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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes G

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Signal Fact 54

The era of the NX (entrance-exit) push button panel started quietly in 1937 with an installation at Brunswick on the Cheshire Lines Railway.

The signal box was small and the installation was hardly noticed by the world at large.

Explanation of column content is here.

ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
GAA   Glasgow Airport Rail Link CA451
GAC   Gateside Colliery Branch CA283c
GAE yes Gaer Branch GW523
GAL   Garnkirk Lines
GAM   Gartness Branch CA343
GAN   Gartness Branch NB256
GAR   Garndiffaith Branch NW246
GAV   Gartverrie Branch NB341
GAW yes Garw Branch GW562
GBA yes Glasgow, Barrhead & Kilmarnock Joint Line GB001
GBB yes Great Bridge Branch GW763
GBK yes Glasgow, Barrhead & Kilmarnock Joint Line GB001
GBL yes Gowdall - Braithwell HB020
GBR yes Grindford Bar Branch
GBS yes Guide Bridge Sidings GC390
GBZ   Gravel Bridge Loop BP011
GCB   Glapwell Colliery Branch MR789
GCC   Garsfield and Chopwell Colliery Branch NE661
GCD yes Great Chesterford Siding GE050
GCG yes Glencraig Branch NB643
GCH   Guildford - Christ's Hospital LB081
GCL yes Glasgow Central Line CA477
GCT yes Grange Court - Hereford GW383
GDB   Dalkeith Branch NB074
GDK yes Inch Green Branch GS174
GDL yes Goole Docks Line LY366
GDW yes Glossop - Dinting West Junction GC371
GEH   Geldard Road Junction and Holbeck Line GN320
GEL   Gelligroes Loop NW262
GEN   Genwen Branch GW648
GES yes GEC Siding - Stafford No 4 NW180
GFB yes Gas Factory Junction - Bow Junction GE160
GFD   Glenfield Branch GS075
GFF yes Griff Branch NW326
GFG   Fort George Branch HR005
GFR   Gleniffer Branch GS196
GGE yes Gorgie Loop NB100
GGG   Gorgie Goods NB101
GGN yes Gilgarran Branch FN082
GGR   Garngaber Spur NB343
GGZ   Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen Loop
GHB   Riccarton Branch GS074
GHD   High Orchard Branch MR293
GHE yes Gartsherrie Line CA470
GHL yes Greenhill Connecting Line CA493
GHM   Goole High Level Mineral Line LY365
GHO   Gloucester Docks Branch MR292
GHS yes Great Howard Street Goods LY168
GHT   Gravel Hill Branch GW343
GIB yes Gildersome Branch GN350
GIF yes Giffen Branch
GIL yes Hendreforgan - Gilfach Coch GW554
GIR yes Girvan Goods Branch GS110/td>
GJB yes GJB1 Birchden Junction - Groombridge
GJB2 Groombridge - Tunbridge Wells
GJC yes Gannow Junction - Colne LY281
GJH yes Gretna Branch NB039
GKB   Gask Branch NB623
GLA   Glascoed ROF Branch. Now GRF.
GLA yes Gaerwen Junction - Amlwch Branch NW503
GLB yes Glasson Branch NW891
GLD yes Llanthony Docks Branch GW381
GLK   Glengarnock Branck CA316
GLL yes Hamilton Hill Branch; Lanarkshire & Dunbartonshire CA473
GLM   Glovers Mill Sidings GC100c
GLN   Garlieston Branch PW003
GLT yes Green Lane - Tyne Dock NE619
GMC yes Greater Manchester Council Branch CL002c
GMH yes Grangemouth Branch CA502
GMJ   Garriongill & Morningside Branch CA170
GMS yes Grantham Sidings GN135
GNB yes Glenochil Branch NB602
GNE yes Gunnie Yard Branch. NB340
GNN   Greenburn Opencast Line GS023
GNQ yes Gobowen - Nantmawr Quarry GW842
GNT yes Garnant Branch GW643
GNW   Glapwell Colliery Branch MR792
GNY   Gloucester New Yards GW370
GOB yes Gulf Oil Refinery Line GW675
GOC   Goldthorpe Colliery Branch LY401
GOJ yes Gospel Oak Junction - Junction Road Junction TH001
GOO yes Goonbarrow GW316
GOR   Goole Oakhill Junction to Rawcliffe Bridge Junction LY364
GOT   Gotham Branch GC026
GOU yes Gourock Line
GOU1 Wellneuk Junction - Stonybrae Junction
GOU2 Stoneybrae Junction - Gourock

GOV   Govern Goods Branch GP004
GPP   Greenock Pier Line GS170
GPV   Grain to Port Victoria Line. See HTG.
GRB yes Grange Branch NS055
GRC   Grimethorpe Colliery Branch MR840i
GRD yes Greetland Junction - Dryclough Junction LY292
GRE yes Graham Road Curve GE020c
GRF   Glascoed ROF Branch GW387
GRG   Guildford and Reading Line
GRM   Granton Branch CA096
GRN   Granton Branch NB119
GRO yes Grougar Branch (Mayfield Junction)
GRS yes Grantham and Skegness Line GN260
GRW yes Griffen Wharf, Ipswich GE242
GRZ   Grafton Curve GW181
GSB   Guild Street Branch MR216
GSD   Grangetown Shell Depot NE537f
GSE   Goole and Selby Extension Line
GSF yes St Fort - Glenburnie NB518
GSG yes Gresty Lane Junction - Salop Goods Junction NW206
GSJ yes Galton Junction - Stourbridge Junction GW752
GSM yes Kettering North Junction & Melton Mowbray Line MR100
GSR   Pilsley Extension (Grassmoor Branch) MR756
GST   Gilminscroft Branch GS043
GSW yes Glasgow & South Western Main Line GS001
GTB yes General Terminus Branch GS200
GTN   Granton & Leith Branch NB117
GTP yes Fairfield Junction - Chorlton Junction GC431
GTS   General Terminus Branch CA416
GTW yes Guildford to Wokingham Line SW064
GTY   Gloucester "T" Yard. Now part of GNY.
GUA yes Ashendon Junction - Grendon Underwood GC021
GUB   Guisborough to Brotton Line NE523
GUD yes Aberdeen Guild Street Branch CA588
GUE yes Guiseley Branch MR900
GUH yes Guisborough Branch NE520
GVB yes Golden Valley Branch GW431
GWA yes Gwaun cae Gurwen Branch GW644
GWB   North Greenwich Branch GE164
GWE yes Kidwelly - Mynydd-y-Garreg BP004
GWJ yes Greetwell Green Junction - Washingborough Junction GN104
GWR   Gaswater Branch GS041
GXO yes Bardsea Branch FR007


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