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Saturday 15th May 2021 - Annual General Meeting   😀

The continuing issue of Covid-19 and the travel and association restrictions associated with preventing the spread of the virus continue to affect our planning of meeting and events. To get round these problems we have decided to hold our Annual General Meeting this year as an On-line meeting.

Members will receive more details in SRS News 9 along with the agenda for the meeting and the officers' reports for 2020.

As this is a new departure for us, the meeting will be relatively short, concentrating solely on the subjects included on the agenda.

There will be a limit on the number of people who can attend the meeting so pre-registering to attend will be essential. If more people wish to attend than the number of available places, preference will be given to our members in the order in which they pre-register.

Pre-registration is by email and you can do this as soon as you like by clicking here to pre-register. If the link doesn't work for you just send an email to Don't forget to add your name and membership number to the email.

Members and visitors who have pre-registered to attend will be sent an email a few days before the meeting giving detail of how to join the meeting.

Please check back here for updates.


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