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Photographic Collection

The Society's Collection of negatives and slides has been gathered together to enable them to reach a wider audience. The images accessible on this page belong to the Signalling Record Society. They may only be reproduced with our specific authority or as shown below.

Ordering Prints

The SRS Photographic Collection is in the custody of Kidderminster Railway Museum (KRM). Digitally printed copies of the photographs may be purchased from the Museum. Please contact them here for more information or via our contact list.

Order forms for photographs can be obtained direct from the Museum at

Kidderminster Railway Museum
Station Approach
Comberton Hill
Kidderminster DY10 1QX

telephone 01562 825316

For more details of the photographic services offered by the KRM and their current prices, please visit the KRM Web Site.

Publishing Our Photographs

The Society is always willing to consider the publication of these photographs on payment of a fee and enquiries should also be addressed to the Kidderminster Railway Museum at the address above or via this link.

How to Search our Catalogue

1. To start a search enter the name of a signal box or place in the Title box.

2. The default values in the Period from and to boxes will find all available pictures. You can shorten the date range by changing the years appropriately. Do not leave blank or the search will not find anything. Where the date of the photograph is uncertain it will be quoted as 'before 1960' or 'after 1890' or 'date unknown'. Shortening the date range without specifying a location in the Title box will select the entire catalogue.

3. You can narrow the search by additional criteria if you wish. The search on the Details contain line checks whether (term A OR term B) AND term C are present and excludes items where term D is present. Leave thse boxes empty to get all pictures for your chosen location.

4. Click the New Search button to start your search or start a new search with fresh search criteria. The results will appear below with the details of the first found picture shown.

5. Click the Search Selected button to step forward through all the pictures found. When have reached the end, clicking again will loop back to the first one found.

6. If you click the Exclude Search button you will be presented with all the pictures that don't match your search criteria.

7. Be aware that the Back and Next buttons by the bottom of the picture image will step backwards and forwards through the entire collection regardless of any search criteria. Start point for stepping is the displayed picture and at the end of the list clicking again will loop round to the start or end as appropriate.

The Catalogue

Title (usually name of signal box): Period: from to

Details contain: OR AND but EXCLUDE

Ready to search all items:


KRM Reference Number:  Photo number:     SRS Reference:  Reference number

Title:  Name of signal box     Date:  Date of photo


PDF Catalogues

These catalogues will be phased out once all the sections have added to the searchable list above.

The catalogue is divided into two sections. Section 1 covers England, Scotland and Wales. Section 2 covers the whole of Ireland plus a number of other countries world wide. There are also smaller catalogues covering just parts of the collection and a short location summary. Click on the links to view the Catalogue.

Section 1 England, Scotland and Wales in a single alphabetical list combining parts 1, 2, 3, 4, & 6.
Section 2 All Ireland and rest of world arranged by country. (Part 5).
Part 1 Ian Scrimgeour, England & Wales. Black & White negatives.
Included in Section 1.
Part 2 Ian Scrimgeour, Scotland. Black & White negatives.
Included in Section 1.
Part 3 Ken Booth, UK. Colour slides. Included in Section 1.
Part 4 Colin Betts, UK. Black & White negatives. Included in Section 1.
Part 5 Ian Scrimgeour, Foreign (including Northern Ireland). Black & White negatives. Comprises Section 2.
Part 6 John Howard-Turner, UK. Black & White negatives.
Included in Section 1.
Part 7 Chesham Colour Slide Collection.
Summary Short summary of the locations included in the various sections and parts 1 to 6.

The catalogues include the reference numbers that are needed to order the prints.


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