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Signal Fact 38

Track circuits were devised in the USA in 1872 by William Robinson.

William Sykes tried one out at Crystal Palace in 1876.

Rhymney Railway

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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
Nantybwch - Rhymney
datum Cardiff East Dock
26m63c Nantybwch No.1 Junction NW240 NW260
  Nantybwch No.2
25m26c Rhymney Bridge Junction NW272
25m18c Rhymney Bridge
24m39c Cemetary Road Halt
23m68c Rhymney Joint
23m66c Joint/RR boundary RR010
RRZ: throughout
CAR: 23m77c - Joint/RR boundary
RR010 Rhymney - Ystrad South
datum Cardiff East Dock
23m66c Joint/RR boundary RR001
23m65c Rhymney
23m52c Rhymney No.2
23m36c Rhymney No.1
23m11c Rhymney Viaduct
22m45c Pontlottyn
22m37c Pontlottyn Colliery Halt
22m06c Pontlottyn South
21m52c Troedyrhiwfuwch Halt
20m55c New Tredegar Junction RR011
20m39c Tir Phil
19m32c Brithdir (1)
19m27c Brithdir North Junction
19m01c Brithdir South Junction
18m09c Bargoed North Junction RR012
18m03c Bargoed
16m69c Bargoed South Junction BM031
17m35c Gilfach Fargoed
16m55c Bargoed Pits Junction RR013
16m30c Pengam
16m19c Pengam Junction
  Penrhiwfelin Halt
14m75c Hengoed Junction RR014
14m53c Hengoed (2)
14m00c Ystrad Mynach North Junction GW445
13m72c Cylla Branch Junction RR015
13m61c Ystrad Mynach (3)
13m41c Ystrad Mynach South Junction RR016
13m33c Ystrad South
13m20c mile post RR020
(1) Geordie Inn until 1891
(2) Hengoed Low Level from 1924
(3) Ystrad until 1891
RR011 New Tredegar Branch

datum Cardiff East Dock
21m62c New Tredegar Colliery Junction North BM030
20m55c New Tredegar Junction RR010
RR012 Deri Junction - Bargoed North Junction

datum Cardiff East Dock
20m30c Deri Junction BM001
20m08c Darren & Deri
19m63c Groesfraen (Darren) Colliery North
19m27c Groesfaen Colliery Platform
18m79c Groesfraen Colliery South
18m33c Bargoed West
18m09c Bargoed North Junction RR010
RR013 Bargoed Pits Branch

datum Cardiff East Dock
17m08c Bargoed Pits/RR boundary
16m55c Bargoed Pits Junction RR010
RR014 Hengoed Loop
0m00c Hengoed Low Level Junction RR010
0m37c Hengoed Loop Junction GW440
RR015 Cylla Branch

datum Cardiff East Dock
15m07c Penrhiwfelin Goods
14m18c Cylla
13m72c Cylla Branch Junction RR010
RR016 Penalltau Junction [GWR] - Ystrad South Junction

datum Cardiff East Dock
15m01c Penalltau Junction
13m61c Ystrad Mynach (1)
13m41c Ystrad Mynach South Junction RR010
(1) Ystrad until 1891
RR020 Ystrad South - Wernddu

datum Cardiff East Dock
13m20c mile post RR010
12m14c Darran y Mwrthwl
10m71c Llanbradach
10m64c Llanbradach Junction
10m13c Pwll-y-Pant
9m33c Energlyn South Junction BY011
9m16c Aber Junction RR021
9m14c Beddau Branch Junction RR022
8m71c Beddau Halt (1)
8m26c Caerphilly West Junction RR025
8m20c Caerphilly (2nd)
8m00c Caerphilly East Junction RR026 RR027
7m42c Wernddu
7m30c mile post RR030
(1) Aber Junction Halt from 1926 then Aber from 1968
RR021 Senghenydd Branch

datum Cardiff East Dock
12m50c end of line
12m43c Senghenydd
11m74c Windsor Colliery Halt
11m35c Abertridwr
9m68c Penyrhedl
9m16c Aber Junction RR020
RR022 Beddau Branch Junction, Aber Junction - Beddau Branch Junction
0m00c Beddau Branch Junction RR020
  Caerphilly (1st)
0m55c Beddau Loop Junction RR023
1m00c Beddau Branch Junction RR024 RR025
RR023 Beddau Loop

datum Cardiff East Dock
9m32c Beddau Loop Junction RR022
9m00c Watford Crossing Junction RR025
RR024 Beddau Branch Junction - Walnut Tree Junction

datum Cardiff East Dock
9m36c Beddau Branch Junction RR022
9m37c Walnut Tree Branch Junction AD001
9m47c Penros South Junction BY012
10m75c Rockwood Colliery Siding
10m57c Criag yr Allt Colliery
11m62c Nantgarw
11m79c Taffs Well
12m03c Walnut Tree Junction TV040
RR025 Beddau Branch Junction - Caerphilly West Junction

datum Cardiff East Dock
9m36c Beddau Branch Junction RR022 RR025
9m00c Watford Crossing Junction RR023
8m36c Caerphilly West Junction RR020
RR026 B&M Caerphilly Branch
8m72c Caerphilly East Junction RR020
8m41c RR/BM boundary BM032
RR027 Caerphilly Loco Works
8m00c Caerphilly East Junction RR020
 Loco Works
RR030 Wernddu - Quadruple Crossing
datum Cardiff East Dock
7m30c mile post RR020
7m15c Tunnel North
6m00c Cefn On Halt (1)
5m75c Tunnel South
5m60c Cherry Orchard
5m46c Lisvane & Thornhill
4m61c Llanishen
3m51c Heath Halt (2)
3m32c Heath Junction BR RR031
3m17c Heath Junction CR CF001
2m42c Cemetary
2m23c Gwenwyth Street Siding
2m11c Crwys Sidings
1m31c Parade Junction RR032
1m28c Cardiff Station
1m23c Goal Lane Junction (3) RR033
  Adam Street Goods
  Cemetary Sidings GF
  (bridges over GWR)
0m60c Tyndall Street (HL) Junction
  LMS Junction NW
  Engine Shed Junction RR034 RR035
  Rhymney Crossing
  Quadruple Crossing
(1) Cefn Onn from 1980
(2) Heath High Level from 1924
(3) aka Adam Street Junction
RR031 1984 connection to Cardiff Railway at Heath Junction
datum Cardiff East Dock
  Heath Halt CF001
3m32c Heath Junction BR RR030
RR032 connection to TVR at Queen St. North Junction
datum Bute Road
1m25c Parade Junction RR030
1m16c Queen Street North Junction TV050
RR033 Crockherbtown Loop
datum Cardiff East Dock
1m34c Crockherbtown Loop Junction
1m23c Adam Street Junction RR030
RR034 Roath Basin Junction - Stonefield Junction
Engine Shed Junction RR030
Roath Dock Junction
Stonefield Junction
RR035 Engine Shed Junction - East Dock Engine Shed
Engine Shed Junction RR030
East Dock Engine Shed
Taff Bargoed Line
See Taff Bargoed Joint Railway TB001 for detail.
Furnace Tops Branch
See Taff Bargoed Joint Railway TB002 for detail.
Zig Zag Lines
See Taff Bargoed Joint Railway TB003 for detail.
Zig Zag Lines
See Taff Bargoed Joint Railway TB004 for detail.
Fochriw Colliery Branch
See Taff Bargoed Joint Railway TB005 for detail.
Quakers Yard & Merthyr Line
See Quakers Yard & Merthyr Joint Railway QY001 for detail.
Merthyr Vale Branch
See Quakers Yard & Merthyr Joint Railway QY002 for detail.


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