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30 July 2020
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Signalling Record Society - 50 Years

Calendar of Meetings and Events

Places on visits to Network Rail and London Underground are strictly limited and these places are only available to members. Registering in advance with the organiser is essential and, before registering, please ensure you can attend on the date concerned. If the number of members wishing to attend exceeds the available number of places the organiser will 'draw names from the hat' to determine who may attend.

Some visits to London Underground and Network Rail are arranged at short notice and may not get advertised here. If you would like to register an interest in advance, register here indicating which areas of the country interest you. You will then be sent detail of each visit by email so that you are certain to be notified in time.

By prior arrangement with the organiser concerned, members attending a visit to a Heritage Railway may take a friend with them.

If you are not yet a member, take the opportunity to join here.

All visit dates should be treated as provisional until participants have the date confirmed by the organiser.

Times quoted in the calendar are in 24 hour notation.

If you find you are unable to attend the visit please let the Organiser know immediately to allow your place to be offered to someone else, or if on the day to avoid the visit being delayed awaiting your arrival. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, failure to let the organiser know in good time may result in preference being given to others for subsequent visits.

Visit safety - Visits to Network Rail, London Underground and Heritage Railway premises often involve lineside access. Specific conditions normally apply to these visits. Please ensure you have fully read the conditions before applying to join the visit.

 All events, meetings and visits for 2020 are now cancelled. The situation for 2021 will be announced towards the end of the year.
8 May
North East Meeting, York

The next SRS York meeting will be held on Saturday 8 May 2021 (postponed from 25 April 2020), in the Duchess of Hamilton Suite at the National Railway Museum, York.

Room opens 10.15, tables available for members to bring displays or sales. This was extremely popular at the last meeting, so do please see what you can bring along.

Speakers: details will be available nearer the date of the meeting.

Nearest railway station is York.

Location map here - click on the map marker for address detail and satnav information. For those of you coming by train there is a down side exit from the station footbridge which provides the shortest walking distance to the NRM.

National Rail Enquiries for train times or Traveline for other transport modes.


Conditions for Participation in Visits Involving Lineside Access

These condtions apply to all visits involving lineside access, regardless of whether hosted by Network Rail, London Underground, Metro, Tramway or by one of the Heritage Railways.

The operational railway is a potentially dangerous environment. Whilst every reasonable care will be taken during the visit to ensure your safety, you must understand that the Society does not carry any insurance and your participation is undertaken at your own risk. This is in accordance with Society Rules.

It is a mandatory requirement that you provide yourself with a clean hi-visibility waistcoat or coat meeting the specifications of GO/RT3279 Class 2.

In layman's terms this means:

  1. The garment covers the whole torso
  2. It is orange
  3. It has reflective strips
PLEASE NOTE - Older-style mini-vests which only come half-way down towards the waist only meet class 1 of the specification and are not acceptable on Society visits. Additionally red, yellow or green garments (you will be a walking handsignal and will possibly cause a SPAD) ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. This condition is imposed on everyone coming onto the lineside. Please do not attend without suitable clothing; you will be unable to participate in the visit as the Visit Co-ordinator will have undertaken with the host company that the party will be compliant.

If you do not already have suitable hi-vis clothing this can be easily and cheaply obtained from workwear shops and on-line. Do ensure that you obtain rail-industry compliant garments, as detailed above. The Visit Co-ordinator may have some spare waistcoats available - if you wish to borrow one of these on the day you must make arrangements before the date of the visit to check one is available and reserve it for your use. They will not be brought along unless requested.

Do give some consideration to your choice of clothing on the day. Garments which consist of large amounts of red, yellow or green are not acceptable when on the operational railway, either lineside or near a signalbox, as they are 'signalling colours' and can cause confusion to train drivers, signallers and others. Any disruption to the railway caused by the wearing of such garments will cause embarrassment to the Society's reputation and could result in the hosting company refusing such visits in the future.

When the visit involves trackside access you should ensure you wear stout shoes or boots suitable for walking on rough ground such as track ballast.

The hosting company Manager will give a safety brief at the commencement of the visit. Please ensure you listen carefully to the brief and comply in full with any and all instructions given during the brief.

During the visit you must:
  1. Follow the instructions of the hosting company guide and those of the SRS organiser at all times,
  2. Switch any mobile phones to silent (or vibrate only) whilst on the signal box operational floor,
  3. Not answer or make any calls whilst on the signal box operating floor,
  4. Refrain from conversation whilst the Signaller takes telephone, radio or GSMR calls.
Photography is normally permitted unless you are advised otherwise but you must comply with any restrictions advised to you on the day. In order to avoid the hosting companies imposing bans on photography you are requested to be mindful that operational signalboxes are security-critical locations and if you make photographs available for public viewing following your visit you should not display those which feature:
  1. Identifiable images of railway staff, unless you have their specific permission,
  2. Telephone numbers on paperwork or equipment,
  3. Operational notices, instructions, memoranda, passwords, etc.,
  4. Anything which could cause public embarrassment to the staff or company.
Participation in the visit will be taken as acceptance of these conditions. Members who do not follow the requirements detailed above will not be considered for future visits as, if they are refused participation by the hosting company, their place could have been taken by another member.