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Most visitors to our web site will probably find the default choice of colours and text size perfectly meet their requirements. Some visitors to our web site, however, may find the text size a little on the smaller side than they need, or would prefer a different colour scheme to make reading the text a bit easier. Whilst it is neither practicable nor possible to cater for every possible need, we have provided a small selection of options.

You can select one of the options by by clicking on the options that drop down below the accessibility settings cogwheel (Settings) on the top row of menu choices on the 'top level' pages of the web site. Each opton is selected individually.

Text sizes

When you first visit us your browser's normal text size is used. Headings are made larger and the text size is reduced automatically when you use a small display such as a mobile phone.

By going to Accessibility on the top level menu you will be able to select an option increase the text size. Two options are provided with each increasing the text size by a certain amount. A third option allows you to revert to the normal, default, size.

Colour Choices

The default colour scheme provides black text on a light, powder blue, background. If you want or need an alternative, we offer combinations of white or yellow text set against a dark blue background, and yellow text set against a black background. If you don't like any of these then you can always switch back to the default setting.

How is my choice recorded?

On your very first visit to our web site we place two cookies on your device. These record the default settings for the site. If you select one of the Accessibility choices the page is reloaded immediately and the cookies are updated to record your choice. Every subsequent page you visit checks the cookies so that your choice is automatically carried forward to every page you visit.

The Sales section of the web site is not affected by choices you make here.

Are the Cookies permanent?

No, they are automatically removed from your computer 30 days after you leave our web site. During that 30 day period, however, your choice of text size and colour scheme will be restored as soon as you arrive at the web site. You can read about our use of Cookies here.

Why do some parts of the pages not change?

The top parts of the pages do not change colour and nor does the footer at the bottom. This is to ensure you can always find the information in these parts of the pages in a consistent way.

What if I need a setting that is not shown?

Modern browsers and operating systems such as Windows also have settings that can be changed. You may have already altered these to suit you requirements. These can be used instead of our choices or in conjunction with them if you wish. We cannot guarantee that changing our settings will not clash with ones set in your browser or operating system.


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