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Cambrian Railway

Signal Fact 11

If the Ball can be seen, the line is right for the train to go in.

If the Ball is not visible, the train must not pass it.

Early Great Western Railway Instruction to Drivers.

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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

Published article: Railway Magazine, October 1898, including gradient profiles.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
CM001 Whitchurch - Moat Lane West
0m00c Cambrian Junction NW225
2m71c Fenns Bank
5m23c Peat Moss Siding
6m47c Bettisfield
7m71c Welshampton
10m69c Ellesmere
11m00c Wrexham & Ellesmere Junction CM002
11m60c Ellesmere West Junction CM003
12m68c Frankton
16m17c Whittington High Level
17m07c Tinkers Green Halt
18m02c Oswestry North
18m10c Oswestry Junction CM004
18m16c Oswestry
18m24c Oswestry South
19m53c Weston Wharf
19m63c Weston LC
21m67c Llynclys Junction CM005
23m15c Pant
23m66c Old Junction CM011
24m07c Llanymynech North
24m14c Llanymynech
24m21c Shropshire & Montgomery Junction
24m23c Llanymynech South Junction CM012
25m63c Four Crosses
27m29c Arddleen
29m17c Pool Quay
31m17c Buttington
31m20c Buttington Junction SP001
31m21c Parry Green LC
31m60c Buttington Hall LC
32m27c Buttington LC
32m39c Malt House LC
33m78c Welshpool (1st)
34m79c Coed y Dinas LC
35m50c Glenhafron LC
  Kilkewydd Bridge Junction
36m45c Fron LC
38m06c Munllyn LC
38m19c Forden
38m20c Forden LC
39m68c Rhydwhimen LC
40m16c Montgomery
41m18c Cherry Orchard LC
42m60c Upper Llegodig LC
43m26c The Bryn LC
43m63c Abermule North LC
43m66c Abermule
43m79c Abermule South
43m75c Kerry Branch Junction CM016
44m04c Court Farm LC
44m63c Red House LC
45m20c Cilgwrgan LC
45m39c Penarth LC
45m59c Penarth House LC
45m72c Penarth
46m34c Pen-y-Gelli No.2 LC
47m57c Newtown (2nd)
47m67c Newtown South
48m23c Newtown Junction CM018
49m47c Scafell
50m25c Penstrowed LC
51m18c Ty Mawr Farm LC
51m40c Red House Farm No.1 LC
52m18c Moat Lane (East) Junction CM030
52m28c Moat Lane Junction station
52m42c Moat Lane West Maes Mawr LC
52m51c Moat Lane
52m60c mile post CM040
WBJ: Whitchurch - Buttington Junction
PMC: Peat Moss Siding
SBA2: Buttington Junction - Moat Lane (52m60c)

1887 OS map shows 13 milepost from Oswestry near Peat Moss Siding and a 14 milepost between there and Fenns Bank.
No OS map evidence of the Peat Moss Branch shown by Cooke (map 96) although various tramways From Fenns Bank and around Peat Moss Litter Works do appear.
CM002 Ellesmere Junction - Wrexham Central GCR
0m00c Ellesmere Junction CM001
0m50c Ellesmere North Junction CM003
1m01c Elson Halt
2m40c Trench Halt
4m04c Overton on Dee
5m00c Cloy Halt
7m25c Bangor on Dee
8m45c Pickhill Halt
8m78c Sesswick Halt
10m24c Marchwiel
11m63c Hightown Platform
12m46c Wrexham Central GC490
CM003 Ellesmere West Junction - Ellesmere North Junction
0m26c Ellesmere West Junction CM001
0m00c Ellesmere North Junction CM002
CM004 Oswestry GWR - Oswestry
18m02c Oswestry GW Junction GW841
18m10c Oswestry Junction CM001
CM005 Tanat Valley Line
0m00c Llynclys Junction CM001
0m60c Trefonen Branch Junction
0m66c Porthywaen Branch Junction CM007
1m04c Porthywaen
1m07c Porthywaen LC
1m16c Porthywaen School LC
2m25c Blodwell North Junction CM010
2m40c Blodwell Junction
2m49c Blodwell South Junction CM013
3m17c Llanyblodwell
4m31c Glanyrafon
5m51c Llansilin Road
7m20c Llangedwyn
9m16c Pentrefelin
10m42c Llanrhaiadr Mochnant
11m51c Pedair Ffordd
13m28c Penybontfawr
15m71c Llangynog
15m76c end of line
GNQ2: Llynclys Junction - 2m38c
GNQ5: 2m45c - end of line
CM007 Porthywaen Branch Junction - Porthywaen,
datum Llynclys Junction
0m66c Porthywaen Branch Junction CM005
0m78c Porthywaen
CM010 Blodwell Junction - Nantmawr,
datum Llanfyllin Branch Junction
2m51c Blodwell North Junction CM005
3m70c Nantmawr
CM011 Rock Sidings & Old Llanfyllin Branch,
datum Whitchurch Cambrian Junction
23m66c Llanymynech Old Junction CM001
24m01c Rock Sidings
25m16c Llanymynech Curve Junction CM012
CM012 Llanymynech South Junction - Llanfyllin
0m00c Llanymynech South Junction CM001
  Caree & Hofa
0m61c Llanfyllin Branch Junction CM013
1m17c Llanymynech Curve Junction CM011
3m07c Llansantffraid
4m64c Llanfechain
6m53c Bryngwyn
8m41c Llanyfyllin
8m44c end of line
LFB: Llanymynech Curve Junction - end of line
CM013 Nantmawr Branch
datum Llanymynech South Junction
0m61c Llanfyllin Branch Junction CM012
2m32c Blodwell South Junction CM005
CM014 1992 Welshpool Deviation
CM015 Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway
0m00c Welshpool
0m34c Seven Stars
0m76c Raven Square
1m46c New Drive LC
2m67c Golfa
2m71c Cwm Lane LC
3m54c Sylfren Halt
4m35c Coppice Lane LC
4m61c Castle Caereinion
4m64c Castle Caereinion LC
5m05c Dolarddwyn
5m35c Dolarddyn LC
6m01c Hydan Fawr LC
6m57c Cyfronydd
6m59c Cyfronydd LC
7m55c Heniarth
7m55c Heniarth LC
9m04c Llanfair Caereinion
9m05c end of line
0m78c - 9m05c now Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway Preservation Co Ltd.
CM016 Kerry Branch
0m00c Kerry Branch Junction CM001
0m09c Abermule
1m28c Ffronfraith
2m29c Goitre Halt
3m59c Kerry
3m62c end of line
CM018 Newtown Goods Depot (Newtown 1st)
0m00c Newtown Junction CM001
0m22c Newtown Goods
CM030 Moat Lane East - Talyllyn Junction No.2 B&M
datum Whitchurch Cambrian Junction
52m18c Moat Lane Junction CM001
52m28c Moat Lane Junction station
54m33c Llandinam
57m15c Dolwen
59m65c Llanidloes North
59m76c Llanidloes
61m62c Pentpontbren Junction CM031
63m14c Tylwch
64m65c Glan-yr-Afon
67m09c Pany-y-Dwr
68m37c St Harmons
71m14c Marteg Halt
73m66c Rhayader
74m33c Elan Valley Junction CM032 CM033
77m08c Doldowlod
81m15c Newbridge on Wye
84m79c Builth Road Low Level Junction NW291
85m12c Builth Road
86m59c Builth Wells
88m53c Llanfaredd Halt
90m61c Aberedw
92m00c Tircelyn
93m41c Erwood
95m64c Llanstephan
97m60c Boughrood & Llyswen Halt
100m44c Three Cocks
100m50c (40m52c) Three Cocks Station Junction CM034
102m75c (42m77c) Talgarth
105m27c (45m30c) Trefeinon
107m09c (49m10c) Llangorse Lake Halt
107m78c (49m79c) Talyllyn No.1 North Junction CM035
107m79c CR-B&M boundary BM003
Mile post mileages in brackets are taken from sheet 57 (1923) of the LMSR (ex Midland Railway) Distance Diagrams, datum Llanidloes.
CM031 Penpontbren Junction - Llangurig
0m00c Pentpontbren Junction CM030
4m68c Llangurig
CM032 Elan Valley Junction - Pen-y-Garreg
74m33c Elan Valley Junction CM030
CM033 Elan Valley Branch to Caban Coch
74m33c Elan Valley Junction CM030
Caban Coch
CM034 Three Cocks Junction - Glasbury Junction MR
0m00c Three Cocks Junction CM030
0m06c Three Cocks
0m34c Glasbury Junction MR390
CM035 Talyllyn Junction No.1 - Talyllyn Junction No.3 B&M
107m78c Talyllyn North Junction CM030
108m32c Talyllyn East Junction BM001
CM040 Whitchurch & Aberystwyth
datum Cambrian Junction
52m60c mile post CM001
52m70c Llanidloes Road LC
53m11c Football Field LC
53m19c Van Branch Junction CM041
53m31c Caersws LC
53m34c Caersws
54m10c Bridge 172 LC
54m26c Weig Lane LC
54m50c Criagfryn LC
55m02c Pontdolgoch
55m50c Neuadd LC
55m78c Plasau Clatter No.1 LC
56m08c Clatter Crossing
57m15c Oerffrwyd LC
57m76c Plas Newydd LC
58m72c Post Office No.1 LC
58m73c Post Office No.2 LC
59m14c Carno
59m17c Carno LC
59m72c Sarn LC
60m35c Pikins LC
60m50c Tyddyn-y-Pwll LC
60m78c Rallt LC
61m25c Ystrad Fawr LC
61m27c Talerddig
63m05c Ty'n-yr-Wtre LC
63m13c Caetwpa LC
63m34c Old Chapel LC
64m06c Coed Cae LC
64m56c Llanbrynmair
64m58c Llanbrynmair LC
65m36c Pentre Mawr LC
65m57c Ty Pella LC
66m10c Mywars No.2 LC
66m49c Durn LC
68m14c Commins Coch Halt
70m01c Cemmes Road CM042
70m05c Cemmes Road LC
74m05c Llanglan Fechan No.2 LC
74m54c Llanglan Fechan No.4 LC
74m77c Machynlleth East
75m11c Machynlleth
75m15c Machynlleth West
75m70c Rhosfach LC
76m15c Nawlyns LC
76m50c Rhiwlas Hall No.2 LC
76m78c Rhiwlas Hall No.4 LC
77m13c Doldyfi LC
77m44c Quay Ward No.1 LC
77m61c Quay Ward No.2 LC
77m66c Derwenlas Siding
77m71c Quay Ward No.3 LC
78m08c Quay Ward No.4 LC
78m74c Dovey Junction CM050
79m03c Dovey Junction station
79m60c Glandyfi
Brickyard No.3 LC
85m17c Ynyslas
85m21c Ynyslas LC
85m38c Ynyslas Junction CM045
86m04c Aberleri LC
87m28c Borth
87m59c Borth Capel Soar LC
89m58c Llandre LC
89m61c Llandre
90m64c Pant y Peron LC
91m28c Bow Street
94m57c Llanbadarn Crossing
95m49c Aberystwyth Junction GW663
95m59c Aberystwyth
CM041 Van Branch
0m00c Van Branch Junction CM040
2m02c Trewythan Goods
2m58c Red House
4m07c Trefeglwys
5m09c Cerist
6m13c Garth & Van Road
6m47c end of line
CM042 Mawddwy Branch
0m00c Cemmes Road
0m04c connection to main line
1m42c Cemmes
4m06c Aberangell
5m55c Mallwyd
6m63c Dinas Mawddwy
CM043 Corris Railway
Not part of the Cambrian Railway, moved to Corris Railway CR001
CM044 Corris Railway Branch to Abercwmeiddaw Quarry
Not part of the Cambrian Railway, moved to Corris Railway CR002
CM045 Ynyslas Timber Creosoting Siding
Ynyslas Junction CM040
Aberdovey Ferry
CM050 Dovey Junction - Pwllheli
datum Whitchurch Cambrian Junction
78m74c Dovey Junction CM040
79m03c Dovey Junction station
79m53c Ynys LC
80m54c Gogarth Halt
82m29c Abertafol Halt
84m08c Penhelig
84m75c Penrhos LC
84m76c Harbour Junction CM051
85m02c Aberdovey
85m38c Treffeddian LC
86m05c Cemetary LC
86m38c Dyffryn LC
86m47c Dafydd LC
86m64c Rhowniar LC
87m21c Coethie Farm LC
88m57c Towyn / Tywyn
89m09c Sandilands LC
91m06c Tonfanu LC
91m09c Tonfanu
92m72c Ty'n Llan No.1 LC
93m22c Ty'n Llan No.3 LC
93m24c Llangelynin
94m04c Bronnant LC
94m40c Gorshwen 2 LC
94m42c Allens LC
94m72c Henblas LC
95m19c Llwyngwril
95m21c Borthwen Farm LC
96m19c Bont-y-Clettwr LC
97m70c Fairbourne LC
97m72c Fairbourne
98m64c Barmouth South Junction CM055
99m00c Barmouth Junction
99m05c Barmouth North Junction CM054
100m44c Barmouth South LC
100m45c Barmouth
102m14c Llanaber Halt
104m37c Talybont Halt
105m04c Bennar Fawr LC
105m50c Dyffryn on Sea (1)
105m54c Llwyn Cadwgan LC
107m67c Talwrn Bach LC
107m68c Talwrn Bach Halt
108m41c Pensarn LC
108m45c Llanbedr & Pensarn
108m51c Pensarn North LC
108m72c Ymlwch LC
109m16c Llandanwg LC
109m17c Llandanwg Halt
110m79c Harlech Morfa LC
111m30c Harlech
111m35c Morfa No.1 LC
113m55c Tygwyn Halt
  Tygwyn LC
114m43c Talsarnau
  Talsarnau LC
115m63c Llandecwyn Halt
116m36c Hafod-y-Wern LC
116m47c Penrhyndeudraeth
116m54c Penrhyndeudraeth Station LC
117m58c Minfford
  Tramway Crossing
118m14c Minffordd Quarry LC
119m41c Traethmawr LC
119m61c Gorseddau Crossing CM056
119m73c Porthmadog LC
119m77c Portmadoc
122m42c Coed-y-Llyn No.1 LC
123m23c Porth Hir LC
123m38c Black Rock Halt
124m28c Merllyn LC
124m55c Maes LC
124m74c Criccieth
128m18c Afon Wen
128m24c Afon Wen Junction CM057
129m30c Penychain
130m77c Abererch
130m78c Abererch LC
132m13c Pwllheli East Junction CM058
132m31c Pwllheli Goods LC
132m70c Pwllheli (2nd)
(1) now Dyffryn Ardudwy

Article: Railway Magazine 1962 March.
CM051 Aberdovey Harbour Branch
0m37c Aberdovey Harbour
0m28c Landing Stage Junction CM052
0m00c Harbour Branch Junction CM050
CM052 Aberdovey Landing Stage Branch
0m34c Aberdovey Landing Stage
0m28c Landing Stage Junction CM051
CM054 Dolgelly Branch
44m65c CR / GWR boundary GW844
46m52c Penmaenpool
51m18c Arthog
52m01c Barmouth East Junction
52m16c Barmouth Junction station
52m23c Barmouth North Junction CM050
CM055 Barmouth Junction East - Barmouth Junction South
0m00c Barmouth East Junction CM054
0m22c Barmouth South Junction CM050
CM056 Bedgellert Siding
Bedgellert Siding
0m00c Gorseddau Crossing CM050
CM057 Connection to LNWR at Afon Wen
128m24c Afon Wen Junction CM050
128m38c CR - LNWR boundary NW512
CM058 Pwllheli - Original Station
132m13c Pwllheli East Junction CM050
Pwllheli (1st)
CM080 Vale of Rheidol Light Railway
0m00c Aberystwyth
0m18c Harbour Branch Junction CM081
1m14c Llanbadarn Halt
1m17c Llanbadarn LC
2m02c New Glanyrafon LC
2m28c Glanyrafon Halt
3m03c Lovesgrove Halt
4m49c Capel Bangor
4m53c Capel Bangor LC
5m34c Tanyrallt LC
6m55c Nantyronen LC
6m58c Nantyrdwen Halt
7m53c Aberffrwd
7m55c Aberffrwd LC
9m15c Rheidol Falls Halt
10m65c Rhiwfron
11m70c Devil's Bridge
CM081 Vale of Rheidol Light Railway - Harbour Branch
0m00c Harbour Branch Junction CM080
0m42c end of line


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