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Signal Fact 8

At Brockley Whins in the mid 1830s, flag signals were used to control the junction between the Stanhope & Tyne Railway and the Brandling Junction Railway.

Great Northern & Great Eastern Joint Railway (GER, GNR)

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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

Milepost Mileages

Mileages seem to have been primarily from Huntingdon to Black Carr via March as shown in the GNR Gradient Book.

The GNR included an item in its weekly notice for 4 to 10 April 1897 headed "Remeaurement of GN & GE Joint Lines". This indicated that the lines had been remeasured and new mileposts were being put in place from zero at Huntingdon South Junction and running thence to Black Carr supeseding the old branch mileages in the area bounded by Huntingdon, St Ives, Needingworth, March, Whitemoor, Spalding, Pyewipe Junction, and Sykes Junction.

The existing posts between Spalding and Sincil Junction were being brought southwards from 8 to 12 chains.

The avoiding line at Sleaford would have mileposts from Sleaford South Junction.

The avoiding line at Lincoln would have mileages from Greetwell West Junction.

No Joint line mileages would be placed on the GER at St Ives or at Marsh or on the GNR at Spalding, Sleaford and Lincoln.

Mileages in the lists below date mainly from 1897 in consequence.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
Huntingdon North GNR - St. Ives Junction
0m00c Huntingdon South (No.1) Junction GN040
  Huntingdon GN & GE Joint Station
  Huntingdon East Junction MR088
  Godmanchester (1)
  Godmanchester East
  St Ives
5m44c St Ives Junction GE070
(1) originally Huntingdon

Article: Steam Days 2013 August.
Needingworth Junction - March South Junction
datum Huntingdon
7m38c Needingworth Junction GE070
  Somersham Junction JN011
  Chatteris Dock JN012
23m62c March South Junction GE080
GN Gradient Book shows mileages from Huntingdon. Mileages above from GER Diagram Book of 1919. 1889 OS map shows mile posts from St Ives.

Article: Steam Days 2013 August.
Somersham Junction - Ramsey
Somersham Junction JN010
Ramsey East (1)
(1) originally Ramsey High Street
Chatteris Dock Branch
Chatteris Dock Junction JN010
Chatteris Dock Goods
Grassmoor Junction - Spalding South Junction GNR
datum Huntingdon South Junction
25m07c Grassmoor Junction GE082
  Twenty Feet River
27m78c Guyhirne
30m78c Murrow
  Murrow Junction JN021
31m01c M&GN Line crossing
33m60c French Drove & Gedney Hill
37m12c Postland (1)
40m69c Cowbit
  Welland Bridge
44m07c Spalding South Junction GN090
(1) originally Crowland

MSG2: Grassmoor Junction - 26m53c (regional boundary)
MSG3: 26m53c - Spalding South Junction

1888 OS map shows a 6mp from March (March North Junction?) just before the later position of the 31mp.

Article: Steam Days 2013 August.
Murrow Curve
Murrow Junction JN020
Murrow Curve Junction MG001
Spalding North Junction - Sincil Junction
datum Huntingdon
44m52c Spalding North Junction GN090
44m65c Park Road
44m74c Mill Green
45m42c Blue Gowts No.78 LC
46m00c Cherry Holt No.80 LC
46m33c Pinchbeck
46m46c No.84 LC
46m59c No.85 LC
46m66c Flax Mill No.86 LC
47m22c Bearty Fen No.88 LC
47m68c Beech Bank No.93 LC
48m09c Water Drove No.94 LC
48m31c Cheal Road No.96 LC
49m21c Gosberton
50m19c Brewery Lane No.104 LC
51m10c Quadring
51m47c Church Lane No.113 LC
51m58c Golden High Hedges No.114 LC
52m29c Malting Lane No.116 LC
52m69c Donnington Road
54m43c Pumphouse No.122 LC
55m26c Blotoft Siding
56m56c No.135 LC
56m77c Barnes No.137 LC
58m21c Helpringham
61m71c Beavers No150 LC
62m13c Sleaford South Junction JN031
63m47c Sleaford North Junction JN032
63m49c Bone Mill Lane No.254 LC
64m20c Holdingham Lane No.259 LC
64m68c Leasingham Moor (Whitehouse Farm) No.262 LC
65m66c Ruskington
68m44c Digby
69m33c Rowston Organ Road No.273 LC
69m59c Rowston No.275 LC
70m48c Timberland Road No.278 LC
70m51c Scopwick & Timberland
  Martin Road SB LC
73m02c Blankney (Methringham Moor Lane) No.287 LC
73m03c Blankney & Metheringham
73m43c Robinsons No.291 LC
73m62c Ox Pasture Lane No.292 LC
74m58c Nocton & Dunston
75m70c Howards No.295 LC
76m60c Potterhanworth
78m79c Branston & Heighington
81m24c Greetwell East Junction JN033
82m18c Sincil Bank Junction GN260

SPD1: Spalding - Sleaford South Junction
SPD2: Sleaford South Junction - Greetwell East Junction
SPD3: Greetwell Junction - Sincil Bank Junction

GER 1919 distance book implies miled from Liverpool Street. OS amp 1890 supports miled from Huntingdon and current Quail states from Huntingdon South via March.

Article Railway Magazine 2015 June.
Article: Steam Days 2013 August.
Sleaford South Junction - Sleaford East Junction GNR
0m00c Sleaford South Junction JN030
0m43c Sleaford East Junction GN264
Sleaford West Junction GNR - Sleaford North Junction
datum Sleaford South Junction
1m34c Sleaford West Junction GN264
1m52c Fen Crossing LC
3m42c Sleaford North Junction JN030
Greetwell Junction - Pyewipe Junction (Lincoln Avoiding Line)
0m00c Greetwell West Junction
2m34c Boultham Junction JN034
3m10c Pyewipe Junction JN040

Following BR Deviation Works in 1985
0m00c Boultham Junction MR614
0m65c Pyewipe Junction JN040
LIA: Greetwell Junction - Pyewipe Junction
BHP: Boultham Junction - Pyewipe Junction post deviation works

Mileages from Greetwell taken from 1978 Appendix. 1887-1890 series OS maps show mileposts from Huntingdon South Junction continued through to Pyewipe Junction

Article: Steam Days 2013 August.
Boultham Junction - West Holmes Junction
32m40c Boultham Junction JN033 MR614
32m52c Ruston's Tip No.66A LC
32m70c West Holmes Junction
Mileages are post BR deviation works, datum Nottingham London Road Junction.
Pyewipe Junction GNR - Trent East Junction GCR
datum Huntingdon South Junction via March
84m14c Pyewipe Junction JN033 GC110
  Skellingthorpe (1st)
87m04c River Bank No.305 LC
87m41c Kesteven No.307 LC
  Kesteven Sidings
88m41c West Bank LC
88m41c Saxilby
88m51c Saxilby
88m57c Hockings No.314 LC
88m75c No.316 LC
89m15c Sykes Lane No.318 LC
90m04c Sykes Junction GC182
93m11c Stow Park (1)
93m13c Stow Park Tillbridge Lane No.326 LC
95m08c Hansons No.327 LC
95m35c Foxes No.328 LC
95m68c Old Lea Station (2)
95m72c Lea
98m03c Gainsborough Lea Road
98m09c Gainsborough Lea Road (3)
98m09c Gainsborough Wharf Branch Junction JN042
98m55c Trent East Junction (4) GC170
(1) originally Marton.
(2) temporary (484093 385359) in connection with Hatfield landslip (2013), never opened for traffic.
(3) originally Gainsborough, later Gainsborough North.
(4) originally Trent South Junction.

188x OS maps show mileposts from March.
1890 OS maps show mileposts from London, continuing the series from GN100.

Article: Steam Days 2013 August.
Gainsborough Wharf Branch
datum Huntingdon South Junction via March
98m09c Gainsborough Wharf Branch Junction JN040
98m30c Gainsborough Wharf
Trent West Junction - Black Carr Junction GNR
datum Huntingdon South Junction via March
98m69c Trent West Junction (1) GC170
100m06c Gainsborough Road No.322 LC
100m74c Beckingham
100m78c Old Trent Road No.338 LC
101m35c Masons No.344 LC
101m54c Tetheringrass Lane No.346 LC
102m52c Walkeringham No.353 LC
102m54c Walkeringham
  Stockwith Branch Junction JN051
103m66c Misterton
104m66c North Carr No.358 LC
105m32c Tindall Bank No.359 LC
105m58c Haxey No.360 LC
105m61c Haxey
  Haxey Station Junction AJ001
  Haxey Junction GN274
108m13c Broomston No.364 LC
108m49c Park Drain
108m52c Park Drain No.365 LC
109m73c Beech Hill No.366 LC
111m53c Wroot Road No.371 LC
112m04c Finningley
112m08c Finningley No.373 LC
112m73c Auckley No.375 LC
113m62c Burrells No.378 LC
114m06c Hayfields No.380 LC
115m46c Bessacar
115m72c Carr Lane No.383 LC
115m72c Bessacarr Junction LY390
116m39c Black Carr Junction GN270
(1) originally Trent North Junction

SPD4: Trent West Junction - Bessacarr Junction
BCB: Besscarr Junction - Black Carr Junction

188x OS maps show mileposts from March.

Article: Steam Days 2013 August.
Stockwith Branch
Stockwith Branch Junction JN050
Stockwith Goods


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