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RailRef Line Codes GW

Great Western Railway

Signal Fact 4

Around 1834 the first rotating board signals worked by a handle at the bottom of the post began to appear on the Liverpool & Manchester Railway.

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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

Milepost Mileages

Unless otherwise shown, Great Western Mileages are from London Paddington, the zero point being the Paddington Suburban Tunnel boundary with the Metropolitan Railway. Mileages are generally counted via the original route and not via the later 'cut off' lines. Whilst mileages on branches that 'trailed in' have datum of zero at the junction there are some exceptions.

Paddington opened in 1854, effectively swapping places with Paddington Goods. The connection to the Metropolitan opened in 1863. Not currently known how these developments gave rise to changes in the zero point.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
GW001 Main Line

0m03c London Paddington
0m20c Paddington Arrival
0m22c Paddington Departure
0m48c Westbourne Bridge
0m66c Crystal Palace Loop East Junction GW007c
0m76c Subway Junction GW005
1m08c Green Lane Junction
1m20c Westbourne Park
1m30c Portobello Junction GW006 GW007 GW008
1m65c Ladbroke Grove
1m71c Ladbroke Bridge Junction GW009
2m15c Kensal Green
2m64c West London Junction GW034
2m64c Old Oak Common East
2m79c Old Oak Common Engine Shed
3m22c Old Oak Common West
3m24c Old Oak Common Junction GW040
3m40c mile post GW060

Article: Railway Magazine 1933 December (Paddington).
GW002 Paddington Suburban to Westbourne Park

0m00c Paddington Tunnel MT006
0m16c Paddington (Suburban) (1)
0m21c boundary GWR-LPTB
0m47c Royal Oak
1m10c Crystal Palace West Loop Junction GW007c
1m17c Westbourne Park
1m32c boundary GWR-LPTB GW003

(1) originally Bishop's Road
Hammersmith & City Line

0m00c datum point near junction
0m20c Green Lane Junction (boundary Met/GWR) GW002
0m44c Ladbroke Grove (1)
0m78c Latimer Road
1m01c Latimer Road Junction GW004
1m37c White City (2)
1m47c Shepherds Bush
1m73c Goldhawk Road
2m09c Grove Road Junction SW022
2m15c Coal Yard Junction GW004f
2m38c Hammersmith

(1) originally Notting Hill
(2) originally Wood Lane
GW004 Latimer Road Junction to Uxbridge Road Junction
0m00c Latimer Road Junction GW003
0m39c Uxbridge Road Junction WL001
GW004f Hammersmith Goods Branch
datum Green Lane Junction
2m15c Coal Yard Junction GW003
2m39c Hammersmith Goods
GW005 City Lines
0m52c Royal Oak Junction GW002
0m76c Subway Junction GW001
GW006 Paddington Goods Line

0m21c Paddington Goods
  Lords Hill Junction
0m71c Alfred Road Sidings GF GW007
1m14c Green Lane GF
  Mousehole Sidings GF
1m30c Portobello Junction GW001
GW007 Cape Horn Tunnel Alignment
0m71c Alfred Road Sidings GF GW006
  Portobello Junction GW001
Ran via site of Westbourne Park MPD (later Paddington New Depot) and Cape Horn Tunnel; closed 1906.
GW007c Crystal Palace Loop
0m66c Crystal Palace Loop East Junction GW001
1m10c Crystal Palace West Loop Junction GW002
GW008 Crimea Yard Line
0m71c Crimea Yard
1m19c flat crossing (Westbourne Park)
1m30c Portobello Junction GW001
GW009 Overbridge Lines
1m71c Ladbroke Bridge Junction GW001
2m64c Old Oak Common East Junction
2m79c Old Oak Common Engine Shed SB
  Old Oak Common MPD
GW010 West London Yard Line
1m71c Ladbroke Bridge Junction GW001
2m05c West London Sidings GF
2m51c Carriage Yard Junction (1) GW034
(1) aka North Pole Loop Junction
GW011 Old Oak Common Yards

Coronation Sidings
Van Sidings
Carriage Shed
Field Sidings
Up Yard
Old Oak Common MPD
Heathrow Express
GW012 Smithfield Goods Depot
datum Kings Cross
1m33c Smithfield Goods
1m26c Smithfield Junction MT020
GW013 Poplar Dock Goods Depot
junction off LNWR (NLR) West India Dock Branch
Poplar Dock Goods
Closed October 1940.
GW014 Royal Albert Dock Goods Depot
0m00c Royal Albert Dock Goods Yard
0m24c connection to GER GE174
0m29c Goods Depot
GW015 Victoria Dock Goods Depot
Victoria Dock Goods
Victoria Dock Goods Junction GE170
Longhedge Junction LBSCR / SECR - Earls Court Junction
See West London Extension WE001 for detail.
GW021 Stewarts Lane Junction SE&CR - South Lambeth Goods Depot
0m75c Battersea Pier Junction SE102
1m25c South Lambeth Goods
West London Junction LSWR - Latchmere No.3 Junction
See West London Extension WE002 for detail.
Falcon Road Junction LBSCR - Latchmere No.1 Junction
See West London Extension WE003 for detail.
Ludgate Junction LSWR - Latchmere No.2 Junction
See West London Extension WE004 for detail.
Chelsea Basin Junction - Chelsea Basin
See West London Extension WE005 for detail.
Earls Court Junction to North Pole Junction
See West London Railway WL001 for detail.
GW031 Warwick Road Coal Depot
datum West London Junction
3m02c Earls Court Junction WL001
3m09c Warwick Road Coal Depot
GW032 Shepherds Bush Goods Branch
Viaduct Junction WL001
Uxbridge Road Depot
GW033 Viaduct Junction to North Acton Junction
datum Ealing Broadway
4m10c (0m00c) Viaduct Junction WL001
1m67c (2m23c) North Acton Junction GW040
When remiled from Viaduct Junction??
GW034 Victoria Branch
0m34c North Pole Junction WL001
0m28c Carriage Branch Junction (1) GW010
0m00c West London Junction GW001
(1) aka North Pole Loop Junction
GW040 Acton & Northolt Line

3m24c Old Oak Common Junction GW001
3m43c Old Oak Lane
3m65c North Acton
3m75c Cemetary Road
4m07c North Acton Junction (2nd) GW033
4m08c North Acton Halt
4m15c North Acton Junction (to works)
4m38c Park Royal East
4m46c Park Royal
4m64c Park Royal West
4m68c Park Royal Goods Branch Junction GW041
5m03c Park Royal West
5m28c Twyford Abbey
5m41c Brentham
  Hanger Lane
6m21c Perivale
6m65c Perivale Halt
7m15c Greenford East (Loop) Junction GW042
7m44c Greenford Station East
7m49c Greenford West Junction GW043
7m64c Greenford
7m74c Greenford Station West
8m00c Aladdin Branch Junction GW046
8m59c Northolt
10m06c Northolt JUnction East
10m15c Northolt Junction GW050 GC008
GW041 Park Royal Goods Branch
4m08c Park Royal Goods
  Brewery Junction GW041c
4m68c Park Royal Goods Branch Junction GW040
GW041c Park Royal Freight Branch
0m00c Freight Junction GW041
0m37c Guinness Brewery
GW041f Park Royal Stone Terminal
0m00c Freight Junction GW041
0m41c Stone Terminal
GW042 Greenford East Curve
8m44c Greenford South Junction GW043
8m48c Greenford South Loop
8m70c Greenford East Junction GW040
GW043 West Ealing Loop
6m56c West Ealing Junction GW060
6m71c Plassers LC
7m04c Drayton Green Junction GW044
7m06c Drayton Green
7m43c Castle Bar Park
8m24c South Greenford
8m44c Greenford South Junction GW042 GW045
8m72c Greenford East Station
8m77c Greenford West Junction GW041
GW044 Hanwell Loop
0m00c Hanwell East Junction GW060
0m36c Drayton Green Junction GW043
GW045 Greenford Bay Platform
8m44c Greenford South Junction GW042 GW043
9m07c Greenford Bay Platform
BR 1948
GW046 Aladdin Factory Branch
8m00c Branch Junction GW040
8m40c end of branch
Northolt Junction & Ashendon Line
0m00c Northolt Junction GW040 GC004
0m06c Northolt Junction (1)
0m23c Northolt Junction West
0m53c Ruislip Gardens
1m68c Ruislip & Ickenham (2)
1m68c West Ruislip
3m27c South Harefield Halt
3m44c Denham East Junction GW051
3m76c Denham West Junction GW052
4m47c Denham Station
4m50c Denham
5m42c Denham Golf Club
7m08c Gerrards Cross East
7m18c Gerrards Cross
7m33c Gerrards Cross East
9m63c Wilton Park
9m75c Seer Green & Jordans
11m29c Beaconsfield East
11m40c Beaconsfield
11m53c Beaconsfield West
13m78c Tylers Green
16m11c High Wycombe (South) Junction GW072
16m29c High Wycombe
16m48c High Wycombe Middle
16m72c High Wycombe North
18m48c West Wycombe
21m27c Saunderton
21m36c Saunderton
24m28c Princes Risborough South
24m40c Princes Risborough
24m48c Princes Risborough (North) Junction GW053 GW054 GW055
27m16c Ilmer Halt
29m74c Haddenham
30m25c Haddenham & Thame Parkway
33m69c Ashendon Junction GW731 GC021
(1) originally South Ruislip.
(2) West Ruislip from 1947.

Milepost mileages from High Wycombe South to Princes Risborough North were measured via Maidenhead prior to the Banbury Direct line opening.
GW051 Denham East Curve
0m00c Denham East Junction GW050
0m27c Denham South Junction GW052
Closed 1917.
GW052 Denham and Uxbridge Branch.
0m00c Denham West Junction GW050
0m28c Denham South Junction GW051
1m58c Uxbridge Goods Junction GW052c
2m03c Uxbridge High Street
GW052c Uxbridge Goods Branch
datum Denham West Junction
1m58c Uxbridge Goods Junction GW052
1m78c Uxbridge Goods
GW053 Thame Branch
0m00c Princes Risborough North Junction GW050
1m51c Bledlow
4m31c Towersley
5m53c Thame
9m65c Tiddington
13m13c Wheatley
14m68c Horspath
16m09c Morris Cowley
17m47c Littlemore
18m31c Iffley
18m48c Kennington Junction GW100
PRT aonly applies to the BR LMR part.

Milepost mileages on 1875-1881 OS maps show them measured from Paddington via Maidenhead and High Wycombe.

Article: Railway Magazine 1933 October.
GW054 Watlington Branch
0m00c Princes Risborough North Junction GW050
1m52c Bledlow Bridge
2m75c Wainhill
3m48c Chinnor
5m17c Kingston Crossing
6m07c Aston Rowant
7m04c Lewknor Bridge
8m66c Watlington
Article: Railway Magazine 1933 October.
Aylesbury Branch
42m31c Princes Risborough Junction GW050
43m51c Monks Risborough & White Leaf
45m13c Little Kimble
48m63c South Aylesbury
49m35c Aylesbury Junction GC002
Article: Railway Magazine 1933 October.
GW060 Main Line
3m40c Old Oak Common Junction GW001
3m53c Friars Junction
4m12c Acton East
4m15c Poplar Junction GW061
4m21c Acton
4m29c Acton Middle
4m79c Acton West
5m45c Ealing Broadway Junction GW062
5m56c Ealing Broadway
6m10c Longfield Avenue
6m41c West Ealing
6m56c West Ealing Junction GW043
7m20c Hanwell East Junction GW044
7m28c Hanwell & Elthorne
8m03c Hanwell West
8m12c Hanwell Bridge Sidings GF
9m01c Southall East Junction GW064
9m06c Southall
9m15c Southall West Station
9m57c Southall West Junction
10m71c Hayes Creosote Sidings GW064c
10m74c Hayes & Harlington
11m14c Heathrow Airport Junction GW065
11m58c Dawley
13m11c West Drayton East
13m18c West Drayton
13m28c Uxbridge Branch Junction GW067
13m32c West Drayton West
14m60c Iver
16m18c Langley
17m35c Dolphin Junction
18m31c Slough East
18m36c Slough
18m45c Windsor Branch Junction GW069
18m45c Slough Middle
18m69c Slough West Junction GW070
19m42c Farnham Road
19m62c Farnham Road Junction GW071
20m41c Hay Mill
20m77c Burnham (Beeches)
22m38c Taplow
22m64c Maidenhead & Taplow (1st)
  Maidenhead Bridge Junction
24m10c Maidenhead East
24m19c Maidenhead (2nd)
24m24c Maidenhead Junction GW072
24m31c Maidenhead Middle
24m40c Maidenhead West
25m00c mile post GW080
MLN1: Old Oak Common Junction - Maidenhead 25mp
LDD: Southall Loco & Diesel Depot 8m46c - 9m02c
GW061 Acton Wells Branch.
0m00c Poplar Junction GW060
0m49c Acton Wells Junction NW100
GW062 Ealing Broadway to White City.
0m00c Ealing Broadway
0m14c Ealing Broadway Junction GW060
  West Acton
1m67c North Acton Junction GW063
  North Acton
  East Acton
3m10c Wood Lane Junction
  White City
4m15c boundary Central London Railway LE050
GW063 North Acton Junction to Greenford LPTB.
North Acton Junction GW062
Hanger Lane
GW064 Brentford Branch
0m00c Southall East Junction GW060
1m39c Trumpers Crossing
2m33c Firestone North GF
2m37c Syon Lane GF
2m72c Brentford Town Goods
3m00c Firestone
3m31c Brentford
3m78c Brentford Dock
GW064c Hayes Creosote Depot
10m22c end of depot
10m71c connection to main line GW060
The depot also had a narrow gauge railway within it.
GW065 Heathrow Airport Branch
11m14c Heathrow Airport Junction GW060
12m20c London Heathrow Fast station (1)
12m30c NR / BAA Boundary
14m48c Terminals 1, 2 & 3 station
16m32c Terminal 4 station
(1) aka Heathrow Junction, temporary station January - May 1998.
GW066 Heathrow Terminal 5 Branch
GW067 Uxbridge Branch
13m28c Uxbridge Branch Junction GW060
13m39c Staines Branch Junction GW068
14m63c Cowley
15m68c Uxbridge Vine Street
SAT: Uxbridge Branch Junction - Staines Branch Junction
UXB: Staines Branch Junction - Uxbridge
GW068 Staines Branch
13m39c Staines Branch Junction GW067
15m66c Colnbrook Estate
16m19c Colnbrook
16m49c Poyle Estate
17m03c Poyle
18m26c Yeoveney
18m39c Yeoveney Junction SW052a
19m39c Staines West
GW069 Windsor Branch
18m45c Windsor Branch Junction GW060
18m67c Bath Road Junction GW070
19m12c Chalvey
19m71c Eton
21m20c Windsor & Eton Central
GW070 Slough West Curve
0m00c Slough West Junction GW060
0m19c Bath Road Junction GW069
GW071 Slough Estate
Farnham Road Junction GW060
Slough Estate Lines
GW072 Wycombe Branch
24m24c Maidenhead Junction GW060
  Maidenhead Branch
  Boyne Hill
25m36c Furze Platt LC
25m41c Furze Platt
27m13c Cookham
  Cookham LC
28m41c Bourne End Junction GW073
28m48c Bourne End South
28m52c Bourne End
28m56c Bourne End North
28m70c Cores End Level Crossing
30m02c Wooburn Green
31m39c Loudwater
33m68c High Wycombe Junction GW050
Article: Railway Magazine 1933 September, October.
GW073 Marlow Branch
0m00c Bourne End Bay Platform
0m05c Bourne End Junction GW072
0m18c Brooksby LC
0m21c Marina LC
0m58c Spade Oak LC
1m44c Calcott Lane LC
2m53c Marlow
2m61c end of line
GW080 Main Line
25m00c mile post GW060
26m21c Waltham Siding
27m71c Shottesbrook
29m38c Ruscombe
30m67c Twyford East
31m01c Twyford
31m04c Twyford West Junction GW081
31m08c Twyford West
31m60c Sonning East
32m60c Woodley Bridge
33m55c Sonning Cutting
34m09c Sonning Sidings
34m70c Kennet Bridge
35m40c Reading New Junction SE081
35m63c Reading Old Junction SE082
35m78c Reading
36m16c Basingstoke Line Junction GW083
36m27c Reading Goods Line West
36m78c Reading West Junction GW084
37m60c Scours Lane Junction
38m51c Tilehurst
40m10c Purley Signals
41m43c Pangbourne
43m16c Basildon Signals
44m60c Goring & Streatley
46m41c South Stoke
47m60c Wallingford Road
48m37c Cholsey & Moulsford
48m42c Wallingford Branch Junction GW092
50m45c Aston Tirrold
51m38c Moreton Cutting
  Fulscott Crossing
52m59c Newbury Line Junction GW087
52m69c Didcot East Junction GW102
53m10c Didcot
53m13c Chester Line Junction GW100
53m54c Foxhall Junction GW101
54m00c mile post GW110
GW081 Henley-on-Thames Branch
31m04c Twyford West Junction GW080
32m68c Wargrave
33m61c Shiplake
33m66c Shiplake LC
34m31c Bolney Farm LC
  Mill Lane Crossing
35m50c Henley-on-Thames
GW082 Reading Low Level Goods Lines
35m08c Kings Meadow Sidings
35m48c Low Level Junction GW082c
36m10c Vastern Road Goods (Coal Yard)
GW082c Reading Old Junction - Reading Goods
35m30c Reading Old Junction SE082
35m48c Low Level Junction GW082
GW083 Basingstoke Branch
36m17c Basingstoke Line Junction GW080
36m67c Oxford Road Junction GW084
36m75c Reading West
37m59c Coley Goods Junction GW085
37m67c Southcote Junction GW086
39m23c Pound Green
39m69c Burghfield
43m14c Mortimer
44m62c Stratfield Saye
46m41c Bramley
48m60c Sherfield
51m17c Basingstoke Junction SW060
51m37c Basingstoke
GW084 Reading West Curve
0m00c Reading West Junction GW080
0m43c Oxford Road Junction GW083
GW085 Coley Branch
0m00c Coley Goods Junction GW083
1m61c Reading Central Goods
GW086 Berks & Hants Line
datum London Paddington.
37m61c Southcote Junction GW083
39m68c Calcot
40m63c Drakes No.2 No.BH197 LC
41m23c Theale
42m74c Tile Mill Siding
43m39c Ufton LC
44m11c Towney No.BH188 LC
44m63c Aldermaston
46m16c Wickham Knights No.BH183 LC
46m56c Midgham LC
46m59c Midgham
47m08c Compeday No.BH181 LC
47m47c Crannel's No.BH179 LC
48m22c Marsh
48m75c Colthrop Siding LC
49m45c Thatcham
49m51c Thatcham LC
52m31c Newbury Racecourse
52m58c Newbury East Junction GW087
53m07c Newbury
53m15c Lambourn Valley Junction GW088
54m18c Enborne Junction GW089
56m09c Hamstead (Kintbury) LC
58m38c Kintbury
58m42c Kintbury LC
61m43c Hungerford
61m47c Hungerford LC
64m67c Fairfield LC
66m02c Wansdyke LC
66m33c Bedwyn
67m00c mile post GW180
GW087 Newbury & Didcot Line
0m00c Newbury East Junction GW086
2m62c Fishers Lane Crossing
4m13c Hermitage
4m69c Pinewood
7m07c Hampstead Norris
9m14c Compton
10m79c Churn
12m10c Ilsley Signals
14m54c Upton & Blewbury
17m18c Newbury Line Junction GW080
17m49c Didcot Bay Platform
GW088 Lambourn Valley Branch
datum Newbury Station.
0m08c Lambourn Valley Junction GW086
0m59c Newbury Westfields
1m55c Speen
2m62c Stockcross & Bagnor
4m58c Boxford
6m28c Welford Park
8m16c Great Shefford
9m76c East Garston
11m04c Eastbury
12m35c Lambourn
Article: Steam Days 2016 February.
GW089 Newbury & Winchester Line
0m00c Enborne Junction GW086
2m18c Woodhay
4m38c Highclere
6m33c Burghclere
9m01c Litchfield
12m57c Whitchurch
15m77c Lodge Bridge SB
16m40c Barton Stacey Halt
18m33c Sutton Scotney
21m18c Worthy Down
21m26c Worthy Down Junction GW090
23m24c King's Worthy
24m20c Winnal Siding
24m69c Avington Branch Junction GW091
25m20c Winchester Cheesehill
25m29c GWR / LSWR boundary SW071
GW090 Worthy Down Loop
datum Enborne Junction
21m26c Worthy Down Junction GW089
  boundary GWR / LSWR
22m32c Winchester Junction (LSWR)
GW091 Avington Camp Branch
0m00c Avington Branch Junction GW089
2m68c Avington Camp
GW091c Winchester Goods
datum Enborne Junction
25m25c Winchester Goods
25m60c Sidings Junction SW071
GW092 Wallingford Branch
datum Cholsey Station.
0m06c Wallingford Branch Junction GW080
2m52c Wallingford
GW100 Didcot & Chester Line
53m13c Chester Line Junction GW080
53m50c Didcot West Curve Junction GW101
53m68c Didcot Goods Line Junction
53m73c Didcot North Junction GW102
54m54c Appleford Crossing GW103
55m16c Appleford
56m17c Culham
57m32c Nuneham
  Abingdon Junction GW104
58m35c Radley
58m43c Radley Junction
60m49c Manor Farm LC
61m04c Kennington Junction LC
61m12c Kennington Junction GW053
61m51c Abingdon Road
61m62c Hinksey South
61m63c Millstream Junction GW105
62m17c Hinksey Halt
62m64c Tuckwells LC
62m71c Hinksey North
63m31c Oxford Station South Botley Road LC
63m40c Oxford (2nd)
63m49c Oxford Station North
63m74c Oxford North Junction NW130
64m45c Oxford New Junction
65m47c Wolvercot Siding
65m65c Wolvercot
66m32c Wolvercot Junction GW106
66m56c Drinkwater LC
67m40c Yarnton Lane LC
67m78c Sandy Lane LC
68m43c Roundham LC
69m05c Kidlington
69m11c Kidlington Junction GW108
70m00c mile post GW730
GW101 Didcot West Curve
0m00c Foxhall Junction GW080
0m33c Didcot West Curve Junction GW100
GW102 Didcot East Curve
datum Paddington
52m69c Didcot East Junction GW080
53m06c footpath LC
53m64c Didcot North Junction GW100
GW103 Appleford Refuse Branch
54m54c Appleford Crossing GW100
Refuse Terminal
GW104 Abingdon Branch
datum Radley Station 58m36c
  Abingdon Junction
2m44c Abingdon
Article: Backtrack March 2021.
GW105 Oxford Original Terminus
datum Paddington via Didcot Station
61m63c Millstream Junction GW100
62m70c Oxford (1st)
GW106 Witney & Fairford Branches
datum Paddington via Didcot Station
Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway
66m32c Wolvercot Junction GW100
67m11c Yarnton Oxford Road Junction NW134
67m22c Yarnton Junction SB
67m25c Yarnton station
67m28c Yarnton Witney Junction GW690

Fairford Branch
67m28c Witney Junction GW690
68m39c Cassington Halt
70m52c Eynsham station & SB
72m62c South Leigh station
75m12c Witney Goods Junction GW107

East Gloucestershire Railway
75m35c Witney (2nd) station
75m36c Witney Station SB
79m11c Brize Norton & Bampton station
79m12c Brize Norton & Bampton SB
80m42c Carterton SB
80m46c Carterton station
81m19c Alvescot station
83m28c Kelmscott & Langford Halt
85m62c Lechlade SB
85m63c Lechlade station
89m03c Fairford station
89m04c Fairford SB
89m22c end of line
East Gloucestershire Railway originally miled from Witney; shown as such on 1880 OS maps; changed by GWR by 1899.
GW107 Witney Goods Branch
datum Paddington via Didcot Station
75m12c Goods Junction GW106
75m41c Witney Goods (Witney 1st)
GW108 Woodstock Branch
datum Kidlington Station
0m04c Kidlington Junction GW100
2m09c Shipton-on-Cherwell Halt
3m57c Blenheim & Woodstock
GW110 Main Line
datum Paddington
54m00c mile post GW080
  Milton SB
56m42c Steventon
56m58c Stocks Lane LC
56m72c Causeway Crossing
57m55c Lockinge East
58m18c Lockinge West
58m51c Lockinge
59m61c Butterfly Lane LC
60m26c Wantage Junction WT001
60m32c Wantage Road
61m37c Grove LC
62m20c Circourt
63m66c Challow
66m36c Uffington Junction GW112
66m43c Uffington
69m00c Knighton Crossing
71m05c Ashbury Crossing
71m42c Shrivenham
73m61c Marston Crossing East
74m14c Marston Crossing West
74m48c South Marston Junction (Euro Terminal)
75m05c Stratton Park
76m28c Highworth Junction GW113
76m64c Swindon Goods Yard
77m12c Swindon Station East
77m24c Swindon
77m33c Swindon Station West
77m35c Gloucester Junction GW370
78m01c Rodbourne Lane Junction
78m41c Rushey Platt Junction MW001
80m00c Hay Lane
80m20c Wootton Bassett Road
81m42c Studley
82m70c Wootton Bassett
83m09c Wootton Basset (East) Junction GW120
83m23c Wootton Basset West
85m22c Wootton Bassett Incline
87m59c Dauntsey
87m63c Dauntsey Junction GW116
89m74c Christian Malford
92m53c Langley Crossing
93m56c Calne Branch Junction GW117
93m59c Chippenham East
93m76c Chippenham
94m05c Chippenham West
96m10c Thingley Junction GW190
96m50c Thingley Junction West GW191
98m00c mile post GW150
GW112 Faringdon Branch
datum Paddington
66m36c Uffington Junction GW110
66m43c Uffington
70m05c Faringdon
GW113 Highworth Branch
0m00c Highworth Junction GW110
1m24c Stratton
2m11c Kingsdown Road Junction GW114
3m18c Stanton
4m32c Hannington
5m46c Highworth
5m49c end of line
Article: Railway Bylines 2016 June.
GW114 Stratton Factory Branch
datum Highworth Junction
2m11c Kingsdown Road Junction GW113
2m47c South Marston Factory
GW115 Swindon Works Lines   
GW116 Great Somerford Branch
datum Paddington
87m63c Dauntsey Junction GW110
90m33c Great Somerford
91m18c Kingsmead Siding GW121
Article: Steam Days 2015 October.
Article: Backtrack 2015 June.
Article: Railway Magazine 1962 December.
GW117 Calne Branch
0m00c Calne Branch Junction GW117
2m07c Stanley Bridge
4m28c Black Dog
5m24c Calne
5m25c end of line
Articles: Backtrack February 2021. Backtrack January 2021. Steam Days 2013 November.
GW120 South Wales & Bristol Direct Line
datum Paddington
83m09c Wootton Basset Junction GW110
87m01c Brinkworth
89m60c Little Somerford
89m66c Little Somerford Junction GW121
94m20c Hullavington
100m01c Badminton
104m46c Chipping Sodbury
106m00c Wapley Common
106m43c Westerleigh East Junction GW122
107m12c Westerleigh West Junction GW123
108m38c Coal Pit Heath
109m68c Winterbourne
111m44c Stoke Gifford East
111m62c Bristol Parkway
111m76c Stoke Gifford West
111m79c Stoke Gifford No.1 Junction GW124
112m03c Stoke Gifford No.2 Junction GW125
112m69c Patchway Junction No.2 GW130 GW140
GW121 Malmesbury Branch
datum Paddington
89m66c Little Somerford Junction GW120
90m29c (91m18c) Kingsmead Siding GW116
93m31c (94m20c) Malmesbury
93m35c (94m23c) end of line
Pre 1933 mileages in brackets.

Article: Steam Days 2015 October.
Article: Backtrack 2015 June.
Article: Railway Magazine 1962 December.
GW122 Westerleigh East Loop
datum Paddington
106m43c Westerleigh East Junction GW120
106m79c Westerleigh North Junction GW123
GW123 Yate Branch northbound via dive under
1m34c Yate South Junction MR340
(separate up and down routes)
0m38c Westerleigh North Junction GW122
0m00c Westerleigh West Junction GW120
YBZ Yate South Junction - Westerleigh North Junction
YAT Westerleigh North Junction - Westerleigh West Junction, remiled from Derby. When??
GW123c Yate Branch southbound
Yate South Junction MR340
Westerleigh North Junction
Remiled from Derby. When??
GW124 Stoke Gifford No.1 Junction - Filton Junction No.1
datum Paddington
111m17c Stoke Gifford No.1 Junction GW120
112m66c Filton Junction
112m74c Filton Junction No.1 GW130
GW125 Stoke Gifford No.2 Junction - Hallen Marsh Junction
datum Paddington
112m03c Stoke Gifford No.2 Junction GW120
112m70c Filton West Junction No.1 GW126
112m78c Filton West Junction No.2 GW127
113m10c North Filton
114m14c Charlton
115m31c Henbury
116m02c Hallen East 116m08c Hallen Halt
116m12c Blaise
116m18c Hallen Platform
117m16c Hallen West
118m03c Chittening
118m42c Hallen Marsh Junction GW142
GW126 Patchway Curve
0m00c Patchway Junction No.1
0m38c Filton West Junction No.1 GW125
GW127 Filton West Loop
datum Bristol Temple Meads.
4m66c Filton Junction No.2 GW130
5m41c Filton West Junction No.2 GW125
GW130 Bristol & South Wales Union Railway
datum Bristol Temple Meads.
5m61c Patchway Junction No.2 GW120 GW140
5m51c Patchway Junction No.1
4m66c Filton Junction No.2 GW127
4m64c Filton Junction Station
4m56c Filton Junction No.1 GW126
4m50c Filton Junction
4m30c Filton Abbey Wood station
4m14c Filton Incline SB
4m08c Filton South Junction
3m55c Horfield station
2m42c Ashley Hill station
2m03c Narroways Hill Junction GW131
1m50c Stapleton Road station
1m21c Easton Road Junction GW137
  Easton Road Junction (1st) MR375
1m04c Lawrence Hill station
0m53c Dr. Day's Bridge Junction GW136
0m27c South Wales Junction GW150 MR370
GW131 Narroways Hill Junction - Ashley Hill Junction
datum Bristol Temple Meads.
2m03c Narroways Hill Junction GW130
2m34c Ashley Hill Junction CE001
Ashley Hill Junction to St. Andrews Junction
For Details see CE001.
Sneyd Park Junction to Hotwells
For Details see CE002.
Avonmouth Dock Junction to Avonmouth Docks
For Details see CE003.
GW135 Avonmouth Light Railway
Avonmouth Light Railway Junction CE003
end of line
GW136 Bristol Loop
117m71c Dr. Day's Bridge Junction GW130
117m50c Bristol Loop Junction GW150
GW137 Avonside Branch
Easton Road Junction (2nd) GW130
Avonside Branch Junction MR370
GW138 Stapleton Road Goods Branch
GW140 Bristol & South Wales Union Railway
datum Bristol Temple Meads.
5m61c Patchway Junction No.2 GW120 GW130
5m77c Patchway
(old alignment, present down line)
8m12c Cattybrook Sidings
9m05c Pilning Junction GW142
9m40c Pilning Station
9m44c Pilning High Level
10m76c Severn Tunnel East
  (Seven Tunnel)
15m50c Severn Tunnel West
16m39c Severn Tunnel Junction GW470
GW141 Patchway New Tunnel alignment
GW142 Avonmouth Branch
datum Bristol Temple Meads.
9m05c Pilning Junction GW140
9m39c Pilning Low Level
10m33c Cross Hands Halt
  New Passage Pier Branch Junction GW143
10m68c New Passage Halt
11m69c Severn Beach
12m00c Severnside Works Branch Junction (1) GW145
12m31c Severnside Works Branch Junction (2) GW145
  Chittening Factory
14m38c Hallen Marsh Junction GW125
14m61c Holesmouth Junction GW146 GW147
15m36c St Andrews Road
15m50c Avonmouth Town Goods Junction GW147
16m02c St Andrews Junction CE001
16m34c Gloucester Road Junction CE003
GW143 Bristol & South Wales Union Railway
datum Bristol Temple Meads.
New Passage Pier Branch Junction GW142
11m34c New Passage
11m64c New Passage Pier
GW144 (Avonmouth Branch) - Sea Wall   
GW145 Severnside Branch
datum Bristol Temple Meads via Pilning
12m00c Severnside Works Branch Junction (1) GW142
12m31c Severnside Works Branch Junction (2) GW142
12m66c Severnside Works
GW146 Pre 1903 Main Line
Holesmouth Junction GW142 GW147
Avonmouth Docks Station
Avonmouth Docks Junction CE003
GW147 Avonmouth Dock Lines
14m61c Holesmouth Junction GW142
15m50c Avonmouth Town Goods Junction GW142
GW148 Chittening Estate Line   
GW150 Main Line datum Paddington
98m00c mile post GW110
98m26c Corsham
99m02c Box Tunnel East
101m22c Box Mill Lane Halt
101m57c Box East
101m69c Box
101m76c Box West
102m10c Ashley Crossing
102m79c Farleigh Down
103m76c Bathford
104m46c Bathampton Junction GW193
104m49c Bathampton
105m18c Bathampton West
105m64c Hampton Row
106m70c Bath Spa
107m01c Bath East
107m10c Westmoreland East
107m31c Bath Goods
107m53c Westmoreland West
107m72c Oldfield Park
108m31c Twerton
109m32c Twerton Tunnel
111m28c Saltford
113m19c Keynsham East
113m53c Keynsham West
113m62c Keynsham & Somedale
115m12c Fox's Wood
116m58c St Annes Park
116m77c East Depot Main Line
117m07c St Annes Park No.1 Tunnel
117m21c East Depot Down Yard
117m27c Bristol Relief Line Junction GW151
117m42c Feeder Bridge Junction
117m46c North Somerset Junction GW152
117m50c Bristol Loop Junction GW136
118m01c South Wales Junction GW130
118m05c Bristol East Junction GW153
118m12c Bristol Harbour Junction GW154
118m28c Bristol Temple Meads
118m38c Loco Yard
118m51c Bristol West
118m55c Pylle Hill Junction
119m01c Pylle Hill Sidings
119m06c Pylle Hill Junction GW151
119m22c Bedminster
119m67c Malago Vale
120m16c Parson Street
120m26c Parson Street Junction GW157
120m68c West Depot Junction GW158
121m18c South Liberty Junction
122m03c Long Ashton
122m57c Flax Bourton Cutting
124m00c Flax Bourton (1st) (1)
124m21c Flax Bourton (2nd)
126m00c mile post GW170
(1) originally Bourton

MLN1: thoughout
KRS: Kingsland Road Sidings (117m53c - 117m78c)
BMD: Bath Road TMD (118m33c - 118m52c)
GW151 Bristol Relief Line
117m27c Bristol Relief Line Junction GW150
117m42c (0m16c) Marsh Junction North GW152
117m43c (0m17c) Marsh Junction South GW200
117m66c (0m40c) St Philips Marsh
118m33c (1m08c) Bristol West Junction GW150
119m06c Pylle Hill Junction GW150
BRL: Bristol Relief Line Junction - Bristol West Junction, remiled from North Somerset Junction (figures in brackets)
GW152 North Somerset Junction - Marsh Junction North
datum Frome, Radstock Branch Junction.
23m26c (0m00c) North Somerset Junction GW150
23m10c (0m16c) Marsh Junction North GW151
Previously part of FNS2, Remiled when added to BRL post closure of first segment of GW151 and the Frome & North Somerset Line
GW152c St Philip's Marsh Depot down side
datum Marsh Junction
0m14c - 0m45c
GW152f St Philip's Marsh Depot up side
datum Marsh Junction
0m17c - 0m64c
GW152i St Phillip's Marsh Goods
117m58c St Phillips Marsh Junction GW151
118m12c St Phillip's Marsh Goods
GW153 Bristol Temple Meads Old Station
datum London Paddington
118m05c Bristol East Junction GW150
118m34c Bristol Temple Meads Old Station
GW154 Bristol Harbour Branch
datum London Paddington
118m12c Bristol Harbour Junction GW150
118m25c Temple Meads Goods Junction GW155
  Bristol Harbour
119m27c Wapping Wharf Junction GW156
119m44c Wapping Wharf
GW155 Bristol Temple Meads Goods Branch
118m12c Bristol Harbour Junction GW154
118m37c Bristol Temple Meads Goods
GW156 Wapping Wharf Branch
0m00c Wapping Wharf Junction GW154
0m62c Ashton Swing Bridge North Junction GW159
1m26c Ashton Gate Junction GW157
GW157 Portishead Branch
120m26c Parson Street Junction GW150
120m60c West Loop North Junction GW158
121m05c Ashton Container footpath LC
121m18c Ashton Junction LC
121m18c Ashton Gate Junction GW156
121m30c Ashton Gate Platform
121m63c Clifton Bridge
122m37c Nightingale Valley Halt
123m05c Netham Quarries
124m43c Oakwood
125m26c Ham Green Halt
126m12c Pill
126m32c Portbury Dock Junction (below)
127m12c Portbury Shipyard
127m77c Portbury
  Portishead Junction WC001
129m75c Portishead
130m29c end of line

Portbury Dock Branch
126m32c Portbury Dock Junction (above)
127m48c end of line
POD: Parson Street Junction - Portishead
PBY: Portbury Dock Branch
GW158 Portishead West Loop
0m00c West Depot Junction GW150
0m30c West Loop North Junction GW157
GW159 Canons Marsh Branch
0m00c Ashton Swing Bridge North Junction GW156
0m71c Corporation Railway Junction GW160
1m07c Canons Marsh Goods
GW160 Corporation Railway Line
0m71c Corporation Railway Junction GW159
1m07c GW / Docks lines boundary
GW161 (Portishead Branch) - 1954 Portishead Station   
GW170 Main Line
datum London Paddington
126m00c mile post GW150
126m33c Nailsea & Backwell
126m37c Nailsea & Backwell East
126m66c Nailsea & Backwell West
127m01c Nailsea Pond
128m39c Claverham
129m23c Mud Lane No.BC6 LC
129m67c Yatton East
130m28c Yatton (1)
130m30c Clevedon Junction GW171
130m32c Cheddar Valley Junction GW213
130m35c Yatton West
130m49v Gas House Lane No.BC10 LC
132m11c Huish Crossing No.BC13 LC
133m75c Puxton & Worle
133m79c Puxton & Worle LC
134m42c Worle (2nd)
135m12c Worle Junction GW172
136m59c Weston Junction station
136m60c Weston Junction GW174
136m72c Hutton
138m04c Uphill Junction GW172
138m49c Bleadon & Uphill
140m51c Brean Road
142m33c Brent Knoll
145m03c Highbridge North
145m22c Highbridge Junction GW175
145m21c Highbridge Crossing
145m23c Highbridge West
147m01c Huntspill No.BC33 LC
147m04c Huntspill
147m40c mile post GW230
(1) originally Clevedon Road
GW171 Clevedon Branch
datum Yatton Station
0m03c Clevedon Junction GW170
  Clevedon Station Junction WC002
3m45c Clevedon
GW172 Weston Super Mare Loop
datum London Paddington
135m12c Worle Junction GW170
  Worle (1st)
136m09c Weston Milton Halt
137m22c Weston Super Mare East Junction GW173
137m35c Weston Super Mare
139m05c Uphill Junction GW170
GW173 Locking Road Branch
datum London Paddington
137m22c Weston Super Mare East Junction GW172
137m61c Locking Road Goods
GW174 Weston Super Mare Branch
136m60c Weston Junction GW170
137m69c Weston Super Mare (1st)
GW175 Highbridge Loop
Highbridge Junction SD010
Highbridge Junction GW170
GW180 Berks & Hants Line
datum London Paddington.
67m00c mile post GW086
67m32c Beech Drive No.BH140 LC
68m04c Crofton LC
68m69c Grafton East Junction GW181
69m28c Wolfhall Junction GW MW021
70m08c Savernake Low Level
70m12c Savernake Junction GW182
70m76c Burbage SB
72m43c Wootton Rivers
75m26c Pewsey
76m62c Manningford Halt
78m69c Woodborough
81m07c Patney East Junction GW185
81m07c Patney & Chirton
81m16c Patney Junction GW185

Stert & Westbury Line
81m16c Patney Junction
86m70c Lavington
91m32c Edington & Bratton
94m45c Heywood Road Junction GW186
94m76c Westbury East Loop Junction GW187
95m36c Westbury North Junction GW190
BHL: 67 mile post - Patney Junction
SWY: Patney Junction - Westbury North Junction
GW181 Grafton Curve
datum London Paddington.
68m69c Grafton East Junction GW180
69m12c Wolfhall Junction MSW MW020
(1) Grafton Curve Junction from ??
GW182 Marlborough Branch (1st)
datum London Paddington.
70m12c Savernake Junction GW180
71m57c North Savernake Junction GW183
75m25c Marlborough South Junction GW184
  Marlborough Junction station
75m58c Marlborough High Level
75m01c - 75m25c remiled to 18m75c - 19m16c using Red Post Junction mileages. Was this done by GWR when Marlborough branch rationalised in 1933 or later?
GW183 Marlborough Branch (2nd)
datum London Red Post Junction (Andover)
16m25c North Savernake Junction GW182
16m50c end of slew, thence parallel to MW020
  Marlborough Low Level Junction MW001
MBO2: 16m25c - 16m50c, rest of line considered part of MW020
GW184 Marlborough Connecting Line
datum Red Post Junction (Andover).
19m16c Marlborough South Junction GW182
19m26c Marlborough Low Level Junction MSWJR GW183
Duplicated by MW004
GW185 Berks & Hants Line
datum London Paddington.
81m16c Patney Junction GW180
85m13c Pans Lane Halt
85m71c Devizes
88m66c Bromham & Rowde Halt
90m13c Seend
92m27c Semington Halt
94m03c Holt Junction GW190
Devizes to Holt Junction originally miled from Paddington via Holt or Holt Junction (reverse).
GW186 Westbury Avoiding Line
94m45c Heywood Road Junction GW180
97m02c Fairwood Junction GW190
GW187 Westbury East Loop
94m76c Westbury East Loop Junction GW180
95m30c Hawkeridge Junction GW190
GW190 Weymouth Line
datum London Paddington
96m10c Thingley Junction GW110
97m05c Lacock Junction GW191
97m12c Lacock Halt
98m75c Beanacre Halt
99m33c Manor Farm LC
100m14c Melksham
101m10c Frying Pan Farm LC
101m39c Church Farm No.1 LC
101m54c Broughton Gifford Halt
102m10c Church Farm No.2 LC
102m53c Holt Junction GW185
102m58c Holt
103m09c Avon View Farm LC
103m60c Staverton Farm LC
103m73c Staverton Halt
104m11c Bradford North Junction GW192
104m39c Bradford South Junction GW193
104m45c Walden's No.BW16 LC
105m61c Trowbridge
109m14c Hawkeridge Junction GW187
109m54c Westbury North Junction GW180
109m64c Westbury
110m09c Salisbury Line Junction GW195
111m19c Fairwood Junction GW186
111m53c Master's No.BH94 LC
114m29c Clink Road Junction GW196
115m13c Mineral Loop Junction GW208
115m38c Radstock Branch Junction GW200
115m46c Frome station
116m57c Blatchbridge Junction GW196
118m60c Woodlands SB
120m64c Witham station
120m74c East Somerset Junction GW210
120m76c Witham SB
122m01c Denning's No.BH79 LC
122m46c Brewham Siding SB
122m54c Strap Lane Halt
124m00c Pinkwood SB
125m21c Sheephouse LC
126m08c Bruton station
126m13c Bruton SB
128m00c Wyke SB
129m46c Castle Cary station
129m56c Castle Cary Junction SB GW220 GW234
WEY: Thingley Junction - Castle Cary Junction
DSY: Westbury Down Sidings
GW191 Air Ministry Loop
0m00c Thingley Junction West GW110
  Lacock North Junction GW190
0m45c Lacock Junction GW190
Cooke gives 0m00c at Thingley Junction to 0m45c at Lacock Junction.
AMP1: quoted as Thingley Junction to Lacock North Junction 96m50c - 96m24c (26 chains, loop),
AMP2: quoted as Lacock North Junction - Lacock Junction 96m40c - 97m06c (46 chains, parallel to GW190).

Cobb gives opening and closing dates as 1942-1955 but 25" & 6" maps surveyed 1885 shows 'old railway' on this alignment.

More investigation needed.
GW192 Bradford on Avon Loop
104m11c Bradford North Junction GW190
104m36c Bradford West Junction GW193
GW193 Bradford Branch
9m11c Bradford South Junction GW190
8m64c Bradford West Junction GW192
8m18c Tucker's No.BW13 LC
8m01c Cemetary Lane LC
7m27c Greenland Mill LC
7m09c Bradford on Avon
5m71c Avoncliffe Mill LC
5m63c Avoncliff Halt
  Avoncliff Siding
4m70c Freshford Halt
4m24c Limpley Stoke South
4m08c Limpley Stoke LC
4m03c Limpley Stoke North
4m01c Limpley Stoke
3m76c Limpley Stoke Junction GW194
3m50c Fisher's No.BW5 LC
3m25c Young's No.BW4 LC
1m73c Claverton No.BW3 LC
0m20c Glass' No.BW2 LC
0m00c Bathampton Junction GW150
GW194 Limpley Stoke & Camerton Branch
0m00c Limpley Stoke Junction GW193
1m04c Monkton Combe
2m10c Midford Halt
4m27c Combe Hay Halt
5m26c Dunkerton
7m02c Dunkerton Colliery Halt
7m78c Camerton
8m08c end of branch GW204
GW195 Salisbury Branch
110m09c Salisbury Line Junction GW190
111m11c Dilton Marsh Halt
114m36c Warminster
115m27c Beechgrove Sidings
118m25c Heytesbury
119m41c Corton Steps LC
119m70c Upton Lovell LC
120m45c Codford LC
120m48c Codford
121m02c Sherrington LC
121m06c Sherrington path LC
122m40c Stockton LC
122m75c Tyning LC
123m36c Middle Road LC
124m12c Townsend LC
124m34c Wylye
124m41c Wylye LC
125m29c Hindon Road LC
125m36c Langford
125m38c Eton College Road LC
126m76c Helyers Farm LC
129m12c Wishford
130m16c Couston Bottom LC
131m53c Wilton North
132m33c Wilton Junction SW140
134m06c Salisbury Junction
134m27c Salisbury

Article: Steam Days 2020 July.
GW196 Frome Avoiding Line
114m39c Clink Road Junction GW190
116m42c Blatchbridge Junction GW190
GW200 Frome and North Somerset Line
23m09c Marsh Junction South GW151
22m01c Brislington
19m73c Whitchurch
17m31c Pensford
15m62c Pensford & Bromley Colliery Sidings
14m13c Clutton GW202 GW203
12m58c Hallatrow Junction GW204
12m53c Hallatrow Halt
11m39c Farrington Gurney
9m47c Midsomer Norton & Welton
8m18c Radstock North
8m16c Radstock West
7m75c Radstock South Junction
5m18c Mells Road
  Mells Road Junction GW205
2m38c Hapsford Quarry Junction GW206
2m30c Hapsford LC
2m01c Somerset Quarry Junction GW207
0m20c Frome West Junction GW208
0m00c Radstock Branch Junction GW190
GW201 Original alignment at Marsh Junction   
GW202 Clutton Branch
datum Radstock Branch Junction
14m17c Clutton GW200
15m00c Clutton Bottom Colliery
GW203 Greyfield Colliery Branch
datum Radstock Branch Junction
15m36c Greyfield Colliery
14m17c Clutton GW200
GW204 Camerton Branch
3m24c end of line GW194
2m68c Radford & Timsbury Halt
1m49c Paulton Halt
0m00c Halltrow Junction GW200
GW205 Vobster Colliery Line
Newbury Colliery
Vobster Colliery
Mells Road Junction GW200
GW206 1974 alignment to Whatley Quarry Branch
2m38c Hapsford Junction GW200
4m00c Whatley Quarry
GW207 Somerset Quarry Siding - Whatley Quarry
2m01c Somerset Quarry Junction GW200
4m00c Whatley Quarry
GW208 Frome Mineral Loop
0m00c Mineral Branch Junction GW190
0m31c Frome West Junction GW200
GW210 East Somerset Branch
datum Witham (bay platform)
0m11c East Somerset Junction GW190
2m26c Wanstrow
2m57c Cross Cottage LC
3m50c Limmer Junction (1) GW211
4m57c White's Crossing GW212
5m57c Cranmore
6m00c MR/ESR Boundary LC
  Cranmore West
6m53c Merryfield Lane
7m40c Mendip Vale
9m03c Shepton Mallet High Street
13m65c Wells East Somerset
13m76c Wells East Junction SD014
(1) now Merehead Quarry Junction

Cranmore station plus 6m00c-7m43c now East Somerset Railway (David Shepherd).
GW211 Merehead East Curve
Limmer Junction (1) GW210
Merehead Quarry
(1) now Merehead Quarry Junction
GW212 Merehead Quarry Branch
White's Crossing GW210
Merehead Quarry
GW213 Cheddar Valley Branch
datum Witham (bay platform)
31m51c Cheddar Valley Junction GW170
30m09c Congresbury
30m01c Congresbury Junction GW214
27m15c Sandford & Banwell
26m02c Winscombe
23m54c Axbridge
21m71c Cheddar
19m65c Draycott
17m53c Lodge Hill
15m18c Wookey
14m13c Wells Tucker Street
14m07c Wells West Junction SD016
Article: Steam World October 2010.
GW214 Wrington Vale Branch
0m00c Congresbury Junction GW213
2m64c Wrington
4m09c Langford
4m79c Burrington
6m01c Waterworks & Wills Siding GW215
6m41c Blagdon
GW215 Yeo Pumping Station Branch
datum Congresbury Junction
6m01c Waterworks & Wills Siding GW214
6m23c Yeo Pumping Station
GW220 Weymouth Line
129m56c Castle Cary Junction GW190 GW234
134m29c Sparkford
136m76c Marston Magna
141m27c Yeovil Pen Mill
141m34c Pen Mill Junction GW235
141m67c Yeovil South Junction
142m57c Clifton Maybank Junction GW221
144m24c Thornford Bridge LC
144m36c Thornford Bridge Halt
144m63c Bere Hackett LC
145m45c Yetminster
145m70c Mill Farm LC
146m16c Meads Farm LC
147m10c Pound Lane LC
147m52c Chetnole Halt
149m76c Evershot
150m20c Burl Farm LC
151m56c Hunter LC
153m18c Cattistock
154m06c Maiden Newton Junction GW222
154m08c Maiden Newton
155m58c Crockway LC
155m78c Hyde LC
157m56c Grimstone & Frampton
158m21c Stratton No.1 LC
158m33c Chicks Farm (Stratton) LC
158m50c Chicks Farm Foot LC
158m72c Bradford Peverell & Stratton Halt
161m57c Dorchester West SB
161m62c Dorchester West station
162m12c Dorchester Junction GW223
163m08c Monkton & Came Halt
164m32c Bincombe Tunnel SB
165m11c Upwey Wishing Well Halt
165m75c Upwey (1st) station
166m30c Upwey Junction station
166m33c Upwey Junction SB
166m40c Upwey Junction GW224
167m59c Radipole Halt
168m34c Portland Junction WP001
168m41c Weymouth Station SB
168m46c Tramway Junction WP002
168m62c Weymouth station
WEY: Castle Cary - Dorchester Junction
BML3: Dorchester Junction - Weymouth
GW221 Clifton Maybank Branch
142m57c Clifton Maybank Junction GW220
143m21c Clifton Maybank Goods
GW222 Bridport Branch
0m00c Maiden Newton (Bay)
0m02c Maiden Newton Junction GW220
2m43c Toller station
5m61c Powerstock station
8m50c Bradpole LC
9m20c Bridport
9m25c Bridport LC
9m53c East Street LC
9m53c East Street station
11m18c West Bay station (1)
11m23c end of line
(1) aka Bridport Harbour.
GW223 Dorchester Junction - Dorchester LSWR
135m12c GWR /LSWR boundary SW100
136m12c Dorchester Junction GW220
GW224 Abbotsbury Branch
0m00c at 166m41c on GW220
0m01c Upwey Junction GW220
0m11c Upwey Junction station
0m35c Upwey (1)
2m00c Friar Waddon Milk Platform
2m79c Coryates
4m47c Portesham
6m03c Abbotsbury
6m08c end of line
(1) originally Broadway, then Broadwey
Weymouth & Portland Line
See Weymouth & Portland Joint Railway WP001 for detail.
Weymouth & Portland Line
See Weymouth & Portland Joint Railway WP002 for detail.
Weymouth & Portland Line
See Weymouth & Portland Joint Railway WP003 for detail.
Admiralty Extension Line
See Weymouth & Portland Joint Railway EC001 for detail.
Breakwater Extension Line
See Weymouth & Portland Joint Railway EC002 for detail.
Easton & Church Hope Railway
See Weymouth & Portland Joint Railway EC003 for detail.
GW230 Main Line
datum London Paddington
147m40c mile post GW170
147m44c Pawlett Meads No.BC44 LC
148m06c Pottery Siding
148m77c Wharf Junction GW231
149m05c Dunball
151m43c Bridgwater Junction GW232
151m47c Bridgwater
152m68c Meads Crossing No.BC39 LC
154m35c Fordgate
157m24c Durston Loop Junction GW233
157m29c Durston
158m09c Cogload Junction GW234
160m25c Creech St. Michael
160m56c Creech Junction GW237
160m75c Hyde Farm No.BC53 LC
161m32c Broomhay No.BH52 LC
162m51c Taunton East Junction GW238
163m11c Taunton
163m52c Taunton West Junction GW238
164m35c Silk Mill Crossing
165m08c Norton Fitzwarren
165m13c Minehead Branch Junction GW239
165m19c Barnstaple Branch Junction GW240
166m04c Victory Siding
167m55c Bradford-on-Tone LC
168m67c Poole Siding
170m21c Wellington
170m58c Westford (Cutlers) footpath LC
171m70c Beam Bridge station
174m10c Whiteball Siding
174m58c Burlescombe station
174m61c Burlescombe SB
175m44c Babcock's Middle No.BH34 LC
176m19c Pugham LC
177m26c Sampford Peverell station
177m28c Tiverton Parkway station
177m32c Sampford Peverell SB
178m00c mile post GW250
GW231 Dunball Wharf Branch
datum London Paddington
148m77c Wharf Junction GW230
149m33c Dunball Wharf
GW232 Bridgwater Docks Branch
datum London Paddington
151m43c Bridgwater Junction GW230
151m79c North Junction GW232c
152m36c Bridgwater Docks
GW232c Bridgwater Chord Line
Brickyard Junction SD013
North Junction GW232
GW233 Durston Loop
datum London Paddington via Newbury
135m02c Athelney Junction GW234
135m59c Lyng Halt
137m29c Durston Loop Junction GW230
GW234 Castle Cary & Langport Line
datum London Paddington via Newbury
115m38c Castle Cary Junction GW190 GW220
117m10c Parsonage Farm No.BH68 LC
117m35c Alford Halt
120m17c Keinton Mandeville
122m30c Charlton Mackrell
125m56c Somerton
127m30c Long Sutton & Pitney
129m73c Langport East
130m78c Curry Rivel Junction GW235
133m31c Holly Moor No.BH58 LC
134m74c Athelney
134m79c Athelney LC
135m00c Cutts Drove No.BH57 LC
135m02c Athelney Junction GW233
137m69c Cogload Junction GW230
GW235 Yeovil Branch
141m34c Pen Mill Junction GW220
141m72c Yeovil Town SW141
142m70c Hendford Junction GW236
142m72c Hendford Halt
146m38c Montacute
149m12c Martock
151m71c Thorney & Kingsbury Halt
154m22c Langport West
155m02c Currey Rivel Junction GW234
Article: Railway Magazine 1951 March.
GW236 Hendford Goods Branch
0m00c Hendford Junction GW235
0m21c Hendford Goods
GW237 Chard Branch
12m48c GWR/Joint boundary GW237c
9m44c Donyatt Halt
8m65c Ilminster
7m39c Ilton Halt
4m12c Hatch
1m15c Thornfalcon
0m00c Creech Junction GW230
Chard Joint Line
datum Creech Junction (LSWR mileages in brackets)
13m08c (3m02c) Joint/LSWR boundary SW142
12m63c (3m28c) Chard Joint (1)
12m48c (3m43c) GWR/Joint boundary GW237
(1) Chard from 1928, Chard Central from 1949
GW238 Taunton West Loop
162m61c Taunton East Junction GW230
163m52c Taunton West Junction GW230
GW239 Minehead Branch

165m13c Minehead Branch Junction GW230
165m20c NR/WSR boundary
167m63c Darby's LC
168m21c Bishop's Lydeard
172m10c Crowcombe
172m66c Roebuck Gate LC
173m48c Leigh Wood LC
174m06c Leigh Bridge
174m66c Stogumber
178m05c Williton
179m58c Goviers Lane footpath LC
179m65c Watchet
180m37c Kentsford
182m11c Washford
184m34c Blue Anchor
184m37c Blue Anchor LC
186m09c Sea Lane LC
186m21c Dunster
186m24c Dunster West LC
187m50c Seaward LC
187m75c Minehead

165m20c - Minehead now West Somerset Railway.
GW240 Barnstaple Branch

165m19c Barnstaple Branch Junction GW230
169m51c Milverton
172m45c Wiveliscombe
177m25c Venn Cross
180m75c Morebath
182m29c Morebath Junction GW253
182m37c Morebath Junction Halt
184m18c Dulverton
188m00c East Anstey
189m50c Yeo Mill Halt
193m02c Bishop's Nympton & Molland
197m30c South Molton
200m53c Filleigh
204m04c Swimbridge
207m26c East Loop Junction GW241
207m52c Loop Junction GW242
207m70c Barnstaple Victoria Road
GW241 Banstaple East Loop
datum Paddington via Bristol
207m26c East Loop Junction GW240
207m48c Barnstaple South Junction GW242
GW242 Barnstaple Loop & Barnstaple Victoria Road
datum Paddington via Bristol
207m79c Loop Junction GW240
208m18c Barnstaple South Junction GW241
209m19c Loop West Junction SW151
GW250 Main Line

178m00c mile post GW230
179m05c Culm Valley Branch Junction GW251
179m09c Tiverton Branch Junction GW252
179m10c Tiverton Junction
181m26c Cullompton
183m40c Westcott
185m43c Hele & Bradninch
186m61c Silverton
188m52c Rewe
190m16c Stoke Canon Crossing
190m17c Stoke Canon (1st)
190m36c Stoke Canon Junction GW253
190m42c Stoke Canon (2nd)
192m53c Cowley Bridge Junction SW150
192m54c Cowley Bridge Goods Junction GW254
193m44c Exeter East
193m61c Exeter Middle
193m62c Red Cow LC
193m72c Exeter St.Davids
193m79c St Davids Junction SW140
194m04c Exeter West
194m05c Goods Lines Junction GW254
194m66c Exeter St Thomas
195m12c Exeter Railway Junction GW255
195m32c City Basin Junction GW259
196m59c Cotfield
198m59c Exminster
200m53c Powderham
202m35c Starcross
204m37c Dawlish Warren (2nd)
204m54c Dawlish Warren (1st)
206m09c Dawlish
206m45c Kennaway Tunnel
207m51c Parsons Tunnel
208m75c Teignmouth
209m20c Teignmouth Old Quay
211m04c Bishopsteignton
213m24c Hackney
213m70c Newton Abbot East Junction GW260
214m06c Newton Abbot
214m18c Newton Abbot West
215m10c Aller Junction GW262
215m24c Aller Siding
217m07c Stonycombe Branch Junction GW265
218m00c Dainton Tunnel
219m00c mile post GW270
GW251 Culm Valley Branch
datum Tiverton Junction station

0m01c Culm Valley Branch Junction GW250
2m18c Coldharbour
2m62c Uffculme
4m79c Culmstock
6m40c Whitehall Halt
7m29c Hemyock
GW252 Tiverton Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
179m09c Tiverton Branch Junction GW250
181m20c Haberton Halt
183m51c Tiverton & North Devon Junction GW253 Tiverton (1st)
GW253 Tiverton & North Devon Branch

0m00c Morebath Junction GW240
1m49c Bampton
3m45c Cove Halt
4m58c Bolham Halt
8m41c Tiverton & North Devon Junction GW252
8m54c Tiverton

Exe Valley Branch
8m54c Tiverton
9m23c West Exe Halt
12m45c Cadeleigh
13m75c Burn Halt
15m70c Up Exe Halt
16m42c Thorverton
18m44c Brampford Speke Halt
19m27c Stoke Canon Junction GW250

TND: Morebath Junction - Tiverton & North Devon Junction
EVB: Tiverton & North Devon Junction - Stoke Canon Junction
GW254 Exeter Goods Lines
datum Paddington via Bristol
192m54c Cowley Bridge Goods Junction GW250
193m40c Exeter Riverside
193m61c Exeter Goods Yard
194m05c Goods Lines Junction GW250
ERY: Exeter Riverside Yard
GW255 Exeter Railway

0m00c Exeter Railway Junction GW250
0m19c Alphington Road Goods Junction GW256
0m22c Exeter Basin Loop Junction GW257
0m46c Marsh Barton Junction GW258
0m62c Alphington Halt
4m58c Longdown
6m01c Dunford
8m03c Christow
8m07c Teign House Siding Junction GW261
GW256 Alphington Road Goods Branch
0m00c Alphington Road Goods Junction GW255
0m45c Alphington Road Goods
GW257 Low Level Loop
0m00c Exeter Basin Loop Junction GW255
0m20c Low Level Loop Junction GW259
GW258 Marsh Barton Estate Line
0m00c Marsh Barton Junction GW255
0m22c Marsh Barton Estate
GW259 Exeter Basin Branch
0m00c Exeter Basin Junction GW250
0m12c Low Level Loop Junction GW257
0m34c Exeter Basin
GW260 Moretonhampstead Branch
datum Newton Abbot station
0m23c Newton Abbot East Junction GW250
2m28c Teigngrace
3m70c Heathfield
3m74c Teign Valley Junction GW261
5m46c Brimley Halt
6m06c Bovey
7m61c Hawkmoor Halt
8m66c Lustleigh
12m28c Moretonhampstead
12m34c end of line
GW261 Teign Valley Branch
7m57c Teign House Siding Junction GW255
6m16c Ashton
4m20c Trusham
2m32c Chudleigh
1m09c Chudleigh Knighton
0m00c Teign Valley Junction GW260

Direction reversed in 1958 when GW255 closed, down now Teign Valley Junction to Teign House (BackTrack, August 2010).
GW262 Torquay Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
215m10c Aller Junction GW250
216m34c Kingskerswell
219m12c Torre
219m79c Torquay
221m13c Preston Platform
222m11c Paignton
222m67c Goodrington Sands Halt
224m14c Broadsands Halt
225m00c Brixham Branch Junction GW263
225m05c Churston
227m20c Noss Deviation start GW264
227m60c Noss Deviation end GW264
227m74c Britannia Halt
228m68c Kingswear
GW263 Brixham Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
225m00c Brixham Branch Junction GW262
227m06c Brixham
GW264 1923 Noss deviation alignment
datum Paddington via Bristol
227m20c Noss Deviation start GW262
227m51c Noss Siding Junction
227m60c Noss Deviation end GW262
GW265 Stoneycombe Branch
0m00c Stonecombe Branch Junction GW250
0m25c Stoneycombe Quarry
GW270 Main Line
datum Paddington via Bristol
219m00c mile post GW250
222m47c Ashburton Junction GW271
222m52c Totnes Quay Branch Junction GW272
222m66c Totnes
225m42c Tigley
227m28c Rattery
229m54c Brent
229m61c Kingsbridge Branch Junction GW273
231m70c Wrangaton
232m05c Monksmoor Bridge
232m76c Bittaford
233m55c Redlake Siding
234m27c Ivybridge (2nd)
234m42c Ivybridge Goods
235m17c Ivybridge (1st)
237m05c Blatchford Viaduct
237m48c Cornwood
238m55c Hemerdon Junction
239m20c Hemerdon Sidings
241m75c Plympton
242m54c Tavistock Junction (1st & 3rd) GW274
243m10c Tavistock Junction (2nd) GW275
243m67c Laira Junction GW279
244m02c Laira Junction GW285
244m21c Laira
244m35c Lipson Junction GW280
245m09c Lipson Vale
245m19c Mannamead
245m52c Mutley
245m66c Plymouth East
245m76c Plymouth North Road
246m07c Plymouth West
246m08c North Road Junction GW286
246m26c Cornwall Junction GW290
  Harwell Street GF (1)
246m31c Millbay Docks Junction GW287
  King Street
246m64c Plymouth Millbay
(1) aka The Birdcage.

MLN1: 219 mile post - North Road Junction
LAS: Laira Sidings (243m55c - 244m43c)
MLN5: North Road Junction - Millbay
GW271 Ashburton Branch
datum Totnes station
0m18c Ashburton Junction GW270
3m25c Staverton
6m75c Buckfastleigh
9m37c Ashburton
GW272 Totnes Quay Branch
0m00c Totnes Quay Branch Junction GW270
0m62c Totnes Quay
GW273 Kingsbridge Branch
0m00c Kingsbridge Branch Junction GW270
2m43c Avonwick
5m47c Gara Bridge
8m72c Loddiswell
12m35c Kingsbridge
GW274 Marsh Mills Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
242m42c Tavistock Junction GW270
243m50c Marsh Mills China Clay
GW275 Launceston Branch
0m00c Tavistock Junction GW270
0m18c Marsh Mills
1m39c Plym Bridge
  Lee Moor Crossing
4m09c Bickleigh
4m79c Shaugh Bridge
6m25c Clearbrook
7m37c Yelverton
7m40c Yelverton Junction GW276
8m77c Horrabridge
11m65c Whitchurch Down
12m71c Tavistock South
14m33c Pitts Cleave Quarry Junction GW277
16m23c Mary Tavy & Blackdown
19m27c Lydford South Junction SW157f
19m63c Lydford
22m35c Liddaton Halt
23m76c Coryton
27m14c Lifton
31m33c Launceston North Junction GW278
31m67c Launceston North
GW276 Princetown Branch
0m00c Yelverton Junction GW275
1m47c Dousland
2m72c Burrator Halt
6m20c Ingra Tor Halt
8m74c King Tor Halt
10m37c Princetown
10m43c end of line
GW277 Quarry Branch
0m00c Pitts Cleave Quarry Junction GW275
0m34c Pitts Cleave Quarry
GW278 Launceston Connecting Line
datum Tavistock Junction (2nd)
31m33c Launceston North Junction GW275
31m55c Launceston South Junction SW153
GW279 Sutton Harbour Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
244m02c Laira Junction GW270
244m42c Mount Gould Junction GW280
244m46c Mount Gould South Junction GW279c GW281
244m60c Friary Junction SW170
  Sutton Road Crossing
245m18c Northeys Sidings GW283
245m37c North Quay Branch Junction GW284
245m62c Sutton Harbour Goods
SUT2: Mount Gold South Junction - Sutton Harbour
GW280 Plymouth No.1 Loop
0m00c Lipson Junction GW270
0m18c Speedway Junction GW285
0m34c Mount Gould Junction GW279
GW281 Plymouth No.2 Loop
datum Paddington via Bristol
244m46c Mount Gould South Junction GW279 GW279c
244m75c Cattewater Junction North SW170
GW282 Yealmpton Branch
datum Plymstock Station
0m05c LSWR / GWR Boundary SW171c
0m77c Billacombe
1m77c Elburton Cross
2m52c Brixton Road
4m05c Steerpoint
6m33c Yealmpton
6m48c end of line
GW283 South Harbour Branch
Northeys Sidings GW279
Junction with SW172
Closed 1923
GW284 North Quay Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
248m37c North Quay Branch Junction GW279
245m77c North Quay Junction SW173
GW285 Sutton Goods Branch new alignment
datum Paddington via Bristol
244m02c Laira Junction GW270
244m30c Speedway Junction GW280
GW286 Main Line
datum Paddington via Bristol
246m08c North Road Junction GW270
246m29c Cornwall Loop Junction GW290
GW287 Millbay Docks Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
246m31c Millbay Docks Junction GW270
246m68c Millbay Crossing
  Junction to Inner Basin GW288
247m18c Millbay Docks Ocean Terminal
GW288 Millbay Docks Lines
Millbay Docks Swing Bridge
Served Inner Basin and West Side
GW290 Main Line & Plymouth Millbay.
datum Paddington via Bristol
247m22c Cornwall Junction GW270
247m42c Cornwall Loop Junction GW286
247m54c Devonport Junction (1) GW291 SW150
247m64c Wingfield Villas
248m22c Devonport Albert Road Junction
248m28c Devonport Albert Road
248m60c Dockyard
248m79c Ford
  Keyham Viaduct East
249m24c Keyham
249m40c Keyham Junction GW292
249m79c Ferry Road Junction
250m02c St Budeaux East Junction
250m15c St Budeaux Ferry Road
250m40c St Budeaux West
  St Budeaux
251m04c Royal Albert Bridge
251m26c Saltash
252m11c Defiance
252m20c Wearde GW293
253m54c Shillingham East
254m38c Shillingham West
256m23c diversion point GW293
256m27c St Germans
256m38c - 256m40c change of mileage GW293
256m50c St Germans Crossing
257m00c mile post GW300
(1) Bath & West Sidings previously on this site. Previously Tothill Crossing.

MLN7: Cornwall Junction - Cornwall Loop Junction
MLN2: Cornwall Loop Junction - St Germans mileage change
MLN3: St Germans mileage change - 257 mile post
GW291 Devonport Goods Branch & Plymouth Millbay
datum Paddington via Bristol
248m22c Devonport Albert Road Junction GW290
248m43c Devonport Goods
GW292 Devonport Dockyard Branch & Plymouth Millbay
datum Paddington via Bristol
249m40c Keyham Junction GW290
249m37c GWR / Dockyard boundary
Devonport Barracks
GW293 Original Main Line, St Germans section & Plymouth Millbay
datum Paddington via Bristol
252m20c Wearde GW290
256m23c diversion point GW290
GW300 Main Line & Plymouth Millbay
datum Paddington via Bristol
257m00c mile post GW290
258m31c Trerule
260m35c Tresulgan East
261m03c Tresulgan West
261m60c Menheniot
262m43c Treviddo East
262m62c Treviddo West
264m41c Liskeard Viaduct
264m67c Liskeard Junction GW301
264m71c Liskeard
267m10c Tremabe
268m13c Doublebois
269m19c Westwood
270m01c Largin
272m63c Onslow Sidings
273m75c Bodmin Road Junction GW304
274m00c Bodmin Road
274m65c Respryn
277m36c Lostwithiel
277m42c Lostwithiel Junction to 1972 GW306
277m45c Lostwithiel Branch
277m54c Lostwithiel Junction from 1972 GW306
281m66c Par
281m69c Par Loop Junction GW310
282m00c mile post GW330
GW301 Liskeard Junction Connecting Line
datum Looe via GWR / L&C boundary.
8m72c Liskeard Junction GW300
8m51c Liskeard Loop Junction GW302
GW302 Liskeard Loop
datum Looe via Coombe Halt.
8m67c Liskeard
8m51c Liskeard Loop Junction GW301
6m74c Coombe Junction GW303
GW303 Liskeard & Caradon Railway
19m50c Kilmar Tor
16m66c Billaton
13m66c South Caradon
7m29c Moorswater

Looe and Moorswater Branch
6m62c Coombe Halt
6m52c Coombe Junction GW302
5m03c St Keyne
3m58c Causeland
2m28c Sandplace
0m16c Looe
0m00c Buller Quay
CCZ: Kilmar Tor - Moorswater
LOO: Moorswater - Looe
GW304 Bodmin Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
273m75c Bodmin Road Junction GW300
274m00c Bodmin Road
277m34c Bodmin General Junction GW305
277m44c Bodmin General
Part of the Bodmin & Wenford Railway since 1986.
GW305 Boscarne Extension Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
277m34c Bodmin General Junction GW304
279m76c Boscarne Exchange Platform
280m10c Boscarne Junction SW155
Part of the Bodmin & Wenford Railway since 1986.
GW306 Lostwithiel & Fowey Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
277m42c Lostwithiel Junction to 1972 GW300
277m54c Lostwithiel Junction from 1972 GW300
281m08c Golant
282m08c Carne Point Branch Junction GW307
282m65c Fowey GW311
Article: Steam Days 2020 October. Steam Days June 2013.
GW307 Carne Point Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
282m08c Carne Point Branch Junction GW306
282m17c Carne Point
GW310 Par Loop
datum Paddington via Bristol
281m57c Par Loop Junction GW300
282m16c St Blazey Junction

Newquay Branch
282m16c St Blazey Junction
282m22c St Blazey
283m13c Pontsmill Junction GW313
285m71c Treffry Siding GW313
285m78c Luxulyan
287m40c Goonbarrow Junction GW316
288m03c Bugle
288m07c Carbis Junction GW318 GW319
290m40c Roche
294m21c St Dennis Junction GW334 GW337
  Toldish Tunnel line start GW320
  Toldish Tunnel line end GW320
296m11c St Columb Road
300m16c Quintrel Downs
301m69c Newquay Junction GW321
301m64c Tolcarn Junction
302m31c Harbour Junction GW322
302m51c Newquay
PAR: Par Loop Junction - St Blazey Junction
NEW: St Blazey Junction - Newquay

Article: Railway Magazine 1898 August (Cornwall Minerals Railway) including gradient profile.
GW311 Fowey Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
286m20c Fowey GW306
282m45c Par Harbour Junction GW312
282m16c St Blazey Junction GW310
Article: Steam Days 2020 October.
GW312 Par Harbour Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
282m45c Par Harbour Junction GW311
282m52c Par Harbour
GW313 Pontsmill Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
283m13c Pontsmill Junction GW312
  Ballast Siding Junction GW314
283m47c Pontsmill

Treffry Aqueduct Line
283m47c Pontsmill
  Trevanny Branch Junction GW314c
  Colcerrow Branch Junction GW315
  Treffry Siding GW312
PMZ: Pontsmill Junction - Trevanney Branch Junction

Article: Railway Magazine 1933 December.
GW314 Pontsmill Ballast Siding
Ballast Siding Junction GW313
end of line
GW314c Trevanny Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
  Trevanny Branch Junction GW313
283m61c Trevanny   Freeman's Quarry
PMZ: Trevanny Branch Junction - Trevanny
GW315 Colcerrow Branch
Colcerrow Branch Junction GW313
GW316 Goonbarrow Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
287m40c Goonbarrow Junction GW310
290m42c Carbean Branch Junction GW317
290m48c Gunheath
GW317 Carbean Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
290m42c Carbean Branch Junction GW316
290m75c Carbean
GW318 Wheal Rose Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
288m07c Carbis Junction GW310
  Wheal Virgin Clay Works
288m30c Wheal Rose
GW319 Carbis Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
288m07c Carbis Junction GW310
289m13c Carbis Wharf
GW320 original Toldish Tunnel alignment
Toldish Tunnel line start GW310
Toldish Tunnel line end GW310
GW321 Treloggan Curve
datum Paddington via Bristol
301m69c Newquay Junction GW310
301m64c Lane Junction GW340
GW322 Newquay Harbour Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
302m31c Harbour Junction GW310
303m41c Newquay Harbour
GW330 Main Line
datum Paddington via Bristol
282m00c mile post GW300
282m52c Par Harbour GW331
285m01c St Austell Road Crossing
286m07c St Austell Goods Junction GW332
286m27c St.Austell
286m55c Trenance Junction GW333
287m15c Trenance Sidings
287m32c Trembear
287m49c Gover Viaduct
288m27c Burngullow (East) Junction (from 1977) 288m35c Burngullow (1st) (mileage uncertain)
288m50c Burngullow Junction (to 1977) GW334
288m56c Burngullow (2nd)
291m35c Bodinnick Siding
293m17c Grampound Road
295m47c Probus & Ladock
296m03c Probus Siding
296m17c Probus East
296m74c Tregagle
297m35c Polperrow Tunnel
300m03c Truro Viaduct
300m36c Truro Cattle Pens
300m57c Truro East
300m63c Truro
300m73c Truro West
301m25c Penwithers Junction GW338
304m03c Baldhu
306m00c Chacewater
306m08c Truro & Newquay Junction
306m43c Chacewater East Junction
306m61c Chacewater West Junction
306m43c Blackwater Junction East
306m60c Blackwater Junction West
307m00c mile post GW350
GW331 Par Harbour SB - Par Harbour
GW332 St Austell Goods Branch
0m00c St Austell Goods Junction GW330
0m19c St Austell Goods
GW333 Trenance Valley Branch
0m00c Trenance Junction GW330
1m53c Lanalson Yard
GW334 St Dennis Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
288m50c Burngullow Junction GW330
289m71c High Street Siding GW335
290m61c Old Carpella GW335
291m31c Drinnick Mill Junction GW336
293m46c Parkandillack SB
295m61c St Dennis Junction GW310 GW337
GW335 pre 1922 alignment
datum Paddington via Bristol
289m72c High Street Siding GW334
290m65c Old Carpella GW334
GW336 Drinnick Mill Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
291m31c Drinnick Mill Junction GW334
291m60c Nanpean
GW337 Retew Branch
0m00c St Dennis Junction GW310 GW334
2m12c Remphrey Siding
3m72c Meledor Mill Depot
GW338 Falmouth Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
301m25c Penwithers Junction GW330
301m34c Newham Junction GW339
304m78c Perranwell
307m52c - 307m53c gap of 1 chain consequent on Pascoe viaduct deviation
309m08c Penryn
309m24c - 309m25c gap of 1 chain consequent on Penryn deviation
311m13c Penmere Platform
312m09c Falmouth Town
312m22c Falmouth No.1 GF Docks
312m37c Falmouth No.2 GF
312m49c Falmouth Docks
FAL1: Penwithers Junction 307m52c (end of Pascoe Viaduct deviation)
FAL2: 307m53c (end of Pascoe Viaduct deviation) - 309m24c (end of Penryn deviation)
FAL3: 309m25c (end of Penryn deviation) Falmouth Docks
GW339 Newham Branch
0m00c Newham Junction GW338
2m31c Newham Goods
GW340 Truro & Newquay Line
0m00c Chacewater East Junction GW330
0m17c Chacewater North Junction GW341
1m09c Mount Hawke Halt
2m60c St Agnes
3m29c Goonbell Halt
5m07c Mithian Halt
7m16c Perranport Beach Halt
7m45c Perranporth
9m76c Goonhavern Halt
11m71c Shepherds
11m76c Shepherds Junction GW342
13m14c Mitchell & Newlyn Halt
13m46c East Wheal Branch Junction GW344 15m06c Trewerry & Trerice Halt
17m05c Lane Junction GW321
17m20c Tolcarn Junction GW310
GW341 Chacewater West Loop
0m00c Chacewater West Junction GW330
0m18c Chacewater North Junction GW340
GW342 Treamble Branch
0m00c Shepherds Junction GW340
3m10c Gravel Hill Branch Junction GW343
3m20c Treamble
GW343 Gravel Hill Branch
Gravel Hill Branch Junction GW342
Gravel Hill
GW344 East Wheal Rose Branch
0m00c East Wheal Rose Branch Junction GW340
0m52c East Wheal Rose
GW345 original alignment at Trevemper Siding   
GW350 Main Line
datum Paddington via Bristol
307m00c GW330
307m28c Wheal Busy Siding
307m57c Scorrier
309m25c Drump Lane
309m69c Redruth
310m33c Redruth Junction GW351
311m33c Portreath Junction GW352
311m44c Carn Brea Yard
311m70c Carn Brea
312m23c North Crofty Junction GW353
312m64c Dulcoath
313m17c Roskear Junction GW354
313m38c Camborne
315m55c Gwinear Road East
315m73c Gwinear Road Junction GW355
315m74c Gwinear Road West
315m79c Gwinear Road
317m67c Angarrack
318m00c Angarrack (2nd)
318m60c Copperhouse Halt
319m24c Hayle East
319m31c Hayle
319m34c Hayle West
319m38c Hayle Wharf Branch Junction GW359
320m73c St.Erth Junction GW360
320m78c St.Erth
324m55c Marazion
325m12c Long Rock
325m76c Ponsandane
326m50c Penzance
GW351 Tresavean Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
310m33c Redruth Junction GW350
311m75c Wheal Beauchamp
313m09c Tresavean
Article: Railway Magazine 1933 December.
GW352 Portreath Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
311m33c Portreath Junction GW350
312m10c North Pool Siding
314m35c Portreath
Article: Railway Magazine 1933 December.
GW353 North Crofty Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
312m23c North Crofty Junction GW350
312m71c North Crofty
GW354 Roskear Branch

datum Paddington via Bristol
313m17c Roskear Junction GW350
313m69c South Roskear
314m10c North Roskear
GW355 original Main Line alignment via Penponds
GW356 Helston Branch
datum Gwinear Road station
0m09c Gwinear Road Junction GW350
2m68c Praze
5m10c Nancegollan
7m00c Truthall Platform
8m67c Helston
8m76c end of line
GW357 Hayle Railway
Angarrack (1st)
junction GW358
Hayle (1st)
GW358 Hayle Explosives Works Branch
Hayle Explosives Works junction GW357
GW359 Hayle Wharf Branch
0m00c Hayle Wharf Branch Junction GW350
0m29c junction GW357
0m54c Hayle Wharves
GW360 St.Ives Branch
datum Paddington via Bristol
321m02c St Erth Junction GW350
321m49c Lelant Saltings
322m06c Lelant
323m78c Carbis Bay
325m10c St Ives (2nd)
325m21c St Ives (1st)
GW370 South Wales Main Line Swindon - Gloucester
datum London Paddington.
77m35c Gloucester Junction GW110
77m64c Loco Yard
77m77c Workshops Siding GF
80m24c Bremell Sidings
81m09c Collins Lane LC
81m36c Purton
81m68c Purton Common LC
85m37c Minety & Ashton Keynes
86m74c Minety LC
88m25c Oaksey Halt
90m72c Kemble East
90m73c Kemble Junction GW371
90m79c Kemble GW372
91m08c Kemble West
91m65c Tetbury Road
91m69c Coates
94m32c Sapperton Sidings
96m33c Frampton Crossing
98m01c Chalford
98m62c St.Mary's Crossing
99m24c Brimscombe
99m42c Brimscombe West
99m74c Brimscombe Bridge
100m60c Ham Mill Crossing
101m37c Bowbridge Crossing
102m13c Stroud Central
102m61c Beards Lane Crossing
102m69c Downfield Crossing
103m23c Cashes Green
103m52c Ebley Crossing
104m29c Jefferies Siding
104m75c Stonehouse Burdett Road
106m59c Standish Junction MR290
107m70c Haresfield
109m60c Naas Crossing
111m69c Tuffley Junction
112m77c Gloucester East
113m03c Chequers Road Junction (1) GW373
113m17c Gloucester South
113m44c Gloucester North
113m55c Tramway Junction (2) GW374 GW375 MR280 MR289 MR290
114m09c Gloucester Central
114m14c Gloucester Middle
114m20c Gloucester West
114m60c mile post GW380
(1) now Gloucester Yard Junction
(2) now Horton Road Junction

SWM1: Gloucester Junction - Standish Junction
BGL2: Standish Junction - Tuffley Junction
BGL1: Tuffley Junction - Chequers Road Junction
SWM2: Chequers Road Junction - 114¾ mile post
GNY1: Gloucester New Yard
GW371 Cirencester Branch
datum London Paddington.
90m79c Kemble Junction GW370
90m79c Kemble
92m42c Park Leaze
94m49c Chesterton Lane
95m14c Cirencester Town
95m16c end of line
GW372 Tetbury Branch
0m00c Kemble GW370
1m32c Jackaments Bridge
3m03c Rodmarton
3m65c Church's Hill
4m31c Culkerton
5m10c Trouble House
7m14c Tetbury
7m19c end of line
GW373 Cheltenham Loop
113m03c Chequers Road Junction GW370
"T" Station
113m69c Engine Shed Junction GW375
CHL: Chequers Road Junction - Engine Shed Junction
GNY2: Gloucester New Yard

1884 OS map shows this as 'old railway' with no track.
Remiled from Derby London Road by BR. When?
GW374 Gloucester "T" Line
Tramway Junction GW370 GW375
"T" Station
Cheltenham Branch
datum Derby via Camp Hill
(datum ?? on GWR)
92m70c Tramway Junction (1) GW370 GW374 MR280
92m23c 0m34c Engine Shed Junction GW373
89m69c 3m04c Churchdown
87m47c 5m25c Hatherley Junction> GW377 MR280
87m01c 5m74c Lansdown Junction GW376 GW378 MR270 MR280
(1) now Horton Road Junction
GW376 Banbury & Cheltenham Line
84m65c Kingham North Junction GW690
85m26c Kingham West Junction GW692
89m23c Stow-on-the-Wold
91m32c Bourton-on-the-Water
96m38c Notgrove
100m37c Sierford
101m11c Andoversford Junction MW060
101m16c Andoversford Junction station
104m75c Charlton Kings
106m18c Cheltenham South & Leckhampton
107m39c Gloucester Loop Junction GW377
108m01c Lansdown Junction GW375 GW378 MR270 MR280
Article: Railway Magazine 1926 November.
GW377 Hatherley Loop & Kingham
107m39c Gloucester Loop Junction GW376
107m78c Hatherley Junction GW375 MR280
GW378 Cheltenham Branch
datum Gloucester (where?)
5m74c Lansdown Junction GW375 GW376 MR270 MR280
6m40c Cheltenham Malvern Road
6m59c Malvern Road Junction GW699
6m76c Cheltenham Spa Station
7m03c Cheltenham St James
GW380 South Wales Main Line
datum London Paddington.
114m60c mile post GW370
115m43c Gloucester Docks Junction GW381
115m48c Over Junction GW382
119m38c Oakle Street
121m37c Grange Court Junction GW383
121m45c Grange Court
122m00c mile post GW390
GW381 Gloucester Docks Branch.
0m00c Gloucester Docks Junction GW380
1m23c Abbey Road Crossing
Opened 1885
Closed (A)
Ledbury Branch
0m00c Over Junction GW380
3m78c Barbers Bridge
7m10c Malswick
8m34c Newent
10m45c Four Oaks
12m27c Dymock
13m16c Greenway
16m61c Ledbury Town
17m14c Ledbury Branch
17m37c Ledbury Junction GW712
(A) Closure: Over - Dymock 1964, Dymock - Ledbury 1959.

Article: Railway Archive issue 36.
GW383 Grange Court & Hereford Line
datum London Paddington
121m37c Grange Court Junction GW380
121m45c Grange Court
123m06c Blaisdon
125m14c Longhope
126m45c Hopesbrook
128m00c Mitcheldean Road GW393
130m20c Weston-under-Penyard
132m05c Ross-on-Wye Junction GW384
132m08c Ross-on-Wye
134m42c Backney
136m17c Fawley
137m11c Ballingham
140m19c Holm Lacy
  Rotherwas Junction South
143m02c Rotherwas Junction GW383c NW239
GW383c Barrs Court South Junction - Rotherwas Junction
datum Paddington
144m05c (51m14c) Barrs Court Junction SH001
143m02c (52m19c) Rotherwas Junction GW383 NW239
Remiled, datum Shrewsbury, by BR. When??
GW384 Ross-on-Wye to Little Mill Junction
datum Ross-on-Wye Station.
0m02c Ross-on-Wye JunctionGW383
3m12c Walford
4m10c Kerne Bridge
5m40c Lydbrook Junction station
5m49c Lydbrook Junction SV022
7m50c Symonds Yat
10m59c Hadnock
12m30c Monmouth May Hill
13m07c Monmouth Junction GW385
13m10c Monmouth Troy
16m42c Dingestow
18m66c Elms Bridge
19m44c Raglan
20m71c Raglan Road Crossing
21m62c Llandenny
22m76c Cefntilla
25m14c Usk
26m00c Wern Hir
26m66c East Access
27m52c Glascoed Junction GW387
27m58c Glascoed Crossing
27m58c Glascoed
29m22c Little Mill
29m29c Little Mill Junction GW430
GW385 Wye Valley Branch
13m66c Monmouth Junction GW384
13m30c Wyesham
13m06c Wyesham Junction GW386
11m48c Redbrook-on-Wye
11m28c Penallt
9m25c Whitebrook
8m00c St.Briavels
7m03c Llandogo
4m76c Brockweir
4m52c Tintern
2m46c Tintern Quarry
1m31c Netherhope
0m70c Tydenham
0m00c Wye Valley Junction GW470
GW386 Coleford Branch
5m20c GWR / S&W Boundary SV014
5m06c Coleford
4m12c Whitecliff Quarry
2m63c Newland
0m00c Wyesham Junction GW385
GW387 Glascoed R.O.F. Branch
27m20c end of line
27m38c Glascoed Royal Ordnance Factory
27m52c Glascoed Junction GW384
GW390 South Wales Main Line
datum London Paddington.
122m00c mile post GW380
122m74c Westbury-on-Severn
124m79c Newnham
125m47c Ruddle Road
125m69c Bullo Pill East
126m04c Forest of Dean Junction GW391
126m10c Bullo Pill Dock Junction GW394
126m15c Bullo Pill West
128m06c Awre Junction GW395
128m26c Awre Junction station
131m10c Gatcombe (mileage uncertain)
133m18c Lydney Junction
133m21c Lydney West Loop Junction SV006
133m22c Lydney East Loop Junction SV005
133m37c Lydney Junction
133m41c Lydney West
136m12c Woolaston
137m00c mile post GW470
GW391 Forest of Dean Branch
0m00c Forest of Dean Junction GW390
0m32c Bullo Cross Halt
  Soudley Furnaces
1m59c Soudley SB
2m07c Soudley Siding
2m17c Upper Soudley Halt
3m26c Staple Edge Halt
4m05c Ruspidge Halt
4m61c Bilson Halt
4m68c Bilson Loop Junction GW392
4m70c Bilson Junction SB
5m05c Whimsey Junction GW393
5m21c Bilson South Junction SV025
5m37c Bilson North Junction SV024
6m17c Churchway
GW392 Bilson Loop
datum Forest of Dean Junction
4m68c Bilson Loop Junction GW391
5m27c Cinderford Junction SV001
GW393 Cinderford Branch
datum Forest of Dean Junction
5m05c Whimsey Junction GW391
5m51c Whimsey Halt
5m65c Cindeford Goods
6m02c Steam Mills Crossing Halt
6m54c Nailbridge Halt
7m21c Drybrook Halt
7m55c Admiralty Siding (end of line)
(section on to Mitcheldean Road GW383 not built)
GW394 Bullo Pill Dock Branch
0m00c Bullo Pill Dock Junction GW390
0m25c Bullo Pill Dock
0m47c end of line
GW395 Forest of Dean Central Branch
0m00c Awre Junction GW390
1m51c Blakeney Goods
4m57c Wallsend Colliery / Howbeach Sidings
5m34c New Fancy Colliery Junction
5m42c New Fancy
Severn & Wye Line
See Severn & Wye Railway SV001 for detail.
GW401 Berkeley Road Loop
0m00c Berkeley Loop Junction SV001
1m22c Berkeley Loop South Junction MR290
Olminster Goods Lines
See Severn & Wye Railway SV002 for detail.
Sharpness Docks Lines
See Severn & Wye Railway SV003 for detail.
Sharpness Docks North Branch
See Severn & Wye Railway SV004 for detail.
Otters Pool Junction - Lydney East Loop Junction
See Severn & Wye Railway SV005 for detail.
Lydney West Loop
See Severn & Wye Railway SV006 for detail.
Lydney Lower Docks Branch
See Severn & Wye Railway SV007 for detail.
Lydney Upper Docks Branch
See Severn & Wye Railway SV008 for detail.
West Gloucestershire Power Station Branch
See Severn & Wye Railway SV009 for detail.
Oakwood Branch
See Severn & Wye Railway SV010 for detail.
Mineral Loop
See Severn & Wye Railway SV011 for detail.
Parkend Goods Branch
See Severn & Wye Railway SV012 for detail.
Parkend Royal Branch
See Severn & Wye Railway SV013 for detail.
Coleford Branch
See Severn & Wye Railway SV014 for detail.
Futterhill Branch
See Severn & Wye Railway SV015 for detail.
Sling Branch
See Severn & Wye Railway SV016 for detail.
Bicslade Tramway
See Severn & Wye Railway SV017 for detail.
Howlerslade Tramway
See Severn & Wye Railway SV018 for detail.
Wimberry Branch
See Severn & Wye Railway SV019 for detail.
Wimberry Tramway
See Severn & Wye Railway SV020 for detail.
proposed Whitegates chord
See Severn & Wye Railway SV021 for detail.
Lydbrook Branch
See Severn & Wye Railway SV022 for detail.
Bishopswood Tramway
See Severn & Wye Railway SV023 for detail.
Cinderford North Loop
See Severn & Wye Railway SV024 for detail.
Cinderford South Loop
See Severn & Wye Railway SV025 for detail.
other lines in the Forest of Dean
See Severn & Wye Railway SV026 for detail.
GW430 Hereford & Newport Line
datum Rotherwas Junction
2m11c Red Hill Junction GW833 NW239
3m49c Haywood
5m37c Tram Inn
7m70c St Devereux
11m14c Golden Valley Junction GW431
11m24c Pontrilas
13m57c Llansilo
16m33c Pandy
17m44c Tyfedw
18m62c Llanvihangel
20m22c Triley
21m60c Abergavenny Junction (2nd)
21m63c MT&A Junction NW240
  Abergavenney South Junction NW241
22m63c Abergavenny Monmouth Road
25m38c Penpergwm
28m06c Nantyderry
30m48c Little Mill
30m55c Little Mill Junction GW384
31m73c Pontypool Road North Junction GW434
32m01c Pontypool Road Station North
32m19c Pontypool Road Middle
32m19c Pontypool Road (2nd)
32m39c Pontypool Road (1st)
32m40c Pontypool Road Station South
33m59c Panteg Junction GW432
34m00c mile post GW480
GW431 Golden Valley Branch
0m00c Golden Valley Junction GW430
2m25c Abbeydore
3m35c Bacton
6m20c Vowchurch
7m74c Peterchurch
10m56c Dorstone
13m22c Westbrook
14m31c Green's Siding
16m51c Clifford
18m52c Hay Junction MR390
GW432 Panteg Goods Lines
32m47c Panteg Goods Lines Junction GW434
32m77c Panteg South Junction GW433 GW435
33m59c Panteg Junction GW430
GW433 Pontypool Road West Junction - Pontypool Road South Junction
0m00c Pontypool Road West Junction GW440
Pontypool Road Middle Junction GW434
0m29c Pontypool Road South Junction GW435
GW434 Pontypool Road North Junction - Pontypool Road Middle Junction
31m73c Pontypool Road North Junction GW430
32m44c Taff Vale Extension Junction
32m47c Panteg Goods Lines Junction GW432
Pontypool Road Middle Junction GW433
GW435 Pontypool Road South Junction - Coedygric Junction
32m77c Pontypool Road South Junction GW433
33m17c Panteg & Coedygric Junction GW436
33m21c Coedygric Junction GW500
GW436 Pontypool Road East Junction - Panteg & Coedygric Junction
32m57c Pontypool Road East Junction
33m17c Panteg & Coedygric Junction GW435
GW440 Vale of Neath Line
Taff Vale Extension
0m00c Taff Vale Extension Junction GW434
0m02c North Junction
0m20c West Junction
0m70c Pontypool Clarence Street GW442
1m34c New Junction GW442
4m00c Crumlin Valleys Colliery Platform
  Cefn Crib
5m10c Hafodyrywys
5m36c Crumlin Junction GW515

Vale of Neath Line
6m00c Crumlin High Level
6m59c Treowen
7m40c Pentwynmawr Platform
7m60c Penar Junction GW517
7m68c Penar Junction Halt
8m64c Pontllanfraith Low Level
9m02c Bird-in-Hand East Junction
9m20c Bird-in-Hand Junction GW443
9m37c Sirhowy Junction NW262
10m10c Maesycwmmer Junction
10m11c Fleur-de-Lis Junction GW444
10m53c Hengoed High Level
10m55c Hengoed (Ystrad) Junction GW445
10m65c Hengoed Loop Junction RR014
12m40c Penalltau Junction
13m36c Llancaiach Junction TV025
13m36c Taff Bargoed Junction TB001
13m45c Nelson & Llancaiach
14m23c Trelewis Halt
14m72c Treharris
15m20c Quakers Yard Branch Junction GW454
15m58c Quakers Yard High Level
15m61c Quakers Yard High Level Junction GW460 QY001
1884 OS map shows milepost 36 from Swansea close to Llancaiach East Junction, between there and Llancaiach Junction.
GW441 Third Line
  Penteg Middle Sidings
1m34c New Junction (1954)
2m21c Old Furnace Colliery end of line
GW442 Trosnant Junction Line
New Junction (from 1954) GW440
0m00c junction GW440
0m27c Trosnant Junction GW500
GW443 Bird-in-Hand Branch
0m00c Bird-in-Hand Junction GW440
0m22c Tredegar Junction NW260
GW444 Maesycwmmer Branch
datum Pontypool Road TV Extension Junction
10m11c Fleur-de-Lis Junction GW440
10m69c Maesycwmmer Junction BM030
GW445 Ystrad Branch
0m00c Hengoed (Ystrad) Junction GW440
0m48c Ystrad North Junction RR010
Taff Bargoed Line
See Taff Bargoed Joint Railway TB001 for detail.
Furnace Tops Branch
See Taff Bargoed Joint Railway TB002 for detail.
Fochriw Colliery Branch
See Taff Bargoed Joint Railway TB005 for detail.
Zig Zag Lines
See Taff Bargoed Joint Railway TB003 for detail.
Zig Zag Lines
See Taff Bargoed Joint Railway TB004 for detail.
Quakers Yard & Merthyr Line
See Quakers Yard & Merthyr Joint Railway QY001 for detail.
GW452 Abercanaid or Merthyr Tunnel Loop
datum Quakers Yard High Level Junction
5m50c Abercanaid Junction QY001
5m72c Abernant Tunnel East Junction GW463
Merthyr Vale Branch
See Quakers Yard & Merthyr Joint Railway QY002 for detail.
GW454 Quakers Yard Branch
datum Pontypool Road TV Extension Junction
15m20c Quakers Yard Branch Junction GW440
15m70c Quakers Yard Low Level Junction TV001
GW460 Vale of Neath Line
datum Pontypool Road TV Extension Junction
15m61c Quakers Yard High Level Junction GW440 QY001
16m55c Quakers Yard West Tunnel
17m30c Penrhiwceiber High Level
17m50c Cwm Cynon
  Nixons Navigation
18m43c Cresselley Crossing
18m57c Mountain Ash Cardiff Road
18m59c Mountain Ash Junction GW461
  Lower Duffryn GF
19m50c Duffryn Crossing Halt
19m77c Middle Duffryn
20m71c Cwmbach Halt
21m39c Cwmbach Sidings
22m38c Aberdare High Level
22m45c Aberdare Junction GW462
22m64c Gadlys Junction
23m08c Robertstown Crossing
23m34c Trecynon
23m68c Lower Llwydcoed Ballast Sidings
24m61c Gelli Tarw Junction GW463
24m63c Gelli Tarw Junction GW465
  Merthyr Road
25m72c Hirwaun East
25m76c Hirwaun
26m04c Hirwaun West
26m42c Hirwaun Bridge
27m10c Hirwaun Pond Halt
27m72c Rhigos GW610
GW461 Mountain Ash Connecting Line
18m59c Mountain Ash Junction GW460
20m1nc Mountain Ash Junction TV010
GW462 Aberdare Connecting Line
datum Cardiff Bute Road
23m77c Aberdare Junction GW460
23m69c Low Level Junction TV010
GW463 Merthyr Branch
6m24c Merthyr Tydfil
5m78c Mardy Junction TV003
5m59c Rhydycar Junction
5m40c junction
5m30c Joint Line Junction QY001
5m18c Cyfarthfa West Junction
5m01c Abernant Tunnel East Junction GW452
2m42c Abernant
0m59c Llwydcoed
0m00c Gelli Tarw Junction GW460
Mardy Junction - Brandy Bridge Junction
See Taff Vale Railway TV003 for detail.
GW465 Dare Branch
5m21c Cwmaman Colliery
4m69c Cwmaman Crossing Halt
4m39c Cwmneol Halt
3m75c Godreaman Halt (1st)
3m64c Godreaman Halt (2nd)
3m48c Tonllwyd Halt
2m53c Black Lion Crossing Halt
2m39c Dare Junction GW466
0m00c Gelli Tarw Junction GW460
GW466 Bwllfa Dare Branch
0m00c Dare Junction GW465
0m21c end of line after 1939
1m63c Bwllfa Colliery boundary
GW470 South Wales Main Line
datum London Paddington.
137m00c mile post GW390
139m74c Beachley Junction
140m54c Wye Valley Junction GW385
140m60c Tutshill Halt
141m05c Chepstow East
141m35c Chepstow
141m69c Chepstow West
143m35c Thornwood
145m77c Portskewett (2nd)
146m05c Portskewett Junction GW471 GW472
146m33c Portskewett (1st)
146m70c Sudbrook Branch Junction GW473
146m76c Caerwent Branch Junction GW474
147m05c Caldicot Junction
148m02c Caldicot Halt
148m31c Severn Tunnel East Junction GW140
148m42c Severn Tunnel Junction East
148m61c Severn Tunnel Junction station
148m62c Severn Tunnel Junction Down Hump
148m76c Severn Tunnel Middle Junction
149m23c Severn Tunnel Junction West
149m60c Severn Tunnel Up Hump
149m79c Undy Crossing
150m50c Undy
151m12c Magor
152m18c Bishton East
153m01c Bishton
153m02c Bishton West
153m05c Llanwern BSC East GW475
154m66c Llanwern
156m02c Llanwern BSC West GW475
156m24c Lliswerry
157m03c East Usk Junction GW476
157m62c Nettlefold Branch Junction GW477
157m74c Maindee East Junction GW482
158m16c Maindee West Junction GW480
158m32c Newport East
158m45c Newport High Street
158m51c Newport Middle
158m61c Newport West
159m32c Gaer Junction GW523
159m61c Alexandra Dock Junction
160m07c Ebbw Junction GW521
161m00c mile post GW530
SWM: 137 mile post - 161 mile post
SBK1: 146m71c - 147m02c section of Sudbrook Branch parallel to SWM2
EUJ: 156m70c - 157m43c East Usk Junction Yard
GW471 Portskewett Branch
0m00c Portskewett Junction GW470
0m47c Portskewett Pier
GW472 (original) Sudbrook Branch
Portskewett Junction GW470
Sudbrook Shipyard
GW473 Sudbrook Branch
0m00c Sudbrook Branch Junction GW470
1m01c Sudbrook Shipyard
GW474 Caerwent Branch
0m00c Caerwent Branch Junction GW470
1m73c Dinham GF Caerwent
GW475 Llanwern (Spencer) Steelworks
153m05c Llanwern BSC East GW470
156m02c Llanwern BSC West GW470
GW476 East Usk Branch
0m00c East Usk Junction GW470
  Heeley & Pearts GF
  Corporation Road
  Lysaghts Inlet GF
  Eastern Drydock GF
  Channel Dry Dock GF
  BAC Sidings North GF
  Monsanto GF
  BAC Sidings South GF
3m07c GWR / CEGB boundary
Uskmouth Power Station
GW477 Nettlefolds Branch
0m00c Nettlefold Branch Junction GW470
0m36c junction (to Clarence Wharf at 1m06c)
0m67c Great Western Wharf
GW480 Hereford & Newport Line
datum Rotherwas Junction
34m00c mile post GW430
34m14c Pontrhydyrun Tin Works Siding
34m77c Lower Pontinewydd
35m17c Cwmbran (3rd)
36m24c Llantarnum Junction GW481
36m58c Llantarnham
37m78c Ponthir
38m64c Caerleon Works Siding
39m41c Caerleon
40m75c St Julians Siding
41m30c Herberts Siding
41m34c Maindee North Junction GW482
41m66c Maindee West Junction GW470
GW481 Cwmbran Branch
0m67c Cwmbran Junction GW500
0m58c Cwmbran (2nd)
0m00c Llantarnum Junction GW480
GW482 Maindee East Loop
datum Rotherwas Junction
41m34c Maindee North Junction GW480
41m64c Maindee East Junction GW470
GW490 Neutral Mile Line
0m00c Courtybella zero point GW510
0m08c Courtybella Junction GW491
0m30c Pillbank Junction GW492
0m64c Loco Yard Junction GW495
Station Yard Junction GW494
0m73c Town Dock Junction GW496
0m78c East Dock Junction
1m00c George Street Junction GW500
GW491 Llanarth Branch
datum Courtybella Zero Point
0m08c Courtybella Junction GW490
  Salutation Junction GW494
0m32c Llanarth Street Junction GW500
GW492 Old Dock Branch
datum Courtybella Zero Point
0m30c Pillbank Junction GW490
0m48c Pillbank Siding Junction GW493
1m00c Quiet Woman's Row
GW493 Pill Bank Siding
datum Courtybella Zero Point
0m48c Pillbank Siding Junction GW492
North & South Docks
GW494 Dock Street
Station Yard Junction GW490
Dock Street
Salutation Junction GW491
GW495 Town Dock West Side
0m00c Loco Yard Junction GW490
0m38c end of line
GW496 Town Dock East Side
0m00c Town Dock Junction GW490
0m38c end of line
GW500 Eastern Valleys Line
15m12c end of line
14m71c Blaenavon Low Level
12m73c Cwmavon
11m58c Cwmffrwd Junction GW501
11m53c Cwmffrwd Halt
11m17c Abersychan Low Level
10m55c Snatchwood Halt
10m11c Pontnewynydd
9m79c Pontnewynydd Junction GW504
9m46c Trevethin Junction
9m20c Pontypool Crane Street
8m72c Trosnant Junction GW441
8m65c Blaendare Road Halt
7m60c Coedygric Junction GW435
7m53c Panteg & Griffithstown
7m09c Sebastopol
6m68c Pontrhydyrun
6m46c Pontrhydyrun Halt
6m09c Upper Pontnewydd
5m35c Cwmbran Sidings Junction GW509
5m22c Cwmbran Junction GW481
5m10c Cwmbran (1st)
3m44c Llantarnum
1m06c Marshes Trnpike Gate
0m68c Newport Mill Street
0m32c Llanarth Street Junction GW491
0m00c George Street Junction GW490
GW501 Cwmffrwyd Branch
datum George Street Junction
13m57c end of line
13m15c Golynos Junction GW501c GW502
GW501c Golynos Branch
datum Garndiffaith Junction
0m11c LNWR/GWR boundary NW246
0m15c Talywain Siding Junction GW501f
0m19c Golynos Junction GW501
GW501f Talywain Old Siding & (old) Cwmffrwyd Branch
datum George Street Junction via Golynos Junction (reverse)
13m20c Talywain Siding Junction GW501c 13m33c end of Talywain Old Siding   Cwmffrwd Junction GW500
End of Talywain Siding to Cwmffrwd Junction closed sometime between the 1886 and 1901 OS maps (326670 204060).
GW502 Cwmffrwyd Branch
datum East Dock Junction (Newport)
13m15c Golynos Junction GW501
13m08c Castle Pond Sidings Connection GW503
12m59c Talywain Junction GW507
GW503 Castle Pond Sidings
datum East Dock Junction (Newport)
13m16c junction with Colliery lines
13m08c Castle Pond Sidings GW502
GW504 Cwmnantddu Branch
datum East Dock Junction (Newport)
12m03c end of line 10m40c Branches Fork Junction GW505
9m78c Pontnewynydd Junction GW500
GW505 Cwmffrwdoer Branch

datum George Street Junction
11m65c GWR / Colliery boundary
10m40c Branches Fork Junction GW504
GW506 Talywain Branch
datum George Street Junction
12m59c Talywain Junction GW507
12m12c Pentwyn Junction GW508
12m09c Pentwyn Halt
11m34c Pentre Piod Halt
10m53c Cwmffwdder Halt
9m71c Wainfelin Halt
9m46c Trevethin Junction GW500
Abersychan Station Line
datum East Dock Junction (Newport)
13m12c LMSR / GWR boundary NW
12m75c Abersychan & Talywain
12m59c Talywain Junction GW506
GW508 Talywain Ballast Branch
12m29c GWR / British Iron Works boundary
12m12c Pentwyn Junction GW506
GW509 Patent Nut & Bolt Branch
datum George Street Junction (reverse)
5m35c Cwmbran Sidings Junction GW509
5m60c GWR boundary
GW510 Western Valleys Line
20m30c Nantyglo Junction GW511 GW511c
20m11c Nantyglo
18m62c Blaina
17m71c Bournville Halt
16m16c Abertillery
16m05c Abertillery Branch Junction GW512
15m35c Six Bells Halt
14m24c Aberbeeg
14m22c Aberbeeg Junction GW513
13m37c Llanhilleth
12m74c Llanhilleth Branch Junction GW515
11m40c Crumlin Low Level
11m13c Celynen North Halt
10m42c Newbridge
9m65c Celynen South Halt
9m33c Halls Siding Junction GW515f
9m27c Abercarn (2nd)
9m08c Abercarn Loop Junction GW515f
8m54c Abercarn Colliery Junction GW516
8m21c Chapel Bridge
8m16c Cwmcarn
7m06c Cross Keys
6m48c Halls Road Junction GW517
6m18c Lime Kilns Branch Siding GW518c
5m47c Risca Junction GW519
5m44c Risca
4m53c Tynycwm Halt
3m66c Rogerstone North GW520
3m18c Rogerstone
2m93c Rogerstone South GW520
2m13c Bassaleg
2m05c Bassaleg Junction AD002 BM030
0m73c Park Junction GW521 GW523
0m25c Maesglas Junction AD010
0m00c Courtybella Zero Point GW490
Brynmawr & Western Valleys Line
1m09c Brynmawr No.2 Junction NW240
  Nantyglo Crossing Gates
0m00c Nantyglo Junction GW510 GW511c
GW511c Nantyglo Ironworks Branch
datum Courtybella Zero Point
20m37c LNWR/GWR boundary NW242
20m30c Nantyglo Junction GW510 GW511
GW512 Cwmtillery Branch
datum Courtybella Zero Point
17m00c GWR / South Wales Colliery boundary
16m05c Abertillery Branch Junction GW510
GW513 Ebbw Vale Branch
datum Courtybella Zero Point
20m75c end of line GW514
20m26c Ebbw Vale Low Level
19m48c Tyllwyn Halt
18m34c Victoria
17m11c Cwm
16m28c Marine Colliery Platform
14m22c Aberbeeg Junction GW510
GW514 Beaufort Ballast Tip Line
datum Courtybella Zero Point
21m06c end of line
20m75c start of line GW513
GW515 Llanhilleth Branch
datum Pontypool Road, Taff Vale Extension Junction
5m36c Crumlin Junction GW440
6m63c Llanhilleth Branch Junction GW510
GW515f Halls Siding (original alignment at Abercarn)
datum Courtybella Zero Point
9m33c Halls Siding Junction GW510
  Abercarn (1st)
9m17c end of siding
9m08c Abercarn Loop Junction GW510
This is part of the original alignment of the Western Valleys Line, shown by Cooke in the 1947 atlas but not in volume 40 of his part works. See 1879 OS map at 321278 195142. Halls Tramroad leased to GWR in 1877 and largely rebuilt, most becoming Halls Road Lower Section GW517. There is also an Abercarn Gas Works Siding that might justify an entry in this list. Quick shows Abercarn station opened 1850 and resited on deviation c1867.
GW516 Abercarn Colliery Branch
0m21c Abercarn Colliery boundary
0m00c Abercarn Colliery Junction GW510
GW517 Penar Branch
10m22c end of line
  Markham Colliery
6m65c Oakdale Halt
5m79c Penmaen Halt
4m67c Penar Junction GW440

Halls Road Lower Section
4m67c Penar Junction GW440
0m26c Cwmcarn Branch Junction GW518
0m00c Halls Road Junction GW510
HRD2: Halls Road Junction - Penar Junction
PEN: Penar Junction - end of line
GW518 Cwmcarn Branch
datum Halls Road Junction
1m73c Cwmcarn Colliery boundary
0m26c Cwmcarn Branch Junction GW517
GW518c Lime Kilns Siding
datum Courtybella Zero Point
6m49c end of branch
6m18c Lime Kilns Branch Junction GW510
GW519 Nine Mile Point Branch
datum Courtybella Zero Point
8m00c GWR / LNWR boundary
5m47c Risca Junction GW510
GW520 Rogerstone Yards
datum Courtybella Zero Point
3m66c Rogerstone North GW510
2m53c Rogerstone South GW510
GW521 Western Loop (Cardiff Curve)
1m02c Park Junction GW510 GW523
0m50c Maesglas Lower Junction GW522
0m00c Ebbw Junction GW470
GW522 Maesglass Loop
datum Courtybella Zero Point
0m29c Maesglas Lower Junction GW521
0m25c Maesglas Junction GW510
GW523 Gaer Branch datum Paddington via Gloucester
160m15c Park Junction GW510 GW521
159m32c Gaer Junction GW470
GW524 Waterloo Loop
Waterloo Junction GW510
Alexandra Dock Junction GW470
Is this actually AD012 ? Or is AD012 the duplicate of this?
GW530 South Wales Main Line
datum Paddington via Gloucester
161m00c mile post GW470
162m02c St Brides
163m66c Marshfield
165m18c Wentloog Traincrew LC
165m22c Wentloog East Junction
165m40c St Mellons East
166m01c Wentloog West Junction
166m04c St Mellons
166m18c St Mellons West
167m61c Rumney River Bridge Junction
168m20c Pengam Junction GW531
169m02c Roath
169m22c Long Dyke Junction GW532
169m42c Newtown East
169m75c Newtown West Junction
  Cardiff East Junction GW534
170m24c Cardiff General
170m42c Riverside Junction GW535
170m20c Cardiff East
170m46c Barry Line Junction GW536
171m54c Leckwith Junction North GW539
172m55c Ely (Main Line)
174m28c St Fagans
174m33c St Fagans LC
174m37c St Fagans Junction BY013
174m59c St Fagans West Junction
175m40c St George's Chruch LC
175m81c St George's LC
176m07c Morlanga LC
176m29c Peterston East Junction BY016
176m67c Peterston West Junction BY015
177m10c Peterston
177m75c Gwyn-y-Gaer LC
178m09c Pontsarn LC
178m65c Maindy Bach LC
181m00c mile post GW550
GW531 Roath Dock Branch
datum Paddington via Gloucester
168m20c Pengam Junction GW530
168m25c Pengam LC
  Dock Storage North
  Roath Branch North
  Roath Branch South
  Roath Dock South East Junction TV060
GW532 Bute Dock Branch
datum Paddington via Gloucester
169m22c Long Dyke Junction GW530
169m42c Newtown East Junction
  Tyndall Street Crossing
  Dowlais Works Junction
170m15c junction Roath Basin
GW533 Original connecting line (on up side)
0m20c East Branch Junction TV050
0m00c Cardiff East Junction (old) GW530
GW534 Cardiff East Junction Line
0m69c East Branch Junction TV050
0m00c Cardiff East Junction GW530
GW535 Riverside Branch
0m00c Riverside Branch Junction GW530
0m16c Cardiff Riverside
1m04c Cardiff Clarence Road
GW536 Barry Line
0m00c Barry Line Junction GW530
0m25c Radyr Branch Junction TV051
0m48c Penarth South Junction TV052 TV053
GW537 Radyr Branch Junction - Penarth North Junction TVR
See Taff Vale Railway TV051 who were the lease holders from 1863.
GW538 Canton Depot
170m60c - 171m27c
GW539 Leckwith Loop
0m26c Leckwith Junction South TV051
0m00c Leckwith Junction North GW530
GW550 South Wales Main Line
181m00c mile post GW530
181m37c Llantrisant
181m40c Pontyclun
181m43c Ely Valley Junction GW551
181m45c Llantrisant East
181m76c Llantrisant West LC
183m45c Llanharan East
183m65c Llanharan West Junction GW555
183m74c Llanharan
184m00c Llanharan LC
184m24c Llanharan Colliery
185m09c Bryn-y-Gwynon Colliers Platform & footpath LC
186m55c Pencoed (2nd)
186m56c Pencoed East Pencoed LC
186m58c Pencoed (1st)
187m43c Pencoed West
187m63c Torcoed No.2 LC
188m37c Coychurch footpath LC
188m70c Tremains East
189m37c Tremains Halt
189m63c Tremains West
190m33c Bridgend East Junction BY054
190m44c Bridgend
190m53c Bridgend Middle barrow LC
190m57c Llynffi & Ogmore Junction GW560
190m77c Bridgend West
193m00c Laleston
194m51c Stormy Sidings
195m65c Pyle East Junction GW561 GW571
196m00c Pyle (2nd)
196m03c Pyle Branch Junction PT031
196m20c Pyle (1st)
196m51c Pyle West Loop Junction
197m00c mile post GW580
GW551 Ely Valley Line
0m00c Ely Valley Junction GW550
0m02c Llantrisant East
0m17c Llantrisant Branch
0m47c Mwyndy Junction GW552
1m38c Ynysmaerdy South
  Ynysmaerdy Junction GW551c
2m01c Ynysmaerdy North
2m30c Llatrisant Common Junction TV044
2m75c Coed Ely
4m01c Coed Ely
4m24c Gellyrhaidd Junction GW553
4m77c Tonyrefail
5m52c Ciley Junction
6m35c Dinas Isha
6m69c Naval Sidings
7m22c Penygraig
9m25c Clydach Vale
9m58c end of line
GW552 Llantrisant Branch
0m00c Mwyndy Junction GW551
0m16c Cowbridge Road Crossing
1m04c Maesaraul Junction TV042

Mwyndy Branch
1m04c Maesaraul Junction TV042
1m63c GWR / Brofiscin Lime Works boundary
2m63c Brofiscin Lime Works
Formerly 0.47 - 3.30 ex Llantrisant Junction
GW552c Old Glanmychydd (Castella) Branch
Ynysmaerdy Junction GW550
Cooke states opened 1860, lifted 1867. Formal abandonment 1926.
Earliest available OS map (1:2500 of 1876) shows formation as 'dismantled tramway'. Cannot be connected to Treferig Valley line as that not built until 1883 and comparison with later maps show formation did not reach as far as the alignment with the Treferrig Valley line.
GW553 Hendreforgan Branch
0m00c Gellyrhaidd Junction GW551
1m55c Hendreforgan
1m58c Gilfach Junction GW554 GW562
GW554 Gilfach Branch
0m00c Gilfach Junction GW553 GW562
1m12c Gilfach Goch
1m72c Gilfach Goch Collieries Platform
2m08c end of line
GW555 Cardiff & Ogmore Branch
0m00c Llanharan West Junction GW550
4m56c Bryncethin Junction GW556
8m21c Cardiff & Ogmore Junction GW565
GW556 Pencoed Branch
datum Llanharan West Junction
4m56c Bryncethin Junction GW555
6m30c Tynycoed Junction GW557
6m59c Ynysawdre Junction GW562
Originally 0.00 - 1.75 ex Ynysawdre Junction
GW557 Brynmenyn Loop
0m20c Tynycoed Junction GW556
0m00c Brynmenyn Junction GW562
GW560 Bridgend & Abergwnfi Line
0m00c Llynffi & Ogmore Junction GW550
0m21c Llynfi Siding
0m64c Wildmill
0m79c Coity Junction BY050
2m10c Aberkenfig
2m12c Sarn
2m34c Tondu South
2m45c Brigden's Siding
2m66c Tondu
2m69c Tondu Middle Junction (Porthcawl line) GW561
2m70c Tondu Middle Junction (Ogmore line) GW562
3m07c Tondu North Junction
4m10c Glannant Junction GW568
4m45c Gelli Las
6m19c Llangynwyd South
6m26c Llangynwyd
6m41c Llangynwyd North
6m75c Troedyrhiew Garth
7m02c Garth
7m55c Maesteg Ewenny Road
7m77c Maesteg South
8m19c Maesteg North
8m22c Maesteg Castle Street
8m55c Llynffi Junction
8m74c Nantyffyllon South
9m11c Nantyffyllon
9m16c Northern Extension Junction GW569
9m17c Nantyffyllon North
9m47c Coegnant Sidings
10m10c Caerau
11m11c Cymmer South Junction GW570
11m53c Cymmer East Junction RS002 RS002c
12m02c Glenavon Colliery Sidings
12m66c Gelli Junction RS002
14m09c Abergwynfi
14m29c end of branch
GW561 Ogmore Vale Extension Line
0m00c Tondu Middle Junction GW560 GW562
0m15c Velin Vach
1m05c Fountain LC
2m08c Cwmffoes LC
2m25c Ffoes Bank
2m44c Cefn Junction GW569c PT030

Porthcawl Branch
2m44c Cefn Junction GW569c
3m64c Kenfig Hill
  Stormy Loop Junction GW561c GW561f
5m66c Pyle East Junction GW550
GW561c Pre 1876 alignment of Porthcawl Branch at Pyle
Stormy Loop Junction GW561
Pyle Old Station
Heol y Sheet Junction GW571 GW572
Including flat crossing of South Wales Main Line
GW561f Pyle East Curve
Stormy Junction GW550
Stormy Loop Junction GW561
1851-1864 - see Cooke map 143.
GW562 Blackmill Branch
0m00c Tondu Middle Junction GW560 GW562
0m15c Ogmore Junction GW563
0m24c Ynysawdre Junction GW556
0m54c Brynmenyn (Loop) Junction GW557
0m55c Brynmenyn Junction GW564
0m60c Brynmenyn
2m55c Blackmill Junction GW565
2m61c Blackmill
3m20c Dimbath Junction GW567
6m11c Gilfach Junction GW553 GW554
OGM: Tondu Middle Junction - Ynysawdre Junction
GAW1: Ynysawdre Junction - Brynmenyn Junction
BMZ: Brynmenyn Junction - Gilfach Junction
GW563 Tondu North Loop
0m15c Tondu Ogmore Junction GW562
0m00c Tondu North Junction GW560
GW564 Garw Branch
0m00c Brynmenyn Junction GW562
0m03c Brynmenyn
0m08c Brynmenyn Crossing
1m58c Bettws Llantwit
2m01c Llangeinor
2m28c Llangeinor Colliery Sidings
3m08c Pontyrhyll Junction PT001
3m19c Pontyrhyll
3m52c Braich-y-Cymmer
4m52c Pontycymmer
5m00c Victoria Garw Valley
5m44c Blaengarw
5m74c end of line
GW565 Ogmore Branch
datum Tondu Middle Junction
2m55c Blackmill Junction GW562
2m61c Blackmill
3m55c Lewistown Halt
3m61c Cardiff & Ogmore Junction GW555
4m22c Rhiwglyn
4m79c Caedu Crossing
5m18c Caedu Incline Junction GW566
5m47c Ogmore Vale SOuth
5m50c Ogmore Vale
5m55c Ogmore Vale Middle/Tynewydd No.1
6m02c Ogmore Vale North/Tynewydd No.2
6m15c Wyndham Halt
6m29c Wyndham Pits South
6m61c Wyndham Pits North
7m01c Ocean Colliery
7m12c Nantymoel
7m18c end of line
GW566 Caedu Incline
datum Tondu Middle Junction
5m18c Caedu Incline Junction GW565
5m66c end of line
Line re-miled: Datum = Copper Works Junction after 1950
GW567 Dimbath Branch (track not laid)
datum Tondu Middle Junction
0m00c Dimbath Junction GW562
0m60c end of line
Only first 60 chains or so completed - less than half intended branch.
GW568 Glannant Siding
datum Llynffi & Ogmore Junction, Bridgend
4m10c Glannant Junction GW560
Glannant Colliery
GW569 Duffryn Branch
datum Llynffi & Ogmore Junction, Bridgend
9m16c Northern Extension Junction GW560
9m21c DL&P Junction GW569c
  Duffryn Goods
9m43c end of line
GW569c Duffryn Llynvi and Porthcawl Tramway
DL&P Junction GW569
Llynfi Junction
Cefn Junction GW561
See Cooke's Atlas maps 156, 157, 143.
GW570 Cymmer Loop
datum Llynffi & Ogmore Junction, Bridgend
11m32c Cymmer North Junction SL001
  Cymmer West Junction RS003
11m11c Cymmer South Junction GW560
GW571 Porthcawl Branch
datum Tondu Middle Junction
5m72c Porthcawl Middle Junction GW550 GW561
6m54c Heol y Sheet Junction GW572
7m00c Cornelly Quarry Junction
8m46c Nottage Halt
9m33c Porthcawl (1st)
9m61c Porthcawl (2nd)
GW572 Pyle West Loop
0m71c Heol-y-Sheet Junction GW571
0m00c Pyle West Loop Junction GW550
GW573 Pre 1876 alignment of Porthcawl Branch at Smoky Cottage
GW580 South Wales Main Line
197m00c mile post GW550
197m41c Water Street Junction GW581
197m60c Pyle Sand Siding Junction GW582
198m69c Newlands Loop Junction PT032
199m60c Heol-y-Dellaid LC
200m28c Abbey North Junction
200m47c Margam
200m56c Margham East
201m22c Margam East Junction
201m22c Margham Middle
201m55c Margam West Junction
202m23c Port Talbot East
202m05c Taibach Loop Junction
202m50c Port Talbot LC
202m54c Port Talbot General
202m61c Port Talbot East Junction RS007
202m69c Port Talbot Middle
203m01c Port Talbot West Junction (1) RS008
204m58c Baglan
205m74c Briton Ferry Junction RS021
206m02c Briton Ferry West
206m31c Briton Ferry (1st)
206m35c Court Sart Junction South GW588
206m40c Briton Ferry (2nd)
206m57c Court Sart Junction RS024
207m20c Penrhiwtyn LC
208m21c Neath General
208m26c barrow LC
208m27c Neath Loop Junction GW612
210m21c Skewen (1st)
210m26c Skewen (2nd)
210m40c mile post GW590
(1) aka Aberavon Junction
GW581 Margam Yard Line
197m41c Water Street Junction GW580
199m20c Abbey East Junction PTR&D
GW582 Pyle Sand Siding
Pyle Sand Siding Junction GW580
end of line
GW583 Margam Yards (post 1960)   
GW584 Margam Moors Junction - Margam Abbey East Junction
198m64c - 199m20c
GW585 Margam Abbey Works Yards   
GW586 Briton Ferry Dock Branch
206m09c Docks Branch Junction GW587
205m55c end of line
GW587 Port Wallaroo Dock Line
206m09c Docks Branch Junction GW586
205m43c end of line
GW588 Court Sart Flying Loop
17m62c Court Sart South Junction GW580
18m28c Neath Junction RS020
Up Direction only
GW590 South Wales Main Line
210m40c mile post GW580
210m44c Skewen East Junction GW591
211m40c Llansamlet (1st)
212m08c Llansamlet (2nd)
212m47c Llansamlet North
213m62c Swansea Valley Junction GW597
214m63c Landore
214m65c Swansea Branch Junction GW598
215m14c Swansea Loop West Junction GW599
216m70c Cockett
216m74c Cockett Junction GW602
218m00c mile post GW630
GW591 Swansea District Line
0m00c Skewen East Junction GW590
1m07c Lonlas Junction GW613
2m10c Felin Fran Halt
2m14c Felin Fran East Junction GW592
2m79c Felin Fran West Junction GW593c GW594
5m66c Llangyfelach
8m03c Pont Lliw
10m05c Morlais Junction East (1) GW596
10m64c Morlais Junction South GW640
(1) aka Grovesend Colliery Loop Junction

SDI3: Skewen East Junction - Lonlas Junction
SDI2: Lonlas Junction - Morlais Junction
GW592 Pontardawe Branch
0m00c Felin Fran East Junction GW591
  Clydach Curve Junction GW593c
  Felin Fran Colliery Siding
0m46c Ynysallen South Junction
0m79c Ynysallen North Junction
1m35c Mond Works Junction
2m21c Clydach Goods
3m09c Trebanos South Junction
3m24c Trebanos North Junction
3m25c Graig (or Daren) Colliery
Section on to Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen not built
GW593 1972 alignment at Felin Fran East Junction  PWE
GW593c Clydach Loop
Felin Fran West Junction GW591
Clydach Curve Junction GW592
Not completed
GW594 Morriston Branch
3m21c Felin Fran West Junction GW591
  Tyrcenol Junction GW594c
2m38c Pentrefelin Halt
2m03c Morriston West
1m53c Copper Pit Platform
0m77c Plas Marl
0m36c Landore Low Level
0m00c Hafod Junction GW598
Junction moved and remiled 1964.
GW594c Tyrcenol Branch
Tyrcenol Junction MR411
Tyrcenol Junction GW594
GW595 1974 Grovesend Chord connection to NW300   
GW596 Hendy Loop
0m00c Morlais Junction East GW591
0m48c Hendy Junction GW640
Six Pit Junction Branch
Six Pit Junction MR410
Six Pit Junction MR413
Swansea Valley Junction GW590
GW598 Swansea Branch
214m65c Swansea Branch Junction GW590
215m18c Hafod Junction GW594
215m43c Swansea Loop East Junction GW599
215m64c North Dock Branch Junction GW601
216m08c Swansea High Street
SWA: throughout
LLY: Landore Depot
GW599 Swansea Loop
0m53c Swansea Loop East Junction GW598
0m00c Swansea Loop West Junction GW590
GW600 Swansea Yards / Maliphant Low Level Yard   
GW601 North Dock Branch
215m64c North Dock Branch Junction GW598
216m42c Wind Street Junction GW610
GW602 Cockett Goods Branch
0m00c Cockett Junction GW590
0m44c Cockett Goods
GW610 Vale of Neath Line
datum Pontypool Road TV Extension Junction
27m72c Rhigos GW460
30m57c Pontwalby Halt
30m75c British Rhondda Halt
31m44c Cwmrhyd y Gau Halt
32m31c Glyn Neath
33m12c Aberpergwm Junction GW611
35m25c Resolven
36m32c Melyncourt Halt
37m33c Clyne Halt
39m54c Aberdylais
40m68c Neath Junction GW612
41m21c Neath Riverside
41m22c Neath & Brecon Junction (1) NH001
42m37c Neath Abbey
43m09c Cardonnel Halt
43m38c Cardonnel Junction RS027
44m12c Jersey Marine Junction north (from 1961) RS030
44m16c Jersey Marine Junction South GW613 GW615
44m18c Jersey Marine Junction South RS020
46m22c Pritchards Siding GW615
46m61c Kings Dock Junction GW617
47m18c Prince of Wales Dock Junction GW618
47m51c Danygraig Halt
47m69c East Dock Junction GW620
47m72c Port Tennant Junction GW619
48m07c ED Junction GW621
48m55c Wind Street Junction GW601
  Wind Street
48m63c South Dock Junction GW622
49m11c Gorseinon Line Junction LNWR
(1) Cadoxton Junction until ??
GW611 Aberpergwm Branch
0m34c GWR / Colliery boundary
0m00c Aberpergwm Junction GW610
GW612 Neath Junction
datum Pontypool Road TV Extension Junction
40m68c Neath Junction GW610
41m32c Neath Loop Junction GW580
GW613 Jersey Marine Loop
2m22c Jersey Marine Junction south GW610
1m28c Jersey Marine Junction North
1m18c Llandarcy
0m00c Lonlas Junction GW591
JER: Jersey Marine South - Jersey Marine North
SDI2: Jersey Marine North - Lonlas Junction
GW614 Neath Loop
0m48c Neath Loop Junction RS020
0m00c Jersey Marine Junction North GW591 GW613
REMOVE - is RS030
GW615 Jersey Marine Yard Line
datum Pontypool Road TV Extension Junction
44m16c Jersey Marine Junction South GW610 GW613
46m22c Pritchards Siding GW610
GW616 1950 deviation of Jersey Marine Yard Line at Briton Ferry Road   
GW617 Kings Dock Branch
0m00c Kings Dock Junction GW610
Kings Dock Coal Hoists
GW618 Prince of Wales Dock Line
datum Pontypool Road TV Extension Junction
47m18c Prince of Wales Dock Junction GW610
Brownlands Junction GW619
GWR / Dock boundary
GW619 Swansea Eastern Loop
Brownlands Junction GW618
Port Tennant Junction GW610
GW620 East Dock Branch
datum Pontypool Road TV Extension Junction
47m69c East Dock Junction GW610
48m09c Swansea East Dock
GW621 Swansea East Junction Line
datum Pontypool Road TV Extension Junction
48m07c ED Junction GW610
48m16c Eastern Depot Junction MR417
48m33c GWR / MR boundary MR416
GW622 Wind Street Goods Lines
datum Pontypool Road TV Extension Junction
0m00c South Dock Junction GW610
0m23c South Dock GW623
GW623 Strand Lines
South Dock GW622
Connection to Swansea & Mumbles
North Dock
Serves North Dock
GW630 South Wales Main Line

218m00c mile post GW590
219m45c Gowerton North
  Gowerton Junction GW631
221m49c Loughor
222m58c Duffryn LC
223m08c Duffryn West Junction
223m16c Penclacwydd LC
223m49c Llandeilo Junction GW640
223m51c Llanelli Dock Flat Crossing Junction GW637f
223m51c Llandeilo Junction GW632
224m01c Llandilo Junction West GW637c
224m73c Llanelli Dock Junction GW632
224m59c Flat Crossing GW633c
225m14c Llanelli East LC
225m19c Llanelli
225m28c Llanelli West LC
225m48c Llanelli West Junction LM002
225m57c Old Castle Crossing
226m00c mile post GW660
GW631 1899 connection to LNWR at Gowerton
Gowerton No.1 NW301
Gowerton Junction GW630
The formation appears on the 1879 1:2,500 OS map connecting the LNWR Llanmorlais Branch at Gowerton No.1 to the GWR west of both stations. 258802 196736. The LNWR end has sidings serving the (disused!) Elba Steelworks - present day Elba Street does not appear. There are no statements as to the line's status. The 1899 map shows the steel works in use and enlarged with siding connections from both GWR and LNWR and the LNWR siding has extended further along the formation. By 1916 a siding has passed under the formation to access New Elba Colliery.
Tony Cooke states (section 54 of his part work) that the connection was opened 1 July 1899 for diversion of GWR trains following collapse of Cockett Tunnel on 19 June 1899; line via Cockett fully restored 1 March 1903.
Debatable whether this item should be here or in the LNWR list.
GW632 Llanelli to Llandeilo Junction Line

223m51c Llandeilo Junction GW630
224m51c Morfa Junction
224m68c Copper Works Junction
224m72c Llanelli Dock
  St Davids Dock Crossing (Flat Crossing of GW633c)
225m01c Dock Loop Junction GW633
225m12c Llanelli Dock Junction GW630

LJL1: Llandeilo Junction - Llanelli Dock
LJL2: Llanelli Dock - Llanelli Dock Junction
GW633 Llanelli Dock Loop

224m51c Morfa Junction GW632
224m66c Riverside Branch Junction GW634
224m68c Goods Branch Junction GW635
225m07c North Side Branch Junction GW636
225m11c St David's Junction GW633c
225m16c Dock Loop Junction GW632
GW633c St Davids Branch
datum London Paddington via Morfa Junction

227m64c end of branch
227m03c end of branch from 1941
226m55c Dafen Goods
226m24c Half Way Crossing
226m09c Dafen Loop Junction North
225m64c Dafen Loop Junction South
225m34c Penyfan Quarry Siding
225m26c Flat Crossing of GW630
  St Davids Dock Crossing (Flat Crossing of GW632)
225m11c St David's Junction GW633
GW634 Riverside Branch
224m66c Riverside Branch Junction GW633
225m20c Riverside
GW635 Llanelli Dock Goods Branch
224m68c Goods Branch Junction GW633
225m12c South Wales Works
GW636 Llanelli Dock North Side Branch
North Side Branch Junction GW633
Llanelli Dock
GW637 Llandilo Loop Line
0m40c Genwen Junction GW640
0m13c Trostre Works Junction
0m00c Llandeilo Loop Junction GW637c GW637f
GW637c Llandilo Loop Line
datum Paddington
223m49c Llandeilo Loop Junction GW637
224m01c Llandeilo Junction West GW630
GW637f Llandeilo Junction Flat Crossing
223m49c Llandeilo Loop Junction GW637 GW637c
223m51c Llanelli Dock Flat Crossing Junction GW630 GW632
GW640 Llanelli to Llandeilo Line
18m17c Llandeilo North GW641
18m08c Llandeilo
17m48c Carmarthen Valley Junction NW293
17m18c Ffairfach
14m46c Derwydd Road
13m66c Pistill Branch Junction GW641c
13m56c Limestone Branch Junction GW641f
13m05c Llandybie
11m27c Mountain Branch Junction GW642
11m21c Tirydail (1)
10m58c Parcyrhwun Halt
10m07c Pantyffynon
10m03c Pantyffynon Junction GW643
5m33c Pontardulais Junction NW300
5m25c Pontardulais
4m70c Hendy Sewage Works LC
4m56c Hendy Junction GW596
4m20c Bryn Mawr Farm LC
3m47c Morlais South Junction GW591
3m01c Llangennech
2m77c Llangennech LC
1m77c Pencoed Uchaf No.1 LC
1m31c Ffos Fach Isaf LC
1m10c Bynea Junction GW647
1m07c Bynea
0m53c Genwen Branch Junction GW648
0m51c Techan Fach LC
0m44c Genwen Junction GW649
0m40c Genwen Junction GW637
0m00c Llandeilo Junction GW630
(1) Duffryn until 1889; Ammanford from 1969.
Vale of Towy Line
datum Llandilo Junction
29m41c Joint GWR/LNWR to LNWR boundary NW290
29m20c Llandovery
  Llandovery No.2
25m47c Llanwrda
23m59c Llangadock / Llangadog
22m12c Glanrhyd Halt
20m14c Talley Road
18m17c Llandeilo North GW640
Commencing 26 August 1961 the mile posts on the Craven Arms - Llandovery Section will be renewed and they will be transferred to the Up Side of the Line instead of the Down Side as at present (k2/599, to k2/623, 1962).
GW641c Pistill (Pistyll) Branch
datum Llandilo Junction
14m02c Pistill Limeworks
13m66c Pistill Branch Junction GW640
GW641f Limestone Branch
datum Llandilo Junction
14m07c Cilyrchen Limestone Works
13m56c Limestone Branch Junction GW640
GW642 Mountain Branch
4m03c Cross Hands Colliery
3m28c Rock Castle
1m06c Gulston Junction
0m00c Mountain Branch Junction GW640
GW643 Garnant Branch
datum Llandilo Junction
16m46c GWR/MR boundary MR401
16m40c Brynamman West
14m69c Raven Junction GW644
14m65c Garnant
13m77c Glanamman
11m32c Ammanford Colliery Halt
11m10c Ammanford (1)
10m07c Pantyffynon
10m03c Pantyffynon Junction GW640
(1) Cross Inn until 1883
GW644 Gwaun-cae-Gurwen Branch
datum Llandilo Junction
16m67c GWR / Colliery boundary
16m13c Gwaun-cae-Gurwen GW646
15m78c Cwmgorse Branch Junction GW645
15m55c Red Lion Crossing Halt
15m11c Gors-y-Garnant Halt
14m72c Raven Junction GW645
14m69c Raven Junction GW643
GW645 Cwmgorse Branch
2m73c end of branch
Duke Colliery
0m72c Cwmgorse
0m00c Raven Junction GW644
GW646 Cawdor Branch
datum Llandilo Junction
16m13c Gwaun-cae-Gurwen GW644
via incline (abandoned 1907)
14m72c Raven Junction GW644
GW647 Yspitty Branch
Yspitty Tin Plate Works
Bynea Junction GW640
GW648 Genwen Branch
1m40c Pencoed Pit
0m53c Genwen Branch Junction GW640
GW649 Carnarfon Branch
datum Llandilo Junction
1m08c Carnarfon Colliery
0m44c Genwen Junction GW640
GW660 South Wales Main Line
datum London Paddington via Gloucester
226m00c mile post GW630
228m59c Pembrey LC
228m66c Burry Port East Junction BP010
229m08c flat crossing BP014
229m15c Pembrey & Burry Port
230m54c Lando Platform
230m74c Lando Siding
231m67c Penybedd LC
232m26c Kidwelly Flats Halt
233m78c Morfa Main LC
234m16c Kidwelly Junction BP004
234m23c Kidwelly LC
234m32c Kidwelly
234m55c Kidwelly Bridge
235m13c Penallt LC
235m60c Bertwyn LC
236m70c Lookout LC
238m47c Ferryside LC
238m50c Ferryside
240m02c Cwmbwry No.1 LC
240m22c Cwmbwry No.2 No.SWM59 LC
240m74c Coed Farm No.1 No.SWM61 LC
241m52c Towy Rivers
242m23c Towy Castle
244m42c Plbwrllwyd No.SWM65 LC
244m76c Carmarthen Junction
245m10c Myrtle Hill Junction GW661
245m30c Carmarthern Bridge Junction GW662
245m58c Llanstephen Crossing
247m00c Glynisw No.SWM67 LC
247m37c Nantyci No.SWM68 LC
248m35c Gorsecoch LC
249m11c Bragty LC
249m57c Sarnau LC
249m61c Sarnau
249m74c Sarnau Lower No.SWM72LC
252m45c Deri No.SWM74 LC
253m14c St Clears
253m18c St Clears LC
254m29c Flynnongain LC
258m02c Iscoed No.SWM82 LC
258m49c Tynewydd No.2 No.SWM84 LC
258m67c Whitland East LC
258m73c Whitland
259m01c Whitland West
259m01c P & T Junction GW666
259m54c Llanboidy LC
260m00c Llanlliwe Farm LC
260m51c Trewern Mill LC
260m64c Trewern Farm No.SWM89 LC
260m74c Sarnlas LC
261m14c Cardigan Junction GW669
264m22c Clunderwen
264m33c Clunderwen Junction GW670
165m43c Llwyndyrys No.SWM101 LC
268m61c Clarbeston Crossing
270m64c Clarbeston Road (1st)
270m72c Clarbeston Road (2nd)
271m10c Clarbeston Junction GW673
271m60c Clarbeston Road West
273m72c Tanyard LC
274m07c Crundale Mill LC
274m34c Crundale Crossing
275m13c Shoals Hook LC
276m11c Haverfordwest
296m13c barrow LC
276m30c Haverfordwest Bridge East
276m37c Haverfordwest Bridge West
279m09c Winsel LC
280m67c Johnston
281m12c Johnston Junction GW674
281m16c Johnston West
284m58c Neyland East
285m26c Neyland
SWM2: 226mp - Neyland.
KID2: Kidwelly connection 233m74c - 234m04c.

Article: Railway Magazine 1962 November.
GW661 Carmarthen & Newcastle Emlyn Line.
datum London Paddington via Gloucester
245m10c Myrtle Hill Junction GW660
245m30c P & T Loop Junction GW662
245m56c Carmarthen Town (2nd)
245m74c Carmarthen Town (1st)
246m21c Carmarthen Goods
247m06c Abergwili Junction NW
249m11c Bronwydd Arms
252m14c Conwil
255m25c Llanpumpsaint
257m36c Pencader Tunnel Loop
260m27c Pencader
260m61c Pencader Junction GW663
263m69c Llandyssul
265m48c Pentrecourt
267m68c Henllan
270m67c Newcastle Emlyn
GW662 Carmarthen West Loop.
0m19c P. & T. Loop Junction GW661
0m00c Carmarthen Bridge Junction GW660
GW663 Aberystwyth Branch
0m00c Pencader Junction GW661
1m53c Bryn Teify
3m32c Maes-y-Crugaiu
7m23c Llanbyther
8m42c Pencarreg
12m27c Lampeter
13m50c Aberayron Junction GW664
14m52c Derry Ormond
15m72c Llangybi
17m26c Olmarch
19m48c Pont Llanio
22m25c Tregaron
25m08c Alltddu
27m20c Strata Florida
29m31c Caradog Falls
32m18c Trawscoed
33m60c Felin Dyffryn
35m25c Llanilar
38m31c Llanrhystyd Road
40m31c Harbour Junction
41m15c Aberystwyth Junction CM040
GW664 Lampeter & Aberayron Branch.
0m00c Aberayron Junction GW663
0m45c Silian
2m61c Blaenplwyf
6m00c Felin Fach
8m44c Ciliau Aeron
9m37c Crossways
10m28c Llanerch Ayron
12m24c Aberayron
GW665 Aberystwyth Harbour Branch   
GW666 Pembroke & Tenby Branch.
datum London Paddington via Gloucester
259m01c P & T Junction GW660
259m69c Aly-y-Bally LC
260m54c Llynpener No.2 LC
261m06c Llwyngwyddil LC
261m28c White House Mill LC
261m71c Masons No.1 LC
262m08c Danylan LC
263m64c Crinow Farm No.2 LC
264m08c Narberth
265m37c Upper Chapel Hill Farm LC
266m65c Ogmore House Farm LC
267m14c Templeton
269m62c Kilgetty
270m27c Kilawen Farm LC
270m41c Saundersfoot (2nd)
271m24c Moreton LC
271m29c Saundersfoot (1st)
271m52c Hilling LC
272m22c Knightson Farm LC
274m53c Tenby
275m16c Black Rock Junction GW667
275m65c Penally MOD LC
275m71c Penally
276m32c Penally Court LC
277m41c Lydstep
278m10c Norchard Farm No.1 LC
279m06c Manorbier LC
279m09c Manorbier
279m18c Bier Hill LC
279m34c Sunny Hill Farm No.2 LC
279m48c Sunny Hill Farm No.5 LC
279m32c Beavers Hill LC
279m75c Beaver's Hill
280m14c Beavers Hill Farm LC
280m52c Manorbier Newton LC
280m63c Newton Lodge LC
282m50c Lamphey
284m11c Pembroke
284m58c Golden Hill
285m75c Llanion LC
286m01c Llanion
286m06c Pembroke Dock Junction GW668
286m24c Pembroke Dock
286m28c GWR / Admiralty boundary
Article: Railway Magazine 1962 November.
GW667 Tenby Goods Branch
Tenby Lower Yard (1)
Black Rock Junction GW666
(1) Original station
GW668 Hobbs Point Branch
datum London Paddington via Gloucester
286m06c Pembroke Dock Junction GW666
286m54c Hobbs Point
GW669 Cardigan Branch
datum London Paddington via Gloucester
261m14c Cardigan Junction GW660
262m41c Llanfalteg
265m01c Login
267m45c Llanglydwen
269m13c Rhydowen
271m53c Llanfyrnach
273m04c Glogue
275m23c Crymmych Arms
279m64c Boncath
283m25c Kilgerran
286m32c Cardigan
Article: Railway Magazine 1962 November.
GW670 North Pembrokeshire & Fishguard Line (Rosebush Line) datum London Paddington via Gloucester
264m32c Clynderwen Junction GW660
266m02c Beag
268m04c Llanycefn
270m74c Maenclochog
272m42c Rosebush
273m69c New Inn Bridge
276m52c Puncheston
277m47c Castlebythe
278m42c Martell Bridge
279m37c Beulah
281m34c Letterston
283m10c Trecwn Branch Junction GW671
283m31c Letterston Junction GW673
283m45c Goodwick Junction
284m08c Jordanston
285m08c Manorwen
285m10c Hendrewen LC
287m48c Fishguard & Goodwick
287m52c NR / Harbour Lines boundary GW672
Article: Railway Magazine 1962 November.
GW671 Trecwn Branch
2m40c Trecwn
0m00c Trecwn Branch Junction GW670
GW672 Fishguard Harbour Lines
datum London Paddington via Gloucester
287m52c NR / Harbour Lines boundary GW670
288m11c Fishguard Harbour Station LC
288m18c Fishguard Harbour
288m36c end of main line
289m06c end of line
GW673 Clarbeston & Letterston Line
datum London Paddington via Gloucester
271m10c Clarbeston Junction GW660
274m02c Spittal
275m35c Treffgarne
276m70c Wolf's Castle
278m49c Welsh Hook
280m44c Mathry Road
281m57c Letterston Junction GW670
Article: Railway Magazine 1962 November.
GW674 Milford Haven Branch.
datum London Paddington via Gloucester
281m72c Johnston Junction GW660
281m76c Johnston West
282m00c Gulf Branch Junction GW675
282m08c Little Harmiston LC
283m12c Herbrandston Junction GW676
283m21c Steynton LC
284m65c Milford Haven
284m70c GWR / Docks Railway boundary GW678
Article: Railway Magazine 1962 November.
GW675 Gulf Oil Refinary Branch
0m00c Gulf Branch Junction GW674
0m10c Little Harmiston LC
2m15c BR / Gulf boundary The Farm LC
GW676 Esso Refinery Branch
0m00c Herbrandston Junction GW674
1m06c Amoco Junction GW677
2m34c BR / Esso boundary
Article: Railway Magazine 1962 November.
GW677 Amoco Branch
1m06c Amoco Junction GW676
GW678 Milford Haven Docks Railway   
GW690 Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Line
datum Paddington via Didcot station
67m28c Witney Junction GW106
68m14c Sandford Brake Farm LC
70m36c Handborough SB Map
70m41c Handborough station
74m62c Fawler Siding SB Map
75m11c Finstock Halt
76m56c Charlbury SB
76m60c Charlbury station
80m33c Ascott-under-Wychwood station
80m35c Ascott under Wychwood SB
80m36c Ascott-under-Wychwood LC
81m06c Hayatts LC
81m56c Shipton SB
81m59c Shipton station
82m45c Lyneham LC
83m15c Bruern Crossing SB LC
83m59c Bosley's LC
84m48c Chipping Norton Line Junction GW691
84m54c Kingham South SB
84m59c Kingham station
84m66c Kingham North Junction GW376
85m04c Bledington LC
87m31c Adlestrop station
87m42c Adlestop SB
87m49c Wooliams No.1 LC
88m02c Wooliams No.2 LC
88m29c Wooliams No.3 LC
90m49c Frogmore No.2 LC
91m49c M&S Tramway Junction GW693
91m57c Moreton in Marsh SB
91m61c Moreton-in-Marsh station
93m55c Aston Magna SB
94m74c Blockley station
94m77c Blockley SB LC
95m23c Mare Brook LC
96m13c Brier Hill LC
96m75c Chipping Campden station
96m78c Campden SB LC
  Chipping Campden Tunnel South (temporary)
  Chipping Campden Tunnel North (temporary)
99m16c Mickleton station
100m53c Honeybourne South Loop Junction GW696
100m56c Poden Farm LC
101m48c Honeybourne Station South SB
101m54c Honeybourne Junction GW697
101m62c Honeybourne station
102m01c Honeybourne Station North Junction
102m16c Sheen Hill No.1 LC
102m40c Sheen Hill No.2 LC
102m53c Sheenhill Honeybourne Depot
103m19c Ivy Lane LC
103m32c Brown Barn LC
103m54c Clayfield LC
104m27c Littleton & Badsey station
104m30c Littleton & Badsey SB
104m31c Littleton & Badsey LC
104m62c Watson LC
105m30c Aldington Siding SB
106m55c Evesham station
106m69c Evesham Junction MR270
106m52c Evesham South SB
106m74c Evesham North Junction
107m28c Ships LC
107m45c Gishbourne LC
108m58c Pools LC
109m02c Charlton Siding SB
109m13c Charlton LC
109m68c Fladbury station
109m71c Fladbury SB
111m36c Wyre Halt
112m06c Mare's LC
112m42c Pershore SB
112m51c Pershore station
113m31c Lewis No.1 LC
113m48c Lewis No.2 LC
114m56c Coles LC
104m63c Stoulton SB
114m67c Stoulton station
117m07c Sadler's LC
117m25c Norton Junction SB
117m26c Norton Junction GW701
117m32c Norton Junction station
120m14c Wyld's Lane Junction GW710 GW711
GW691 Banbury & Cheltenham Line & Kingham
datum Paddington via Didcot station
89m21c Chipping Norton GW732
89m19c Station Loop Junction
  Chipping Norton West SB
86m45c Sarsden Siding SB
86m47c Sarsden Halt
85m04c Kingham East Loop Junction GW692
84m59c Kingham station
84m48c Chipping Norton Line Junction GW690
Article: Railway Magazine 1926 November.
GW692 Chipping Norton Loop
0m00c Kingham East Junction GW691
0m54c Kingham West Junction GW376
GW693 Moreton & Shipston Tramway
datum Paddington via Didcot station
91m49c M&S Tramway Junction GW690
91m61c Moreton-in-Marsh
95m73c Stretton-on-Fosse
98m03c Darlingscott Junction GW695
98m31c Longdon Road Junction GW694
98m35c Longdon Road
100m56c Shipston-on-Stour (1)
(1) previously Shipstone

Article: Backtrack 2015 June.
GW694 Stratford-on-Avon to Longdon Road Tramway
datum Paddington via Didcot station
  Alscot Park
98m46c Longdon Road Loop Junction GW695
  Longdon Road Junction GW693
GW695 Longdon Road Loop
datum Paddington via Didcot station
98m46c Longdon Road Loop Junction GW694
98m03c Darlingscott Junction GW693
GW696 Honeybourne South Loop
0m00c South Loop Junction GW690
0m41c East Loop Junction GW699
  East Loop Junction GW697
GW697 Stratford Branch
8m32c Stratford East & West Junction GW733
  Stratford Curve North Junction MJ005
8m13c Stratford Racecourse
8m04c Stratford Racecourse Junction GW698
6m34c Chambers Crossing Halt
5m78c Milcote
3m32c Long Marston
  Connection to MoD Long Marston Depot
2m12c Broad Marston Halt
1m76c Pebworth Halt
1m16c accommodation LC
0m75c East Loop Junction GW696
0m39c North Loop Junction GW700
0m00c Honeybourne Junction GW690
Stratford-on-Avon Curve
38m30c Stratford Racecourse Junction GW697
38m05c Stratford Old Town Junction (SMJ) MJ001
Duplicated by MJ006
GW699 Honeybourne & Cheltenham Line
0m00c Honeybourne East Loop Junction GW696
0m38c Honeybourne West Loop Junction GW700
2m18c Weston-sub-Edge
3m67c Willersey
4m73c Broadway
7m03c Laverton Halt
9m36c Toddington
10m38c Hayles Abbey Halt
12m00c Winchcombe
13m36c Gretton Halt
15m33c Gotherington
16m76c Bishop's Cleeve
18m63c Cheltenham Racecourse
20m63c Malvern Road Junction GW378
GW700 Honeybourne North Loop
0m00c Honeybourne North Loop Junction GW697
0m29c Honeybourne West Loop Junction GW699
GW701 Abbotswood Branch
0m00c Abbotswood Junction MR270
0m25c Cooksholme LC
0m64c Norton Junction GW690
Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Line
120m13c Wyld's Lane Junction SB
120m14c Wyld's Lane Junction GW690
120m40c Worcester Shrub Hill
  Centre Up SB
  Centre Down SB
120m47c Shrub Hill Junction GW712
120m51c Shrub Hill Junction SB
  Vinegar Branch Junction GW717
120m72c Goods Line Junction GW711
120m73c Worcester Tunnel Junction SB
120m77c Tunnel Junction GW713
121m00c mile post GW720
Worcester Goods Loop
120m14c Wyld's Lane Junction GW690
120m38c Worcester Goods Yard SB
120m69c Goods Line Junction GW710
GW712 Worcester & Hereford Railway.
120m47c Shrub Hill Junction GW710
120m60c Rainbow Hill Junction SB
120m64c Rainbow Hill Junction GW713
121m10c Foregate Street Station SB
121m12c Worcester Foregate Street station
121m17c Butts Branch Junction GW714
121m65c Henwick SB LC
121m68c Henwick station Worcester Power Station
122m40c Boughton Halt
123m07c Rushwick Halt
124m19c Bransford Road Junction GW715
124m43c Bransford Road SB
124m46c Bransford Road station
126m20c Newland Halt
126m22c Stocks Lane / Newland East SB LC
126m69c Gas Works Siding / Newland West SB
127m68c Malvern Link SB
127m75c Malvern Link station
129m06c Great Malvern station
129m11c Great Malvern SB
129m49c Malvern & Tewksbury Junction MR275
129m50c Malvern & Tewksbury Junction SB
130m06c Malvern Wells station
130m11c Malvern Wells SB
130m39c Malvern Tunnel Junction SB
131m68c Colwall SB
131m72c Colwall station
133m74c Cummings Crossing SB
134m74c Ledbury North End SB
136m02c Ledbury Station SB
136m09c Ledbury station
136m13c Ledbury Junction GW382
137m19c Rea Bridge SB
139m70c Ashperton station
140m00c Ashperton SB
140m34c Rimmer's LC
142m22c Stoke Edith SB LC
142m25c Stoke Edith station
145m27c Withington SB
145m36c Withington station
147m48c Shelwick Green LC
148m11c Shelwick Junction SH001
Milepost mileages from London are generally shown on the 1888 1:2,500 OS map, however one entry in Malvern shows an 8 mile post between Malvern Link and Great Malvern.
GW713 Birmingham Loop
0m28c Tunnel Junction GW710 GW720
0m00c Rainbow Hill Junction GW712
GW714 Butts Branch
121m17c Butts Branch Junction GW712
121m70c Butts
122m10c end of line (from 1930)
122m22c end of line
GW715 Bromyard Branch.
124m14c Bransford Road Junction GW712
126m04c Leigh Court station
129m06c Knightwick station
130m35c Suckley SB
130m37c Suckley station
131m19c Yearsett
134m23c Brockhampton Sidings SB
135m01c Bromyard station
137m66c Rowden Mill station
140m10c Fencote SB
140m13c Fencote station
144m09c Steens Bridge station
145m40c Stoke Prior Halt
147m73c Leominster station
147m79c Leominster Junction SH001
OS maps of 1885 show mile posts from Worcester (at least as far as Suckley), seemingly measured from the station at Shrub Hill.

Section from Linton Trading Estate (367034 254044) to Bromyard later used by Bromyard and Linton Light Railway.
Opened 1861
Closed 1926
Colwall Tunnel Old Alignment   
GW717 Vinegar Branch
120m58c Vinegar Branch Junction GW710
  junction for engine sheds
  junction for gas works
  junction for Shrub Hill engineering works Works
  Shrub Hill crossing
  Pasmore Street crossing
  Pheasant Street crossing
120m17c Hill, Evans & Co Vinegar Works
GW720 Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway
datum Paddington via Didcot Station and Worcester
121m00c mile post GW710
121m32c Astwood Halt
122m09c Blackpole Sidings Cadbury Works
122m12c Blackpole Halt
123m09c Fernhill Heath station
123m13c Fernhill Heath SB
125m24c Chawson footpath LC
  Packington LC
126m09c Droitwich Spa station
126m21c Droitwich Junction GW721 Covercroft Works
126m26c Droitwich / Spa SB
129m40c Cutnall Green station
129m47c Hampton Lowett SB
131m17c Elmley Lovett Sidings
131m68c Hartlebury station RAF Depot
131m71c Hartlebury LC
131m71c Hartlebury Station SB
132m15c Hartlebury Junction GW723
  Hoobrook Siding SB
  Kidderminster Viaduct SB
135m19c Kidderminster Junction
135m46c Kidderminster station
  Blakedown Viaduct SB
138m50c Churchill & Blakedown SB
138m51c Blakedown LC
138m54c Churchill & Blakedown station
140m29c Hagley station
140m36c Hagley SB
140m60c mile post GW780
GW721 Stoke Branch
datum Paddington via Didcot Station and Worcester
126m21c Droitwich Junction GW720
  Clay & Newmans Siding Chapel Bridge Works
130m06c Stoke Works station
130m27c Stoke Works Junction MR270
GW722 Droitwich Loop Line
Never opened. OS 1:2,500 map of 1885 shows a siding along part of the length (from the Stoke Branch end) and a second, shorter, one near the eastern end. These are shown on the 1903 edition but the main siding has been shortened a bit. MR Distance Diagram of 1914 shows a dotted line implying it was still a planned option then. By the 1927 edition of the OS map the sidings have gone.
GW723 Severn Valley Railway
datum Paddington via Didcot Station and Worcester
132m15c Hartlebury Junction GW720
134m26c (single line junction)
  Power Station Junction Stourport Power Station
134m38c Stourport South
134m54c Stourport-on-Severn
134m55c Stourport North
134m57c Burlish Branch Junction GW724
135m19c Burlish
137m12c Bewdley South Junction GW725
137m28c Bewdley
137m39c Bewdley North Junction GW726
138m75c Northwood LC
138m77c Northwood
140m74c Arley
140m75c Arley SB
142m12c Kinlet & Billingsley Sidings
142m34c LC
143m20c Highley & SB
143m61c Alveley Colliery
144m07c Country Park Halt
145m31c Hampton Load SB
145m33c Hampton Loade
145m72c Sterns LC
147m59c Eardington
148m00c mile post GW822
137m12c to 148m00c now Severn Valley Railway Plc.

1883 OS maps show mile posts from Hartlebury.

Article: Railway World, May 1970.
GW724 Burlish Branch
0m00c Burlish Branch Junction GW723
0m42c Burlish
GW725 Kidderminster Loop
datum London Paddington via Didcot and Kidderminster Stations
138m21c Bewdley Junction GW723
137m43c Rifle Range
136m32c Foley Park
136m10c Sugar Beet Siding Kidderminster Works
135m33c Kidderminster Junction GW720
Now Severn Valley Railway Plc.
GW726 Tenbury Branch
152m56c GWR / SHL boundary SH004
  Newnham Bridge SB
149m40c Newnham Bridge station
147m30c Neen Sollars SB
147m26c Neen Sollars station
143m65c Cleobury Mortimer Junction CD001
143m58 Cleobury Mortimer SB
143m54c Cleobury Mortimer station
141m71c Wyre Forest station
  Wyre Forest SB
137m39c Bewdley North Junction GW723
GW730 Didcot & Chester Line
70m00c mile post GW100
70m37c Bletchington LC
70m47c Bletchington Cement Sidings
71m12c Bletchington
72m47c Tackley LC
72m49c Tackley
73m40c Cherwell
74m10c Inkpens No.1 LC
75m21c Heyford
75m40c Heyford Bridge
76m55c Knapton's LC
77m24c Somerton LC
78m08c Fritwell & Somerton
78m33c Chiswells Farm LC
78m52c Abernethy's LC
79m10c Boulders Farm No.2 LC
80m25c Aynho
81m11c Aynho Junction GW731
82m41c King's Sutton Junction GW732
82m55c King's Sutton
82m60c Brookfield House LC
82m67c Studleigh Farm LC
84m02c Astrop Sidings
84m28c Cherrys No.4 LC
85m06c Manor Farm LC
86m02c Banbury South Junction
86m15c Banbury General
86m24c Banbury North
87m28c Banbury Junction
87m47c Banbury Bridge
87m72c Ironstone Branch
88m40c Little Bourton LC
88m58c Jefferies LC
88m73c Whites LC
89m67c Cropredy
92m24c Claydon Crossing
93m37c Wormleighton LC
  Fenny Compton Junction MJ001
94m78c Fenny Compton
97m07c Knightcote
99m12c Greaves Siding
99m75c Southam Road & Harbury
101m10c Southam Road North
102m22c Fosse Road
105m10c Leamington Spa Engine Shed
105m56c Leamington Spa South Junction NW312
106m06c Leamington Spa
106m24c Leamington Spa North NW314
107m31c Avon Bridge
108m02c Warwick
108m72c Warwick North
109m26c Warwick Parkway
109m71c Grange Farm LC
110m01c Budbrook
112m14c Hatton
112m17c Hatton South Junction GW733
112m51c Hatton North Junction GW734
114m64c Rowington Junction GW737
116m30c Lapworth
118m74c Knowle & Dorridge
119m43c Bentley Heath Crossing
120m67c Widney Manor
122m25c Solihull
124m11c Olton
125m08c Acocks Green & South Yardley
125m73c Tyseley South Junction GW738
126m05c Tyseley
126m22c Tyseley North
126m40c Tyseley Loco Yard
126m56c Small Heath South
127m04c Small Heath & Sparkbrook
127m15c Small Heath North
127m39c Bordesley Sidings
127m61c Bordesley South Junction
128m06c Bordesley GW742
128m24c Bordesley North
128m53c Moor Street Junction GW750
128m70c Birmingham Moor Street
DCL: 70mp - Moor Street Junction
MSL: Moor Street Junction - Moor Street
Banbury Connecting Line
See London North Western Railway NW133 for detail.
GW731 Ashendon & Aynho Line.
0m00c Ashendon Junction GW050 GC008 GC021
0m78c Ashendon North
1m18c Dorton
3m31c Brill & Ludgershall
6m32c Blackthorn
8m23c Bicester South Junction GW731c
9m27c Bicester
13m12c Ardley
16m31c Souldern
17m39c Aynho Park
18m29c Aynho Junction GW730
GW731c Bicester Chord.
0m00c Bicester South Junction GW731
0m52c Gavray Junction NW130
GW732 Banbury & Cheltenham Line
82m41c King's Sutton Junction GW730
83m30c Sydenham Sidings
84m09c Adderbury station & SB
85m42c Milton station
86m00c Bloxham Ironstone Sidings
87m14c Bloxham
87m17c Bloxham SB
91m35c Hook Norton SB
91m37c Hook Norton station
95m02c Rollright station
97m75c Chipping Norton station GW691
BNK: King's Sutton Junction - Chipping Norton

Article: Railway Magazine 1926 November.
GW733 Stratford Branch
datum Honeybourne Junction
18m13c Hatton South Junction GW730
17m66c Hatton West Junction GW734
16m46c Claverdon (1st)
16m38c Claverdon (2nd)
16m20c Burnham Bros LC
16m00c Park Farm No.1 LC
15m48c Park Farm No.2 LC
14m38c Songar Grange Farm LC
14m06c Edstone Hall No.1 LC
13m19c Bearley
13m10c Bearley East Junction GW735
12m69c Bearley West Junction GW738
12m23c Yew Tree Farm LC
11m49c Wilmcote
10m59c Burton Farm No.2 LC
10m20c Burton Farm No.1 LC
9m25c Stratford Goods Junction GW736
8m76c Stratford-on-Avon
8m41c Evesham Road Crossing Halt
8m32c Stratford East & West Junction GW697
GW734 Hatton Curve
0m31c Hatton North Junction GW730
0m00c Hatton West Junction GW733
Also given as 18m21c - 17m62c datum Honeybourne
GW735 Bearley Loop.
0m00c Bearley East Junction GW733
0m33c Bearley North Junction GW738
GW736 Stratford Goods Branch
0m00c Stratford Goods Junction GW733
0m26c Stratford Goods
GW737 Henley-in-Arden Branch
0m00c Rowington Junction GW730
2m70c Henley Goods Junction GW737c
3m39c Henley-in-Arden Junction GW738
GW737c Henley-in-Arden Goods Branch
datum Rowington Junction
2m70c Henley Goods Junction GW737
3m08c Henley-in-Arden (1st)
GW738 Birmingham & North Warwick Line
0m00c Tyseley South Junction GW730
0m57c Spring Road
1m29c Hall Green
2m48c Yardley Wood
3m68c Shirley
4m60c Whitlock's End
5m60c Grimes Hill & Wythall
6m61c Earlswood Lakes
7m51c The Lakes
8m56c Wood End
9m11c Beaumont Hill LC
10m43c Danzey
13m30c Henley-in-Arden Junction GW737
13m40c Henley-in-Arden (2nd)
15m22c Wootton Wawen
16m70c Sillesbourne Farm LC
17m11c Alcester Branch Junction GW739
17m22c Bearley North Junction GW735
17m69c Bearley West Junction GW733
Article: Backtrack 2020 December.
GW739 Alcester Branch.
0m00c Alcester Branch Junction GW738
1m38c Aston Cantlow
3m58c Great Alne
5m79c Alcester Junction MR272
GW740 Tyseley Yards & Engine Sheds
GW741 Bordesley Yards   
GW742 Duddeston Viaduct
Connection to LNWR, viaduct built but never used
128m06c Bordesley GW730
128m40c end of viaduct
GW750 Didcot & Chester Line datum London Paddington via Didcot Station
128m53c Birmingham Moor Street Junction GW730
129m24c Birmingham
129m30c Birmingham Snow Hill
130m05c Hockley South
130m21c Hockley
130m37c Hockley North
130m75c Soho & Winson Green
131m30c Queens Head
131m74c Handsworth & Smethwick
132m47c Handsworth Junction GW751
132m52c The Hawthorns
134m04c West Bromwich
135m02c Swan Village South Junction GW763
135m14c Swan Village
135m18c Swan Village North Swan Lane LC
136m62c Wednesbury Central
136m65c Wednesbury Central South
136m77c Wednesbury Exchange Junction GW764c
137m20c Wednesbury Central North
138m07c Bradley & Moxley
138m79c Bilston Goods Junction GW765
139m09c Bilston Central
140m16c Priestfield Junction station
140m23c Priestfield Junction GW780
140m25c Walsall Street Junction GW766
140m55c Stow Heath Sidings
141m55c Wolverhampton South Junction
141m61c Wolverhampton Low Level
141m72c Wolverhampton North
142m25c Cannock Road Junction GW767
142m40c Lower Yard Shed
142m62c Dunstall Park
143m00c mile post GW800
GW751 Handsworth & Stourbridge Line
datum London Paddington via Didcot & Snow Hill Stations
132m47c Handsworth Junction GW750
133m21c Smethwick Galton Bridge High Level
133m33c Smethwick Junction GW752

Stourbridge Extension Line
133m33c Smethwick Junction
133m36c Smethwick West (1)
  Rood End
134m08c Oldbury & Langley Green East
134m42c Oldbury Junction GW753
134m47c Oldbury & Langley Green Middle
134m49c Oldbury & Langley Green (2)
  Langley Green (1st)
134m60c Oldbury & Langley Green West LC
136m14c Rowley Regis & Blackheath
137m25c Old Hill North Junction GW754
137m30c Old Hill
137m30c Old Hill South Junction GW758
138m42c Congreaves Siding
138m65c Cradley Heath & Cradley
138m65c Cradley Heath East Junction GW760
139m09c Cradley Heath West
139m73c Hayes Lane Junction GW762
140m14c Lye
140m42c Timmis Siding
141m06c Stourbridge North Junction GW780
(1) previously Smethwick Junction
(2) originally Langley Green & Rood End

HSJ: Handsworth Junction - Smethwick Junction
GSJ2: Smethwick Junction - Stourbridge North Junction
GW752 Galton Branch
datum Birmingham New Street
3m64c Galton Junction NW360
4m05c Smethwick Junction GW751
GW753 Oldbury Branch
datum London Paddington via Didcot & Snow Hill Stations
134m42c Oldbury Junction GW751
134m49c Oldbury & Langley Green
135m36c Oldbury
135m63c Oldbury Goods
GW754 Halesowen Branch
datum London Paddington via Didcot & Snow Hill Stations
137m25c Old Hill North Junction GW751
138m18c Coombes Holloway Halt
  Halesowen Basin Junction GW755
138m40c Canal Basin Junction GW756
138m64c Halesowen
138m69c GWR / Joint line boundary GW757
Article: Railway Bylines 2016 March.
GW755 Halesowen Basin Loop
Halesowen Basin Junction GW754
Halesowen Basin Branch Junction GW756
GW756 Halesowen Basin Branch
138m40c Canal Basin Junction GW754
  Halesowen Basin Branch Junction GW755
139m14c Halesowen Canal Basin
Longbridge & Halesowen Branch
5m70c GWR / Joint line boundary GW754
4m05c Hunnington
1m47c Rubery
0m35c Longbridge (2nd)
0m00c Halesowen Junction MR270
GW758 Windmill End Branch
datum London Paddington via Didcot & Snow Hill Stations
137m30c Old Hill South Junction GW751
137m75c Old Hill High Street
138m15c Cox's Lane Crossing
138m46c Darby End Halt
138m74c Windmill End
139m50c Windmill End Junction GW759
139m55c Baptist End
140m11c Blowers Green Junction
140m15c Netherton Junction GW780
GW759 Netherton (Withymoor) Branch
0m00c Windmill End Junction GW758
0m28c Pearson's Siding Junction GW759c
0m67c Netherton Basin
GW759c Pearsons Pottery Branch
Pearson's Siding Junction GW759
end of branch
GW760 Corngreaves Branch
0m00c Cradley Junction GW751
0m16c Spinners End Junction GW761
0m60c GW / Colliery boundary
GW761 Spinners End Branch
0m16c Spinners End Junction GW760
0m65c Spinners End (Old Hill) Goods
GW762 Hayes Lane Branch
0m00c Hayes Lane Junction GW751
0m62c GWR / Colliery boundary
GW763 Great Bridge Branch
135m03c Swan Village Junction GW750
135m17c Swan Village West
135m45c Swan Village Basin Junction GW764
136m28c Great Bridge South
136m47c Horseley Fields Junction NW380
GW764 Swan Village Branch
Swan Village Basin Junction GW763
New Basin
GW764c Wednesbury Branch
136m63c /GWR boundary NW381
136m77c Wednesbury Exchange Junction GW750
GW765 Bilston Goods Branch
0m00c Bilston Goods Junction GW750
  reversing point
0m50c Bilston Basin
GW766 Walsall Street Branch
140m25c Walsall Street Junction GW750
141m24c Walsall Street Goods
GW767 Bushbury Branch
142m25c Cannock Road Junction GW750
143m18c Bushbury South Junction NW
Article: Railway Magazine 1966 February.
GW768 Oxley Chord
1m02c Oxley (Stafford Road) Junction GW750 GW800
0m00c Bushbury (Oxley) Junction NW340
BR 1983
GW769 Victoria Basin Branch and Stafford Road Junction
143m01c Stafford Road Junction GW750 GW800
142m62c Dunstall Park
143m71c Herbert Street Goods & Victoria Basin
GW780 Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway
datum Paddington via Didcot Station and Worcester
140m60c mile post GW720
142m08c Stourbridge South Junction
142m16c Stourbridge Junction (2nd)
142m20c Stourbridge Middle Junction GW781
142m21c Stourbridge Goods Junction GW782
  Original junction for Town branch GW783
  Stourbridge Junction (1st)
142m50c Stourbridge North Junction GW751
143m08c Stourbridge Junction Engine Shed Sidings
144m15c Brettall Lane
144m31c Kingswinford Junction GW785
144m33c Kingswinford Junction South
144m50c Moor Lane
144m69c Kingswinford Junction North
144m78c Brierley Hill
145m33c Round Oak
145m41c Round Oak South
145m43c Round Oak Junction GW789
146m05c Round Oak North
146m14c Hart's Hill & Woodside
146m25c Parkhead Sidings
146m65c Blowers Green Crossing
146m76c Blowers Green Sidings
147m11c Netherton
147m20c Blowers Green Junction
147m24c Netherton Junction GW758
147m28c Blowers Green
148m09c Dudley Junction
148m12c Dudley South NW380
148m16c Dudley
148m34c Dudley North
149m20c Tipton Five Ways
149m41c Tipton Junction GW790
149m65c Bloomfield Crossing
149m74c Princes End
150m08c Princes End & Coseley
150m73c Daisy Bank & Bradley
151m15c Daisy Bank South
151m27c Daisy Bank North
151m46c Bilston West
151m56c Hickmans Branch Junction GW791
151m61c Bilston West
152m37c Priestfield
152m43c Priestfield Junction GW750
GW781 Stourbridge Town Branch
datum Paddington via Didcot Station and Worcester
142m20c Stourbridge Middle Junction GW780
142m71c Stourbridge Town (2nd)
142m75c Stourbridge Town (1st)
GW782 Stourbridge Goods Branch
datum Paddington via Didcot Station and Worcester
142m21c Stourbridge Goods Junction GW780
143m35c Stourbridge Goods
GW783 North Curve to Stourbridge Goods Branch   
GW784 Stourbridge Incline   
GW785 Kingswinford Branch
datum Paddington via Didcot Station and Worcester
144m31c Kingswinford Junction South GW780
144m35c Moor Lane Branch Junction GW786
144m59c Brockmoor Halt
145m19c Bromley Basin
145m38c Bromley Halt
145m60c present NR boundary
146m24c Pensnett
146m50c Pensnett North
146m66c Gornal Halt
147m02c Askew Branch Junction GW787
147m11c Baggeridge Junction
148m75c Himley
150m59c Wombourn
152m20c Penn Halt
154m14c Compton Halt
155m08c Tettenhall
155m79c Oxley Branch Junction (1) GW788
156m48c Oxley Middle Junction
(1) Shown as Aldersley Junction on older OS maps
GW786 Moor Lane Goods Branch
0m00c Moor Lane Branch Junction GW785
0m25c Moor Lane Goods
GW787 Askew Bridge Branch
datum Paddington via Didcot Station and Worcester
147m02c Askew Branch Junction GW785
147m28c GWR / Pensnett Railway boundary
Baggeridge Junction
GW788 Codsall Loop
155m79c Oxley Branch Junction (1) GW785
156m32c Oxley North Junction GW800
(1) Shown as Aldersley Junction on older OS maps
GW789 Woodside Branch
145m43c Round Oak Junction GW780
146m00c GWR / Works & Colliery boundary
GW790 Tipton Basin Branch
Tipton Junction GW780
Tipton Basin
GW791 Hickmans Branch
0m00c Hickmans Branch Junction GW780
0m30c GWR / Steelworks boundary
GW800 Didcot & Chester Line & Snow Hill
143m00c mile post GW750
143m01c Stafford Road Junction GW768 GW769
143m49c Oxley Middle Junction GW785
144m12c Oxley North Junction GW788
145m65c Birches & Bilbrook Halt
146m41c Codsall
147m32c Stocking Farm LC
149m38c Albrighton
150m72c Cosford
151m72c Cosford Siding
152m63c Ruckley Siding
154m24c Shifnal
156m19c Madeley Junction GW801
157m22c Hollinswood Junction GW802
157m40c Telford Central
158m32c Oakengates West
159m43c New Hadley
160m22c Ketley Junction GW804
160m49c Haybridge Siding
160m76c Stafford Junction SJ001 NW220
GW801 Madeley Branch
156m19c Madeley Junction GW800
159m10c Madeley (1)
160m16c Lightmoor Junction GW804
(1) originally Madeley Court
GW802 Stirchley Branch
0m00c Hollinswood Junction GW800
1m12c Stirchley
GW803 Lilleshall Branch   
GW804 Ketley Branch
166m63c Ketley Junction GW800
166m21c Ketley
165m72c Ketley Town Halt
165m28c New Dale Halt
164m67c Lawley Bank
163m75c Horsehay & Dawley
163m14c Doseley Halt
162m24c Lightmoor Junction GW801
162m19c Lightmoor Platform
161m43c Greenbank Halt
160m72c Coalbrookdale
160m59c Chumes LC
160m20c Ironbridge Gorge / NR boundary
160m01c Buildwas East Junction GW822
Wellington - Shrewsbury
See Shrewsbury & Wellington Railway SJ001 for detail.
GW811 Market Drayton Junction Branch
161m67c Market Drayton Junction GW810
164m08c Longdon Halt
166m03c Crudginton Halt
167m18c Rowton Halt
168m40c Ellerdine Halt
170m16c Peplow
172m29c Hodnet
173m23c Wollerton Halt
175m07c Tern Hill
177m10c Little Drayton Halt
177m79c Market Drayton
178m16c Silverdale Junction NS
181m39c Adderley
182m54c Coxbank Halt
183m34c Audlem
185m47c Coole Pilate Halt
188m66c Market Drayton Junction NW225
GW812 Crewe Gresty Lane Loco Shed & Yard   
Shrewsbury & Hereford Line
See Shrewsbury & Hereford Railway SH001 for detail.
Shrewsbury Curve
See Shrewsbury & Hereford Railway SH002 for detail.
GW822 Severn Valley Railway
148m00c mile post GW723
149m68c Bridgnorth South
149m74c Bridgnorth station
149m75c Bridgenorth SB
150m04c Bridgnorth North
154m24c Linley station
156m53c Coalport SB
156m64c Coalport Junction GW823
156m68c Coalport station
157m37c Jackfield (2nd) Halt
157m44c Maws Siding
157m55c Jackfield (1st) Halt
158m68c Ironbridge & Broseley station
  Ironbridge & Brosely LC
158m70c Ironbridge & Broseley SB
160m01c Buildwas East Junction GW804
160m03c Buildwas Junction SB
160m05c Buildwas West Junction GW824
160m13c Buildwas SB
160m17c Buildwas Station
160m21c Buildwas Station SB
160m23c Buildwas station
164m09c Cressage SB
164m12c Cressage station
165m43c Cound Halt
167m28c Acton Burnell LC
167m59c Berrington LC
168m09c Berrington SB
168m12c Berrington station
171m34c Abbey Junction GW825
171m43c Burnt Mill Junction
171m59c Severn Valley Junction GW820
148m00c to 150m09c now Severn Valley Railway Plc.
160m01c to 160m61c now Ironbridge Power Station.

1883 OS maps show mile posts from Hartlebury.
GW823 Exley Tileworks Branch
0m00c Coalport Junction GW822
0m24c end of branch
GW824 Much Wenlock Branch and Worcester
160m05c Buildwas West Junction GW822
160m23c Buildwas
162m33c Farley Halt
165m43c Much Wenlock (2nd)
163m54c Old Station Junction
165m18c Westwood Halt
166m39c Presthope
168m30c Easthope Halt
170m17c Longville
172m34c Rushbury
174m69c Harton Road
177m42c Marsh Farm Junction SH001
GW825 Abbey Branch
0m00c Abbey Junction GW822
0m48c Abbey Branch Junction SM001
Shrewsbury & Welshpool Line
See Shrewsbury & Welshpool Railway SP001 for detail.
Meole Brace Junction
See Shrewsbury & Welshpool Railway SP002 for detail.
Hookagate Junction
See Shrewsbury & Welshpool Railway SP003 for detail.
Minsterley Branch
See Shrewsbury & Welshpool Railway SP004 for detail.
Clee Hill Branch
See Shrewsbury & Hereford Railway SH003 for detail.
Woofferton & Tenbury Branch
See Shrewsbury & Hereford Railway SH004 for detail.
GW830 Kington Branch
0m00c Kington Junction SH001
3m72c Kingsland
7m49c Pembridge
9m40c Marston
11m44c Presteign Branch Junction GW831
11m45c Titley
11m45c Eardisley Branch Junction GW832
11m48c Titley
13m28c Kington
16m18c Stanner
17m32c Dolyhir
19m66c New Radnor
19m71c end of line
GW831 Presteign Branch
5m53c end of line
5m50c Presteign
1m48c Forge Crossing
0m00c Presteign Branch Junction GW830
GW832 Eardisley Branch
0m00c Eardisley Branch Junction GW830
1m42c Lyonshall
4m59c Almeley
6m74c Eardisley Junction MR390
GW833 Hereford & Newport Line & Worcester
149m07c Barrs Court Junction North SH001
149m42c Barton & Brecon Curve Junction SH005
149m43c Hay & Brecon Junction GW834
149m75c Moorfields Junction
150m15c Hereford Barton
151m65c Red Hill Junction GW430 NW239
GW834 Hay & Brecon Junction Line & Worcester
149m43c Hay & Brecon Junction GW833
149m55c Brecon Curve Junction MR390
Brecon Curve
See Shrewsbury & Hereford Railway SH005 for detail.
GW840 Didcot & Chester Line & Snow Hill
171m61c end of joint line SJ001
172m02c Coton Hill South
172m33c Coton Hill North
173m62c Blackpool LC
174m42c Prince of Wales LC
174m66c Woolascott LC
175m34c Leaton LC
175m37c Leaton
176m78c Oldwoods Halt
178m63c Eyton LC
179m01c Baschurch South
179m11c Baschurch
179m14c Baschurch LC
180m35c Stanwardine Halt
181m71c Wykey LC
183m15c Haughton Halt
183m26c Haughton Sidings
184m63c Rednal & West Felton
185m35c Rednal Farm LC
185m66c Decoy LC
187m63c Whittington Low Level
187m67c Whittington LC
189m40c Gobowen South Junction GW841
189m50c Gobowen
189m56c Gobowen North LC
190m41c Pitts LC
191m26c Weston Rhyn
191m40c Weston Rhyn LC
192m02c Trehowell Halt
192m56c Chirk
193m20c Black Park Junction GW842
193m52c Whitehurst LC
  Llangollen Road
194m12c Whitehurst Halt
194m44c Fron Branch Junction GW843
195m20c Cefn
195m63c Rhos-y-Medre Halt
196m30c Llangollen Line Junction GW844
196m44c Ruabon South
196m47c Plas Madoc Junction GW848
196m75c Ruabon Middle
197m04c Ruabon
197m16c Ponkey Branch Junction GW849
197m23c Ruabon North
197m31c Gardden Lodge Junction GW849
197m39c Wynville Halt
198m08c Vauxhall Colliery Sidings
198m46c Johnston & Hafod
199m76c Bersham
200m62c Rhos Junction GW850
201m00c mile post GW860

187x OS maps show mile posts from Shrewsbury Crewe Junction.
Great Western Railway (Additional Powers) Act 1896 refers to a 24½ mile post close to Gobowen level crossing.
GW841 Oswestry Branch
0m00c Gobowen Junction GW840
0m65c Park Hall Halt
0m69c Pentre Clawdd (A5) LC
2m04c Davies & Metcalfe's LC
2m05c junction to Cambrian CM004
2m19c Oswestry
GW842 Black Park Branch
0m00c Black Park Junction GW840
0m18c GWR / Colliery boundary
GW843 Fron Branch
0m00c Fron Branch Junction GW840
0m42c end of branch
GW844 Ruabon & Dolgelly Line
0m00c Llangollen Line Junction GW840
0m66c Acrefair High Level
1m64c Trevor
1m72c Trevor Junction GW850
3m49c Sun Bank
5m40c Llangollen
5m72c Llangollen Goods Junction GW845
7m06c Berwyn
8m62c Deeside
10m52c Glyndyfrdwy LC
10m57c Glyndyfrdwy
12m67c Carrog
14m13c Bonwm Halt
15m27c Corwen Junction NW493
15m50c Corwen
15m77c Corwen West
17m56c Cynwyd
20m31c Llandrillo
23m08c Llandderfel
26m42c Bala Junction station
26m45c Bala Junction GW846
27m13c Bala Lake Halt
28m41c Fachddeliog footpath LC
29m36c Llangower Halt
30m15c Flag Station Halt
30m29c Pentrepod Halt
31m08c Ddolfawr LC
31m19c Felindre occupation LC
31m44c Llanuwchllyn
33m03c Llys Halt
34m32c Garneddwen Halt
37m61c Drws-y-Nant
39m60c Wnion Halt
41m35c Bontnewydd
42m40c Dolserau Halt
44m36c Dolgelley
44m65c GWR / CR boundary CM054

Prior to c1890 mile posts were from zero at Ruabon station.

27m09c-31m56c now Bala Lake Railway.
GW845 Llangollen Goods Branch
datum Llangollen Goods Junction
5m46c Llangollen Goods
5m72c Llangollen Goods Junction GW844
GW846 Bala & Ffestiniog Branch, datum Bala Junction station

0m03c Bala Junction GW844
0m55c Bala
3m23c Frongoch
5m00c Tyddyn Bridge
6m50c Capel Celyn
8m33c Arenig
11m12c Cwm Prysor
14m42c Bryncelynog
15m60c Llafar Halt
17m08c Trawsfynydd
18m78c Trawsfynydd Lake Halt
20m02c Maentwrog Road
22m02c Ffestiniog
23m03c Teigl Halt
24m07c Fronlas LC
24m16c Manod
24m66c Tanymanod
25m15c Cwmbowydd LC
25m25c BR junction to joint station
25m35c Blaenau Ffestiniog Central
25m45c end of line NW466

LJT2 18m78c - 25m25c.

25m25c-25m45c now part of LJT1 miled from Llandudno Junction.
GW848 Plas Madoc Branch
1m06c Delph Brickworks
0m54c Plas Madoc Loop Junction GW852
0m00c Plas Madoc Junction GW841
GW849 Legacy Branch
2m75c Legacy Junction GW850
1m73c Pennant Road Halt
1m61c boundary

Ponkey Branch
1m61c boundary
1m60c Aberderfyn Halt
1m44c Ponkey Crossing Halt
0m15c Gardden Lodge Junction GW845
0m00c Ponkey Branch Junction GW845
GW850 Rhos Branch
0m00c Rhos Junction GW841
0m55c Rhostyllen
1m72c Legacy
2m00c Legacy Junction GW849
2m60c Llwynenion Junction GW851
3m14c Rhos
3m19c boundary

Pontcysyllte Branch
3m19c boundary
3m32c Brook Street Halt
3m67c Pant Halt
4m32c Wynn Hall Halt
5m23c Plas y Wern Junction GW852
6m45c Trefynant Junction GW853
7m03c Trevor Junction GW845
RHO: Rhos Junction - boundary
PON: boundary - Trevor Junction
GW851 Llwynenion Branch
0m21c Llwynenion Brickworks
0m00c Llwynenion Junction GW850
GW852 Plas Madoc Loop
datum Plas Madoc Junction
0m61c Plas y Wern Junction GW850
0m54c Plas Madoc Loop Junction GW848
GW853 Pontcysyllte Basin Branch
6m45c Trefynant Junction GW850
6m52c Pontcysyllte Basin NW487
GW860 Didcot & Chester Line & Snow Hill

201m00c mile post GW840
201m21c Croes Newydd South Fork Junction GW861
201m41c Croes Newydd North Fork Junction LC GW862
201m63c Wrexham South
201m66c Wrexham General
202m02c Wrexham North Junction
202m46c Wrexham Colliery
203m19c Wheatsheaf Junction GW871
203m25c Rhosrobin
203m56c United Colliery Siding
204m78c Gresford
205m59c Marford
206m44c Rossett South
206m44c Rossett LC
206m48c Rossett
206m75c Rossett North
207m37c Broad Oak LC
208m09c Pulford
208m11c Pulford LC
209m67c Balderton LC
209m71c Balderton
211m01c Green Lane Crossing
211m37c Saltney Dee Junction GW874
211m57c Saltney
212m12c Saltney Junction NW460

Appears to have been originally miled from zero at Chester General. 187x OS maps show mile posts from Shrewsbury and Chester. London mileages in use by 1894.
GW861 Wrexham South Curve, datum London Paddington via Didcot Station.
201m21c Croes Newydd South Fork Junction GW860
201m37c Croes Newydd East Junction GW862
GW862 Wrexham & Minera Branch

0m00c Croes Newydd North Junction GW860
0m20c Croes Newydd East Junction GW861
0m70c Moss Valley Junction GW863
1m35c Weighbridge Siding
1m65c Plas Power
2m15c Broughton Forge
2m26c Broughton Crossing
2m51c The Lodge Halt
3m10c Brymbo
3m15c Brymbo East
3m22c Brymbo Junction GW867 WX001
3m35c Vron Colliery Junction GW868
3m43c Brymbo West Crossing Halt
5m10c Pentre Saeson Halt
5m68c Coed Poeth
6m23c Vicarage Crossing Halt
6m48c Berwig Halt
7m01c Minera Mineral Branch Junction GW870
7m16c end of running line

CNG: Croes Newydd North - Moss Valley Junction
WAM: Croes Newydd North - end of running line

An 1884 2-chain survey shows a 13 mile post from Chester General co-incident with 30 mile post from Shrewsbury Crewe Junction, approximately equal to 0m78c (Om00c = 12m38c in list above). London mileages in use by 1894.
GW863 Moss Valley Branch
datum Croes Newydd North Junction
0m70c Moss Valley Junction GW862
1m27c Gatewen Halt

1m66c end of line from 1931 1m75c Pentre Broughton Halt
2m33c Gwersyllt Halt
2m53c Ffrwd Branch Junction GW865
2m62c boundary

Brynmally Branch
2m62c boundary
2m67c Moss Platform
3m24c Brynmally Colliery
CNG: Moss Valley Junction - end of line from 1931
MVY: Moss Valley Branch
GW865 Ffwrd Branch
datum Croes Newydd North Junction
2m53c Ffrwd Branch Junction GW863
4m13c Ffwrd Colliery
GW866 South Sea Ironworks Branch
Brymbo Junction - Joint Line Junction
See Wrexham & Minera Joint Railway WX001 for detail.
GW868 Vron Colliery Branch
0m00c Vron Colliery Junction GW862
  Brymbo Colliery Branch Junction GW869
0m64c end of line from 1940
1m21c Vron Colliery
GW869 Brymbo Colliery Branch
Brymbo Colliery
Branch Junction
GW870 Minera Mineral Branch
0m00c Minera Mineral Branch Junction GW862
1m15c Tir Celyn Quarry
1m26c end of line
GW871 Wheatsheaf Branch
0m00c Wheatsheaf Junction GW860
0m77c Wheatsheaf Goods Junction GW872
  Moss Junction
2m20c Brymbo GW873
GW872 Gwersyllt Branch
0m77c Wheatsheaf Goods Junction GW871
1m29c GWR / Colliery boundary
GW873 Nant Colliery Branch
Nant Colliery
Brymbo GW871
GW874 Saltney Goods Branch
0m00c Dee Junction GW860
1m10c end of line
Chester - Birkenhead
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ001 for detail.
Chester No.1 to Chester No.6
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ002 for detail.
Chester No.6 - Chester No.5
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ003 for detail.
Hooton South Junction - Helsby Junction
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ004 for detail.
Ellesmere Port No.4 - Ship Canal (S.U. Canal)
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ005 for detail.
Hooton Junction - Wirral Junction, West Kirby
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ006 for detail.
Parkgate Colliery Branch
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ007 for detail.
Parkgate Original Terminus Branch
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ008 for detail.
Hooton Junction - Birkenhead Woodside
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ010 for detail.
Green Lane Jcn - Canning Street North
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ011 for detail.
Brook Street Junction - Shore Road Junction
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ012 for detail.
Canning Street North - Cathcart Street Goods
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ013 for detail.
GW894 Morpeth Dock GWR
datum Chester General Station
15m25c - 15m57c
Green Lane Junction - Monks Ferry
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ014 for detail.
Green Lane Junction - Tranmere Pool/Abbey Street
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ015 for detail.
Chester No.1 - Walton New Junction [LNWR]
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ020 for detail.
Norton Junction - Preston Brook Canal Basin
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ021 for detail.
Daresbury - Walton Old Junction [LNWR] via old alignment
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ022 for detail.
Acton Grange Viaduct Junction - Walton Old Junction
See Birkenhead Joint Railway BJ023 for detail.


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