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4 August 2019
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12 April 2018

Signalling Record Society - 50 Years


The Society has a range of over 3,000 drawings, covering not only signal box diagrams (our own diagrams, not copies of originals), but also wiring, technical and architectural subjects. New drawings appear regularly, and are listed in a Newsletter that accompanies the Signalling Record mailed to members every other month. They have been drawn by SRS Members and represent a phenomenal number of hours work.

Drawings Available

Lists of what is available are set out by the 'big four' areas. Click on a button to view the catalogue of interest:

Each list is sub-divided into pre-grouping companies and/or line order. Diagrams included range from pre-grouping examples to some of the last mechanical schemes done in the British Railways era.

Signal Box Diagrams on CD

Diagrams are now becoming available on CD-Rom from the on-line Bookstall

Purchasing Drawings on Paper

Prices for paper copies of the drawings are (per drawing number):

Drawing codes Members Price Non-Members Price
S, W, J £3.30 £3.60
D £3.70 £4.10 Some series D, L and P sheets contain drawings for more than one location.
Please do not include the same number twice in any one order.
B, L £5.10 £5.60
C, P £5.40 £6.10
X £6.80 £7.30

Member price savings !! A very good reason to become a member !!

Shipping rates to UK addresses for one or more drawings on paper, irrespective of the number ordered, are £3.50 if folded, and £5.00 if rolled in a tube. Currently there are no facilities for sending these outside the UK.

Shipping rates for the CD-Roms are quoted on the Signal Box Drawings page.

Shipping charges include the costs of postage, packaging and handling.

To Order Drawings on Paper

Click here for the order form.

To Order Drawings on CD

Click here if you want your drawings on a CD.