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RailRef Line Codes PT

Port Talbot Railway

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RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
PT001 Pontyrhyll Junction - Port Talbot Central
14m01c Pontyrhyll Junction GW564
12m63c Bettws (Llangeinor)
10m70c Lletty Brongu
9m38c Garth
9m34c Garth
8m68c Cwmdu
8m45c Cwmdu
7m68c North's Colliery
7m31c Maesteg (1)
5m65c East End Tunnel Loop
4m75c West End Tunnel Loop
4m15c Bryn
2m54c Tyn-y-ffram
1m06c Duffryn Mills
0m71c Duffryn Junction No.2
0m59c Duffryn No.1 Junction PT010
0m34c Ton-y-Groes Junction PT002
0m00c Port Talbot Central
(1) Maesteg Neath Road from 1924
PT002 Aberavon Branch
0m00c Ton-y-Groes Junction PT001
0m11c Ton-y-Groes West (North) Junction PT003
0m35c Aberavon Junction
0m47c Aberavon Branch Junction RS001
PT002c Whitworth Branch
1m56c end of branch
  Whitworth Colliery Halt
1m27c end of line from 1946
0m00c Tonmawr East Junction SL001
PT003 South Wales Mineral Junction Branch
5m31c Tonmawr Junction SL001
5m07c Blaenavon Junction PT004
4m56c Efail Fach
  Oakwood Junction PT005
2m31c Ynysdavid Sidings
2m01c Cwmavon Halt
0m49c Margam Forge
0m00c Ton-y-Groes West (North) Junction PT002
PT004 Oaklands Colliery - Blaenavon Junction
0m75c Colliery/PTR boundary
0m47c New Forest Colliery
0m34c Blaenavon Loop Junction SL004
0m00c Blaenavon Junction PT003
PT005 1954 connection to R&SB at Oakwood Junction
Oakwood Junction PT003
Oakwood Junction RS001
PT010 Duffryn Junction No. 1 - Copper Works Junction
2m01c Duffryn No.1 Junction PT001
1m52c Duffryn No.3
0m00c Copper Works Junction PT011 PT030
PT011 Copper Works Junction - end of Dock Branch
0m64c Copper Works Junction PT010 PT030
0m00c Dock Branch end Junction PT012
PT012 end of Dock Branch - end of Dock Extension Branch
0m00c Dock Branch end Junction PT011 0m46c end of line
PT013 Conveyor Road to No.13 hoist
PT014 Float Works Branch
PT015 Rio Tinto Works Branch
PT016 Conveyor Road to No.s 9 & 10 hoists
0m35c 9 & 10 Hoists 0m00c junction
PT017 No.s 1 to 3 tip line
PT018 Grid Road
0m00c Grid Road Junction 0m28c No.4 Grid
PT019 Port Talbot Docks South Side
PT020 Copper Works Junction - Steel Works Wharf
PT021 Hot Metal Road
PT022 connection to GWR at Old Dock Junction
PT023 Steel Works Wharf Loop Line
PT024 North Bank Line
PT025 connection to R&SB at North Bank Junction
PT026 North Bank Junction - Talbot Wharf
PT027 Port Talbot Docks North Side
PT030 Cefn Junction - Copper Works Junction
7m40c Cefn Junction GW561
6m40c Aberbaiden Loop Junction
6m04c Riverbridge GF
5m74c Yard GF
5m57c Waterhall Sidingd
5m50c Waterhall Junction PT031
5m00c Cribbwr Fawr
3m76c Newlands Colliery Junction
3m50c Newlands
3m34c Newlands Junction PT032
2m70c Abbey Works East
2m10c Abbey Works West
2m02c Heol-y-Dellaid LC
1m44c Contractors Siding
1m34c Margam Abbey Junction
1m08c Cefn Gurgan
0m66c Margam East Junction
0m62c Copper Works Junction
0m54c Margam Yard
0m43c junction
0m30c junction
0m16c Morfa Crossing Halt
0m00c Copper Works Junction PT010 PT011
Prior to 1950 miled from Tondu Middle Junction
PT031 Pyle Branch
0m00c Waterhall Junction PT030
1m01c Pyle GW550
PT032 Newlands Loop Junction - Newlands Junction
3m34c Newlands Junction PT030
2m78c Newlands Loop Junction GW580
PT033 deviation alignment Overbridge Junction - Copper Works Junction
PT034 deviation alignment Cefn Gorgan - Copper Works Junction
PT035 Margam Yard - Ramp Line Junction v Ramp Line
PT036 Overbridge Junction - Talbach Loop Junction v GWR
PT037 Margam Sidings West GWR - Copper Works Junction