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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes N

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Signal Fact 48

In 1916 the Great Central Railway installed a group of eight three position upper quadrant semaphores at Keadby.

Motor operated, they returned to danger automatically as trains passed.

Explanation of column content is here.

ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
NAB yes Neath & Brecon Line NH001
NAC yes Newton - Carmyle (Glasgow)
NAI   Nailsworth Branch MR296
NAJ yes Neasden South to Aynho Junction GC004
NAL   Northolt and Ashendon Line. Now NAJ2.
NAN   Nantgarw Branch TV048
NAT yes Nantle Tramway NW518
NAV yes Viaduct Junction - North Acton GW033
NAY yes Brundall Junction - Great Yarmouth GE140
NBB yes New Beckenham Junction - Beckenham Junction SE008
NBE yes Bathgate Junction - Bathgate NB200
NBK yes North Berwick Branch NB007
NBN   Newbiggin Branch NE707
NBS yes Norton Bridge - Stone NS002
NBZ   Patent Nut and Bolt Company's Works Line GW509
NCD yes Northampton CMD NW153
NCL yes North Cornwall Line
NCM yes Newark Curve GN133
NCP yes Northamton Castle - Peterborough Bay NW122
NCS yes Courthill Loop SE023
NCW yes Norwich, Wensum Curve GE122
NCZ   North Crofty Branch GW353
NDC yes Northumberland Central Line NB047
NDE yes Niddrie North Junction to Bilston Glen Branch
NDK   Northumberland Dock Branch NE694
NDL yes Didcot - Newbury GW087
NDN yes North Devon Line SW151
NDO   North Docks Branch LY191
NDP   Niddrie West Loop NB017
NDR   Niddrie East Loop NB016
NDW   Niddrie West NB093
NDZ   North Dock Line (Swansea). Now SND.
NEB   Neath Canalside Branch RS026
NEC yes Newcastle & Carlisle Line NE650
NEK   Sunderland to South Hylton NE380
NEL   Neath Loop/Jersey Marine North Loop RS030
NEM   Newham Branch. Now NWM.
NEM yes North Electric Main Line
NEN yes Newburn Branch NE430
NET   Nethertown Branch GW759
NEW yes Newquay Line GW310
NEZ   Nelson Goods Branch
NFD yes Newfields Branch NS055
NFE yes Norwood Junction - Epsom Downs LB060
NFK   Newhaven Fork CA124
NFT   SE036
NGC yes Netherfield Junction - Colwick North - Gedling Colliery GN163
NGD yes Carlisle, Newcastle Goods Lines, London Road Junction - Bog Junction
NGJ yes Parkside West Curve NW551
NGL yes Guildford New Line SW016
NGS   Nottingham Goods Station Line NW168
NHB yes Newhaven Harbour Branch LB125
NHK   New Hucknall Branch GC056
NHL   Nottingham High Level Line GN166
NHM yes Neville Hill Depot & Sidings NE020
NHP   New Holland Pier GC150
NHR   Newquay Harbour Line
NHS yes Airdrie & Newhouse Branch CA184
NHT   NHT1 Blackwell North - Blackwell East
NHT2 Blackwell East - New Hucknell
NJD   Norwood Junction to Dunston East Line NE654
NJM   Needingworth Junction to March JN010
NJN yes Neasden Curve GC003
NJS   Norwood Spur Junction - Norwood North Junction LB048
NKE yes New Kew Junction - Kew East Junction SW039
NKL yes North Kent Line SE020
NLB   North Leith Branch CA122
NLC yes North Lancashire Loop LY275
NLF yes Norwood Junction - Low Fell NE425
NLG   North Linrigg Branch CA192
NLI yes North London Incline  
NLL yes Newport Low Level Loop AD011
NLN yes Nelson Branch (Pontyoridd) TV025
NLO   Newport Low Level Loop No. 1
NLP yes Newlands Loop PT032
NLS   Newark Lowfield Sidings GN147
NLZ   Llanelly Dock North Side GW636
NMA yes Nuneaton Flyover (Nuneaton Midland Junction - Nuneaton Abbey Junction)
NMB yes North Mersey Branch LY166
NMC yes New Mills and Cheadle Branch MR520
NMD yes North Monkland Branch NB300
NMH yes Northampton - Market Harborough NW124
NML   Newport Monmouthshire Loop AD010
NMM yes North Mersey Branch - Marsh Lane Junction LY167
NMP   Nine Mile Point Branch GW519
NMS yes New Malden - Shepperton SW014
NNH yes Neilston Branch CA320
NNL   Northolt and Neasden Line. Now NAJ1.
NNM yes Newport Neutral Mile GW490
NOB yes Nottingham and Barnetby Line MR610
NOC yes Normanton and Colton Junction Line NE180
NOD   Newport Old Dock Branch/Pillgwenlly Branch GW492
NOE yes North Elmham Branch GE130
NOG yes Nottingham to Grantham Line GN140
NOL yes Norwich - Oulton Broad - Lowestoft GE140
NOP yes Normanby Park Branch GC191
NOR yes Norton Branch NW400
NOS yes Stockton North Shore Branch NE553
NOY   Normanby Line NE531
NPB yes Ilford - Newbury Park GE192
NPF yes North Pembrokeshire & Fishguard Line GW670
NPT   Nellie Pit Branch NB642
NPW yes Wolverton - Newport Pagnell NW125
NQB   North Queensferry Branch NB484
NQY   GW284
NSA yes Aldershot, South - North
NSA yes Nuneaton South Junction - Abbey Junction. Now NMA and PVS.  
NSB   Netherseal Branch MR184
NSE yes Newark Crossing Curve GN134
NSM yes Norwich City - Sheringham MG020
NSN   Nelson Branch. Now NLN.
NSN yes Northwich, South - West NW741
NSR yes Nottingham Suburban Railway GN165
NSS yes North Stafford Junction - Stoke on Trent NS010
NSW   Arkwright Curve MR784
NSZ   Nettlefolds Siding BM035
NTB   New Tredegar Branch RR011
NTD   Newport Town Dock GW496
NTE yes Manningtree, North - East GE251
NTG   Newtyle Goods Branch CA555
NTH yes Netherton - Halesowen
NTL yes Nunhead Junction - Lewisham Junction SE113
NTM yes Northampton Sidings NW123
NTN yes Netherton Basin Branch
NUG   Nunnery Goods Branch NW847
NUJ yes Nunnery Junction to Woodburn Junction Curve MR822
NVB yes Nidd Valley Branch NE474
NWC   Newton - Carmyle CA283
NWE yes Norton, West - East NE555
NWL yes Newport Waterloo Loop AD012
NWM   Newham Branch GW339
NWN   Newport Western Loop GW521
NWO yes Nuneaton - Whitacre Junction MR234
NWS yes Northampton Welding School MR084
NWT yes Newbury - Winchester GW089
NYC yes North Yorkshire and Cleveland Line NE500
NYD yes Norwood Yard & Selhurst Depot LB008
NYZ   Neath Yard Line NH004


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