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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes T

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Signal Fact 78

Berkeley D Wise, engineer of the Belfast & Northern Counties Railway, patented a train staff in which the metal tickets were contained in the staff itself when not required for use.

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ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
TAD yes Trecwm Branch GW671
TAH yes Tottenham and Hampstead Line TH002
TAI   Taibach Loop
TAL   Talywain Branch GW506
TAN   Tannochside Branch CA351>
TAT yes Tadworth Branch SE070
TAZ   Talywain Old Siding GW501f
TBB yes Banff Branch GO022
TBD yes Taff Bargoed Branch TB001
TBG   Three Bridges - Groombridge LB103
TBH yes Three Bridges to Havant LB080
TBY yes Tenbury Branch GW726
TBZ   Talywain Ballast Branch
TCC yes Trent East Junction - Clay Cross Junction MR710
TCF   Tyneside Central Freight Depot NE641
TCJ   Three Cocks Junction Line CM034
TCV yes Tamworth Curve MR231c
TCW   Taunton Concrete Works
TCW yes Temple Hirst - Chaloners Whin NE001
TCY   TCY1 Seeley's No.3 Colliery
TDE yes Tilbury Docks East Side MR058
TDF   Tilbury Docks MR
TDZ yes Forest of Dean (Drybrook - Tufts Junction) SV011
TEI yes Teign Valley Junction (Heathfield - Christow) GW261
TEM yes Temple Branch NB378
TEN yes Cambridge Chord GE043
TEP   Templecombe Loop SD004
TES yes Trent East Junction - Sheet Stores Junction MR201
TET yes Tetbury Branch GW372
TEV   Teversall Branch GN195
TEW   Tewkesbury Quay Branch MR277
TEY yes Tyne Yard NE424
TFC yes Thornton Fields Carriage Sidings GE006
TFD yes Tanfield Branch NE656
TFH   South Tottenham and Thames Haven Line. Now THN, TLL & TAH.
TFK   Touch Fork NB582
TFN yes Trimley - Felixstowe North FLT GE262
TFT   Treforest Trading Estate Branch. Now TTB.
TFW yes Tipton Fiveways Branch GW790
TFZ yes Treerig Branch TV045
TGN   Treloggan Curve GW321
TGW   Broomielaw Harbour Branch CA414
TGZ   Tenby Goods Branch GW667
THA yes Thame Branch GW055
THB   Thorncliffe Colliery Branch MR833
THC yes Thurcroft Colliery SY003
THD yes Toton Yard (East Side)
THG yes Thorpe Goods, Norwich GE123
THH   Thrushbush Branch NB309
THJ yes Torrington - Halwill Junction SW159
THL yes Toton High Level Goods Line MR711
THM yes Malton - Thirsk NE232
THN yes Thames Haven Branch MR054
THO yes Thornbury Branch MR341
THR   Troon Harbour Branch GS133
THT yes Treherbert Branch TV030
TIB yes Beccles - Tivetshall GE271
TIR   Tilbury Riverside MR050
TIV yes Tiverton Junction GW252
TJB yes Thornhill Junction Branch MR871
TJC yes Tapton Junction to Colne MR750
TJE yes Tipton St Johns - Exmouth SW146
TJG yes Thorne Junction - Gilberdyke GC195
TJS yes Townhill - Lillie Hill NB622
TJY   Tavistock Junction Marshalling Yard
TLA yes Stanstead Airport Branch GE042
TLK yes Talke Branch NS083
TLL yes Tilbury Loop Line MR050
TLP yes Tonbridge Loops SE012
TMD   GE194
TMG   Temple Meads Goods Lines GW155
TML yes Trans-Manche Link  
TMP yes Thorpe Marsh Power Station WR015
TNC yes Treeton North Junction - Catcliffe Junction
TND yes Tiverton and North Devon Line GW253
TNL   Troon & Templehill GS132
TNQ yes Chacewater - Newquay GW340
TNT   Trent North - Sawley Junction MR204
TNW yes Thornton West Loop NB651
TNY   Thornton Yard NB650
TNZ   Tymaen Branch RS006
TOB   Tottington Branch LY071
TOC   Treeton and Orgreave Colliery Branch GC362
TOL   Sunniside Branch NE326
TOM yes Thrapston - Peterborough NW150
TON   Tondu North Loop GW563
TOP   Topsham Quay Branch SW148
TOR yes Torquay Branch GW262
TOT   Totnes Quay Branch GW272
TOY   Thornley Branch NE354
TPL   Templehill Goods GS134
TPS yes Trafford Park Sidings CL054
TRE yes Treamble Branch GW342
TRI   Trimsaran Branch BP007
TRL   St Pancras to Cheriton
TRN yes Troon Original Line GS130
TRO   Trosnant Junction Line GW442
TRP yes Trentham Park Branch NS004
TRV   Trenance Valley Branch GW333
TRW   Truro and Newquay West Loop GW341
TRX   Trabrax Branch CA049
TRZ   Treforest Branch BY002
TSB yes North Warwickshire Line GW738
TSC yes Tibshelf & Blackwell Branch Junction - Silverhill Colliery & Ext MR742
TSE yes South Tottenham East Junction to Tottenham South Junction TH002
TSJ yes Twickenham Junction - Shacklegate Junction SW040
TSN yes Trent South to Nottingham Line MR150
TSO yes Thurso Branch HR029
TSS yes Strathbungo & General Terminus Connecting Branch CA303
TSY yes Tees Yard NE512
TTA yes Chinley to Ashburys Line MR450
TTB   Treforest Trading Estate Branch TV049
TTE   Tilbury Marine Spur MR052
TTF yes Fawley Branch SW104
TTH yes Tonbridge to Hastings Line SE041
TUB   Turdees Branch CA194
TUF yes Tuffley Docks Branch MR294
TUN yes Tunstall Branch NS056
TUR yes Turnchapel Branch GW281
TVB yes Tees Valley Branch NE271
TVG yes Tovil Goods Branch SE036
TVZ yes Tresavean Branch GW351
TWE   Thornton West - East NB652
TWN yes Walton on the Naze Branch
TWS   Tilbury Docks MR059
TWY   Thames Wharf Yard MR026
TYB yes Torksay Branch
TYC yes Thoresby Colliery Branch GC114
TYL   Talyllyn Loop BM003
TYZ   Tycoch Loop. Now in KID1.


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