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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes O

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Signal Fact 33

Somersault sempahore signals, centre balanced, were developed as a response to the Abbots Ripton collision of 1876 when snow had interfered with the correct operation of slotted post signals.

They were adopted by the Great Northern Railway, Belfast & Northern Counties Railway and Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway among a few others, including Australia.

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ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
OAG yes Oldham - Ashton OG003
OAJ yes Oakenshaw South Junction - Oakenshaw Junction LY343
OAU   Audenshaw Junction to Canal Junction OG005
OAW yes Over & Warton Branch NW531
OBA yes Oban Branch CA520
OBN yes Oban Line
OBS   Oakbank Branch CA061
OCB   Ollerton Colliery Branch
OCL yes Orchardhall Branch CA503
OCR   Oakley Branch NB611
OCZ   Old Carway Branch BP002
ODT   Middlesbrough Old Town Branch NE517
OFB   Fochabers Branch HR015
OGD   Gifford Branch NB012
OGI   Ogilvie Colliery Branch BM023
OGM yes Ogmore Valley Branch GW562
OJS yes Otford Junction - Sevenoaks Junction SE122
OJW yes Oakmoor Junction - Oakmoor Wharf NS023
OLC   Ollerton Colliery Branch Mid Notts
OLD yes Oldbury Branch GW753
OLL yes Ordsall Lane to Liverpool Line NW623
OLM yes Oldham Branch NW812
OLW yes Windsor Link NW621
OME   Olive Mount to Edge Hill Line NW608
OMI   Omoa Branch CA174
OMO   Silverburn Branch CA175
ONJ   Oxford North Junction
OOC   Old Oak Common Yards
OON yes Barnsley Coal Railway (Starfoot - Nostell) GC290
OOS yes Old Oak Sidings, Willesden NW100
OPM   Berryards Branch CA456
ORD   High Level Goods Loop LY034
ORG yes Oldham Road Goods Branch LY032
ORI   Oldham Road St Georges Incline LY033
OSC yes Oakenshaw South Junction - Crofton East Junction LY346
OSL   Oulton Broad South to Lowestoft South Line GE273
OSN   Oakwell Junction to Stairfoot North Line GC291
OTB   Otley and Ilkley Joint Line OI001
OTL yes Otley - Bramhope NE456
OVE yes Ogmore Vale Extension Line PT030
OWW yes Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway GW
OXC yes Stafford Road Junction - Bushbury Oxley Junction (Oxley Chord) GW768
OXD yes Oxford Branch (Bletchley Bay Platform - Oxford North Junction) NW130
OXO yes Oxcroft Open Cast Branch MR788
OXW yes Windermere Branch NW896


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