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Signal Fact 62

In 1951 York Power Signal Box was opened, replacing seven mechanical boxes aggregating 868 levers.

The new signal box had 825 routes that could be set up over a total of 33 track miles.

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Location Magazine
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Fareham SW072 Southern Way issue 15.
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Farington Curve NU001 Steam World 2002 June.
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Railway Magazine 1962 September.
Farnborough SE080 Southern Way 2013 issue 23.
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Farnham SW062d Classic Bus 2012 June.
Farnham Junction SW064 Southern Way 2012 19.
Farningham Road SE120 Southern Way Issue 20.
Steam World 1999 October.
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Archive 2002 September.
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Ferry MG001 M & G N Bulletin 2018 June.
Ferryhill NE250 Steam Days 2014 January.
Ferryhill Junction CA580 Railway Magazine 2011 November.
Festiniog (GWR) Railway Bylines 2010 October.
Ffrith Archive 1998 June.
Fidlers Ferry NW730 Raiway Magazine 2012 June.
Finchley (GNR) Railway Bylines 2009 May.
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Finedon Road MR080 Midland Society Journal 61 2016.
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Fir Tree House Junction NW650 Steam Days 2021 February.
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Fishbourne LB090 Southern Way 2012 19.
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Fishponds (MR) Steam Days 2009 June.
Fiskerton MR610 Railway Magazine 2011 September.
Railway Magazine 2009 September.
Five Mile House (GNR) Backtrack 2011 May.
Flatonia (Texas) RSHS Bulletin 2003 36-1.
Flax Mill (GNR) Modern Railways 2010 September.
Fleet MG004 M & G N Bulletin 2018 July.
Fleetwood Steam Days 2009 July.
Fletton Road Junction MR101 Nene Steam 2011 September.
Flitwick British Railways Illustrated 2007 November.
Flordon (GER) Backtrack 2009 November.
Foley Crossing LNW Backtrack 2021 March.
Folkestone Harbour SE051 Southern Way 2010 issue 9.
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Forcett Junction Railway Bylines 2008 December.
Ford, Ford Junction LB090 Steam Days 2012 May.
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Forden CM001 Steam World 1993 July.
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Railway Magazine 2011 September.
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Forth Bridge NB480 Backtrack 2016 July.
Backtrack 2013 February.
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Forthburn Railway Bylines 2008 December.
Foss Cross MW060 Steam World 2003 October.
Fostoria (Ohio) RSHS Bulletin 2001 34-6.
Fotherby Backtrack 2008 April.
Foul Anchor MG001 M & G N Bulletin 2018 September.
Foulsham (GER) Steam Days 2011 February.
Fountainhall NB060 Railway Magazine 2014 January.
Four Cross Roads MG004 M & G N Bulletin 2018 August.
Fovant (MoD) Southern Way 2011 issue 16.
Fowey GW306 Steam Days 2013 June.
Rail issue 712.
Backtrack 2011 August.
British Railways Illustrated 2011 May.
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Foxfield FN050 British Railways Illustrated 2016 September.
Cumbrian Railways Journal 2007 February.
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Railway Magazine 1966 March.
Foxton GE054 Modern Railways 2016 October.
Framlingham GE265 Great Eastern Journal 2007 July.
Frankfurt (DB-DR) Railway Magazine 1966 August.
Fraserburgh GO014 Steam Days 2010 October.
Railway Bylines 2009 November.
Fratton LB140 British Railways Illustrated 2020 May.
Railway Bylines 2009 April.
Freeman's Crossing NE708 LCGB Buletin 2012 February.
Fremington SW152 Railway Bylines 2016 May.
Steam World 1994 June.
Fremington Quay SW152 British Railways Illustrated 2008 August.
Freshfield LY190 Railway Magazine 1966 November.
Frimley SW056 Southern Way 2013 issue 22.
Frinton-on-Sea GE235 British Railways Illustrated 2012 February.
Modern Raiways 2009 June.
Railway Magazine 2009 June.
Railway Magazine 2008 August.
Frizinghall MR891 Railway World 1970 October.
Fryston British Railways Illustrated 2020 July.
Fulbourne GE060 Great Eastern Journal 2011 January.
Fullerton Junction SW122 Railway Bylines 2013 December.
Furness Abbey FN020 Backtrack 2016 August.
Furzebrook SW115 Southern Way 2008 issue 3.


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