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Trade Sales

We are happy to supply most SRS books direct to (retail) bookshops and other retail outlets that stock our books, the exceptions are those in very short supply. The usual level of discount offered is 33% measured against the cover price but we may vary this where we consider appropriate.

Shipping costs will be added to orders comprising less than 10 books* and at our discretion for larger orders. However, we may waive shipping costs where it is possible to deliver or hand over in person or where the trader collects from us. Delivery in person will depend on the availability of the Society's officer who will make the delivery and the trader having premises where such delivery can be accepted.

Payment will normally be required with order, particularly for small orders of less than three books* or where the trader only purchases from us occasionally or is a new trade customer. Traders who purchase larger quantities from us regularly may be offered, at our sole discretion, credit terms. Where these are offered, payment is required within 30 days of the date on the invoice.

Where traders don't wish to keep our titles in stock but prefer to order on an ad-hoc basis to meet a specific customer order we can ship (drop-ship) direct to your customer if so requested.

* The books may be all of one title or may be a combination of our titles.

Please contact the Bookstall Manager who will be able to advise on the specific details in each case.


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