Location County Line Show
Macaulay Street Lincolnshire
Madderty Perthshire
Madeley Shropshire
Madeley Junction Shropshire
Maiden Newton Dorset
Maidenbank Pit Ayrshire
Maidstone East Kent
Maidstone West Kent
Maindee East Monmouthshire
Maindee North Monmouthshire
Maindee West Monmouthshire
Mallerstang Westmorland
Malswick Halt Gloucestershire
Maltby Yorkshire
Maltby Colliery Yorkshire
Malting Lane Crossing Lincolnshire
Malton Yorkshire
Malton Road Crossing Yorkshire
Malvern & Tewksbury Junction Worcestershire
Malvern Link Worcestershire
Malvern Sidings Worcestershire
Malvern Tunnel Junction Worcestershire
Malvern Wells Worcestershire
Malvern Wells (Hanley Road) Worcestershire
Manchester (Liverpool Road) Lancashire
Manchester (LNW) Lancashire
Manchester (Travis Street) Lancashire
Manchester Airport Cheshire
Manchester Exchange Lancashire
Manchester London Road Lancashire
Manchester London Road No.1 Lancashire
Manchester London Road No.2 Lancashire
Manchester London Road No.3 Lancashire
Manchester Oxford Road Lancashire
Manchester Piccadilly Lancashire
Manchester Piccadilly Lancashire
Manchester United Football Ground Lancashire
Manchester Victoria Lancashire
Manea Cambridgeshire
Manners Colliery Derbyshire
Manor Road LC Norfolk
Mansfield Colliery Junction Nottinghamshire
Mansfield East Junction Nottinghamshire
Mansfield Junction Nottinghamshire
Mansfield Road Crossing Nottinghamshire
Mansion House Middlesex
Manston Gate Crossing Kent
Manton Junction Rutland
Mapperley Colliery Derbyshire
Mapperley Junction Derbyshire
Location County Line Show
March Cambridgeshire
Marchwood Hampshire
Marishes Junction Yorkshire
Marishes Road Yorkshire
Mark Cross Sussex
Mark Lane Middlesex
Markeaton Miniature Railway Derbyshire  
Market Lane Crossing Norfolk
Market Street Crossing Norfolk
Markham Sidings Nottinghamshire
Markham Sidings Yorkshire
Markington Crossing Yorkshire
Marks Tey Essex
Marlborough Road Middlesex
Marsden (1) Durham
Marsden (2) Durham
Marsh Gibbon & Poundon Buckinghamshire
Marsh Junctions Lincolnshire
Marsh Lane Middlesex
Marsh Lane Crossing Lincolnshire
Marsh Road Crossing Lincolnshire
Marsh Road Crossing Nottinghamshire
Marsh's Crossing Nottinghamshire
Marshgate Junction Yorkshire
Marshland Junction Yorkshire
Marske Yorkshire
Marston Yorkshire
Marston Moor Yorkshire
Martham Norfolk
Martham & Repps No.1 Crossing Norfolk
Martham & Repps No.2 Crossing Norfolk
Martham & Repps No.3 Crossing Norfolk
Martin Mill Kent
Marton Lincolnshire
Massingham Norfolk
Massingham Road Crossing Norfolk
Matlock Derbyshire
Matlock Bath Derbyshire
Matlock Bridge Derbyshire
Matlock Riverside Derbyshire
Matmore Gate Lincolnshire
Mauchline Ayrshire
Mauds Bridge Yorkshire
Mauldeth Road Lancashire
Mayfield Sussex
Mayfield Junction Ayrshire
Mayfield Saw Mill Ayrshire


Location County Line Show
Meadow Lane Crossing Derbyshire
Meadow Lane Junction Derbyshire
Medge Hall Yorkshire
Medina Wharf Isle of Wight
Melcombe Regis Dorset
Melford Suffolk
Melksham Wiltshire
Melton Constable Norfolk
Melton Crossing Norfolk
Melton Crossing Yorkshire
Melton Mowbray Leicestershire
Melton Ross Siding Lincolnshire
Location County Line Show
Mennock Dumfries
Meole Brace Shropshire
Meopham Kent
Meridian Water Middlesex
Merryhill Crossing Fife
Merstham Surrey
Merstone Isle of Wight
Methven Perthshire
Methven Junction Perthshire


Location County Line Show
Mickleton Gloucestershire
Mickleton Tunnel Gloucestershire
Middlehill Tunnel Wiltshire
Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Middlesbrough Yorkshire
Middlestown Junction Yorkshire
Middleton Towers Norfolk
Middletown Montgomeryshire
Midgham Berkshire
Midhurst Sussex
Midland Ironstone Siding Lincolnshire
Mierystock Tunnel Gloucestershire
Location County Line Show
Mildenhall Drove Cambridgeshire
Mildenhall Road Cambridgeshire
Mile End Middlesex
Mile End Middlesex
Mill Green Crossing Lincolnshire
Mill Hill Isle of Wight
Mill Hill Crossing Northamptonshire
Mill Hill East Middlesex
Mill Hill Tunnel Isle of Wight
Mill House Crossing Norfolk
Mill Lane Crossing Norfolk
Mill Lane Junction Yorkshire
Mill Lane Junction Yorkshire
Mill Street Crossing Yorkshire
Millerhill Edinburghshire
Millwood Tunnel Yorkshire
Milner Royd Junction Yorkshire
Milton Court Crossing Surrey
Milton Crossing Sussex
Milton Halt Oxfordshire
Mineral Junction Yorkshire
Minety (& Ashton Keynes) Wiltshire
Minety Crossing Wiltshire
Minster Kent
Minster 'A' Kent
Minster 'B' Kent
Minster East Junction Kent
Minster South Junction Kent
Minster Thanet Kent
Minster West Junction Kent
Mirfield Yorkshire
Mirfield Yorkshire
Misterton Nottinghamshire
Mixbury Crossing Oxfordshire


Location County Line Show
Moat Hills Crossing Yorkshire
Mold Junction Flintshire
Moncrieffe Tunnel Perthshire
Monkton & Came Dorset
Monkton Moor Yorkshire
Monkwearmouth Durham
Monsanto Crossing Durham
Monsanto BASF Crossing Durham
Monsanto Siding Junction Durham
Montacute Somerset
Montpelier Junction Sussex
Monument Middlesex
Moor Green Colliery Nottinghamshire
Moor Lane Tunnel Lancashire
Moor Park Hertfordshire
Moor Street Warwickshire
Moorcock Tunnel Yorkshire
Moorgate (Street) Middlesex
Moorside (& Wardley) Lancashire
Moortown Lincolnshire
Moreton in Marsh Gloucestershire
Morley Yorkshire
Morley Tunnel Yorkshire
Morton Road Lincolnshire
Morton Siding Nottinghamshire
Location County Line Show
Moses Gate Lancashire
Moses Gate No.2 / West Lancashire
Moss Yorkshire
Mossband Cumberland
Mossband Junction Cumberland
Mossgates Crossing Perthshire
Mossley Hill Lancashire
Mouldron Junction Edinburghshire
Moulsecoomb Sussex
Moulsford Berkshire
Moulsford Berkshire
Moulton Lincolnshire
Mountfield Halt Sussex
Mountfield Sidings Sussex


Location County Line Show
Muirkirk Ayrshire
Mundesley Norfolk
Location County Line Show
Murrow Crossing Cambridgeshire
Murrow East Cambridgeshire
Murrow Lane Crossing Cambridgeshire
Murrow West Cambridgeshire
Murton Lane Yorkshire
Muswell Hill Middlesex
Muthill Perthshire


Location County Line Show
Location County Line Show
Mythe Tunnel Gloucestershire
Mytholmroyd Yorkshire
Myton Crossing Yorkshire