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Signalling Record Society - 50 Years

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Welcome indeed, to the web site of the Signalling Record Society.

The Society maintains and shares knowledge of Railway Signalling and Operation in the British Isles and Overseas. Everything from the present day signalling to the earliest times.

We possess much archive material and have expertise which can assist members in their study and research on these topics. We publish books, photographs and drawings which may be purchased. Modern material is being added to the digital archive regularly and members are able to download some of the digital material free of charge.

Please take the opportunity to explore the site. Navigation links are provided in the bar to your left and more links are conveniently scattered about the pages.

Modern LED signal at Small Heath  Three aspect colour light signal at Darlington  Starting & Distant signals at Barnetby  Somersault signal at Dhu Varren  Railway Policeman

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Archive Limited Re-opening

Power Signalling Register Updated

Finalised Accounts for 2019

Bookstall Reopening

York Book

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