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Signal Fact 18

The red armband worn by a Pilotman was originally a red cap.

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Location Magazine
Eagle Lane GE191 British Railways Illustrated 2013 November.
Eaglesciffe NE490 Railway Magazine 2009 November.
Railway Magazine 1962 January.
Ealing (GWR) Railway Magazine 2010 September.
Ealing Broadway GW060 Steam World 2010 January.
Earby MR894 Steam Days 2016 January.
Eardisley Junction MR390 Steam Days 2013 December.
Earles Sidings Rail 2008 March 26.
Earlestown NW542 Backtrack 2012 December.
Modern Railways 2009 September.
Earley (GWR) Backtrack 2011 January.
Earley (SER) British Railways Illustrated 2009 March.
Earlestown NW450 Steam World 2003 May.
Earls Court (MDR) Backtrack 2000 May.
Earlsfield SW001 Backtrack 2013 March.
Backtrack 2010 April.
Steam World 1993 April.
East Branch Junction Railway Magazine 1898 October.
East Buffalo NY RSHS Bulletin volume 45-6.
East Croydon LB040 Railway Bylines 2017 January.
Southern Way 2016 02 issue 34.
Backtrack 2012 February.
British Railways Illustrated 2011 July.
Modern Railways 2009 September.
British Railways Illustrated 2007 February.
Railway World 1970 July.
East Greenwich Railway Bylines 2008 October.
East Grinstead High Level LB103 Railway Magazine 1962 December.
East Grinstead (LBSCR) Steam Days 2009 November.
Steam Days 2009 February.
Backtrack 2008 August.
East Ham MR030 British Railways Illustrated 2013 October.
East Holmes GN100 Railway Magazine 2013 February.
Rail 2008 August 27.
Backtrack 2007 February
East Kilbride CA253 Railway Bylines 2013 July.
East Leake GC020 Steam Days 2015 August.
British Railways Illustrated 2010 July.
East Midland Control Centre Today's Railways 2007 August.
East Newport NB517 Backtrack 1999 September.
East Norton GN150 Steam Days 2013 May.
East Stroudsburg (PA) RSHS Bulletin 2010 volume 43-6.
East Ville GN110 Railway Bylines 2012 April.
East Winch GE132 Backtrack 2014 January.
Eastbourne (LBSCR) Steam Days 2010 October.
Eastfield GN040 Rail 2013 September.
Rail 2012 April 4.
Eastgate Junction (Essex) Modern Raiways 2009 June.
Eastleigh SW070 Steam Days 2016 May.
Southern Way Issue 20.
Southern Way 2011 issue 16.
Backtrack 2012 February.
Steam Days 2011 July.
Steam Days 2011 June.
Backtrack 2010 November.
Modern Railways 2010 August.
Modern Railways 2009 July.
Southern Way 2009 issue 5.
Steam Days 2008 May.
Steam World 2006 June.
Railway Magazine 1966 April.
Easton Railway Archive 2008 March.
Easton Lodge Great Eastern Journal 2007 April.
Eastry (EKLR) Railway Bylines 2010 December.
Eastwood L & Y Focus 2007 Summer.
Eaton Wood Steam World 2009 October.
Eccles NW620 British Railways Illustrated 2009 May.
Eccles Junction NW620 Backtrack 2020 November.
Edale MR452 Railway Magazine 2018 January.
Backtrack 2007 February.
Eden Valley Junction NW890 Steam Days 2015 November.
Edge Hill NW620 Backtrack June 2016.
British Railways Illustrated 2009 August.
Railway Magazine 1962 August.
Edgeley Junction NW740 British Railways Illustrated 2012 June.
Edgware Road MT001 Modern Railways 2016 October.
Railway Magazine 2016 October.
Edinburgh Dalry Road Steam Days 2008 October.
Edinburgh IECC Modern Railways 2009 October.
Edinburgh Princes Street CA090 Steam Days 2009 September.
Railway Magazine 2008 September.
Steam World 2001 January.
Edinburgh Waverley NB001 NB130 British Railways Illustrated 2020 July.
British Railways Illustrated 2016 October.
British Railways Illustrated 2015 September.
Rail 2012 May 30.
Steam Days 2010 September.
Steam World 2009 November.
British Railways Illustrated 2009 September.
Rail 2008 May 21.
Steam World 1995 March.
Steam World 1983 July.
Edge Hill PSB NW620 Rail 2013 Issue 727.
Edgware (GNR) Great Northern News 2008 September-October.
Edgware Road (LUL Bakerloo) Backtrack 2008 June.
Edington Junction SD010 Steam Days 2020 August.
Eglinton Street (Glasgow) British Railways Illustrated 2009 August.
Edmonton Great Eastern Journal 2008 October.
Edward Davy Backtrack 2010 November.
Edwinstowe GC110 Railway Bylines 2013 June.
Steam Days 2013 March.
Edzell CA562 Backtrack 2013 May.
Eggesford SW151 Railway Modeller 1971 January.
Egloskerry (LSWR) Railway Bylines 2009 October.
Egremont FN070 Steam Days 2016 March.
Elgin (HR) Steam Days 2009 October.
Elham SE050 Steam World 2009 October.
Elliot Junction Steam Days 2008 January.
Ellon GO011 Steam Days 2020 June.
Elmers End SE007 Southern Way 2016 issue 36.
Elsecar Junction GC270 British Railways Illustrated 1998 May.
Railway Magazine 1926 December.
Elsham GC190 Railway Magazine 2015 December.
Railway Magazine 2013 June.
Elstree MR070 British Railways Illustrated 2012 November.
Ely GE050 Great Eastern Journal 2011 October.
Rail 2008 July 29.
Steam Days 2008 February.
Railway Magazine 2007 October.
Steam World 1995 January.
Steam World 1981 December.
Embsay MR906 Steam Days 2013 August.
Backtrack 2011 May.
Railways Illustrated 2007 May.
Emporia (Kansas) RSHS Bulletin 2000 33-5.
Enfield Great Eastern Journal 2008 October.
Enfield Lock GE020 British Railways Illustrated 2013 June.
Engine Shed Junction GW375 Backtrack 2020 September.
Engine Shed Junction MR001 Railway Bylines 2010 January.
Engine Shed Junction MR880 Railway Magazine 2013 June.
Engine Shed Junction NE690 Steam Days 2011 May.
Engine Sidings MR205 British Railways Illustrated 2012 March.
Englewood (IL) RSHS Bulletin 2010 volume 43-3.
Egloskerry SW153 British Railways Illustrated 2013 December.
Ennis (GSWR) Railway Bylines 2011 February.
Railways Illustrated 2008 September.
Entwhistle LY100 Backtrack 2015 June.
Backtrack 2012 February.
Backtrack 2009 September.
Epping GE191 Railway Bylines 2013 December.
Great Eastern Journal 2007 April.
Epsom LB067 Backtrack 2011 August.
Backtrack 2007 November.
Epsom Common British Railways Illustrated 2008 October.
Epsom Downs LB065 British Railways Illustrated 2009 June.
Southern Way issue 6.
British Railways Illustrated 2009 March.
Epworth (ALR) Steam Days 2011 May.
Eridge LB104a Backtrack 2010 October.
Steam World 2010 October.
Errol CA540 Modern Railways 2016 November.
Esher SW001 Railway World 1970 October.
Backtrack 2016 May.
British Railways Illustrated 2010 February.
Esholt Junction Backtrack 2007 April.
Essendine GN120 Railway Magazine 1966 January.
Great Northern News 2013 January.
M & G N Bulletin 2010 January.
Steam World 2009 August.
Great Northern News 2008 November-December.
Great Northern News 2006 148.
Railway Magazine 1966 January.
Etchingham (SER) Backtrack 2011 March.
Etterby Junction CA001 Backtrack 2013 March.
Steam Days 2013 March.
Ettington MJ001 Railway Bylines 2012 June.
Evercreech Junction SD001 Railway Magazine 2013 Christmas.
Steam Days 2013 February.
Backtrack 2011 July.
Railway Bylines 2009 May.
Southern Way 2008 issue 3.
Steam Days 2008 April.
Backtrack 2007 September.
Railway Magazine 1966 May.
Evercreech New SD001 Backtrack 2012 November.
Evesham GW690 Railway Magazine 2020 November.
Cotswold & Malvern News 2016 Summer.
Rail 2013 March 6.
Cotswold & Malvern News 2011 Winter.
Railway Magazine 2009 February.
Rail 2008 March 26.
Evesham (MR) Backtrack 2010 November.
Evesham Road Crossing GW697 Steam Days 2016 September.
Exeter Central / Queen Street SW140 Steam Days 2021 May.
Southern Way 2016 05 issue 35.
Steam Days 2015 August.
Steam Days 2013 November.
Steam Days 2013 May.
Steam Days 2013 March.
Steam World 2009 June
British Railways Illustrated 2008 October.
Steam World 2008 October.
Steam World 2005 February.
Steam World 2001 April.
Steam World 2001 March.
Steam World 2001 February.
Steam World 1995 April.
Steam World 1993 April.
Railway Magazine 1933 August.
Exeter St David's GW250 Steam Days 2013 November.
Steam Days 2012 March.
British Railways Illustrated 2012 January.
Railway Magazine 2011 July.
Railway Magazine 2011 January.
Modern Railways 2010 December.
Backtrack 2010 November.
Railway Bylines 2010 January.
British Railways Illustrated 2009 November.
British Railways Illustrated 2008 October.
Railway Magazine 2007 October.
Backtrack 2007 September.
Steam World 2005 February.
Steam World 2002 April.
Steam World 1995 March.
Steam World 1993 July.
Railway Magazine 1962 July.
Exminster (GWR) Backtrack 2007 July.
Exmouth SW147 Steam Days 2017 January.
Railway Bylines 2009 April.
Exmouth Junction SW140 Steam Days 2011 June.
Eydon Road Backtrack 2007 December.
Eye Green MG001 M & G N Bulletin 2018 April.
Eyemouth NB001 Railway Bylines 2011 December.


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