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Signal Fact 57

The North Eastern Railway introduced an automatic fog signalling system in 1894.

It consisted of a trip arm on the track, operated by the signal wire, and sounded an alarm in the locomotive driving cab.

Taff Vale Railway

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In the list below the information is set out in tabular form, spread over four columns. The column entries are -

RailRef The Line Code used in RailRef system.
Line Detail The principal locations included within the Line Code. They are arranged in 'down' direction order. Locations shown are primarily stations and junctions to allow easy cross check against published atlases. Signal box names appear in italics where these are 'intermediate' to stations or have been shown to facilitate links from other pages on this web site. The inclusion of a station or junction name does not imply that there was always a signal box of that same name!
SBR The section reference used in the relevant Signal Box Register published by the Society.
ELR The corresponding Engineer's Line Reference(s). This will be blank for railways that never came within British Railways terms of reference. It will also be blank where British Railways had no surviving responsibility for infrastructure at the time the ELR system came into use.

Article: Railway Magazine 1898 July (including gradient profiles).

RailRef Line Detail SBR ELR
TV001 Cardiff & Merthyr Line
datum Bute Road
24m28c Merthyr Plymouth Street
  Merthyr Yard
24m19c Ynysfach Branch Junction TV002
24m13c Dowlais Upper Yard Junction
24m00c Low Level Loop Junction
  Dowlais Junction
23m78c Merthyr Junction
23m62c Brandy Bridge Junction TV003
23m03c Pentre-bach
23m21c Abercanaid Crossing
22m17c Plymouth Siding Junction
21m69c Troedyrhiw
20m77c Danyderi Junction
19m77c Merthyr Vale
19m41c Black Lion
  Black Lion Crossing
18m03c Quakers Yard Low Level Junction GW454
17m73c Quakers Yard (1)
17m57c Quakers Yard Tunnel Quarry
  incline top TV004
  incline bottom TV004
16m30c Aberdare Junction North TV010
16m28c Abercynon
16m20c Aberdare Junction South
16m01c Carn Parc
15m46c Llancaiach Branch Junction
15m44c Stormstown Junction TV020
14m61c Clydach Court Junction TV021
13m56c Pont Shon Norton Junction TV025
13m23c Pontypridd Northern Junction TV027
13m09c Pontypridd Junction
12m74c Pontypridd
12m59c P.C.& N. Junction AD001
12m40c mile post TV040
(1) Quakers Yard Low Level 1924 - 1968
(2) Abercynon South from ??
TV002 Ynysfach Branch
datum Bute Road
24m59c Ynysfach Sidings
24m37c Cyfartha Junction BM013
24m19c Ynysfach Branch Junction TV001
Great Western & Taff Vale Joint
datum Bute Road
24m19c Mardy Junction GW463
23m62c Brandy Bridge Junction TV001
TV004 old incline alignment between Tunnel Quarry Siding and Abercynon
incline top TV004
incline bottom TV004
TV010 Aberdare Railway (Aberdare Branch)
datum Cardiff Bute Road
24m41c Aberdare Mill Street
23m69c Low Level Junction GW462
23m65c Dare Valley Junction TV011
23m64c Commercial Street Platform
23m56c Aberdare Low Level
23m47c Aberdare South
22m54c Aberaman (1)
22m52c Aberaman Junction
22m00c Cwmbach Junction TV012
21m22c Abercwmboi
21m09c Abercwmboi (2)
20m15c Mountain Ash Junction GW461
20m11c Mountain Ash (1st) (3)
19m74c Nixon's Crossing
  Navigation Colliery GF
  Miskin Colliery
18m77c Penrhiwceiber Upper
18m74c Penrhiwceiber (4)
  Cynon River Bridge
18m23c Penrhiwceiber Lower
18m09c Matthewstown Halt
  Ynysboeth Quarry Sidings
17m20c Pontcynon Junction
17m16c Pontcynon Bridge Halt
  Cynon Crossing Junction
16m40c Abercynon North
16m30c Aberdare Junction North TV001
(1) Treaman until 1889
(2) Duffryn Crossing until 1905; Fernhill from 1988
(3) Mountain Ash Oxford Street 1924-1988
(4) Penrhiwceiber Low Level 1924-1964
TV010c Mountain Ash Deviation 2001
20m17c TV010
20m11c Mountain Ash (2nd)
19m59c TV010
TV011 Dare Valley Railway
datum Bute Road
26m18c Bwllfa Colliery/TVR boundary
25m79c Nantmelyn Platform
25m54c Nantmelyn Lower Junction
  Nantmelyn Crossing
  Bwllfa No.2
  Bwllfa No.1
24m14c Gadlys Road Platform
23m65c Dare Valley Junction TV010
TV012 Cwmbach Branch (Aberdare Railway)
datum Bute Road
  Werfa Colliery
22m23c Cwmbach New Junction to VoN (BR 1973)
22m01c Cwmbach Junction TV010
TV015 Dowlais Pits Branch
datum Bute Road
15m72c Dowlais Pits
15m71c Dowlais Loop Junction TV016
15m50c Dowlais Pits Branch Junction TV017
TV016 Dowlais Loop
0m16c Dowlais Pits TV015
0m00c Dowlais Loop Junction TV025
TV017 Ynysydwr Loop
datum Bute Road
16m01c Ynysydwr Junction TV025
15m50c Dowlais Pits Branch Junction TV015
15m46c Llancaiach Branch Junction TV001
TV020 Ynysybwl Loop.
1m29c Clydach Court Loop Junction TV021
0m00c Stormstown Junction TV001
TV021 Ynysybwl Branch

datum Bute Road
19m30c Llanwonnd
17m76c end of line from 1938
17m35c Old Ynysybwl Halt
16m67c Ynysybwl
16m42c Robertstown
16m07c Ynysybwl New Road
16m03c Windsor Passing Loop
15m72c Clydach Court Loop Junction TV020
14m78c Clydach Court Halt
14m61c Clydach Court Junction TV001
TV025 Nelson Branch

datum Bute Road
19m12c Llancaiach Junction GW440
  Llancaiach Curve Junction TV026
18m45c Nelson
18m11c Llanfabon Road
16m19c Ynysdwr Junction TV017
15m75c Dowlais Loop Junction TV016
15m13c Cilfynydd
14m11c Coedpenmaen
12m75c Berw Road Halt
13m56c Pont Shon Norton Junction TV001
Remiled at Nelson 1936 0m00c - 0m30c, sidings retained after closure of branch in 1935.
TV026 Llancaiach East Curve
Llancaiach East Junction GW440
Llancaiach Curve Junction TV025
Never opened. Not on 1884 OS maps but does appear from 1901 onward shown as formation marked as 'old railway' 311487 195654.
TV027 Pontypridd Loop
0m00c Pontypridd Northern Junction TV001
0m17c Rhondda Cutting Junction TV030
TV030 Blaenrhondda & Treherbert Branches
datum Bute Road
25m55c end of line Blaenrhondda Collieries
25m23c Fernhill
24m27c Dunraven Junction TV031
23m71c Rhondda & Swansea Bay Junction RS001
23m56c Treherbert North
23m50c Treherbert
23m29c Bute Merthyr
  Nantydyrus & Yniswen
23m08c Ynysfeio
22m70c Ynyswen
22m34c Tylacoch Platform
22m34c Abergorkie
22m02c Treorchy
21m50c Cwmparc
21m45c Tyn-y-Bedw
21m28c Pentre Platform
  Rhondda Engine Works
20m75c Ystrad Rhondda (1)
20m53c Maendy Ystrad
20m32c Gelli Platform
20m06c Gelli & Bwllfa
20m05c Ystrad Rhondda
19m07c Llwynypia
18m79c Llwynypia Upper
18m39c Llwynypia Lower
18m11c Pwllyrhebog Junction TV032
  Pwllyrhebog (Lower)
18m03c Tonypandy &Trealaw
  Pandy Junction
  Pandy Pit
17m40c Dinas Rhondda
17m33c Naval Colliery Junction.
17m30c Pandy
  Pandy Teble Line Junction
16m70c Dinas Junction
16m26c Cymmer Level
  Cymmer Lodge
  Porth (1st)
16m13c Rhondda Fach Junction North TV033
16m10c Porth (2nd)
16m03c Rhondda Fach Junction South
15m42c Llwyncelyn
  Hafod Junction Lodge
15m08c Eirw Branch Junction TV034
14m72c Trehafod
  Woodfield Colliery Siding
14m59c Hafod Barry Junction BY001
14m34c Gyfeillon Upper
14m25c Gyfeillon Treble Line Junction Lodge
13m72c Gyfeillon Platform 13m70c Gyfeillon Lower Junction
13m45c Chemical Works Lodge
13m45c Coke Ovens Upper Junction
13m26c Rhondda Cutting Junction TV027
13m03c Treherbert Branch Junction, Pontypridd TV001
(1) Ton Pentre from 1936

BLA: end of line - Dunraven Junction
THT: Dunraven Junction - Treherbert Branch Junction
TV031 Dunraven Siding
datum Bute Road
24m43c end of line Blaencwm
24m27c Dunraven Junction TV030
TV032 Clydach Vale & Pwllyrhebog Branches
datum Bute Road
20m17c Clydach Vale Colliery boundary
  Blaenclydach Colliery
18m11c Pwllyrhebog (Lower) TV030
TV033 Maerdy Branch
datum Bute Road
22m62c Maerdy Goods
22m46c Maerdy
21m10c Maerdy Branch Junction
20m60c Ferndale
20m57c Ferndale Upper
20m17c Ferndale Lower
19m62c Pendyris Upper
19m19c Pendyris Lower
18m57c Tylorstown
  Wattstown Warehouse
17m52c Wattstown Platform
17m41c National
17m13c Ynishir Standard
17m11c Ynyshir
16m64c Ynishir House
16m32c Aber Rhondda
16m13c Rhondda Fach North Junction North TV030
TV034 Eirw Branch
datum Bute Road
15m79c Cymmer Colliery boundary
15m48c Coed Cae Gates
15m08c Eirw Branch Junction TV030
TV035 Original alignment Rhondda Cutting Junction - Pontypridd
TV040 Cardiff & Merthyr Line
datum Bute Road
12m40c mile post TV001
12m09c Treforest North Steel Works SB
12m01c Treforest Low Level
  Treforest South
11m65c Treforest Junction BY002
11m61c Treforest Junction CF001
10m73c Llantrisant Junction North TV042
10m44c Maesmawr SB
10m42c Treforest Estate Branch JunctionTV049
9m58c Treforest Estate station
9m01c Willowford SB
8m23c Yniscoi Treble Line Junction SB
8m12c Taffs Well Siding SB
  Taffs Well (1st)
7m30c Taffs Well Junction TV048
7m24c Taffs Well (2nd)
7m17c Walnut Tree Junction RR024
  [Walnut Tree Viaduct over]
6m29c Pentyrch Crossing
6m20c Gelynis LC
5m31c Radyr
  Radyr (Panel)
  Penarth Junction Main SB
5m22c Radyr Junction TV051
5m00c mile post TV050
TV042 Llantrisant Branch
datum Mwyndy Junction
  Llantrisant Junction North TV040
  Llantrisant Junction South
4m76c Tonteg Viaduct Junction TV043
4m23c Church Village Halt
3m48c Llantwit Fardre
2m75c Cwm
2m47c Beddau Halt
2m05c Common Branch Junction East
1m77c Common Branch
1m60c Common Branch Junction West
1m40c Cross Inn
1m04c Maesaraul Junction GW552
LTR: Tonteg Viaduct Junction - Maesaraul Junction
TV043 GWR Tonteg Diversion
datum Mwyndy Junction
5m28c Treforeset Branch Junction BY002
5m20c Tonteg Halt
4m76c Tonteg Viaduct Junction TV042
TV044 Common Branch
2m31c Llantrisant Common Junction GW551
1m22c Treferig Junction TV045
0m22c Common Branch North Junction TV046
0m00c Common Branch East Junction TV042
TV045 Treferig Valley Branch (Treferig Valley Railway).
3m78c end of line (Glyn Colliery)
3m26c Treferig
2m21c Castellau Siding
1m22c Treferig Junction TV044
TV046 Common Branch Loop
Common Branch North Junction TV044
Common Branch Junction TV042
TV047 Llantrisant No.1 Branch

datum Penarth Curve South Junction
9m71c Common Branch Junction TV042
  Crelgiau Colliery
2m70c Waterhall Junction TV051
TV048 BR 1952 connection to Cardiff Railway
datum Bute Road
  BR 1952 Junction CF001
7m30c Taffs Well Junction TV040
TV049 Treforest Estate Railway
0m00c Treforest Estate Junction TV040
1m22c end of line
TV050 Cardiff & Merthyr Line
5m00c mile post TV040
4m41c Llandaff Loop Junction TV059
  Llandaff Fourth Line Junction
3m58c Roath Branch Junction TV060
3m06c Maindy Fuel
  Crown Preserved Siding
  Crown Preserved Junction
2m34c Maindy North Road Halt
2m34c Maindy Bridge
1m70c Crockherbtown Upper
1m67c Cathays Woodville Road Halt
1M60c Cathays
1m34c Crockherbtown Lower Junction
1m34c Crockherbtown Loop JunctionRR033
1m16c Queen Street North Junction RR032
1m08c Cardiff Queen Street
1m04c Queen Street South Junction
0m69c East Branch Junction GW534 TV062
0m07c Cardiff Docks Platform
0m00c Bute Road CF020
TV051 Penarth Harbour, Dock & Railway (City Line)
datum Cardiff General
4m41c Radyr Junction TV040
3m73c Quarry Junction TV059
3m20c Danescourt
2m70c Waterhall Junction TV047
2m60c Fairwater
2m40c Ely Goods Yard
2m25c Waungron
1m55c Ely Paper Mills
0m69c Leckwith Junction South GW539
0m64c Ninian Park
0m47c Penarth Curve North TV052
0m25c Radyr Branch Junction GW536
RAD: throughout
RDY: Radyr Down Yard
RPD: Rayr Pre-Assembly Depot

Originally miled from Radyr? 1885 OS maps show mile posts from Penarth Junction, most of the distances are unreadable on the old-maps site but it does look as though they are zero from the Radyr Junction end. Radyr Junction was named Penarth Junction at this time.
TV052 Penarth Curve
0m26c Penarth Curve North TV051
0m00c Penarth Curve South TV053
TV053 Penarth Harbour, Dock & Railway
0m48c Penarth Curve South TV052 GW536
0m73c Grangetown Station
0m74c Penarth Harbour Branch Junction TV054
1m47c Ely River Bridge [TV]
1m68c Llandough (Upper)
2m10c Llandough Platform
2m17c Llandough Lower
2m25c Penarth Dock Junction TV055
2m29c Cogan Junction TV057 BY020
TV054 Penarth Tidal Harbour Branch
0m74c Penarth Harbour Branch Junction TV053
  Gas Works Siding
1m25c Low Level Junction
1m58c Windsor Slipway
2m29c end of line
TV055 Penarth Dock (North Side) Branch
2m25c Penarth Dock Junction TV053
  Penarth Dock Inner Junction TV056
3m22c end of line
TV056 Penarth Dock (South Side) Branch
  Penarth Dock Inner Junction TV055
3m28c end of line
TV057 Penarth Branch
0m00c Cogan Junction TV053 BY020
0m12c Penarth Dock Station
0m55c Dingle Road
1m09c Penarth Town North
  Penarth Excursion Platform
1m03c Penarth Town Station
1m39c Alberta Place
2m05c Lower Penarth
2m29c Lower Penarth
2m36c Penarth Cement Works
2m77c Lavernock
3m65c Swanbridge
4m61c Sully
5m41c Biglis Goods Junction TV058
5m65c Biglis Junction BY020
TV058 Cadoxton Goods Branch
Biglis Goods Junction TV057
Cadoxton Goods
Biglis Junction BY020
TV059 Llandaff Loop
4m71c Radyr Quarry Junction TV051
4m41c Llandaff Loop Junction TV050
TV060 Roath Branch
0m00c Roath Branch Junction TV050
0m48c Roath Line Junction Sidings
2m53c Roath Goods Branch Junction TV061
  Docks Storage North junction GW
  Docks Storage South
4m50c Splott Junction
4m63c Timber Yard LC
4m65c South East Junction 1 GW531
4m70c Clipper Road LC
4m76c Clipper Road Junction
5m06c South East Junction 2 CF013
  Compass Road LC
5m38c Cold Stores Road 'A' LC
5m48c Cold Stores Road 'B' LC
5m55c Kings Junction
  Queen Alexandra Dock Entrance East
5m77c Coastal Road LC
6m12c Longships Road LC
6m29c Queen Alexandra Dock Entrance West
ROA: 3m41c - 4m53c
CDK2: 4m53c - Clipper Road Junction
CDK3: Kings Junction - Alexandra Dock

Allocation of Kings Junction to Alexandra Dock ownership uncertain, RCH 1911 shows it as Cardiff Railway and this is supported by1922 OS maps.
South East Junction to Kings Junction not on 1922 maps but is on 1941 edition. Presumably built by GWR post grouping and new mileages carried through to Alexandra Dock Entrance.
TV061 Roath Goods Branch
2m53c Roath Goods Branch Junction TV060
3m16c Roath Goods (Newport Road Goods)
TV062 Bute West Dock Branch
0m00c East Branch Junction TV050
0m12c East Bute Dock Junction CF025
0m34c Ballast Crane Siding
0m45c Maloneys Tip Junction
0m66c Bute West Dock
TV063 Little Dock Branch
Line 'G' on Cook map 150. 1880 1:2,500 map shows accessed from down side yard at Bute Road via wagon turntables and flat crossing of passenger line. Disappeared between 1920 and 1941 editions.
TV064 West Yard Branch
Line 'H' on Cook map 150. 1880 1:2,500 map shows accessed from down side yard at Bute Road via wagon turntables and flat crossing of passenger line. Disappeared between 1920 and 1941 editions.
TV070 Cowbridge Railway.
Aberthaw Branch (Llantrisant [GWR] - Aberthaw Low Level).
0m00c Llantrisant
1m30c Llanharry
2m40c Ystradowen
4m26c Trerhyngyll & Maendy
4m78c Aberthin
5m42c Cowbridge Junction TV072
5m56c Cowbridge
7m12c St Hilary
8m06c St Mary Church Road
9m50c Llanbethery
10m56c St Athan Road
11m42c Aberthaw LL
11m69c end of line (lime works boundary)
TV071 connection to GWR at Llantrisant
datum Paddington via Stroud
181m26c end of line
181m37c Llantrisant
181m43c Ely Valley Junction GW550
TV072 Cowbridge Railway.
5m42c Cowbridge Junction TV070
5m63c Cowbridge Goods (original Station)


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