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Signal Fact 11

If the Ball can be seen, the line is right for the train to go in.

If the Ball is not visible, the train must not pass it.

Early Great Western Railway Instruction to Drivers.

South Eastern & Chatham Railway Committee

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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

Milepost Mileages

The LCDR was generally miled from London Victoria with some suburban sections miled from Holborn Viaduct.

The SER was originally miled from London Bridge as confirmed by OS maps of the 187x-188x period. At some point the lines were remiled from Charing Cross, not always by the shortest route. This probably happened after 1893.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
SE001 SER Charing Cross - Tonbridge
datum London Bridge (left) Charing Cross (right)
-m--c 0m00c Charing Cross
  Waterloo Junction SW001c
-m--c 0m61c Waterloo East
-m--c 1m35c Metropolitan Junction SE002 SE003
-m--c 1m50c Borough Market Junction SE004
0m00c 1m69c London Bridge
1m01c 2m70c Spa Road
1m43c 3m32c Blue Anchor
1m49c 3m38c Southwark Park
2m17c 4m06c North Kent West Junction SE006
2m34c 4m23c North Kent East Junction SE020
2m71c 4m60c Edward Street Junction
3m00c 4m69c New Cross
3m40c 5m29c Tanners Hill Junction SE006c
3m58c 5m47c St Johns
3m65c 5m54c St Johns Junction SE021
4m24c 6m13c Parks Bridge Junction SE007
4m31c 6m20c Parks Bridge
4m47c 6m36c Courthill Loop Junction South SE023
5m15c 7m04c Hither Green Junction SE028
5m26c 7m15c Hither Green
5m55c 7m44c Lee Spur Junction SE029
6m76c 8m65c Grove Park Junction SE010
7m09c 8m78c Grove Park
8m32c 10m21c Elmstead Woods
9m30c 11m19c Chislehurst
9m44c 11m33c Chislehurst Junction SE011 SE011a
10m36c 12m25c Orpington Junction (1) SE012 SE012a
10m64c 12m53c Petts Wood
11m76c 13m65c Orpington
12m18c 14m07c Orpington South Junction
13m36c 15m25c Chelsfield
14m55c 16m44c Knockholt
17m28c 19m17c Polhill Intermediate
18m53c 20m42c Dunton Green Junction SE013
18m59c 20m48c Dunton Green
19m06c 20m75c Wrefords Siding
20m12c 22m01c Sevenoaks Junction SE122
20m19c 22m08c Sevenoaks (Tubs Hill)
23m19c 25m08c Weald Sidings
25m12c 27m01c Hildenborough
27m35c 29m24c Tonbridge West Junction SE040 SE072
(1) later Petts Wood Junction

1876-7 OS 1:10,560 maps give MPs of 5 by Hither Green and 27 just short of Tonbridge.
SE002 SER Blackfriars (LCDR) - Metropolitan Junction
datum Holborn Viaduct
0m62c Blackfriars Junction SE106
1m17c Metropolitan Junction SE001
SE003 SER Metropolitan Junction - Cannon Street
datum Charing Cross
1m35c Metropolitan Junction SE001 SE002
1m60c Cannon Street Junction
SE004 SER Cannon Street - Borough Market Junction
0m00c Cannon Street
0m38c Borough Market Junction SE001
Article: Railway Magazine 1966 August-September.
SE005 Bricklayers Arms - Surrey Canal Junction

SE006 North Kent West Junction - Bricklayers Arms Junction (LBSCR)
0m00c Bricklayer's Arms
  Willow Walk Junction LB041
1m63c North Kent West Junction
  Bricklayers Arms Junction LB040
SE006c Flyover Reversible
datum Charing Cross
5m29c Tanners Hill Junction SE001
5m57c Lewisham Vale Junction SE113
SE007 SER Parks Bridge Junction - Addiscombe
datum Charing Cross
06m13c Parks Bridge Junction SE001
06m29c Ladywell Junction SE022

datum change, Charing Cross via Lewisham
06m41c Ladywell Junction
06m62c Ladywell
07m42c Catford Bridge
09m01c Lower Sydenham
09m44c New Beckenham
09m51c New Beckenham Junction SE008
10m26c Clock House
11m06c Elmers End
11m12c Elmers End Junction SE009
12m08c Woodside
12m20c Woodside Junction WS001
12m77c Addiscombe
SE008 SER New Beckenham - Beckenham Junction (LCDR)
datum Charing Cross via Lewisham
09m51c New Beckenham Junction SE007
10m04c Beckenham Junction SE101
SE009 Elmers End - Hayes
datum Charing Cross via Lewisham
11m12c Elmers End Junction SE007
12m33c Eden Park
13m20c West Wickham
14m32c Hayes
SE010 SER Grove Park - Bromley North
datum Charing Cross via Parks Bridge Junction
08m65c Grove Park Junction SE001
08m78c Grove Park
09m07c Bromley Junction
10m12c Sundridge Park
10m47c Bromley North
SE011 Chislehurst Junction - St. Mary Cray Junction Fast Loop
datum Charing Cross via Parks Bridge Junction
11m33c Chislehurst Junction SE001
11m68c Hawkwood Junction SE012
12m31c St Mary Cray Junction SE101
CSM2: Chislehurst Junction - Hawkwood Junction
CSM3: Hawkwood Junction - St Mary Cray Junction
SE011a Chislehurst Junction - St. Mary Cray Junction Slow Loop
datum Charing Cross via Parks Bridge Junction
11m33c Chislehurst Junction SE001
11m71c St Mary Cray Junction SE101
SE012 Bickley Junction - Petts Wood Junction Fast Loop
datum Victoria
12m38c Bickley Junction SE101
13m29c Petts Wood Junction SE001
SE012a Bickley Junction - Petts Wood Junction Slow Loop
datum Victoria
12m40c Bickley Junction SE101
12m74c Hawkwood Junction SE011
13m35c Petts Wood Junction SE001
SE013 SER Dunton Green - Westerham
datum Charing Cross via Parks Bridge Junction
20m42c Dunton Green Junction SE001
20m48c Dunton Green
  Chevening Halt
  Brasted Halt
25m20c Westerham
South Croydon Junction - Crowhurst Junction South
See CO001 for detail.
Woodside Junction - Selsdon Road Junction
See WS001 for detail.
SE020 SER North Kent East Junction - Dartford Junction
datum Charing Cross
04m23c North Kent East Junction SE001
04m76c Deptford
05m35c Greenwich
06m27c Maze Hill (1)
06m76c Westcombe Park
07m35c Charlton Junction SE024
07m44c Charlton
8m01c Charlton Lane LC
8m24c Sand Street LC
08m56c Woolwich Dockyard
09m32c Woolwich Arsenal
10m01c Plumstead
  Church Manor Way LC No.4
10m72c Church Manor Way Halt
  LC No.5
  LC No.6
  LC No.7
11m43c Abbey Wood
12m75c Belvedere
14m18c Erith
15m30c Slade Green
15m36c Slade Green Junction SE026
15m66c Crayford Creek Junction SE021
16m42c Crayford Spur A Junction SE030
16m74c Dartford Junction SE020a
(1) Maze Hill No.1 SB renamed Maze Hill 'A', July 1927;
    Maze Hill No.2 SB renamed Maze Hill 'B', July 1927

NKL North Kent East - Dartford Junction (North Kent Line)
SE020a Dartford Junction - Maidstone West
datum Charing Cross
16m55c Dartford Junction SE020
17m12c Dartford
19m07c Stone Crossing
19m14c Stone Crossing LC
19m69c Greenhithe
21m17c Swanscombe
21m67c Northfleet
22m27c Springhead Junction (to HS1)
23m73c Gravesend
  Denton Junction (from G&R Gravesend station)
25m08c Denton
26m17c Milton Range
27m01c Shornmead LC
  original alignment start
27m07c Hoo Junction Staff Halt
27m19c Hoo Junction SE031
  original alignment end
  Hollands footpath LC
28m42c Higham
31m11c Strood
31m16c Strood Junction SE033 SE034 SE035
33m36c Cuxton
33m39c Cuxton LC
34m33c North Halling LC
35m18c Halling
36m59c Snodland
37m50c Abbey Meads LC
37m61c Willow Walk LC
38m03c New Hythe
38m64c Mill Hall LC
38m74c Aylesford
38m79c Aylesford LC
39m37c Aylesford Village LC
39m67c Little Preston LC
42m00c Maidstone Barracks
42m36c Maidstone West (2nd)
42m41c Maidstone West Junction SE043
    Maze Hill No.2 SB renamed Maze Hill 'B', July 1927

HDR Dartford Junction - Strood Junction
PWS2 Strood Junction - Maidstone West

Original alignment at Hoo 1845-1846, replaced by present route.
SE021 SER Bexleyheath Line
datum Charing Cross
05m54c St Johns Junction SE001
05m75c Lewisham Crossover Junctions SE022 SE114
06m04c Lewisham
06m75c Blackheath
07m13c Blackheath Junction SE024
07m74c Kidbrooke
09m11c Eltham
10m27c Falconwood
11m30c Welling
12m59c Bexleyheath
13m71c Barnehurst
15m07c Perry Street Fork Junction SE026
15m36c Crayford Creek Junction SE020
SE022 SER Lewisham Junction - Ladywell Junction
datum Charing Cross
5m75c Lewisham Crossover Junctions SE021 SE114
6m10c Lewisham
6m21c Courthill Loop Junction North SE023
6m41c Ladywell Junction SE007
SE023 SER Courthill Loop
datum Charing Cross
6m21c Courthill Loop Junction North SE022
6m43c Courthill Loop Junction South SE001
SE024 SER Blackheath - Charlton
datum Charing Cross via Parks Bridge Junction
07m13c Blackheath Junction SE021
  Angerstein South Junction SE025a
08m46c Angerstein Junction SE025
08m63c Charlton Junction SE020
SE025 SER Angerstein Junction - Angerstein Wharf
0m00c Angerstein Junction SE024
  Angerstein West Junction SE025a
  Charlton Siding Goods Junction
0m61c Angerstein's Wharf
SE025a Angerstein Curve
Angerstein South Junction SE024
Angerstein West Junction SE025
SE026 SER Perry Street Fork
datum Charing Cross via Parks Bridge Junction
15m07c Perry Street Fork Junction SE021
15m31c Slade Green Junction SE020
SE027 Slade Green - Erith Dock

SECR (undated) map in Cullum Collection, box 208, shows this line leaving the on the down side, Dartford side of Crayford Creek Junction and going northward to the Thames.
SE028 SER Dartford Loop Line
datum Charing Cross via Parks Bridge Junction
7m04c Hither Green Junction SE001
7m16c Hither Green
7m45c Lee Loop Junction SE029
7m66c Lee
9m40c Mottingham
10m32c New Eltham
11m73c Sidcup
12m68c Albany Park
13m69c Bexley
15m25c Crayford
16m11c Crayford Spur B Junction SE030
16m55c Dartford Junction SE020 SE020a
SE029 SER Lee Spur
0m29c Lee Spur Junction SE001
0m00c Lee Loop Junction SE028
SE030 SER Crayford Spur
datum datum Charing Cross via Parks Bridge Junction
16m11c Crayford Spur B Junction SE028
16m41c Crayford Spur A Junction SE020
SE031 SER Hoo Junction - Port Victoria
datum Charing Cross via Parks Bridge Junction
27m19c Hoo Junction SE020a
27m37c Uralite Halt
28m40c Church Lane LC
29m63c Cliffe
32m06c Wyborne LC
32m08c High Halstow
33m09c Sharnal Street
34m15c Beluncle
34m57c Kingsnorth Whitehall Sidings
35m25c Jacobs No.1 LC
35m64c Stoke Green LC
36m20c Recreation LC
36m25c Middle Stoke LC
36m33c Muggeridge LC
36m56c Wick No.1 LC
36m74c Stoke Junction Halt
36m77c Stoke LC
37m01c Stoke Junction SE032
37m38c Chalkwalk LC
38m22c Grain LC
38m24c Grain Crossing Halt
38m41c Grain
39m51c Port Victoria
Article: Railway Magazine 1962 February.
SE032 SER Stoke Junction - Allhallows-on-Sea
datum Charing Cross via Parks Bridge Junction
37m01c Stoke Junction SE031
39m60c Allhallows-on-Sea
Article: Railway Magazine 1962 February.
Article: Backtrack June 2016.
SE033 Strood Junction - Rochester Bridge Junction
datum London Victoria
32m61c Strood Junction (LCDR) SE020a
33m01c Rochester Bridge (1927) Junction SE034
1927 link allowing diversion of the LCDR (SE120) over the Rochester Bridge section of SE034, see map from Railway Gazette, June 1939.
SE034 SER Strood Junction - Chatham Central
datum Charing Cross
31m16c Strood Junction SE020a
31m34c Rochester Bridge (1927) Junction SE033
  Rochester (1927) Junction SE120
  Rochester Common
  Chatham Central
HDR ends at 31m34c
SE035 Strood - Rochester Bridge Junction (Toomer Loop)
Strood Junction (SER) SE020
Rochester Bridge Junction SE120
Closed 1911 - 1919 and finally so in 1922, see map from Railway Gazette, June 1939.
SE036 Tovil Goods Branch
0m00c Tovil Branch Junction SE043
0m21c Tovil Goods
Old OS maps show as a separate track from Maidstone West Yard, parallel with main running line.
SE037 Northfleet A.P.C.M. 'Merry-go-round'

SE040 SER Tonbridge - Dover Marine
datum London Bridge via Redhill (left) Charing Cross via Chelsfield (right)
40m16c 29m24c Tonbridge West (Yard) Junction SE001 SE072
40m38c 29m42c Tonbridge
40m51c 29m55c Tonbridge East (Yard) Junction SE041
42m75c 32m03c Tudeley Intermediate
43m01c 32m09c Tudeley
    Paddock Wood West Yard "A"
45m59c 34m67c Paddock Wood
45m66c 34m74c Paddock Wood (East Yard / "B") Junction SE043
45m67c 34m75c Paddock Wood (East Yard / "B") Junction SE044
47m43c 36m51c Old Hay LC
47m71c 36m79c Collier Street
49m53c 38m61c Turkey footpath LC
50m23c 39m31c Marden
52m63c 41m70c Staplehurst
53m02c 42m09c Fishers footpath LC
55m49c 44m56c Church footpath LC
56m09c 45m17c Headcorn
  Headcorn Junction KE001
56m73c 46m00c New Bridge Lane footpath LC
57m04c 46m11c East End LC
57m31c 46m38c East Dean footpath LC
58m29c 47m36c Hegg Hill footpath LC
58m54c 47m61c Swifts Green
59m25c 48m32c Berrys footpath LC
59m71c 48m78c Woodside footpath LC
61m28c 50m35c Pluckley
61m72c 50m79c Dynes footpath LC
64m72c 54m00c Chart LC
66m46c 55m54c Ashford West "B" Junction SE121 SE121c
66m69c 55m77c Ashford West Yard "C"
67m01c 56m12c Ashford
67m07c 56m18c Ashford Hastings "D" Junction SE045
67m24c 56m35c Ashford Ramsgate "E" Junction SE060
67m66c 56m74c Willesborough Crossing
68m56c 57m64c Sevington
71m23c 60m31c Smeeth
73m06c 62m14c Herringe
74m66c 63m73c Westenhanger Racecourse
75m07c 64m15c Westenhanger
76m26c 65m34c Sandling Junction SE049
76m27c 65m35c Sandling
77m30c 66m38c Saltwood Junctions HS011
79m04c 68m12c Cheriton Junction SE050
79m53c 68m61c Cheriton
80m07c 69m15c Shorncliffe No.1
80m14c 69m22c Shorncliffe (1)
    Shorncliffe No.2
80m62c 69m70c Cheriton Arch
80m68c 69m76c Folkestone Central
81m67c 70m75c Folkestone Junction SE051
    Folkestone Junction "B"
82m74c 72m02c Warren Halt
83m56c 72m64c Abbotscliffe
85m69c 74m77c Shakespeare
86m02c 75m10c Shakespeare Halt
87m29c 76m37c Archcliffe (Fort) Junction SE092
  Dover (1st SER)
87m59c 76m67c Dover Marine
88m08c 77m16c Dover Landing Platform
(1) Folkestone West from 1962
SE041 SER Hastings Branch
datum Charing Cross via Chelsfield
29m55c Tonbridge East Junction SE040
  Southborough Viaduct
32m70c Southborough (1)
33m11c CEGB LC
  Tunbridge Wells Goods
34m32c Tunbridge Wells Central
34m53c Grove Junction LB103
  Forest Brickworks Siding
36m53c Frant
39m23c Wadhurst
43m66c Ticehurst Road (2)
45m36c Crowhurst Bridge LC
  Etchingham Ground Frame
47m34c Etchingham
47m40c Etchingham LC
  Robertsbridge Shunting
  Robertsbridge Junction KE001
49m37c Robertsbridge
49m54c Robertsbridge LC
  Mountfield Sidings
52m36c Riverhill LC
52m52c Battle Road Battle Road LC
55m31c Marley Lane LC
  Battle No.1
55m46c Battle
  Battle No.2
  Crowhurst No.1
57m50c Crowhurst
  Crowhurst No.2
57m45c Crowhurst Junction SE042
60m59c West St Leonards
60m65c Bo-Peep Junction LB120
61m55c St Leonards Warrior Square
  Hastings West Yard
62m33c Hastings SE045
(1) High Brooms from 1925.
(2) Stonegate from 1947.

1884 OS map shows a 47mp between Strawberry Hill Tunnel and Frant, datum London Bridge via Redhill. The mile post is still there on the 1898 and 1909 maps although no mileage and origin are given. The 1873 OS map shows a 59mp at Etchingham likewise.
SE041c Original alignment of Hastings Branch at Tunbridge
SE042 SER Crowhurst - Bexhill West
57m45c Crowhurst Junction SE041
61m70c Bexhill West No.1
62m14c Bexhill West No.2
62m15c Bexhill
Start mileage at odds with Crowhurst station mileage
SE043 SER Paddock Wood - Maidstone West
datum Charing Cross via Chelsfield
34m74c Paddock Wood Junction SE040
35m29c Swatlands LC
35m60c Wagon Lane LC
36m50c Beltring
36m52c Beltring LC
37m27c Stoneham LC
37m34c East Peckham Sidings
37m45c Ballast Hole LC
37m73c Wards LC
38m15c Yalding LC
38m19c Yalding
38m27c McDougall LC
38m43c Millstead LC
38m79c Vinsons LC
39m30c Church LC
39m71c Wateringbury LC
39m77c Wateringbury
40m44c Leitram No.1 LC
41m04c Teston Lane LC
42m75c East Farleigh down platform
42m75c Farleigh Lane LC
42m75c East Farleigh up platform
44m30c Tovil LC
  Tovil Branch Junction SE036
44m41c Maidstone West Junction SE020a
  Maidstone West (1st)
Opened 1893
Closed 1961
SER Paddock Wood - Hawkhurst
datum Charing Cross via Chelsfield
34m75c Paddock Wood Junction SE040
46m23c Hawkhurst
SE045 Ashford - Hastings
datum London Bridge via Redhill (left) Charing Cross via Chelsfield (right)
67m24c 56m35c Ashford East Junction SE040
72m40c 61m51c Ham Street
73m49c 62m60c Warehorne LC
74m62c 63m73c Kennardington LC
75m34c 64m45c Appledore LC
75m39c 64m50c Appledore
75m47c 64m58c Appledore Junction SE046
77m36c 66m47c Becketts LC
80m18c 69m29c Cooks No.1 LC
80m22c 69m33c Bakers LC
80m29c 69m40c Star LC
80m66c 69m77c Pear Tree LC
81m08c 70m19c East Guldeford LC
81m28c 70m39c Cookes LC
82m13c 71m24c Grove Road LC
82m25c 71m36c Rye
82m13c 71m46c Ferry Road LC
83m76c 73m07c Rye Junction SE048
84m05c 73m16c Winchelsea LC
84m11c 73m22c Winchelsea
84m62c 73m73c Mair No.2 LC
86m10c 75m21c Merrick No.2 LC
86m33c 75m44c Merrick No.3 LC
86m60c 75m71c Snailham Halt
87m36c 76m47c Coopers LC
87m48c 76m59c Coopers & Farmers LC
87m74c 77m05c Haystacks LC
88m49c 77m43c Doleham
89m54c 77m60c Doleham LC
89m54c 78m65c Three Oaks
92m31c 81m42c Ore
93m22c 82m33c Hastings SE041
Previously miled datum London Bridge via Redhill and Ashford - 1876-7 OS 1:10,560 map gives MPs of 68 south of Ashford, 76 SW of Appledore, 81 by Guldeford LC, 82 east of Rye and 83 west of Rye.

Article: Railway Magazine 1962 September.
SE046 Appledore - New Romney via 1937 SR Line
datum Charing Cross via Chelsfield & Ashford
64m58c Appledore Junction SE045
65m03c Ashleys LC
65m16c Bodys No.1 LC
65m42c Bodys No.2 LC
65m48c Bodys No.3 LC
65m58c Bodys No.4 LC
65m73c Snargate LC
66m10c Welsteads LC
66m30c Groove Lane LC
66m50c Bowdell LC
66m71c King Street LC
67m13c Hobbs bridleway LC
67m20c Brookland
67m20c Brookland LC
67m45c Boarmans LC
67m59c Tillery LC
67m71c Fielders LC
68m15c Mountain LC
68m36c Paines No.2 LC
68m46c Paines No.3 LC
68m67c Coldharbour LC
69m05c Hughes LC
69m32c Pipers No.1 LC
69m46c Midley LC
69m56c Gilletts No.1 LC
70m14c Chapel Bank footpath LC
70m25c Gilletts No.2 LC
70m26c Paine LC
70m39c Swamp LC
70m51c Gilletts No.3 LC
70m64c Bass LC
71m02c Caldicott LC
71m51c Lydd Town LC
71m55c Lydd Town
72m28c Lydd footpath LC
  Romney Junction SE046a
72m41c New Romney Junction SE047
72m51c Blacklocks LC
73m13c Folkestone Waterworks LC
75m46c New Romney
Article: Railway Magazine 1962 September.
SE046a Romney Junction - New Romney pre 1937 alignment
  Romney Junction SE046
  New Romney
SE047 Romney Junction - Dungeness
datum Charing Cross via Chelsfield & Ashford
  Romney Junction SE046a
72m41c New Romney Junction SE046
74m04c Dungeness
  end of line
SE048 Rye Harbour Branch
datum Charing Cross via Chelsfield & Ashford
73m07c Rye Junction SE045
75m01c Rye Harbour
SE049 Sandling Junction - Sandgate
datum Charing Cross via Chelsfield & Ashford
65m34c Sandling Junction SE040
68m34c Sandgate
SE050 Harbledown Junction - Cheriton Junction (Elham Valley)
0m00c Harbledown Junction SE060
1m26c Canterbury South
3m14c Bridge
4m54c Bishopsbourne
6m74c Barham
11m03c Elham
12m76c Lyminge
16m17c Cheriton Junction SE040
Phil Deaves offers 15m55c as well as 16m17c - is this linked to severance for Channel Tunnel route.
SE051 Folkestone Junction - Folkestone Harbour
datum Charing Cross via Chelsfield & Ashford
71m08c Folkeston East Yard SE040
71m29c Folly Road LC
71m46c Eastcliff LC
72m30c Folkestone Harbour
SE060 SER Ashford - Ramsgate Town
datum Charing Cross via Parks Bridge Junction
56m35c Ashford East Junction SE040
58m37c Cradle Bridge footpath LC
58m53c Bolleaux footpath LC
58m62c East Mountain LC
59m04c Golden Ball LC
59m20c Wilmington Farm LC
59m47c Spring Grove LC
60m06c Harville Farm LC
60m28c Wye LC
60m32c Wye
60m74c Sparrow Bridge LC
61m38c Bilting Grange LC
61m65c Bilting LC
61m70c Buckwell LC
64m76c Chilham Mill LC
65m09c Chilham
65m40c Chilham Road LC
66m17c Shalmsford Street LC
66m60c Deanery LC
67m10c Chartham LC
67m14c Chartham
67m47c Horton LC
67m69c Dog Kennel footpath LC
68m61c Tonford LC
69m30c Whitehall LC
  Harbledown Junction
  Canterbury Junction B SE133
70m14c Canterbury West Junction SE061
70m21c Canterbury West LC
70m27c Canterbury West
70m56c St Stephen's LC
71m06c Park Alley footpath LC
71m28c Folly Farm LC
71m59c Sandpit footpath LC
71m77c Broad Oak LC
72m48c Milner Court LC
72m57c Sturry
72m75c Sturry footpath LC
73m78c Westbere LC
74m50c Hoplands Farm LC
74m57c Chislet Colliery Halt
75m16c Chislet Colliery
76m06c Port Farm LC
76m39c Ships Meadow footpath LC
76m62c Grove Ferry LC
77m26c Wall End LC
77m76c Cater LC
78m02c Cut End footpath LC
78m37c Sarre Bridge LC
79m06c Mile Drove LC
79m36c Monkton Court LC
79m71c Monkton Parsonage LC
80m25c Stannards LC
80m44c Walters Hall LC
80m60c Sheriffs Court LC
81m24c Hopes LC
81m40c Watchester LC
81m58c High Street LC
81m64c Minster
81m67c Minster West Junction SE091
82m00c Durlock Main footpath LC
82m10c Durlock Loop footpath LC
82m17c Minster East Junction SE090a
82m35c Rough LC
83m10c Sevenscore LC
83m41c Ebbsfleet & Cliffsend Halt
84m04c Cliffsend LC
  St Lawrence (Pegwell Bay)
  St Lawrence Junction SE062 SE064
  Ramsgate Town
ACR Ashford - St Lawrence Junction
SE061 SER Canterbury West - Whitstable Harbour
datum Charing Cross via Parks Bridge Junction
70m14c Canterbury West Junction SE060
  Canterbury Junction SE061a
  Tyler Hill
  Blean & Tyler Hill Halt
  Clowes Wood
  Church Street
  Tankerton Halt
76m41c Whitstable Harbour (2nd)
  Whitstable Harbour (1st)
  end of line
Quoted mileage for start of branch is at odds with Canterbury West station mileage.

Article: Railway Magazine 1951 February.
SE061a Canterbury C&W Station Branch
Canterbury (C&W) station
Canterbury Junction SE061
SE062 SER St. Lawrence - Whitehall Junction
St Lawrence Junction SE060
Whitehall Junction SE063
SE063 SER Ramsgate Town - Margate Sands
0m00c Ramsgate Town SE060
  Whitehall Junction SE062
  Margate SECR junction to LCDR
5m08c Margate Sands
SE064 SR Dumpton Park - Ramsgate
datum Victoria
77m60c Ramsgate Harbour Junction SE131
78m26c Dumpton Park
79m21c Ramsgate SE064a
Article: Backtrack 2016 June.
SE064a St Lawrence Junction - Ramsgate
datum Charing Cross
  St Lawrence Junction SE060 SE062
85m67c Ramsgate SE064
SE070 Purley (LBSCR) - Tattenham Corner (Tadworth Branch)
datum Charing Cross
15m23c Chipstead Line Junction SE071
15m65c Reedham
16m46c Smitham
17m38c Asylum
17m40c Woodmansterne
18m41c Chipstead
19m41c Chipstead Intermediate
20m72c Kingswood
21m55c Tunnel Intermediate
22m18c Tadworth
23m01c Tattenham Corner 'A' (old)
23m02c Tattenham Corner 'B'
23m23c Tattenham Corner 'A' (new)
23m37c Tattenham Corner
SE071 Purley (LBSCR) - Caterham
datum Charing Cross
14m77c Purley North Junction LB040
15m13c Purley
15m23c Chipstead Line Junction SE070
16m29c Kenley
17m58c Whyteleafe
17m63c Whyteleafe LC
18m18c Whyteleafe South
18m21c Whyteleafe South LC
19m70c Caterham
SE072 Coulsdon North - Tonbridge v Redhill
datum London Bridge (left) Charing Cross (right)
15m02c 16m66c Coulsdon North LB040
15m15c 17m03c Coulsdon South station
16m54c 18m35c Star Bridge SB
18m77c 20m58c Merstham station Greystone
  Thornton's Sidings SB
20m05c 21m66c Holmthorpe Sidings SB
  Redhill No 1 (Redhill "A") SB
20m57c 22m38c Redhill station
20m65c 22m46c Guildford Line Junction SE073
  Redhill No 2 (Redhill "B") SB
20m70c 22m51c Tonbridge Line Junction LB071
22m66c 24m47c Nutfield station
  William's Siding
26m32c 28m13c Godstone station
  Crowhurst Siding
28m79c 30m60c Crowhurst Junction South CO001
31m22c 33m03c Edenbridge station
32m47c 34m28c Medhurst Row LC
33m57c 35m38c Brasted Lands LC
  Bough Beech Intermediate
36m22c 38m03c Penshurst station
37m75c 39m56c Leigh station
  Leigh Intermediate
40m16c 41m77c Tonbridge West Junction SE001 SE040
(1) later Redhill 'A' and Redhill 'B'

RED2 LBSCR-SER boundary to SER-LBSCR boundary
RTT Redhill - Tonbridge

London Bridge datum on 187x OS 1:10,500 maps, also at Edenbridge on 1894 1:2,500 OS map and without mileage on 1897 map, also at Penshurst on 1884 OS map. East of Leigh Halt the London Bridge mile post is still shown on the 1908 OS map. Date of change to Charing Cross mileages unknown.
SE073 Redhill - Shalford Junction (LSWR)
datum London Bridge (left) Charing Cross (right)
20m65c 22m46c Redhill Junction SE072
  Tanyard Siding GF
  Silver Sand Siding GF
22m42c 24m27c Reigate
22m45c 24m30c Reigate LC
  Buckland Sidings
24m64c 26m49c Buckland LC
25m30c 27m14c Betchworth LC
25m33c 27m17c Betchworth
26m24c 28m08c Brockham LC
28m01c 29m65c Deepdene
28m58c 30m42c Dorking Town (1)
29m46c 31m30c Milton Court LC
29m67c 31m51c Little Bullsdown LC
30m04c 31m68c Big Bullsdown LC
30m43c 32m24c Coombe Lane LC
30m69c 32m50c Westcott
32m76c 34m57c Hackhurst Lane LC
33m37c 35m21c Gomshall & Shere
33m76c 35m60c Gomshall Lane (1) LC
34m67c 36m51c Shere Heath LC
35m36c 37m19c Brook LC
36m07c 37m70c Ford LC
37m32c 39m15c Chilworth & Albury
37m36c 39m19c Chilworth LC
37m65c 39m48c Tangley LC
38m37c 40m20c East Shalford LC
39m19c 41m02c Shalford
39m43c 41m26c Shalford Curve Junction SE074
39m75c 41m60c Shalford Junction SW020
(1) now Dorking West
(2) now Burrows Lane LC

London Bridge datum on 187x OS 1:10,500 maps. Date of change to Charing Cross mileages unknown.
SE074 Shalford Curve
datum Charing Cross
41m26c Shalford Curve Junction SE073
41m54c Peasmarsh Junction SW020
499438 147112. Never laid. Formation shown on 1871 OS map including two bridges. 1897 OS map says dismantled. 1916 map also says dismantled and river bridge has been removed. The other bridge (footpath) still shown in 1991.
SE080 Ash Junction (LSWR) - Reading South
datum London Bridge (left) Charing Cross (right) via Redhill
46m53c 48m34c Ash Junction SW064
47m34c 49m15c Ash LC
47m37c 49m18c Ash
48m20c 50m01c Aldershot Town Junction (1) SW063
49m37c 51m18c North Camp (2nd)
  North Camp (1st)
50m05c 51m66c Sewage Works LC
51m32c 53m11c Farnborough footpath LC
51m37c 53m16c Farnborough
52m21c 54m00c Synhurst footpath LC
53m77c 55m58c Blackwater
54m41c 56m22c Darby Green LC
55m41c 57m22c Sandhurst
56m31c 58m12c Harveys LC
  Crowthorne (1st)
57m05c 58m66c Crowthorne (2nd)
60m11c 61m72c Wokingham Junction SW050
60m27c 62m08c Wokingham
62m29c 64m10c Winnersh
63m11c 64m72c Winnersh Triangle
64m20c 66m01c Earley
66m15c 67m76c Reading Spur Junction SE081
66m41c 68m22c Reading Old Junction SE082
  Reading (1st)
67m06c 68m67c Reading (2nd)
(1) later Aldershot South Junction

London Bridge datum on 187x-188x OS 1:10,500 maps. Date of change to Charing Cross mileages unknown.
SE081 Reading Spur - Reading Main Line East (GWR)
datum Charing Cross via Redhill
67m76c Reading Spur Junction SE080
68m35c Reading New Junction GW080
SE082 Reading Junction - Reading Main Line East (GWR)
0m28c Reading Old Junction SE080
0m26c Reading Old Junction GW082c
0m00c Reading East Junction GW080
SE090 SER Buckland Junction (LCDR) - Minster South Junction
datum Charing Cross via Canterbury West
99m05c Buckland Junction SE120
98m52c Kearsney Loop Junction SE134
95m05c Martin Mill
93m79c Hangman's Lane LC
92m54c Cold Blow LC
92m27c Walmer
90m56c Deal
90m42c Middle LC
90m09c North Wall LC
89m40c Redhouse LC
89m06c Sholden footpath LC
  Betteshanger Colliery
87m46c Blue Pigeon LC
87m42c Laslett LC
87m19c Sin Green LC
86m46c Sandwich
86m37c Sandwich LC
86m12c Woodnesborough LC
85m60c Ash Road LC
85m24c Richborough LC
85m07c Long Salts LC
84m48c Richborough Castle LC
82m18c Minster South Junction SE090a SE091
Down from Minster to Buckland Junction until 1929.
Down from Buckland Junction to Minster from 1929.
SE090a Minster South Junction - Minster East Junction
0m25c Minster South Junction SE090 SE091
0m03c Minster East Junction SE060
SE091 SER Minster 'B' Junction - Minster West Junction
datum Charing Cross via Canterbury West

82m18c Minster South Junction SE090 SE090a
81m67c Minster West Junction SE060
SE092 SER Archcliffe Junction - Hawkesbury Street Junction
datum Charing Cross via Folkestone
76m53c Hawkesbury Street Junction SE120
  Dover Town "B"
  Dover Town
  Dover Town "A"
76m36c Archcliffe Junction SE040
Note - direction reversed at some point after closure of Dover Harbour lines, now down from Archcliffe Junction to Hawkesbury Street Junction and shown in current Quail with 0m00c at Archcliffe Junction and 0m14c at Hawkesbury Street Junction. First Quail edition showed dual miled.
SE101 LCDR Victoria Eastern - St. Mary Cray
0m00c Victoria (Eastern)
0m72c Battersea Pier Junction SE102
1m45c Linford Street Junction SW006
1m68c Factory Junction SE102
2m15c Voltaire Road Junctions LB022
2m67c Shepherds Lane Junction
3m08c Brixton Junction SE112
3m14c Brixton
3m70c Herne Hill North Junction SE106
3m76c Herne Hill
4m06c Herne Hill South Junction SE110
5m02c West Dulwich (1)
5m57c Sydenham Hill
7m15c Penge East
7m66c Kent House
8m40c Penge Junction SE111
8m53c Beckenham Junction station SE008
9m40c Downs Bridge Road Junction
9m57c Shortlands Junction SE112
9m76c Shortlands Junction SE117
10m03c Shortlands
10m71c Bromley South
11m76c Bickley
12m38c Bickley fast Junction SE012
12m40c Bickley slow Junction SE012a
12m79c St Mary Cray slow Junction SE011a
13m33c St Mary Cray fast Junction SE011
14m57c St Mary Cray SE120
(1) Dulwich SB renamed West Dulwich, July 1927
SE102 LCDR Battersea Pier Junction - Factory Junction via Low Level
datum Victoria
0m72c Battersea Pier Junction SE101
0m75c Battersea Pier Junction GW021
1m36c Stewarts Lane Junction LB002
1m38c Stewarts Lane Junction SE104 MR017
1m75c Factory Junction SE101
SE103 LCDR Stewarts Lane Junction - Longhedge Junction
Stewarts Lane Junction SE102 MR017
Longhedge Junction
SE104 LCDR Stewarts Lane Goods Branch
1m38c Stewarts Lane Junction SE102 MR017
1m61c Stewarts Lane Goods
SE105 Factory Junction (Ludgate Lines) - Longhedge Junction
0m41c Factory Junction SE101
0m09c Longhedge Junction SE105a
SE105a Longhedge Junction - Lavender Hill Junction (Ludgate Lines)
datum Victoria Eastern
1m58c Longhedge Junction (A)
1m63c Longhedge Junction (B)
1m67c Longhedge Junction (C)
2m04c Lavender Hill Junction (LCDR-LSWR boundary) SW011
SE106 LCDR Holborn Viaduct - Herne Hill
0m00c Holborn Viaduct
0m21c Snow Hill Junction (1) SE107
0m30c Blackfriars
0m62c Blackfriars Junction SE002
1m47c Elephant & Castle
  Walworth Road Midland Junction MR016
  Walworth Road
3m06c Camberwell
3m34c Loughborough Junction SE108
3m39c Loughborough Junction SE109
3m48c Loughborough Junction station
4m30c Herne Hill North Junction SE101
(1) Apothecary Street Junction from May 1988.
SE107 LCDR Farringdon Street - Holborn Viaduct
0m00c Farringdon Junction MT020
0m10c West Street Junction (Met/SECR boundary) MT
0m18c Smithfield Junction MT021
0m28c City Thameslink (1)
  Holborn Viaduct Low Level
0m39c Snow Hill Junction (2) SE106
(1) opened as St Paul's Thameslink.
(2) Apothecary Street Junction from May 1988.
SE108 LCDR Loughborough Junction - Cambria Junction
datum Holborn Viaduct
3m34c Loughborough Junction SE106
3m62c Cambria Junction SE112
SE109 Brixton Spur
datum Holborn Viaduct
3m79c Canterbury Road Junction (1) SE101
3m39c Loughborough Junction SE106
(1) Canterbury Junction renamed Canterbury Road Junction, July 1927
SE110 LCDR Herne Hill - Tulse Hill
datum Victoria
4m06c Herne Hill South Junction SE101
4m76c Tulse Hill Junction LB020
HHT also covers through the station (platforms 1-2) to Tulse Hill South Junction
SE111 Bromley Junction (LBSCR) - Penge Junction
datum Victoria (LBSCR)
9m48c Bromley Down Junction LB004
  Norwood Spur Junction LB048
10m26c Birkbeck
11m38c Penge Junction SE101
11m64c Beckenham Junction (up bay)
Note - Bromley Junction to Beckenham Junction was part of the LBSCR (West End & Crystal Palace) and shown as LBSCR by Cobb. Sold early on to LCDR. 1908 RCH map shows it as SECR.
SE112 LCDR Brixton - Shortlands Junction v Catford
datum Victoria
3m08c Brixton Junction SE101
3m24c Canterbury Road Junction SE109 MR016c
3m68c Cambria Junction SE108
4m22c Denmark Hill
4m67c Crofton Road Junction
5m13c Peckham Rye
5m14c Peckham Rye 'B'
5m77c Nunhead (2nd)
  Nunhead (1st)
6m10c Nunhead Junction SE113
6m20c Nunhead Junction SE115
7m11c Crofton Park
8m03c Catford
8m73c Bellingham
9m45c Beckenham Hill
10m34c Ravensbourne
10m40c Ravensbourne Junction SE117
10m73c Shortlands Junction SE101
SE113 LCDR Nunhead - Greenwich Park
datum Victoria
6m10c Nunhead Junction SE112
6m60c Brockley Lane
7m37c Lewisham Vale Junction SE006c
  Lewisham Road SE114
  Blackheath Hill
  Greenwich Park (1)
(1) originally Greenwich
SE114 SECR Lewisham Road - Lewisham (SER)
datum Victoria
  Lewisham Road SE113
7m53c Lewisham Crossover Junctions SE021 SE022
SE115 LCDR Nunhead - Crystal Palace High Level
datum Victoria
6m20c Nunhead Junction SE112
  Honor Oak
  Lordship Lane
  Upper Sydenham
9m66c Crystal Palace
  end of line
SE116 Penge Loop

SE117 Ravensbourne Chord
0m00c Ravensbourne Junction SE112
0m48c Shortlands Junction SE101
Opened April 2003 - see signalling notice RTS-04
SE120 LCDR St. Mary Cray - Dover Marine
datum Victoria
14m57c St Mary Cray SE101
17m31c Swanley
17m46c Swanley Junction SE121
20m42c Farningham Road
21m18c Boys Home Halt
22m50c Fawkham Junction (to HS1) SE124
22m59c Fawkham Junction SE124
23m30c Longfield & Fawkham
24m51c Longfield Siding
25m76c Meopham
26m71c Sole Street
28m07c Cobham Park
29m01c Warren House LC
30m37c Peeble Lane LC
30m70c Cuxton Road
32m61c Strood Junction SE033
  Rochester Bridge
  Rochester Junction SE034 SE035
33m43c Chatham Goods Siding
33m61c Rochester
34m25c Chatham
35m75c Gillingham
36m16c Chatham Dockyard Junction SE125
38m74c Rainham
41m42c Newington
43m70c Western Junction SE126
44m18c Eastern Junction SE130
44m59c Sittingbourne
47m02c Bax LC
47m37c Frognal Farm LC
47m74c Teynham
47m79c Teynham LC
49m40c Stone LC
51m40c St Ann's
51m42c St Anns LC
51m77c Faversham
52m05c Faversham Junction SE132
52m07c Faversham Junction SE131
53m51c Clock House LC
55m18c Selling
58m65c Chartham Heath LC
  Canterbury Junction A SE133
61m65c Canterbury East
64m58c Bekesbourne
67m60c Adisham
68m66c Aylesham
69m60c Snowdown
69m73c Snodown Colliery
70m56c Soles Farm LC
  Shepherds Well Junction EK001
71m60c Shepherds Well
73m44c Stonehall & Lydden
75m09c Kearsney
  Deal Junction SE134
76m32c Buckland Junction SE090
77m26c Dover Priory
  Dover Harbour
77m72c Hawkesbury Street Junction SE135
77m76c Hawkesbury Street Junction SE092
78m17c Dover Marine Junction
78m30c Dover Marine
VIR St Mary Cray - Strood Junction and Rochester Junction - Faversham Junction
(Strood Junction - Rochester Junction does not have an ELR)
FDM Faversham Junction - Dover Marine

Section between Strrod Junction and Rochester Junction closed 1927, see map from Railway Gazette, June 1939.
SE121 LCDR Swanley - Ashford (SER)
datum Victoria
17m46c Swanley Junction SE120
19m39c Lullingstone
19m57c (un-named) LC
19m68c Hulbury LC
20m32c Eynsford
22m33c Willmotts LC
22m52c Shoreham
24m06c Otford
24m54c Otford A Junction SE122
  Otford B Junction SE123
25m78c Seal LC
26m79c Kemsing
29m53c Borough Green & Wrotham
34m61c West Malling
35m64c East Malling
37m43c Barming
39m76c Maidstone East
42m59c Bearsted
45m06c Hollingbourne
47m36c Harrietsham
49m11c Lenham
53m11c Charing
55m61c Hothfield
58m28c Ashford A Junction SE121c
58m61c Ashford West (B) Junction SE040
SE121c Ashford Relief Chord
datum Victoria
58m28c Ashford A Junction SE121
59m19c Ashford SE040
SE122 LCDR Otford Junction 'A' - Sevenoaks (SER)
datum Victoria
24m54c Otford A Junction SE121
  Sevenoaks Junction SE123
25m51c Bat & Ball
26m61c Sevenoaks Junction SE001
SE123 LCDR Sevenoaks Junction - Otford Junction 'B'
datum Victoria
  Sevenoaks Junction SE122
  Otford B Junction SE121
SE124 LCDR Fawkham Junction - Gravesend West Street
datum Victoria
22m59c Fawkham Junction SE120
23m33c Longfield Halt
  CTRL divergence point HS008
25m05c Southfleet
26m76c Rosherville Halt
27m39c Gravesend West
SE125 Chatham Dockyard Branch
1m36c end of line
0m00c Chatham Dockyard Junction SE120
SE126 LCDR Western Junction - Sheerness-on-Sea
datum Victoria
43m70c Western Junction SE120
44m13c Middle Junction SE130
44m70c Fox Grove LC
45m20c Kemsley
45m60c Gascoynes LC
46m66c Ridham Junction
47m15c Swale
48m02c South Marsh LC
  Pier Branch Junction south (1)
  Pier Branch Junction north (1)
49m22c Queenborough
49m30c Queenborough Junction SE127
49m72c Queenborough Junction SE128
50m48c Sheerness Dockyard Junction SE129
51m19c Sheerness-on-Sea
(1) led to Pier Branch Junction west and Pier (closed 1939)
SE127 LCDR Queenborough Pier Line
datum Victoria
49m30c Queenborough Junction SE126
50m19c Queenborough Pier
SE128 SECR Queenborough - Leysdown (Sheppey Light Railway)
datum Victoria
49m72c Queenborough Junction SE126
  Sheerness East
  Minster on Sea
  East Minster on Sea
  Brambledown Halt
  Harty Road Halt
57m69c Leysdown
SE129 LCDR Sheerness Dockyard Line
datum Victoria
50m48c Sheerness Dockyard Junction SE126
50m78c Sheerness Dockyard
SE129c Sheerness North Curve
SE130 LCDR Eastern Junction - Middle Junction
0m00c Eastern Junction SE120
0m23c Middle Junction SE126
SE131 LCDR Faversham - Ramsgate Harbour
datum Victoria
52m07c Faversham Junction SE120 SE132
53m74c Austin LC
54m77c Graveney LC
59m06c Whitstable
60m45c Chestfield & Swalecliffe
62m58c Herne Bay
69m44c Gap LC
70m56c Birchington-on-Sea
72m35c Westgate on Sea
73m69c Margate
  Margate connection to SER Margate Sands line
74m48c Margate East
77m07c Broadstairs
77m60c Ramsgate Harbour Junction SE064
  Ramsgate Harbour
VIR Faversham Junction - Ramsgate Harbour Junction
SE132 LCDR Faversham Dock Line
datum Victoria
52m05c Faversham Junction SE120
53m29c Faversham Creek
SE133 SECR Canterbury Junction 'A' - Canterbury Junction 'B'
Canterbury Junction A SE120
Canterbury Junction B SE060
SECR 1918-1920 then closed; SR/BR 1941-1953
SE134 LCDR Deal Junction - Kearsney Loop Junction
Deal Junction SE120
Kearsney Loop Junction SE090
SE135 LCDR Hawkesbury Street Junction - Dover Ferry
datum Victoria
77m20c Hawkesbury Street Junction SE120
78m03c Old Train Ferry Dock (Dover Pier Goods)
SE136 Dover Prince of Wales Pier Branch
SE137 Dover Eastern Breakwater Branch
East London Junction - East London Down Junction, New Cross LBSCR
for details see EL001.
Deptford Road Junction - Old Kent Road Junction LBSCR
for details see EL002.
Deptford Road Junction - East London Up Junction, New Cross LBSCR v Up Loop
for details see EL003.
Canal Junction - New Cross SECR v Down Line
for details see EL004.
Canal Junction - New Cross SECR v Up Line
for details see EL005.


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