syward No.41 LC
135m52c single line junction
135m70c Dorchester South
136m15c Dorchester Junction GW223
The revision mileage book (c1931) shows a variety of milepost mileages for this route and proposed a change to using ones via the Northam curve and Sway as set out above. Some of the old mileages are shown in brackets above. The change was implemented and a file of level crossing survey reports in the SRS archive contains a list of old and new mileages for the crossings. Reports dated up to 1943 use the old mileages and those dated 1944 onward use the new ones. This may well be when the change was implemented.

Prior to remiling the milepost mileages datum were:
Tunnel Junction - Lymington Junction: Waterloo via Southampton Terminus
Lymington Junction to Christchurch Junction: Brockenhurst.
Christchurch Junction - Branksome Junction: Waterloo via Southampton Terminus and Ringwood.
Branksome Junction - Holes Bay Junction: Broadstone Junction.
Holes Bay Junction - Dorchester Junction: Waterloo via Southampton Terminus and Ringwood

Article: Railway Magazine 1966 October.
SW101 Southampton & Dorchester Line
0m00c Tunnel Junction SW100
0m16c Southampton Junction SW070
SW101c Southampton Royal Pier Branch
SW102 Southampton Western Docks
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
79m78c Millbrook Junction SW100
80m32c No.12 Gate (NR/ABP boundary)
Berkeley Junction
SW103 Western Docks - Redbridge
SW103c Eling Tramway
82m52c Totton Junction Road Junction SW100
  High Street LC
83m16c Eling
SW104 Totton, Hythe & Fawley Light Railway
82m67c Totton East Junction SW100
  Eling Junction
84m12c Jacob's Gutter Lane LC
84m31c Manor Lane LC (1)
85m00c White's LC
85m11c Trotts Road / Lane LC (1)
85m19c Howells' Lane LC (1)
85m66 Tavells Lane LC (1)
86m10c Marchwood
86m37c Pumpfield Farm LC (1)
86m48 Veal's Lane LC (1)
86m61c McGee No.2 LC
86m59c Veal's Lane LC
86m78c McGee No.3 LC
87m02c McGee No.4 LC
88m39c West Street LC (1)
88m68c School Road LC
89m31c Hythe
89m60c Frost's Lane LC (1)
90m01c Development Co No.3 LC
90m12c Hardley
91m42c NR/Esso boundary
91m69c Cadland (East Avenue) LC
92m10c Fawley
(1) mileages from BR28100, additions and alterations (supplement 21) dated 1952.

The following note appears on a list of altered level crossing mileages now in the SRS Archive: "During conversation with Divisional Engineer's Office on the 19th January 1949, it was ascertained the mileages on the Fawley Branch had been altered by 1M. 40Chs." No implementation date is given for the change and all of the forms in the file show the new mileage.

Article: Railway Magazine 2016 October - November.
SW105 Lymington Branch
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
93m57c (95m15c) Lymington Junction SW100
95m32c (96m67c) Shirley Holmes
96m61c (98m14c) Ampress Works
97m48c (99m20c) Lymington Town LC
97m57c (99m11c) Lymington Town
98m01c (99m36c) Slipway LC
98m15c (99m50c) Lymington Pier
Mileages shown apply from 1980, being shown in notice 23D commencing on 7 June. Prior to that the mileages were via Southampton Terminus (figures in brackets). Implementation of the 1931 proposal some 49 years later!
SW106 Lymington Junction - Hamworthy Junction (Castleman's Corkscrew)
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
93m60c Lymington Junction SW100
94m23c No.10 Gates
97m63c Holmesley
102m18c Charles Farm LC (1)
102m68c Crow Crossing
103m57c Ringwood
  Ringwood Junction SW107
104m58c Old Ashley LC (1)
  Ashley Heath
106m15c Woolsbridge Crossing
  West Moors Junction SW128
108m48c West Moors
110m67c Uddens Crossing
111m39c Canford Crossing
113m19c Wimborne
113m42c Wimborne Junction SD001
113m61c Oakley Crossing
115m42c Broadstone Junction SD008
115m43c Poole Junction SW112
115m51c Broadstone
118m02c Lychett Crossing
119m01c Hamworthy Junction SW100
(1) mileages from BR28100, additions and alterations (supplement 21) dated 1952

BTW: Lymington Junction - Wimborne (113m21c)
BJH: Broadstone Junction - Hamworthy Junction

1973 Appendix show direction of surviving bit as Down from Broadstone to Wimborne.

The revision mileage book (c1931) shows a proposed a change to using ones via the Northam curve instead of via Southampton Terminus as set out above. Some of the old mileages are shown in brackets above. The change was implemented and a file of level crossing survey reports in the SRS archive contains a list of old and new mileages for the crossings. Reports dated up to 1943 use the old mileages and those dated 1944 onward use the new ones. This may well be when the change was implemented.

Article: Backtrack 2016 February.
SW107 Ringwood - Christchurch
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
  Ringwood Junction SW106
105m31c Avon Lodge
109m22c Hurn
  Christchurch (1st)
112m23c Christchurch Junction SW100
These mileages seem to have been the revised ones but there is no mention of change in the level crossings file. Mileages also quoted as 103m57c - 113m60c.

Article: Railway Magazine 2016 May.
SW108 Bournemouth Goods Branch
SW109 Bournemouth West Branch
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
110m13c Gas Works Junction SW100
110m41c Bournemouth West Junction SW110
111m29c Bournemouth West
These mileages seem to have been the revised ones.
BBD9 (or BBD1): Bournemouth West Junction - Bournemouth West 0m29c - 1m12c remiled from Branksome Junction

Article: British Railways Illustrated 2016 June.
SW110 Branksome Curve
0m00c Bournemouth West Junction SW109
0m29c Branksome Junction SW100
SW111 Poole Tramway
0m00c Poole
1m14c Poole Quay
SW112 Holes Bay Junction - Broadstone
datum Waterloo via Northam Curve and Ringwood
118m41c (2m77c) Holes Bay Junction SW100
115m51c (0m08c) Broadstone
115m43c (0m00c) Poole Junction SW106
LSWR Diagram of System sets this out as down from Poole Junction to Holes Bay Junction, as does 1973 Sectional Appendix.

These mileages are the revised ones. Previous milepost mileages had been self contained within the line.
SW113 Hamworthy Branch
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
115m70c Hamworthy Junction SW100
116m68c Lake
117m21c Hamworthy Park (Ashmore Avenue) LC
117m60c Ferry Terminal / Yacht Club LC
117m72c Hamworthy
117m75c New Harbour LC
118m05c NR/PHC boundary
  Hamworthy Quay (Poole Harbour Commissioners)
These mileages are the revised ones. There is nothing in the level crossing file to show the previous ones.
SW114 Holton Heath - Rockley Jetty
SW115 Swanage Branch
datum Waterloo via Southampton Terminus & Ringwood
126m30c Worgret Junction SW100
127m14c Tidmore LC
128m16c Creech Bottom LC
128m69c Furzebrook
129m55c NR/SR boundary (1)
131m28c Corfe Castle
136m27c Swanage
(1) 6m52c from Swanage

FUR: Worgret Junction - NR Boundary
AGE: NR Boundary - Swanage

Revised mileages were proposed in 1931 but never implemented for this branch.

Article: British Railways Illustrated Year Book 2013.
SW116 Bovington Camp Branch
Military Camp Line, worked by LSWR. 1921 Appendix states boundary as at Wool Station.
SW117 Dorchester Original Station Line
SW120 West of England Line
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
50m21c Worting Junction SW060
50m30c Worting Junction
52m26c Oakley
55m45c Overton
59m08c Whitchurch
61m11c Hurstbourne
61m38c Hurstbourne Junction SW121
64m48c Enham
64m55c Enham LC
66m11c Andover East Junction "A" SW122
66m19c Andover Junction (station)
66m30c Andover Junction West "B"
66m75c Gallachers LC
67m61c Red Post Junction MW010
72m49c Grateley SW123
75m53c Amesbury Junction SW124
77m38c Idmiston
78m07c Porton
78m21c Targetts LC
81m45c Laverstock
82m11c Laverstock North Junction SW125
82m36c Tunnel Junction SW126
83m43c Salisbury
83m72c Salisbury West COM SW140
(Fisherton short mile)
BAE1 Worting Junction - Salisbury
LUD1 Andover Junction - Red Post Junction (Ludgershall branch line)

The revision mileage book (c1931) shows disparities between the scaled distances within the mile blocks in the book and the mileage figures declared, hinting that mileage error had been discovered but the pages had not been redrawn. These start with about 5-6 chains drift between Winklebury and Worting Junction and a further 5-6 chains between Overton and Whitchurch. This could be the origin of the 'Fisherton short mile' if the line was subsequently remiled from Winklebury to Salisbury West leaving a 'jump' at the latter location.
SW121 Hurstbourne - Fullerton
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
61m38c Hurstbourne Junction SW120
65m22c Longparish
67m36c Wherwell
68m40c Fullerton
68m48c Fullerton Junction SW122
SW122 Kimbridge Junction - Andover Junction
15m02c Kimbridge Junction SW126
14m70½ Withers LC
14m39c Meadow LC
14m28½ Mottisfont Station LC
14m22c Mottisfont
14m02c Lock LC
13m22½ Lower Brook LC
12m76c Upper Brook LC
12m17c Drowne LC
11m60c Horsebridge LC
11m58c Horsebridge
11m50c Horsebridge LC
11m39c Horsebridge Mill Club LC (2)
10m74c Park LC (1)
10m60c Test Road Gravel Co. LC (3)
10m23½ Hoopers Bottom LC
10m11c Kings Somborne Marsh LC
10m00c Hobbs Hole LC
9m51c Marsh Court Farm LC
9m26c Marsh Cottages LC
8m75c Marsh LC
8m44c Stockbridge
8m33c Springfield LC
8m11c Picket Mead LC
7m78c Vernicombes LC
7m73c Barnard's LC
7m69c Ventham's LC
6m65c Leckford LC
5m40c Fullerton Junction SW121
5m32c Fullerton
5m23½ Cory's LC
4m67c Upper Trent LC
4m34c Lower Trent LC (1)
4m11c Wherwell LC
3m74c Westover LC
3m67½ Upper Westover LC
3m46½ Coopers Corner LC
3m28½ Hall's LC
2m69½ Clatford Station LC
2m60c Clatford
2m44c Lady Meadow LC
1m57½ Baulkenbury LC
0m58c Andover Town
0m00c Andover Junction SW120
(1) mileages from BR28100, additions and alterations (supplement 21) dated 1952
(2) provided February 1936, later Houghton Club Limited.
(3) provided January 1942,later Test Road Materials Co.
LSWR Diagram of System book implies that the line was down from Andover Junction to Kimbridge Junction.
SW123 Amesbury Branch
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
72m49c Grateley SW120
75m47c Newton Tony Junction SW124
76m30c Newton Tony
78m15c Allington
79m63c Amesbury
81m17c Bulford
82m07c Bulford Camp
82m63c Sling
SW124 Newton Tony Curve
Amesbury Junction SW120
Newton Tony Junction SW123
SW125 Laverstock Loop
82m11c Laverstock North Junction SW120
82m39c Laverstock South Junction SW126
SW126 Eastleigh - Salisbury
datum Waterloo via Eastleigh (reverse)
73m35c Eastleigh East Junction SW070
74m10c single line junction
75m25c Chandler's Ford
75m40c Chandlers Ford LC
75m53c Fortunes LC
78m06c Selsdons LC
78m40c Crampmore Foot / Crawford LC
78m60c Crampmoor LC
79m23c Halterworth LC
79m24c Halterworth Crossing
79m65c Broom Close LC
79m68c single line junction
80m04c Chart LC
80m35c Romsey Junction SW129
80m47c Romsey
81m34c Mill (Vickers) LC
82m16c Copse LC
82m30c Terrys LC
82m44c Greatfield LC
82m60c Meadow or Thurstons LC
82m67c Hilliers or Gradiges LC
83m05c Gradiges or Hilliers LC
83m44c Kimbridge Junction SW122
83m45c Kimbridge Junction LC
84m21c Dunbridge
84m25c Dunbridge Station LC
84m37c Dunbridge Occupation LC
86m10c Dean Gate LC
86m38c Dean Hill Footpath LC
86m57c No.2 East Dean (Becks) LC (1)
86m60c Dean Hill (East Dean No.2) LC
86m73c Bishops or Curzons LC
87m40c East Dean No.1 LC
88m10c Dean
88m14c Dean Station LC
88m22c Farm LC
89m15c Penn's LC
90m64c West Grimstead Footpath LC
91m70c Lord Radnor's LC
92m05c Alderbury Junction SW128
92m11c Alderbury Junction LC
92m57c Moody's LC
93m43c Kingsford LC
95m01c Milford Junction SW127
95m61c Laverstock South Junction SW125
96m05c Tunnel Junction SW120
(1) Closed 1944(?) in favour of Dean Hill LC.

19th century OS maps show milepost mileages that match the present situation. However, the 1931 distance book proposed remiling using zero at Eastleigh East Junction to 22m51c at Tunnel Junction. There is no evidence that the change was ever implemented although George Pryer's Track Layout Diagrams (volume S3) uses them. Perhaps, given the 1980 change on the Lymington branch, he was expecting such a change to occur when he went to print in 1981.
SW127 Milford Branch
datum Waterloo via Eastleigh (reverse)
95m01c Milford Junction SW126
  Milford Goods
SW128 Alderbury Junction - West Moors
0m00c Alderbury Junction SW126
0m14c Canal LC
0m27c Common LC
0m63c Church Path LC
2m09c Four Gates (Sheppard's) LC
2m31c Four Gatess Hut (Sheppard's) LC
2m80c Mitchell's LC
3m54c Barrows LC
3m59c Barrows LC
3m70c Downton
4m13c Barrows LC
5m08c Hardings LC
5m13c Harding's LC
5m22c Hardings Footpath LC
5m30c North Charford LC
05m38½ Harding's LC (1)
5m60c South Charford LC
5m73c Egremont Footpath LC
5m78c Egremonts LC
6m26c Lady Hulse Occupation LC
6m32c Lady Hulse Occupation LC
6m54c Lady Hulse Occupation LC
6m71c Breamore
6m75c Foot Crossing LC
7m11c Light's LC
7m34½ Coxmead LC (1)
7m51c Durdens LC
7m55c (no name) LC
8m08c Stallards LC
8m16c Burgate No.4 LC
8m37c Green Lane LC
8m69c (no name) LC
9m36c Fordingbridge
9m54c (no name) LC
9m64c (no name) LC
10m02c Hill Copse LC
10m21c Hill Farm LC
10m21c (no name) LC
10m63c (no name) LC
11m21c Daggons Road
11m63c (no name) LC
11m76c Blackwater LC
12m63c (no name) LC
13m50c Thorns LC
14m38c Verwood
14m67c (no name) LC
14m77c (no name) LC
15m05c Heath's LC
15m59c Bailey's LC
15m72c Horton No.5 LC
16m21c Horton Common LC
16m61c (no name) LC
16m71c Loaders LC
16m73c Revells LC
17m14c Stainer's LC
17m51c Newmans Lane LC (1)
17m65½ (no name) LC
18m05½ Bartons LC (1)
18m37c West Moors Junction SW106
(1) mileages from BR28100, additions and alterations (supplement 21) dated 1952
(2) level crossing survey puts this at 17m43½c.
SW129 Redbridge - Romsey
datum Andover Junction via Stockbridge
23m31c Redbridge Junction SW100
23m03c Chandlers LC
23m12c St Helens LC
22m57c Bone Mill LC
22m32c Banks LC
21m51c Nursling
21m15c Taylor's LC (1)
19m76c Ashfield LC
18m66c Broadlands Park LC
18m61c Romsey Junction SW126
(1) Grove Place from 1949
SW140 Salisbury West - Exeter West (GWR)
84m00c Salisbury West COM SW120
(Fisherton short mile)
84m22c Gramshaw Road LC
85m37c Wilton Junction GW195
86m11c Wilton
86m25c Wilton South Junction
89m74c Hurdcott Lodge LC
90m05c Barford LC
90m35c Morris Farm No.2 LC
90m48c Church Path footpath LC
90m59c Dinton Mill No.1 footpath LC
91m10c Dinton Mill No.2 footpath LC
91m35c Dinton Manor Farm LC
91m72c Dinton SW140c
92m29c Golden footpath LC
92m39c Teffont Mill LC
93m21c Sweatmans LC
94m75c Tisbury Quarry Crossing
96m10c Chantry footpath LC
96m14c Tisbury
97m11c Tisbury Gates Tisbury West LC
97m50c Hatch path LC
100m24c Semley Gates LC
101m13c Semley
102m41c Guests Path footpath LC
102m73c Humbers footpath LC
103m45c Hunts Path No.1 LC
103m52c Hunts Path No.2 LC
104m45c Kings Court LC
104m71c Shutes LC
105m08c single line junction
105m18c Gillingham
105m34c single line junction
109m41c Ashford LC
  Abbey Ford Junction SD004
  Templecombe East Junction
  Templecombe Junction
111m79c Templecombe
112m08c single line junction
114m31c Milborne Port
117m31c Castleton Farm LC
118m00c Sherborne LC
118m04c Sherborne
119m15c Lenthay (SE46) LC
119m73c Bedmill Farm No.1 (SE48) LC
120m60c Whyke Crossing Wyke No.2 (SE51) LC
122m03c Bradford Abbas Junction
122m35c Yeovil Junction SW141
122m48c Yeovil Junction (station)
122m57c single line junction
124m67c Sutton Bingham
127m34c Grove Farm Nos.1 & 2 (SE58) LC
127m73c Hardington Siding
127m76c Hardington LC
129m06c Knowle Hill footpath LC
130m13c Old Moat footpath LC
131m17c Crewkerne Mill LC
131m33c Crewkerne
132m03c Crewkerne LC
132m11c Henley footpath LC
133m19c Pipplepens footpath LC
133m78c Hewish footpath LC
134m04c Hewish Gates (SE71) LC
135m30c Weyford LC
136m36c Hay (SE73) LC
138m56c Marshwood Farm No.1 footpath LC
138m76c Marshwood Farm No.2 (SE76) LC
139m24c single line junction
139m32c Chard Junction (SE77) LC
139m35c Chard Junction (station) SW142
139m64c single line junction
139m65c Westwood Foot (SE78) LC
141m14c Broom Gates (SE79) LC
141m56c Axe LC
143m10c single line junction
143m34c Cloakham Weir footpath LC
144m15c Axminster Gates (SE86) LC
144m21c Axminster
144m57c Gambler Lake footpath LC
145m15c Abbey Farm No.2 LC
145m46c Slymlakes (SE91) LC
145m78c Oxenlears (SE92) LC
146m10c single line junction
147m63c Seaton Junction (station)
  Seaton Junction SW144
151m47c Honiton Incline
153m61c Northcote No.2 LC
154m44c single line junction
154m56c Honiton
154m76c single line junction
155m23c Roundball
  Sidmouth Junction SW145
159m24c Sidmouth Junction (station)
159m27c Feniton (SE102) LC
163m02c Whimple
164m30c NRW/NRWX boundary
165m20c Cranniford Crossing (SE111) LC
166m57c Broad Clyst
168m24c single line junction
168m39c Pinhoe LC
168m44c Pinhoe
169m49c Whipton Bridge
170m27c Exmouth Junction SW147
170m42c Mount Pleasant Road
170m72c St James' Park
171m30c Exeter Queen Street
172m04c St David's Junction GW250
The 1931 revision mileage book shows a difference in proposed milepost mileages of 10 chains at Wilton South compared with today and appears to have miscalculated by adding rather than subtracting to correct the Fisherton short mile. By Exeter Central the disparity is 30 chains! This might be why the proposed change was never implemented.
SW140c Chilmark Siding
91m72c Dinton SW140
93m41c LSWR/MoD boundary
SW140f Yeovil East Curve
SW141 Yeovil Town Branch
1m65c Yeovil Town GW235
1m06c Yeovil South Junction
0m00c Yeovil Junction SW140
YVT: Yeovil Town - Yeovil South Junction
YJP: Yeovil South Junction - Yeovil Junction
SW142 Chard Branch
0m00c Chard Junction (Bay) SW140
2m79c Joint Line Junction GW
3m02c Chard Town Goods
Chard Joint Line
See Great Western Railway GW237c for detail.
SW143 Lyme Regis Branch
0m00c Axminster (bay)
4m21c Combpyne
6m59c Lyme Regis
SW144 Seaton Branch
0m00c Seaton Junction SW140
  Seaton Junction (station)
1m64c Colyton
2m54c Colyford LC
2m56c Colyford
4m31c Seaton
SW145 Sidmouth Branch
0m00c Sidmouth Junction (Bay)
2m77c Ottery St Mary
5m07c Tipton St Johns
5m11c Tipton St Johns Junction
8m23c Sidmouth
Mileage also quoted as 159m20c - 167m39c datum Waterloo
SW146 Budleigh Salterton Branch
00m00c Tipton St Johns Junction SW145
01m18c Newton Poppleford
03m01c Colation Raleigh Siding
04m19c East Budleigh
06m30c Budleigh Salterton
09m46c Littleham
11m05c junction with Exmouth Branch SW147
SW147 Exmouth Branch
0m00c Exmouth Junction SW140
0m34c Polsloe Bridge
2m11c Clyst St Mary & Digby Halt
2m20c Digby & Sowton
4m23c Topsham LC
4m26c Topsham
  Topsham Junction
5m07c Odam's Siding
5m39c Water Lane LC
5m51c Daws Lane LC
5m67c Exton
6m23c Lympstone Commando
7m28c Lympstone
8m65c Warren's Siding
9m14c Docks Branch Junction SW149
9m19c Budleigh Salterton Line Junction SW146
9m32c Exmouth (1)
(1) mileage to original terminus 9m35c
LSWR Diagram of System book implies that it was down from Exmouth to Exmouth Junction.
SW148 Topsham Quay Branch
0m00c Topsham Junction SW147
0m40c Topsham Quay
SW149 Exmouth Docks Branch
datum Exmouth Junction
9m14c Docks Branch Junction SW147
9m58c Exmouth Docks
SW150 Cowley Bridge to Devonport
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
173m50c Cowley Bridge Junction GW250
173m74c Cowley Bridge
176m51c Newton St Cyres
179m20c Crediton
182m72c Yeoford
183m69c Coleford Junction SW151
183m79c NR/DR boundary
187m55c Bow
190m65c North Tawton
193m50c Sampford Courtnay
197m25c Okehampton
199m30c Meldon Quarry
199m35c Staff Halt
199m39c end of line
199m78c Meldon Junction SW153
204m02c Bridestowe
207m19c Lydford
207m19c Lydford Junction SW157f
208m46c Brentor
213m52c Tavistock
220m05c Bere Alston BA001
220m07c Bere Alston Junction BA001
222m69c Bere Ferrers
224m61c Tamerton Foliot
  Tamar Bridge GF
227m02c St Budeaux (1)
227m22c St Budeaux Junction
227m39c Weston Mill Halt
227m60c Camels Head Halt
228m41c Ford
229m05c Albert Road Halt
229m43c Devonport
229m64c Stonehouse Pool Junction SW158
230m15c Devonport Junction GW290
(1) later St Budeaux Victoria Road

There seems to be an 18 chain error in all mileages from Cowley Bridge westward. St Davids Junction is at 172m04c and the GWR quoted mileages from there to Cowley Bridge are 194m00c to 192m52c (1m28c). Adding 1m28c to 172m04c gives an expectation of 173m32c at Cowley Bridge, 18 chains less than the official distances in the Sectional Appendix and 26 chains less than proposed in the revision mileage book.

Article: Railway Magazine 2016 April.
SW151 North Devon Line / Ilfracombe Branch
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
183m69c Coleford Junction SW150
185m67c Copplestone
187m38c Morchard Road
189m65c Lapford
193m57c Eggesford
197m51c South Molton Road (1)
200m38c Portsmouth Arms
204m32c Umberleigh Gates
204m52c Umberleigh
207m02c Chapelton
  Pill Bridge
211m09c Loop West Junction GW242
211m25c Barnstaple Junction (station)
211m32c Barnstaple Junction SW152
  Barnstaple Quay
  Commercial Road Crossing
212m02c Barnstaple Town
212m15c Pottington
  Duckpool Gates
216m28c Wrafton
  Vellator Gates
  Braunton Gates
217m22c Braunton
  Georgeham Gates
  Stoney Bridge Gates (2)
219m44c Heddon Mill Crossing
  Willingcott Crossing
223m12c Mortehoe
226m22c Ilfracombe
(1) Kings Nympton from 1951.
(2) Western Region SBD shows Stoneybridge.

NDN: Coleford Junction - Barnstaple Junction
ILF: Barnstaple Junction - Ilfracombe

Article: November 2016 Steam Days.
SW151c Rolles Quay Branch
off SW151
SW152 Barnstaple Junction - Torrington
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
211m32c Barnstaple Junction SW151
213m78c Fremington
217m58c Instow
219m66c Bideford Goods Junction SW152f
219m72c Bideford Goods
220m28c Bideford
225m37c Torrington
225m55c LSWR - ND&C boundary SW159
Article: Railway Bylines 2016 May.
SW152c Barnstaple Quay Branch
off SW152
SW152f Bideford Goods Branch
219m66c Bideford Goods Junction SW152
220m15c Bideford Goods
SW153 North Cornwall
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
199m78c Meldon Junction SW150
202m21c Maddaford Moor Halt
203m69c Venn Gates Crossing
205m98c Ashbury
209m62c Halwill Junction (station)
209m66c Halwill Junction SW154
214m70c Ashwater
218m39c Tower Hill
223m38c Launceston South Junction GW278
223m40c Launceston
227m62c Egloskerry
231m34c Tresmeer
236m24c Otterham
240m60c Camelford
243m10c Delabole
247m17c Port Isaac Road
242m68c St Kew Highway
  Wadebridge East Junction SW155
253m77c Wadebridge
  Wadebridge West Junction
259m43c Padstow
MJB: Meldon Junction - Halwill Junction
NCL: Halwill Junction - Padstow
SW154 Bude Branch
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
209m66c Halwill Junction SW153
213m11c Dunsland Cross
217m57c Holsworthy
222m53c Whitstone
223m20c Brickworks Siding
228m03c Bude
SW154c Bude Wharf Branch
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield
227m71c Bude Yard
228m30c Bude Wharf
SW155 Bodmin Branch
0m00c Wadebridge East Junction SW153
1m10c Rifle Range
2m59c Grogley Junction SW156
2m61c Grogley
4m21c Nanstallon
4m51c Boscarne Junction GW305
4m76c Dunmere Junction SW157
6m40c Bodmin
SW156 Ruthern Bridge Branch
datum Wadebridge East Junction
2m59c Grogley Junction SW155
3m73c Ruthern Bridge
SW157 Wenford Bridge Branch
datum Wadebridge East Junction
4m76c Dunmere Junction SW155
11m52c Wenford Bridge
SW157c Padstow Quay Branch
SW157f Lydford Connection to GWR
datum Waterloo
207m19c Lydford Junction SW150
207m28c Lydford South Junction GW275
LSWR 1876 - c1890; RE 1943 - 1966.
SW157i St Budeaux connection to GWR
datum Waterloo
SW157l Devonport Goods Branch
Devonport Goods Junction
Devonport Goods
SW158 Stonehouse Pool Branch
0m00c Stonehouse Pool Branch Junction SW150
0m76c end of line
SW159 North Devon & Cornwall Junction Light Railway
worked by Southern Railway from opening
0m00c LSWR / ND&C boundary SW152
1m55c Watergate
4m38c Yarde
5m43c Dunsbear
10m42c Meeth
12m51c Hatherleigh
17m44c Hole
  Halwill (Bay)
SW170 Plymouth Friary Line
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield and North Devon
232m75c Friary Junction GW279
233m22c Sutton Harbour Junction SW173
233m35c Cattewater Branch Junction SW172
  Lucas Terrace Halt
233m39c Friary Goods Junction SW174
233m67c Plymouth Friary
SW171 Turnchapel Branch
0m00c Cattewater Branch Junction SW170
0m42c Cattewater Junction SW172
1m05c Plymstock Junction SW171c
1m09c Plymstock
1m47c Oreston
2m12c Turnchapel
2m22c end of line
SW171c Yealmpton Branch (GW)
datum Cattewater Branch Junction
1m05c Plymstock Junction SW171
1m09c Plymstock
1m14c LSWR/GWR boundary GW282
SW172 Cattewater (Harbour) Branch
datum Cattewater Branch Junction
0m42c Cattewater Junction SW171
  South Harbour Branch Junction GW283
1m18c end of line
SW173 Sutton Harbour Branch
0m00c Sutton Harbour Junction SW170
  Sutton Road Crossing
  North Quay Junction GW284
0m50c end of line
Mileages also quoted as 233m37c - 234m01c datum Waterloo
SW174 Friary Goods Branch
233m37c Frairy Goods Junction SW170
233m67c Friary Goods
Weymouth & Portland Line
See Weymouth & Portland Joint Railway WP001 for detail.
Weymouth & Portland Line
See Weymouth & Portland Joint Railway WP002 for detail.
Weymouth & Portland Line
See Weymouth & Portland Joint Railway WP003 for detail.
Admiralty Extension Line
See Weymouth & Portland Joint Railway EC001 for detail.
Breakwater Extension Line
See Weymouth & Portland Joint Railway EC002 for detail.
Easton & Church Hope Railway
See Weymouth & Portland Joint Railway EC003 for detail.
Ryde Pier Head - Ryde St. Johns Road
See Isle of Wight Railway IW001 for detail.
Bath - Wimborne
See Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway SD001 for detail.
Corfe Mullen Junction Line
See Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway SD008 for detail.
Templecombe No.2 to Templecombe No.1
See Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway SD for detail.
Templecombe No.2 Junction - Templecombe Upper
See Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway SD006 for detail.
Templecombe No.3 Junction - Templecombe Junction
See Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway SD004 for detail.
Templecombe Goods
See Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway SD for detail.
Burnham & Evercreech Line
See Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway SD010 for detail.
Wells Branch
See Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway SD014 for detail.
Wells Timber Yard Branch
See Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway SD for detail.
Wells West - Wells Station
See Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway SD for detail.
Bridgwater Branch
See Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway SD012 for detail.
Bridgwater River Wharf Branch
See Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway SD013 for detail.
Wyke Champflower Spur
See Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway SD003 for detail.
Clandown Branch
See Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway SD002 for detail.


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