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Signal Fact 42

The London & South Western Railway resignalled their four track main line between Woking and Basingstoke in 1904.

The installation used semaphore signals mounted on gantries spaced equidistant from one another so far as possible.

The system remain in use until superseded by four aspect colour light signals in 1967.

North Eastern Railway

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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
Part Closed 1983
Shaftholme Junction - York Station

datum London Kings Cross

160m16c Shaftholme Junction GN270
160m23c Shaftholme Junction SB (1958-1980)
160m48c Joan Croft Junction NE002
161m23c Dormer Green No.271 LC
161m35c Noblethorpe No.272 LC
162m79c Moss
163m02c Moss No.279 (13) LC
164m14c Fenwick No.282 (22)LC
164m42c footpath No.24 LC
165m23c Balne Lowgate No.285 (27) LC
165m26c occupation No.28 LC
165m41c footpath No.29 LC
165m70c Balne No.30 LC
165m77c Balne
167m18c Heck
167m19c Heck Plasmor Siding
169m03c occupation No.31 LC
169m10c Flood Bank No.32 LC
169m16c Temple Hirst Junction NE004
169m61c Temple Hirst
170m70c Burn Lane No.36 LC
171m65c footpath No.40 LC
172m20c Hanwick Hall No.41 LC
172m21c Henwick Hall
172m76c Brayton North Junction NE030
173m02c Brayton No.44 LC
173m49c Selby Canal
173m59c Selby Canal Junction NE033
174m12c (31m12c) Selby South Junction NE020
174m24c (30m79c) Selby (2nd)
174m31c (30m77c) Selby North Junction
174m33c (30m70c) Selby Swing Bridge
174m63c (30m40c) Barlby Junction NE040 NE041
174m69c Barlby
175m09c Barlby North
175m25c Carr Gates No.47 LC
176m13c Osgodby
177m12c Sand Lane No.60 LC
178m39c Riccall
178m53c Riccall Yard GF
179m61c Riccall North
180m71c Escrick Relief Siding GF
181m09c Escrick
181m34c Escrick South
183m74c Naburn South
183m77c Naburn
184m20c Naburn Bridge
184m40c Naburn North
186m14c (186m41c) Chaloners Whin Junction NE180
186m65c (187m12c) Dringhouses (1)
187m16c (187m43c) Dringhouses North Junction
187m23c (187m50c) South Points
187m49c (187m76c) Holgate
187m60c (188m07c) Holgate Junction NE190
187m70c (188m17c) Locomotive Yard
188m12c (188m39c) York Platform
188m13c (188m40c) York (3rd) NE200

(1) Dringhouses Yard (remains) now called Holgate Reception Sidings.

ECM2: Shaftholme Junction - Temple Hirst Junction
TCW1: Temple Hirst Junction - Selby South Junction
HUL2: Selby South Junction - Barlby Junction
TCW2: Barlby Junction - Chaloner Whin Junction
ECM4: Chaloner Whin Junction - York Station

Mileposts (Selby area) in brackets apply from ????
Mileposts (York area) in brackets apply from 1983 on completion of Selby coalfield diversion (signalling notice 117).

1853-1893 OS map show mile posts from zero York, increasing going south.
NE002 Applehurst Junction - Joan Croft Junction
0m49c Applehurst Junction WR005
0m35c South Farm No.2 LC
0m15c South Farm No.1 LC
0m00c Joan Croft Junction NE001
NE003 1871 Hensall Curve
Opened 1983
Temple Hirst Junction - Colton Junction
datum London Kings Cross
169m16c Temple Hirst Junction NE001
174m15c Hambledon South Junction NE005
174m75c Hambledon North Junction NE006
182m79c Colton Junction NE180
Opened 1983
Hambleton South Curve
datum London Kings Cross
174m10c Hambledon South Junction NE004
174m56c Scalm Lane LC
175m33c Hambledon West Junction NE020
Opened 1983
Hambleton North Curve
datum Selby South Junction
3m34c Hambledon East Junction NE020
4m00c Hambledon North Junction NE004
Dinnington Junction - Kirk Sandall Junction
See South Yorkshire Railway SY001 for detail.
Dinnington Main Colliery Branch
See South Yorkshire Railway SY002 for detail.
Laughton East Junction - Laughton West Junction
See South Yorkshire Railway SY003 for detail.
Maltby Colliery Branch
See South Yorkshire Railway SY004 for detail.
Firbeck (West) Junction - Firbeck Main Colliery
See South Yorkshire Railway SY005 for detail.
Firbeck (East) Junction - Firbeck (South) Junction
See South Yorkshire Railway SY006 for detail.
Harworth (West) Junction - Harworth Colliery
See South Yorkshire Railway SY007 for detail.
Harworth (South) Junction - Harworth East Junction
See South Yorkshire Railway SY008 for detail.
Low Ellers Junction - Potteric Carr GNR
See South Yorkshire Railway SY011 for detail.
NE020 Leeds New Station - Selby South Junction
20m32c Joint Line Junction NE021
18m74c Neville Hill West Junction NE022
18m25c Neville Hill East Junction
16m11c Cross Gates
16m02c Cross Gates Junction NE025
15m39c Manston Junction NE027
14m77c Manston LC
14m04c Barrowby Lane LC
13m23c Garforth
12m79c Garforth Junction NE158
12m56c East Garforth
  Ridge Bridge (1)
11m12c Peckfield LC
10m69c Micklefield
10m63c Micklefield Junction NE028
9m47c Newthorpe LC
9m40c Grange Farm LC
7m57c South Milford (2)
7m57c South Milford LC
6m44c Norden's Barn Farm LC
6m27c Gascoigne Wood Junction NE181 NE182
5m34c Hagg Lane LC
5m27c Gascoigne Wood Up Sidings
5m07c Owlett Hall LC
4m67c Ruddings Farm LC
4m47c Phillip Lane LC
4m43c Hambledon West Junction NE005
3m34c Hambledon East Junction NE006
2m78c Harry Moor Lane LC
2m41c Thorpe Hall LC
2m27c Thorpe Gates LC
2m22c Thorpe Gates Junction NE029
1m78c Campney's Farm LC
1m42c Sandhill Lane LC
  Wistow Junction NE031
  Selby, Brayton Gates
0m40c Doncaster Road LC
0m40c Selby
0m36c London Road Junction (3) NE032 NE033
0m00c Selby South Junction NE001
(1) Roman Road until 1913
(2) Milford until 1850
(3) Selby West Junction from ????

HUL4 Leeds - Micklefield Junction
NHM: Neville Hill Depot
HUL3 Micklefield Junction - Selby West Junction
Leeds New Station Line
datum Selby South Junction
20m74c Leeds Junction MR880
  Canal Junction NW
  Leeds New Station (1)
20m33c Joint Line Junction NE020
(1) Leeds City from 1938, Leeds from 1967.

DOL2: Leeds (West) Junction - Leeds New
HUL4: Leeds New - Joint Line Junction

NE022 Neville Hill West - end of Hunslet Branch
0m00c Neville Hill West Junction NE020
1m05c Goods Junction NE023
1m13c Sidings Junction (reverse)
1m21c Exchange Sidings
NE023 (Hunslet Branch) - Hunslet N.E. Goods
0m00c Goods Junction NE022
0m36c Hunslet Goods
NE024 (Hunslet Branch) - GNR / NER Exchange Sidings
NE025 Cross Gates Junction - Wetherby East Junction
datum Cross Gates Junction
0m00c Cross Gates Junction NE020
  Penda's Way
  Thorner (1)
  Collingham Bridge
  Wetherby (2nd)
10m14c Wetherby South Junction NE026
10m55c Wetherby East Junction NE183
(1) Thorner & Scarcroft until 1901.

OS Maps show Wetherby South as Wetherby West Junction.
NE026 Wetherby New Curve
datum Cross Gates Junction
10m14c Wetherby South Junction NE025
10m56c Wetherby West Junction NE183
NE027 Cross Gates Goods Branch
0m00c Manston Junction NE020
0m57c Cross Gates Goods
NE028 Micklefield Branch
datum York Station
15m62c Micklefield Junction NE020
11m36c Adamsons LC
11m14c Poulters LC
10m79c Rose Lane LC
10m58c Church Fenton
10m37c Church Fenton North Junction NE180
NE029 Thorpe Gates Junction - Oak Hill Junction
10m39c Thorpe Gates Junction NE020
8m02c Brayton East Junction NE030
6m23c Power Station Junction HB030c
  Drax Hales
  Airmyn and Rawcliffe (1)
0m00c Oakhill Junction LY364 (1) Airmyn from 1961

BTB: Brayton East Junction - 6m33c
DRA2: Section from 6m23c towards Barlow used from 1974 for Drax Power Station Branch.
NE030 Brayton Junction - Brayton East Junction
datum Oak Hill Junction
8m48c Brayton North Junction NE001
8m02c Brayton East Junction NE029
NE031 Selby West - Cawood
datum Selby West
0m00c Wistow Junction NE020
4m47c Cawood
Article: Railway Bylines 2015 September.
NE032 Selby West - Selby (old) West Junction
datum Selby West
London Road Junction NE020
Selby South Junction
Selby (1st)
0m00c - 0m43c
NE033 Selby Canal Goods Line
0m00c London Road Junction (1) NE020
0m32c Selby Canal Junction NE001
(1) Selby West Junction from ????
NE040 Selby North - Hessle Station
datum Hull Paragon
30m40c Barlby North Junction NE001
30m34c BOCM LC
29m76c Sugar Factory GF
29m18c Millfield Farm LC
28m49c Lund Lane LC
  Hemingbrough (1)
28m02c Cliffe LC
27m28c Hoton House LC
26m77c Hagg Lane LC
25m77c Woodhall Lane LC
25m03c Wressle LC
24m79c Wressle (2)
24m73c Leakes LC
24m52c Cross Common LC
24m06c Rowland Hall LC
22m27c Howden LC
22m27c Howden (3)
21m56c Thorpe Farm LC
21m42c Thorpe Common LC
20m26c Filbert Grove LC
19m23c Eastrington LC
19m23c Eastrington (4)
17m39c Bennetland LC
17m23c Bellasize LC
17m07c Staddlethorpe Junction (5) NE042
16m76c Staddlethorpe (5)
  Staddlethorpe East
16m22c Oxmardyke No.40 LC
15m32c Marr House Farm No.37 LC
14m36c Broomfleet
14m33c Broomfleet No.32 LC
13m69c Church Farm No.28 LC
13m60c Cave Crossing No.27 LC
12m57c Crabley Creek No.22 LC
  Brough West
10m38c Brough
10m24c Brough East No.10 LC
9m35c Welton No.7 LC
8m78c Cement Works No.6 LC
8m41c Melton Lane No.5 LC
7m42c Ferriby station & SB
7m32c Ferriby Junction
  Hessle Quarry
4m64c Hessle NE050

(1) Cliffe until 1874
(2) Wressle Bridge until 1852
(3) North Howden 1922-1961
(4) South Eastrington 1922-1961
(5) Gilberdyke from 1974
NE041 Barlby North Junction - Market Weighton West Junction
0m00c Barlby North Junction NE001 NE040
  Cliff Common (1)
  Cliff Common Junction DW002
  Duffield Gate
  Menthorpe Gate
  High Field (2)
  Foggathorpe (3)
  Holme (Yorks) (4)
  Everingham (5)
16m38c Market Weighton West Junction NE213

(1) Cliff Common Gate until 1864
(2) Bubwith High Field until 1859
(3) Foggathorpe Gate until 1864
(4) Holme Moor from 1923
(5) Harswell Gate until 1874
NE042 Thorne North - Staddlethorpe Junction
14m06c Thorne North Junction GC195
14m02c Thorne North
12m32c Thorne Moorends LC
11m52c Moorends Farm LC
10m19c Creykes LC
9m35c Hook Moor Farm LC
9m01c Marshland Junction AJ001
7m06c Potters Grange Junction NE046
6m56c Boothferry Road Junction NE047
6m51c Goole LC
6m46c Goole
5m06c Goole Swing Bridge
3m49c Saltmarshe LC
3m47c Saltmarshe
3m36c Manor Farm LC
2m75c Baulkholme Farm LC
1m42c Green Oak Goit LC
0m75c Mill Lane LC
0m15c Gilberdyke LC
0m00c Staddlethorpe Junction (1) NE040

(1) Gilberdyke Junction from 1974
Marshland Junction - Haxey Junction
For Details see AJ001.
Reedness Junction - Fockerby
For Details see AJ002.
Epworth - Hatfield Moor Depot
For Details see AJ003.
NE046 Goole Engine Shed Junction LYR - Potters Grange Junction
0m63c Engine Shed Junction (1) LY360
0m00c Potters Grange Junction NE042
(1) aka Goole West Junction
NE047 Goole 'B' Junction LYR - Boothferry Road Junction
datum Boothferry Road Junction
1m03c Goole 'B' Junction LY364
0m00c Boothferry Road Junction NE042
NE050 Hessle - Hull
4m64c Hessle NE040
4m12c Hessle Haven Junction NE051 NE052
3m20c Hessle East Junction NE052 NE053
1m73c Hessle Road Junction NE054 HB035
1m53c Cottingham Bridge Junction NE064
1m49c Chalk Lane No.3 LC
1m24c St George's Road No.2 LC
0m73c Anlaby Road Junction NE065 NE066
0m25c West Parade Junction NE070
0m18c Hull Paragon
0m00c Hull Paragon
NE051 Hessle Haven Junction - Dairycoates East Junction v New Inward Yard
4m12c Hessle Haven Junction NE050 NE052
Inward Yard
NE052 Hessle Haven Junction - Dairycoates East Junction
datum Hull Central Goods
4m12c Hessle Haven Junction NE050 NE051
Hull Priory Yard
Hessle East Junction NE050
1m55c Dairycoates
NE053 Hessle East Junction - Hull N.E. Goods
datum Hull Central Goods
3m03c Hessle East Junction NE050
2m52c St Andrews's Dock West Junction NE055
2m44c St Andrews's Dock West Junction NE054
  Coal Sidings West Junction
  Coal Sidings East Junction
  Dairycoates East Junction
  Albert Dock Junction
  Neptune Street Junction
0m00c Manor House (Kingston Central Goods)
NE054 St. Andrews Dock West Junction - Hessle Road v Dairycoates West
St Andrews's Dock West Junction NE053 NE055
Dairycoates West Junction
Hessle Road Junction NE050
NE055 St. Andrews Dock West Junction - Timber Yard
St Andrews's Dock West Junction NE053 NE054
Timber Yard
NE056 St. Andrews Dock Junction - St. Andrews Dock
St Andrews Dock West Junction
St Andrew's Dock Goods
NE057 Dairycoates East Junction - Riverside Quay
Dairycoates East Junction
Riverside Quay
NE058 Dairycoates East Junction - Liverpool Street Junction H&BR
NE059 Albert Dock West Junction - Fruit Warehouse beyond Albert Dock Goods
Albert Dock Junction
Albert Dock Goods
Fruit Warehouse
NE060 Albert Dock Junction East - Creek GCR Goods
Albert Dock East Junction
Creek Goods
NE061 Kingston Street GCR Goods
NE062 Hull Docks (General)
NE063 Hessle Road Junction - Dairycoates East Junction
datum Dairycoates Junction
0m42c Hessle Road Junction
0m00c Dairycoates East Junction
NE064 Hessle Road Junction - Cottingham Junction
0m00c Cottingham Bridge Junction NE050
1m53c Cottingham Junction NE070
NE065 Anlaby Loop
datum Anlaby Road Junction
0m00c Anlaby Road Junction NE050
  Victoria Level Crossing
0m48c Botanic Gardens Junction NE071
NE066 Cottingham Branch
0m00c Anlaby Road Junction NE050
0m24c West Parade North Junction NE070
BR 1965-1991
NE070 West Parade Junction - Seamer Junction
datum Hull Paragon
0m25c West Parade Junction NE050 NE071
  Victoria Level Crossing
0m72c West Parade North Junction NE066
1m29c Walton Street Junction HB036
1m25c Walton Street LC
2m11c Cottingham Junction NE064
3m63c Thwaite Gates SB LC (4)
3m77c Cottingham
4m17c Cottingham North LC
5m00c Pillwood Farm LC (10)
6m51c Beverley Parks SB LC (18)
7m01c Ashworth's LC (19)
7m57c England Springs LC (21)
8m02c Flemingate LC (22)
8m16c Beverley LC (23)
8m20c Beverley
8m39c Cherry Tree SB LC (24)
8m62c Beverley North SB LC (25)
8m68c Beverley North Junction NE215
9m39c Molescroft Grange LC (27)
10m09c Brumfields LC (30)
10m14c Park Cottage LC (31)
11m16c Arram
11m16c Arram LC (35)
11m53c Arram Green LC (36)
12m24c Scorborough LC (38)
12m74c Lockington SB LC (39)
13m53c Beswick LC (40)
14m01c Kilnwick LC (42)
14m44c Watton LC (44)
15m04c Abbey Farm LC (45)
16m18c Cranswick LC (50)
16m21c Hutton Cranswick
  Hutton Cranswick SB LC
16m73c Hutton LC (53)
17m29c Low Green Farm LC (55)
19m19c Driffield East Junction NE216
19m34c Driffield Station LC (60)
19m38c Driffield
19m54c Wansford SB Wansford Road LC (61)
20m00c Meadow Gates LC (62)
21m43c Nafferton LC (69)
21m46c Nafferton
21m58c Nether Lane LC (70)
22m09c Black Carr LC (72)
22m76c Outgates Farm LC (74)
23m34c Mingledale LC (76)
23m48c Mill Farm LC (77)
23m64c Lowthorpe LC (78)
25m10c Harpham LC (52)
  Burton Agnes
  Burton Agnes SB LC
26m40c Manor Farm LC
26m61c Thornholme LC
27m25c Haisthorpe LC
28m52c Carnaby SB LC
30m49c Bridlington Junction
30m72c Bridlington
31m06c Bridlington Quay LC
32m35c Sewerby LC
  Flamborough (1)
33m31c Flamborough LC
34m19c Bampton Sands Lane LC
34m43c Bempton LC
34m43c Bempton
35m16c Buckton Lane LC
37m34c Speeton LC
39m63c Barf Farm LC
41m47c Hunmanby Junction
41m51c Hunmanby LC
41m53c Hunmanby
41m72c Hunmanby Sands Lane LC
42m39c Royal Oak South Junction NE087
42m49c Royal Oak Farm LC
42m70c Royal Oak North Junction NE088
43m04c Royal Oak LC
43m16c Lowfield No.1 LC
43m28c Lowfield No.2 LC
44m30c Filey
44m35c Filey LC
44m49c Filey Junction
45m07c East Lea LC
45m26c Grange Farm LC
45m41c Muston LC
46m08c Town Farm No.1 LC
46m23c Town Farm No.2 LC
46m39c Gristhorpe LC
46m72c Lebberston Road LC
48m18c Cayton LC
49m06c Grove Farm LC
49m18c Carr House Farm LC
49m48c Taylors LC
49m77c Seamer South Junction
50m43c Seamer West Junction NE220 NE223

(1) Marton until 1884
NE071 West Parade Junction - Dock boundary near Hedon Road Junction
datum Hull Paragon DP
0m46c West Parade Junction NE050 NE070
1m05c Botanic Gardens Junction NE065
1m66c Stepney Goods Junction NE072
  swing bridge
  Wilmington West Junction
2m46c Wilmington Junction NE074
2m53c Eastern Access Road LC
2m65c Dansom Lane Junction NE076
  Southcoates Junction
NE072 Sculcoates Junction - Sculcoates N.E. Goods
Stepney Goods Junction NE071
Temple Street Junction NE073
Stepney (Sculcoates) Goods
NE073 (Sculcoates N.E. Goods Branch) - Stepney Goods
Temple Street Goods
Temple Street Junction NE072
NE074 Wilmington Junction - Hornsea
datum Hull Paragon DP
2m46c Wilmington Junction NE071
3m01c Wilmington New Junction HB
3m24c Stoneferry Junction NE075
  Sutton-on-Hull (1)
  Burton Constable (2)
  Sigglesthorne (3)
  Wassand (4)
  Hornsea Bridge Goods
15m51c Hornsea (5)

(1) Sutton until 1874
(2) Marton until 1864; Ellerby from 1922
(3) Hatfield until 1878
(4) Goxhill until 1904
(5) Hornsea Town from 1950
NE075 Stoneferry Goods Branch
datum Hull Paragon DP
3m24c Stoneferry Branch Junction NE074
3m71c Stoneferry Goods
NE076 Wilmington Goods Spur
Wilmington Goods
Dansom Lane Junction NE071
NE077 (Victoria Dock Branch) - Dansom Lane Depot
NE078 Southcoates Junction (via 1914 deviation) - Withernsea
datum Hull Paragon DP
3m21c Southcates Junction NE071
3m50c Craven Street Junction NE079 NE080
  Holderness Drain North
  Preston West End Gate
  Rye Hill (1)
  Hollym Gate (2)
20m66c Withernsea

(1) Burstwick until 1881; Rye Hill & Burstwick from 1929 (2) Hollym Road Gate until 1855

1914 deviation runs from Queen Street Bridge Junction to Holderness Drain North to make way for exchange sidings and connection to Hull and Barnsley via a joint link from Bridges Junction to Southcates Lane Junction. This gave the H&B access to King George Dock. The RCH junction map in the Ian Allan reprint does NOT show these joint lines.
NE079 Southcates Junction - King George Dock Junction
datum Hull Paragon DP
  Craven Street Bridge Junction NE078 NE080
  Southcates Lane Junction NE081
  Holderness Drain North
1m36c (6m52c) King George Dock Junction
Includes pre-1914 route of NE078
HJS: Southcoats Lane Junction - King George Dock Junction; uses mileages from Hessle Road via BR1951 connection and H&B, shown in brackets.
HJS and KGD duplicate one another.
NE080 Craven Street Junction - Hedon Road Junction
Craven Street Junction NE078 NE079
Hedon Road Junction
NE081 Bridges Junction - boundary near King George Dock Junction
0m00c (5m16c) Bridges Junction
  Southcoates Lane Junction NE079
HJS uses mileages from Hessle Road via BR1951 connection and H&B, shown in brackets.
HJS and KGD duplicate one another.
NE082 Southcates Junction - Drypool Goods
Southcoates Junction NE071
Drypool Goods (Coal Yard)
NE083 N.E.R. boundary on Victoria Dock Branch - Victoria Dock
Southcoates Junction NE071
Hedon Road Junction NE084
Victoria Dock
Foreign Cattle Depot
NE084 Drypool (Victoria Dock) Goods Branch
Hedon Road Junction NE083
Drypool (Victoria Dock) Goods
NE085 Bridlington Excursion Junction - Bridlington Excursion Platform
datum Hull Paragon DP
30m49c - 30m79c
NE086 Bridlington Harbour Branch
NE087 Royal Oak South Junction - Filey Holiday Camp
Royal Oak South Junction NE070
Filey Holiday Camp
NE088 Royal Oak North Junction - Filey Holiday Camp
Royal Oak North Junction NE070
Filey Holiday Camp
NE150 Altofts Junction - Burton Salmon Junction
datum York Station
23m47c Altofts Junction MR880
22m04c Whitwood Junction NE151
21m22c Castleford LC
21m02c Castleford West Junction NE156
20m76c Castleford (2nd)
  Castleford (1st)
20m39c Castleford East (Old Station) Junction NE158 NE159
  Fryston South
  Fryston North
16m69c Burton Salmon Junction NE160 NE180
NE151 Methley Junction MR - Whitwood Junction
Until 1929
1m19c Methley Junction MR880
  Methley NE Junction GN340
0m00c Whitwood Junction NE150

From 1967
  Methley Junction LY350
  Methley NE Junction GN340
0m00c Whitwood Junction NE150
Line closed 1929 to 1967. At reinstatement it connected at the Methley Junction end via the L&YR rather than direct to the MR lines.

MEW1: 61m08c - 61m12c datum Manchester Victoria
MEW2: 1m12c - 0m00c datum Whitwood Junction
Methley Joint Committee Line
See Great Northern Railway GN340 for detail.
Lofthouse North Junction - Lofthouse East Junction
See Great Northern Railway GN341 for detail.
Methley South Junction - Lofthouse Junction
See Great Northern Railway GN342 for detail.
NE155 Whitwood Branch
0m00c Whitwood Junction NE151
0m62c Aire & Calder Chemical Works (1)
(1) aka Hunt's Works or Moss Street Works in sources other than OS maps.
NE156 Cutsyke Junction LYR - Castleford West Junction
0m61c Cutsyke Junction LY350
0m37c Glasshoughton Junction NE157
0m00c Castleford West Junction NE150
NE157 Glasshoughton Colliery Branch
datum nr Glasshoughton Colliery SB
Glasshoughton Colliery
Glasshoughton Junction NE156
0m00c - 0m32c
NE158 Castleford East Junction - Garforth East Junction
6m17c Castleford East Junction NE150 NE159
4m70c open LC
4m43c Ledston present end of line
  Allerton Main
0m00c Garforth Junction NE020
BOO 4m43c - 6m17c
NE159 Castleford East Jn - N.E.R. boundary
datum Castleford East Junction
Castleford East Junction NE150 NE158
(reversing point)
Castleford Ings Bottle Works (Breffits)
0m00c - 0m27c
NE160 Knottingley Junction LYR - Burton Salmon Junction
datum Burton Salmon Junction
2m71c Knottingley West Junction LY360
2m29c Farrybridge
2m27c Ferrybridge North Junction SK007
2m09c Ferrybridge Power Station Junction NE161
1m51c Brotherton Bridge
0m44c Brotherton Quarry
0m37c Burton Lane (Mastermans) LC
0m00c Burton Salmon Junction NE150 NE180
FKW: Knottingley West Junction - Ferrybridge North Junction (Knottingley Curve)
SMJ2: Ferrybridge North Junction - Burton Salmon Junction
NE161 Ferrybridge Power Station
Ferrybridge Power Station Junction NE160
CEGB (Scottish & Southern Energy) Lines
Wath Road Junction - Moorthorpe
See Swinton & Knottingly Railway SK001 for detail.
Mexboro' West Junction GCR - Dearne Junction
See Swinton & Knottingly Railway SK002 for detail.
Dearne (North) Junction - Wath Junction
See Swinton & Knottingly Railway SK003 for detail.
Hickleton Main Colliery Branch
See Swinton & Knottingley Railway SK004 for detail.
Frickley Sidings - Frickley Colliery
See Swinton & Knottingly Railway SK005 for detail.
Moorthorpe Station Junction - South Kirby Junction
See Swinton & Knottingly Railway SK006 for detail.
Moorthorpe - Ferrybridge Junction
See Swinton & Knottingly Railway SK007 for detail.
South Elmsall Junction - Moorthorpe North Junction
See Swinton & Knottingly Railway SK008 for detail.
NE177 Brackenhill Light Railway
0m00c Brackenhill Junction SK007
  Ackworth Moor Junction
2m73c Hemsworth Colliery
Pontefract Junction - Pontefract East Junction
See Swinton & Knottingly Railway SK009 for detail.
NE180 Burton Salmon Junction - Chaloner Whin Junction
datum York Passenger Station DP
16m69c Burton Salmon Junction NE150 NE160
16m60c Burton Salmon
  Monk Fryston
15m57c Hillam Gates LC
15m04c Milford Junction NE181
14m71c Milford
14m18c Milford North Junction
  Green Lane LC
13m52c Bramleys (Home Farm) LC
13m21c Sherburn (South) Junction NE182
12m69c Sherburn (North) LC
12m64c Sherburn-in-Elmet
12m38c Lodge Farm No.26 LC
11m78c Harrisons Farm LC
  Sherburn Common No.22 LC
11m20c Church End Farm LC
10m77c Church Fenton South Junction
10m58c Church Fenton
10m37c Church Fenton North Junction NE028 NE183
8m70c Ulleskelf
7m50c Bolton Percy
6m25c Colton South Junction
5m41c (182m79c) Colton Junction NE004
5m25c (183m65c) Colton North Junction
4m35c (184m05c) Earfit Lane LC
3m21c (185m19c) Copmanthorpe No.2 LC
1m77c (186m41c) Chaloners Whin Junction NE001
NOC: Burton Salmon Junction - Colton Junction
ECM4: Colton Junction - Chaloner Whin Junction
SMJ3: Burton Salmon Junction - Milford Junction (Pontefract lines)

Colton Junction - Chaloner Whin Junction remiled, datum London Kings Cross, in 1983 consequent on ECML diversion (signalling notice 117).
NE181 Milford Junction - Gascoigne Wood Junction
datum Selby West Junction
7m62c Milford Junction NE180
6m26c Gascoigne Wood Junction NE020
NE182 Gascoigne Wood Junction - Sherburn Junction
datum York Station
13m21c Sherburn Junction NE180
14m17c Gascoigne Wood Junction NE020
NE183 Church Fenton North Junction - Bilton Junction
datum nr Church Fenton North Junction
0m00c Church Fenton North Junction NE028 NE180
4m52c Tadcaster Junction NE184
  Newton Kyme (1)
  Thorp Arch
10m52c Wetherby East Junction NE025
11m15c Wetherby West Junction NE026
16m42c (15m20c) Crimple Junction NE471
  Crimple Junction station
-m--c (16m26c) Hornbeam Park
  Brunswick Junction NE185
18m37c (17m24c) Harrogate (20m38)
  Harrogate Sidings Junction NE186
  Harrogate Goods Junction NE187
19m29c Dragon Junction
20m14c Bilton Road Junction
(1) Newton until 1850

CFH1: Church Fenton North Junction - Crimple Junction
CFH2: Crimple Junction - Harrogate
LEH3: Crimple Junction - Harrogate remiled (in brackets) datum Wortley Junction.
HAY2: Harrogate - Dragon Junction remiled (in brackets) datum Poppleton Junction and direction reversed to down from Poppleton Junction via Starbeck.

OS Maps show Wetherby West as Wetherby North Junction
NE184 Ingleby's Mill Branch
0m00c Tadcaster Junction NE183
0m40c Ingleby's Mill
NE185 Harrogate (Brunswick) Branch
Brunswick Junction NE183
Harrogate Brunswick
1848-1862 when replaced by present route. 1851 OS map shows route with track and new line (Cobb says opened 1862) already open. Tunnel portals and southern end of line still marked on 1892 map but Brunswick obliterated by redevelopment. Southern portal still visible on 1938, 1951 and 1974 maps.
NE186 Harrogate Sidings
0m11c Harrogate Sidings
0m00c Harrogate Sidings Junction NE183
NE187 Harrogate Goods Branch
Harrogate Goods
Harrogate Goods Junction NE183
NE190 Holgate Junction - Poppleton Junction v York Yards
0m00c Holgate Junction NE001
0m21c York Yard South Junction
0m23c York North Junction NE191 NE192 NE193
No.1 Down Goods
0m79c York Yard North (Severus) Junction NE195
1m58c Poppleton Junction (1) NE200
(1) Skelton Junction from 1938
NE191 York North Junction - Waterworks Junction
0m00c York North Junction NE190 NE192 NE193
0m39c Waterworks Junction NE200 NE210
NE192 York North Junction - York old Passenger Station
York North Junction NE190 NE191 NE193
York (1st) NE196
York (2nd)
NE193 York North Junction - York Coal Depot
York North Junction NE190 NE191 NE192
York Coal Depot
NE194 Leeman Road - Clifton Junction
Leeman Road
Clifton Junction NE200
NE195 York Goods Branch
York Goods
Severus Junction NE190
0m67c - 0m00c
NE196 Holgate Bridge Junction - York old Passenger Station
Holgate Bridge Junction NE001
York (1st) NE192
NE200 York Station - Bishophouse Junction
0m00c York (3rd) NE001
0m15c Waterworks Junction NE191 NE210
0m32c Clifton Junction NE194
1m05c Severus Junction NE195
1m50c Poppleton Junction (1) NE190 NE201
3m23c Skelton Bridge Junction
5m40c Beningbrough (2)
7m01c Beningbrough (54) LC
9m48c Tollerton Junction
9m59c Tollerton
11m14c Alne EA001
13m28c Raskelf
14m63c Bishophouse Junction NE230 NE231
(1) Skelton Junction from 1938
(2) Shipton until 1898
NE201 Poppleton Junction - Starbeck South Junction
datum York Station
1m47c Poppleton Junction (1) NE190 NE200
1m58c single line junction
2m34c Nether Poppleton LC
2m72c Poppleton
2m74c Poppleton LC
2m78c single line junction
4m28c Cat Lane LC
5m11 Hessay LC
6m06c Marston Moor LC
  Marston Moor (2)
  Wilstrop Siding
7m45c Wilstrop LC
8m53c Hammerton Junction
8m61c Hammerton (3)
8m61c Hammerton LC
9m02c Rothmall Lane LC
9m17c Hammerton Road LC
10m17c Cattal
10m20c Cattal LC
11m08c Whixley LC
11m70c Hopperton Grange LC
12m16c Hopperton Old Station LC
  Allerton (4)
12m68c Flaxby Grange LC
14m47c Oakwood Farm LC
  Knaresborough (Hay Park Lane)
16m24c Knaresborough (single line) Junction NE202 NE203
16m50c Knaresborough
16m54c Knaresborough LC
17m69c Belmont LC
18m21c Starbeck South Junction NE470
(1) Skelton Junction from 1938 (2) Marston until 1896 (3) Kirk Hammerton until 1850 (4) Hopperton from 1925
NE202 Knaresborough (Goods) Junction - Pilmoor Junction
12m64c Knaresborough Junction NE201
  Copgrove (1)
  Boroughbridge (2nd)
5m73c Boroughbridge Junction NE204
0m00c Pilmoor Junction NE230
(1) Copgrove & Staveley until 1881
NE203 Knaresborough Goods Junction - Knaresborough Goods
Knaresborough Junction NE201
Knaresborough Goods
NE204 Boroughbridge Goods Branch
Boroughbridge (1st)
Boroughbridge Junction NE202
0m00c - 0m53c
NE205 (Belmont / Stonefall) - (Stonefall / Belmont)
Belmont Junction NE201
Stonefall Junction NE470
NE206 Easingwold Railway
Never part of NER, LNER or BR. Is EA001
NE210 Scarborough Branch
datum York Station (0m00c = 188m11½c Kings Cross via Selby = 188m40c Kings Cross via Hambledon Junctions)
0m15c Waterworks Junction NE191 NE200
0m22c Scarborough Bridge Junction
1m04c Burton Lane Junction NE211
1m51c Bootham LC
1m55c Bootham Junction NE213
1m70c Bootham Stray LC
2m54c Kettlestring Farm LC
3m00c New Earswick LC
3m19c Hall Farm LC
3m27c Haxby Road LC
3m45c Farmstead Rise LC
4m18c Haxby Station LC
4m59c Barkers LC
5m03c Manor Farm LC
5m26c Oakbutts LC
6m00c Strensall No.1 LC
  Strensall Halt
6m11c Strensall No.2 LC
6m48c Strensall LC
6m48c Strensall
7m03c Riversdale Farm LC
7m19c Strensall Walbutts LC
7m52c Common Road LC
8m28c Flaxton Moor LC
8m65c Gennel Farm LC
9m21c Flaxton LC
10m20c Thornton Gates LC
10m74c Foston Gates LC
  Barton Hill
11m48c Barton Hill LC
11m48c Barton Hill
11m77c Manor Farm (Barton) LC
11m72c Green Farm LC
12m17c Brisby's LC
12m32c Plain Moor LC
13m28c Howsham LC
13m58c Manor Farm Crambe LC
13m65c Newcombe's LC
14m05c Oakcliffe LC
14m13c Brotherton's LC
  Kirkham Abbey (1)
15m01c Kirkham Abbey LC
15m01c Kirkham Abbey
15m65c Castle Howard
16m15c Crambeck LC
17m75c Low Hutton
  Huttons Ambo (2)
19m12c Portobella Farm LC
19m53c High Farm LC
20m07c New Cut LC
20m77c Malton West Junction
21m12c Malton
21m20c Malton East Junction (BR)
21m32c Malton
21m32c Malton LC
21m34c Malton East Junction NE220
(1) Kirkham until 1875
(2) Hutton until 1885

OS maps from 1854 show mileages from York North Junction.
NE211 Burton Lane Junction - Foss Islands Goods
0m00c Burton Lane Junction NE210
Article: Steam Days 2015 June.
NE212 Derwent Valley Light Railway
REMOVE is DW001-DW002 and never part of NER
NE213 Bootham Junction - Market Weighton East Junction
1m55c Bootham Junction NE210
  Earswick (1)
  Warthill (2)
  Stamford Bridge
  Holtby (3)
  Yapham Gate
  Nunburnholme (1)
  Londesborough (2)
25m25c(?) Market Weighton West Junction NE041
  Market Weighton
22m56c Market Weighton East Junction NE214 NE215
(1) Huntington until 1874
(2) Stockton until 1867, then Stockton-on-Forest until 1872.
(3) Gate Helmsley until 1872
NE214 Market Weighton East Junction - Driffield Junction
0m00c Market Weighton East Junction NE213 NE215
13m39c Driffield West Junction NE216
NE215 Market Weighton East Junction - Beverley Junction
22m56c Market Weighton East Junction NE213 NE214
  Kipling Cotes
  Cherry Burton
33m24c Beverley North Junction NE070
NE216 Malton East Junction - Driffield East Junction
0m00c Malton East Junction NE210 NE220
  Scarborough Road Junction NE232
  North Grimston
  Sledmore & Fimber (1)
19m19c Driffield West Junction NE214
19m42c Driffield East Junction NE070
(1) Fimber until 1859

Article: Railway Bylines 2015 September.
NE220 Malton - Scarborough
datum York
21m34c Malton East Junction NE210 NE216
21m50c Wallgate LC
21m70c Mill Garth LC
22m46c Villa Farm LC
22m78c Norton Parks LC
23m43c Marr House Farm LC
23m63c Birdsall Estates LC
24m24c Scagglethorpe Grange LC
24m35c Manor Farm LC
24m72c Lilac Farm LC
25m42c Rillington LC
25m45c Rillington station
25m48c Rillington Junction NE221
25m57c Sleight's Farm LC
25m72c Ivy Lea Farm LC
26m19c High Scampston LC
  Scampston Junction NE222
26m54c Low Scampston LC
27m41c Knapton LC
27m75c Elm Tree Farm LC
28m17c Wilkinson's LC
29m32c Heslerton Station LC
29m74c Sand Lane LC
30m52c West Heslerton LC
31m00c East Heslerton LC
31m56c Cousins LC
32m09c Grange Farm LC
32m68c Weaverthorpe LC
  Weaverhorpe (1)
33m03c Jackson's LC
33m62c Ganton Hall LC
34m08c Long Plantation LC
34m24c Ganton LC
35m22c Binnington LC
35m69c Willerby Carr LC
36m40c Robin's Bottom Plantation LC
38m20c Pasture Lane LC
38m47c Meads Lane LC
38m66c Seamer West Junction NE070 NE223
39m14c Seamer
39m17c Seamer East
41m63c Falsgrave Junction NE225
42m06c Scarborough
(1) Sherburn until 1874, then Wykeham until 1882

YMS: Malton - Seamer West Junction
SCW: Seamer West Junction - Scarborough

Article: Railway Magazine April 1960.
NE221 Rillington Junction - Whitby Town
0m00c Rillington Junction NE220
  Marishes Junction NE222
  Low Marishes
  Marishes Road (1)
6m13c Mill Lane Junction NE223 NE233
  Bridge Street
6m49c end of NYMR
6m56c Pickering
6m68c High Mill LC
7m38c New Bridge
10m58c Farwath Path LC
12m43c Levisham
15m59c Newtondale
  Summit Junction (2) NE224
21m19c Goathland (2nd) (3)
24m16c Deviation Junction NE224
24m35c Grosmont LC
24m38c Grosmont
24m44c Grosmont Junction NE500
27m63c Sleights
29m26c Ruswarp LC
29m31c Ruswarp
30m26c Bog Hall Junction NE540
  Whitby (1st)
30m61c Whitby (2nd) (4)
(1) High Marishes until 1848
(2) near Saddler House
(3) Goathland Mill until 1891
(4) Whitby Town from 1924

MBW3: Grosmont Junction - Whitby

6m49c - Grosmont Junction now North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

1893 OS map shows mile posts from York.
NE222 (Scampston Junction / Marishes Junction) Curve
NE223 Pickering - Seamer
0m01c Mill Lane Junction NE221 NE233
  Thornton Dale
  Ebberston (1)
  Forge Valley
16m02c Seamer West Junction NE220
(1) Witton until 1903
NE224 Goathland original route via Goathland Incline
  Summit Junction (1) NE221
  Goathland (1st)
1m70c Beckhole (2)
0m00c Deviation Junction NE221
(1) near Saddler House
(2) Beck Holes until 1908
NE225 Scarborough - Whitby
0m00c Falsgrave Junction NE220
0m45c Gallows Close
  Hayburn Wyke
  Stainton Dale
  Ravenscar (1)
  Fyling Hall
  Robin Hood's Bay
20m58c Prospect Hill Junction NE540
(1) Peak until 1897
NE226 Gallows Close Goods Junction - Gallows Close Goods
0m00c - 0m22c
NE230 Bishophouse Junction - Parkgate Junction, Darlington
datum York Station
14m63c Bishophouse Junction NE200 NE231
15m26c Sessay Wood Junction NE232
16m06c Pilmoor
16m13c Pilmoor Junction NE202
18m00c Sessay
21m72c Green Lane Junction
22m08c Thirsk South Junction NE476
22m16c Thirsk
22m73c Parvins (81) LC
23m33c (82) LC
  Avenue Junction SB
  Manor House SB
26m40c Otterington
27m58c (89) LC
28m67c Longlands Junction NE235
29m01c Longlands Loop Junction NE234
29m59c Northallerton South Junction NE491
29m76c Northallerton
30m00c Northallerton High Junction NE236 NE238
30m59c Castle Hill Junction
33m58c Danby Wiske
35m05c Hutton Bonville Feeder Station
37m16c Cowton
37m30c Cowton crossovers
38m72c Eryholme (1)
38m79c Eryholme Junction NE240
41m42c Croft Spa
43m13c(?) Snipe House Junction NE242
42m72c Croft Junction NE243
43m61c Darlington South Junction NE244
44m36c Darlington North Junction
44m58c Parkgate Junction NE250 NE251
(1) Dalton until 1846
NE231 Bishophouse Junction - Sunbeck Junction
datum York Station
14m63c Bishophouse Junction NE200 NE230
15m19c Sunbeck Junction NE232
NE232 Sessay Wood Junction - Malton
0m00c Sessay Wood Junction NE230
  Sunbeck Junction NE231
  Husthwaite Gate
10m21c Gilling Junction NE233
  Hovingham Spa (1)
22m51c Scarborough Road Junction NE216
(1) Hovingham until 1896 Starts at Pilmoor running parallel to main line to Sessay Wood.
NE233 Gilling - Pickering
0m00c Gilling Junction NE232
  Kirby Moorside (1)
  Goslip Bridge
18m49c Mill Lane Junction NE221 NE223
(1) Kirbymoorside from 1948
NE234 Longlands Junction - Boroughbridge Gates Junction
0m69c Longlands Loop Junction NE230
0m00c Boroughbridge Gates Junction NE235 NE490
Up Longlands Loop dive under
NE235 Longlands Junction - Boroughbridge Gates Junction
datum York Station
28m70c Longlands Loop Junction NE230
29m71c Boroughbridge Gates Junction NE234 NE490
Longlands Down Loop
NE236 Northallerton High Junction - Northallerton Low Junction (Northallerton Loop)
0m00c Northallerton High Junction NE230
0m36c Northallerton Low Junction NE490
Opened (A)
Part closed (B)
Hawes Branch
0m00c Northallerton Low Junction NE230
0m48c Castle Hills Inner Junction NE239
1m48c Yafforth LC
2m43c Ainderby Gates LC
2m68c Ainderby Station LC
4m25c Scruton LC
4m60c Ham Hall LC
5m67c Leeming Bar (1)
6m33c Aiskew LC
7m35c Bedale
7m41c Bedale LC
9m53c Crakehall LC
11m35c Jervaulx
13m15c Finghall Lane
13m16c Finghall LC
  Constable Burton
17m39c Leyburn
19m63c Wensley LC
21m73c Redmire
22m12c current end of line
33m48c Hawes
  Station Loop West MR930
(1) Leeming Lane until 1902.

(A) Opened: Northallerton - Leeming Bar 1848; Leeming Bar - Leyburn 1855; Leyburn - Askrigg 1877; Askrigg - Hawes 1878.
(B) Closed: Redmire - Hawes 1964.

REB1: Northallerton Low Junction - Castle Hills Inner Junction
REB2: Castle Hills Inner Junction - Redmire end of line
REB3: Redmire - Hawes

The line has been leased to Wensleydale Railway Association Ltd since 2003.

Article: BackTrack April 2013.
NE238 Hawes Junction connection to Midland
NE239 Castle Hills Junction - Castle Hills Inner Junction
0m00c Castle Hills Junction NE230
0m28c Castle Hills Inner Junction NE238
NE240 Eryholme Junction - Richmond
9m69c Richmond
  Catterick Bridge
0m00c Eryholme Junction NE230
NE241 Catterick Camp - Catterick Bridge
NE242 Snipe House Junction - Geneva Junction
Snipe House Junction NE230
Geneva Junction NE244
NE243 Croft Depot - Croft Junction
Croft Goods
Croft Junction NE230
1m68c - 0m00c
NE244 Darlington South Junction - Eaglescliffe South
datum Darlington Bank Top
0m29c Darlington South Junction NE230
0m36c single line junction
1m16c Geneva Junction NE242
1m72c Maidendale Junction
3m65c Dinsdale
4m28c Oaktree Junction NE253
5m43c Tees-side Airport
6m28c Carters LC
7m39c Urlay Nook LC
  Yarm Depots Junction NE245
8m10c Allens West (1)
8m15c Allens West LC
  Yarm Curve West Junction NE247
8m55c Eaglescliffe South Junction NE244
8m58c Eaglescliffe South Junction NE490 NE510
(1) Yarm 1833-1862, closed; Allens West opened 1971.

1857 OS 1:10,560 map (441830 514360) shows mileposts from Stockton (4mp at Urlay Nook), presumably the Stockton & Darlington terminus - but original or replacement?.
Same map shows MP 3 from Stockton and 7 from Middlesbrough by Yarm Curve West Junction.
NE245 Yarm Branch
Yarm Depots Junction NE244
Yarm Depots
opened 1825, closed 1870
NE246 Dowmac Concrete Branch
datum Darlington
8m45c Dowmac Works
8m55c Eaglescliffe South Junction NE244
NE247 (Yarm Curve)
Yarm Curve South Junction NE490
Yarm Curve West Junction NE244
NE248 Darlington Bank Top Station
NE250 Parkgate Junction, Darlington - Relly Mill Junction
datum York Station
44m64c Parkgate Junction NE230 NE251
44m74c Stockton & Darlington Line Level Crossing
  Allan Street Junction NE256
45m21c Skerne
45m64c Springfield
47m36c Low Beaumont Hill
49m36c Aycliffe crossovers
51m70c Preston Manor No.110 LC
53m35c Bradbury No.113 LC
  Nunstainton South Junction
56m23c Ferryhill South Junction NE340 NE370
56m69c Kelloe Access Line Junction NE590
56m73c Ferryhill
56m78c Ferryhill
58m71c Tursdale Junction NE370
60m21c Hett Mill No.119 LC
64m53c Bridge House Junction NE257
Relly Mill Junction NE294 NE400 NE420
NE251 Parkgate Junction - Albert Hill Junction
0m00c Parkgate Junction NE230 NE250 NE255
0m30c Albert Hill Junction NE252 NE253
NE252 Albert Hill Junction - Hopetown Junction
datum Parkgate Junction
0m30c Albert Hill Junction NE251 NE253
0m49c Darlington North Road
0m75c Hopetown Junction NE254 NE260 NE280
NE253 Albert Hill Junction - Oak Tree Junction
0m00c Albert Hill Junction NE251 NE252
  ECML Level Crossing
  Haughton Road Junction NE255 NE256
  Lingfield Lane Siding
3m20c Fighting Cocks (1)
4m20c Oak Tree Junction NE244
(1) Middleton & Dinsdale until 1866

FGC1: Albert Hill - Fighting Cocks
FGC2: Fighting Cocks - Oak Tree
NE254 Hopetown Junction - End of Depots Branch, Darlington North Road
Hopetown Junction NE252 NE260 NE280
NE255 Parkgate South East Curve
Parkgate Junction NE250 NE251
Haughton Road Junction NE253 NE256
NE256 Parkgate North East Curve
Haughton Road Junction NE253
Allan Street Junction NE250
Cobb shows 1861-1865 but no OS evidence to support existence of formation on 1884 1:2500 map. Is shown on 1898 1:2500 map and on 1971 edition. Gone by 1982 edition.
NE257 Bridge House Junction - Baxter Wood No.1
0m00c Bridge House Junction NE250
0m33c Baxter Wood No.2 Junction NE299
0m55c Baxter Wood No.1 Junction NE400
NE260 Hopetown Junction - Barnard Castle West
0m00c Hopetown Junction NE252 NE254 NE280
0m28c Stooperdale Junction NE261
  Nicklesham Siding
1m66c Merrybent Junction NE262
6m12c Forcett Junction NE263
14m73c Barnard Castle Junction NE265 NE266
  Barnard Castle (2nd) NE270
0m00c - 49m62c (??)
NE261 Stooperdale Junction - Charity Junction
0m27c Stooperdale Junction NE260
0m00c Charity Junction NE280
NE262 Merrybent Junction - N.E.R. boundary
Barton Goods
Barton Quarry Junction NE262c
Merrybent Junction NE260
0m00c - 5m68c
NE262c Barton Quarry Branch
Barton Quarry
Barton Quarry Junction NE262
NE263 Forcett Junction - Forcett Goods
0m00c Forcett Junction NE260
4m36c Forcett Valley Junction NE264
4m77c Forcett Goods
NE264 Forcett Valley Junction - L.N.E.R. boundary
datum Forcett Junction
4m36c Forcett Valley Junction NE263
4m79c Forcett Quarry
NE265 Barnard Castle East - Barnard Castle Goods
datum Hopetown Junction
14m73c Barnard Castle Junction NE260 NE266
15m30c Barnard Castle Goods (1)
(1) Original Barnards Castle terminus station
NE266 Barnard Castle East - Bishop Auckland East
14m63c Barnard Castle Junction NE260 NE265
  Cockfield (1)
  Evenwood (2nd)
4m05c Spring Gardens Junction NE267
  Phoenix Branch Junction NE268
  West Auckland (2)
  Brussleton Line Junction
1m35c Fieldon Bridge Junction NE291
0m00c Bishop Auckland East Junction NE290
(1) Cockfield Fell from 1923
(2) St Helens until 1878
NE267 Spring Gardens Junction - Butterknowle Goods Yard
0m00c Spring Gardens Junction NE266
  Evenwood Colliery
  Evenwood (1st)
3m40c Butterknowle Goods (1)
(1) Haggerleases until 1899
NE268 West Auckland - Phoenix Pit
Phoenix Branch Junction NE266
(Etherley North Incline)
Phoenix Pit Witton Park Colliery
NE270 Barnard Castle and Tebay
  Barnard Castle West JunctionNE260
  Barnard Castle (2nd)
16m14c Tees Valley Junction NE271
  Stainmore Summit
  Merrygill Quarry
  Kirkby Stephen (1)
38m18c Kirkby Stephen West Junction NE272
  Sandy Bank Junction
  Ravenstonedale (2)
  Tebay Yard No.3 NE270c
  Tebay No.2 Junction NW890
(1) Kirkby Stephen East from 1958
(2) Newbiggin until 1877

Tebay Yard No.3 SB appears in the LMSR 1937 Appendix. RCH map of 1903 shows the NER/LNWR boundary at Tebay North Junction.

1859 OS map shows mileposts from Darlington just west of Barnard Castle.

Article: Railway Magazine 1962 April.
NE270c Tebay Goods Branch
Tebay Yard No.3 NE270
Tebay No.2 / Goods
Tebay No.1. Junction NW890
RCH Map of 1903 shows this as a separate line to the LNWR Tebay Goods Branch. Goods line avoided the passenger station between No.1 and No.2 junctions.
NE271 Tees Valley Branch
0m00c Tees Valley Junction NE270
7m58c Middleton-in-Teesdale (1)
(1) Middleton until 1894
NE272 Kirkby Stephen West - Eden Valley Junction
datum Kirkby Stephen
  Kirkby Stephen West Junction NE270
5m21c current end of line
5m56c Warcop
  Appleby South Junction (1) MR932
10m78c Appleby (2)
11m03c Appleby East LC
  Midland Junction (3) MR934
  Kirkby Thore
  Temple Sowerby
  Weatherriggs Junction NE273
  Clifton (4)
  Eden Valley Junction NW
0m00c - 21m73c
(1) MR Distance Diagram of 1914 states 'closed'.
(2) Appleby East from 1952.
(3) aka Appleby North Junction.
(4) Clifton Moor from 1927.

EDE: Kirkby Stephen - Weatheriggs Junction
CSJ: Weatheriggs Junction - Eden Valley Junction

1863 OS map shows mileposts from Darlington.

Article: Railway Magazine 1962 April.
NE273 Weatherriggs Junction - Clifton Junction (NW)
Weatherriggs Junction NE272
Clifton & Lowther Junction NW
1863 OS map shows mileposts from Darlington
NE274 Penrith Loop
0m00c Eamont Junction NW890
0m25c Eamont Lime Works GF
1m04c Redhills Junction CK001
NE280 Hopetown Junction - Shildon Junction
datum Parkgate Junction (Darlington)
0m75 Hopetown Junction NE252 NE254 NE260
  Charity Junction NE261
3m57c Whiley Hill LC
4m00c Adams LC
4m53c Heighington Junction
5m08c Heighington LC
5m08c Heighington (1)
6m30c Newton Aycliffe
7m01c Simpasture Junction NE282
8m28c Shildon South Junction NE283 NE284 NE285 NE290
(1) Aycliffe Lane until 1847, then Aycliffe & Heighington until 1861, then Aycliffe until 1874. 1858-1859 OS maps show mileposts from Middlesbrough (16mp between Hopetown and Charity Junctions and 23mp just before Shildon South Junction).
NE281 Charity Junction - Rise Carr
428520 516430 appears to serve steel works and two loco roundhouses.
NE282 Simpasture Junction - Stillington Junction
0m00c Simpasture Junction NE280
6m14c Stillington North Junction NE340
NE283 Shildon Junction - Brusselton Quarry (& West Auckland)
0m00c Shildon South Junction NE280 NE284 NE285 NE290
  Shildon (1st)
  (Brusselton Incline)
1m76c West Auckland Junction (1)
(1) St Helens Junction until 1878. Cobb shows closed 1858 but 1898 1:10,560 map shows still with track and first part of line serving Shildon Wagon Works.
NE284 Black Boy Junction - Black Boy
0m00c Shildon South Junction NE280 NE283 NE285 NE290
  (Blackboy South Incline)
  (Blackboy North Incline)
1m45c Black Boy Colliery
Cobb shows closed 1920s but 1898 1:10,560 OS map shows already out of use and new connection from Consett line in use instead.
NE285 Black Boy Junction - Shildon Lodge Colliery
Shildon South Junction NE280 NE283 NE284 NE290
Shildon Lodge Colliery
OS Maps show this as Surtees Railway.
NE286 (Shildon Lodge Colliery Branch) - Shildon Goods
NE290 Shildon Junction - Wear Valley Junction
datum Parkgate Junction (Darlington)
8m28c Shildon South Junction NE280 NE283 NE284 NE285
8m34c Shildon (2nd)
8m57c single line Junction
  Tunnel Junction station
9m54c Shildon Tunnel Junction NE291
  Black Boy Junction
11m17c Bishop Auckland East Junction NE597
11m18c Bishop Auckland Station Junction NE294
11m23c Bishop Auckland
11m36c Bishop Auckland West Junction NE301
13m38c Etherley (2nd)
13m40c Witton Park
 Etherley & Witton Park (1st)
14m47c Wear Valley Junction (2) NE310 NE320
(1) closed 1965, Witton Park opened on same site 1991.
(2) just 'Junction' until 1867, then Witton Junction until 1872.
NE291 Haggerleases Branch
0m00c Shildon Tunnel Junction NE290
1m42c Fieldon Bridge Junction NE266
NE292 Adelaide Colliery Branch
Adelaide Colliery
Black Boy Junction NE290
NE293 Black Boy Branch
0m00c Black Boy Junction NE290
0m21c Auckland Colliery
NE294 Bishop Auckland - Relly Mill Junction
0m00c Bishop Auckland Station Junction NE290
0m21c Bishop Auckland North Junction NE301
0m35c Bishop Auckland Goods Junction NE295
  Bishop Auckland (NER original station)
  Bowden Close Junction NE296
  Brandon Colliery (1)
9m68c Dearness Valley Junction NE298 NE299
10m19c Relly Mill Junction NE250 NE400 NE420
(1) Brandon until 1896

BPA: Bishop Auckland Station - North Junction
NE295 Bishop Auckland Branch
Bishop Auckland Goods
Bishop Auckland Goods Junction NE294
0m00c - 0m23c
NE296 connection to West Durham Railway
Stinneybrow Junction NE325
Bowden Close Junction NE294
NE297 Bowden Close Colliery Junction - NER Boundary, Bowden Close Colliery Branch
0m00c - 0m31c
NE298 Hedley Hill Junction - Dearness Valley Junction
Hedley Hill Junction NE323
Stanley Bank Foot NE300
Ushaw Moor
Dearness Valley Junction NE294 NE299
NE299 Dearness Valley Junction - Baxter Wood No.2
0m00c Dearness Valley Junction NE294 NE298
0m29c Baxter Wood No.2 Junction NE257
NE300 Hedley Hill Junction - Waterhouses Goods
part of NE298 ?
NE301 Bishop Auckland West - Bishop Auckland North
Bishop Auckland West Junction NE290
Bishop Auckland North Junction NE294
NE310 Wear Valley Junction - Wearhead
0m00c Wear Valley Junction (1) NE290 NE320
0m17c Wear Valley LC
  Witton-le-Wear (2nd)
  Witton-le-wear (1st) (2)
1m14c Witton-le-Wear LC
4m41c Harperley
7m15c Wiserley Hall LC
7m40c Wolsingham
8m62c Coves House Farm LC
9m38c Bishopley Junction NE311
9m77c Broadwood LC
10m04c Frosterley East Junction NE312
10m59c Frosterley
10m60c Frosterley LC
12m49c Newlandside Quarry Junction NE313
12m56c Stanhope Junction NE314
12m65c Stanhope (2nd)
13m30c Unthank LC
15m47c Eastgate
15m79c current end of line
  St Johns Chapel
22m03c Wearhead
(1) just 'Junction' until 1867, then Witton Junction until 1872.
(2) Witton until 1852

DAE3: Wear Valley Junction - 15m79c
DAE4: 15m79c - Wearhead
NE311 Bishopley Junction - Bollihope Mill
0m00c Bishopley Junction NE310
1m33c Bishopley Quarry
NE312 Frosterley East - Rogerley Quarry
datum Wear Valley Junction
10m04c Frosterley East Junction NE310
10m56c Rogerley Quarry
NE313 Stanhope - Newlandside Quarry
0m00c Newlandside Quarry Junction NE310
0m22c Newlandside Quarry
NE314 Stanhope Junction - Stanhope Goods
Stanhope Junction NE310
Stanhope (1st)
NE320 Wear Valley Junction - Consett South Junction
datum Parkgate Junction (Darlington)
14m47c Wear Valley Junction (1) NE290 NE310
  Beechburn (2nd)
  Beechburn (1st)
  Crook (1st)
  Crook (2nd)
17m21c Crook West Junction NE321
17m25c Stanley Branch Junction NE323
18m27c West Durham Junction NE325 NE326
  Tow Law (2nd)
21m62c Tow Law Junction NE327
  Tow Law (1st)
  High Souk (or Stoop?)
  Slater's Gate Cottage
26m67c Burnhill Junction NE328
29m59c Whitehall Junction NE331 NE332
  Rowley (2)
31m14c Hownes Gill Junction NE333
Consett South Junction
(1) just 'Junction' until 1867, then Witton Junction until 1872.
(2) Cold Rowley until 1868
NE321 Crook West - Tow Law Junction via Sunniside Incline
  Crook West Junction NE320
Sunniside Junction NE322 NE327
rest of way to Tow Law is NE327
NE322 Sunniside Branch Junction - Hedley Hope Colliery
0m00c Sunniside Junction NE321
0m40c Hedley Hope Colliery
NE323 Crook West - Stanley Colliery
0m00c Stanley Branch Junction NE320
  Wooley Colliery Junction NE324
  Hedley Hill Junction NE298
2m04c Stanley Colliery
NE324 Wooley Colliery Branch
Wooley Colliery Junction NE323
Wooley Colliery
NE325 West Durham Junction - (Byers Green) ?
West Durham Junction NE320 NE326
Stinnybrow Junction NE296
Willington Colliery
Byers Green (2nd) (1)
Byers Green (1st)
Hoggs Beck
Burnhouse Junction NE597
(1) Todhills until 1865
NE326 West Durham Junction - Lucy Pit Workshops
0m00c West Durham Junction NE320
0m34c Whitelee Colliery
NE327 Tow Law Junction - Sunniside Depot
0m00c Tow Law Junction NE320
1m20c Sunniside Junction NE321 NE322
NE328 Burnhill Junction - Stanhope Kilns Goods
0m00c Burnhill Junction NE320
  Waskerley Junction
  Waskerley Park Junction NE
  Parkhead Junction (1) NE
6m71c Ashes Branch Junction NE330
7m15c Stanhope Lime Kilns Goods (2)
(1) junction with Weatherhill & Rookhope Railway
(2) Crawley passenger station as well initially.
NE329 Original 1834 alignment
Waskerley Park Junction NE328
Parkhead Junction NE328
NE330 Ashes Branch
0m00c Ashes Branch Junction NE328
0m29c Ashes Quarry
NE331 Whitehall Junction - (Waskerley ?) Junction
Whitehall Junction NE320
Waskerley Junction NE328
NE332 White Hall Junction - White Hall Depots
0m00c Whitehall Junction NE320
0m31c White Hall Depots
NE333 Hownes Gill Junction - Consett East
0m29c Hownes Gill Junction NE320
0m00c Consett East Junction NE401
NE340 Ferryhill No.3 - Norton South Junction
10m67c Ferryhill South Junction NE250
  Bishop Middleham
9m42c Chilton Bankfoot Junction NE343
8m27c Sedgefield
6m15c Bog Hall LC
5m06c Stillington North Junction NE282
  Carlton Iron Works (1st)
3m74c Stillington (1)
2m15c Carlton West Junction (2) NE345
1m24c Carlton East Junction (2)
0m28c Norton West Junction NE555
0m00c Norton South Junction NE550
(1) Carlton Iron Works (2nd) until 1879
(2) Redmarshall Junctions from 1923
NE341 Ferryhill No.3 - Ferryhill No.1
0m00c - 0m79c
NE342 Ferryhill No.1 - N.E.R. boundary
0m00c - 0m47c
NE343 Chilton Junction - N.E.R. boundary
0m00c Chilton Bank Foot Junction NE340
Nunstainton East Junction
  Chilton Pit
3m28c Leasingthorne Goods (1)
(1) Westerton until 1890
NE344 Nunstainton Curve
Nunstainton South Junction NE250
Nunstainton East Junction NE343
By Chilton Cottages. Cobb shows opened 1846 and abandoned later. Visible on 1859 1:10,560 OS map, and on 1895 1:2,500 Yorkshire. 1897 1:2,500 Durham shows formation but no track. Still visible on 1961 1:2,500 map but then 'fades away'. (432156 529956).
NE345 Carlton Loop
Carlton West Junction (1) NE340
Carlton South Junction (1) NE351
0m72c - 0m00c
(1) Redmarshall Junctions form 1923
NE350 Carlton East Junction - Ryhope Grange Junction
0m00c Carlton East Junction (1) NE340
0m35c Carlton North Junction (1) NE351
  Thorpe Thewles
  Hurworth Burn
6m56c Wingate South Junction NE352
10m26c Wellfield Junction NE591
10m42c Waterworks Junction NE354
11m08c Thornley Junction NE355
11m62c Shotton Junction NE358
  Shotton Bridge
13m26c Pesspool
  Haswell South Junction NE359
  Haswell (2nd)
  Haswell North Junction NE360
  South Hetton
  South Hetton Junction NE361
16m49c Murton Junction NE362
  Seaton (1st)
  Seaton (2nd)
  Ryhope (2nd)
31m33c Ryhope Grange Junction
(1) Redmarshall Junctions from 1923

SSD: Carlton North Junction - Ryhope Grange Junction
HEM: South Hetton Junction - Ryhope Grange Junction
NE351 Carlton North Junction - Bowesfield Junction with freight lines
4m02c Carlton North Junction (1) NE350
3m41c Carlton South Junction (1) NE345
0m56c Bowesfield West Junction NE551c
0m00c Bowesfield Junction NE510 NE552
(1) Redmarshall Junctions form 1923
NE352 Wingate South - West Curve
0m00c Wingate South Junction NE350
  Hutton Henry Branch Junction
0m38c Wingate Station Junction NE590
NE353 Hutton Henry Branch
Hutton Henry Colliery>
Hutton Henry Branch Junction
Formation existed for connection towards Wingate South Junction as well, track in situ on 1898 OS map but not connected at Wingate South end.
NE354 Wellfield - End of branch
Sunderland & South Shields Water Co.
Waterworks Junction NE350
NE355 Thornley Junction - N.E.R. boundary, Thornley Branch
0m00c Thornley Junction NE350
0m31c Whealey Hill Junction NE356
1m02c Low Crow's Junction NE357
1m41c Thornley Colliery
NE356 Spur off Th.Br. -
Whealey Hill Junction NE355
Whealey Hill Mine
To Whealey Hill mine?
NE357 Ludworth Colliery Junction - N.E.R. boundary, Ludworth Colliery Branch
0m00c Low Crow's Junction NE355
0m54c Ludworth Colliery
NE358 Shotton Colliery Junction - Shotton Colliery Sidings
Shotton Junction NE350
Shotton Colliery
NE359 original HD&R Haswell Station
Haswell South Junction NE350
Haswell HD&R
NE360 original D&S Haswell Station & Colliery
NE361 Pesspool - South Hetton Junction
South Hetton Colliery
South Hetton Junction NE350
Pesspool to South Hetton Colliery was the Pesspool branch of the South Hetton Railway, not part of NER.
NE362 Durham Elvet - Murton Junction
8m13c Durham (Elvet)
  Sherburn House (2nd)
  Sherburn House Junction NE364
5m09c Broomside Junction NE373
  Pittington Junction NE363
0m00c Murton Junction NE350
NE363 (Hetton) - Belmont Colliery
Pittington Junction NE362
Belmont Colliery
NE364 (Whitwell Colliery) Branch
Sherburn House Junction NE362
Shincliffe Branch Junction NE365
Whitwell Colliery
NE365 (Blades Wood) Branch
Shincliffe Branch Junction NE364
Sherburn House (1st) (1)
Shincliffe Town (2)
Houghall Colliery
Bladeswood Colliery (Croxdale Pit)
(1) Sherburn until 1874
(2) Shincliffe until 1861
NE366 Ryhope Colliery Junction -
NE370 Ferryhill South Junction - Pelaw Junction (Leamside Line)
0m00c Ferryhill South Junction NE250
0m09c Ferryhill No.3
0m10c Ferryhill South Junction
0m10c Ferryhill Goods Junction
0m47c Ferryhill No.2
0m56c Ferryhill
0m70c Ferryhill No.1
1m60c Coxhoe Junction NE371 NE595 NE595c NE597
2m40c Thinford Junction NE596
2m49c Tursdale Junction NE250
2m65c Tursdale Junction
2m66c Tursdale Junction
4m17c Buwburn Colliery Junction
4m71c Shincliffe Bank
5m25c Shincliffe
6m29c Whitwell Junction
7m41c Sherburn Colliery (1)
7m70c Sherburn North Junction
9m10c Belmont Junction NE374
9m71c Auckland Junction NE422
10m07c Leamside (2nd)
  Leamside (1st)
10m31c Adventure Pit GF
11m62c Rainton Crossing Junction NE375
12m06c Newbottle Lane
12m27c Fencehouses South GF
12m48c Fencehouses
12m65c Fencehouses North GF
13m46c Wapping Bridge
14m47c Penshaw
14m77c Penshaw Junction NE380
15m71c Washington South Junction NE390 NE409
16m19c Washington
17m42c Usworth
18m27c Usworth Colliery Junction
19m09c Follingsby LC
19m61c disused SB
19m70c Follingsby Sidings
19m77c Wardley
20m75c Pelaw Junction NE610 NE640
(1) Sherburn until 1874

FEP: Tursdale Junction - Pelaw Junction

15m74c Pontop & South Shields Flat Crossing needs to be moved to correct location at Boldon
NE371 Coxhoe Branch Junction - N.E.R. boundary, Coxhoe Branch
0m00c Coxhoe Junction NE370 NE595 NE597
  Cornforth Lane Junction NE372
2m17c Coxhoe
NE372 Cornforth Lane Junction - N.E.R. boundary, Tursdale Colliery Branch
0m00c Cornforth Lane Junction NE371
0m74c Tursdale Colliery
NE373 Sherburn North Junction - Broomside Junction
0m00c Sherburn North Junction NE370
0m38c Broomside Junction NE362
NE374 Belmont Junction - Durham (Gilesgate) Goods
0m00c Belmont Junction NE370
2m19c Gilesgate Goods
NE375 Rainton Crossing - Rainton Meadows
Rainton Meadows
Rainton Crossing Junction NE370
NE380 Penshaw Branch
0m03c Penshaw Junction NE370
0m34c Cox Green Junction
0m69c Cox Green
2m55c Hylton
3m23c Ford Works
4m10c Pallion
4m15c Pallion Junction NE382
4m32c King's House GF
4m62c Diamond Hall Junction
4m69c Millfield
5m30c Burnfield Junction
5m50c Fawcett Street Junction NE384
5m71c Sunderland South Junction NE610

Remiled and used for Tyneside Metro
3m20c end of line
3m17c South Hylton
1m67c Pallion
1m01c Millfield
0m44c University
0m21c Park Lane
0m00c Sunderland South Junction (1) NE610
(1) = 89m56c in NE610 PEW: througout
NEK: Tyne & Wear Metro section
NE381 Lambton Railway Branch
NCB/BR boundary Lambton
Cox Green Junction
0m22c - 0m00c
The Lambton Railway was extensive - see and - and became part of the NCB network.
NE382 Lambton Branch
0m00c Pallion Junction NE380
0m51c Ogden's Lane Junction NE383
1m05c Lambton Drops
NE383 Deptford Branch
Ogden's Lane Junction NE382
Deptford Coal Depot
NE384 Fawcett Street Junction - Hendon Junction
0m00c Fawcett Street Junction NE380
  Fawcett Street (1)
1m00c Hendon Junction NE612
(1) shown as Sunderland on 1861 OS map

1861 OS map shows a 6 milepost from Penshaw Junction which makes branch 5m50c to 6m50c.
NE390 Washington South - Garden Lane Junction
datum South Shields
7m59c Washington South NE370 NE409
  Chemical Works
6m16c Southwick Junction NE391
  Three Horse Shoes
  West Boldon
3m36c Hedworth Lane Junction
  West Boldon Junction NE618
  Boldon South Junction NE393 NE624
  Pontop Crossing NE610
  Boldon (old) North Junction
  Jarrow (1st)
2m16c Green Lane Junction NE394 NE621 NE622
1m50c Harton Junction NE617 NE630
  Tyne Dock (Metro)
  Dean Road Sidings
  Whitburn Junction NE395
  Chichester (Metro)
  Garden Lane Junction NE630
POB: Washington South - Garden Lane
BNY2: Boldon South - Boldon North (remiled)
BNY1: Green Lane Junction - Dean Road Sidings (remiled)

1862 OS map shows mile posts from York (West Boldon Junction 77m00c)
NE391 Southwick Junction - Monkwearmouth Junction
0m00c Southwick Junction NE390
2m21c Castletown Junction NE392
4m32c Monkwearmouth Junction NE610
APY: Castletown Junction - Monkwearmouth Junction

1960 Appendix shows as down from the Monkwearmouth end
NE392 Queen Alexandra Bridge Branch
0m00c Castleton Junction NE391
1m59c Diamond Hall Junction NE380
Opened 1909, closed 1921
NE393 Tyne Dock Coal Staiths
Green Lane Junction NE390
Tyne Dock Staiths
NE394 Boldon South - West Curve
Boldon South Junction NE390
Brockley Whins Junction (1) NE610
(1) Boldon Colliery Junction 1926-1991
NE395 Whitburn Branch
Whitburn Junction NE390
Westoe Lane SS001
NE400 Relly Mill Junction - Scotswood Bridge Junction
0m00c Relly Mill Junction NE250 NE294 NE420
0m28c Baxter Wood No.1 Junction NE257
  Aldin Grange (1)
  Witton Gilbert
  Consett South Junction NE320
12m00c Consett North Junction NE401
  Consett (1st)
  Blackhill (2)
  Shotley Bridge
  High Westwood
  Lintz Green
  Rowlands Gill
23m76c Swalwell North Junction NE664
24m20c Blaydon Junction NE414
24m26c Blaydon Loop Junction West NE665
24m49c Scotswood Bridge Junction NE430
(1) Bearpark from 1927.
(2) Benfieldside until 1882, then Consett until 1885, then Consett & Blackhill until 1896.
NE401 Consett North Junction - Ouston Junction
13m57c Consett North Junction NE400
13m22c Consett East Junction NE333
  Carr House West NE403
  Consett (2nd)
12m02c Carr House East Junction NE402
  Carr House Goods
11m38c Bradley Junction NE404
10m38c South Medomsley Junction NE405
9m56c East Castles Junction NE406
  (Loudbank 1886 Deviation)
  Tantobie line (new) Junction
  Annfield Plain (2nd)
  Annfield West Junction NE407
  Annfield East Junction NE409
  West Stanley (1)
  Pelton (2nd)
  Chester-le-Street (1st)
  South Pelaw Junction NE409
0m04c Ouston Junction NE420
(1) Sheild Row until 1894
NE402 Consett Goods Branch
0m00c Carr House East Junction NE401
0m21c Consett Goods
NE403 Carr House West - Fell
Carr House West Junction
NE404 Medomsley Colliery Branch
0m00c Bradley Junction NE401
1m36c Medomsley Colliery (Isabella Pit)
Cobb shows as sold to private ownwer in 1924 and closed 1959.
NE405 South Medomsley Colliery Branch
0m00c South Medomsley Junction NE401
1m01c South Medomsley Colliery
NE406 East Castles Junction - East Castles Colliery
East Castles Junction NE401
East Castles Colliery
1921 OS map shows connection to NE407, not NE401
NE407 East Castles Junction - Annfield Plain Crossing
19m20c East Castles Junction NE401
  Loudbank Incline
  Tantobie Line (old) Junction
18m11c Annfield Plain (1st) NE408 NE656
  Annfield West Junction NE401
closed 1886
NE408 South Pontop Colliery Branch
0m46c South Pontop Colliery
0m00c Annfield Plain Crossing NE407
NE409 Annfield - Washington South
datum South Shields (?)
17m69c Annfield East Junction NE401
  Oxhill Sidings
  Louisa GF
  Stanley Level
  Stanley Bank Top
  Edenhill Incline
  Pelton Level
  Waldridge Incline
  Pelton (1st)
12m19c Stella Gill Sidings (1)
  Chester-le-Street (1st)
11m59c South Pelaw Junction NE401
10m66c Durham Turnpike NE412
  Biddick Lane
  Washington (1st)
8m05c Washington South Junction NE413
7m59c Washington South Junction NE370 NE390
(1) shown on OS maps as Stellagill Sidings

More than just Stella Gill Sidings - South Pelaw Junction and incorporates NE411.
NE410 South Pelaw Junction - Pelton Fell Colliery
Pelton Fell Colliery
South Pelaw Junction
continued from Pelton Fell Colliery as Waldridge Waggonway
NE411 end of P. & S.S. Branch - Washington South
19m20c - 7m59c
See NE409 above
NE412 Beamish Colliery Branch
0m23c NER boundary
0m00c Beamish Junction (1) NE409
(1) Durham Turnpike Station on this site 1835-c1850

line continued towards Beamish as the Beamish Waggonway
NE413 Washington Waggonway
0m00c Washington South Junction NE409
0m28c BR/NCB boundary
  Brady Square Level Crossing (NCB)
  Staff Section Location Board
  Fatfield Road Level Crossing (NCB)
  Engine Square Level Crossing (NCB)
  Washington Glebe Colliery
1960 Appendix pp76-77
NE414 Blaydon South West curve
0m00c Blaydon Junction NE400
0m17c Consett Branch Junction NE650 (1)
(1) aka Mineral Sidings
NE420 Relly Mill Junction - Newcastle No.3
datum York Station
  Relly Mill Junction NE250 NE294 NE400
66m13c Durham
  Newton Hall BR Junction NE421
  Newton Hall NER Junction NE422
68m00c new alignment ends
69m17c Kimblesworth Junction NE424
71m72c Chester-le-Street (2nd)
73m32c Ouston Junction NE401
73m72c Ouston crossovers
75m29c Birtley Junction
75m62c Tyne Yard PSB
76m66c Lamesley crossover
77m40c Low Fell Junction NE426
79m42c King Edward Bridge South Junction NE646
79m57c King Edward Bridge North Junction NE651
79m75c Newcastle South Junction
80m05c Newcastle West Junction NE650
80m16c Newcastle Central NE670
ECM5: Relly Mill to Newton Hall BR Junction, and again from new alignment ends.
opened 1970
BR 1970 new alignment at Newton Hall
datum York Station
  Newton Hall BR Junction NE420
67m71 new alignment ends
NE422 Newton Hall Junction - Auckland Junction
2m46c Newton Hall Junction NE420
  Frankland (1) NE423
0m00c Auckland Junction NE370
(1) Frankland Station (to 1877) and Frankland Junction
NE423 Frankland Junction & Framwellgate line
Frankland Junction NE422
Framwellgate Colliery
Kimblesworth Colliery Junction - Kimblesworth Colliery
0m00c Kimblesworth Colliery Junction NE420
1m03c Kimblesworth Colliery
NE425 Tyne Yard Lines
NE426 Low Fell Junction - Norwood Junction
0m00c Low Fell Junction NE420
0m50c Royal Mail Tyneside
0m79c Low Fell Sidings Junction NE427
1m42c Norwood Junction NE650
NFL: throughout
LFL: Low Fell Engineer's Depot
NE427 Low Fell Sidings - Bensham Curve Junction
0m00c Low Fell Sidings Junction NE426
0m25c Bensham Curve Junction NE650
NE430 Newcastle - Carlisle
datum Newcastle Central
0m00c (80m16c) Newcastle Central
0m11c (80m05c) Newcastle West Junction
0m15c Newcastle No.3
0m53c Forth Junction NE431
  Shot Tower
1m02c (current) end of line (Elswick)
1m41c Elswick West Gate Box
1m67c Elswick
2m23c Delaval
2m49c Scotswood Works Halt
2m66c Scotswood Junction NE432
3m04c Scotswood
3m29c Scotswood Bridge Junction NE400
3m68c Blaydon East Crossing
3m78c Blaydon East Junction NE650
4m03c Blaydon
4m10c Dock Sidings GF
4m17c Gas House Crossing
4m18c Foundry Siding GF
4m28c Cowens Crossing
4m45c Blaydon Burn GF
4m73c Blaydon East
5m05c Addison Colliery LC
5m63c Peth Lane
6m16c Ryton
6m34c Boat House LC
7m08c Golf Course LC
7m40c Clara Vale LC
7m52c Clara Vale
8m30c Wylam (down)
8m39c Wylam (up)
9m10c West Wylam Junction
10m45c Prudhoe
10m47c LC
10m65c Prudhoe West
11m40c Mickley East
Mickley LC
12m04c Mickley West
13m11c Stocksfield
15m35c Riding Mill
16m48c Farnley Haugh LC
17m59c Corbridge
18m19c Dilston Road
18m20c Dilston LC
18m57c Devils Water West LC
19m12c Widehaugh East
19m34c Widehaugh LC
19m59c Widehaugh West
20m53c Hexham East
20m66c Hexham
20m72c Hexham West
21m30c Tyne Green LC
21m31c Town Green Gate
21m60c Spital LC
21m75c Border Counties Junction NB043
21m78c Allandale Branch Junction NE437
23m20c Quality LC
23m54c Warden LC
23m68c Fourstones Farm LC
23m79c Moss Cottages LC
24m32c East Fourstones LC
24m52c Fourstones
24m62c Fourstones Station LC
25m08c Crossgates LC
26m17c Gooseholme LC
27m24c Altonside LC
27m35c East Mill Hills LC
27m63c West Mill Hills LC
28m02c Haydon Bridge East Junction NE438
28m31c Haydon Bridge (2nd)
28m35c Haydon Bridge LC
28m35c Haydon Bridge West
29m48c Willow Gap LC
29m72c Lipwood LC
30m27c Haydon Bridge Colliery
32m23c Bardon Mill LC
32m29c Bardon Mill (down)
32m35c Bardon Mill (up)
33m40c Haugh Gardens LC
34m53c Blackett Colliery
35m35c Greengates LC
36m60c Haltwhistle East
37m17c Haltwhistle
37m24c Haltwhistle Junction NE439
39m00c West Lodge LC
40m19c Blenkinsop footpath LC
40m20c Blenkinsop Colliery Gate
40m41c Greenhead
41m05c Long Byre LC
41m56c Baron House LC
41m57c Thirlwall Colliery Junction
42m38c Gilsland (1)
43m23c Denton School Gate LC
43m43c Denton Farm LC
43m66c Denton Village Gate LC
44m01c Upper Denton LC
44m18c Denton Mains Farm LC
44m34c Upper Denton West LC
44m66c Hightown Farm LC
45m11c Hicksons LC
45m38c Lanehead LC
45m48c Baggarah Farm LC
46m20c Low Row
46m24c Low Row LC
46m61c Denton Hall Gate
47m18c Denton Mill Gate LC
47m65c Naworth (down)
47m67c Naworth LC
47m70c Naworth (up)
48m60c Milton Village Gate LC
49m11c Brampton Junction NE441
49m21c Brampton Junction station (2)
50m10c Brampton Fell LC
50m53c Hell Beck
52m64c How Mill (up)
52m66c How Mill LC
52m70c How Mill (down)
54m19c Heads Nook
54m62c Broadwath LC
55m54c Corby Gates LC

55m76c Wetheral
56m76c Scotby LC
58m74c Durran Hill
59m24c London Road Goods Junction NE442
59m26c Petteril Bridge Junction MR930
59m45c London Road Junction NW963
59m49c London Road Junction NE443
59m64c NER/Joint Station Boundary CJ002
(1) Rose Hill until 1869. (2) Milton until 1870, then Brampton until 1885; later Brampton (Cumbria) from 1971.

ECM6: Newcastle Central to West Junction (ECM mileage in brackets)
NEN1: Newcastle West Junction - Elswick (Forth Banks-Paradise Branch)
BES: Scotswood - Blaydon East
NEC2: Blaydon East Junction - Carlisle
NE431 Forth Goods Yard - Forth Junction
0m45c Forth Goods
0m00c Forth Junction NE430
NE432 Scotswood Junction - West Wylam Junction
0m00c Scotswood Junction NE430
0m12c Scotswood
0m51c Montague Colliery Junction
1m48c Walbottle Junction
2m51c Newburn
3m00c Throckley Junction
3m77c Heddon on the Wall (up)
4m02c Heddon on the Wall (down)
5m62c North Wylam
6m36c West Wylam Junction NE430
NEN2: Scotswood Junction - 2m65c
NE433 Throckley Colliery Junction -
Walbottle Junction
Throckley Brick Works
Throckley Waggonway, The older Throckley Colliery was by the brick works.
NE434 (Throckley Colliery line) -
Throckley Junction
Throckley Colliery
Colliery by Throckley House
NE435 BR 1962 alignment at Farnley Scar
avoiding Farnley Scar tunnel; Cobb page 475
NE436 Pre 1905 alignment between Border Counties Junction and Warden
Cobb page 475
NE437 Allendale Branch
0m00c Border Counties Junction NE430
12m20c Allendale (1)
(1) Catton Road until 1898
NE438 Haydon Bridge
Haydon Bridge East Junction NE430
Haydon Bridge (1st)
NE439 Haltwhistle West Junction - Alston
0m00c Haltwhistle Junction NE430
0m11c Haltwhistle
3m07c Featherstone Park (1)
4m18c Coanwood (2)
4m64c Lambley Junction NE440
4m67c Lambley
5m41c Armstrongs Siding GF
8m49c Slaggyford
9m70c Barhaugh Colliery GF
13m10c Alston
13m13c end of line
(1) Featherstone until 1902
(2) Shaft Hill until 1862, then Shafthill until 1885

ALN1: 0m00c - 0m18c (open)
ALN2: 0m18c - 13m13c (closed)

10m61c - 13m13c now South Tynedale Railway (narrow gauge)
NE440 Kirkhouse Branch
0m00c Lambley Junction NE439
0m17c Armstrong's Siding GF
1m01c Lambley Fell
Continued as the Brampton Railway to Brampton Town.
NE441 Brampton Town Branch
0m00c Brampton Junction NE430
0m08c Brampton Junction station
1m17c Brampton Town
1m19c end of line
NE442 Carlisle London Road Goods
0m00c London Road Goods Junction NE430
0m17c London Road Goods
NE443 London Road Junction, Carlisle - N.E.R. boundary with N.B.R.
0m00c Carlisle No.7 (London Road) Junction NE430
0m26c Carlisle No.10 (Bog) Junction
0m48c Carlisle No.11 (Rome Street) Junction
  Dalston Road
1m14c Canal Junction NB031
NGD: London Road Junction - Bog Junction
NE450 Wortley Junction (Leeds) - Arthington North Junction
0m00c Wortley Junction MR890
1m06c Cardigan Road Goods
1m27c Burley Park
2m11c Headingley
  Horsforth Woodside (1)
4m61c Horsforth
  Arthington (2)
8m19c Arthington South Junction NE456
8m40c Arthington North Junction NE459 NE470
(1) Woodside until 1853.
(2) Arthington Junction until 1893.
NE451 Wellington Goods NER
datum Wortley Junction
0m47c Wellington Street Goods NE450
  Wellington Street Junction NE451c GN327
Wellington Goods Branch
datum Wortley Junction
  Wellington Street Junction NE451 GN327
  Geldard Street Junction NE452 NE454 NE454c
0m00c Wortley Junction
Geldard Junction - Three Signal Bridge Junction
0m13c Geldard Junction NE451 NE454 NE454c
0m29c Three Signal Bridge Junction NE453
Leeds Central Passenger
See Great Northern Railway GN320b for detail.
Geldard Junction - Whitehall Junction
Geldard Junction NE451 NE452
Geldard Junction NE454c
Whitehall Junction MR890
0m13c - 0m27c
Geldard Junction - Monksbridge Iron Works
Geldard Junction NE451 NE452 NE454
Ironworks boundary
NE455 Cardigan Road Goods Spur
NE456 Otley Branch
0m00c Arthington South Junction NE450
0m20c Arthington West Junction NE459
  Pool (1)
3m33c NER/OIJR boundary OI001
(1) Pool-in-Wharfdale from 1927
Otley - Burley Junction
See Otley & Ilkley Joint Railway OI001 for detail.
Burley Junction - Ilkley (Terminal Platforms)
See Otley & Ilkley Joint Railway OI002 for detail.
NE459 Arthington North Junction - Arthington West Junction
0m00c Arthington North Junction NE450 NE470
0m22c Artington West Junction NE456
NE470 Arthington North Junction - Melmerby (North)
8m40c Arthington North Junction NE450 NE459
Arthington (1st) (1)
10m62c Weeton
11m68c Lawsons (Low Moor Farm) LC
12m15c Rigton
12m55c New York Farm LC
14m03c Pannal
14m50c Pannal Junction NE471
  Belmont West Junction
17m31c (18m21c) Starbeck South Junction NE201
17m34c (18m24c) Starbeck LC
17m37c (18m27c) Starbeck (2)
17m50c (18m60c) Starbeck North Junction NE472
  Bilton Junction
20m05c Ripley Junction NE474
  Nidd Bridge (3)
  Wormald Green
  Melmerby South Junction NE476
  Melmerby (4)
31m48c Melmerby North Junction NE478 NE490

(1) Pool until 1852
(2) Harrogate until 1857
(3) Ripley until 1862
(4) Wath until 1852

LEH1: Arthington North Junction - Pannal Junction
LEN1: Pannal Junction - Melmerby North Junction
HAY1: Starbeck South Junction - Starbeck North Junction

Starbeck South to North remiled (in brackets) datum York Station, date uknown.

Article: Backtrack 2017 January (Ripon).
NE471 Pannal Loop
0m01c Pannal Junction NE470
0m60c Crimple Junction NE183
NE472 Dragon Loop
0m00c Starbeck North Junction NE470
1m06c Dragon Junction NE183
NE473 Harrogate Goods - Dragon Junction
0m62c Harrogate Goods
0m00c Dragon Junction NE470
NE474 Nidd Valley Branch
0m00c Ripley Junction NE470
  Ripley Valley (1)
  Dacre (2)
  Pateley Bridge (NE)
11m39c Pateley Bridge Junction NV001
(1) Killinghall until 1862, then Ripley until 1875
(2) Dacre Banks until 1866
NE475 Nidd Valley Light Railway
Never part of NER. Is NV001
NE476 Melmerby Junction - Thirsk South Junction
31m43c Melmerby South Junction NE470
  Baldersby Gate (1)
  Topcliffe Gate (2)
  Thirsk Town Junction NE477
37m47c Thirsk South Junction NE230
NE477 Thirsk Town Branch
0m00c Thirsk Town Junction NE476
1m22c Thirsk Town
NE478 Masham Branch
0m00c Melmerby North Junction NE470 NE490
7m45c Masham
NE490 Melmerby North - Eaglescliffe North
datum Leeds Wortley Junction
31m48c Melmerby North Junction NE470 NE478
  Newby Wiske
41m17c Cordio Junction NE491
42m21c Boroughbridge Gates Junction NE234 NE235
42m38c Romanby Road LC
  Northallerton Low Level Junction NE492
42m79c Northallerton Low Junction NE235
  Northallerton Town
43m24c Low Gates No.103 LC
43m68c Vaseys No.104 LC
44m10c Clarks No.106 LC
44m30c Walkers No.108 LC
44m57c Brompton No.109 LC
45m60c Spencers No.112 LC
45m74c Hebdons No.113 LC
46m34c Long Lane No.116 LC
46m72c Northfield Farm No.117 LC
47m47c Boyes No.118 LC
48m21c Welbury No.127 LC
48m53c Town End Farm No.130 LC
49m07c Pattisons No.131 LC
50m12c Rounton Gates No.133 LC
  West Rounton Gates
50m53c Tunstans No.135 LC
51m16c Mount Pleasant Farm No.138 LC
51m33c Picton Grange No.1 No.139 LC
51m50c Picton Grange No.2 No.140 LC
51m72c The Poplars LC
52m24c Picton Junction NE500
52m31c Picton No.145 LC
52m51c Hill House Farm No.146 LC
54m35c Yarm (2nd)
55m63c Yarm (1st)
  Yarm Curve South Junction NE247
56m75c Eaglescliffe South Junction NE244 NE510
57m00c Eaglescliffe (1)
57m32c Eaglescliffe North Junction NE550

(1) Eaglescliffe Junction until 1854, then Preston Junction until 1878.

LEN3: Melmerby North Junction - Boroughbridge Gates Junction
LLP3: Boroughbridge Gates Junction - Northallerton Low Junction
LEN3: Northallerton Low Junction - Eaglescliffe North Junction

1856 OS map shows the mile posts dual miled from both Leeds and Stockton
NE491 Cordio Junction - Northallerton South Junction
41m17c Cordio Junction NE490
42m09c Northallerton South Junction NE230
NE492 Wartime Emergency connection to Y.&.N. at Northallerton
Northallerton Low Level Line Junction NE490
Castle Hills Junction NE230
1941. From Leeds Northern Line
NE500 Picton Junction - Grosmont Junction
0m00c Picton Junction NE490
  Trenholm Bar
4m14c Potto Junction NE501
  Battersby South Junction NE504
12m03c Battersby
12m10c Battersby Junction
12m46c Battersby Road LC
13m64c Kildale
14m56c Guisborough Road LC
17m71c Commondale
19m38c Castleton (1)
20m74c Danby
24m43c Lealholm
26m50c Glaisdale
28m17c Egton
29m59c Grosmont (2)
29m66c Grosmont Junction (2) NE221

(1) Castleton Moor from 1966
(2) Tunnel Inn until 1847

NYC: Picton Junction - Grosmont Junction
MBW2: Battersby - Grosmont Junction
NE501 Swainby Branch
0m00c Potto Junction NE500
2m04c Whorlton Goods
NE502 Battersby - Nunthorpe Junction
datum Guisborough Junction
5m30c Nunthorpe East Junction NE520
8m14c Great Ayton
  Great Ayton Junction NE503
9m55c Laings LC
9m70c Atkinson Wood Farm LC
10m54c Battersby Junction
10m62c Battersby NE500 NE504
NE503 Great Ayton - N.E.R. boundary
0m00c Great Ayton Junction NE502
0m36c Ayton Mines
NE504 Battersby - Rosedale West
0m00c Battersby South Junction NE500
  Ingleby Incline
10m10c Blakey Junction NE506
14m18c Rosedale West
NE505 Ingleby Mines Spur ?
NE506 Blakey Junction - Rosedale East Goods
0m00c Blakey Junction NE504
4m48c Rosedale East
NE510 Eaglescliffe South Junction - Guisborough Junction
datum Darlington
  Eaglescliffe South Junction NE244 NE247
(via original 1825 alignment)
junction with 1853 line from Hartburn West (1) NE550c
10m76c Bowesfield Junction NE351 NE552
10m78c Stockton Goods Branch Junction NE511
  South Stockton (1st)
11m40c Thornaby West Junction
11m63c Thornaby (2nd) (2)
11m69c Thornaby East Junction NE512
13m20c Tees MPD outlet
13m30c Tees Yard outlet
13m62c Newport
14m03c Newport East Junction NE512 NE513
14m10c Old Town Junction NE516
14m22c Old Town Junction NE517
  Middlesbrough (3rd)
15m00c Middlesbrough (4th)
15m23c Guisborough Junction NE520 NE530
(1) Stockton Cut Junction from ????
(2) South Stockton until 1892

DSN2: Hartburn West (1853) Junction - Guisborough Junction

1857 1:10,560 OS map shows milepost just after Old Town Junction as Middlesbrough 1, Stockton 3.
NE511 Stockton Goods Branch Junction - N.E.R. boundary, Wharf Branch
0m02c Stockton Goods Branch Junction
0m53c Stockton (2nd)
  Stockton (1st)
Original Stockton and Darlington terminus line.
NE512 Thornaby East - Newport East v Goods Lines
11m69c Thornaby East Junction NE510
  No.1 LC
12m70c Tees
14m03c Newport East Junction NE510
Original 1830 alignment
NE513 Marsh Branch Junction - North Eastern Steel Works sidings
0m00c Marsh Branch Junction (Newport East) NE510
  Newport Iron Works
  Marsh Wire Works
  Ayrton Rolling Mill
0m47c West Marsh Branch Junction NE515
0m55c North Eastern Steel Works
NE514 Junctions on M.Msh.Br. - Junction on M.O.T.
0m40c - 1m16c
NE515 West Marsh Branch Junction. - N.E.R. boundary
0m00c West Marsh Branch Junction NE513
0m36c West Marsh Iron Works
NE516 Old Town Junction, Middlesborough - Acklam Works
Old Town Junction NE510
Acklam Iron Works
NE517 Old Town Junction, Middlesborough - N.E.R. boundary
0m00c Old Town Junction NE510
  Middlesbrough (1st)
  Middlesbrough (2nd)
  Watson's Wharf
1m31c Cleveland Dockyard
1857 OS map shows Old Town Junction as Dock Junction and refers to the line as 'The Old Branch'.
NE520 Guisborough Junction - Guisborough
0m00c Guisborough Junction NE510 NE530
2m56c Ormesby (1)
3m60c Gypsy Lane
4m25c Nunthorpe
4m27c Nunthorpe LC
4m68c Moreton Carr LC
5m30c Nunthorpe East Junction NE502
7m04c Chaloner Junction NE521
  Pinchinthorpe (2nd)
  Pinchinthorpe (1st)
8m30c Hutton Gate Junction NE522
8m78c Hutton Junction (2) NE523
  Hutton Junction station
9m49c Guisborough
(1) Marton from ????
(2) aka Guisborough Junction

MBW: Guisborough Junction - Nunthorpe East Junction GUH: Nunthorpe East Junction - Guisborough

1895 1:10,560 OS map shows a 23mp from Darlington by Codhill Mine Junction (Harrison Close Wood).
NE521 Chaloner Junction - N.E.R. boundary
0m00c Chaloner Junction NE520
  Crowell Junction NE534
0m58c Chaloner Mines
NE522 Hutton Gate - L.N.E.R. boundary
datum Guisborough Junction
8m30c Hutton Gate Junction NE520
8m54c Codhill Mine
NE523 Hutton Junction - Brotton Junction
datum Guisborough Junction
8m78c Hutton Junction NE520
  Belmont Junction NE534
10m73c Slapewath Junction NE524
  Stanghow Junction NE525
  Boosbeck Lane (South Skelton Mines)
12m71c Priestcroft Junction NE542
14m45c Kilnthorpe Junction NE526
15m12c Brotton Junction
NE524 Skelton Park Mines Branch
0m00c Slapewath Junction NE523
0m36c Skelton Park Mines boundary
NE525 Stanghow Junction - N.E.R. Boundary, Stanghow Mines branch
Stanghow Junction NE523
Stanghow Mines
NE526 Kiltonthorpe Junction - N.E.R. boundary, Kiltonthorpe branch
0m00c Kiltonthorpe Junction NE523
0m57c Lingdale Junction NE527
1m01c Kiltonthorpe Mine
NE527 Lingdale Branch Junction - N.E.R. boundary, Lingdale branch
datum Kiltonthorpe Junction
0m57c Lingdale Junction NE526
1m65c Lingdale Mine
NE530 Guisborough Junction - Saltburn
datum Darlington
15m23c Guisborough Junction NE510 NE520
15m76c Whitehouse Junction LC
16m06c Cargo Fleet (2nd)
  Cargo Fleet (1st) (1)
16m37c Cargo Fleet Junction NE531
  South Bank (1st)
17m15c Clay Lane Junction NE535
17m31c South Bank Junction
17m40c South Bank (2nd)
17m49c Eston West Junction NE536
  Southbank (2)
18m03c Beam Mill Junction
18m41c Grangetown (3)
18m55c Grangetown Junction (NER) NE537
18m65c Grangetown Junction (BR)
  Lackenby (4)
19m32c Shell Junction NE537c NE537f
20m05c Redcar Ore Terminal Junction NE537i
  Tod Point
20m50c Tod Point Junction
  Warrenby Halt (5)
  Warrenby Junction (6) NE537l
22m16c Coatham Bridge Junction NE537i
22m64c Redcar (2nd) (7)
22m71c Redcar Central LC
23m20c Church Lane LC
23m60c Redcar East
24m31c Upleatham Junction NE539
25m05c Grewgrass LC
25m28c Longbeck
25m31c Longbeck LC
25m65c Marske
26m63c Saltburn Riding School LC
27m05c Saltburn West Junction NE540
27m57c Saltburn
27m68c end of line
(1) Cleveland Port until 1867
(2) Eston until 1853 and from 1882, closed 1885
(3) Eston Grange until 1902
(4) 1857 OS map, also shows 19mp Darlington
(5) immediately after Tod Point Junction
(6) shown as Coatham Junction on 1857 OS map, just before 22mp from Darlington.
(7) Redcar Central from 1950

DSN2: Guisborough Junction - Redcar Ore Terminal Junction
DSN3: BR1978 Junction - Saltburn
DSN4: Saltburn - end of line
NE531 Cargo Fleet Junction - N.E.R. boundary, Normanby Branch
0m00c Cargo Fleet Junction NE530
  Inner Junction NE532
2m57c Flatts Lane Junction NE533
  Normanby Mine Junction NE534
3m49c Normanby Mine boundary
NE532 Cargo Fleet Inner Junction - Normanby Jetty
Normanby Jetty
Inner Junction NE531
NE533 Flatts Lane Junction - Eston
datum Cargo Fleet Junction
2m57c Flatts Lane Junction NE531
3m23c Eston
NE534 end of Normanby Branch - Guisborough & Brotton Branch
Normanby Mine Junction NE531
Crowell Junction NE521
Belmont Junction NE523
NE535 Clay Lane Junction - L.N.E.R. boundary
datum Darlington
17m15c Clay Lane Junction NE530
17m69c Clay Lane Ironworks
CLW: Clay Lane Junction - 17m52c
CLI: 17m52c - Clay Lane Iron Works
NE536 Cleveland Steelworks Branch
datum Darlington
17m49c Eston West Junction NE530
18m19c Cleveland Steelworks
NE537 Grangetown Junction - L.N.E.R. boundary, Lackenby Branch
datum Darlington
18m55c Grangetown Junction NE530
18m78c Lackenby Iron Works
NE537c Wilton Branch
0m00c Shell Junction NE530
1m03c NR boundary
1m34c East Gate LC
1m38c ICI Wilton Junction
2m07c Coal Access
2m24c North Gate LC
2m61c junction to filling bay
  Cleveland (wilton) Freightliner Terminal
NE537f Shell Oil Branch
datum Darlington
19m35c Shell Junction NE530
19m68c Shell Refinary
NE537i BR 1978 Diversion
datum Darlington
20m05c Redcar Ore Terminal Junction NE530
20m56c British Steel, Redcar
21m72c Coatham Bridge Junction NE530
NE537l Original Redcar Terminus
datum Darlington
Warrenby Junction (1) NE530
Redcar (1st)
(1) shown as Coatham Junction on 1857 OS map, just before 22mp from Darlington

RDR: 21m00c - 22m16c

Opened 1846, closed 1861 according to Cobb. 1857 OS map shows first station site as 'Central Hall' with coal alongside plus Railway Terrace and Railway Hotel marked. Second Redcar station is shown on this map as is line to Salburn that Cobb shows opening in 1861.
NE538 Tees Breakwater line
NE539 Upleatham Junction - L.N.E.R. boundary, Upleatham Mines Branch
datum Darlington
24m31c Upleatham Junction NE530
Ran parallel to main line until Black's Bridge at 25mp.
Opened (A)
Closed (B)
Saltburn Junction - Bog Hall Junction, Whitby
datum Darlington
27m05c Saltburn West Junction NE530
  North Skelton
29m37c North Skelton Junction NE542
30m53c Brotton Junction NE523
30m58c Brotton
33m69c Crag Hall
34m09c Carlin How Junction NE543
  Skinningrove (1)
35m30c Loftus Junction NE544
35m31c Loftus
36m62c Grinkle (2)
  Boulby Mines Junction NE545
  Ellerby LC (GF)
48m52c East Row Junction NE546
  Whitby West Cliff
51m01c Prospect Hill Junction NE225
51m71c Bog Hall Junction NE221
(1) Carlin How until 1903
(2) Easington until 1904

(A) Opened: Loftus - Whitby 1883. Reopened: Loftus - Boulby Mines Junction.
(B) Closed: Loftus - Whitby 1958.

SSK1: Saltburn West Junction - Carlin How.
SSK2: Carlin How - Bog Hall Junction.
BOG: Prospect Hill Junction - Bog Hall Junction.

Article: RCHS Journal March 2013.
NE541 Saltburn Junction - Saltburn Goods
datum Darlington
27m11c Saltburn West Junction NE540
27m45c Saltburn Goods
OS maps point to this following in sequence after NE537, not NE540.
NE542 Priestcroft Branch
datum Darlington
29m37c North Skelton Junction NE540
30m59c Priestcroft Junction NE523
NE543 Carlin How Junction - N.E.R. boundary, Skinningrove Zig Zag
0m00c Carlin How Junction NE540
1m52c Skinningrove Zig Zag
NE544 Loftus - L.N.E.R. boundary
0m00c Loftus Junction NE540
0m28c Liverton Mines
NE545 Boulby Mines Branch
datum Darlington
  Boulby Mines Junction NE540
38m50c Boulby Mines Boulby Mine 39m08c end of line
NE546 East Row Goods Spur, Sandsend
East Row Junction NE540
Sandsend Goods
NE550 Eaglescliffe North - Billingham Junction
57m32c Eaglescliffe North Junction NE490
58m30c Hartburn West Junction (1) NE550c
59m14c Hartburn Junction NE552
  North Stockton (1st)
60m04c Stockton (2nd)
60m56c North Shore Junction NE553 NE554
61m71c Norton South Junction NE340
62m19c Norton East Junction NE555
62m63c Norton-on-Tees LC
  Norton-on-Tees (2)
  Billingham (1st) (3)
63m60c Billingham-on-Tees LC
63m69c Billingham Junction NE560 NE570
(1) Stockton Cut Junction from ????
(2) Norton until 1870
(3) Billingham Junction 1870-1893); Billingham-on-Tees from 1926.
NE550c Hartburn 1853 Link Spur
Hartburn West Junction NE550
Diversion Point NE510
NE551 Hartburn West Junction - Bowesfield West Junction
Hartburn West Junction NE550
Bowesfield West Junction NE351
NE552 Hartburn Curve
0m00c Hartburn Junction NE550
0m44c Bowesfield Junction NE551
NE553 North Shore Junction - End of North Shore Branch
0m00c North Shore Junction NE550 NE554
  Stockton (Clarence Railway) station
0m67c North Shore Staiths
NE554 North Shore Junction - Haverton Hill Junction
datum Leeds Wortley Junction
60m60c North Shore Junction NE550 NE553
61m45c Freightliner Terminal
  ICI Siding
  Billingham Beck
64m59c Haverton Hill South Junction NE561
65m26c Haverton Hill Junction NE560
SFL: North Shore Junction - Freightliner Terminal
BBK: 62m00c - 63m64c
HAH2: 63m64c - 64m59c
NE555 Norton North Curve
0m28c Norton West Junction NE340
0m00c Norton East Junction NE550
NE556 Norton Original East to South Curve
NE560 Billingham Junction - N.E.R. boundary, Clarence Ironworks
0m00c Billingham Junction NE550 NE570
1m04c Belasis Lane
1m13c Belasis Lane Junction NE561
1m73c Haverton Hill Junction NE554
2m02c Haverton Hill
3m03c Port Clarence (2nd)
3m05c Port Clarence Junction NE562
4m19c North Tees LC
4m71c Seal Sands LC
5m01c Seal Sands Branch Junction NE563
5m21c Greatham Creek
POC1 0m00c - 3m25c
POC2 3m25c = 5m21c
NE561 Belasis Lane - Haverton Hill Junction
0m00c Belasis Lane Junction NE560
0m75c Haverton Hill South Junction NE554
NE562 Port Clarence Junction - Port Clarence Passenger
3m05c Port Clarence Junction NE560
  Port Clarence (1st)
  Port Clarence Staiths
NE563 Bells Bank Foot - End of Greatham Creek Branch
2m44c Seal Sands
2m23c Seal Sands Junction NE564
2m22c Phillips No.1 LC
2m16c Phillips No.2 LC
2m11c SS Chemicals LC
1m52c Simon Storage junction
1m46c Monsanto BASF LC
1m43c Monsanto Siding Junction
1m42c Rohm Hass LC
0m71c North/South Access LC
0m52c Enron LC
0m39c NEEB LC
0m12c ICI Brinefield LC
0m00c Seal Sands Branch Junction
NE564 Seal Sands Simon Storage
0m00c Seal Sands Junction NE563
0m05c Seal Sands Road LC
0m06c Seal Sands Storage LC
  Simon Storage North
NE570 Billingham Junction - Cemetery North Junction
datum Leeds Wortley Junction
63m69c Billingham Junction NE550 NE560
64m47c Billingham (2nd)
68m60c Seaton Snook Junction NE571
69m36c Seaton Carew (1)
70m08c Cliff House South Junction NE572
70m79c Newburn Junction NE572 NE574
71m14c Stranton
  West Hartlepool (3rd)
71m55c West Hartlepool (4th) (2)
71m70c Clarence Road Junction NE577
72m70c Cemetary West Junction NE578
73m49c Cemetary North Junction NE579 NE590 NE600
(1) Seaton until 1875
(2) Hartlepool from 1967
NE571 Seaton Snook Goods Branch
1m51c Seaton-on-Tees
0m00c Seaton Snook Junction NE570
NE572 Cliff House Branch
0m00c Cliff House South Junction NE570
0m74c Mainsforth Crossing Junction NE573
1m06c Newburn Junction NE570
NE573 Burn Road Goods Branch
0m33c Burn Road Goods
0m00c Mainsforth Crossing Junction NE572
NE574 Newburn Junction - Middleton Junction
Newburn Junction NE570
Church Street Junction NE575 NE576
Clarence Road Junction NE577
Greenland Junction
Central Marine
Harbour Street
Hartlepool Station Junction
NE575 Original route
Church Street Junction NE574
Hartlepool (1st)
1840-1845 then closed to allow building of West Hartlepool Docks, it ran across what then became the docks entrance.
NE576 Jackson Dock Spur, West Hartlepool
Church Street Junction NE574
Jackson Dock
NE577 Middleton Branch, Hartlepool
71m69c Clarence Road Junction NE570
72m20c Middleton (1)
(1) (West) Hartlepool (1st)
NE578 Cemetery West Junction - Hartlepool Passenger
0m00c Cemetary West Junction NE570
0m31c Cemetary South Junction NE579
1m26c Hartlepool (2nd)
  Hartlepool (1st)
tracks go to Victoria Dock, north side
NE579 Cemetery South Junction - Cemetery North Junction
0m00c Cemetary South Junction NE578
0m61c Cemetary North Junction NE570 NE590 NE600
NE580 Cemetery South Junction - Dock Engineer's Boundary, Victoria Dock line
0m32c Cemetery South Junction NE578
0m68c Dock Engineer's Boundary, Victoria Dock line
Victoria Dock, south side
NE581 Hartlepool Passenger - Hartlepool Goods
1m08c Hartlepool Passenger NE578
1m31c Hartlepool Goods
NE590 Cemetery North Junction - Ferryhill North Junction
0m00c Cemetary North Junction NE570 NE579 NE600
  North Junction
  Hesleden (1)
  Castle Eden
5m53c Castle Eden Junction NE591
6m22c Wingate Colliery Junction NE592
7m77c Deaf Hill Junction NE593
8m25c Trimdon Colliery Junction NE594
9m03c Wingate West Junction NE352
  Trimdon (2nd)
  Trimdon Grange (1st)
11m06c Raisby Quarries
  Coxhoe Bridge (2)
13m16c West Cornforth LC
  West Cornforth (3)
14m09c Kelloe Bank Foot Junction
14m44c Ferryhill
15m00c Kelloe Access Line Junction NE250
(1) Castle Eden Colliery until 1891
(2) Coxhoe until after 1850
(3) Thrislington until 1891

FLH: Cemetary North Junction - Raisby Quarries
KBF: Raisby Quarries - Ferryhill

NE590 and NE600 run alongside each other until past Hart station
NE591 Castle Eden Curve
0m67c Castle Eden Junction NE590
0m00c Wellfield Junction NE350
NE592 Wingate Colliery Junction - N.E.R. boundary, Wingate Colliery Branch
0m00c Wingate Colliery Junction NE590
0m47c Wingate Colliery
NE593 Deaf Hill Colliery Junction - Deaf Hill Colliery
Deaf Hill Colliery Junction NE590
Deaf Hill Colliery
NE594 Trimdon Colliery line
Trimdon Colliery Junction NE590
Trimdon Colliery
NE595 1837 Alignment
Coxhoe Junction NE370 NE371 NE597
(via flat crossing)
East Howle Junction NE597
level crossing route over ECML 1837-1873, replaced by flyover in NE597.
NE595c Ferryhill South East Curve
West Cornforth Junction
Coxhoe Junction NE370
NE596 Ferryhill North East Curve
West Cornforth Junction
Thinford Junction NE370
NE597 Coxhoe Junction - Bishop Auckland East
8m22c Coxhoe Junction NE370 NE371 NE595
  (via Inner Curve Flyover)
  East Howle Junction NE595
  Spennymoor (2nd)
5m18c Page Bank Junction NE598
  Spennymoor (1st)
  Burnhouse Junction NE325
0m00c Bishop Auckland East Junction NE290
NE598 Page Bank Junction - South Brancepeth Colliery
0m00c Page Bank Junction NE597
2m21c Page Bank Colliery
NE600 Cemetery North Junction - Ryhope Grange Junction
73m49c Cemetery North Junction NE570 NE579 NE590
76m69c Blackhall Rocks
Blackhall Colliery
78m44c Horden
78m78c Blackhills Farm LC
80m33c Easington
82m34c Hawthorn Junction NE601
84m11c Dawdon Junction NE601
  Seaham (1)
84m49c Seaham Colliery (2)
85m24c Hall Dene LC
86m57c Davidsons South LC
87m20c Davidsons North LC
87m57c Ryhope Grange Junction NE610 NE611
(1) Seaham Harbour from 1925
(2) Seaham from 1925

NE590 and NE600 run alongside each other until past Hart station
NE601 Seabanks Branch
0m00c Hawthorn Junction NE600
0m65c Dawdon Colliery
1m64c Dawdon Junction NE600
SEA1: Hawthron Junction - Dawdon Colliery
SEA2: Dawdon Colliery - Dawdon Junction
NE602 Station Branch Junction (Dawdon Crossing) - Seaham Junction
0m00c - 0m28c
NE603 Station Branch Junction (Dawdon Crossing) - Seaham Goods
NE604 Dawdon Junction - N.E.R. boundary, Swine Lodge Incline
0m00c Dawdon Junction NE600
NE610 Ryhope Grange Junction - Pelaw Junction
87m57c Ryhope Grange Junction NE600 NE611 NE612
89m56c Sunderland South End Junction NE380
89m60c Sunderland Central
90m08c St Peters
90m22c Monkwearmouth Junction NE391
90m48c Stadium of Light
90m69c Wearmouth Junction
91m26c North Dock Junction NE616
91m32c Seaburn
93m17c East Boldon (1)
93m21c East Boldon LC
93m55c Tile Shed Junction NE617
93m64c Tile Shed LC
94m00c Boldon LC
94m18c East Boldon Junction NE618
94m63c Boldon East Junction NE619
  Pontop Crossing
95m09c Brockley Whins (2)
95m19c Brockley Whins Junction (2) NE393 NE621 NE624
96m08c Fellgate
97m64c Pelaw Metro Junction NE625 NE626
98m07c Pelaw Junction NE630
98m16c Pelaw Junction NE370 NE640
(1) Cleadon Lane until 1898
(2) Boldon Colliery 1926-1991

1862 OS map shows mileposts from Monkwearmouth (4mp just before East Boldon Junction)

Article: Railway Magazine January 1966 (Sunderland).
NE611 Londonderry (Hendon) Branch
0m00c Ryhope Grange Junction NE600 NE610 NE612
0m30c Grangetown LC
  Hendon Burn (1)
1m55c NR/PSA boundary
  Hendon Dock
2m08c LC
2m44c end of line (?)
(1) shown as Hendon on 1861 OS map
NE612 Ryhope Grange Junction - South Dock Goods
0m00c Ryhope Grange Junction NE600 NE610 NE611
1m52c Hendon Junction NE384
  Town Moor Junction
2m02c Sunderland South Dock
NE613 Town Moor Branch
Town Moor Junction
Sunderland Moor
See 1861 OS map (440935 556865) for position of Moor station
NE614 Monkwearmouth Old Goods - Wearmouth Junction
0m28c - 0m00c
NE615 Monkwearmouth Goods - Wearmouth Junction
0m58c - 0m00c
NE616 North Dock Branch
North Dock
North Dock Junction NE610
0m58c - 0m00c
NE617 Cleadon Junction - Harton Junction
0m00c Tile Shed Junction NE610
1m59c Harton Junction NE390
NE618 West Boldon Junction - East Boldon Junction
West Boldon Junction NE390
Pontop Crossing
East Boldon Junction NE610
0m74c - 0m00c
NE619 Brockley Whins BR 1985 line
Boldon East Junction NE610
Boldon North Junction NE621
NE620 Additional West-North alignment to NE621
Cobb shows this and there is evidence of the route on the 1862 OS map (435025 562880) much closer to Pontop Crossing by Villa Cottage
NE621 Brockley Whins Junction - Green Lane Junction
0m00c Brockley Whins Junction (1) NE610
  Boldon North Junction NE619
0m55c Green Lane Junction NE390 NE622
(1) Boldon Colliery 1926-1991
NE622 Dock Engineer's Boundary, Tyne Dock - Green Lane Junction
0m67c Green Lane Junction NE390 NE621
0m00c Tyne Dock Bottom NE623
later remiled 0m52c - 1m43c datum Boldon East Junction
NE623 Tyne Dock Bottom - Tyne Dock Goods
Tyne Dock Bottom NE622
NE624 Brockley Whins Junction - Hedworth Lane
0m00c Brockley Whins Junction (1) NE610
0m65c Boldon South Junction NE390
(1) Boldon Colliery Junction 1926-1991
NE625 Pelaw Down Connecting Line
datum Leeds Wortley Junction
97m64c Pelaw Metro Junction NE610
98m15c Pelaw South Junction NE631
NE626 Pelaw Up Connecting Line
datum Leeds Wortley Junction
97m64c Pelaw Metro Junction NE610
98m01c Pelaw North Junction NE631
NE630 Pelaw Junction - South Shields
0m00c Pelaw Junction NE610
  Bill Quay Junction (Metro) NE631
  Reyrolles (single<>double) Junction
  South Drive LC
1m66c Hebburn
  Hebburn West
  Hebburn East
  Pontop Junction NE632
3m02c Jarrow (2nd)
3m36c Jarrow Shell Junction NE633
  Bede (Metro)
4m16c St Bede's Junction NE634
5m25c Harton Junction NE390
5m38c Tyne Dock
5m77c Hilda Junction NE635
6m44c High Shields Junction NE636
6m47c High Shields
7m01c Garden Junction
  South Shields
7m36c South Shields Dock
JAW: Pelaw Junction - St Bede's Junction
NE631 Bill Quay - Jesmond Junction (Tyne & Wear Metro)
Bill Quay Junction (Metro) NE630
Pelaw North Junction NE626
Pelaw South Junction NE625
Pelaw Sidings
Gateshead Stadium
Central Station
Jesmond Junction NE680
NE632 Jarrow Goods Branch
Jarrow Goods (Hebburn Quay)
Pontop Junction NE630
NE633 Jarrow Shell Branch
datum Pelaw Junction
3m36c Jarrow Shell Junction NE630
  Jarrow Shell
This may well transfer to the Industrial List.
NE634 St. Bede's Junction - Dock Engineer's boundary
0m00c St Bede's Junction NE630
0m41c Tyne Dock Bottom
1960 Appendix gives distance as 1069 yards, not 902 yards
NE635 Hilda Hole Sidings
Hilda Junction NE630
South Shields (1st)
Middle Docks
NE636 South Shields Goods Spur
High Shields Junction NE630
South Shields Goods
NE640 Pelaw Junction - Newcastle, Castles Junction
datum Leeds Wortley Junction
98m16c Pelaw Junction NE370 NE610
99m00c Heworth
100m23c St James' Bridge Junction NE641
100m65c Park Lane Junction
100m72c Oakwellgate Sidings Junction NE642
101m00c Park Lane Junction NE643
101m15c High Street Junction NE645
101m31c High Level Bridge Junction NE646
101m33c Gateshead Junction NE650
101m59c Newcastle East (Castles) Junction NE670
NE641 Gateshead Goods
0m00c St James' Bridge Junction NE640
0m25c Gateshead Goods
or 100m26c - 100m56c
NE642 Oakwellgate Sidings Spur
Coal Yard?
NE643 Park Lane Junction - N.E.R. boundary
0m00c - 0m33c
Allheusen branch or Wright Anderson? Two branches are probably needed, see 425760 563585. Wright Anderson has an elr of WTA.
NE644 Park Lane - High Street
datum Kings Cross
100m65c Park Lane Junction NE640
101m15c High Street Junction NE645
NE645 Greensfield Loop
0m00c High Street Junction
0m21c Greensfield Junction NE646
NE646 High Level - King Edward Bridge
0m00c High Level Bridge Junction NE640
0m16c Greensfield Junction NE645
0m30c King Edward Bridge East Junction NE651
0m48c King Edward Bridge South Junction NE420
NE650 Gateshead Junction - Blaydon East Junction
datum Newcastle Central
0m43c King Edward Bridge South Junction
1m30c Bensham Curve Junction NE427
1m71c Norwood No.3 Junction NE426
1m76c Norwood No.2 Junction NE652
  Norwood No.1 Junction NE654
2m17c Dunston
3m15c Whickham Junction NE655
3m33c Metrocentre
3m78c Derwenthaugh (Swalwell) Junction NE660 NE663
4m18c Skiff Inn LC
4m23c Blaydon Curve Junction NE664
4m39c Blaydon Loop Junction NE665
4m76c Blaydon Goods Junction NE666
4m76c Consett Branch Junction NE414
5m19c Chain Bridge LC
5m28c Blaydon East Junction NE430
NEC1: King Edward Bridge - Blaydon East
RBF1: Whickham Junction - Derwenthaugh Junction
NE651 King Edward Bridge South East Curve
0m00c King Edward Bridge East Junction NE646
0m13c King Edward Bridge North Junction NE420
NE652 nr Norwood Junction - end of old (Northernmost) Staiths
0m00c Norwood No.2 Junction NE650
0m72c Dunston Staiths
NE653 nr Norwood Junction - end of new (Southernmost) Staiths
0m00c Norwood No.2 Junction NE650
0m74c Dunston Staiths
NE654 Norwood Junction - Dunston East Junction
0m00c Norwood No.1 Junction NE650
0m54c Dunston East Junction NE655
NE655 Whickham Junction - Redheugh Goods
1m66c Redheugh Goods
  Redheugh Bank Foot NE657
  Tanfield Branch Junction NE656
0m67c Dunston East Junction NE654
  Dunston West Junction NE659
0m00c Whickham Junction NE650
NE656 Redheugh Bank Foot - Tanfield Moor Colliery
0m00c Redheugh Bank Foot NE655 NE657
  Teams Crossing
  Lobley Hill Bank Foot
  Lobley Hill Bank Head
  Lobley Hill Crossing
  Fugar (Bakers) Bank Foot
  Fugar Bar
  Panefine Crossing
  Fugar (Bakers) Bank Head
  Sunniside Crossing
  Bowes Bridge
  Marley Hill Crossing
  Causey Crossing
  Tanfield Lea
  Tanfield Lea Colliery Junction
  White-le-Head Junction (1)
7m73c Tanfield Moor Colliery
  Harelaw Goods
  Annfield Plain Crossing NE407
(1) shown as Whiteley Head on 19th century maps
NE657 Redheugh Bank Foot - (Gateshead Junction)
Greensfield Junction
Redheugh Bank Foot NE655 NE656
Redheugh Incline, closed c1907
NE658 Lintz Waggonway
Lintz Colliery
  White-le-Head Junction (1) NE656
(1) shown as Whiteley Head on 19th century maps

Lintz Waggonway, part of Wear Valley Railway, NER from 1863 until closed in 1865.
NE659 nr Whickham Junction - end of Staiths
0m00c Dunston West Junction NE655
0m13c Approach Lines Junction NE660
0m77c West Dunston Staiths
NE660 Derwenthaugh Junction - Approach lines Junction
0m00c - 0m41c
NE661 Derwenthaugh Junction - Chopwell Colliery
Unless this is NE660. See here for information
NE662 Derwenthaugh Junction - Dunston West
Dunston West Junction
Whickham Junction
Derwenthaugh Junction
Seems to be a duplicate of NE655 and NE650
NE663 Swalwell Colliery Branch
0m00c Derwenthaugh Junction NE650
0m45c Swalwell Colliery
NE664 Blaydon Main - Swalwell Junction
0m00c Blaydon Curve Junction NE650
0m42c Swalwell North Junction NE400
NE665 Blaydon Main - Blaydon Junction
Blaydon Loop Junction NE650
Blaydon Loop West Junction NE400
0m00c - 0m25c
NE666 Blaydon New Goods Spur
Blaydon Goods Junction NE650
Blaydon New Goods
NE670 Newcastle Central - Benton Quarry Junction
0m00c Newcastle Central NE420
0m14c Newcastle East Junction (Castle) NE640
0m42c Manors Junction NE680
0m46c Manors (1)
0m60c Arylle Street Junction NE671 NE681
1m25c Riverside Junction NE672
  Heaton (2nd)
  Heaton (1st)
1m65c Heaton South Junction NE720
2m18c Chillingham Road Junction NE675
  Benton Bank Junction
2m70c Heaton North Junction NE675
  Little Benton South
  Little Benton North
4m10c Benton crossovers
4m22c Benton Quarry Junction NE730 NE732
(1) Manors East 1909-1969
NE671 Argyle Street - Quay Goods Warehouse
0m00c Argyle Street Junction NE670
0m59c Quay Goods
NE672 Riverside Junction - Percy Main Junction
0m00c Riverside Junction NE670
0m06c Byker
0m43c Maling's Sidings
1m12c St Peters
1m18c Langdales Works Branch Junction
1m65c St Anthony
2m79c Walker (1)
3m26c Battle Hill Gate
3m69c Tyne Dry Dock Siding
4m33c Carville
4m56c Parson Works
4m65c Church Pit Crossing
5m09c Point Pleasant
5m21c Wallsend Slipway GF
5m54c Willington Quay
5m78c Northumberland Dock Junction
6m42c Percy Main Junction NE720
(1) Low Walker until 1889

RVE1: Riverside Junction - Carville
RVE2: Carville - Percy Main Junction
NE673 Langdale's Works Branch Junction - Langdale's Works
0m00c - 0m31c
NE674 Heaton Carriage Sidings
0m00c - 0m69c
Previously Heaton MPD
NE675 Heaton Yard
2m18c Chillingham Road Junction NE670
2m70c Heaton North Junction NE670
NE680 Manors Junction - Earsdon Junction
0m00c Manors Junction
  Manors (1)
  Manors North Junction NE681
0m48c New Bridge Street Goods Junction
  Jesmond (south) Junction NE722
  Jesmond Junction (Metro) NE631
  West Jesmond
  Ilford Road (Metro)
  South Gosforth (2)
2m39c Gosforth South Junction NE683
2m70c Gosforth East Junction NE687
  Longbenton (3)
  Long Benton (4)
4m32c Benton Station Junction NE688
4m74c Benton East Junction NE732
  Forest Hall
  Benton Square
6m60c Backworth Junction NE720
7m08c Earsdon Junction NE690 NE700
(1) Manors North 1909-1969
(2) Gosforth until 1905 (3) now Metro
(4) now Four Lane Ends (Metro)

BTN: throughout
ICI2: Gosforth East Junction - Benton Station Junction
BNE: Benton East Junction - Earsdon Junction, remiled 0m36c to 2m53c, datum Benton Quarry Junction.

1864 OS maps show dual mile posts from Newcastle and Tynemouth

Gosforth East Junction - Benton Station Junction remiled from Benton Quarry Junction.
Benton East Junction to Earsdon remiled from zero at Benton Quarry Junction to 2m53c at Earsdon Junction.
NE681 Manors Curve
Manors North Junction NE680
Argyle Street Junction NE670
NE682 New Bridge Street Goods Spur, Newcastle
New Bridge Street Goods
New Bridge Street Goods Junction NE680
NE683 Gosforth South Junction - Ponteland
0m00c Gosforth South Junction NE680
0m30c Gosforth Loop Junction NE686
  Gosforth West Junction NE687
  West Gosforth (2)
  Wansbeck Road (1)
  Kingston Park (1)
  Kenton (2)
  Coxlodge (3)
  Callerton Park (1st) (4)
  Newcastle Airport Junction (Metro) NE684
6m63c Ponteland Junction NE685
6m77c Ponteland
(1) opened new by Tyne & Wear Metro
(2) now Regent Centre (Metro)
(3) now Fawdon (Metro)
(4) Kenton Bank from 1923, now Bank Foot (Metro)

ICI2: Gosforth West Junction - Kenton Bank Foot
ICI3: Kenton Bank Foot - Callerton ICI
ICI4: Callerton ICI - Ponteland

ICI mileages are measured from Benton South Junction
NE684 Newcastle Airport Line (Tyne & Wear Metro)
Newcastle Airport Junction (Metro) NE683
Callerton Park (2nd) Newcastle Airport
NE685 Ponteland Junction - Darras Hall
0m00c Ponteland Junction NE683
1m22c Darras Hall
NE686 Gosforth Loop
0m00c Gosforth East Junction NE680
0m37c Gosforth Loop Junction NE683
Presumably Gosforth West to East via the car sheds
NE687 Gosforth East - Gosforth West
Gosforth West Junction NE683
Gosforth East Junction NE680
NE688 Benton Junction - Benton North Junction
datum Benton Junction
0m00c Benton Station Junction NE680
0m26c Benton North Junction NE730
LNER 1940
NE690 Earsdon Junction - N.E.R. boundary
0m00c Earsdon Junction NE680 NE700
  Blue Bell
3m06c Percy Main North Junction NE692
  Percy Main (B&T)
  Engine Shed Junction NE694
3m57c T.I.C. No.1 SB NE693
NE691 Rising Sun Branch
Rising Sun Colliery
Percy Main North Junction NE690
LNER 1938
NE692 Percy Main North Junction - Percy Main Junction
0m00c Percy Main Junction NE720
0m19c Percy Main North Junction NE690 NE693
NE693 nr T.I.C. No.1 SB - Albert Edward Dock
T.I.C. No.1 SB NE690
Albert Edward Dock Junction
Albert Edward Dock (Tyne Improvement Commissioners)
NE694 Albert Edward Dock Junction - Northumberland Dock Goods
Engine Shed Junction NE690
Northumberland Dock Goods
NE700 Earsdon Junction - Morpeth Junction
7m08c Earsdon Junction NE680 NE690 NE731
  Backworth (1)
7m46c Holywell Junction NE701
  Seghill South
9m06c Seghill North LC
9m36c Mares Close LC
9m75c Seaton Delaval (2)
  Hartley (1st)
  Hartley West Junction NE728
11m12c Hartley LC
11m22c Hartley North Junction NE726
  Hartley (2nd)
11m30c Red House Farm LC
12m45c Newsham South
12m74c Newsham North Junction NE702
13m16c Plessey Road LC
  Bebside (3)
14m67c Bebside LC
15m60c Bedlington South NE706
15m60c Bedlington South LC
15m68c Bedlington Junction NE707
15m69c Bedlington North LC
16m08c single line junction
16m26c Coatsworth Farm No.2 LC
17m06c Choppington LC
  Choppington Colliery Junction NE715
17m23c Netherton Branch Junction NE716
19m21c Hepscott LC
19m38c Parkside Farm LC
19m44c Hepscott Junction NE717
  Wansbeck Railway Junction NB
  Morpeth Goods Junction NE718
20m47c Morpeth Junction NE730
(1) Holywell until 1860
(2) Seaton Dalaval Colliery until 1864
(3) Cowpen Lane until 1860

EJM Earsdon Junction - Hepscott Junction
HJM Hepscott Junction - Morpeth Junction

1865 OS map shows a 17 mile post from Tyne just before the junction with the Wansbeck Railway, presumably from one of the Tynemouth (North Shields) B&T stations.
NE701 Burradon Branch (B.& H. Wagonway)
Holywell Junction NE700
NE702 Blyth (B&T) Branch
0m00c Newsham North Junction NE700
0m17c Newsham Station Junction NE703
0m36c Isabella Junction NE704
1m34c Blyth Station Junction NE703
1m53c Blyth
ISC: Newsham North Junction - Isabella Colliery Junction.

1960 Appendix (pages 38-39) shows this Branch and the Goods Branch effectively as a single loop but each half seems to be miled separately, probably because they were built at different times and did not initially link up.

Cobb's reference to 'Bates Staiths' on this line is an error.

1865 OS map shows dual miled from Blyth and from Tyne.
NE703 Blyth Goods (New Blyth) (NER) Branch
2m36c summit of staiths NE705
  Links Road
  Crofton Mill
  Newsham Station Junction NE702
NE704 Cowpen (Bates) Branch
0m36c Isabella Colliery Junction NE702
  Isabella Colliery
This branch was probably always Colliery owned and ended up owned by UK Coal. It also continued to Cowpen 'B' (North) pit and Crofton Mills (not the one in NE703) to a point by High Ferry. 1970s maps show that Cowpen North Colliery has been replaced by Bates Colliery.

This is the line marked 'Bates Branch' in the current Quail and as going to Isabella/Bates Colliery, Cowpen Bates Colliery and staiths in the 1988 (1st edition) Quail. See 431078 581850.
NE705 Blyth Junction - summit of Staiths
0m00c Blythe Station Junction NE702
0m61c Summit of Staiths
NE706 Bedlington Waggonway Branch
Bedlington South Junction NE700
Bedlington Colliery
Bedlington Colliery Railway. Was it ever part of the NER or LNER or BR?
NE707 Bedlington Junction - Newbiggin-by-the-Sea
0m00c Bedlington Junction NE700
0m78c West Sleekburn Junction NE708
1m35c Marchey's House Junction NE712
1m41c Marchey's House LC
1m68c North Seaton Colliery Junction NE713
1m76c North Seaton LC
North Seaton
2m43c Green Lane LC
2m77c Ashington (1)
3m02c Ashington Junction NE734
3m21c Hirst Lane LC
4m10c Woodhorn Junction NE713c
5m42c Newbiggin-by-the-Sea
(1) Ashington Colliery Junction until 1878, then Hirst until 1889.

BWC: Bedlington Junction - Woodhorn Junction (for Lynemouth)
NBN: Bedlington Junction - Newbiggin-by-the-Sea
NE708 West Sleekburn Junction - end of North Blyth Staiths
0m00c West Sleekburn Junction NE707
0m33c Winning Junction NE712
0m36c Winning
1m30c Freemans LC
1m33c Freeman's Junction NE709f NE711
1m68c Blyth Staiths Junction NE710
2m10c Cambois LC
  North Dock Junction NE711c
3m58c North Blyth Staiths
"Cambois Branch", Cambois to North Blyth previously 'Cowpen Railway'. See here for more.
NE709 nr West Sleekburn Junction -
Choice of two separate branches here - West Sleekburn Junction eastwards into West Sleekburn Colliery (West Sleekburn Colliery Railway) and westwards into a mine between Bomarsund and Stakeford (Bomarsund Siding). Cobb doesn't show either becoming part of NER or successors.
NE709f Blyth Power Station Branch
datum West Sleeburn Junction
1m33c Freeman's Junction NE708
2m27c Blyth Power Station
Is this intended to be NE709
NE710 West Blyth Staiths Junction - end of West Blyth Staiths
1m68c Blyth Staiths Junction NE708
Cowpen Colliery Sidings
3m00c West Blyth Staiths
NE711 Cambois Colliery - Cowpen Staiths
1m33c Freeman's Junction NE708
Cowpen Colliery Sidings NE710
Cowpen is south side of the River Blyth, not the north. 1960 Appendix refers to end of branch as "Cowpen Colliery Siding". 1949 OS 1:10,560 map shows this as Cambois Branch. 1898 OS map shows this to be part of original alignment of the 'Cambois Branch' from West Sleekburn with the section from Cambois Colliery to North Blyth marked as 'Cowpen Colliery Railway, Cambois Pit Branch'.
NE711c North Blyth Dock Branch
North Dock Junction NE708
North Dock Staiths
1924 OS map marks this as part of the Cambois Branch.
NE712 Marcheys House Loop
0m30c Winning Junction NE708
0m00c Marcheys House Junction NE707
NE713 North Seaton Colliery Branch Junction - N.E.R. boundary
1m68c North Seaton Junction NE707
2m11c North Seaton Colliery
NE713c Lynemouth Line
datum Bedlington Junction
4m10c Woodhorn Junction NE707
6m12c Lynemouth
6m27c end of line
Colliery owned
NE714 Linton Colliery Railway
datum Bedlington Junction
3m05c Ashington Junction NE707
4m16c (2m19c) light rail order boundary
4m17c (2m18c) New Moor LC
4m76c (1m33c) Potland LC
  Potland Junction NE714c NE714f
Linton Colliery
BWO1: Ashington Junction - Potland Junction

Mileages in brackets are UK Coal light railway order ones, datum Butterwell GF 'A'.
NE714c Ellington Colliery Branch
Potland Junction NE714
Ellington Colliery
NE714f Butterwell South Branch
datum Bedlington North Junction
  Potland Junction NE714
5m38c (0m71c) signal B6
6m29c (0m00c) Butterwell GF 'A' NE735
Mileages in brackets are UK Coal light railway order ones, datum Butterwell GF 'A'.
NE715 Choppington Colliery Junction -
Choppington Colliery Junction NE700
Choppington Colliery
NE716 Netherton Colliery Branch Junction - N.E.R. boundary
17m23c Netherton Branch Junction NE700
17m56c BR/NCB boundary
Netherton Colliery
Out of sequence, does not follow the Netherton Waggonway route.
NE717 Hepscott Junction - Morpeth North Junction
19m44c Hepscott Junction NE700
20m46c Morpeth North Junction NE730
NE718 Morpeth Goods Spur
Morpeth Goods Junction NE700
Morpeth Goods
NE720 Heaton South Junction - Backworth Junction
0m00c Heaton South Junction NE670
  Walker Gate (1)
  Church Pit
  Limekiln Road LC
  Hadrian Road (Metro)
  Howden-on-Tyne (Metro)
4m11c Percy Main Junction NE672 NE692
  Smith's Park (2)
  North Shields
  Preston Colliery
6m25c Tynemouth West Junction NE723
6m38c Tynemouth South Junction NE724
  Tynemouth North
  Cullercoates (2nd)
  Whitley Bay (3)
8m67c Monkseaton East Junction
  Monkseaton (2nd)
9m00c Monkseaton West (new) Junction NE726
  Ashbrook Road diversion point
  Earsdon Grange
  West Monkseaton
  Murton footpath LC
  Shiremoor (Metro)
11m34c Backworth Junction NE680

Pre 1915 route at Monkseaton
Monkseaton East Junction
Monkseaton (1st)(4)
Monkseaton West (old) Junction (5) NE726
Ashbrook Road diversion point
(1) Walker until 1889
(2) now Meadowell (Metro)
(3) Whitley until 1899
(4) Whitley until 1882
(5) Shown as Whitley Junction on 1862 OS map

1862 OS map shows mileposts from Newcastle and from Tynemouth (B&T)
  Monkseaton has three distinct periods of railway geography, pre and post 1882 and 1915. OS maps are problematic in that the 1938 1:10,560 edition shows parts of the infrastructure of both 1915 periods with some track missing from both old and new. The first station is marked 'Sta.' and the second shown unmarked although it had been in use for 23 years. The 1920 edition is more useful as it shows the old alignments with track and the new alignments as 'railway in course of construction'. Essentially Monkseaton East Junction was completely remodelled and Monkseaton West moved to the new alignment together with the southen end of the line to Hartley Junction.
NE721 Chillingham Road - St. James, Newcastle (Tyne & Wear Metro)
Chillingham Road NE720
Manors NE722
St James
end of line
NE722 Manors - Jesmond (Tyne & Wear Metro)
Manors NE721
Jesmond (south) Junction NE680
NE723 Tynemouth West - Tynemouth Goods (Original N&SS Station)
Tynemouth West Junction NE720
Tynemouth (1st) (1)
(1) shown as North Shields on 1865 OS map
NE724 Tynemouth South - Blyth & Tyne Depots
Tynemouth South Junction NE720
(cuts across site of North Shields (3rd))
North Shields Junction NE725
0m00c - 0m36c
1882 connection
NE725 Monkseaton Passenger - Monkseaton Goods (Whitley Hill Sidings)
0m00c Monkseaton East Junction NE720
0m21c Whitley Hill Sidings

Pre 1882
Monkseaton East Junction
Cullercoats (1st)
North Shields Junction NE724
North Shields (1st)

also 1864-1882
North Shields Junction NE724
North Shields (2nd) temporary
North Shields (3rd)
NE726 Avenue Branch
0m00c Monkseaton West (new) Junction NE720
  Holywell Avenue diversion point
  Brierdene Junction NE727
  Dairy House Junction
  The Avenue
  Hartley East Junction NE728
3m55c Hartley North Junction NE700

Pre 1915
Monkseaton West (old) Junction NE720
Holywell Avenue diversion point
1862 OS map shows mileposts from Blyth and from Tynemouth (B&T)
NE727 Brierdene Junction - Collywell Bay Branch
Brierdene Junction NE726
Collywell Bay
Cobb doesn't show this but OS maps show the line and parts are still 'dismantled railway' on today's OS maps. Apparently dismantled 1914 for the war effort prior to opening and never rebuilt.
NE728 Hartley South Curve
Hartley East Junction NE726
Hartley West Junction NE700
NE730 Benton Quarry Junction - Alnmouth South
datum Newcastle
4m22c Benton Quarry Junction NE670 NE732
4m58c Benton North Junction NE688
  Forest Hall (2nd)(1)
5m76c Killingworth LC
6m28c Killingworth Bridleway LC
7m73c Dudley Bridleway LC
8m46c Dam Dykes LC
9m74c Cramlington
11m51c Plessey crossovers
  Stannington (2)
13m74c Stannington LC
14m56c Clifton LC
16m50c Morpeth
16m56c Morpeth Junction NE700
16m78c Morpeth North LC
17m30c Morpeth North Junction NE717
18m44c Pegswood
19m13c Ashington Colliery Junction NE734
20m17c Longhirst LC
20m52c Ulgham Lane LC (3)
20m63c Butterwell Junction NE735
22m24c Ulgham Grange LC (3)
23m20c Widdrington
23m24c Widdrington Junction NE736
24m60c Widdrington (North) Sidings NE737
25m16c Felton Lane LC
25m49c Chevington LC
25m58c Chevington Loop South
26m37c Chevington Loop North
26m37c Amble Junction NE738
28m43c Acklington
29m51c No.150 LC
  Southside NE739
31m42c No.152 LC
31m67c Warkworth LC
  Shilbottle NE739a
33m65c Wooden Gate crossovers
33m71c Wooden Gate LC
33m72c Alnmouth Loop South
34m38c No.155 LC
34m54c Alnmouth Loop North
34m60c Alnmouth South NE740

(1) Benton until 1874
(2) Netherton until 1892
(3) pronounced Upham
NE731 Benton Quarry - Benton Station
0m00c Benton Quarry Junction NE730
0m27c Benton Station Junction NE680
ICI1: Benton Quarry Junction - 0m10c
ICI2: 0m10c - Benton Station Junction
NE732 Benton Quarry - Benton East Junction
0m00c Benton Quarry Junction NE730
0m36c Benton East Junction NE680
NE733 Morpeth Junction - Boundary with NBR on Wansbeck Valley Branch
0m00c Morpeth Junction NE730
0m36c NER/NBR boundary
NE734 Ashington Colliery Branch
0m00c Ashington Colliery Junction NE730
3m05c Ashington Colliery
NE735 Butterwell North Branch
0m00c Butterwell Junction NE730
0m60c Butterwell GF 'A' NE714
NE736 Stobswood Colliery Branch
datum Newcastle Central
23m24c Widdrington Junction NE730
24m05c Stobswood Colliery
NE737 Widdrington Colliery Junction - Widdrington Colliery
Widdrington Sidings NE730
Widdrington Colliery
NE738 Amble Branch
0m00c Amble Junction NE730
1m59v Township Gate
2m41c Broomhill
3m64c SB
4m75c Amble
4m79c end of line
NE739 Whittle Branch
Southside Junction NE730
Whittle Colliery
NE739a Shilbottle Branch
Shilbottle NE730
Shilbottle Colliery
NE740 Alnmouth South - Berwick
datum Newcastle
34m00c mile post NE730
34m60c Alnmouth South Junction NE741
34m69c Alnmouth
34m76c Alnmouth North
35m74c No.155A LC
39m34c Little Mill LC
37m39c Longhoughton
  Howick Hough
39m30c Little Mill crossovers
39m37c Little Mill
40m39c Stamford Crossing
40m71c No.156A LC
42m46c No.161 LC
42m79c Christon Bank LC
43m45c Fallodon LC
43m50c Fallodon
43m65c No.162 LC
45m10c No.163 LC
45m67c Chathill crossovers
45m78c Chathill LC
46m03c Chathill ND001
47m09c Newham LC
47m10c Newham
47m57c No.167 LC
48m18c No.169 LC
48m63c No.170 LC
49m17c Lucker LC
49m20c Lucker
50m37c No.174 LC
51m39c Belford crossovers
51m45c Belford LC
51m52c Belford
51mxxc Slater Quarry Sidings
51m55c Belford Loop South
51m64c Belford Burn footpath LC
51m72c Easington footpath LC
52m43c Belford Loop North
52m48c Crag Mill LC
54m68c No.179 LC
54m79c Smeafield LC
55m02c Smeafield
55m31c Fenham Low Moor LC
52m37c Fenham Hill footpath LC
58m49c Beal
58m52c Beale LC
59m32c Beal crossovers
59m67c No.193 LC
60m67c Goswick LC
60m67c Goswick (1)
62m47c Scremerston Lime Works
63m46c Scremerston LC
63m49c Scremerston
64m42c Billingdean
65m01c SpittalCrossing
65m42c Tweedmouth South Junction NE744
65m59c Tweedmouth South
65m65c Tweedmouth
65m71c Tweedmouth Junction NE745
65m74c Tweedmouth North
65m78c Tweedmouth PSB
67m00c NER/NBR boundary Berwick upon Tweed NB001
(1) Windmill Hill until 1898
NE741 Alnwick Branch
0m00c Almouth South Junction
0m09c Alnmouth
0m15c Alnmouth North
2m03c Willowburn
2m43c Shilbottle Colliery Junction
2m71c Alnwick Junction NE742
3m06c Alnwick
NE742 Alnwick Junction - Coldstream Junction
35m46c Alnwick Station Junction NE741
35m32c Alnwick North
31m37c Summit
30m53c Frazer's Siding GF
28m64c Edlingham
25m71c Whittingham
24m15c Glanton
22m17c Hedgeley
20m01c Wooperton
18m64c Roseden
17m07c Idlerton
15m08c Wooler Haugh
13m76c Brewery Road
13m54c Wooler South
13m42c Wooler
13m36c Wooler North
11m37c Bendor
10m72c Akeld
9m58c Yeavering
8m24c Kirknewton Crossing
7m76c Kirknewton
5m53c Kilham Sidings
4m79c Langham Bridge
3m45c Mindrum
2m47c Hagg
0m00c Coldstream Junction NE745
NE743 Removed to ND001    
NE744 Tweedmouth South (Dock Branch) Junction - Tweedmouth Dock
0m00c Tweedmouth South Junction NE740
0m71c Tweedmouth Dock
NE745 Tweedmouth Junction - Boundary with NBR near Sprouston
0m00c Tweedmouth Junction NE740
0m03c Tweedmouth North
4m04c Velvet Hall
6m59c Norham
9m50c Twizell
12m41c Coldstream
12m44c Coldstream Junction NE742
14m21c Learmouth Siding
15m43c Sunilaws (down)
15m49c Sunilaws (up)
17m66c Carham (up)
17m71c Carham (down)
20m13c Sprouston
21m13c Sprouston Junction NB061


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