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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes V

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Signal Fact 42

The London & South Western Railway resignalled their four track main line between Woking and Basingstoke in 1904.

The installation used semaphore signals mounted on gantries spaced equidistant from one another so far as possible.

The system remain in use until superseded by four aspect colour light signals in 1967.

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ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
VAN yes Van Branch CM041
VCZ   Varteg Colliery Branch. Now VOZ.
VHB   Victoria Harbour Branch CA458
VIC   Victoria Branch (Old Oak Common) GW034
VIG yes Norwich Victoria Goods GE292
VIR yes Victoria - Ramsgate
VIZ   Vinegar Branch GW717
VOC yes Vale of Clwyd NW490
VOG yes Vale of Glamorgan Line BY050
VON yes Vale of Neath Line GW440
VOT yes Vale of Towy Line GW641
VOZ   Varteg Colliery Branch NW245
VPB   Victoria Pit Branch GB004
VQZ   Sutton Harbour and Friary Branch SW173
VRB yes Vron Branch (Fishponds Branch) GC492o
VRC yes Vron Colliery Branch GW868
VTB yes Victoria - Brighton LB001
VWC yes Virginia Water West Curve SW054
VWW yes Virginia Water to Weybridge Line SW053


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