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6 October 2020
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9 March 2019

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Weekly & Periodical Notices Digital Archive

The PDFs available are listed by Railway Company or the British Railways Region or Railtrack or Network Rail Zone that issued them. Just click on the appropriate button below to go to the lists that are of interest to you.

Following the 'grouping' in 1923 most notices were issued on a geographic rather than a company wide basis. This practice was continued by British Rail and later Railtrack and Network Rail although the geographic boundaries were subject to change from time to time. When considering which notices to search please bear in mind that the changes moved locations from one notice series to another and that the dates of change were not always directly linked to other organisational change. If the notices you need are not available then it may be that the information can be found in the notice for an adjoining area or region - “Working Over” information tended to be provided rather than issuing the 'other lot's' books. Periodical notices often covered more than one weekly notice area.

Pre-Grouping Companies

Grouped Companies

British Railways Era

Railtrack and Network Rail