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6 October 2020
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17 June 2020

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The Society publishes a range of books, smaller publications and drawings covering a wide range of aspects of signalling. Whilst much of the range is available in printed form the onward march of technology means that an increasing amount is now available in electronic form.

In arriving here you will probably have realised that we reorganised the ordering processes for our varied fayre into a single on-line shopping cart system with facilities to pay on-line. No reason now to hold back if your banking arrangements don't include a cheque book facility.

On-Line Ordering

The on-line ordering facility, known as “The Bookstall” is an easy to follow shopping cart system of the type found on many web sites. Most of our books, smaller publications, and some electronic media can be purchased this way. The shopping cart automatically calculates shipping charges and you can see what they are before committing yourself to a purchase. If you have put more than one item in your shopping basket, the calculation takes this into account and even offers free shipping if the order value is large enough.

Our prices are quoted in GBP - pounds sterling - and that is the amount that you will need to pay. We offer a choice of payment methods which you can select at the check out:

The on-line system does use some cookies to work properly so please ensure you have set your browser to accept them.

Please note that, to ensure eligibility for member discounts, member's accounts will be checked against the current membership database before they become 'approved' and orders can be placed. It may be a few days before 'approval' is given, especially at holiday times. This check will be repeated periodically.

Drawings on Paper

The Society's collection of signalling drawings continues to be available in paper format. Follow the link below for more details and how to order.

Location Indexes

Before you rush headlong into ordering you might want to take a look at one or more of these index and update files. Checking through will enable you to be sure which volume you want .... but bear in mind these can include locations and volumes not available from the Bookstall.

Indexes to Drawings Available from the Drawing Office

Addenda & Corrigenda Leaflets

Update leaflets have been produced to some publications and may be downloaded free of charge here.

Data Privacy Notice : On-line Bookstall

The Bookstall keeps details of customers for our records and to enable you, the customer, to review your past purchases from us. The extent of the personal information we keep is that which you enter when you first register. The accuracy of this information is the responsibility of you, the customer, and you can correct any errors or update the information at any time by logging into your account and changing it. Please note that your transaction records will not be deleted if you decide to be 'forgotten'.

By opting to receive our newsletters you give your consent to receiving these whenever we issue one. You can change your decision in respect of newsletters at any time by logging into your account and changing the newsletter option setting.

We do NOT share our customer details with any other organisation or body unless we are required to do so by UK law. We do NOT keep any detail of customer bank accounts or credit cards; such information is retained by Paypal (or your bank) and is never divulged to us.

The Bookstall does place 'cookies' on your computer but only insofar as it is essential for the operation of the shopping cart system.

Ordering Bookstall Items By Post

We recognise that some customers may still prefer to write out an order and send it to us by post together with a cheque for payment. Your cheque must be payable to “The Signalling Record Society” (please do not abbreviate this or we have to return your cheque to you) and then posting the order and cheque to:

SRS Bookstall Sales
John Lacy
66a Lower Wyche Road
Worcestershire WR14 4ET
United Kingdom


Items offered for sale are either the direct copyright of the Society or are published with the consent of the copyright holder. Please respect that copyright by not copying or distributing any items without our express written consent.

Terms and Conditions

The Society sells books and electronic files through The Bookstall in compliance with the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 which are applicable in the United Kingdom. Orders may be paid for using Paypal, or by a cheque drawn on a UK sterling bank account, or by UK sterling postal or money orders, or by direct transfer from your UK sterling bank account to ours.

Books and electronic media purchased from The Bookstall are usually despatched by Royal Mail postal services. We generally use second class large letter mail but larger orders in excess of Royal Mail letter mail limits may be sent by Royal Mail Parcels or an alternative carrier. Royal Mail generally deliver within 5 working days of our posting the item(s) but this can rise considerably to international (non UK) addresses.

More than one Society officer is involved in the fullfillment of orders. Please be aware that your order may arrive in more than one package. We may choose to split any order into multiple packages.

Small electronic files may be supplied as an attachment to an email (or emails) sent to your registered email address instead of by post.

Whilst we endeavour to despatch orders from stock quickly within three working days, please bear in mind that the Bookstall Manager and the other officers of the Society are volunteers and often have other commitments, including working for a living. This can lead to delays at holiday times so please allow 28 days from ordering for delivery before contacting us regarding non deliveries. Some items are only copied or created in response to an order and these will take longer than three days.

Please note that Shipping Costs include the costs of packaging and other administrative costs, not just postage.

Orders are also subject to our Privacy Policy (below).

Customers purchasing from this web site are deemed to have accepted these terms together with the contents of the Privacy Policy and Delivery (Shipping) Information.

Electronic Products Other Than Those Subject To The Licence Agreement

Electronic products are computer files which are supplied either on CD or DVD or by email. They are sold for personal use only and one copy (only) may be used on any one computer or other suitable player owned by the customer. The customer may make an additional copy as backup against computer failure. They may not be sold or passed on to anyone else. Certain electronic products are subject to a Licence Agreement (below).

Any copyright or similar statements included in the electronic file must not be removed.

Experience shows that CDs and DVDs recorded on one computer may be reluctant to play on another machine. Please ensure you have tried playing on more than one machine before considering them to be faulty.

Licence Agreement

Certain products containing material published by the Society are the copyright of the Signalling Record Society and the terms of this Licence Agreement are applicable to these products.

These images are supplied for information and personal research only. No reproduction may be made for publication without the permission of The Signalling Record Society. You may not make copies of the data. You may not publish or sell any portion of the data in printed, electronic or any other format without prior written consent. You may not advertise free lookups from the contents of the product. By purchase of this product you have not acquired title or ownership of software materials or data contained on this CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or product packaging or documentation. This licence grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the software and documentation. You are prohibited from copying, reproducing, translating, disassembly, recompilation or reverse engineering of any part of the software or related packaging or documentation. This licence entitles use of the software contained on this CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or memory stick product and related documentation. This licence permits a single user on a single site to access the CD, DVD or memory stick at any given time or copy it to the hard drive of that user's one computer. (For multiple user licences, contact The Signalling Record Society) The software or documentation may not be loaned, rented or leased, or used for any other form of remunerated gain, nor may it be passed to anyone who is not a member of the SRS. This licence agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales.


We will accept return of goods in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations. You must contact us within seven (7) working days of receipt of the goods and then await instructions from the Bookstall Manager. Notification must be by letter or email sent to the Bookstall Manager, telephone calls are NOT acceptable for this purpose.

In the event that goods supplied are faulty, a refund or replacement will be made upon the return of the faulty goods. You must The Bookstall Manager by letter or email within seven (7) working days of receipt of the goods and then await instructions from the Bookstall Manager. Experience shows that CDs, DVDs and memory sticks recorded on one computer may be reluctant to play on another machine. Please ensure you have tried playing on more than one machine before considering them to be faulty.

The cost of returning goods must be paid for by the customer. Refunds will normally be paid within 30 days of receipt of the returned goods by the Bookstall Manager. If the goods were damaged or mis-described we will also refund your return postage costs provided that you have initially contacted us before sending the goods. We will not refund return postage costs where the goods arrive with us without our prior agreement.

Where the return is occasioned by the customer having ordered the wrong item or changing their mind we will not refund the return postage cost and an administrative charge of £2 will be deducted from any refund due.

No refunds will be given under any circumstances in respect of CDs, DVDs or memory sticks where the customer has broken the seal or wrapper (where such is provided). However, we will, at our sole discretion, replace such goods if they are damaged or faulty. We will test any returned CD, DVD or memory stick and will not make any refund if we are able to play them.

No refunds will be given under any circumstances in respect of electronic files sent by email, or for Gift Vouchers.