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RailRef Line Codes GE

Great Eastern Railway

Signal Fact 72

By 1851 the South Eastern Railway had introduced block working on its line from London to Dover.

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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

Mile post mileages are datum Liverpool Street unless a zero point is shown in the detail or a different datum is stated. Mileages taken from the GER 1919 distance book may be slightly out - some of the figures are difficult to make out in the printed copy. There is 19th century OS map evidence indicating that the GER originally set out its mileposts from the first London terminus at Bishopsgate giving rise to milepost distances about 30 chains less than the later Liverpool Street ones.

Article: Railway Magazine, December 1898 (includes gradient profiles).

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
GE001 Liverpool Street - Shenfield Junction
0m00c London Liverpool Street
  Liverpool Street East Platform
  Liverpool Street East
  Liverpool Street West
  Liverpool Street Junction GE002
0m33c Bishopsgate
  Bishopgate North
  Bishopgate South
0m47c East London Junction GE003 GE004
  Bishopgate Middle
  Bethnal Green West
1m10c Bethnal Green
1m14c Bethnal Green East Junction GE020
1m54c Globe Road
2m02c Devonshire Street Goods Junction GE005
2m28c Coburn Road
2m78c Bow Junction GE160
  Bow Goods Junction MR023
3m32c Thornton Fields Junction GE006
3m52c Carpenters Road South Junction GE170 GE184
3m59c Stratford Western Junction
3m71c Stratford Central Junction (to Channelsea Junction) GE183
3m75c Stratford Central Junction (to Copper Mill Junction)
4m03c Stratford
4m04c Stratford East (Eastern) Junction
4m38c Maryland
5m20c Forest Gate
5m63c Forest Gate Junction MR034
6m18c Manor Park
  Ilford West Junction
7m27c Ilford
  Ilford East Junction
7m63c Ilford Depot London End Junction GE007
8m10c Ilford Carriage Sidings Junction GE192
8m30c Ilford Depot Country End Junction GE007
8m31c Seven Kings West Junction GE193
8m45c Seven Kings
  Seven Kings East
  Goodmayes West
9m22c Goodmayes
  Goodmayes East
9m78c Chadwell Heath
  Chadwell Heath Goods
  Romford Junction GE008
12m30c Romford
12m38c Romford Junction MR041
13m41c Gidea Park (1)
  Romford Factory
14m76c Harold Wood
  Brentwood Yard
18m16c Brentwood
20m15c Shenfield
20m22c Shenfield Junction GE200 GE210
(1) originally Squirrels Heath & Gidea Park, later Gidea Park & Squirrels Heath

LTN1: throughout
LVS: Liverpool Street platfroms 11-18
GE002 Connection to Metropolitan Railway
Bishopsgate Junction MT002
Liverpool Street Junction GE001
GE003 Bishopsgate Goods Depot - Bethnal Green West Junction
Bishopsgate Goods Depot
Bishopsgate High Level
Bishopsgate No.1
Bishopsgate No.2
Bishopsgate No.3
Middle Signal Cabin
Granary Junction (1)
Brick Lane
East London Junction GE001
(1) Originally Whitechapel.
GE004 Spitalfields Coal Yard
East London Junction GE001
Spitalfields Coal Yard
GE005 Devonshire Street Goods
1m50c end of neck
2m02c Devonshire Street Goods Junction GE001
GE006 Thornton Fields Carriage Sidings
3m32c Thornton Fields Junction GE001
end of sidings
GE007 Ilford Carriage Sidings
7m63c Ilford Depot London End Junction GE001
8m30c Ilford Depot Country End Junction GE001
GE008 Romford Gas Works & Lower Yard
12m00c - 12m27c
East London Junction - East London Down Junction, New Cross LBSCR
for details see East London Railway EL001.
Deptford Road Junction - Old Kent Road Junction LBSCR
for details see East London Railway EL002.
Deptford Road Junction - East London Up Junction, New Cross LBSCR v Up Loop
for details see East London Railway EL003.
Canal Junction - New Cross SECR v Down Line
for details see East London Railway EL004.
Canal Junction - New Cross SECR v Up Line
for details see East London Railway EL005.
GE020 Bethnal Green Junction - Broxbourne Junction
1m14c Bethnal Green East Junction GE001
1m62c Cambridge Heath
2m33c London Fields
2m55c Reading Lane Junction GE020c
2m77c Hackney Downs
3m04c Hackney Downs North Junction GE030
3m77c Clapton
4m38c Clapton Junction GE021
  Clapton Goods Yard
4m72c Copper Mill North Junction GE022 GE190
5m41c Tottenham South Junction GE023
5m56c Tottenham North Junction TH002
6m00c Tottenham Hale
  Tottenham Yard
6m73c Northumberland Park (1)
6m77c Northumberland Park LC
7m57c Angel Road
7m63c Angel Road Junction GE026
8m14c Pegamoid Factory LC
8m69c Pickett's Lock GE026c
9m71c Ponders End
10m61c Brimsdown
10m65c Brimsdown LC
11m65c Enfield Lock (2nd)
11m70c Enfield Lock LC
  Enfield Lock (1st) (3)
12m64c Waltham Cross (2nd) (4)
  Waltham Cross (1st) (5)
13m22c Trinity Lane LC
13m69c Cheshunt Junction GE033
14m02c Cheshunt (2nd)
14m07c Windmill Lane No.20 LC
  Cheshunt (1st)
  Cheshunt (6)
14m32c Cadford Lane No.21 LC (Quail)
14m34c Cadmore Lane LC (1960 Appendix)
15m65c Slipe Lane No.28 LC
16m05c Wharf Road No.29 LC
16m06c Wormley
17m07c Broxbourne (7)
18m36c Broxbourne Junction GE027 GE040
(1) previously Marsh Lane, Marsh Lane Park
(2) previously Edmonton, Water Lane
(3) previously Ordnance Factory
(4) previously Waltham Cross, Waltham Cross & Abbey
(5) previously Waltham
(6) Previously Cadmore's Lane
(7) previously Broxbourne & Hoddesdon

BGK: throughout
PES: Ponders End Sidings 9m64c - 10m09c
GE020c Graham Road Curve
datum Liverpool Street
2m55c Reading Lane Junction GE020
2m79c Navarino Road Junction NW040
GE021 Clapton Junction - Chingford
4m38c Clapton Junction GE020
  Hall Farm Junction GE022
5m55c St James Street
6m16c Walthamstow Central (1)
  Shern Hall Street
7m07c Wood Street
8m45c Highams Park LC
8m52c Highams Park (2)
  Chingford (1st)
10m33c Chingford (2nd)
(1) previously Hoe Street
(2) previously Hale End
GE022 Hall Farm West Junction - Copper Mill Junction
0m23c Hall Farm Junction GE021
0m00c Copper Mill Junction GE020
GE023 Tottenham South Curve
datum Kings Cross
5m41c Tottenham South Junction GE020
5m54c Tottenham West Junction TH002
Tottenham & Hampstead Line
See Tottenham & Hampstead Joint Railway TH001 for detail.
GE025 Harringay Curve
0m25c Harringay Park Junction GE024
0m00c Harringay Junction GN001
GE025c Tufnell Park Goods
Tufnell Park Goods Junction TH002
Tufnell Park Goods
GE026 Angel Road Junction - Edmonton Junction
7m63c Angel Road Junction GE020
8m53c Edmonton Low Level
8m61c Edmonton High Level
9m04c Lower Edmonton Junction GE030
GE026c Pickets Lock Sidings
Pickets Lock Sidings 0m00c - 0m24c GE020
GE027 Broxbourne Junction - Hertford East
18m38c Broxbourne Junction GE020 GE040
18m71c Rye House
19m42c Cranbourne No.2 LC
  St Margarets (1st)
20m23c St Margarets No.4 LC
20m25c St Margarets (2nd)
20m39c Maltings No.5 LC
20m75c Amwell Marsh No.7 LC
  St Margarets Junction GE028
21m36c Hardmead No.9 LC
22m16c Ware
22m21c Ware No.13 LC
23m13c Viaduct Maintenance No.18 LC
23m57c Mead Lane LC
  Hertford East Junction
  Hertford East (1st)
24m19c Hertford East (2nd)
GE028 St. Margarets Junction - Buntingford
  St. Margarets Junction GE027
22m71c Mardock
24m06c Widford
25m77c Hadham
29m34c Standon
30m67c Braughing
32m58c West Mill
33m77c Buntingford
  end of line
GE030 Hackney Downs North Junction - Enfield Town
3m04c Hackney Downs North Junction GE020
  Amhurst Road
3m64c Rectory Road
4m16c Stoke Newington
  Manor Road
5m03c Stamford Hill
5m40c Seven Sisters South Junction GE031
5m48c Seven Sisters
5m48c Seven Sisters North Junction GE032
6m28c Bruce Grove
7m11c White Hart Lane
7m75c Silver Street
8m45c Edmonton Green (1)
  Lower Edmonton Junction
9m20c Bury Street Junction GE033
9m69c Bush Hill Park
10m55c Enfield Town (2)
(1) previously Edmonton High Level, later Lower Edmonton
(2) previously Enfield
GE031 Seven Sisters Curve / Chord
0m13c South Tottenham West Junction TH002
0m00c Seven Sisters South Junction GE030
GE032 Seven Sisters (North) Junction - Palace Gates
datum Liverpool Street
5m48c Seven Sisters North Junction GE030
6m23c West Green
7m19c Noel Park & Wood Green (1)
7m66c Wood Green (2)
8m11c Bowes Park Junction GN010
(1) previously Green Lanes.
(2) previously Palace Gates.

Article: Railway Magazine 1962 September.
GE033 Bury Street Junction - Cheshunt Junction
datum Liverpool Street
9m20c Bury Street Junction GE030
10m32c Southbury (1)
11m34c Carter Hatch Lane
12m16c Turkey Street (2)
13m15c Park Lane LC
13m45c Theobalds Grove
14m28c Cheshunt Junction GE020
(1) previously Churchbury
(2) previously Forty Hill
GE040 Broxbourne Junction - Newport
18m36c Broxbourne Junction GE020 GE027
19m05c Creasey's (Rye Meads) No.1 LC
20m10c Roydon No.3 LC
20m12c Roydon
20m30c Roydon Lock No.4 LC
21m23c Camps No.7 LC
22m52c Harlow Town (1)
24m40c Harlow Mill (2)
25m20c Roberts 1 No.20 LC
25m63c Roberts 3 No.22 LC
26m63c Sawbridgeworth No.23 LC
26m57c Sawbridgeworth
28m19c Spelbrook No.30 LC
28m73c Fowlers LC
30m23c Bishops Stortford South
30m27c Bishops Stortford
  Bishops Stortford Junction GE041
30m39c Bishops Stortford North
31m00c Johnsons footpath LC
31m30c Cannons Mill Lane LC
33m29c Stansted Mountfitchet(3)
33m54c Stansted South Junction GE042
34m25c Stansted North Junction GE043
34m67c Fullers End footpath No.46 LC
  Elsenham (1st)
35m45c Elsenham (2nd) GE044No.47 LC
  Elsenham North Junction GE045
  North Hall
37m13c Ugly Lane No.52 LC
38m73c Hogs Croft No.55 LC
39m00c mile post GE050
(1) previously Burnt Mill
(2) previously Harlow
(3) previously Stansted
GE041 Bishop's Stortford - Felstead
datum Bishops Stortford
  Bishop's Stortford Junction GE040
1m29c Hockerill Halt
  Stane Street Halt
5m11c Takeley
7m55c Easton Lodge Halt
9m38c Dunmow
11m61c   Felstead GE211
GE042 Stansted South Junction - Stansted Airport
33m54c Stansted South Junction GE040
34m26c Stansted East Junction GE043
36m67c Stansted Airport
GE043 Stansted North Junction - Stansted East Junction
0m00c Stansted North Junction GE040
0m49c Stansted East Junction GE042
GE044 Elsenham & Thaxted Light Railway
  Elsenham GE040
  Elsenham East Junction GE045
  Mill Road Halt
1m55c Henham Halt
4m66c Cutlers Green Halt
5m41c Thaxted
GE045 Elsenham (Sidings) - Elsenham & Thaxted Light Railway
Elsenham North Junction GE040
Elsenham East Junction GE044
GE050 Newport - Shippea Hill
39m73c Newport GE040
40m13c Elephant No.56 LC
41m31c Trees No.61 LC
  Audley End Junction GE051
41m56c Audley End (1)
  Littlebury Siding
45m06c Fairheads No.67 LC
45m58c Great Chesterford (2)
45m75c Ickleton Road No.69 LC
  Chesterford Junction GE053
46m35c Kings No.71 LC
46m65c Ickleton Mill Lane No.73 LC
47m11c Hinxton No.74 LC
  Duxford No.75 LC
  Whittlesford Crossing
49m02c Whittlesford
49m54c Delia No.79 LC
50m46c Sawston No.82 LC
50m60c Sawston Sidings
51m36 Dernford No.84 LC
52m32c Sheford No.87 LC
52m34c Shelford Junction GE052
52m37c Shelford
52m64c Grahams No.89 LC
53m03c Websters LC
53m05c Shepreth Branch Junction GE054
53m34c Dukes No.2 No.91 LC
54m04c Dukes (Pemberton) No.3 No.92 LC
54m18c Red Cross Lane No.93 LC
55m29c Cambridge South (Hills Road) Junction NW140
  Trumpington Bar
  Cambridge South End
55m54c Cambridge
  Cambridge Station Central
  Cambridge North End
56m09c Mill Road Junction MR092
56m30c Coldham Lane Junction GE060
  Coldham Lane Crossing
57m13c Barnwell Junction GE065
57m54c Chesterton Junction No.96 LC
57m55c Chesterton Junction GE070
  Royal Show
59m10c Milton Fen No.99 LC
61m05c Waterbeach No.105 LC
61m20c Burgess Drove No.107 LC
61m48c Bottisham Road No.108 LC
  Bannold Road No.111 LC
65m46c Nairns No.117 LC
65m48c Stretham Fen
66m25c Dimmocks Cote No.119 LC
68m16c West River No.122 LC
69m20c Bedford No.125 LC
69m55c Lloyds & Martin No.127 LC
69m79c Sutton Branch Junction GE074
70m01c Ely Dock Junction (Newmarket Branch) GE062
70m24c Ely Station South
70m32c Ely
70m38c Ely Station North No.130 LC
70m40c Ely Station North
71m33c Kiln Lane No.131 LC
71m65c Ely North Junction (Ely West Curve) GE081
71m66c Ely North Junction (Peterborough Branch) GE080
71m73c Ely North Junction (Lynn Branch) GE110
73m63c Palmers No.142 LC
Mile End No.147 LC
73m19c Padnal
76m64c Bedford No.151A LC
77m17c Shippea Hill (3)
77m21c Shippea Hill LC
77m28c Mildenhall Road
78m40c mile post GE120
(1) previously Wenden
(2) previously Chesterford
(3) previously Mildenhall Road, later (1885) Burnt Fen

BGK: Newport - Ely North Junction
GCD: Great Chesterford Siding

ETN: Ely North Junction - 78m40c
GE051 Audley End Junction - Bartlow Junction
41m55c Audley End Junction GE050
43m44c Saffron Walden
46m08c Ashdown Halt
49m00c Bartlow Junction GE052 GE224
GE052 Bartlow - Shelford Junction
  Bartlow Junction GE051 GE224
10m07c Linton
7m27c Pampisford (1)
0m00c Shelford Junction GE050
(1) previously Abington
GE053 Great Chesterford - Six Mile Bottom
Chesterford Junction GE050
Bourne Bridge
Balsham Road
Six Mile Bottom Junction
GE054 Shepreth - Shepreth Branch Junction
datum Kings Cross
49m77c Shepreth Junction GN035
Apple Lane No.30 LC
  Barrington Light Railway Junction
50m74c Foxton LC
50m77c Foxton
52m02c Hayes No.34 LC
52m46c Harston No.36 LC
52m47c Harston
54m01c Hauxton No.39 LC
54m45c Rectory Farm No.42 LC
55m21c Websters LC
55m23c Shepreth Branch Junction GE050
GE060 Coldham Lane Junction - Chippenham Junction
datum original Coldham Lane Junction
0m23c Coldham Lane Junction GE050
1m62c Brookfields
  Cherry Hinton Junction GE061
  Cherry Hinton
2m17c Cherry Hinton No.5 LC
2m53c Cherry Hinton Bypass No.6 LC
3m44c Teversham No.8 LC
3m69c Coxes Farm No.10 LC
4m36c Fulbourne (Station Road) No.14 LC
4m37c (5m15c) Fulbourne
   Drove Way LC
  Six Mile Bottom Junction
7m65c Six Mile Bottom No.26 LC
7m66c (8m27c) Six Mile Bottom (1)
7m78c Brinkley Road No.27 LC
8m74c Westley Road No.30 LC
10m06c Moores No.34 LC
10m54c (11m28c) Dullingham
10m56c Dullingham No.35 LC
13m11c Wood Ditton No.39 LC
13m67c (14m38c) Newmarket (2nd)
  Newmarket (1st)
  Newmarket Yard Junction
  Warren Hill Junction GE062
16m04c Chippenham Junction GE063 GE282
(1) previously Westley

Mileages in brackets are those shown in the GER Distance book for 1919, datum Cambridge.
GE061 Pre - 1896 alignment of Cambridge, Newmarket & Bury Branch at Cambridge
Cambridge North Junction GE050
Cherry Hinton Junction GE060
GE062 Warren Hill Junction - Ely Dock Junction
datum Newmarket
  Warren Hill Junction GE060
1m54c Snailwell Junction GE063
4m16c Muncy's No.4 LC
  Fordham Junction GE064
5m25c Fordham (1)
4m64c Fordham LC
  Fordham Junction GE065
5m05c Cockspin Road No.7 LC (2)
6m58c Hitchs No.12 LC
6m61c Hitchs No.13 LC
6m74c Horse Fen No.14 LC
7m28c Mill Drove No.17 LC
7m42c Soham Common No.19 LC
7m53c Clark & Butchers No.20 LC
7m78c Soham Station No.21 LC
8m02c Straws No.22 LC
8m25c Middlemere No.24 LC
8m25c Soham
8m66c Tiled House Farm No.26 LC
9m07c Short Drove No.27 LC
9m35c Poplar Drove No.30 LC
9m47c Leonards No.31 LC
9m76c Barway Sidings No.35 LC
10m36c Blockmore No.36 LC
11m11c Ambrose's No.39 LC
11m36c Roundabout No.40 LC
12m03c Wells Engine No.46 LC
12m17c Hawks No.47 LC
Ely Dock Junction GE050
(1) previously Fordham & Burwell - mileage suspect
(2) crosses Cockpen Road

SOB3: Warren Hill Junction - Snailwell Junction
SOB2: Snailwell Junction - Ely Dock Junction
GE063 Snailwell Junction - Chippenham Junction
0m00c Snailwell Junction GE062
0m63c Chippenham Junction GE060 GE282
GE064 Barnwell Junction - Fordham Junction
datum Cambridge
  Barnwell Junction GE050
1m46c Barnwell Junction station
  Fen Ditton Halt
4m49c Quy
6m07c Bottisham & Lode (1)
8m03c Swaffhamprior
9m75c Burwell
  Exning Road Halt
  Fordham Junction GE062 GE065
(1) originally Bottisham

ELR listing shows line starting at 57m10c, datum Liverpool Street.
GE065 Fordham Junction - Mildenhall
datum Cambridge
  Fordham Junction GE062 GE064
16m61c Isleham
  Mildenhall Golf Links Halt (1)
20m62c Mildenhall
  end of line
(1) originally Mildenahll Golf Links Halt

ELR listing shows line ending at 76m41c, datum Liverpool Street.
GE070 Chesterton Junction - Needingworth Junction
57m56c Chesterton Junction GE050
60m24c Histon
62m38c Oakington
64m26c Long Stanton
67m19c Swavesey
  Fen Drayton Sand Pit
St Ives Junction JN001
70m33c St Ives
  St Ives Yard
  Needingworth Junction GE074 JN010
SIB1: Chesterton Junction - 68m44c
SIB2: 68m44c - 69m18c
SIE: St Ives - Needingworth Junction
Huntingdon North GNR - St. Ives Junction
For detail see GN & GE Joint Railway JN001.
Needingworth Junction - March South Junction
For detail see GN & GE Joint Railway JN010.
Somersham Junction - Ramsey
For detail see GN & GE Joint Railway JN011.
Chatteris Dock Branch
For detail see JN012.
GE074 Needingworth Junction - Sutton Branch Junction, Ely
datum St Ives
  Needingworth Junction GE070 JN002
3m64c Bluntisham
8m62c Earith Bridge
10m19c Sutton (2nd)
  Sutton Junction GE075
11m75c Haddenham
13m02c Wilburton
15m00c Stretham
  Sutton Branch Junction GE050
0m00c - 16m70c
GE075 Sutton Goods
Sutton Junction GE074
Sutton Goods
Original Sutton station?
GE080 Ely North Junction - Peterborough
71m66c Ely North Junction GE050
72m12c Queen Adelaide No.1 LC
72m41c Ely West Junction GE081
72m62c Clayway No.3 LC
73m55c Chettisham No.6 LC
73m59c Chettisham
74m25c Coffue Drove No.9 LC
74m58c Beald Drove No.10 LC
74m79c North Fen No.11 LC
75m24c Black Bank No.13 LC
75m30c Black Bank (1)
75m58c Second Drove No.15 LC
75m76c Third Drove No.16 LC
  Furlong Drove
79m50c Welney Road No.22 LC
80m11c Manea No.23 LC
80m13c Manea
80m26c Bates LC
80m34c Watsomes LC
82m04c Stonea SB No.32 LC
82m64c Waddington Siding GF
84m31c Horsemoor SB No.41 LC
84m69c Silt Drove No.43 LC
85m07c Badgeney Road No.44 LC
  Nene Junction
85m34c No.45 LC
85m35c March South Junction JN002
85m67c No.46 LC
85m69c March East Junction GE082
85m76c March
86m16c March West Junction GE083
86m30c Norwood Road No.47 LC
  Wisbech Road LC
87m31c Whitemoor Drove No.54 LC
87m75c Middle Drove No.59 LC
  Black Drove Crossing
88m24c Kisby No.61 LC
90m03c Three Horse Shoes No.1 No.66 LC
90m42c Three Horse Shoes No.2 No.67 LC
90m76c Three Horse Shoes No.3 No.68 LC
91m05c Three Horseshoes Junction GE087
91m15c Burnt House Drove No.69 LC
92m58c Bailey's No.71 LC
93m28c Eastrea No.73 LC
94m61c Whittlesea
94m68c No.80 LC
95m02c Harts Drove No.81 LC
95m37c Ramsey Road No.82 LC
95m51c Black Bush No.83 LC
96m73c King's Dyke No.88 LC
96m75c King's Dyke
97m16c Funthams Lane No.89 LC
  South Bank
  Middle Bank
100m04c Peterborough East (2)
  Peterborough (Fletton Road) Junction MR101 NW150

(1) originally Little Downham
(2) originally Peterborough
GE081 Ely North Junction - Ely West Junction v Ely West Curve
71m63c Ely North Junction GE050
72m06c EWC No.1 LC
72m40c EWC No.2 LC
72m63c Ely West Junction GE080
GE081f March Down and Up Yards
GE082 March East Junction - Grassmoor Junction
datum London Liverpool Street
85m69c March East Junction GE080
  March North Junction GE083
86m18c Whitemoor Junction GE084
87m08c Grassmoor Junction JN020
WIG: March East Junction - Whitemoor Junction
MSG1: Whitemoor Junction - Grassmoor Junction
GE083 March West Curve
0m00c March West Junction GE080
0m13c March North Junction GE082
GE083c March MPD
GE083d Whitemoor Yards
Article: Railway Magazine 1933 August.
GE084 Whitemoor Junction - Magdalen Road Junction
datum March
-m--c (86m18c) Whitemoor Junction GE082
-m--c (86m60c) Elm Road No.2 LC
-m--c (87m31c) Chain Bridge No.4 LC
3m28c (89m21c) Coldham No.11 LC
3m29c (89m22c) Coldham (1)
4m36c (90m29c) Waldersea No.15 LC
-m--c (92m09c) Redmoor No.23 LC
-m--c (92m26c) Wisbech Bypass No.24 LC
-m--c (93m15c) Weasenham Lane No.31 LC
  Wisbech Goods Junction GE084c
7m53c Wisbech East (2nd)(2)
  Wisbech Harbour Junction (Upwell line) GE085
  Wisbech Harbour Junction (Harbour line) GE086
10m03c Emneth
11m25c Smeeth Road
12m79c Middle Drove
  Magdalen Gate
  Magdalen Road Junction
(1) originally Pear Tree Hill
(2) originally Wisbech (2nd)

Distances in brackets are present day (Quail), datum Liverpool Street.
GE084c Wisbech Goods
  Wisbech Goods Junction GE084
93m60c Wisbech Goods
GE085 Wisbech & Upwell Tramway
datum Wisbech
  Wisbech Harbour Junction GE084
  Elm Bridge
  Boyce's Bridge
  Outwell Basin
  Outwell Village
5m72c Upwell
GE086 Wisbech Harbour Branch
Wisbech Harbour Junction GE084
Wisbech Harbour
GE087 Three Horseshoes - Benwick
0m00c Three Horseshoes Junction GE080
  Burnt House Goods
2m36c Benwick Goods
Grassmoor Junction - Spalding South Junction GNR
For detail see GN & GE Joint Railway JN020.
Murrow Curve
For detail see GN & GE Joint Railway JN021.
Spalding North Junction - Sincil Junction
For detail see GN & GE Joint Railway JN030.
Sleaford South Junction - Sleaford East Junction GNR
For detail see GN & GE Joint Railway JN031.
Sleaford West Junction GNR - Sleaford North Junction
For detail see GN & GE Joint Railway JN032.
Greetwell Junction - Pyewipe Junction GNR
For detail see GN & GE Joint Railway JN033.
Boultham Junction - West Holmes Junction
For detail see GN & GE Joint Railway JN034.
Pyewipe Junction GNR - Trent East Junction GCR
For detail see GN & GE Joint Railway JN040.
Gainsborough Wharf Branch
For detail see GE & GN Joint Railway JN042.
Trent West Junction - Black Carr Junction GNR
For detail see GN & GE Joint Railway JN050.
Stockwith Branch
For detail see GN & GE Joint Railway JN051.
GE110 Ely North Junction - King's Lynn
71m73c Ely North Junction GE050
72m18c Adelaide Queen Adelaide No.1 LC
75m35c Sandhill No.8 LC
  Littleport Yard
76m00c Littleport No.9 LC
76m02c Littleport
76m05c footpath LC
76m27c Littleport Bypass LC
79m19c Black Horse DroveNo.22 LC
81m38c Hilgay No.26 LC
81m41c Hilgay (1)
81m57c Pleasants No.27 LC
82m29c Concrete Road No.29 LC
82m46c Martins No.31 LC
  Ouse Bridge
84m32c Denver Junction GE111
84m38c Denver No.34 LC
85m57c Downham Bypass No.38A LC
86m04c Downham Market No.40 LC
86m08c Downham Market (2)
86m31c Fairfields No.42 LC
88m31c Stow Bardolph No.54 LC
88m32c Stow Bardolph (3)
89m63c Holme Road No.57 LC
  Holme (4)
  Magdalen Road Junction
90m70c Magdalen Road down platform (5)
90m73c Magdalen Road No.59 LC
90m76c Magdalen Road up platform (5)
91m13c Watlington Road No.60 LC
  St Germans
92m53c St Germans No.63 LC
95m27c Harbour Junction MG007
  Exton Road Sidings
96m24c Exton Road No.87 LC
96m48c Lynn Junction GE112 GE113 GE114 GE132
  Passenger Yard
96m75c Kings Lynn
(1) originally Hilgay Fen
(2) originally Downham
(3) originally Stow
(4) originally Holme Gate
(5) originally Watlington
GE111 Denver Junction - Stoke Ferry
datum Downham Market
  Denver Junction GE110
3m09c Ryston LC
3m11c Ryston
3m33c Causeway LC
5m64c Abbey & West Dereham
5m66c Abbey Station LC
6m19c Wereham Fen LC
7m39c Wretton Fen LC
7m69c Limehouse Drove LC
8m17c Stoke Drove LC
8m63c Stoke Ferry
  end of line
GE112 Lynn Harbour Branch Junction - Lynn Harbour
95m27c Harbour Junction GE110 MG007
  junction with M&GN Harbour branch MG008
95m79c Lynn Harbour
GE113 King's Lynn Junction - King's Lynn Docks
96m48c Kings Lynn Junction GE110
96m56c Kings Lynn Docks
GE113c King's Lynn Yard
GE114 King's Lynn Junction - Hunstanton
  Lynn Junction GE110 GE132
  Salters Road Junction MG011
  Gaywood Junction MG012
100m16c North Wootton (1)
102m12c Wolferton
105m15c Dersingham
108m75c Snettisham
110m12c Heacham
  Heacham Junction GE134
112m14c Hunstanton
(1) originally Wootton

Mileages also quoted as 0m00c at Lynn Junction to 15m17c. c1886 OS 1:2,500 OS map shows mile posts from King's Lynn.
GE120 Shippea Hill - Norwich Thorpe Station
78m40c mile post GE050
78m54c Chivers No.1 LC
79m16c Pools No.2 LC
79m66c The Drove No.5 LC
80m65c Lakenheath No.8 LC
81m61c Bryants No.12 LC
82m47c Lakenheath
82m44c Lakenheath Station No.13 LC
83m67c Hiams Fen House No.20 LC
86m29c Brandon No.25 LC
86m34c Brandon
87m17c Forestry No.27 LC
88m72c Santon No.28 LC
90m75c Two Mile Bottom
91m16cTwo Mile Bottom No32 LC
91m35c No.33 LC
93m50c Thetford
93m69c Thetford West Junction GE283
  Thetford East Junction GE284
94m70c Gooderham's No.41 LC
95m28c Gooderham's No.42 LC
96m44c Croxton No.45 LC
97m64c Roudham Junction station
97m69c Roudham Junction GE121
98m50c Shadwell No.47 LC
99m51c Drove Road No.49 LC
99m67c Hockham Road No.50 LC
100m17c Roudham Hall Road No.51 LC
101m37c Harling Road (1)
104m10c Heath Road No.59 LC
104m36c Eccles Road
104m41c Eccles Road No.60 LC
105m30c Hargham No.1 No.61 LC
106m15c Hargham No.2 No.62 LC
  Hargham Heath Siding
106m75c Fowlers Lane No.64 LC
107m21c Poplar Farm No.66 LC
107m29c Sandy Lane No.67 LC
108m20c Attleborough No.71 LC
108m19c Attleborough
108m66c Spronces No.73 LC
109m33c Rose Lane No.76 LC
109m66c Baldwin's No.78 LC
110m33c Stuts Hole No.79 LC
110m33c No.79A LC
111m27c Spooner Row
111m26c Spooner Row No.81 LC
112m30c Suton No.82 LC
113m34c Park Lane No.84 LC
113m68c Wymondham South Junction GE130
113m72c Wymondham
114m13c Wymondham North Junction GE291
114m34c Browick Road No.85 LC
115m14c Spinks Lane No.87 LC
  Spinks Lane
115m77c Ketteringham
117m77c Hethersett
119m47c Intwood No.90 LC
120m02c Keswick No.91 LC
120m29c Eaton Crossing No92 LC
120m60c No.93 LC
123m04c Trowse Lower Junction GE290
123m14c Trowse
123m24c Trowse Yard
123m48c Trowse Swing Bridge Junction GE122
123m65c Norwich Junction GE140
123m66c Norwich Thorpe Goods Junction GE123
  Norwich Passenger Station
  Norwich Goods Yard
124m08c Norwich Thorpe
124m14c end of line
(1) originally Harling
GE121 Roudham Junction - Swaffham Junction
datum Swaffham Station
  Roudham Junction GE120
16m10c Wretham & Hockham
12m49c Stow Bedon
9m52c Watton
4m10c Holme Hale
  Swaffham Junction
GE122 Wensum Curve
0m00c Trowse Swing Bridge Junction GE120
0m25c Wensum Junction GE140
GE123 Norwich Thorpe Goods Junction - Thorpe Goods Yard, Norwich
0m00c Norwich Thorpe Goods Junction GE120
0m31c end of line
GE130 Wymondham South Junction - Wells
datum Norwich
--m--c (0m00c)  Wymondham South Junction GE120
--m--c (0m57c) Church Lane No.2 LC
--m--c (0m62c) Wymondham Abbey
13m77c (3m53c) Kimberley Park (1)
--m--c (3m68c) Kimberley Park No.10 LC
15m60c (5m41c) Hardingham
--m--c (6m71c) Thuxton No.15 LC
17m10c (6m73c) Thuxton
--m--c (7m38c) Garveston (Town Lane) No.19 LC
19m59c (9m35c) Yaxham
--m--c (9m41c) Yaxham No.26 LC
--m--c (10m35c) Yaxham Road No.28 LC
--m--c (10m79c) Hall Lane No.29 LC
  Dereham South Junction GE131
--m--c (11m25c) Dereham Central Junction GE132
21m55c (11m31c) Dereham
  Dereham North
--m--c (11m38c) Norwich Road No.30 LC
--m--c (11m72c) Swanton Road No.32 LC
--m--c (13m61c) Hoe (Hall Road) No.35 LC
--m--c (15m15c) Worthing (Hoe Road) No.36 LC
26m14c (15m61c) North Elmham (2)
--m--c (15m76c) North Elmham No.39 LC
--m--c (17m38c) County School LC
27m57c (17m39c) County School
  Broom Green Junction GE151
31m21c (21m05c) Ryburgh
  Fakenham South
33m62c Fakenham East
  Fakenham North
  (by Trap Lane) LC
  Fakenham Road LC
38m58c (24m49c) Walsingham
  Wighton Halt
  Wells Junction GE133
43m21c Wells-Next-The-Sea (3)
(1) originally Kimberley
(2) originally Elmham
(3) originally Wells, then Wells-on-Sea

NOE: Wymondham South Junction - County School
FWW2: Ryburgh - Wells

Mileages in brackets taken from Sectional Appendix.

Wymondham to County School now Mid Norfolk Railway.
Walsingham to Wells Junction now Wells & Walsingham Railway.
GE131 Dereham West Junction - Dereham South Junction
0m00c Dereham West Junction GE132
0m14c Dereham South Junction GE130
GE132 Lynn Junction - Dereham Central Junction
datum King's Lynn
0m22c Dereham Branch Junction GE110 GE114
3m12c Middleton Towers Boam
5m10c East Winch
8m48c Narborough & Pentney
14m32c Swaffham
14m47c Swaffham Junction
18m31c Dunham
19m54c Fransham
22m33c Wendling
26m20c Dereham West Junction GE131
26m35c Dereham Central Junction GE130
MIT: Dereham Branch Junction - 3m44c
MTD: 3m44c - Dereham Central Junction
GE133 Wells Quay Branch
0m00c Wells Junction GE130
0m68c Wells Quay
GE134 Heacham Junction - Wells
datum Hunstanton
1m74c Heacham Junction GE114
4m73c Sedgeford
8m29c Docking
10m34c Stanhoe
13m67c Burnham Market (1)
17m00c Holkham
20m11c Wells Junction GE130
(1) originally Burnham

Mileages also quoted as 13m68c-30m14c, datum Kings Lynn and the following mileages appear in the 1964 Appendix:
14m01c Church Lane LC
14m18c Heacham Bypass LC
14m20c Ringstead Road LC
15m79c Sedgeford LC
19m32c Docking LC
20m52c Sunderland Road LC
21m38c Stanhoe LC
24m10c Knoll LC
GE140 Thorpe Junction, Norwich - Yarmouth Vauxhall
datum Norwich Thorpe
0m29c Thorpe Junction GE120
0m58c Wensum Junction GE122
  Cremorne Lane LC
1m52c Girlings No.3 LC
1m63c Whitlingham Lane No.4 LC
1m69c Whitlingham Junction GE150
2m18c Bungalow Lane No.1A LC
  Surlingham Ferry
4m66c Brundall Gardens Halt
5m20c Church Lane No.4 LC
5m45c Bells No.7 LC
5m62c Brundall
5m62c Brundall No.9 LC
5m73c Brundall Junction GE141
6m11c No.2 LC
7m55c Chapel Road No.6 LC
7m78c Lingwood
8m03c Lingwood No.7 LC
10m34c Acle
11m06 Damgate No.14 LC
12m27c No.23 LC
15m14c Britannie Farm No.41 LC
17m02c Breydon Access No.51 LC
  Breydon Junction GE141
18m09c Yarmouth Station Yard Junction GE146
18m29c Yarmouth Vauxhall
NOL: Thorpe Junction - Brundall Junction
NAY: Brundall Junction - Yarmouth
GE141 Brundall Junction - Breydon Junction
datum Norwich Thorpe
5m73c Brundall Junction GE140
6m30c No.13 LC
6m74c Strumpshaw Fen No.19 LC
7m11c Strumpshaw No.20 LC
7m62c Buckenham No.23 LC
7m63c Buckenham
8m60c No.26 LC
9m38c No.30 LC
9m62c Burnt House No.32 LC
9m74c Church Road footpath No.33 LC
9m79c Cantley
10m03c Cantley No.34 LC
12m13c Reedham
12m29c Reedham West Junction GE142
12m76c Church Dam No.1 LC
  Reedham East Junction
13m34c Church Lane No.3 LC
15m71c Berney Arms
19m13c Breydon Access No.24 LC
19m35c Breydon Junction GE140
NOL: Brundall Junction - Reedham West Junction
RBY: Reedham West Junction - Breydon Junction
GE142 Reedham Junction - Lowestoft Central
datum Norwich Thorpe
12m29c Reedham West Junction GE141
  Reedham Swing Bridge Junction
  Haddiscoe (1st)
16m01c River Board No.49 LC
16m11c Haddiscoe (3rd)
  Haddiscoe Junction GE275
  Haddiscoe (2nd)
  Marsh Junction GE276
16m57c No.53 LC
16m72c No.54 LC
17m15c No.56 LC
17m76c No.58 LC
18m00c Somerleyton
18m23c No.59 LC
19m57c No.67 LC
20m43c No.72 LC
20m77c Fishers Row No.74 LC
22m01c No.76 LC
22m06c Oulton Broad North
22m14c Oulton Broad North Junction
  Coke Ovens Junction GE143
  Lowestoft Station Yard GE145
23m41c Lowestoft Central
Coke Ovens Junction - Gorleston North Junction
See M&GN MG013 for detail.
GE144 Gorleston North Junction N&S Jt - Yarmouth South Town Junction
0m25c Gorleston North Junction MG013 MG014
0m00c Yarmouth South Town Junction GE270
From 8 April 1968 the down direction was reversed so that the line was down from Yarmouth to Lowestoft (weekly notice E for week 14, 1968).
GE145 Lowestoft Harbour North Branch
Lowestoft Station Yard GE142
Lowestoft Harbour (North Side)
GE146 Yarmouth Vauxhall - Yarmouth Fish Quay
18m09c 20m46c Yarmouth Station Yard Junction GE140
  North Quay Junction MG015
19m71c 22m09c Yarmouth Fish Quay
Two sets of mileages quoted, via Acle and via Cantley.
GE150 Whitlingham Junction - Cromer
datum Norwich Thorpe
1m69c Whitlingham Junction GE140
4m20c Norwich Road No.7 LC
4m52c Great Plumstead No.9 LC
5m19c Rackheath Road No.11 LC
5m74c Salhouse
7m06c Bears Grove No.17 LC
8m61c Hoveton & Wroxham
8m70c Wroxham Junction GE151
10m01c Belaugh Lane No.23 LC
10m30c Coltishall Lane No.25 LC
10m49c Tunstead Market Street No.26 LC
10m68c Water Pit Lane No.28 LC
11m29c Tunstead Church Lane No.31 LC
12m17c Sloley Church Lane No.33 LC
12m58c Broad Street No.34 LC
13m08c Worstead No.36 LC
13m10c Worstead
15m05c Heath Farm No.40 LC
15m77c North Walsham
  North Walsham Junction GE153
18m27c Pond Street No.43 LC
18m67c Walpole No.45 LC
19m63c Gunton
23m27c Cromer Junction GE155
23m71c Cromer High
WHC1: Whitlingham Junction - Cromer Junction
CRH: Cromer Junction - Cromer
GE151 Wroxham - County School
datum Wroxham (Norwich)
  Wroxham Junction GE150
1m11c (9m72c) Belaugh Green LC
2m66c (11m47c) Coltishall
5m70c (14m51c) Buxton Lamas
7m63c (16m44c) Sprats Green LC
8m39c (17m20c) Greenwood LC
     Aylsham Bypass LC
8m68c (17m49c) Aylsham South
10m14c (18m75c) Woodgate LC
10m52c (19m33c) Sankence LC
13m00c (22m01c) Cawston LC
13m16c (21m27c) Cawston
15m22c (24m03c) Reepham
  Themelthorpe East Junction MG031
19m75c (28m56c) Foulsham
  Broom Green Junction GE130
GER Diagrams of 1919 give distances from Wroxham, latter day mileages used datum of Norwich (see 1960 Appendix).

8m62c to 17m56c now Bure Valley Railway.
Themelthorpe Curve
See M&GN MG031 for detail.
GE153 North Walsham Junction - Antingham Road Junction
16m23c North Walsham Main Junction GE150
16m37c Antingham Road Junction MG021
Antingham Road Junction - Runton West Junction M&GN
See MG021 for detail.
GE155 Cromer Junction - Roughton Road Junction N&S Jt
23m27c Cromer Junction GE150
23m78c Roughton Road Junction MG021
GE160 Fenchurch Street Station - Bow Junction
0m00c Fenchurch Street
0m26c Haydon Square Junction NW057
0m35c Leman Street Junction GE161 MR036
0m38c Leman Street
0m49c Christian Street Junction MR037
  Cannon Street Road
1m05c Shadwell & St Georges East
1m50c Stepney Junction GE162
1m55c Limehouse (1)
1m77c Salmon's Lane Junction GE163
2m21c Burdett Road
2m57c Gas Factory Junction MR030 NW048
3m07c Bow Road
3m39c Bow Junction GE001
(1) originally Stepney, later Stepney East

FSS1: Fenchurch Street - Gas Factory Junction
GFB: Gas Factory Junction - Bow Junction
GE161 Leman Street - East Smithfield Goods Depot
Leman Street Junction GE160
East Smithfield Goods
GE162 Stepney Junction - Blackwall
datum Fenchurch Street
1m50c Stepney Junction GE160
  Limehouse Junction GE163
2m10c Limehouse
2m35c West India Docks
2m44c Midland Junction MR024
2m64c Millwall Junction GE164
  Millwall Junction NW043
2m74c Millwall
  Poplar Junction MR022
3m16c Poplar
  Brunswick Junction GE165
3m43c Blackwall
  end of line
Article: Railway Magazine 1927 May.
GE163 Limehouse Curve (Salmons Lane Curve)
0m00c Limehouse Junction GE162
0m23c Salmon's Lane Junction GE160
GE164 Millwall Junction - North Greenwich
datum Fenchurch Street
2m64c Millwall Junction GE162
  West India Docks Junction PL001
  Blackwall Basin Junction PL010
  South Dock Junction PL030
  South Dock station
  West India Dock Southside PL040
  Millwall Dock Inner Junction PL041
  Millwall Docks station
  Graving Dock Junction PL042
4m39c North Greenwich
GE165 Brunswick Junction - East India Dock Basin [PLA]
Brunswick Junction GE162
GNR Goods Junction
East India Dock Goods PL050
GE166 Bow Goods Branch
2m36c - 2m64c
GE170 Stratford West Junction - North Woolwich
3m59c Stratford Western Junction GE001
3m78c Stratford Southern Junction (1)
  Stratford Market (1st) (2)
  Stratford Market (2nd)
  Stratford Market Goods Junction
4m70c West Ham Low Level
  Lower Abbey Mills Junction (3) MR032
5m22c Plaistow Goods Junction GE170f
5m43c Canning Town LNW Goods Junction NW056
5m57c Canning Town (4)
5m76c Blackwall Branch Junction GE171
6m10c Thames Wharf Junction MR025
6m32c Tidal Basin
6m72c Custom House (5)
6m79c Custom House Junction
7m00c Albert Dock Junction GE173 GE174
Victoria Dock Goods Junction GW015
  Silvertown West Junction
7m79c Silvertown
  Silvertown East Junction
8m60c North Woolwich
(1) aka Woolwich Junction
(2) originally Stratford Bridge
(3) aka Bromley Junction
(4) originally Barking Road
(5) originally Victoria Docks

SSW: Stratford Western Junction - Stratford Southern Junction
DWW2: Stratford Southern Junction - North Woolwich

1882 OS map shows milepost 5 from Bishopsgate a short way south of Plaistow Goods Junction.

Mileages above are those post 15 June 1986.

Article: Railway Magazine 1962 September.
GE170f Plaistow & West Ham Goods
0m23c Plaistow & West Ham Goods
0m00c Plaistow Goods Junction GE170
GE171 Blackwall Goods
5m76c Blackwall Branch Junction GE170
6m35c Blackwall Goods (East India Dock)
GE172 East India Docks [PLA] - Canning Town Depot Junction
GE173 Custom House Junction - Beckton
7m00c Albert Dock Junction GE170
8m74c Beckton
  Beckton Gas Works
BNB: Albert Dock Junction - 7m41c

Article: Railway Bylines 2016 May-June.
GE174 Albert Dock West Junction - Albert Dock PLA
  Albert Dock Junction GE170
7m31c Connaught Road
8m09c Central
  connection to GWR Goods GW014
  Manor Way (1st) (1)
8m52c Manor Way (2nd)
8m66c Gallions
  end of branch
(1) originally Manor Road
GE175 Swing Bridge Line
Albert Dock Junction GE173
Swing Bridge No.1
Swing Bridge No.2
Silvertown West Junction GE170
GE176 Silvertown Tramway
Thames Wharf Junction GE170
Thames Wharf Yard
junction MR026
Silvertown Junction GE170
GE180 Victoria Park Junction NLR - Southern Junction, Stratford
  Victoria Park Junction
3m19c Lea Junction GE181
3m32c Channlesea North Junction GE182
3m33c Channelsea South Junction GE183
  Fork Junction GE185
3m68c Stratford Low Level
3m78c Stratford Southern Junction
GE181 Lea Junction - High Meads Junction (Lea Curve)
0m51c Lea Junction GE180
0m65c High Meads Junction GE182
GE182 Channelsea North Junction - Loughton Branch Junction (South)
Channelsea North Junction GE180
High Meads Junction GE181
Loughton Junction (1)
(1) Temple Mills East Junction from ??

CHM: Channelsea North Junction - High Meads Junction (High Meads Curve)
LLS1: High Meads Junction - Loughton Junction
GE183 Channelsea South Junction - Stratford Central Junction
Channelsea South Junction GE180
Stratford Central Junction GE001
GE184 Carpenters Road Curve
daturm Victoria Park Junction
1m12c Carpenters Road South Junction GE001
0m70c Carpenters Road North Junction
GE185 Fork Junction, Stratford - Loop Junction, Stratford
0m00c Fork Junction GE180
0m35c Loop Junction
GE186 Southern Junction, Stratford - Eastern Junction, Stratford
0m00c Southern Junction
0m12c Eastern Junction
GE190 Stratford Central Junction - Copper Mill North Junction
3m76c Stratford Central Junction GE001
4m03c Stratford
  Chobham Farm Junction
  Loughton Branch Junction GE191
  Temple Mills East (from 1958)
  Temple Mills South (until 1958)
  Temple Mills Central (until 1958)
  Temple Mills North (until 1958)
  Temple Mills West (from 1958)
  Lea Bridge (1)
  Lea Bridge Junction GE195
  Copper Mill Junction GE020
(1) originally Lea Bridge Road
GE191 Loughton Branch Junction North - Ongar
4m46c Loughton Branch Junction GE190
4m76c Leyton Junction LE050
5m08c Leyton (1)
6m08c Leytonstone LE051
7m07c Snaresbrook
  Eagle Lane LC
7m72c South Woodford (2)
8m00c Woodford
8m11c Roding Valley Junction (3) GE192
10m36c Buckhurst Hill
  Loughton Junction GE191c
11m39c Loughton (2nd)
12m68c Debden (4)
14m73c Theydon Bois (5)
16m39c Epping
19m01c North Weald
20m62c Blake Hall
22m44c Ongar
  end of line
(1) originally Low Leyton
(2) originally George Lane
(3) aka Woodford Junction
(4) originally Chigwell Road, later Chigwell Lane
(5) originally Theydon

EPP: throughout
LDP: Leyton Depot (Goods Yard)

Article: Railway Bylines 2014 January (Loughton).
Article: Railway Bylines 2013 November (Loughton).
GE191c Loughton Original Station
Loughton Junction GE191
Loughton Goods
GE192 Ilford Carriage Sidings Junction - Roding Valley Junction
  Ilford Carriage Sidings Junction GE001
  Newbury Park Junction GE193 LE051
14m54c Newbury Park
14m00c Barkingside
13m20c Fairlop
12m63c Hainault
12m07c Grange Hill
11m21c Chigwell
8m11c Roding Valley GE191
NPB: 14m06c - Roding Valley Junction
GE193 Seven Kings West Junction - Newbury Park Junction
Seven Kings West Junction GE001
Newbury Park Junction GE192
GE194 Temple Temple Mills Yards ?
STM: 4m50c - 5m76c
TMD: Temple Mills Depot
GE195 Lea Bridge Junction - Hall Farm Junction
Lea Bridge Junction GE190
Hall Farm Junction GE022
GE200 Shenfield Junction - Southend Victoria
20m22c Shenfield Junction GE001 GE210
21m32c Mountnessing Junction GE201
  Mountnessing Siding
24m28c Billericay
  Barnsden Bellhouse Siding
  Wickford Yard
29m00c Wickford
29m13c Wickford Junction GE202
33m09c Rayleigh
  Down Hall
36m10c Hockley
38m54c Rochford
40m67c Prittlewell
41m42c Southend Victoria
GE201 Shenfield Junction - Mountnessing Junction v Down Loop
20m22c Shenfield Junction GE001 GE201
21m32c Mountnessing Junction GE200
GE202 Wickford Junction - Southminster (Crouch Valley Line)
datum Liverpool Street
29m13c Wickford Junction GE200
31m40c Battlesbridge
33m38c Tabrums Cross No.7 LC
33m56c Woodham Fenn No.8 LC
34m05c Woodham Ferrers (1)
34m08c Woodham Ferrers No.9 LC
  Woodham Ferrers Junction GE216
34m77c Stowmaries No.1 LC
35m32c Hogwell No.14 LC
35m66c Little Hayes No.16 LC
36m07c Estuary No.17 LC
36m55c Rookery No.1 No.19 LC
37m23c Fambridge
39m27c Great Sandfords No.26 LC
40m27c Althorne
40m31c Althorne No.29 LC
40m63c Clifford Farm No.30 LC
41m18c Stokes Hall No.31 LC
42m42c Creaksea Place No.1 No.33 LC
43m24c Burnham-on-Crouch
44m53c Golders No.40 LC
45m42c Southminster
(1) originally Woodham Ferris
GE203 Fanton Junction - Belchamps Junction
(presumably Wickford East Curve)
GE210 Shenfield Junction - Clacton Branch Junction
20m22c Shenfield Junction GE001 GE200
  Thoby SB
23m51c Ingatestone
24m68c Church Lane No.5 LC
25m31c Margaretting
25m39c Magaretting footpath No.6 LC
27m08c Hylands SB
  Crompton's Siding
29m63c Chelmsford
29m78c Chelmsford Goods Branch Junction GE210c
  Chelmsford Yard SB
32m17c New Hall No.12 LC
  Boreham No.13 LC
32m61c Paynes Lane No.14 LC
34m16c Chantry
   Brick House No.16 LC
35m77c Hatfield Peverel
37m25c Blunts Hall SB
38m51c Witham
38m59c Witham Junctions GE211
39m02c Motts Lane No.18 LC
  Witham North Junction GE214
  Witham East
  No.21 LC
  No.22 LC
40m47c Rivenhall SB
41m57c Church Street No.24 LC
42m26c Kelvedon
  Kelvedon Junction GE217
  No.25 LC
44m12c Hill House No.27 LC
  No.29 LC
45m66c Long Green SB No.32 LC
  No.33 LC
46m54c Marks Tey
46m63c Marks Tey Junction GE220
  Marks Tey East SB
49m00c Stanway SB
49m41c Chitts Hill No.35 LC
  Lexdon SB
50m72c Colchester South Junction GE218
51m49c Colchester Goods Junction GE218
51m58c Colchester
51m72c Clacton Branch Junction GE230
53m00c mile post GE240
GE210c Chelmsford Goods Yard
29m78c Chelmsford Goods Branch Junction GE210
30m20c Chelmsford Goods Yard
GE211 Witham - Felstead
datum Bishops Stortford
11m66c Felstead GE041
13m39c Bannister Green
15m60c Rayne
17m74c Braintree
18m25c Braintree Goods Junction GE211c
19m18c Cousins No.2 LC
19m75c Cressing No.36 LC
20m00c Cressing
21m10c White Notley
21m11c White Notley No.40 LC
21m65c New House Farm No.43 LC
24m05c Cut Throat Lane No.47 LC
24m14c Witham Junction GE210
BRA: Braintree - Witham Junction
GE211c Braintree Goods
Braintree Goods
Braintree Goods Junction GE211
GE212 Witham - Maldon East
  Witham Junction GE210 GE211
  Witham Curve Junction GE214
41m17c Wickham Bishops (1)
43m16c Langford & Ulting (2)
  Maldon North Junction GE215
  Maldon East Junction GE216
  Maldon & Heybridge (3)
(1) originally Wickham.
(2) originally Langford.
(3) originally Maldon, later Maldon East (shown as Maldon East & Heybridge in 1919).

Maldon (East) is quoted in GER 1919 Distance Book as 42m59c (44m26c via Witham) implying that it was mile posted via GE216.
GE213 alignment of Witham flat crossing ?
GE214 Witham curve
Witham Curve Junction GE212
Witham North Junction GE210
GE215 Maldon curve ?
Maldon West Junction GE216
Maldon North Junction GE212
GE216 Woodham Ferrers - Maldon East
  Woodham Ferrers Junction GE202
  Stow St. Mary Halt
37m41c Cold Norton
  Baron's Lane Halt
41m26c Maldon West
  Maldon West Junction GE215
  Maldon East Junction GE212
GE217 Kelvedon - Tollesbury
  Kelvedon Junction GE210
  Kelvedon Low Level
  Feering Hall
43m09c Inworth
45m52c Tiptree
46m27c Tolleshunt Knights
48m42c Tolleshunt D'Arcy
50m56c Tollesbury
52m18c Tollesbury Pier
Mileages 0m00c (Kelvedon Junction) - 6m40c also quoted
GE218 Colchester Goods Lines & Yard
50m72c Colchester South Junction GE210
51m49c Colchester Goods Junction GE210
GE220 Marks Tey - Bury St. Edmunds

  (46m57c) Marks Tey Junction GE210
  (46m63c) Marks Tey station
(47m50c) Church House Farm LC
3m38c (50m18c) Chappel & Wakes Colne station
  Chappel Junction CV001
(52m61c) Mount Bures LC
6m64c (53m45c) Bures station
(56m62c) Sewage Works Lane No.19 LC
(56m73c) Shalfords No.21 LC
(57m42c) Cornard No.24 LC
  Sudbury Goods Junction GE222
(58m25c) Ladysbridge No.27 LC
11m54c (58m36c) Sudbury station (3rd)
14m75c   Long Melford station (1)
  Long Melford Junction GE224
19m76c (66m65c) Lavenham station
23m18c (70m07c) Cockfield station
26m15c Welnetham station
30m30c Bury East Gate station
  Bury St Edmunds Junction GE282 GE283

(1) originally Melford

SUD: Marks Tey - Sudbury

OS 6 inch maps surveyed 1876 shows mileages from London, incrementing towards Sudbury.
GER Distance Book of 1919 shows mile post mileages from Marks Tey.
Mileages to Sudbury in brackets are current from Quail, datum Liverpool Street reversing at Marks Tey Junction.
Mileages in brackets at Lavenham & Cockfield are from an Engineer's bridge renewal drawing advertised on Ebay in 2017.

See article in Backtrack for February 2013.
GE221 Marks Tey wartime curve ?
GE222 Sudbury Goods
58m25c Sudbury Goods Junction GE220
58m44c Sudbury Goods
Colne Valley & Halstead Railway
See Colne Valley Railway CV001 for detail.
GE224 Long Melford Junction - Bartlow
datum Cambridge
  Long Melford Junction GE220
29m70c Glemsford
27m50c Cavendish
25m15c Clare
23m70c Stoke
20m11c Sturmer
  Haverhill North Junction GE225
18m11c Haverhill North
  Withernfield Siding
12m09c Bartlow
  Bartlow Junction GE051 GE052

Article: Railway Magazine 1951 September.
GE225 Connection to CV&H at Haverhill Junction ?

Colne Valley Junction CV001
Haverhill North Junction GE224
GE230 Colchester - Clacton
datum London Liverpool Street
51m72c Clacton Branch Junction GE210 GE240
53m12c East Gate LC
53m14c East Gate Junction GE231
53m38c Hythe Junction GE232
53m49c Hythe
53m54c Hythe No.4 LC
54m61c Wivenhoe Park No.8 LC
56m04c Wivenhoe
  Wivenhoe Junction GE234
57m63c Alresford
57m68c Alresford No.14 LC
58m07c Colchester Road No.15 LC
59m41c Thorington LC
59m42c Thorington
59m74c Frating No.24 LC
60m02c Great Bentley LC
60m66c Great Bentley
62m78c Weeley
65m07c Thorpe-le-Soken
65m15c Thorpe-le-Soken Junction GE235
65m19c Thorpe-le-Soken No.45 LC
67m45c Giles No.49 LC
  Great Holland
68m04c Burrs Road No.51 LC
69m56c Clacton
Article: Steam Days 2013 September.
GE231 East Gate Junction - St. Botolphs
datum London Liverpool Street
53m14c East Gate Junction GE230
53m30c Colne Junction GE232
53m76c Colchester Town (1)
(1) originally St Botolphs
GE232 Colne Junction - Hythe Junction
0m00c Colne Junction GE231
0m22c Hythe Junction GE230
GE233 Hythe Tramway
datum London Liverpool Street
53m00c Hythe Junction
53m50c Hythe Wharf
GE234 Wivenhoe Junction - Brightlingsea
datum London Liverpool Street
56m27c Wivenhoe Junction GE230
62m36c Brightlingsea
Article: Backtrack 2015 September.
GE235 Thorpe-le-Soken - Walton-on-the-Naze
datum London Liverpool Street
65m15c Thorpe-le-Soken Junction GE230
65m19c Thorpe-le-Soken No.45 LC
66m65c Park Lane No.1 LC
67m32c Nursery No.3 LC
67m53c Kirby Cross
68m71c Frinton
68m76c Frinton No.9 LC
70m17c Walton-on-Naze
Opened (A)
Clacton Branch Junction - East Suffolk Junction datum Liverpool Street
51m72c Clacton Branch Junction GE210
54m06c Parsons Heath
55m77c Ardleigh
56m05c Ardleigh
57m63c Dedham
59m41c Manningtree
59m49c Manningtree South Junction GE250
59m74c Manningtree North Junction GE251
  Brantham Sidings
63m18c Bentley
63m23c Bentley Junction GE241
  Bentley Bridge Junction
67m67c Halifax Junction GE242
68m65c Ipswich (2nd)
68m79c Ipswich Goods Junction
69m48c East Suffolk Junction GE244 GE260
70m00c mile post GE280
(A) Opened: Ipswich - East Suffolk Junction 1846 (Ipswich & Bury Railway).
GE241 Bentley Junction - Hadleigh datum Liverpool Street
  Bentley Junction GE240
  Bentley Church Junction
  Bentley Church Crossing
65m25c Capel
68m70c Raydon Wood (1)
70m22c Hadleigh
(1) originally Raydon
GE242 Halifax Junction - Griffin's Wharf
0m00c Halifax Junction GE240
0m77c Griffins Wharf
GE243 Ipswich Lower Goods Yard - Harbour Branch
Lower Goods

Ranelagh Road Crossing
Ipswich Docks
GE244 Ipswich Ranelagh Road Depot
GE245 Ipswich Upper Yard
Opened 2014
Ipswich Chord aka Bacon Factory Chord
0m63c Boss Hall Junction GE260
0m00c Europa Junction GE280
Article: Modern Railways 2013 September.
GE250 Manningtree South Junction - Harwich Town
datum London Liverpool Street
59m49c Manningtree South Junction GE240
59m67c Maniingtree East Junction GE251
61m10c footpath LC
61m11c Mistley
  Mistley Incline Junction GE252
  Mistley Junction GE253
62m37c Bradfield No.4 LC
63m31c Jaques Hall LC
65m04c footpath LC
65m06c Wrabness
66m49c Copperas No.11 LC
67m35c Old Line West Junction GE254
68m02c Parkeston Goods Junction GE255
68m60c Parkeston West
68m61c Parkestone West No.11A LC
68m73c Harwich Parkeston Quay (1)
68m79c Parkestone East No.11B LC
  Parkeston East Junction GE255
69m21c Old Line East Junction GE254
70m19c Dovercourt
70m37c Alexandra Road No.12 LC
70m61c Harwich Town
(1) originally Parkeston Quay

MAH: Manningtree South Junction - Harwich Town
HPQ: Parkstone Quay Goods (67m67c - 68m60c)
GE251 Manningtree North Junction - Manningtree East Junction
0m00c Manningtree North Junction GE240
0m24c Manningtree East Junction GE250
GE252 Manningtree South Junction - end of Mistley Tramway
0m00c Mistley Incline Junction GE250
0m60c Bottom of Incline GE253
GE253 Mistley Tramway - Quay Branch
Mistley Junction GE253
Bottom of Incline GE252
Mistley Quay
closed 1885
original route of Harwich Branch
67m35c Old Line West Junction GE250
69m21c Old Line East Junction GE250
GE255 Parkeston Goods Junction - Parkeston East v Parkeston Quay West
68m60c Parkeston Goods Junction GE250
  Parkeston Quay Goods Sheds
  Parkeston East Junction GE250
Opened (A)
East Suffolk Junction - Beccles Bank
datum London Liverpool Street
69m48c East Suffolk Junction GE240 GE244
70m04c Boss Hall Junction GE246
  Westerfield Bank SB
72m16c Westerfield No.3 LC
72m20c Westerfield station
72m24c Westerfield Junction GE261
75m79c Bealings No.14 LC
76m06c Bealings station
78m78c Woodbridge station
79m04c Ferry Lane No.19 LC
79m07c Haywards No.20 LC
79m29c Lime Kiln No.21 LC
79m31c Sun Wharf No.22 LC
80m06c Dock Lane No.27LC
80m15c Bloss No.28 LC
80m28c Melton station
80m31c Melton No.29 LC
80m46c Ellingers No.31 LC
80m74c Decoy Farm LC
81m60c Ufford No.36 LC
84m43c Wickham Market station
85m29c Blackstock No.44 LC
85m36c Wickham Market Junction GE265
85m45c Red House Farm No.45 LC
86m31c Blaxhall No.47 LC
87m15c Baversham No.50 LC
88m17c Snape Junction GE266
88m22c Snape No.54 LC
90m30c Brick Kiln No.59 LC
91m02c Chantry Road No.61 LC
91m07c Albion Street No.62 LC
91m08c Saxmundham station
91m40c Saxmundham Junction GE267
92m54c Red House (Kelsale) No.64 LC
93m06c East Green No.65 LC
93m27c North Green No.66 LC
94m52c Middleton No.70 LC
95m31c Darsham No.72 LC
95m35c Darsham
96m09c Willow Marsh No.74 LC
96m70c Barhams No.76 LC
97m23c Fieldens No.27 LC
98m12c Hubbards No.81 LC
99m19c Bramfield No.83 LC
99m52c Wenhaston No.87 LC
100m53c Halesworth station (2nd)
  Halesworth station (1st)
103m47c Westhall No.95 LC
104m46c Brampton No.99 LC
104m49c Brampton station
106m30c Weston No.104 LC
107m29c Beccles Bank SB
107m43c Cromwell Road No.3 LC
107m68c London Road No.4 LC
108m60c Ingate Street No.5 LC
108m70c Grove Road No.6 LC
109m13c Beccles South SB
109m13c Beccles station
109m30c Beccles North Junction GE271
  Beccles Bank Junction GE270 GE272
(A) Opened: Woodbridge - Halesworth 1859 (East Suffolk); Halesworth - Beccles 1854 (East Suffolk).

Articles: Railway Magazine 2020 July. Steam Days for February 2013.
Opened 1877
Westerfield Junction - Felixstowe Town
datum London Liverpool Street
72m24c Westerfield Junction GE260
74m67c Derby Road
77m36c Routes No.8 LC
78m30c Orwell
80m00c Levington No.6 Gates No.15 LC
80m64c Morston Hall No.5 Gates No.18 LC
81m41c Thorpe Lane No.3 Gates No.21 LC
82m01c Gun Lane LC
82m33c Keepers Lane No.26 LC
82m60c No.1 Gates No.28 LC
82m64c Trimley GE262
83m57c Maidstone Road Junction GE264
  Felixstowe Station Junction GE263
84m30c Felixstowe Town (2nd)
84m36c Felixstowe Town (1st)
GE262 Trimley - Felixstowe Beach Junction v North Docks
0m00c Trimley
  Blofield Hall LC
  Fagbury footpath LC
1m18c Felixstowe FLT
GE263 Felixstowe Loop
Felixstowe Station Junction
Mill Road Junction GE264
GE264 Felixstowe Beach Junction - Felixstowe Docks
datum London Liverpool Street
83m57c Maidstone Road Junction
  Mill Road Junction GE263
84m65c Felixstowe Beach
84m69c Felixtowe Beach LC
  Dock Junction SB
86m51c Felixstowe Pier
  end of branch
Remiled from zero at Maidstone Road Junction

Article May 2013 Modern Railways.
Opened 1859
Wickham Market Junction - Framlingham
datum Liverpool Street
85m39c Wickham Market Junction GE260
86m25c Marlesford
  Hacheston Halt
88m51c Parham
91m30c Framlingham
Opened 1859
Snape Junction - Snape
0m00c Snape Junction GE260
1m32c Snape Goods
Opened (A)
Closed (B)
Saxmundham Junction - Aldeburgh
datum Liverpool Street
91m40c Saxmundham Junction GE260
92m49c Knodishall No.3 LC
93m52c West House No.5 LC
94m02c Saxmundham Road No.8 LC
95m15c Leiston Station No.12 LC
95m30c Leiston
95m79c Sizewell No.13 LC
95m79c NR/CEGB boundary
  Sizewell CEGB
97m30c Thorpeness
99m35c Aldeburgh
  end of branch
(A) Opened: Saxmundham - Leiston 1859 (East Suffolk); Leiston - Aldeburgh 1860 (East Suffolk).
(B) Closed: Leiston - Aldeburgh 1966.
Opened 1854
Part Closed (B)
Beccles Bank - Yarmouth South Town (East Suffolk)
datum Liverpool Street
110m67c Beccles Bank Junction GE260
110m67c Swing Bridge South SB
  Swing Bridge North SB
112m34c Aldeby station
114m28c Fleet Junction GE275
114m68c Haddiscoe station
114m64c St Olaves Swing Bridge Junction GE276
  St Olaves Swing Bridge North
115m19c St Olaves station
117m60c Belton & Burgh station
120m36c Yarmouth South Town Junction GE144
121m61c Yarmouth South Town station
(B) Closed: Beccles - Yarmouth.

From 8 April 1968 the down direction between Yarmouth South Town Junction and Yarmouth South Town was reversed so that the line was down from Yarmouth to Lowestoft (weekly notice E for week 14, 1968).
Opened (A)
Closed (B)
Beccles North Junction - Tivetshall Junction
datum Tivetshall
19m24c Beccles North Junction GE260
  Pound Road LC
  Northgate Street LC
16m65c Geldeston LC
16m63c Geldeston station
  Braceys LC
15m22c Ellingham station
15m24c Ellingham LC
12m68c Ditchingham LC
  Factory Road LC
  Common Lane LC
12m66c Bungay station
12m30c Earsham station
8m71c Homersfield station
  Wortwell station
  Redenhall station
6m20c Harleston station
5m19c Starston LC
5m17c Starston station
4m13c Crossingford LC
3m55c Pulham Mary LC
3m53c Pulham Mary station (1)
2m53c Pulham Market LC
2m51c Pulham Market station (2)
  Norwich Road LC
  Star Lane LC
  Green Lane LC
  Hall Lane LC
  Tivetshall Junction GE290
(1) originally Pulham St Mary
(2) originally Pulham St Magdalene

(A) Opened: Beccles - Bungay 1863 (Waveney Valley).
GE272 Beccles North Junction - Oulton Broad North Junction
datum London Liverpool Street
  Beccles North Junction GE260
109m49c Beccles Bypass LC
109m68c Black Dam No.2 LC
110m73c Worlingham No.4 LC
111m71c North Cove No.8 LC
112m31c No.12 LC
112m44c No.13 LC
113m08c Gamekeepers No.17 LC
113m23c Barnby No.18 LC
114m06c Hillings Road No.21 LC
114m37c Spratts Water No.23 LC
114m75c Dawdys No.24 LC
115m42c Carlton Coalville (1)
115m47c Carlton Coalville Junction (1) GE273
115m62c Victoria Road No.27 LC
  Oulton Swing Bridge
116m12c Gravel Pit No.28 LC
116m27c Oulton Broad North Junction
(1) Oulton Broad South from 1927
GE273 Carlton Colville Junction - Lowestoft Harbour
datum London Liverpool Street
115m42c Carlton Coalville Junction GE272
116m58c Kirkley Branch Junction GE274
117m35c Lowestoft Harbour (South Side)
OSL: Carlton Coalville Junction - Kirkley Branch Junction LHB: Kirkley Branch Junction - Kirkley Goods
GE274 Kirkley Goods Branch
datum London Liverpool Street
116m58c Kirkley Branch Junction GE273
116m74c Kirkley Goods (1)
(1) aka Lowestoft South
GE275 Fleet Junction - Haddiscoe Junction
datum Lowestoft
7m47c Fleet Junction GE270
8m07c Haddiscoe Junction GE142
GE276 St. Olaves Swing Bridge Junction - Marsh Junction
0m30c St Olaves Swing Bridge Junction GE270
0m00c Marsh Junction GE142
GE277 Yarmouth South Town Goods ?
Opened (A)
East Suffolk Junction - Burston
datum London Liverpool Street
70m00c mile post GE240
  East Suffolk Junction GE240
70m37c Europa Junction GE246
71m20c Bramford
72m75c Daines / Mayhew No.63 LC
73m47c Claydon No.66 LC
73m50c Claydon
  Lime Works
75m17c Baylham No.70 LC
77m14c Needham
77m64c Gypsy Lane No.76 LC
  Stowmarket Yard
80m58c Stowmarket
80m54c Stowmarket No.82 LC
80m68c Regent Street No.83 LC
81m26c Marsh Lane No.84 LC
82m70c Haughley No.89 LC
83m03c Haughley
83m07c Haughley Junction (from 1971) GE282
83m12c Haughley Junction (until 1971) GE281 GE282
83m79c Wassicks No.90 LC
86m55c Finningham
88m14c Gislingham LC
91m05c Thornham Road / Rectory Road No.113 LC
91m16c Beecroft (Wrights) No.114 LC
91m32c Mellis Junction GE285
91m34c Mellis No.116 LC
91m39c Mellis
94m04c Palgrave LC
95m09c Diss
97m04c Audley End (Norfolk) No.126 LC
97m47c Burston No.128 LC
97m49c Burston
98m20c mile post GE290
(A) Opened: East Suffolk Junction - Haughley Junction 1846 (Ipswich & Bury); Haughley Junction - 98mp 1849 (Eastern Union).
GE281 Haughley - Laxfield (Mid Suffolk Light Railway) - never part of GER, now ML001.    
Opened (A)
Chippenham Junction - Haughley Junction
datum Cambridge Coldham Lane
16m04c Chippenham Junction GE060 GE063
18m69c Kennett
20m18c Redland GF
  Ballast Pit Siding
22m50c Higham
26m02c Saxham & Risby
28m44c Bury St Edmunds (2nd)
  Bury St Edmunds (1st)
  Bury St Edmunds Junction GE220 GE283
32m51c Thurston
32m54c Thurston footpath No.18A LC
36m59c Hall Farm No.25 LC
37m11c Elmswell
37m14c Elmswell No.28 LC
39m03c Base Green No.31 LC
  Haughley Road
40m52c Haughley Junction GE280
Includes Bury St Edmunds Yard

(A) Opened: Bury St Edmunds - Haughley Junction 1846 (Ipswich & Bury Railway).
GE283 Bury St. Edmunds Junction - Thetford West Junction
datum Bury
  Bury St Edmunds Junction GE220 GE282
3m70c Ingham
  Seven Hills Halt
11m64c Thetford Bridge
  Thetford South Junction GE284
  Thetford West Junction GE120
GE284 Thetford East curve
Thetford South Junction GE283
Thetford East Junction GE120
GE285 Mellis - Eye
datum London Liverpool Street
  Mellis Junction GE280
  Yaxley Halt
94m24c Eye
Mileages also shown as 0m00c to 2m71c
Opened (A)
Burston - Trowse Lower Junction (Eastern Union Line) datum Liverpool Street
98m20c mile post GE280
98m57c Gissing No.2 LC
100m27c Hales Street No.8 LC
100m43c Tivetshall No.9 LC
100m44c Tivetshall
100m51c Tivetshall Junction GE271
101m01c Black Mill No.10 LC
101m51c Moulton No.16 LC
104m06c Forncett
  Forncett Junction GE291
106m56c Flordon
109m19c Newton Flotman No.31 LC
108m54c Swainsthorpe No.33 LC
109m54c Swainsthorpe
112m79c Trowse Upper Junction GE292
113m68c Trowse Lower Junction GE120
(A) Opened: 98mp - Trowse Upper Junction 1849 (Eastern Union).
GE291 Forncett Junction - Wymondham North Junction
104m38c Forncett Junction GE290
110.55c Wymondham North Junction GE120
Opened 1849
Trowse Upper Junction - Norwich Victoria
datum London Liverpool Street
112m67c Trowse Upper Junction GE290
  Norwich Yard
114m70c Norwich Victoria


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