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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes P

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Signal Fact 74

In 1875 the Royal Commission on Railway Safety recommended introduction the the block system on lines where passengers were conveyed and that points and signals be worked from an interlocked lever frame.

Sadly, this was not compulsory until 1889.

Explanation of column content is here.

ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
PAA yes Pirbright Junction - Alton SW062
PAB   Monkton & Annbank Branch GS064
PAC yes Patchway Curve GW126
PAD   Parkhead Branch NB187
PAG   Panteg Goods Lines. Now PGL.
PAG   Park Gate Branch GC312
PAH   Par Harbour Branch GW312
PAL yes Palacecraig Branch NB327
PAM   Palmerston Branch
PAN yes Pallion Branch
PAP   Partick Loop CA482
PAR yes Par Loop GW312
PAS yes Portsmouth and Southsea Branch
PAT yes Caterham Branch SE071
PAY   Parkgate Colliery Branch MR840f
PBA yes Peebles Branch NB065
PBB yes Biggar & Peebles Branch CA036
PBC yes Bentinck Colliery Branch MR735
PBE yes Putney Bridge - East Putney Junction SW031
PBH yes Paisley East Branch CA323
PBJ yes Proof House Junction - Bushbury Junction NW340
PBL yes Perry Barr Loop NW364
PBN yes Preston - Blackpool North PY001
PBO   Portobello Junction (for Leith South) to Portobello Coal Depot
PBS yes MR733
PBW   Portobello Bottle Works Siding
PBY   Portbury Dock Branch GW157
PBZ   Pyle Branch. Now PIZ.
PBZ   Pencoed Branch GW556
PCB yes Port Carlisle Branches
PCG yes Preston Connecting Line LY210
PCH   Pettycur Branch NB494
PCL   Parkhouse to Castlehill Line GS144
PCM yes Prestatyn - Cwm NW462
PCN   Perceton Branch GS091
PCY   Pinxton Colliery Branch GN207
PDA yes Pool Dam Branch NS062
PDB   Penarth Dock Branch. Now PDK.
PDB yes Preston Deepdale Branch PR001
PDC yes Plamadoc Branch GW848
PDK   Penarth Dock Branch TV055
PDL   Pelaw Down Link Line NE625
PDM   Port Dundas Branch CA483
PDN   Port Dundas Branch NB173
PDQ   Padstow Quay Branch SW157c
PDZ   Pontrhydyfen Branch RS004
PEB   Port Edgar Branch NB482
PED yes Penistone and Doncaster Line GC360
PEF yes Pontefract - Ferrybridge SK010
PEH yes Penistone - Huddersfield LY310
PEJ   Pontypool Road East Junction to Coedygric Junction GW436
PEL yes Penrith Loop (LNER) NE274
PEM yes Pembroke & Tenby Line GW666
PEN yes Penar Branch GW517
PES   Ponders End Sidings GE020
PET yes Benhar Branch CA066
PEW   Penshaw Branch NE380
PEZ   Penrhos Loop BY012
PFK   Pilton Fork CA121
PGB   Partick Goods Branch CA481
PGL   Panteg Goods Lines GW432
PGN   Partick Goods Branch LNER
PGQ   Parkeston Goods Junction to Parkeston Quay Line GE255
PGS yes Palace Gates - Seven Sisters GE032
PGZ   Paddington Goods Lines GW006
PHA   Perth Harbour Branch CA533
PHB   Penarth Harbour Branch TV054
PHC yes Priory Yard - Hull Central Goods NE052
PHL   Crystal Palace High Level Branch SE115
PHR   Portsoy Harbour Branch GO023
PHS yes Peterborough Sidings  
PHY yes Parsley Hay - Ashbourne NW776
PIC   Pickburn Branch HB015
PIE yes Piel Branch FN030
PIG yes Pinxton Branch GN200
PIL   Pilsley Branches MR751
PIS yes Pickering - Seamer NE223
PIZ   Pyle Branch PT031
PJE   Plough Junction to East Junction/Port Talbot Junction to Plough Junction RS007
PJL yes Parkside West Curve NW552
PJM yes Patricroft - Clifton NW630
PJP yes Penwortham Junction - Preston West (West Lancs Line) LY212
PJW yes Portobello Loop NW349
PJZ   Penywern Junction to Ivor Junction NW275
PKB   Poplar Dock "B" NW042
PLA yes Platt Bridge Line NW571
PLB   Plank Lane Branch GC543
PLC   Paisley Canal Line GS190
PLF   Plains Branch NB249
PLG yes Park Lane Junction - Greensfield Junction NE644
PLK   Pickets Lock Sidings GE026c
PLL   Pemberton Loop LY149
PLM   Plymouth Millbay Docks Branch GW287
PLN   East Plean Branch CA514
PLO yes Plymouth Loop No 1 GW280
PLP   Pontefract Loop SK009
PLS   Plymstock Branch. Now part of TUR.
PLY   Pleasley Colliery Branch GN197
PLZ   Plymouth Loop No. 2 GW281
PMC yes Peat Moss Company's Siding CM001
PME   Polmaise Branch CA516
PMJ yes Peterborough - Manton Junction MR101
PMN   Pontypool Road Middle Junction to North Junction GW434
PMT yes Polmont - Larbert NB150
PMY yes PMY1 Peterborough - South Lynn
PMY2 South Lynn - Yarmouth
PMZ   Pontsmill Branch GW313
PNB   Pocket Nook Branch NW698
PNC   Penclawdd Branch NW301
PNK   Pinkston Branch NB171
PNL   Pennington New Line NW643
PNS yes Cowlairs Chord Line NB181
PNZ   New Passage Pier Line GW143
POB   Pontop and South Shields Branch NE390
POC yes Billingham Junction - Port Clarence NE560
POD yes Portishead Branch GW157
POF   Polkemmet Fork NB210
POH yes Porthywaen Branch
POL   Pontsticill Loop BM010
PON yes Pontycysyllte Branch GW850
POP   Pontypridd Loop TV027
POR yes Porthcawl Branch GW561
POU yes Poulton Connecting Line (Poulton Curve) PY016
POW   Portishead West Loop GW158
POY yes Ponkey Branch GW849
POZ yes Portreath - Carn Brea GW352
PPA yes Philips Park (Miles Platting) and Ashburys Branch LY036
PPB   Pearsons Pottery Branch MR772c
PPE yes Port Penrhyn Branch NW501
PPH yes Preston Park Spur LB072
PPK   Portpatrick Branch PW001
PPP yes Parks Fork LY030
PPR   Park Prewett Railway
PPW yes East Putney Line
PRA yes Princes Risborough - Aylesbury South GW055
PRB   SV013
PRC yes Princes Risborough - Chinnor GW054
PRD yes Princes Dock, Govan PD001
PRE yes Preteign - Titley GW831
PRF   Park Royal Freight Depot GW041f
PRG   Park Royal Goods Branch. Now PRF.
PRG yes Padiham - Rose Grove LY275
PRI yes Priescroft Branch NE542
PRL yes Park Royal Goods Line GW041
PRN yes Princes End Branch NW371
PRO yes Provan Branch NB185
PRS yes Penrhos - Tyn-y-Caeau Junction BY010
PRT   Thame Branch GW053
PRY   Park Royal Yard GW041c
PRZ yes Princetown Railway GW276
PSB yes Park Street Branch MR071
PSC   Polegate - Stone Cross LB120
PSE yes Pleasley - Shireoaks East Junction MR640
PSF yes Perry Street Fork SE026
PSG   Peasmarsh Juction to Shalford Curve SE074
PSJ   Pontypool Road South Junction to Coedygric Junction GW435
PSL   Pelham Street Loop GC185
PSM yes Pulborough - Midhurst LB083
PSR yes Preston Strand Road Branch NU003
PSS   Penyfford Connecting Line. Now MDH1.
PST yes Edinburgh Princes Street Line CA090
PSZ   Portskewett Branch GW471
PTA yes Penalltau Branch RR016
PTB   Tranent Branch NB010
PTD yes Port Talbot Docks Branch PT010
PTH yes Penarth Branch TV057
PTK   Plotcock Branch CA246
PTL   Pistill Branch GW641c
PTM yes Petersfield - Midhurst
PTN   Peterston Branch BY015
PTP yes Port Talbot - Pontyrhyll PT001
PTZ   Port Wallaroo Dock Line GW587
PUL   Pelaw Up Link Line NE626
PVS yes Nuneaton Flyover
PWB   Paisley West - Barrhead Branch GS193
PWE yes Pontardawe Branch GW592
PWG   Plaistow and West Ham Goods Line GE170f
PWH yes Hawkhurst Branch SE044
PWJ   Pontypool Road West Junction to South Junction GW433
PWN   Penllwyn Branch NW263
PWS yes Maidstone West Branch SE043
PWW yes Portobello - Wanton Walls NB013
PYB   Park Yard and Blast Lane Depot GC364
PYD yes North Union Joint - Preston Coal Yard NW852
PYE yes Pyewipe Branch, Immingham East Dock - Grimsby Docks GC137
PYH   Priory Yard Branch Junction to Hessle Road North Junction
PYW   Pyle West Loop GW572
PYZ   Pwllyrhebog Branch TV032


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