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Signal Fact 15

E A Cowper invented the railway detonator in 1841. Used to protect trains that had come to a stand unexpectedly.

First adopted by the Great Western Railway, the other companies soon followed suit.

Detonators are still used today.

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Location Magazine
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Pant BM001
Panteg & Griffithstown Backtrack 2008 May.
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Par GW350 British Railways Illustrated 2010 January.
British Railways Illustrated 2009 November.
Backtrack 2007 April.
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Park Junction GW510 Railway Magazine 2013 November.
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Park Royal Goods GW040 Steam World 1983 July.
Park Street NW111 Steam World 1996 November.
Parkeston Quay (GER) British Railways Illustrated 2009 September.
Partick Central British Railways Illustrated 2008 October.
Partick West British Railways Illustrated 2008 October.
Partridge Green LB082 Railway Archive No.47 2015.
Backtrack 2012 December.
Pasture Street GC130 Railway Magazine 2015 December.
Patchway GW140 Railway Magazine 2007 October.
Patchway Tunnel GW140 Railway Bylines 2017 January
Railway Magazine 2007 October.
Patricroft NW620 Steam World 1982 June.
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Penicuik NB069 Railway Bylines 2016 October.
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Pennington Junctions (LNWR)
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Plumpton Junction (FR)
Steam World 2009 September.
Backtrack 2008 January.
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Pocket Nook Junction NW680 British Railways Illustrated 2015 September.
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Steam Days 2011 February.
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Polegate LB120 Steam Days 2013 October.
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Polygon Great Eastern Journal 2007 January.
Ponders End GE020 British Railways Illustrated 2011 August.
Pontardawe (MR) Steam World 2009 December.
Pontardulais NW300 Backtrack January 2021.
Pontardulais Junction Steam Days 2008 February.
Pontcynon TV010 Steam Days 2012 September.
Pontefract SK007 Railway Magazine 1960 April.
Ponteland NE683 Steam World 2002 June.
Pontop Crossing NE390 British Railways Illustrated 2010 December.
Railway Bylines 2010 November.
Steam World 2007 December.
Pontyberem Steam Days 2009 August.
Pontypool Road GW430 Railway Archive 2013 41.
Steam Days 2009 May.
Backtrack 2009 March.
Backtrack 2007 November.
Pontypridd TV001 Railway Observer 2011 May.
Backtrack 2010 August.
Poole SW100 Steam Days 2013 January.
British Railways Illustrated 2012 February.
Pooley Green (LSWR) Rail 2009 June 3.
Poplar Junction GE162 Great Eastern Journal 2011 January.
Poppleton NE201 Rail Express 2020 July.
Modern Railways 2015 November.
Port Carlisle Junction CA007 Steam Days 2011 October.
Port of London Authority Railway Bylines 2010 November.
Portadown GD040 Railway Magazine 2018 January.
Porth TV030 Steam World 1998 March.
Porthywaen CM005 Backtrack 2020 July.
Steam Days 2009 June.
Portishead GW157 Railway Modeller 1971 July.
Portobello (NBR) Backtrack 2010 September.
Portpatrick PW001 Railway Magazine 1927 January.
Porton SW120 Southern Way 2010 issue 10.
Portskewett GW470 Railway Archive 2013 41.
Steam Days 2012 January.
Backtrack 2007 September.
Portsmouth (Hampshire) Modern Railways 2006 December.
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Prees NW225 Modern Railways 2013 August.
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Preston NW860 Backtrack 2016 July.
Backtrack 2012 September.
Prestonpans NB001 Railway World 1970 September.
Primrose Hill (LNWR) also see Chalk Farm Steam Days 2010 April.
Prince of Wales GW610 Steam Days 2013 September.
Prince Tennant GW610 Steam Days 2013 September.
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Railway Modeller 1972 February.
Prudhoe NE430 Railway Magazine 2021 January.
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Railway Observer 2010 September.
Railway Magazine 2008 November.
Pulbrough LB080 Southern Way issue 18.
Southern Way Preview.
Purley LB040 British Railways Illustrated 2007 February.
Steam World 2001 September.
Pyewipe Junction JN033 Steam Days 2013 August.
Steam Days 2013 March.
Backtrack 2009 October.
Steam Days 2009 June.
Pyewipe Road GC137 Railway Magazine 2016 January.
Pylle Hill GW150 Backtrack 2016 October.


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