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Archive Categories

Within the catalogue listings documents are coded so as to give an indication of what they will contain. These codes are set out here.

Code Explanation
ARCH Architectural drawing.
CIRC Circuit diagram.
DET Detection table - electrical and/or mechanical.
ELEC Electrical control table.
LAYOUT Layout diagram - plan showing track layout (not to scale) without signalling detail.
LEVER Lever locking table - equivalent for an all-electric frame.
MAP Map.
MECH Mechanical locking - tables and/or chart.
MISC Anything not covered in the other categories. Further explanation often included.
NUMB Numbering plan - diagram showing numbers of functions, not to scale.
ROUTE Route locking table.
SBD Signalbox diagram - as displayed in the box, or an office copy of that.
SCALE Scale plan of railway property.
SCHEME Scheme diagram - plan showing (actual or proposed) alterations, typically with new work in red.
SK Sketch diagram - properly drafted diagram, to scale longitudinally, showing track layout and full signalling details.


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