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RailRef Line Codes BY

Barry Railway

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RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
BY001 Cadoxton & Trehafod Line
16m53c Haford Junction TV030
15m01c Pontypridd Graig
13m66c Treforest High Level
12m27c Tonteg Junction BY002
11m19c Efail Isaf
10m18c Cwm
8m68c Creigau
7m46c Pencoed
6m42c St Y Nyall Platform
5m55c Penrhos Junction BY010
5m52c Tynycaeau Junction
5m52c St.Fagans Branch Junction BY013
  Tynycaeau Junction South
4m56c Drope Junction BY015
2m64c Wenvoe
1m25c St Andrews
0m36c Cadoxton North
0m00c Cadoxton Junction BY020
BY002 Treforest Branch datum Cadoxton Junction
14m01c Treforest Branch Junction TV040
13m42c Treforest Barry GF
12m32c Tonteg Branch Junction TV042
12m27c Tonteg Junction BY001
BY010 Penrhos Branch (1)
datum Cadoxton Junction
15m40c Duffryn Isaf BM030
15m38c Barry Junction
14m35c Energly North Junction BY011
12m71c Gwaun Gledyr
11m66c Penrhos Lower Junction BY012
(Walnut Tree Viaduct)
9m42c Walnut Tree West Junction
8m30c Pentyrch signal box
5m55c Penrhos Junction BY001
(1) GWR name for line. Shown on 1921 OS map as Barry Railway Rhymney Branch.
BY011 Energly Loop
datum Cardiff East Dock
9m79c Energly North Junction BY010
9m33c Energly South Junction RR020
BY012 Penrhos Loop
datum Cadoxton Junction
12m36c Penrhos South Junction RR024
11m66c Penrhos Lower Junction BY010
BY013 St.Fagans Branch
0m00c St.Fagans Branch Junction BY001
  St.Fagans Exchange Sidings BY014
1m09c St.Fagans Junction GW530
BY014 St.Fagans West Loop
datum Paddington via Stroud
St.Fagans West Loop (from exchange sidings BY013) St.Fagans West Junction GW530
BY015 Peterston Branch
datum Cadoxton Junction
6m55c Peterston West Junction GW530
6m28c Barry Sidings Junction BY016
4m56c Drope Junction BY001
BY016 Peterston East Loop
datum Cadoxton Junction
6m28c Barry Sidings Junction BY015
6m17c Peterston East Junction GW530
BY020 Barry Line
datum Cardiff Barry Line Junction
2m29c Cogan Junction TV053
2m41c Cogan
2m70c Cogan Sidings SB
3m40c Eastbrook
4m19c Dinas Powys
5m56c Ty-Fyston Halt
5m58c Biglis Junction TV057
6m05c Cadoxton Junction BY001
6m11c Cadoxton
6m14c Docks Line Junction
6m18c Low Level Line Junction
6m78c Barry Docks
8m07c Barry Station SB
8m12c Barry
8m16c Barry Junction BY021 BY022 BY050
8m63c Barry Island West SB
8m75c Barry Island East SB
8m77c Barry Island
9m34c Barry Pier
BY021 Barry Docks Low Level Lines
datum Cardiff Barry Line Junction
6m14c Docks Line Junction BY020
6m18c Low Level Lines Junction BY022
6m28c Low Level Lines SB
6m76c Graving Dock Junction BY024
7m14c Dock Road Gates
  Dock Road Gates West Junction BY029
8m12c end on Junction BY022
BDO1: Docks Line Junction - Graving Dock Junction
P10 BDO1
BY022 Barry Docks High Level Lines
datum Cardiff Barry Line Junction
6m18c Low Level Lines Junction BY021
6m46c Low Level Loop Junction BY023
 Barry High Level SB
8m16c Barry Junction BY020
8m52c end on junction BY021
BY023 Barry Docks High - Low Level Loop Line
datum Cardiff Barry Line Junction
6m46c Low Level Lines Junction BY021
6m48c junction
  headshunt by pond
6m48c junction
6m77c Low Level Loop Junction BY025
BY024 South Side Line
datum Cardiff Barry Line Junction
6m76c Graving Dock Junction BY021
7m03c Caisson Lines Junction BY025
  Caisson North (Swing Bridge) Junction
7m22c Caisson South (Swing Bridge) Junction BY027
  Caisson Loop West Junction BY028
8m09c No.1 Dock Junction BY029
8m45c Harbour Breakwater (end of line)
BDO1: Graving Dock Junction - Caisson Lines Junction
BDO2: Caisson Lines Junction - Breakwater
BY025 No.2 Dock Line
datum Cardiff Barry Line Junction
7m03c Caisson Lines Junction BY024
7m59c Low Level Loop Junction BY023
8m04c Sully Moors Junction BY026
8m07c Wharf Lines North Junction
8m62c Wharf Lines Junction
8m72c East Jetty Junction BY027
BY026 Guerets Works Line (Sully Moors)
datum Cardiff Barry Line Junction
8m44c end of running line
8m04c Sully Moors Junction BY025
BY027 Barry Docks Low Level Lines
datum Cardiff Barry Line Junction
7m22c South Side Line Junction BY024
  Caisson Loop Junction BY028
7m45c East Jetty Junction BY025
  East Breakwater
BY028 Caisson Loop
BY029 No.1 Dock Loop
Dock Road Gates West Junction BY021
No.1 Dock Junction BY024
BY050 Vale of Glamorgan Line
0m00c Barry Junction BY020
0m44c Barry Sidings SB
1m36c Porthkerry Deviation East BY051
1m70c Lord Romiley's Halt
2m51c Porthkerry Deviation West BY051
2m51c Porthkerry SB
2m60c Happy Valley LC
3m26c Rhoose station
4m42c Pant LC
4m63c Power Station Junction BY052
5m06c Aberthaw High Level
5m37c Aberthaw West SB
6m44c Gileston
7m09c Church Farm LC
7m37c Batsleys LC
8m33c St.Athan's Halt
9m56c Llantwit Major station
11m58c Llandow (Wick Road) Halt
12m40c Sutton Farm LC
12m70c Cwrt Newydd LC
13m25c Llandow Farm LC
13m26c Llandow High Halt
13m31c Llandow SB
13m62c St Brides Major No.24A LC
13m72c Farmers LC
14m51c St Brides Major No.25 LC
15m07c Southerndown Road
15m45c Wallas 2 LC
15m69c Duchy Quarry SB
16m74c Ewenny SB
17m77c Fords Junction BY053
18m35c Cowbridge Road Junction BY054
19m05c Brackla South Junction
19m19c Brackla North Junction
19m50c Coity SouthSB
20m20c Coity Junction GW560
VOG: Barry Junction - Cowbridge Road Junction
BY051 Porthkerry Deviation (1898-1900)
datum Barry Junction
1m36c Porthkerry Deviation East BY050
2m51c Porthkerry Deviation West BY050
BY052 Aberthaw Power Station Lines
datum Barry Junction
4m63c Power Station Junction BY050
5m76c Aberthaw Loop Junction
7m60c Aberthaw Power Station
BY053 Fords Factory Branch
0m00c Fords Junction BY050
1m13c Waterton LC
1m18c NR/Ford Motor Co. Boundary
  Waterton Fords Factory
BY054 Cowbridge Road Junction - Bridgend
datum Barry Junction
18m35c Cowbridge Road Junction BY050
18m76c Bridgend East Junction GW549