Location County Line Show
Abbercairny Perthshire
Abbey Foregate Shropshire
Abbey Mills Upper Junction Essex
Abbotsbury Dorset
Abbotsfield Park Miniature Railway Lancashire  
Abbotswood Junction Worcestershire
Location County Line Show
Abercairny Perthshire
Abergavenney Junction Monmouthshire
Abergavenney (Monmouth Road) Monmouthshire
Abersychan Low Level Monmouthshire


Location County Line Show
Acton Cheshire
Acton Middlesex
Acton Bridge Cheshire
Acton Central Middlesex
Acton Green Middlesex
Acton Junction Middlesex
Acton Lane Junction Middlesex
Acton Main Line Middlesex
Acton Town Middlesex
Location County Line Show


Location County Line Show
Adams Well Crossing Sussex
Adderbury Oxfordshire
Addiewell Edinburghshire
Addington Road Middlesex
Addison Road Middlesex
Addlestone Surrey
Addlestone Junction Surrey
Addlestrop Gloucestershire
Adlestrop Gloucestershire
Adlington Lancashire
Location County Line Show
Admiralty Sidings Junction Cumberland
Adversane Crossing Sussex
Adwick Yorkshire
Adwick Junction Yorkshire

Af - Ag

Location County Line Show
Afton No.1 Colliery Ayrshire
Location County Line Show
Agecroft Lancashire
Agecroft Bridge Lancashire
Agecroft Junction Lancashire

Ai - Ak

Location County Line Show
Aire Junction Yorkshire
Airmyn & Rawcliffe Yorkshire
Airport Junction Middlesex
Ais Gill Yorkshire
Aislaby Lane Crossing Yorkshire
Location County Line Show
Akeman Street Buckinghamshire


Location County Line Show
Aldermaston Berkshire
Aldersgate (& Barbican) Middlesex
Alderton Tunnel Wiltshire
Aldgate Middlesex
Aldgate East Middlesex
Aldington Siding Worcestershire
Aldrington Sussex
Alexandra Colliery Warwickshire
Alexandra Dock Lancashire
Alexandra Dock Lincolnshire
Alexandra Palace Middlesex
Location County Line Show
Allens West Durham
Allerton Lancashire
Allerton Yorkshire
Allerton Junction Lancashire
Allington Lincolnshire
Allington East Junction Lincolnshire
Allington North Junction Lincolnshire
Allington West Junction Lincolnshire
Almond Valley Junction Perthshire
Almondbank Perthshire
Alne Yorkshire
Alperton (for Perivale) Middlesex
Althorpe Lincolnshire
Altnabreac Caithness
Altrincham Cheshire
Alveley Colliery Halt Worcestershire
Alverstone Isle of Wight
Alves Moray
Alves Junction Moray
Alvescot Oxfordshire


Location County Line Show
Amberley Sussex
Location County Line Show
Amerton Railway Staffordshire  


Location County Line Show
Anchor Pit Junction Yorkshire
Anderton Hall Crossing Lancashire
Anfield Lancashire
Anfield Siding Lancashire
Angel Road Middlesex
Angel Road Junction Middlesex
Angmering Sussex
Location County Line Show
Annan Dumfries
Antingham Road Junction Norfolk


Location County Line Show
Apperley Bridge Yorkshire
Appleby Lincolnshire
Appleby Westmorland
Appleby West Westmorland
Appleford Berkshire
Applehurst Junction Yorkshire
Location County Line Show


Location County Line Show
Arddleen Montgomeryshire
Ardingly Sussex
Ardley Oxfordshire
Ardley Tunnel Oxfordshire
Ardoch Dumfries
Ardwick Lancashire
Ardwick Junction Lancashire
Arksey (& Stockbridge) Yorkshire
Arley Worcestershire
Location County Line Show
Armathwaite Cumberland
Armathwaite Tunnel Cumberland
Armstrong Street Lincolnshire
Arundel Sussex
Arundel Junction Sussex
Arundel & Littlehampton Sussex


Location County Line Show
Ascott under Wychwood Oxfordshire
Ash Road Crossing Kent
Ashbury Crossing Berkshire
Ashburys Lancashire
Ashchurch Gloucestershire
Ashcombe Sussex
Ashendon Junction Buckinghamshire
Ashey Isle of Wight
Ashfield Perthshire
Ashford East Junction Kent
Ashperton Herefordshire
Ashton Lancashire
Ashton-under-Lyne Lancashire
Ashton Branch Sidings Junction Lancashire
Ashton Moss Junction Lancashire
Ashton Moss North Junction Lancashire
Ashton Moss South Junction Lancashire
Ashurst Hampshire
Ashurst Kent
Ashurst Junction Kent
Ashwell Rutland
Askham Tunnel Nottinghamshire
Askern Yorkshire
Askern Junction Yorkshire
Location County Line Show
Aslockton Nottinghamshire
Astley Lancashire
Astley Bridge Junction Lancashire
Astley Green Sidings Lancashire
Aston Magna Gloucestershire
Astwood Halt Worcestershire
Asylum Lane Crossing Yorkshire


Location County Line Show
Atherton Lancashire
Atherton Central Lancashire
Atherton Goods Yard Lancashire
Atlantic Dock Lancashire
Atlantic Dock Junction Lancashire
Location County Line Show
Attenborough Nottinghamshire
Attenborough Junction Nottinghamshire
Attleborough Norfolk
Attlebridge Norfolk


Location County Line Show
Auchinleck Ayrshire
Auchterarder Perthshire
Auchterarder Road Crossing Perthshire
Auldgirth Dumfries
Auldhouseburn Colliery Ayrshire
Location County Line Show
Austerby Crossing Lincolnshire
Austin Street Norfolk


Location County Line Show
Aylestone Hill Herefordshire
Aylsham (North) Norfolk
Aylsham (South) Norfolk
Aylsham (Town) Norfolk
Aylsham Tunnel Norfolk
Location County Line Show
Aynho Oxfordshire
Aynho Junction Oxfordshire
Aynho Park Oxfordshire
Aynho Park Junction Oxfordshire
Ayton Yorkshire