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ELR to RailRef Correlation - ELR Codes D

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Signal Fact 10

The Great Western Railway introduced point indicating targets in 1839.

The first installation was at Maidenhead.

Explanation of column content is here.

ELR BR-NR Line Description RailRef
DAC yes Devon & Cornwall Line SW150
DAE yes Darlington and Eastgate-In-Weardale Line NE251
DAK yes Dalry & Kilmarnock Line GS080
DAL   Jamestown Branch NB452
DAM yes Dawsholm Branch CA479
DAN yes Danygraig Branch  
DAP yes Barrow Avoiding Line FN022
DAS yes Mid Lanark, Strathaven & Darvel Line CA240
DAU   Daubhill Coal Branch NW663
DAW   Dawsholm Paper Mills Branch NB417
DAZ   Dare Branch GW465
DBB yes Denbigh Branch NW494
DBK yes Dumbuck Branch NB426
DBM yes Leighton Buzzard - Dunstable NW113
DBN   Dumbarton Goods Branch CA390
DBP yes Derby to Birmingham Line MR210
DBS   Dudley Hill
DBZ yes Dimbath Branch GW567
DCB   Dundonald Branch NB645
DCG   Dalry Connecting Branch CA110
DCL yes Didcot & Chester Line. GW100
DCW   Dawsholm Castle Chemical Works Branch
DDB yes Devonport Dockyard Branch GW292
DDF yes Dundee & Forfar Line CA582
DDN yes Dundee & Newtyle Railway CA552
DDS   Dr Day's Sidings  
DDY yes Doncaster Down Yard GN280
DEB   Deanside Goods Branch GP013
DEC yes Didcot East Curve GW102
DEE   Chapeltown Branch MR830
DEH   Delph Branch NW813
DEL   Delburn Branch CA151
DEM   Denham and Uxbridge Branch GW052
DEN yes Denaby - Wrangbrook Junction HB015
DER   Derwent Branch MC012
DET   Dechmont Branch CA282
DEU   Delburn Branch
DEW   Dewshill Branch CA193
DEX yes Derbyshire Extension GN170
DEY yes Denny Branch CA497
DFD yes Dover Ferry Dock Junction - Dover Old Train Ferry Dock SE135
DFN yes Dufftown Line. GO030
DFS   Strathpeffer Branch HR025
DGB   Deansgate Goods Branch GN431
DGD   Devonport (Kings Rd) Goods Branch SW157l
DGW   Dalmarnock Gasworks Branch
DGZ yes Devonport (Albert Road) Goods Branch GW291
DHF yes Denbigh Hall Flyover NW117
DIC yes Dinnington Colliery Branch SY002
DIL   Dillichip Branch DB006
DIY   Diggle Colliery Branch NW668
DJD   Denton Junction to Dukinfield Line NW799
DJH yes Daisyfield Junction - Hellifield Junction LY273
DJL yes Dolphinton Branch NB068
DJM yes Montrose Branch CA586
DJN   Duckmanton No 7 Railway GC062
DJO yes Denton Junction - OA&GB Section NW791
DJP yes Dovey Junction - Pwllheli CM050
DJR   Duckmanton No 8 Railway GC062
DJW yes Wirksworth Branch MR423
DKS   Various Docks lines BY023
DLA   Dowlais Loop TV016
DLB   Barrow Dock Loop FN041
DLO yes Darnall Loco Sidings GC362c
DLN   Dalmellington Branch GS112
DLR yes Dunure Light Railway GS111
DLS yes Duddeston Junction - Lawley Street Goods MR252
DLT   Duffryn Llynvi and Porthcawl Tramway GW561c
DLY yes Dursley Branch MR298
DLZ   Dowlais Loop NW273
DMB yes Lanark, Douglas & Muirkirk Branches CA130
DMJ   Duckmanton No 6 Railway GC061
DML yes Dinas Mawddwy Light Railway CM042
DMP yes Dewsbury Market Place LY325
DMY yes Dalmeny Branch NB140
DNB   Dornoch Branch HR028
DNC   Derby North Curve MR206
DNG   Drinnick Mill Goods Branch GW336
DNJ   Dalry & North Johnstone Line GS164
DNS   Dunston Staithes (New Side) Branch NE653
DNT yes Darlington - Tebay NE260
DOA yes Doura Branch GS150
DOC yes Kings Lynn Dock GE113
DOE   Doe Lea Line MR789
DOG   Loco Sidings under Dog's Home Viaduct LB003
DOI   Deans Oil Works Branch NB205
DOK   Dock Storage South Junction to Kings Junction. Now in ROA
DOL yes Doncaster and Leeds Line WR001
DOV   Dovecliffe Colliery Branch GC320
DOW yes Doncaster - Wrawby GC190
DOW   Dowlais Works Branch
DPB   Dowlais Pits Branch TV015
DPH   Dyce & Peterhead Line GO010
DPJ yes Dudley Junction - Pleck Junction NW380
DPS yes Didcot Power Station  
DPZ   Dartmoor and Plymouth Railway
DQB   Dunduff Branch CA209
DQN   Cordale (Dalquhurn) Branch DB005
DRA yes Drax Power Station HB017
DRF yes Drumbowie Fork CA191
DRM   Drumpeller Branch CA348
DRN   Waterloo and City Line SW002
DRO   Droppingwell Colliery Branch GC325
DRS yes Dewsbury Railway Street Branch LY326
DRT   Dalricket Branch GS023
DRU   Drumbowie Branch CA190
DSB yes Dumfries & Lockerbie Branch CA031
DSC   Douglas Colliery Branch CA134
DSD yes Dinting, South - East GC373
DSE yes Deal Street - Edge Hill via Chat Moss NW620
DSF   Denver to Stoke Ferry Line GE111
DSK   Denny South Fork CA496
DSN yes Darlington - Saltburn NE244
DSO   Dunston Staithes (Old Side) Branch NE652
DSS yes Euston Downside Sheds NW003
DST yes Dewsbury Saville Town MR870
DSW yes Sighthill Loop NB184
DSY   Down Sidings, Westbury GW190
DTD   Dufftown Goods Branch GO031
DTE   Dufftown - Elgin Line GO030
DTL yes Hunslet Goods Branch MR881
DUB   Dunyston Colliery Branch CA190
DUH yes Holbeck - Bowling GN364
DUN   Dunball Wharf Branch GW231
DUR yes Durston Loop GW233
DUX   Denham and Uxbridge Branch. Now DEM.
DUY yes Doncaster Up Yard GN281
DVB   Dare Valley Branch TV011
DVL   Darvel Branch GS071
DVR yes DVR1 Dearne Valley Branch
DVR3 Dearne Valley Branch Spur
DWC yes Didcot West Curve GW101
DWF   LB043
DWS yes Dore, West to Station Junction MR453
DWW yes Dalston Western Junction - North Woolwich NW040GE180
DWY   Doncaster Wood Yard GN281
DYK   Devonport Dockyard Branch. Now DDB
DYK yes Dykehead Branch NB303
DYL   Dykehead Loop NB305
DYZ   Dynevor Junction to Cardonnel East Junction RS027


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