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Weekly Engineering Notices contain details of temporary speed restriction, permanent way operations, signal alterations, appendix instructions, and amendments to various other operating instructions.

Periodical Notices (including Supplementary Operating Instructions) contain updates and amendments to the timetable appendices and other operating publications. Some - but not all - of the information will have been previously published in Section D of the Weekly Engineering Notices.

Downloads from these pages are in the form of PDF files which can be read by a variety of software including your web browser. The PDFs available are listed by Railway Company or the British Railways Region or Railtrack or Network Rail Zone that issued them. Just click on the appropriate button below to go to the lists that are of interest to you.

Following the 'grouping' in 1923 most notices were issued on a geographic rather than a company wide basis. This practice was continued by British Rail and later Railtrack and Network Rail although the geographic boundaries were subject to change from time to time. When considering which notices to search please bear in mind that the changes moved locations from one notice series to another and that the dates of change were not always directly linked to other organisational change. If the notices you need are not available then it may be that the information can be found in the notice for an adjoining area or region - “Working Over” information tended to be provided rather than issuing the 'other lot's' books. Periodical notices often covered more than one weekly notice area.

Year Sets

Until 1984 year sets aligned with the calendar year, January to December. In 1985 the “year” ran from January 1985 until March 1986. From 1986 year sets aligned with the financial year, April to March.

Please note that this part of the archive is being gradually re-organised to group all notices of a sequence together irrespective of issuing body.

Health Warning

Information about alterations published in Weekly notices (or equivalent) should be regarded as “Statements of Intent” ond only be regarded as actuality if they appear in subsequent issues as “has been” carried out items.

Some items do not appear until they are published as “has been”, either because they were initially omitted in error or the decision to carry out the work came later than the press deadline for publication.

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Periodical Notice Series

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