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Order Form for Drawings on Paper

This form is for ordering paper copies only.

If you want to order electronic copies then either go to the Drawings again or to the on-line Bookstall.

1. List the drawings you want here ...
make sure you are using the correct prices
Quantity Drawing Number & Location Name Price
2. now enter your name and address ...
House Number or Name
Town or City
County or State
Post or Zip Code
Telephone Number
eMail Address


Prices of Paper Drawings
Size code Non-Members Members
S, W, J £3.60 £3.30
D £4.10 £3.70
B, L £5.60 £5.10
C, P £6.10 £5.40
X £7.30 £6.80
For shipping rates see text.

3. Add up the cost of the drawings and enter the value here £

4. Add the shipping cost and enter the postage amount here £
    £3.50 for folded, £5.00 if rolled (Only posted to UK addresses)

5. Enter the total value of your remittance here £

6. Members: please enter your membership number here

7. Will members ordering please ensure they quote their membership number. This is required to enable you to claim the Members' discount.

8. Now, please and send one to the Drawing Office Manager (below) with your payment, and keep the other copy for your records.

9. Send the printed page with your payment by sterling cheque made payable to "The Signalling Record Society" (please do NOT abbreviate the Society name in any way - it gives problems when banking cheques - and wrongly made out cheques will be returned for correction resulting in delay to your order!) and crossed to:

SRS Drawing Office Sales (Ray Caston)
22 Pentrepoeth Road
United Kingdom


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