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Signal Fact 1

The Regulation of Railways Act, 1889 gave the Board of Trade the power to make & enforce orders in respect of:

block working and interlocking of points and signals on lines carrying passengers, &

continuous brakes on passenger trains.

London, Brighton & South Coast Railway

This page should be regarded as “Work in Progress”. The webmaster will welcome additional information for this page.

In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

Milepost Mileages

The LBSCR primarily used the buffer stops at three locations for milepost mileages: Brighton, London Bridge and London Victoria. London Bridge mileages were traditionally measured from the buffers or concourse of the original London & Greenwich station, which later became known as London Bridge 'low level'. For many years these were platforms 8 & 9.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
LB001 Victoria Central - Windmill Bridge Junction
0m00c Victoria station
0m10c Victoria North SB
  Eccleston Bridge SB
0m22c Victoria South SB
  Victoria Central SB
  Victoria Junction SB
0m32c Victoria Shunting GF
0m54c Grosvenor Road 'A'
0m69c Battersea Pier Junction LB002
0m72c Battersea Pier Staff Halt (up)
0m75c Battersea Pier SB
1m13c Battersea Park Junction LB022
1m21c Battersea Park Junction SB (1)
1m21c Battersea Park station (1)
2m03c Pouparts Junction LB002
2m08c Pouparts Junction SB
  Victoria ASC
2m48c Clapham Junction North SB
2m57c Clapham Junction station
2m67c Falcon Lane Junction
2m69c Clapham Junction South SB
3m19c New Wandsworth Goods
3m21c New Wandsworth SB
  Wandsworth Common North SB
4m06c Wandsworth Common station
4m15c Wandsworth Common SB
  Balham North SB
4m53c Balham station
4m68c Balham Junction SB
4m69c Balham Junction LB004
5m50c Balham Intermediate
6m11c Streatham North Junction LB005 LB006
6m16c Streatham Common North Junction SB
6m42c Streatham Common Junction LB007
6m44c Streatham Common SB
6m49c Streatham Common station
6m54c Streatham Common Shunting SB
7m03c Streatham Common South
7m37c Norbury station
7m44c Norbury SB
8m51c Thornton Heath SB
8m54c Thornton Heath station
  Whitehorse Road SB
9m32c Selhurst station
9m42c Selhurst Junction LB011 LB062
9m44c Selhurst Junction SB
9m64c Gloucester Road Junction SB
10m03c Windmill Bridge Junction LB040

(1) York Road until 1877.

Via Through / Fast line alignment between Selhurst Junction and Windmill Bridge Junction
LB002 Low Level Lines
datum London Victoria
0m73c Battersea Pier Junction LB001
1m26c Stewarts Lane Junction LB003 SE102
1m58c Longhedge Junction
2m20c Pouparts Junction LB001
BSP1: Battersea Pier Junction - Longhedge Junction
BSP2: Longhedge Junction - Pouparts Junction
LB003 Battersea Wharf Branch
Battersea Wharf
Stewarts Lane Junction LB002
LB004 Balham Junction - Norwood Junction North, datum Victoria
4m69c Balham Junction LB001
  Streatham Hill Shunting
5m57c Streatham Hill
6m31c Leigham Junction LB023
6m58c West Norwood Junction LB024
7m02c West Norwood
7m77c Gipsy Hill
8m49c Crystal Palace Tunnel Junction LB047
8m56c Crystal Palace
9m36c Bromley Up Junction LB004a
9m48c Bromley Down Junction SE111
9m75c Norwood North Junction (down) LB040

BBJ: Balham Junction - Bromley Junction
BJN2: Bromley Junction - Norwood North Junction (Down)
LB004a Norwood North Junction - Bromley Junction (Up)
datum Victoria
9m26c Bromley Up Junction LB004
9m70c Norwood North Junction (up) LB040
LB005 Streatham Main Spur
datum Victoria
6m16c Streatham North Junction LB001
6m48c Streatham South Junction LB020
LB006 Streatham Local Spur
datum Victoria
6m08c Streatham North Junction LB001
6m42c Streatham South Junction LB020
LB007 Streatham Spur
datum London Bridge via Peckham Rye
7m57c Streatham Junction LB020
8m10c Streatham Common Junction LB001
LB008 Selhurst Junction - Selhurst Depot
datum London Victoria
Selhurst Depot SB
Selhurst Depot LC SB
Gave access from slow lines at Selhurst to Norwood Up Yard and Selhurst Depot; still in use as 'arrival and departure' roads. Includes Norwood Up Yard and Selhurst Depot.
LB009 Selhurst Junction - Gloucester Road Junction
datum Victoria
9m42c Selhurst Junction LB001
9m62c Gloucester Road Junction LB060
Added when lines quadrupled; still in use for Selhurst to West Croydon trains via slow lines
LB010 Selhurst Junction - Windmill Bridge Junction via Victoria Slow Lines alignment
Flyover alignment added as part of Three Bridges ASC take over of the area
LB011 Selhurst Emergency Spur
datum Victoria
9m42c Selhurst Junction LB001
9m72c St James Junction LB060
Closed when Three Bridges ASC took over; presumably the slow lines route will never close now during traffic hours!
Longhedge Junction LBSCR / SECR - Earls Court Junction
See West London Extension WE001 for detail.
West London Junction LSWR - Latchmere No.3 Junction
See West London Extension WE002 for detail.
Falcon Road Junction LBSCR - Latchmere No.1 Junction
See West London Extension WE003 for detail.
Ludgate Junction LSWR - Latchmere No.2 Junction
See West London Extension WE004 for detail.
Chelsea Basin Junction - Chelsea Basin
See West London Extension WE005 for detail.
LB020 London Bridge - Sutton East Junction, datum London Bridge low level
00m13c London Bridge (platforms 14-16)
01m49c South Bermondsey Junction LB021
01m49c South Bermondsey
  Old Kent Road Junction
02m38c Queen's Road Peckham
03m17c Cow Lane Junction NW091
03m32c Peckham Rye East Junction NW091
03m36c Peckham Rye
03m47c Peckham Rye Junction LB022
04m23c East Dulwich
04m64c North Dulwich
  Knight's Hill North Junction NW092
  Knights Hill Sidings
  Knight's Hill South Junction NW092
  Streatham Intermediate
06m01c Tulse Hill Junction SE110
06m07c Tulse Hill
06m15c Tulse Hill South Junction LB024
06m20c Tulse Hill South Junction LB023
07m48c Streatham
07m57c Streatham Junction LB007
08m09c Streatham South Junction LB006
08m12c Streatham South Junction LB005
08m15c Streatham South Junction LB025
  Mitcham Common
10m27c Mitcham North Junction LB028
10m30c Mitcham Junction
10m33c Mitcham South Junction LB064
11m41c Hackbridge
12m30c Carshalton
13m45c Sutton East Junction LB060 LB065

LBC: London Bridge - South Bermondsey
BTH1: South Bermondsey - Sutton East Junction.
LB021 South Bermondsey Junction - Bricklayers Arms Junction
datum London Bridge low level
1m49c South Bermondsey Junction LB020
2m08c Bricklayers Arms Junction LB040
LB022 Peckham Rye Junction - Battersea Park Junction (South London Line), datum London Bridge low level
3m47c Peckham Rye Junction LB020
3m67c Crofton Road Junction
4m23c Denmark Hill
5m09c East Brixton
5m12c Barrington Road Junction
5m68c Shepherds Lane Junction
6m21c Clapham High Street
  Voltaire Road Junction SE101
6m52c Wandsworth Road
6m58c Factory Junction
7m27c Battersea Park
7m35c Battersea Park Junction LB001

Note - 1908 RCH map shows LBSCR-SECR boundary at Barrington Road Junction and SECR-LBSCR boundary at Factory Junction.
LB023 Leigham Spur
datum London Bridge low level
6m40c Leigham Junction LB004
6m20c Tulse Hill South Junction LB020
LB024 West Norwood Spur
datum London Bridge low level
6m15c Tulse Hill South Junction LB020
6m41c West Norwood Junction LB004
Streatham Junction - Wimbledon
0m00c Streatham South Junction LB020
0m76c Tooting
1m01c Tooting Junction LB026
2m18c Haydons Road
3m05c Wimbledon
3m22c Wimbledon West Junction LB026 LB066
Tooting Junction - Wimbledon West Junction
(5m51c) Tooting Junction LB025
(4m54c) Merton Abbey
(3m65c) Merton Park
0m43c (3m56c) Merton Park Junction LB028
(3m32c) Dundonald Road Crossing
0m00c (3m22c) Wimbledon West Junction LB025 LB066
MPT: Tooting Junction - Merton Park Junction
MJW: Merton Park Junction - Wimbledon West Junction

Mileages in brackets are from the LSWR Diagram of System book, datum Streatham Junction via Wimbledon.
LB028 Mitcham North Junction - Merton Park Junction
datum Wimbledon West Junction
3m01c Mitcham North Junction LB020
2m24c Mitcham
1m08c Morden Road
0m51c Merton Park
0m43c Merton Park Junction LB026
Article: Railway Magazine 1927 March.
Article: Railway Magazine 1951 November.
East London Junction - East London Down Junction, New Cross LBSCR
for details see EL001.
Deptford Road Junction - Old Kent Road Junction LBSCR
for details see EL002.
Deptford Road Junction - East London Up Junction, New Cross LBSCR v Up Loop
for details see EL003.
Canal Junction - New Cross SECR v Down Line
for details see EL004.
Canal Junction - New Cross SECR v Up Line
for details see EL005.
LB040 London Bridge - Coulsdon North, datum London Bridge low level
0m13c London Bridge station, platforms 10-13
0m13c London Bridge North SB
0m20c London Bridge South SB
  Spa Road (SECR)
  Blue Anchor (SECR)
1m49c South Bermondsey Junction
2m12c Bricklayer's Arms Junction LB021 LB042 SE006
2m26c Bricklayers Arms Junction SB
  New Cross Gate SB
2m59c New Cross Yard SB (2)
2m70c New Cross station (2)
3m00c New Cross South SB (3)
  Brockley Bank SB
3m56c Brockley station
3m58c Brockley SB
  No.7 Bridge SB
4m59c Honor Oak Park station
4m62c Honor Oak Park SB
5m50c Forest Hill station
5m55c Forest Hill SB
6m32c Sydenham station
6m41c Sydenham Junction SB
6m41c Sydenham Down Junction LB047
6m51c Sydenham Up Junction LB047
7m14c Penge SB
7m15c Penge West station
7m47c Anerley station
  Anerley SB
8m31c Norwood North Junction (up)
8m35c Norwood Junction North SB (4)
8m35c Norwood North Junction (down) LB004
8m55c Norwood Junction station
8m62c Norwood Junction South SB
  Brighton Junction SB
9m22c Norwood Fork Junction SB
9m25c Norwood Fork Junction LB060 LB062
9m61c Cottage Junction
9m69c Windmill Bridge Junction
9m69c Windmill Bridge Junction SB
  East Croydon North GF
10m25c East Croydon North SB (5)
10m28c East Croydon station
10m39c East Croydon Central SB
10m43c Fairfield Junction SB LB050
10m45c East Croydon South SB
11m19c South Croydon Station SB
11m21c South Croydon station
11m29c South Croydon Junction CO001
11m35c South Croydon Junction SB
  Selsdon Signals SB
  Purley Intermediate SB
12m34c Purley Oaks station
12m48c Purley Oaks SB
13m14c Purley North Junction SE071
13m26c Purley North SB
13m29c Purley station
13m38c Purley South SB
  Stoats Nest North SB (6)
14m20c Stoats Nest Junction
14m59c Coulsdon & Smitham Downs Central SB (7)
14m73c Coulsdon & Smitham Downs Shunting SB (8)
14m79c Coulsdon & Smitham Downs South SB
15m02c Coulsdon North station LB070 SE072

(1) London Bridge West until 1879.
(2) New Cross Gate from 1923.
(3) previously New Cross Station.
(4) Norwood Junction until 1879.
(5) East Croydon Yard until 1875; East Croydon from 1955.
(6) Stoats Nest until 1889.
(7) Stoats Nest until 1911, then Coulsdon until 1918; then Coulsdon West Central, Coulsdon North Central, Coulsdon North No.1 all in 1923, then Coulsdon North 1937.
(8) Stoats Nest until 1911, then Coulsdon until 1918; then Coulsdon West Shunting, Coulsdon North Shunting, Coulsdon North Shunting all in 1923.
(9) Stoats Nest until 1911, then Coulsdon until 1918; then Coulsdon West South, Coulsdon North South, Coulsdon North No.2 all in 1923.

LBW: London Bridge - Windmill Bridge Junction
VTB2: Windmill Bridge Junction - Stoats Nest Junction
RED1: Stoats Nest Junction - LBSCR/SER boundary

Via Fast Line alignment between Norwood Fork Junction and Windmill Bridge Junction. Between Norwood Fork and Windmill Bridge three different alignments have applied since Three Bridges ASC took over - Down Slow (LB061) / Fasts (LB040) / Up Slow (LB049).
LB041 Willow Walk Goods Yard
Willow Walk Goods
Willow Walk Junction SE006
Branch is 11c long.
LB042 North Kent West Junction SECR - Bricklayers Arms Junction
North Kent West Junction SE006
Bricklayer's Arms Junction LB040
LB043 Deptford Wharf - East London Up (& Down) Junction's v Wharf Roads
0m00c Deptford Wharf North LB044
  Deptford Wharf South GF
0m60c Deptford Lift Bridge
0m00c - 1m43c, structures listed to 2m47c
LB044 Deptford Lift Bridge - East London Up Junction v Incline Road
datum Deptford Wharf North
  Deptford Lift Bridge LB043
0m77c Cold Blow Crossing
  East London Up Junction
LB045 Deptford Lift Bridge - Old Kent Road Junction
Deptford Lift Bridge
Old Kent Road Junction
LB046 East London Up Junction - Old Kent Road Junction
East London Up Junction
Old Kent Road Junction
LB047 Sydenham Junction - Crystal Palace Tunnel Junction
datum London Bridge
6m41c Sydenham Down Junction LB040
7m52c Crystal Palace
7m61c Crystal Palace Tunnel Junction LB004

Note - down and up alignments are different between Sydenham Junctions and Crystal Palace end of down flyover where the lines merge.
LB047a Sydenham Junction Up Alignment from Crystal Palace
6m51c Sydenham Up Junction LB040
LB048 Norwood Spur Junction - Norwood Junction North
0m50c Norwood Spur Junction SE111
0m00c Norwood Junction LB040
Note - 1908 RCH map shows this running independently into Norwood Junction with no connection at Norwood North Junction. Branch length 50c. Still independent on 1967 Control diagram.
LB049 Norwood Fork Junction - Cottage Junction
datum London Bridge
9m52c Cottage Junction
9m33c Norwood Fork Junction
Up Slow Line only.
LB050 East Croydon - Central Croydon (later Fairfield Yards)
datum London Bridge
10m43c Fairfield Junction LB040
10m74c Central Croydon SB
LB060 Norwood Junction South - Epsom Junction, datum London Bridge
09m25c Norwood Fork Junction LB040
09m49c Gloucester Road Junction LB009
09m61c St James Junction LB011
10m37c West Croydon
10m64c West Croydon Junction LB064
11m40c Waddon
13m05c Wallington
13m72c Carshalton Beeches
  Wallington & Sutton Intermediate
14m66c Sutton East Junction LB020 LB065
14m75c Sutton
15m02c Sutton West Junction LB066
15m76c Cheam
17m27c Ewell West
18m40c Epsom Town
18m65c Epsom Junction LB067

NFE: Norwood Fork Junction - Sutton East Junction. BTH2: Sutton East Junction - Epsom Junction.
LB061 Norwood Junction - Windmill Bridge Junction
datum London Bridge
9m33c Norwood Fork Junction LB040
9m61c Cottage Junction
9m69c Windmill Bridge Junction LB040
Down Slow and Down Goods alignment (Perturbation Siding) only.
LB062 Norwood Fork Junction - Selhurst Junction (Fork Lines)
datum London Bridge
9m25c Norwood Fork Junction LB040
9m46c Selhurst Junction LB001
LB063 Gloucester Road Junction (connection to local lines)
Gloucester Road Junction
Windmill Bridge Junction
Slow (Local) Lines alignment dating from 19th century; removed when Three Bridges ASC took over and alignment now largely buried under houses in Tait Road.
LB064 West Croydon (Bay) - Mitcham Junction
datum Wimbledon West Junction
6m12c West Croydon (Wimbledon Bay)
5m65c West Croydon Junction LB060
4m79c Waddon Marsh
3m57c Beddington Lane
3m07c Mitcham South Junction LB020
Article: Railway Magazine 1927 March.
Article: Railway Magazine 1951 November.
LB065 Sutton East Junction - Epsom Downs, datum London Bridge via Norwood Fork Junction
14m66c Sutton East Junction LB020 LB060
14m75c Sutton
  Sutton Shunting
15m50c Ventnor Road Junction
16m01c Belmont
  Belmont & Banstead Intermediate
17m40c Banstead & Burgh Heath
  Banstead & Epsom Downs Intermediate
18m57c Epsom Downs
LB066 Wimbledon West Junction - Sutton West Junction, datum Waterloo
07m27c Wimbledon West Junction LB026
08m13c Wimbledon Chase
08m61c South Merton
09m32c Morden South
09m40c London West / Southern DE boundary
09m69c St Helier
10m67c Sutton Common
11m47c West Sutton
12m43c Sutton West Junction LB060

This line was also included in the LSWR Diagram of System book, additional page issued by Southern Railway.

Article: Backtrack 2016 June. Article: Railway Magazine 1966 December.
Epsom - Leatherhead, datum Waterloo
14m11c Epsom Junction LB060
14m18c Epsom
15m43c Lady Howard LC
16m19c Ashtead
  Leatherhead (1st)
17m67c Leatherhead North Junction SW012
18m02c Leatherhead (2nd)
18m10c Leatherhead Junction (SR) LB084 SW012

Note - 1903 RCH map shows LBSCR-Joint boundary at west end of LSWR station, not east end where one would expect.
LB070 Quarry Line, datum London Bridge
15m02c Coulsdon North station LB040
15m47c Cane Hill SB
16m56c Star Lane SB
18m42c Quarry Intermediate SB
20m02c Worsted Green SB
21m25c Redhill Goods
21m31c Earlswood SB (1)
21m37c Earlswood Junction LB070a

(1) Earlswood Junction 1889-1932.
LB070a Brighton Line, datum London Bridge via Redhill
21m31c Earlswood Junction LB070 LB071
21m50c Earlswood station
21m67c Earlswood Station SB
  Earlswood Common SB
23m37c Salfords station
23m57c Salfords SB
25m43c Horley North SB (1)
25m60c Horley station
25m74c Horley South SB
26m47c Gatwick Airport (Racecourse) station
26m49c Gatwick SB (2)
  Gatwick South SB
27m34c Tinsley Green Junction
27m37c Gatwick Airport station (1st)
27m78c Tinsley Green SB
29m09c Three Bridges North SB
29m21c Three Bridges station LB103
29m27c Three Bridges Junction LB080
  Three Bridges Junction SB
29m28c Three Bridges ASC
29m32c Three Bridges South SB (3)
29m66c Three Bridges South SB
31m28c Balcombe Tunnel Junction
31m51c Balcombe Tunnel SB
32m69c Balcombe Intermediate
33m64c Balcombe station SB
35m09c Stone Hall SB
  Ouse Viaduct SB
36m34c Copyhold Junction LB109
36m35c Copyhold Junction SB (4)
37m00c Copyhold (new) Junction
37m52c Haywards Heath North SB (5)
37m59c Haywards Heath station
37m66c Haywards Heath South SB
39m16c Folly Hill SB
40m44c Wivelsfield SB
40m52c Wilvelsfield station
40m69c Keymer Junction SB LB073
41m39c Burgess Hill station
41m41c Burgess Hill SB
43m42c Hassocks station
43m46c Hassocks SB (6)
  Hassocks Shunting South SB
46m11c Clayton Tunnel SB
45m67c Clayton Cutting SB
47m21c Brapool Cutting SB
48m24c Patcham SB
49m10c Preston Park North SB (7)
49m21c Preston Park station
49m28c Preston Park South SB (8)
49m43c Preston Park Junction LB072
  Brighton Upper Goods SB
  Brighton Upper Goods Shunting SB
49m74c Lovers Walk Junction SB
  Lovers Walk Depot SB
50m23c Montpelier Junction SB (9)
50m32c Brighton South SB (10)
50m36c Montpelier Junction LB120
50m49c Brighton station LB090

(1) Horley until 1889.
(2) Gatwick North until 1907; then Gatwick Racecourse from 1936 and Gatwick from 1958.
(3) Three Bridges Central from 1932, Three Bridges from 1952.
(4) Copyhold until 1916.
(5) Haywards Heath from 1932.
(6) Hassocks Gate until 1881.
(7) Preston North until 1879.
(8) Preston South until 1879; Preston Park from 1932.
(9) Brighton North until 1882.
(10) Brighton Yard until 1882; Brighton from 1932.

VTB3: Earlswood Junction - Brighton
CJA1: Copyhold Junction - Haywards Heath 36m34c-37m00c (Ardingly Branch line)
BPJ : Lovers Walk Sidings & Depots 49m66c-50m27c.

1875 OS map shows a 1mp from Brighton just south of Preston Park station. This is an odd one out as the maps further north all show London mileages.
LB071 Redhill Junction - Earlswood Junction
datum London Bridge via Redhill
  Redhill Tonbridge Line Junction SE072
20m59c Redhill Junction (SECR-LBSCR boundary)
21m11c Redhill Goods SB
21m31c Earlswood Junction LB070a
LB072 Cliftonville Spur
datum London Bridge via Redhill
49m43c Preston Park Junction LB070a
50m38c Hove Junction LB090
Opened 1847 (A)
Keymer Junction - Lewes Main Junction, datum London Bridge via Redhill
40m69c Keymer Junction LB070a Map
40m79c Keymer Crossing SB
41m00c Junction Road LC
  Ditchling SB
41m74c Wickham LC
42m76c Spatham Lane LC Map
44m06c Riddens Lane LC
44m42c Plumpton station Map
44m46c Plumpton LC
44m46c Plumpton SB
45m52c East Chiltington LC
46m08c Kemps Farm LC
47m31c Cooksbridge station Map
47m35c Cooksbridge SB
47m35c Cooksbridge LC
48m12c Hamsey Crossing LC Map
  Uckfield Junction LB112
49m68c Lewes West ("A") Junction LB074
49m74c Lewes (3rd) station Map
50m03c Lewes Main ("B") Junction LB104a LB120

(A) Opened to Lewes West Junction 1847; Lewes West Junction to Lewes Main Junction 1889.
LB074 Lewes West Junction - Lewes East Junction, original route
datum London Bridge via Redhill
  Lewes West ('A') Junction LB073
  Lewes (old) Junction
  Uckfield line junction (1)
  Lewes (1st) station (2) Map
50m03c Lewes Goods SB (3)
50m40c Lewes East ('C') Junction LB120
(1) originally to Friars Walk terminal station.
(2) aka Friars Walk (Pinwall platforms).
(3) Lewes East until 1889.
LB075 Brighton Lower Goods

LB076 Brighton Lower Goods (original connecting line)
LB077 Ouse Valley Line (never completed)
Western Section

Junction with LB070a
Junction with LB104a Map
Article: Railway Magazine 1951 September.
LB080 Three Bridges Junction - Arundel Junction North
datum London Bridge via Redhill
29m27c Three Bridges Junction LB070a
30m49c Crawley (2nd)
  Crawley (1st)
30m63c Crawley High Street No.6 LC
31m06c Horsham Road Crossing No.7 LC
31m65c Lion Farm No.9 LC
31m66c Ifield
32m65c Bewbush LC
33m45c Kilnwood LC
34m28c Faygate
35m23c Brooks Lane footpath LC
35m39c Roffey Road No.10 LC
36m49c Rusper Road Crossing No.11 LC
36m50c Littlehaven
37m14c Wimblehurst Lane Crossing No.12 LC (1)
37m40c Horsham Junction LB084
37m54c Horsham Shunting Frame
37m56c Horsham
37m64c Horsham South
39m33c Bakers LC
40m06c Stammerham Junction (2) LB081
40m07c Christ's Hospital
40m21c Itchingfield South
40m54c Itchingfield (West) Junction LB082
42m19c Barnes Green Crossing
42m45c Vale Wood LC
42m62c Pratts Lower LC
  Rosier Bridge
44m35c Rosier No.2 LC
44m71c Billingshurst
44m74c Station Road LC
46m00c Hadfold No.2 LC
46m33c Adversane Crossing
48m32c Cray Lane
50m00c Pulborough
50m66c Hardham LC
50m68c Hardham Junction LB083
52m50c Thorndell
54m62c Amberley
55m65c South Sluice South LC
56m02c South Stoke Bridge
56m30c Peppering LC
56m50c Burpham Offham LC
  Warning Camp
57m03c Black Rabbit LC
58m28c Arundel
58m36c Arundel
59m75c Arundel Junction North LB090
(1) renamed Parsonage Road in 1977.
(2) box named Christ's Hospital "A", previously North.
LB081 Stammerham Junction - Peasmarsh Junction LSWR
datum London Bridge via Redhill
39m79c Stammerham Junction LB080
  Christ's Hospital
42m37c Slinfold South
42m43c Slinfold North
46m44c Rudgwick
46m01c Baynards
48m64c Cranleigh South
48m71c Cranleigh North
53m67c Bramley & Wonersh
55m45c Peasmarsh Junction SW020
remiled after closure to 41m50c-32m06c datum Waterloo via ??? Why do this after closure?

Article: Railway Magazine 1966 March & April.
LB082 Itchingfield Junction - Shoreham Junction
datum London Bridge via Three Bridges
40m54c Itchingfield Junction LB080
43m26c Southwater
46m16c West Grinstead
48m46c Partridge Green
50m53c Henfield
54m12c Steyning
55m39c Beeding Sidings
56m23c Beeding
57m03c Old Shoreham Bridge
57m61c Shoreham Junction LB090
BVS1 Itchingfield Junction - Beeding Sidings
BVS2 Beeding Sidings - Shoreham Junction
at time of coding BVS1 closed, BVS2 open

Article: Railway Archive No.47, 2015.
LB083 Hardham Junction - Chichester
datum London Bridge via Redhill
50m68c Hardham Junction LB080
52m59c Fittleworth
57m69c Selham
  Midhurst East
61m00c Midhurst (LBSC station)
  Midhurst West
  Midhurst Junction (below)
  LBSCR-LSWR boundary SW021

  Midhurst Junction (above)
63m51c Cocking
66m46c Singleton North
66m55c Singleton South
69m75c Lavant
  Fisbourne Crossing
  Chichester LB090
PSM Hardham Junction - Midhurst
FCL2 Midhurst - Lavant 61m00c-68m55c
FCL1 Lavant - Lavant Junction 32m23c-29m27c datum Brighton

BR Residual still has 52m49c Fittleworth Road, 54m17c Shopham and others further along with no mileage figures quoted.

1931 distance book shows milepost mileages in continuous run from Hardham Junction <51mp to Chichester >72mp. Presumably Lavant end remiled after closure north of Lavant.
LB084 Leatherhead Joint - Horsham
datum Waterloo via Worcester Park
18m10c Leatherhead Junction LB067 SW012
20m14c Mickleham Crossing
21m14c Boxhill & Burford Bridge
22m08c Dorking
23m78c Tilehurst Lane
25m39c Lodge Farm Crossing
27m05c Holmwood
29m20c Ockley & Capel
31m21c Northwood
32m06c Kingsfold Cross LC
33m46c Warnham
33m50c Station Road LC
35m35c Horsham North Junction LB080
LB085 Deepdene Spur
LB086 Itchingfield South Fork
LB087 reserved for Midhurst link line between LBSCR & LSWR.
LB090 Brighton - Portcreek Junction (West Branch)
0m00c Brighton LB070a
  New England Bridge
0m75c Holland Road
1m08c Hove Junction LB072
1m35c Hove
1m74c Aldrington
2m01c Dyke Junction LB091
2m73c Portslade
2m79c Portslade LC
3m47c Fishersgate
4m30c Southwick
  Kingston Wharf
5m50c Shoreham East (Ham Road) LC
5m69c Shoreham-by-Sea
5m75c Shoreham Station (Buckingham Road) LC
  Shoreham Junction LB082
6m77c Bungalow Town
8m15c Lancing No.33 LC
8m19c Lancing
9m55c East Worthing
10m46c Worthing Central
10m59c Worthing (Tarring Road) No.34 LC
11m25c West Worthing No.35 LC
11m30c West Worthing
  Elm Grove LC
12m13c Durrington-on-Sea
13m07c Goring-by-Sea
13m10c Goring No.37 LC
13m56c Ferring No.38 LC
14m31c Langmeads No.1 LC
15m00c Roundstone No.39 LC
15m44c Angmering
15m48c Angmering No.40 LC
16m45c Brook Lane LC
17m12c Norway Lane LC
17m49c toddington No.41 LC
18m02c Lyminster Crossing No.42 LC
18m51c Bowermans LC
18m64c Brookbarn LC
19m01c Arundel Junction North LB080
Hutchings / Bowerman LC
19m03c Arundel Junction South LB092
19m31c Ford Junction LB093
19m50c Ford No.43 LC
19m55c Ford
20m24c Withy Tree LC
20m79c Yapton Crossing No.44 LC
21m18c Lake Lane LC
22m29c Barnham
22m35c Barnham Junction LB094
23m53c Woodgate CrossingNo.45 LC
23m71c Park Lane LC
24m64c Decoy LC
25m20c Woodhorn Crossing No.46 LC
26m21c Oving No.47 LC
26m48c Drayton No.48 LC
27m27c Portfield
27m70c Whyke Road No.50 LC
28m39c Basin Road No.51 LC
28m43c Stockbridge Road No.52 LC
28m51c Chichester
29m27c Fishbourne footpath No.53 LC
29m49c Clay Lane No.54 LC
29m69c Palace footpath LC
30m08c New Fishbourne No.55 LC
30m12c Fishbourne
30m25c Black Boy Lane No.56 LC
31m29c Brook Lane No.57 LC
31m43c Bosham
31m49c Bosham No.58 LC
32m19c Funtington No.59 LC
32m29c Green Lane No.60 LC
32m60c Drift Lane No.61 LC
33m12c Nutbourne No.62 LC
33m14c Nutbourne
33m19c Pottery footpath LC
33m44c Copse footpath LC
33m70c Inlands Road No.63 LC
34m16c Southbourne
34m22c Stein Lane No.64 LC
34m56c Church footpath LC
35m03c Penny Lane LC
35m50c Emsworth
36m66c Warblington
36m71c Warblington No.65 LC
37m25c Havant Junction SW020
37m26c New Lane No.66 LC
37m41c Havant
  Stockheath Crossing
38m10c Bedhampton No.69 LC
38m14c Bedhampton
38m28c Bedhampton Mill
39m36c Farlington Intermediate
40m38c Farlington Junction LB096
41m03c Portcreek Junction LB140
BLI1: Brighton - Littlehampton Junction.
TBH2: Littlehampton Junction - Havant Junction.
WPH2: Havant Junction - Portcreek Junction.

Arundel Junction North to Ford Junction originally miled from London Bridge via Redhill & Horsham (59m25c to 60m25c).

Havant - Portcreek Junction originally miled from Portsmouth (OS maps 1869-1878 period)
LB091 Dyke Branch
datum Dyke Junction
0m00c Dyke Junction LB090
0m45c Rowan Halt
3m45c The Dyke
LB092 Arundel Junction South - Littlehampton
datum Brighton
19m03c Arundel Junction South LB090
19m25c Littlehampton Junction

Change of mileage:
datum London Bridge via Redhill, Horsham & Ford Junction

60m57c Littlehampton Junction LB093
60m64c Vinnecombe LC
62m03c Littlehampton
LB093 Ford Junction - Littlehampton Junction
0m00c (60m25c) Ford Junction LB090
0m31c (60m57c) Litlehampton Junction LB092
Possibly dual miled. Traditional mileages shown in brackets, datum London Bridge via Redhill and Horsham.
LB094 Bognor Regis Branch
datum Brighton
22m35c Barnham Junction LB090
23m69c Sack Lane LC
24m35c Cow Lane LC
24m68c Cox's or LEC LC
25m51c Bersted Crossing
25m75c Bognor Regis
LB095 Hayling Island Branch
0m00c Havant (Bay platform)
  Langston Crossing
  Langston Swing Bridge
4m45c Hayling Island
LB096 Cosham Spur
datum Brighton (also Waterloo via Eastleigh)
40m38c (91m09c) Farlington Junction LB090
40m64c (90m63c) Coopers LC
41m04c (90m44c) Cosham Junction LB141
dual miled
LB097 original alignment before Arundel Junctions
datum Brighton

South Croydon Junction - Crowhurst Junction South
See Croydon & Oxted Joint Railway CO001 for detail.
Woodside Junction - Selsdon Road Junction
See Woodside & South Croydon Railway WS001 for detail.
LB102 Hurst Green Junction - Ashurst North Junction
datum London Bridge via Oxted
21m35c Hurst Green Junction CO001
22m75c Langhurst SB
25m47c Edenbridge Town station
25m50c Edenbridge Town SB (1)
27m24c Hever SB
27m27c Hever station
27m42c Hever Junction station
29m23c Cowden SB
29m26c Cowden station
31m14c Blackham Junction
32m08c Ashurst station
32m11c Ashurst SB
33m56c Ashurst Junction LB103
(1) Edenbridge until 1896.
H10 SCU1
LB103 Three Bridges - Grove Junction
datum London Bridge via Redhill
29m21c Three Bridges station (Bay)
29m28c Three Bridges Junction LB070a
  Rowfant station
31m65c Rowfant SB
  Grange Road station
33m23c Grange Road SB
  East Grinstead West ('A') Junction LB108
35m73c East Grinstead West ("A") SB
  East Grinstead High Level station
36m07c East Grinstead East ("B") SB
  East Grinstead East ('B') Junction
  East Grinstead SB
38m62c Brambletye Crossing
  Forest Row station
39m39c Forest Row SB
  Hartfield station
42m76c Hartfield SB
  Withyham station
44m07c Withyham SB
45m49c Ashurst (north) Junction LB102
45m49c Ashurst (south) Junction LB104
45m57c Ashurst Junction SB
46m20c Groombridge Junction SB
46m26c Groombridge Junction LB105
46m40c Groombridge West SB
46m46c Groombridge station
46m53c Groombridge SB
46m57c Groombridge East SB
47m60c Adams Well Crossing
48m20c High Rocks station
49m39c Tunbridge Wells West ("A") SB
49m47c Tunbridge Wells West station
49m58c Tunbridge Wells East ("B") SB
50m22c Grove Junction SE041
TBG Three Bridges Junction - Ashurst Junction
SCU1 Ashurst Junction - Ashurst Junction
TBG Ashurst Junction - Groombridge Junction
GJB2 Groombridge Junction - Grove Junction

At some point between 1967 and 1970 Groombridge Junction to Grove Junction was altered to be down from Grove Junction.
LB104 Ashurst South Junction - Birchden Junction
datum London Bridge via Three Bridges
45m49c (33m56c) Ashurst Junction LB103
46m48c (34m55c) Birchden Junction LB104a Map
Mileages in brackets probably apply from the 1987 resignalling, datum London Bridge via Oxted. Amendment to London mileages appears in periodical operating notice 46/87 for 6 February 1988.
LB104a Birchden Junction - Lewes Main Junction
datum Brighton
27m75c (34m56c) Birchden Junction LB104
27m60c (34m41c) Forge Farm LC
    Eridge (North) SB
26m78c (35m63c) Eridge station Map
    Eridge South SB
25m54c (36m77c) Redgate Mill Junction LB106 Map
23m59c (38m73c) Crowborough Junction
23m40c (39m11c) Crowborough station Map
23m34c (39m17c) Crowborough SB (1)
    Crowborough Tunnel SB
19m79c (42m53c) Greenhurst Junction
19m04c (43m48c) Buxted SB
18m64c (43m68c) Buxted station Map
17m37c (45m14c) Hempstead LC
16m43c (46m08c) Uckfield (2nd) station
16m42c (46m09c) Uckfield SB
16m40c (46m11c) Uckfield Level Crossing
16m37c (46m14c) Uckfield (1st) station Map
    Uckfield Shunting Frame
14m48c limit of Lavender Line
14m46c Worth Halt
14m28c footpath LC
13m75c (unnamed) LC
13m48c Isfield station Map
13m45c limit of Lavender Line
13m45c Station Road LC
  Billeter's Sidings GF
  Barcombe Mills station Map
  Hamsey Viaduct SB
  Culver Junction LB110 Map
  deviation point (Hamsey Spur) LB112
  deviation point (Lewes 1889)
8m00c Lewes Main ("B") Junction LB073 LB120
(1) Rotherfield until 1880.
14m48c - 13m45c now Lavender Line.

SCU1: Birchden Junction - Uckfield
SCU2: Uckfield - Lewes Main Junction

Signalling Notice 23 (1879) indicates that the line was originally Down from Lewes to Groombridge.

Mileages in brackets probably apply from the 1987 resignalling, datum London Bridge via Oxted. April 1987 Appendix shows Brighton mileages from Birchden Junction and amendment to London mileages appears in periodical operating notice 46/87 for 6 February 1988.
H11 SCU1
LB105 Groombridge Junction - Birchden Junction
datum Brighton
28m60c Groombridge Junction LB103
27m75c Birchden Junction LB104 LB104a
LB106 Redgate Mill Junction - Polegate West Junction
Cuckoo Line
datum Brighton
38m59c Redgate Mill Junction LB104a
  Rotherfield North SB
37m40c Rotherfield & Mark Cross
  Rotherfield South SB
  Mayfield North SB
34m41c Mayfield station
  Mayfield South SB
  Heathfield North SB
30m49c Heathfield station
  Heathfield South SB
  Horeham Road North SB
28m08c Horam station
  Horeham Road South SB
  Hellingly SB
24m40c Hellingly station
  Hailsham North SB
22m58c Hailsham station
  Hailsham SB
  Greatfield Siding GF
19m53c Polegate West Junction LB120
culvert near Redgate Mill 38m47c, Knowles Road Bridge (Mayfield) 33m77c, Heathfield Station culvert 30m20c, 74 gatehouse Sayerlands Lane (Polegate), 73 gatehouse Otham Court Lane (Polegate).
LB107 Crowhurst Junction North - East Grinstead Low Level
datum London Bridge via Forest Hill and Oxted
23m29c Crowhurst Junction North CO001
23m23c Stunt Farm No.1 LC
24m41c Lingfield Intermediate SB
  Lingfield North GF
26m19c Lingfield SB
26m23c Lingfield station
26m28c Lingfield Racecourse LC
  Lingfield South GF
27m59c Dormans SB
27m62c Dormans station
  Cooks Pond Viaduct SB
  St Margarets Junction LB108
29m46c St Margarets Junction SB
29m78c East Grinstead North SB
30m04c East Grinstead station
30m07c East Grinstead South ("C") SB
30m21c end of line (BR-Railtrack-Network Rail)
30m39c mileage point LB110
LB108 St. Margarets Junction - East Grinstead 'A'
datum London Bridge via Forest Hill and Oxted
29m46c St Margarets Junction LB107
30m20c East Grinstead West ('A') Junction LB103
The mileage for East Grinstead West is subject to verification.
LB109 Horsted Keynes - Copyhold Junction
  Horsted Keynes Junction LB110
1m14c end of line (BR)
0m00c Copyhold Junction LB070a
CJA3 Horsted Keynes - Ardingly
CJA2 Ardingly - Copyhold Junction
Horsted Keynes to Ardingly now owned by Bluebell Railway
LB110 East Grinstead Low Level - Culver Junction
17m09c East Grinstead Low Level LB107 Map
14m76c Kingscote station SB Map
  West Hoathley SB
13m07c West Hoathly station Map
  Horsted Keynes North SB
10m63c Horsted Keynes station Map
  Horsted Keynes South SB
  Horsted Keynes Junction LB109
  Sheffield Park North SB
  Sheffield Park SB
6m26c Sheffield Park station Map
  Sheffield Park South SB
  Newick & Chailey North SB
  Newick & Chailey station Map
  Newick & Chailey South SB
  Barcombe station Map
0m00c Culver Junction LB104a
East Grinstead to Sheffield Park now Bluebell Railway.

Article: Railway Magazine 1954 October.
Article: Railway Magazine 1962 April.
LB111 East Grinstead Low Level - East Grinstead High Level Yard
Through Siding in East Grinstead Yard
LB112 Hamsey Spur (original alignment)
Hamsey Spur deviation point LB104a
Uckfield Junction LB073 Map
LB113 Original alignment of Hailsham line at Polegate
datum Brighton

Opened (A)
Montpelier Junction - Bo-peep Junction
datum Brighton Station
0m13c Montpelier Junction LB070a
0m23c Goods Incline Junction
0m51c London Road SB
0m57c London Road station Map
0m75c Kemp Town Junction LB124
1m56c Moulsecoomb station Map
3m39c Falmer station Map
3m44c Falmer SB
5m77c Ashcombe Map
7m72c Lewes South ('D') Junction
7m77c Lewes station Map
8m03c (50m03c) Lewes Main ('B') Junction LB073 LB104a
8m29c (50m29c) Lewes East ('C') Junction (1) LB074

change of mileage to datum Brighton via Lewes Goods
8m40c (50m40c) Lewes East ('C') Junction LB074
8m69c 50m69c Southerham LC
8m69c Southerham Junction SB Map
8m70c (50m70c) Southerham Junction LB121
9m11c Southerham (1976) Junction
9m79c Cow LC
10m08c Beddingham Crossing SB Map
11m13c Glynde SB
11m14c Glynde station Map
11m62c Lower Barn No.2 LC
12m42c Lower Barn No.1 LC
13m25c Ripe Crossing SB No.21 LC Map
13m56c Firle LC
14m58c Selmeston Crossing No.22 LC
15m50c Berwick station
15m55c Berwick SB No.23 LC
16m49c Endlewick LC
17m03c Wilmington Green LC
17m14c Milton Street footpath LC
17m29c Wilmington Crossing SB
18m72c Dukes LC
19m34c Polegate Crossing SB (2)
19m42c Polegate (1st & 3rd) station
19m50c Polegate Junction West ("A") SB (3) LB106
19m60c Polegate (2nd) station
19m66c Polegate Junction East ("B") SB
19m68c Polegate Junction LB122
21m41c Stonecross Junction LB123
21m46c Stone Cross Junction SB
23m03c Pevensey SB LC
23m07c Pevensey & Westham station
23m68c Pevensey Bay station
23m72c Wallsend Crossing SB
25m77c Normans Bay station
26m00c Havensmouth LC
26m02c Havensmouth SB
26m59c Pevensey Sluice SB LC
27m48c Cooden SB
27m53c Cooden Beach station
29m04c Collington station
29m61c Bexhill SB (4)
29m69c Bexhill station (4)
30m50c Galley Hill Sidings SB
32m44c St Leonards West Marina Shunting SB
32m61c St Leonards West Marina station
32m61c St Leonards West Marina SB
32m76c Bo-peep Junction SE041
(1) Lewes East SB opened March 1878 (notice 14 1878).
(2) Polegate West Crossing until 1881.
(3) Polegate Junction until 1881.
(4) Bexhill Central from 1923.

(A) Opened: Brighton - Lewes South 1846; Lewes South - Lewes East 1889; Lewes East - St Leonards 1846.

BTL Brighton - Lewes Main Junction
KJE1 Lewes Main Junction - Lewes East Junction
KJE2 Lewes East Junction - Southerham Junction
KJE3 Southerham Junction Polegate Junction
PSC Polegate Junction - Stone Cross Junction 19m64c-21m45c
WJB Stone Cross Junction - Bo-Peep Junction

Lewes Main Junction to Southerham Junction is dual miled with mile posts from Brighton and London Bridge via Redhill, the latter being in brackets.

References to a "Lewes Short Mile" almost certainly arise from Railtrack staff not appreciating that the mile post mileages went via the original route through Lewes Friars Walk station and what became the goods sidings. It is, therefore, not a short mile but a 'change of mileage'.
Lewes historical background and chronology (still being researched) here.
LB121 Southerham Junction - Seaford
datum London Bridge via Redhill
50m70c Southerham Junction LB120
51m11c Southerham (1976) Junction
52m59c Asheham LC
53m27c Itford Crossing SB
53m36c Itford Crossing
53m40c Southease & Rodmell station Map
54m16c Stoor LC
54m30c Durham Farm LC
54m56c Tarring Neville No.1 LC
54m71c Tarring Neville No.2 LC
55m47c Newhaven Town North ("A) SB Map
55m58c footpath LC
56m14c Newhaven Town South ("B") (1)
56m21c Newhaven Town LC
56m25c Newhaven Town station
56m39c Newhaven Harbour North SB
56m51c Newhaven Harbour station Map
56m52c Newhaven Harbour SB (2)
56m55c Newhaven Harbour Junction LB125
  Newhaven Wharf SB
56m62c Beach Road LC
57m34c Bishopstone Beach station Map
57m37c Bishopstone SB
57m38c Tide Mills LC
58m03c Bishopstone station Map
58m57c Seaford SB
58m77c Seaford station Map
(1) Newhaven Town until 1917; Newhaven Town 1934-1940 and from 1955.
(2) Newhaven Harbour South 1886-1920.
LB122 Eastbourne Branch
datum Brighton
19m68c Polegate Junction LB120
20m30c Vine No.2 LC
20m73c Willington Trees footpath LC
21m39c Willingdon Junction LB123
21m42c Willingdon Junction SB
21m71c Hampden Park SB (1) Mountfield Road No.76 LC
21m75c Hampden Park
  Eastbourne Loco SB
  Crumbles Branch Junction LB129
23m59c Eastbourne SB
23m73c Eastbourne
(1) Willington until 1903.
LB123 Willingdon Junction - Stone Cross Junction
datum Brighton via Stonecross Junction (reverse)
20m36c Willingdon Junction LB122
21m41c Stone Cross Junction LB120
1875 OS maps show mileposts from Hastings.
LB124 Kemp Town Branch
datum Brighton
0m76c Kemp Town Junction LB120
1m11c Lewes Road SB
2m12c Kemp Town SB
2m28c Kemp Town
Article: Railway World, August 1970.
LB125 Newhaven Marine Branch
datum London Bridge via Redhill
56m55c Newhaven Harbour Junction LB121
56m67c Newhaven Marine
  Newhaven Wharf SB
  Newhaven Harbour South GF Map
Phil Deaves gives NHB as 56m77-57m78 + wharves
LB126 Newhaven North Quay Branch

LB127 Newhaven West Quay Branch

LB128 original alignment of Eastbourne Branch at Polegate
LB129 Crumbles Branch
Branch Junction LB122
Electricity Works Junction
Gas Works
Crumbles Ballast Hole
About 2 miles in length, worked using train staff.

Article British Railway Journal 2013 issue 77.
Portcreek Junction - Portsmouth Harbour
datum Brighton
41m03c Portcreek Junction LB090 LB096 SW073
41m41c Hilsea
41m65c Green Lanes Crossing
42m65c Copnor
43m64c Fratton
43m74c Fratton West Junction LB142
44m47c Portsmouth & Southsea Low Level
44m50c Portsmouth & Southsea High Level
44m78c Burnaby Road
45m24c Portsmouth Harbour Junction LB143
45m36c Portsmouth Harbour
WPH2: throughout
PAS: 44m17-44m47 (Low Level station approach and platforms)
Cosham - Portcreek Junction
datum Waterloo via Earlsfield & Eastleigh
90m01c LSWR - Joint boundary (Cosham LC) SW072
90m06c Cosham
90m24c Little Salterns LC
90m43c Cosham Junction
91m02c Portcreek Junction LB090 LB140
Fratton West Junction - East Southsea
0m00c Fratton West Junction LB140
0m11c Fratton
0m43c Jessie Road Halt
0m73c Albert Road Halt
1m35c East Southsea
LB143 Watering Island Jetty Branch
datum Brighton
45m24c Portsmouth Harbour Junction LB140
45m45c Watering Island Jetty
Ryde Pier Head - Ryde St. Johns Road
See Isle of Wight Railway IW001 for detail.


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