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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes K

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Signal Fact 1

The Regulation of Railways Act, 1889 gave the Board of Trade the power to make & enforce orders in respect of:

block working and interlocking of points and signals on lines carrying passengers, &

continuous brakes on passenger trains.

Explanation of column content is here.

ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
KAB yes Alford Branch GO003
KAG   Kilbirnie Branch CA315
KAS yes Stanley Junction - Kinnaber Junction CA550
KBB yes Kenilworth - Berkswell NW316
KBC yes Kingsbury to Baddesley Colliery Branch MR232
KBE yes Kilsyth & Bonnybridge KB001
KBF yes Kelloe Bank Foot NE590
KBN yes Kirkburton Branch NW822
KBS yes Kirkham North Junction to Blackpool Central PY004
KCD   Kelty to Capledrae (Lochore) Branch NB646
KCH yes Killoch Branch
KCS yes Kidsgrove - Crewe South
yes Kirkcudbright Branch GS006
KEB yes King Edward Branch NE651
KEH yes Huntingdon - Kettering MR088
KEI   Irvine Branch CA314
KEL yes Knot End Line KN001
KEN   Kenmure Branch
KER yes Kerry Branch CM016
KES yes Knottingley East - South LY362
KET yes Kelvedon - Tollesbury GE217
KEW   Kilmarnock Electricity Works Branch GS076
KGC yes City Lines
Kensal Green Junction - Harlesden Junction
KGD yes King George Dock HB042
KGH   Kingshill Branch CA045
KGN yes Kington - Leominster GW830
KGV   King George V Dock Branch HB042
KGW yes Kensal Green Junction - Suburban Junction, Willesden Low Level NW062
KHL yes Kirkhill Line CA284
KIB   Killamarsh Branch MR801
KID yes Kidwelly Branch BP003
KIG   Kingswood Branch MR371
KIL yes Killingholme Branch GC156
KIL   Kidwelly Loop. Now KIP.
KIM yes Kilton Thorpe Mines - Brotton NE526
KIN yes Kingsbridge - Brent GW273
KIP   Kidwelly Loop BP006
KIR   Kirklee Loop CA478
KIZ   Kingham Loop/Chipping Norton Loop GW692
KJE yes Keymer Junction - Eastbourne LB073
KJW yes Kingsbury Junction - Whiteacre Junction MR230
KKE   Kirkhouse Branch NE437
KLB   Killin Branch CA522
KLF   Findhorn Branch HR012
KLH yes Unstanton Branch GE114
KLM yes Kilmalcolm Line GS170
KLO yes Kelso Branch NE745
KLT   Kensington Olympia Station Junction to LUL lines
KLY yes Kings Lynn Yard GE113c
KMB yes Kirriemuir Branch CA560
KMG yes KMG1 Kingmoor Yard south end
KMG2 Kingmoor Yard north end
KNB   Kingmill Branch MR650c
KNC   Kirkby North Curve GN191
KNE yes Kincardine Power Station Branch NB590
KNI yes Knightswood Branch NB376
KOM   Keadby Old Main Line GC192c
KPB yes Keith & Buckie Branch HR016
KPC yes Kiverton Park Colliery Branch GC174
KPK   Kinning Park Branch CA417
KPS   Keadby Power Station GC194c
KRS   Kingsland Road Sidings GW150
KSA   Devon Valley Line NB608
KSC   Kings Sutton to Chipping Norton Branch. Now BNK.
KSH yes Knockshinnoch Branch GS022
KSL yes Knighton South Junction - Leicester Junction, Burton MR160
KSN   Killamarsh South Junction to North Junction Curve GC067
KSP   Killwinning East Slag Plant Branch
KST   Blackburn King Street Branch
KSU yes Kent & East Sussex Railway KE001
KTB   Kemp Town Branch LB124
KTE   Kirkby Trading Estate Branch LY164
KVB yes Kelvin Valley Branch NB414
KVL   Kelvin Valley Loop NB166
KWB   Keadby Wharf Branch GC194
KWD yes Kingswinford South Junction - Pensnett GW785
KWS yes Knottingley West Junction - Shaftholme Junction LY361
KYB   Kearsley Branch LY087
KYH   Kirkaldy Harbour Branch NB498
KYL yes Kyle (Skye) Line HR024
KYR   CA245


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