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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes B

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Signal Fact 25

Bricklayer’s Arms Junction in South London was controlled by a succession of no less than six signal boxes between 1843 and 1975.

Remote control from London Bridge PSB followed, and transfer to Three Bridges ROC takes the total to eight.

Explanation of column content is here.

ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
BAA yes Basingstoke - Alton SW067
BAB yes Bethesda - Bangor NW502
BAC   BAC1 Barrow Hill Colliery Line
BAC2 Speedwell Branch
BAC3 Clown Branch

BAD yes Boars Head - Adlington LU001
BAE yes Basingstoke & Exeter SW120
BAF yes Aberfeldy Branch HR002
BAG yes Birmingham & Gloucester MR260
BAH   Horbury & Barnsley LY331
BAI   Bainsford Branch NB154
BAK yes Barrassie & Kilmarnock Line GS081
BAL yes Brigend & Abergwynfi Line GW560
BAM yes Chapeltown Branch MR842
BAN yes BAN Baglan Branch GW586
BAP yes Bargoed - Pant BM001
BAR   Bargoed Loop. Now BDP.
BAR   Barton-On-Humber Branch GC152
BAS   Canons Marsh Branch. Now CMH.
BAS   High Street Goods Branch NB363
BAT   Barnton Branch CA113
BAU   Bangour Branch NB204
BAW yes Bristol - Avonside Wharf MR377
BAY yes Bricklayers Arms Branch SE006
BAZ   Barnstaple Loop GW242
BBA   Brinsley Branch GN203
BBB yes Bolton - Blackburn LY100
BBC yes Bretby Branch MR185
BBD yes Bournemouth West Branch SW109
BBE   Bonnybridge Branch CA492
BBG yes Banbury Branch GC023
BBH yes Bolton Branch MC011
BBJ yes Balham Junction - Beckenham Junction LB004
BBK   Billingham Beck Branch NE554
BBL yes Bennerley - Bulwell MR643
BBL   Brynmawr and Blaenavon Line. Now BWB.
BBM yes Bletchley - Bedford NW140
BBN yes Babbington Branch MR718
BBR yes Bognor Regis Branch LB094
BBS yes Blackburn Sidings LY104
BBW   Bradley Wood Curve NW823
BBX   Bedford St Johns West to East NW142
BBY yes Birstall - Batley NW832
BBZ   Butts Branch GW714
BCA yes Bedford - Cambridge NW140
BCB yes Black Carr Junction - Bessacar Junction JN050
BCC yes Bullcroft Colliery Branch HB028
BCE yes Bolsover Colliery Empties MR
BCG yes Birmingham Central Goods Branch MR261
BCH yes Balloch Branch DB001
BCJ yes Birmingham Curve MR187
BCL yes Banbury and Cheltenham Branch GW376
BCM   North Staveley Curve MR802
BCN yes Bangor - Caernarfon NW510
BCO yes Bentley Colliery, Doncaster GN280
BCP yes Stubbins Junction - Bacup LY072
BCR yes Blackpool Carriage Sidings PY001
BCS yes Bletchley Carriage Sidings NW116
BCS   British Steel, Corby. See BSC
BCV yes Bordesley Curve - Tyseley MR256
BCY   Barrow Colliery Branch
BDB   Bridgwater Dock Branch GW322
BDC yes Borders Counties Line NB043
BDD   Dyke Branch LB091
BDG   Brechin Branch CA585
BDH yes Brent Curve Junction - Dudding Hill Junction MR061
BDL   Barry Docks High Level Lines BY022
BDM yes Bow Depot MR023
BDN yes Bridge Street Junction - Duston Junction NW152
BDO yes Barry Docks Low Level Line BY021
BDP   Bargoed Loop BM031
BDS yes Bidston West Junction - Seacombe WI013
BDU yes Beddau Branch RR022
BDW   Bond End Branch MR221
BDZ   Bwllfa Dare Branch GW466
BEA yes Barnt Green - Ashchurch Line MR272
BEB   Beeston to Batley Branch GN333
BEC yes Bevercotes Colliery GC115
BED   Bestwood Colliery Branch GC042
BEE   Bellsdyke Branch NB258
BEG yes Beggarlee Branch MR731
BEI yes Beighton - Annesley GC050
BEJ yes Buxton - Edgeley Junction NW770
BEK   Beckermet Branch FN071
BEL   Barnstaple East Loop. Now BEP
BEL   Bedlay Loop NB341c
BEM   Birkenhead and Bidston WI002
BEN yes New Brighton Branch WI001
BEP   Barnstaple East Loop GW241
BES yes Blaydon to Scotswood NE430
BEV   Beaufort and Ebbw Vale High Level Line NW249
BEW yes Beighton Junction - Woodhouse Junction GC050
BEX   Boscarne Extension. Now BOE
BEX yes Bexleyheath Line SE021
BEY   Bellshill Branch CA084
BEZ yes Lynton - Barnstaple LA001
BFB yes Bradford Branch GW193
BFC yes Ipswich Chord GE246
BFG yes Wembley Repair Shop NW016
BFJ   Buxton Flying Junction NW771
BFK   Blackhill Fork CA368
BFL   Bradford on Avon Loop GW192
BFO yes Bletchley Flyover - Fenny Stratford NW115
BFZ   Briton Ferry Dock Branch GW586
BGB yes Liverpool Bankfield Goods LY193
BGC yes Strathspey Line GO033
BGD yes Burghead & Hopeman Branch HR013
BGE yes Boldon West Curve NE618
BGF   Burghead & Hopeman Branch HR013
BGG   Burghead Harbour Branch HR014
BGH yes Brampton & Gas House Branch MR763
BGK yes Bethnal Green - Kings Lynn GE020
BGL yes Bristol & Gloucester GW370
BGN yes Bridgeton Cross Branch NB365
BGP   Bagthorpe Curve GN171
BGS   Bow Goods GE166
BGW yes Bolton - Worsley NW660
BGY   Bathgate Goods Branch NB207
BHA   Brindle Heath Junction to Agecroft Junction LY142
BHB yes Bristol Harbour Branch GW154
BHC yes Bignall Branch NS066
BHD   Boghead Branch NB241
BHI yes Basford Hall Independent Lines NW201
BHJ   Buxton to High Peak Junction Line No 2 NW779
BHL yes Berks & Hants Line GW086
BHM yes Barrow Roundhouse Railway Centre MR775
BHN   Blochain Branch NB186
BHP yes Boultham Junction - Pyewipe Junction JN033
BHR yes Benhar Branch (Fauldhouse)
BHS yes Brighouse Branch LY295
BHW   Buckland Hollow Branch MR425
BIB yes Shipley West Junction - Bradford Junction MR892
BIC yes Bishop Aukland - Barnard Castle NE266
BID   Bideford Goods Branch. Now BFD
BID yes Burntisland Dock Branch NB491
BIG   Bigrigg Branch FN075
BIH   Bird-In-Hand Branch GW443
BIK yes Bickershaw Colliery Branch NW640
BIM   Bilsthorpe Branch MR624
BIN   Bingham Branch GN158
BIP   Bilson Loop GW392
BIR   Birley Colliery Branch GC361
BIY   Bishopsgate Yards GE003
BIZ   Bicslade Railway SV017
BJH yes Broadstone - Hamworthy SW106
BJL yes Bamfurlong Junction Line NW554
BJN yes Bromley Junction - Norwood Junction LB004
BJP   Broadstone Junction to Holes Bay Junction SW112
BJR yes Bassaleg Junction & Rhymney Line BM030
BJS   Blackwood & Stonehouse Branch CA210
BJT yes Broadstone - Templecombe SD001
BJW yes Bescot Junction - Wichnor Junction NW383
BJZ   Briton Ferry Dock Branch RS021
BKB   Benwick Branch GE087
BKC yes Banbury and Cheltenham Branch
Kingham - Chipping Norton
BKE yes Basingstoke Branch GW083
BKH   Birkenhead Branch BJ010
BKJ yes Bolton - Kenyon Junction NW662
BKL   Blackwell Colliery Branch GC055
BKN   Banbury and Cheltenham Line. Now BKC
BKN yes Blackston Branch NB209
BKS yes Brancliffe East Junction - Kirk Sandall Junction GC230
BLA   Blaenrhondda Branch TV030
BLB   Blackbrook Branch NW690
BLC yes Blidworth Colliery Branch GC123
BLE yes Barnstaple - Taunton GW240
BLF yes Bensham Curve Junction - Low Fell Sidings Junction NE426
BLH   Blidworth Colliery MR626
BLI yes Brighton - Littlehampton LB090
BLJ yes Shepcote Lane East Junction - Broughton Lane Junction GC343
BLK yes Shieldhill & Blackbraes Branches NB295
BLL yes Bristol Loop Line GC136
BLN yes Barkston - Lincoln GN260
BLP   Barnstaple Loop. Now BAZ
BLP yes Lymington Branch SW105
BLS   Brightlingsea Branch GE234
BLT yes Bletchley Sidings NW116
BLW yes Birmingham Loop Line GW713
BLY   Ballochney Branch NB302
BLZ   Brynmenyn Loop GW557
BMB yes Balirenbathie Branch NB586
BMC   Barnsley Main Colliery Branch
BMD   Bristol Bath Road Traction Depot GW150
BME yes Buckland Junction - Minster Junction SE090
BMJ yes Blackfriars - Metropolitan Junction SE002
BMK   Blairmuckhill Branch NB271
BML yes Bournemouth Main Line SW001
BMM   Brinnington Branch GC414
BMN   Bonds Main Branch MR757
BMZ yes Blackmill Branch GW562
BNB   Beckton Branch GE173
BNC yes Brecon Curve SH005
BND yes Brecon - Dowlais BM001
BNE yes Benton North Junction - Earsdon Junction NE680
BNF   Burscough North Fork LY182
BNG yes Bromley North Branch SE010
BNJ   Bentley Colliery North Junction to Bentley Colliery Junction GN281
BNK yes Banbury & Cheltenham Branch GW732
BNL   Bilson Loop. Now BIP.
BNL   Brownhill Loop (Flyover) GS163
BNN yes Bedford - Northampton Junction MR081
BNO   Balerno Branch CA094
BNP   Bonnington Loop NB120
BNR   Bonnington Goods NB124
BNW yes Boldon New Curve NE619
BNY yes Boldon and Tyne Dock Branch NE390
BNZ   Blaenavon Branch PT004
BOC yes Bolsover Colliery Branch MR789
BOD yes Bodmin Branch GW304
BOE yes Boscarne Extension GW305
BOG   Bog Hall Branch NE540
BOH yes Bowesfield Junction - Harburn Junction NE552
BOK yes Broad Street - Old Kew Junction NW020
BON yes Bottesford - Newark GN146
BOO yes Bowers Row Open Cast NE158
BOP   Bryn Junction to Pemberton Branch NW682
BOR yes Boroughbridge Branch NE202
BOS   Bo'Ness Branch NB290
BOT yes Bothwell Branch CA154
BOW   Bodmin and Wadebridge Line SW155
BOZ   Blaenavon Loop SL004
BPA   Bishop Auckland Station NE294
BPB   Bargoed Pits Branch RR013
BPC yes Calverton Colliery Branch MR648
BPH yes Blisworth - Peterborough via Northampton Bridge Street NW150
BPJ yes Lovers Walk Depot LB070a
BPL yes Bramley - Low Moor GN361
BPO   Blyth Power Station NE709f
BPP yes Brewery Junction - Phillips Park West Junction LY035
BPS   Bristol St Philips Branch MR376
BPT   Bridport Branch. Now BRP.
BPT   Busby Print Works Branch CA254
BPW yes Bishops Waltham - Botley SW074
BPZ   Burry Port Engine Shed Line BP013
BQB yes Balquhidder Branch CA531
BRA yes Braintree Branch GE211
BRB yes Brentford Branch GW064
BRC   Brodsworth Colliery Branch WR003
BRD yes Burma Road Branch. CA419
BRE   Bredisholme Branch NB360
BRG   Bradford City Road Goods Branch GN371
BRH   Barbush Branch
BRI yes Brocklesby Junction - Immingham Dock GC150
BRK yes Barnoldswick - Earby MR895
BRL yes Bristol Relief Line GW151
BRM   Broom South Curve MJ007
BRN yes Blantyre Branch NB357
BRO yes Brymbo Branch GC491
BRP yes Bridport Branch GW222
BRP   Brewery Junction to Miles Platting Junction Curve LY035
BRS   Brown's Branch MR071
BRT   Brent Branch
BRW   Brantcliffe West Curve GC231
BRX   Broxburn Branch NB136
BRY yes Barry Line GW536
BRZ   Glannant Siding GW568
BSB yes Bishops Stortford - Braintree GE041
BSC   Broom South Curve. Now BRM.
BSC yes British Steel Corby Branch MR100c
BSD yes Bescot Sidings NW345
BSE   Barassie Reversing Spur GS135
BSE yes Blackwell South Junction - Blackwell East Junction MR739
BSF yes Battersea Pier Junction - Stewarts Lane - Factory Junction SE102
BSG   Bicester Chord GW731c
BSH   Bellshill Branch NB320
BSJ yes Bootle Junction Crossover NW637
BSK   Burscough South Fork LY181
BSL yes Bradford Springmill Street LY305
BSN yes Brunthill Branch. NB038
BSP yes Battersea Pier Junction - Pouparts Junction LB002
BSR   Barrhead Spur GS194
BST   Bath Street Branch
BSW yes Bristol & South Wales Union Line GW130
BSY   Busby (or Busbie) Branch GS090
BSZ   Bishops Wood Tramway SV023
BTB yes Barlow Tip Branch
Goole - Selby
BTC yes Blackheath Junction - Charlton Junction SE024
BTD yes Blyth & Tyne Depot NE724
BTE yes Barking East Loop MR035
BTG   Bolton Connecting Line LY089
BTH yes South Bermondsey Junction - Horsham LB020
BTJ yes Brightside - Treeton Junction GC340
BTK   Bentinck Colliery Lines GC052
BTL   Builth Loop. Now BTP.
BTL yes Brighton - Lewes Junction LB120
BTN   Blyth and Tyne Line NE680
BTO   Baton Branch NB275
BTP   Builth Loop NW291
BTR   Bridgewater Trustees Branch NW641
BTS yes Willesden Brent Sidings NW010
BTW yes Brockenhurst - Wimborne SW106
BUB   Burton Branch NS011
BUC yes Buckley - Connah's Quay GC495
BUF   Burnden Fork Line LY056
BUI yes Buildwas - Marsh Farm GW824
BUL   Beddau Loop RR023
BUP   Burry Port Canal Branch BP012
BUR   Burnbrae Branch NB420
BUT yes Bute Docks Branch GW532
BUW   Bude Wharf Branch SW154c
BUX yes Buxton - Hindlow NW772
BUY yes Bushbury Branch GW767
BUZ   Bullo Dock Branch GW394
BVB yes Blackburn Valley Branch GC326
BVJ yes Banbury - Verney Junction NW132
BVR   Barnstaple Branch. Now BAZ and BLE.
BVS   Steyning Line LB082
BVZ   Brynmawr and Western Valleys Line GW511
BWB   Bridgwater Branch. Now BWZ
BWB   Brynmawr and Blaenavon Line NW243
BWC yes Bedlington Junction - Woodhorn Colliery NE707
BWD   Bestwood Branch MR647
BWE   Roghrigg Branch NB297
BWJ   Bedlington Junction and Woodhorn Branch
BWK yes Beswick Goods Branch (Manchester) LY038
BWL yes Bowhill Branch NB644
BWN   Brynmawr and Nantyglo Line NW242
BWO yes Butterwell Disposal Plant NE714
BWS yes Blackhall Branch NB270
BWT yes Barking West Loop MR034c
BWW yes Bristol Wapping Wharf Branch GW156
BWZ yes Bridgewater Branch SD012
BXM yes Brixham Branch GW263
BYB yes Bromyard Branch GW715
BYC   Bedlay Colliery Branch NB340
BYE yes Bury St Edmunds Yard GE282
BYF   Blantyre Fork CA257
BYK yes Bewdley - Kidderminster GW725
BYL   Berkeley Road Loop. Now BYP.
BYL yes Byrehill Loop GS148
BYP   Berkeley Road Loop GW401
BYS yes Beccles - Yarmouth South Town GE270
BZZ   Bridgwater Wharf Branch SD013


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