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Rhondda & Swansea Bay Railway

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RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
RS001 Rhondda & Swansea Bay Line
0m00c Rhondda & Swansea Bay Junction TV030
0m44c Blaenrhondda
1m34c Blaencwm
3m50c Blaengwynfi
4m03c Blaengwynfi West
4m27c Gelli Junction RS002
5m44c Cymmer East Junction RS002c GW560
5m59c Cymmer (3rd) (1)
5m61c Cymmer Junction RS003
5m76c Glyn Cwmmer Colliery Junction
  Cymmer (1st)
6m34c Penycastle
6m76c Duffryn Rhondda East
7m03c Duffryn Rhondda
7m26c Duffryn Rhondda West
8m13c Upper Cynon
8m45c Cynonville
9m00c Lower Cynon
10m08c Pontrhydyfen
10m19c South Wales Mineral Junction
10m52c Oakwood Junction RS005
11m36c Tymaen Junction RS006
11m67c Cwmavon
13m09c Velindre
13m44c Aberavon Branch Junction PT002
13m47c Port Talbot (Aberavon) (2)
13m50c Plough Junction RS007 RS008
14m00c North Bank Junction
14m06c Burrows Junction RS009
14m12c Sand Line Junction RS010
14m35c Aberavon Seaside
16m30c Baglan Sands Halt
16m45c Baglan Junction RS020 RS021
(1) Cymmer Afan from 1926
(2) Aberavon until 1895; Aberavon Town from 1924
RS002 1960 connection to GWR at Gelli Junction
RS001 met GW560
RS002c Connection from GWR at Cymmer
5m40c Cymmer East Junction GW560
5m44c Cymmer East Junction RS001
RS003 Cymmer Branch
datum Rhondda & Swansea Bay Junction
5m61c Cymmer Junction RS001
  Cymmer West Junction GW570
RS004 Pontrhydyfen Branch (No.8 Railway)
2m01c South Wales Mineral Branch Junction SL
0m00c Pontrhydyfen Junction RS001
Cooke shows as never opened throughout, abandoned 1929.
RS005 1954 connection
  Pontrhydyfen Junction PTR&D
3m08c Oakwood Junction RS001
RS006 Tymaen Branch
datum Rhondda & Swansea Bay Junction
11m64c end of line
11m36c Tymaen Junction RS001
RS007 Plough to Port Talbot East
datum London Paddington via Gloucester
202m61c Port Talbot East Junctionn GW580
203m03c Plough Junction RS001
RS008 Aberavon Loop
13m50c Plough Junction RS001
13m63c Aberavon Junction GW580
RS009 Port Talbot Dock Line
14m06c Burrows Junction RS001
14m59c Port Talbot Dock (end of line)
RS010 Sand Siding
14m12c Sand Line Junction RS001
  end of line
RS020 Rhondda & Swansea Bay Line
datum Rhondda & Swansea Bay Junction
16m45c Baglan Junction RS001 RS021
17m13c Vernon Junction
17m29c Briton Ferry East
17m57c Briton Ferry
18m08c Court Sart
18m28c Neath Junction
18m34c Neath (Goods Line) Junction
18m38c Neath Junction
18m39c Neath Junction RS024 GW588
18m43c Neath Branch Junction RS026
19m13c Neath Loop Junction GW614
  New Cut Junction
19m13c Neath Loop Junction RS030
19m23c Dynevor Junction RS027
20m06c Cape Halt
20m17c Jersey Marine North Junction RS031
20m31c Jersey Marine South Junction GW610
21m15c Jersey Marine
22m25c Baldwins Halt
  Port Tennant
23m29c Danygraig Junction RS034
23m44c Danygraig (2nd)
  Danygraig (1st)
24m38c Swansea Riverside
SDI1: Neath (Goods Lines) Junction - Neath Loop Junction
RS021 Briton Ferry Dock Branch
datum Rhondda & Swansea Bay Junction
16m45c Baglan Junction RS020 RS021
  dock line connection
17m20c Briton Ferry Junction GW580
RS022 Dock Branch connection at Port Wallaroo Crossing
dock line connection RS021
dock line connection GW586
RS022c Neath Harbour Junction - Neath Junction
Neath Harbour Junction SL001 SL005
RS024 Neath Junction - Court Sart Junction (GWR)
datum Rhondda & Swansea Bay Junction reverse at Neath Junction
18m63c Court Sart Junction GW580
18m39c Neath Junction RS020
RS025 Neath Junction - Neath Harbour Junction (SWM)
Neath Harbour Junction SL001 SL004
RS026 Neath Canalside Branch
datum Rhondda & Swansea Bay Junction
18m43c Neath Branch Junction RS020
  Power Station Junction
19m61c Neath Canalside
RS026c Neath Canal North Loop
Power Station Junction RS026
New Cut Junction RS020
track never laid
RS027 Dynevor Junction - Cardonnel Junction (GWR)
19m23c Dynevor Junction RS020
19m44c Cardonnel Junction GW610
RS030 Neath Loop
0m48c Neath Loop Junction RS020
0m00c Jersey Marine North Junction GW610
RS031 connection to GWR at Jersey Marine South Junction
  Jersey Marine North Junction RSB RS020
20m17c Jersey Marine Junction GWR
RS032 Jersey Marine Yards
This might be a duplication of GW615 and belong in the GW list.
RS033 Danygraig Depot
RS034 Danygraig Branch
datum Rhondda & Swansea Bay Junction
23m29c Danygraig Junction RS020
  Danygraig Junction (GWR)
RS035 Coal Hoist Line at Prince of Wales Dock
RS036 Swansea Harbour Branch