Location County Line Show
Fagbury Junction Suffolk
Fairford Gloucestershire
Fairlie Ayrshire
Fairlie High Ayrshire
Fairlie Pier Ayrshire
Fairlie Pier Junction Ayrshire
Fairlie Town Ayrshire
Fairlie Tunnel Ayrshire
Fakenham (Town-West) Norfolk
Fakenham Common Crossing Norfolk
Falmer Sussex
Location County Line Show
Fancott Miniature Railway Bedfordshire  
Fangfoss Yorkshire
Farleigh Down Siding Wiltshire
Farlington Hampshire
Farlington Intermediate Hampshire
Farnborough Hampshire
Farnborough Junction Hampshire
Farnborough Main Hampshire
Farnley & Wortley Junction Yorkshire
Farnworth (& Halshaw Moor) Lancashire
Farnworth (Moses Gate) Lancashire
Farnworth Tunnel Lancashire
Farringdon (& High Holborn) Middlesex
Farringdon Road Berkshire
Farringdon Street Middlesex
Farthinghoe Northamptonshire
Fauldhouse Linlithgow
Faulds Moss Colliery Ayrshire
Fawler Siding Oxfordshire
Fawley Hampshire
Faygate Sussex


Location County Line Show
Fearnall Heath Worcestershire
Felixstowe Suffolk
Felixstowe Suffolk
Felixstowe Beach Suffolk
Felixstowe Beach Junction Suffolk
Felixstowe Dock Junction Suffolk
Felixstowe Pier Suffolk
Felixstowe Town Suffolk
Felmingham Norfolk
Location County Line Show
Fence Bank Crossing Norfolk
Fencote Herefordshire
Fenton Tunnel Staffordshire
Fenwick Crossing Yorkshire
Fernhill Heath Worcestershire
Ferriby Yorkshire
Ferring Crossing Sussex
Ferry Cambridgeshire


Location County Line Show
Fiddington Crossing Gloucestershire
Finchley Middlesex
Finchley & Hendon Middlesex
Finchley Church End Middlesex
Finchley Road Middlesex
Findhorn Moray
Finningley Yorkshire
Finstock Oxfordshire
Firbeck Colliery Nottinghamshire
Firbeck Junctions Yorkshire
Location County Line Show
Fish Dock Road LC Lincolnshire
Fishbourne Sussex
Fishbourne Crossing Sussex
Fisher's Lane Junction Middlesex
Fishersgate Sussex
Fittleworth Sussex


Location County Line Show
Fladbury Worcestershire
Flaxby Grange LC Yorkshire
Flaxton Yorkshire
Fledborough Nottinghamshire
Fleet Lincolnshire
Fleet Hall Road Crossing Lincolnshire
Fleetwood Lancashire
Flemington Lanarkshire
Fletching & Sheffield Park Sussex
Location County Line Show
Flitcham Road Crossing Norfolk
Flixborough Steel Terminal Lincolnshire
Flockton Siding Yorkshire
Floriston Cumberland
Flow Moss Lancashire
Flyover West Junction Yorkshire


Location County Line Show
Fockerby Lincolnshire
Foggathorpe Yorkshire
Foleshill Warwickshire
Foley Park Worcestershire
Folkestone Harbour Kent
Follingsby Crossing Durham
Folly Hill Sussex
Folly Lane Cheshire
Folly Road Kent
Ford Sussex
Ford Bridge Sussex
Ford Crossing Surrey
Ford Gate Essex
Ford Junction Sussex
Forest Brickworks Siding Sussex
Forest Row Sussex
Forgandenny Perthshire
Forks Junction Cumberland
Forres Moray
Forsinard Sutherland
Forteviot Perthshire
Fort Pitt Tunnel Kent
Forty Steps Crossing Sussex
Location County Line Show
Foss Island Junction Yorkshire
Fossdyke Lincolnshire
Foul Anchor Cambridgeshire
Foulsham Road Crossing Norfolk
Four Cross Roads Lincolnshire
Four Crosses Montgomeryshire
Four Oaks Gloucestershire
Foxlow Junction Derbyshire
Foxton Cambridgeshire


Location County Line Show
Frampton Dorset
Frant Sussex
Location County Line Show
French Drove Lincolnshire
Frenchgate Junction Yorkshire
Freshgap Lane Crossing Norfolk
Freshwater Isle of Wight
Freshwater Causeway Crossing Isle of Wight
Friargate Lincolnshire
Fritwell & Somerton Oxfordshire
Frodingham & Scunthorpe Lincolnshire
Frodingham Trent Junction Lincolnshire
Frodingham Yard No.1 Lincolnshire
Frodingham Yard No.2 Lincolnshire
Frodsham Junction Cheshire
Froghall Staffordshire
Frogs Hole Crossing Sussex


Location County Line Show
Fulham Broadway Middlesex
Location County Line Show
Fulwell & Westbury Buckinghamshire