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Signal Fact 31

In 1863 Charles Spagnoletti, Telegraph Superintendent of the Great Western Railway, devised a block instrument in which a disc swung to show the legend Train on Line or Line Clear in a little window.

Instruments of this type were still used by British Railways well through that organisation's life span!

Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway (GNR, MR)

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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

Milepost mileages are taken from a series of civil engineering documents forming part of RAIL798 at the Public Record Office. These were compiled by the LNER and variously date from 1928 to 1940, and remained in use by BR. In these documents zero mileposts are at Bourne Station, Coke Ovens Junction, North Walsham, Saxby Junction, South Lynn Junction, and Wisbech Junction and run as shown against the line codes below.

As might be expected some of the lines originally had mileposts based on more historic zero points and these mileages, as shown on 19th century OS maps published in the mid 1880s, are mentioned within the line code notes. Where it has been possible to calculate these by cross reference to the LNER series the calculated mileages are shown in brackets.

What is not known as yet is the date(s) when the old mileages were changed to those visible in RAIL798. A plan deposited in 1898 in connection with doubling of the line at Langor Bridge clearly shows a milepost from South Lynn thus indicating that South Lynn Junction had replaced King's Lynn (GER) mileages by that date. As the South Lynn to Bawsey Sidings line only opened in 1885 this points to a possible date somewhere between then and 1898.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
Peterborough, Wisbech, Sutton Bridge & Lynn
0m00c Wisbech Junction MR101
0m26c Wisbech Sidings East SB
1m43c Paston No.80 LC
2m44c Dogsthorpe No.79 LC
2m46c Dogsthorpe Siding SB
  Eye Green West SB
4m33c Eye Green for Crowland station
4m44c Eye Green East SB
5m12c Mill Hill No.78 LC
7m42c Thorney LC
  Thorney West SB
7m58c Thorney station
7m63c Thorney East SB
9m61c Wryde LC
9m76c Wryde SB
9m78c Wryde station
12m20c Turf Fen No.77 LC
13m22c Murrow Curve Junction JN021
13m25c Murrow No.76 LC
13m27c level crossing of JN
13m53c Murrow station
13m57c Murrow East SB
14m60c Murrow Lane No.75 LC
16m00c Sandbank No.74 LC
16m73c Wisbech St.Mary
16m76c Wisbech St Mary SB
16m76c Wisbech St Mary LC
18m00c Panswell No.73 LC
18m45c Barton Lane SB No.72 LC
19m25c Wisbech station (1)
19m30c Wisbech Station SB (1)
19m30c Wisbech LC
19m43c Leverington Road SB LC
19m52c Wisbech Goods
19m62c Horse Shoe Lane SB No.71 LC
19m70c Goods Loop Junction MG002
20m71c Bludwick Drove No.70 LC
21m13c Gipsy Lane No.69 LC
21m62c Ferry SB
21m65c Ferry station
23m08c Catlings Lane No.68 LC
23m55c The Chase No.67 LC
24m07c Foul Anchor No.66 LC
24m33c Tydd SB
24m79c Tydd station
26m40c Sutton Bridge Junction MG004
26m54c Sutton Bridge station
26m61c Sutton Bridge SB
  Cross Keys Bridge Turret
26m68c Sutton Bridge East SB No.65 LC
  Wingland SB
28m76c Pingle Lane No.62 LC
29m35c Walpole station
30m18c Market Lane No.60 LC
30m33c Buntings Well No.59 LC
30m51c Bates No.58 LC
31m32c Terrington West SB
31m34c Terrington No.57 LC
  Terrington East SB
31m66c Greens Lane No.56 LC
32m05c White Cross Lane No.55 LC
32m58c Clenchwarton station
32m61c Clenchwarton SB
35m14c West Lynn SB No.54 LC
35m36c Single Line Junction SB
35m52c South Lynn West SB
35m58c South Lynn station
35m66c South Lynn Junction SB
35m69c South Lynn Junction MG007 MG010

(1) Wisbech North from 1948

The 1938 mileages (above) would appear to be a re-measurement by the LNER as the milepost positions are recorded anything up to 2 chains from the measured position.

1886-1890 OS maps show mileposts:
Wisbech Junction - Sutton Bridge Junction, dual datums Peterborough and Sutton Bridge. These are marked with whole mileages from Peterborough and half mileages from Sutton Bridge. Official M&GN documents from c1900 quote mileages from Wisbech Junction. Was the OS in the habit of dual mileaging or did the MR do this - I have seen similar in other Midland Railway areas and the MR originally operated this section.
Sutton Bridge Junction - South Lynn previously datum Spalding. They are referred to as such in the notice published in the London Gazette for 15 November 1881 (page 5977) and MR still showed these in weekly notices issued in 1899.
Wisbech Harbour Branch Junction
  Goods Loop Junction
0m00c Harbour Branch Junction MG001
0m06c Horse Shoe Lane LC
0m67c Old Market Place
Saxby & Bourne Line
datum Saxby, Bourne Line Junction
13m07c Little Bytham Junction (end on) MR103
18m01c Bourne West Junction GN124
Spalding & Bourne Line
datum Bourne Station GNR (earlier GNR mileages pre M&GN are in brackets, datum Spalding No.1 Junction)
0m15c Bourne East Junction GN124
0m20c Austerby Crossing GB No.107 LC
0m46c Four Cross Roads SB No.106 LC
1m54c Bourne Eau SB
3m51c Twenty SB
3m53c Twenty station
5m17c Counter Drain No.105A LC
5m18c Counter Drain SB
5m75c Iron Bar Drove No.105 LC
7m05c North Drove station
7m46c South Drove No.104A LC
8m09c Cuckoo Junction No.104 LC MG005

Spalding & Sutton Line
  Duck Hall SB
9m32c (0m33c) Welland Bank Junction MG006
  Water Lane SB
9m39c (0m40c) Welland Bank
9m42c (0m43c) Cowbit Road No.102 LC
9m71c (Om72c) Clay Lake SB No.101 LC
10m13c (1m12c) Cunningham's Drove SB No.100 LC
10m58c (1m57c) Low Road No.99 LC
10m71c (1m70c) Kellet Gate No.98 LC
11m29c (2m28c) Whyles Bank No.97 LC
11m66c (2m67c) Weston station
12m14c (3m13c) Delgate Road No.96 LC
12m68c (3m67c) Long Lane No.95 LC
13m26c (4m27c) Moulton station
13m30c (4m31c) Moulton SB
13m62c (4m61c) Hogs Gate No.94 LC
14m33c (5m34c) Whaplode station
15m17c (6m16c) Crane's Gate No.93 LC
16m01c (7m00c) Cranmore Lane No.92 LC
16m33c (7m34c) Holbeach West SB
16m52c (7m53c) Holbeach station
16m56c (7m57c) Holbeach East SB
17m03c (8m02c) Dam Gate No.91 LC
17m41c (8m40c) Branches Lane No.90 LC
18m32c (9m31c) Fleet Hall Road No.89 LC
18m43c (9m42c) Hockles Gate No.88A LC
18m56c (9m57c) Fleet SB
18m57c (9m58c) Fleet station
19m17c (10m16c) Pinstock Lane No.88 LC
19m53c (10m52c) Stonegate Lane No.87 LC
20m00c (11m01c) Gedney SB
20m02c (11m03c) Gedney station
20m46c (11m45c) Carters Lane No.86 LC
20m63c (11m62c) Garnsgate Road No.85 LC
21m14c (12m15c) Long Sutton station
21m17c (12m18c) Long Sutton SB
21m55c (12m54c) Seagate Road No.84 LC
22m44c (13m43c) Hundred Lane No.83 LC
22m72c (13m71c) Hospital Drove No.82 LC
24m16c (15m17c) Sutton Dock Junction No.81 LC
24m17c (15m18c) Sutton Bridge Dock Junction SB
24m70c (15m71c) Sutton Bridge Junction MG001

Mileages are from RAIL798/270 at the PRO and match 19th century OS map evidence as far as Welland Bank Junction.
A GNR Gradient book shows Bourne Junction 0m00c to Spalding Junction 8m36c which seems to match the PRO evidence if zero is Bourne station rather than Bourne Junction.
The same gradient book shows Spalding (Holbeach Line) Junction 0m00c to Sutton Bridge Goods 15m58c (shown in brackets - but calculated from the PRO mileages - hence the discrepancy) and this is supported by the 1889 OS maps evidence as being milepost mileages. The date of change is unknown.
Spalding & Bourne Line, datum Bourne Station GNR.
8m09c Cuckoo Junction MG004
8m71c Hawthorn Bank No.103 LC
9m39c Spalding No.1 LC 59 GN090
Mileages are from RAIL798/271 (March 1940) at the PRO and match 19th century OS map evidence.
Spalding & Sutton Line.
0m00c (0m33c) Welland Bank Junction MG004
  St James's LC
0m33c (0m00c) Holbeach Line Junction (Spalding) GN090
GNR gradient book shows zero at Holbeach Line Junction end (shown in brackets) and continuing to Sutton Goods and this is supported by the 1889 OS maps evidence as milepost mileages. It is also supported by the notice published in the London Gazette in 1881 (see under MG001).
Kings Lynn Branch
datum Wisbech Junction.
35m69c South Lynn Junction MG001 MG010
  Harbour Branch junction MG008
36m17c Harbour South Junction GE110
Originally mileposted from Spalding.
Lynn Harbour Branch
  Harbour Branch junction MG007
  junction with GER Harbour Branch GE112
Lynn & Fakenham Line.

Lynn Loop
0m00c South Lynn Junction MG001 MG007
0m65c Hardwick Narrows No.1A LC
1m15c Hardwick Road Goods
3m41c Gayton Road station Boam
3m42c Gayton Road SB
4m42c Bawsey Siding SB
4m45c Bawsey Junction MG011

Lynn & Fakenham Line
5m23c Common Road No.3 LC
6m11c Roydon Road No.4 LC
6m27c Grimston Road station
6m30c Grimston Road SB
6m31c Grimston Road LC
8m29c Hillington for Sandringham station
8m32c Hillington SB
8m32c Hillington LC
8m67c Flitcham Road No.5 LC
10m41c Hill Road No.6 LC
11m47c Peddars Way No.7 LC
13m07c Massingham station
13m11c Massingham SB
13m45c Massingham Road No.8 LC
14m35c Kipton Heath No.9 LC
15m42c West Rudham No.10 LC
16m17c East Rudham LC
16m18c East Rudham SB
16m20c East Rudham station
18m15c Raynham Park SB
18m18c Raynham Park station
19m04c Dunton Road No.1 No.11 LC
19m48c Dunton Road No.2 No.12 LC
21m60c Fakenham West (No.2) SB
21m78c Fakenham

Lynn & Fakenham Extension Line
22m03c Fakenham East (No.1) SB
24m77c Langor Bridge SB
25m05c Langor Bridge Goods
25m77c Holbrigg Lane No.14 LC
28m38c Thursford station
28m42c Thursford SB
29m09c Thursford Road No.15 LC
29m78c Gunthorpe No.16 LC
31m33c Melton West SB
31m37c Melton Constable West Junction MG020
31m42c Melton Constable station
31m50c Melton East SB
31m51c Melton Constable East Junction MG030
33m07c Reepham Road No.23 LC
  Thurning Siding SB
36m35c Corpusty & Saxthorpe station
36m35c Corpusty & Saxthorpe SB
39m17c Bluestone station
  Bluestone SB
39m26c Oulton Road No.23A LC
39m59c Bluestone Road No.24 LC
41m20c Codling Lane No.25 LC
43m06c Aylsham Town station
43m08c Aylsham SB
44m04c Green Lane No.26 LC
45m35c Banningham No.27 LC
46m30c Felmingham station & SB
47m55c Skeyton Road No.28 LC
48m14c North Walsham No.29 LC
48m48c North Walsham Junction MG021

Yarmouth & North Norfolk (Y&NN) Line
48m54c North Walsham station & SB
51m28c Worstead Road No.30 LC
51m23c Honing West SB
51m49c Honing station
51m53c Honing East SB
53m42c East Ruston No.31 LC
55m03c Stepping Stones Lane No.32 LC
55m37c Stalham station
55m39c Stalham SB
55m65c Stalham No.33 LC
56m03c Catfield Road No.34 LC
56m26c Sutton Staithe No.35 LC
57m43c Catfield station
57m79c New Road No.36 LC
58m68c Potter Heigham Road No.37 LC
59m21c Reynold's Lane No.38 LC
59m79c Ludham Road No.39 LC
60m28c Potter Heigham station
60m31c Potter Heigham SB
60m65c Potter Heigham Bridge station
61m74c Common Road No.40 LC
62m26c Martham & Repps No.41 LC
62m70c Repps Road No.42 LC
63m06c Martham SB
63m08c Martham for Rollesby
  Hemsby SB
65m73c Hemsby for Winterton
66m79c Little Ormesby station
67m00c Thoroughfare Lane No.43 LC
67m51c Great Ormesby station
67m54c Great Ormesby SB
67m76c Mill Road No.44 LC
68m11c Mill House No.45 LC
68m12c Scratby station
68m43c California station
69m40c Caister Camp station
70m30c Caister-on-Sea station
  Caister GB
72m26c Newtown station
72m28c Salisbury Road SB
72m60c Yarmouth Yard SB
72m62c Lowestoft Line Divergence MG014
72m73c Yarmouth Beach station
73m01c end of line

Bawsey Sidings to North Walsham previously mileposted from King's Lynn (GER) via Gaywood Junction and this sequence was extended through to Yarmouth at some point after the two ends linked up in 1883. The 1885 OS map shows a 59mp from Kings Lynn at Potter Heigham station. Kings Lynn mileages over the Y&NN section may have been short lived - South Lynn to Bawsey Sidings opened in 1885.

The 1886 1:10,560 OS map shows a 1 mile post from Beach Station north of Salisbury Road Crossing and the 1880s 1:2,500 maps between Felmington and Honing show some dual mileage figures from both King's Lynn and Yarmouth thus indicating that the Y&NN was initially miled from Yarmouth Beach station.
Gaywood Junction - Bawsey Sidings
datum King's Lynn
Gaywood Junction GE110
Wootton Road No.1 LC
Bawsey No.2 LC
Bawsey Sidings MG010
Mileposts may not have been changed from the original, likely to be King's Lynn Junction (same ? as Hunstanton line). Bawsey Sidings was after the 3 mile post (c 3m21c).
Austin Street Branch
Austin Street
Junction with GER Dock Lines
Salters Road No.0 LC
Salters Road Junction GE110
Norfolk & Suffolk Joint Railway.
0m00c Coke Ovens Junction GE142
0m21c Laundry Lane No.1 LC
1m51c Lowestoft North SB
1m52c Lowestoft North
2m14c Hubbards Loke No.2 LC
3m06c Corton
3m13c Corton SB
3m23c Corton No.3 LC
4m35c No.4 LC
5m14c Hopton-on-Sea
5m20c Hopton SB
5m73c (Kennel Farm) No.5 LC
6m21c Gorleston Golf Links
6m36c (Cliffe Farm) No.6 LC
7m06c Gorleston-on-Sea SB
7m15c Gorleston-on-Sea
8m38c Gorleston North
8m69c Gorleston North Junction SB
8m71c Gorleston North Junction MG014 GE144

From 8 April 1968 the down direction was reversed so that the line was down from Yarmouth to Lowestoft (weekly notice E for week 14, 1968).
Gorleston North Junction - Lowestoft Line Junction
datum South Lynn Junction.
75m36c Gorleston North Junction MG013 GE144
74m17c Breydon South SB
74m16c Breydon South Junction
73m75c Breydon North SB
73m74c Breydon North Junction
73m26c Caister Road Junction SB
73m24c Caister Road Junction MG015
73m13c Churchill Road LC
73m05c Nelson Road SB LC
72m62c Lowestoft Line Junction MG010

Caister Road Junction - North Quay Junction GER
datum Yarmouth Beach (1)
North Quay Junction GE146
Rampart Road LC
Garrison Road LC
Ormond Road No.49 LC
Caister Road Junction No.48 LC MG014
(1) shown as such on 1885 OS Town Plan.
Lynn & Fakenham Line
datum South Lynn Junction
31m37c Melton Constable West Junction MG010
32m13c Bringingham Road No.51 LC
32m35c Bringingham Single Line Junction No.52 LC
36m41c Holt station
36m45c Holt SB
37m54c Holt (NNR) station
39m00c Kellings Heath No.53 LC
39m44c Kelling Heath Park (NNR)
40m05c Weybourne station & SB
42m37c Sweetbriar Lane LC
42m54c Sheringham West SB
42m59c Sheringham station
42m66c Sheringham East SB
43m69c Beeston Regis No.3 LC
44m36c West Runton station
45m15c Runton West Junction MG021
45m16c Runton West Junction SB
45m61c Runton East Junction MG022
45m69c Runton East Junction SB
46m33c Cromer Yard SB
46m40c Cromer Beach station
46m45c end of line

NSM: Melton Contable - Holt.
CRS: Sheringham - Cromer Beach.
WHC3: Runton East Junction - Cromer Beach

Originally mileposted from King's Lynn (GER) at least as far as Holt - see MG010

37m50c to 42m66c now North Norfolk Railway.
Mundesley Branch

0m00c North Walsham Junction MG010
0m32c Antingham Road Junction GE153
0m44c Antingham Road Junction SB
3m30c Paston & Knapton station
5m00c Mundesley South SB
5m09c Mundesley-on-Sea station
5m09c Mundesley North SB

Cromer & Mundesley Line
7m55c Trimmingham station
7m60c Trimingham SB
9m04c Sidestrand station
10m07c Overstrand station
10m15c Overstrand SB
10m76c Cromer Links station
11m52c Roughton Road Junction SB
11m53c Roughton Road Junction GE155
13m11c Newstead Lane Junction MG022
13m12c Newstead Lane Junction SB
13m62c Runton West Junction MG020

RNW2: North Walsham - Roughton Road Junction
RNW1: Newstead Lane Junction - Runton West Junction
Cromer & Mundesley Line
datum North Walsham Junction
13m11c Newstead Lane Junction MG021
13m47c Runton East Junction MG020
Lynn & Fakenham Extension Line
datum South Lynn Junction
31m51c Melton Constable East Junction MG010
33m49c Hindolvestone station
33m50c Hindolveston SB
33m61c Hindolestone Road No.17 LC
35m19c Freshgap Lane No.18 LC
35m38c Skitfield Road No.19 LC
36m06c Guestwick SB
36m07c Guestwick station
36m26c Foulsham Road No.20 LC
37m34c Themelthorpe No.21 LC
37m40c Themelthorpe South Junction MG031
40m07c Whitwell & Reepham station
40m10c Whitwell & Reepham SB
41m69c Heath Lane No.22 LC
42m29c Lenwade LC
42m29c Lenwade SB
42m31c Lenwade station
44m01c Attlebridge station
48m22c Drayton for Costessey station
48m25c Drayton SB
50m58c Hellesdon station
50m59c Hellesdon SB
52m29c Norwich North Junction MG032
52m47c Norwich South SB
52m58c Norwich City station
52m64c end of line

Originally mileposted from King's Lynn (GER) - see MG010
Themelthorpe Curve
datum Norwich via Wroxham GER
Themelthorpe East Junction GE151
26m58c Themelthorpe LC
Themelthorpe South Junction MG030
Norwich City Goods Yard
datum South Lynn Junction
52m29c Norwich North Junction MG030
52m56c Norwich City Goods
Originally mileposted from King's Lynn (GER) - see MG010


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