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South Wales Mineral Railway

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RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
SL001 Glyncorrwg - Briton Ferry
datum Waterloo Dock Junction
13m03c colliery/SWMR boundary
12m67c North Rhondda Colliery Halt
12m50c Glyncorrwg South Pit Halt
11m54c Glyncorrwg
11m50c Glycorrrwg Junction
10m38c Nantewlaeth Colliery Halt
9m45c Cymmer (1)
9m40c Cymmer Junction GW570
8m66c Abercregan Siding
8m51c Corrwg Vale Siding SL002
6m70c South Wales Mineral Branch Junction RS004
5m51c Tonmawr East Junction PT002c
5m41c Tonmawr
5m31c Tonmawr West Junction
5m19c Tonmawr Junction PT003
5m14c Blaenavon Junction SL003
4m74c Blaenavon Loop Junction SL004
4m66c Tonygregos Quarry
4m40c Aber Rhondda Colliery
3m13c Bwlch Colliery
2m44c Ynysdavid
2m51c Crythan Platform
(Ynysmaerdy incline)
0m55c Neath Harbour Junction SL005 RS022c
(1) Cymmer (Corrwg) from 1926

SMI: throughout
SWJ: Tonmawr East Junction - Tonmawr Junction
SL002 Afan Vale Quarrys Branch
Corrwg Vale end of line
Corrwg Vale Siding SL001
SL003 Blaenavon Branch
Blaenavon Junction
Blaenavon Colliery
closed by 1890.
SL004 Blaenavon Loop
0m19c Blaenavon Loop Junction PT004
0m00c Blaenavon Loop Junction SL001
SL005 Briton Ferry Goods Lines
0m00c junction from Port Wallaroo Dock Line
0m55c Neath Harbour Junction SL001 RS022c
0m65c end of line