Location County Line Show
Tackley Oxfordshire
Tadcaster Yorkshire
Taitlands Tunnel Yorkshire
Location County Line Show
Tanyard Siding Surrey
Tapton Junction Derbyshire
Tarngate Crossing Lancashire


Location County Line Show
Telford Central Shropshire
Temple Middlesex
Templehirst Yorkshire
Templehirst Junction Yorkshire
Templeton Ayrshire
Terrington Norfolk
Terrington East Norfolk
Location County Line Show
Tetheringrass Lane LC Nottinghamshire
Tewksbury Gloucestershire


Location County Line Show
Thatcham Berkshire
The Chase Cambridgeshire
The Dyke Sussex
The Hawthorns Staffordshire
The Oaks Lancashire
The Temple Middlesex
Thealby Lincolnshire
Theale Berkshire
Themelthorpe Crossing Norfolk
Theobalds Grove Hertfordshire
Thetford Norfolk
Thingley Junction Wiltshire
Thingley Junction West Wiltshire
Thirdpart Junction Ayrshire
Thonock Siding Lincolnshire
Thoresby Colliery Nottinghamshire
Thoresby Colliery Junction Nottinghamshire
Thorganby Yorkshire
Thornaby Yorkshire
Thornage Road Crossing Norfolk
Thorndell Intermediate Sussex
Thorne Junction Yorkshire
Thorne North Yorkshire
Thorne South Yorkshire
Thorney Cambridgeshire
Thorney Crossing Nottinghamshire
Thornford (Bridge) Dorset
Thornhill Dumfries
Thornhill Yorkshire
Thornhill Lees Yorkshire
Thornhill LNW Junction Yorkshire
Thornhill Midland Junction Yorkshire
Thornton Abbey Lincolnshire
Thornton Cleveleys Lancashire
Thornton Curtis Lincolnshire
Thornton Dale Yorkshire
Thornton Yard Fife
Thornton's Siding Surrey
Thoroughfare Lane Norfolk
Thorp Arch Yorkshire
Thorp Arch Gates Yorkshire
Thorpe-in-Balne Yorkshire
Thorpe & Whitlingham Norfolk
Thorpe Crossing Yorkshire
Thorpe Gates Crossing Yorkshire
Thorpe Hall Crossing Yorkshire
Thorpe Lane Crossing Suffolk
Thorpe Marsh Yorkshire
Location County Line Show
Three Bridges Sussex
Three Horse Shoes Durham
Three Spires Junction Warwickshire
Thrumpton Nottinghamshire
Thurlby Lincolnshire
Thurning Siding Norfolk
Thursford Norfolk
Thursford Crossing Norfolk
Thursford Road Crossing Norfolk
Thuxton Norfolk


Location County Line Show
Tibbermuir Perthshire
Ticehurst Road Sussex
Tickhill & Wadworth Yorkshire
Tidenham Monmouthshire
Tidenham Tunnel Monmouthshire
Tilbury Essex
Tilbury Docks Essex
Tilbury International Freight Essex
Tilbury Marine Essex
Tilbury North Junction Essex
Tilbury Riverside Essex
Tilbury South Junction Essex
Tilbury Town Essex
Tilbury West Junction Essex
Location County Line Show
Tindall Bank Crossing Nottinghamshire
Tinsley Green Surrey
Tintern Monmouthshire
Tintern Junction Monmouthshire
Tintern Tunnel Monmouthshire
Tinwell Crossing Northamptonshire


Location County Line Show
Todd Point Yorkshire
Toddington Gloucestershire
Toddington Crossing Sussex
Todmorden Yorkshire
Todmorden East Junction Yorkshire
Toft Tunnel Lincolnshire
Toller Dorset
Tollerton Yorkshire
Tonbridge Kent
Tonge Viaduct Lancashire
Top of Grid Lancashire
Topsham Devon
Location County Line Show
Torksey Nottinghamshire
Torne Crossing Lincolnshire
Torrington Park Middlesex
Torryburn Fife
Torworth Crossing Nottinghamshire
Toton Centre Derbyshire
Toton Junction Derbyshire
Toton East Junction Derbyshire
Toton Sidings North Derbyshire
Toton Sidings South Derbyshire
Toton South Junction Derbyshire
Tottenham (Hale) Middlesex
Tottenham North Junction Middlesex
Tottenham South Junction Essex
Tottenham West Junction Middlesex
Tottenham Yard Middlesex
Totteridge & Whetstone Middlesex
Totton Hampshire
Totton East Junction Hampshire
Totton West Junction Hampshire
Tower Hill Middlesex
Tower of London Middlesex
Towngate Viaduct Isle of Wight


Location County Line Show
Trafalgar Street Tunnel Renfrewshire
Trafford Park Lancashire
Trafford Park East Junction Lancashire
Tram Inn Herefordshire
Trehowell Merionethshire
Trent Lincolnshire
Trent Junction Derbyshire
Trent Junction Lincolnshire
Trent PSB Derbyshire
Trent Station Derbyshire
Location County Line Show
Triangle Yorkshire
Triley Monmouthshire
Trimingham Norfolk
Trimley Suffolk
Trimley Junction Suffolk
Trinity Marsh Lane Crossing Hertfordshire
Trowell Nottinghamshire
Trowell Junction Nottinghamshire
Trowell Moor Nottinghamshire


Location County Line Show
Tue Brook Lancashire
Tullibardine Perthshire
Tunbridge Kent
Tunbridge Wells Central Kent
Tunbridge Wells Goods Kent
Tunbridge Wells West Kent
Tunnel Inn Yorkshire
Tunnel Junction Worcestershire
Tunstead Church Lane Crossing Norfolk
Tunstead Market Street Crossing Norfolk
Location County Line Show
Turf Fen Crossing Cambridgeshire
Turners Hill Sussex
Turnford Hertfordshire
Turnham Green Middlesex
Turnhead Gate Crossing Yorkshire
Turnpike Road Crossing Sussex
Tursdale Junction Durham
Turton (& Edgworth) Lancashire
Tuxford Nottinghamshire
Tuxford Nottinghamshire
Tuxford Junction Nottinghamshire
Tuxford North Nottinghamshire
Tuxford South Nottinghamshire
Tuxford West Junction Nottinghamshire


Location County Line Show
Twenty Lincolnshire
Twenty Foot River Cambridgeshire
Location County Line Show
Two Mile Bottom Norfolk


Location County Line Show
Tydd Cambridgeshire
Tye Green Junction Essex
Location County Line Show
Tyfedw Monmouthshire
Tyne Dock Durham
Tyne Dock Bottom Durham