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Tottenham & Hampstead Junction Railway (GER & MR)

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Mile Post Mileages

Page 44A (dated 1915) of Midland Distance Book gives mile post mileages from 0m00c at Gospel Oak Junction to end of MR maintenance responsibilty at 2m18c (2 chains inside Crouch Hill Tunnel) and continuing in sequence to 3m47c at St Ann's Road.

The continuation page (44B) in Peter Kay's reissue is dated 1919 and shows mile post mileages from St Ann's Road to South Tottenham (T&FG) Junction which match the present Quail / Sectional Appendix figures from Junction Road Junction, datum St Pancras via the low level spur at Engine Shed Junction.

Mile post mileages in 1919 for the section from T&FG Junction to Tottenham North Junction are still shown as from Gospel Oak Junction.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
Gospel Oak - Junction Road
0m00c Gospel Oak Junction NW004
0m07c Gospel Oak (1)
0m26c Highgate Road Junction MR005
0m28c Highgate Road High Level
0m58c Junction Road Junction TH002 MR006
(1) aka Kentish Town
Junction Road - Tottenham
datum Gospel Oak Junction (St Pancras)
0m58c (2m42c) Junction Road Junction TH001 MR006
0m62c (2m46c) Junction Road
0m65c (2m49c) Tufnell Park Goods Junction GE
1m16c (3m00c) Upper Holloway
1m49c (3m33c) Hornsey Road
2m01c (3m65c) Crouch Hill
2m31c (4m15c) Harringay Park Junction GE025
2m74c (4m58c) Harringay Park Green Lanes (2)
3m47c (5m31c) St Ann's Road
4m00c (5m64c) South Tottenham GE Junction GE031
4m05c (5m69c) South Tottenham
4m09c (5m73c) South Tottenham T&FG Junction MR021
4m38c (6m22c) Tottenham West Junction GE023
4m53c (6m37c) Tottenham North Junction GE020
(2) previously Green Lanes, later Harringay Park

TAH1: Junction Road Junction - South Tottenham T&FG Junction
TSE1: South Tottenham T&FG Junction - Tottenham West Junction