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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes F

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Signal Fact 63

Electrification of the West Coast Main Line brought into being two new signalling terms in 1959.

Remote Controlled Satellite Interlockings and Four Character Train Describers.

Explanation of column content is here.

ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
FAB   Farnley & Wortley Branch NW834
FAC yes Forth & Clyde Line NB450
FAD yes Bootle Langton Dock Branch MR585
FAE   Farme Branch (Glasgow Bridgeton)
FAL yes Falmouth Branch GW338
FAR yes Faringdon Branch GW112
FAS yes Fletton Ash Sidings GN046
FAT   Facit Branch LY021
FBC   Firbeck East Curve SY006
FBD yes Froghall Branch Deviation
FBL yes Forfar & Brechin Branch CA561
FBZ   Fochriw Branch TB005
FCB yes Firbeck Colliery Branch
FCL yes FCL1 Fishbourne - Lavant
FCL2 Lavant - Midhurst
FCO yes Farringdon Curve - Ormskirk LY180
FCT yes Forcett Branch NE263
FCY   Finsbury Park Coal Yard
FCZ   Frampton Cotterill Branch MR342
FDM yes Faversham - Dover Marine SE120
FEC yes Filton East Curve GW124
FED yes Felixstowe Dock GE264
FEK   Faversham Dock Branch SE132
FEL yes Felixstowe Beach GE261
FEP yes Ferryhill - Pelaw NE370
FER   Ferryfield Branch DB007
FES   East Southsea Branch LB142
FFB yes Ffrith Branch NW482
FFD yes Fairford Branch GW106
FFH yes Folkestone Harbour Branch SE051
FFR yes Ffrwyd Branch GC493
FGB   Friary Goods Branch SW174
FGC   Fighting Cocks Branch NE253
FGL   Friokheim - Glasterlaw CA584
FGW yes Forest Gate Junction - Woodgrange Park MR034
FHB yes Deeside Line GO040
FHC yes Filey Holiday Camp NE087
FHG   Forth Goods (Railway Street Sidings)
FHL   Lauder Light Railway NB071
FHR yes Farringdon Curve - Hall Royd Junction LY226
FIE yes Fairlie Branch GS083
FIG   Foss Islands Branch NE211
FIL   Filton East Curve. Now FEC.
FJH yes Frodsham Junction - Halton Junction NW592
FJJ yes Farlington Junction - Cosham Junction LB096
FJL yes Ford Junction - Littlehampton Junction LB093
FJS   Fawkham Junction to Southfleet
FKW yes Ferrybridge North Junction - Knottingley West Junction NE160
FLB   Faslane Branch NB461
FLD   Farringdon Line and Depot GN012
FLE   Fletcher Street Junction to High Street Coal Branch NW669
FLG   Flemington Branch CA149
FLH   Ferryhill and Hartlepool Line
FLL yes Factory Junction - Longhedge Junction - Lavender Hill Junction - Ludgate Junction SE105
FLN   Flemington Junction to Flemington Freight Depot
FLP   Ferniegair Loop CA221
FLS   Ravenhead Branch
FLX   Felixstowe Loop GE263
FMB   Fairmuir & Mayfield Branch CA558
FNB   Friarton Branch
FNS yes Frome - North Somerset Junction GW208
FOB   Forfar Old Branch CA581
FOD yes Forest of Dean (Bullo Pill - Cinderford) GW391
FOG   Forth Goods
FOM yes Fletton Junction - Orton Mere GN047
FOR yes Fords Branch BY053
FOW   Fochriw Branch. Now FBZ.
FOX yes Foxfield - Coniston FN054
FOY yes Fowey Branch GW311
FOZ yes Forest of Dean Central Branch GW395
FPB   Foryd Pier Branch NW491
FRA yes Frome Avoiding Line GW196
FRB   Framlingham Branch GE265
FRC yes Frickley Colliery Branch HB014
FRG yes Froghall Branch NS024
FRO yes Fron Branch GW844
FRT   Fortissett Branch NB273
FRW   Fisherrow Branch NB019
FRY yes Friary Branch SW170
FSB   Fenchurch Street to Blackwall Line GE162
FSC yes St Combs Branch GO016
FSH yes Fishgaurd Harbour Lines GW672
FSS yes Fenchurch Street and Shoeburyness Line GE160
FTB yes Bedenham Branch SW078
FTB   Furnace Tops Branch. Now FTS
FTL yes Farringdon - Ludgate SE107
FTS   Furnace Tops Branch TB002
FUR yes Furzebrook Sidings Branch SW115 
FWC yes Filton West Curve GW127
FWL   Filton West Curve. Now FWC.
FWR yes Rossington Colliery Branch GN274f
FWW yes Forncett Wymondham and Wells Line GE291
FWY yes Fiveways Branch NW401


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