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Digital Archive Catalogue

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The catalogue covers a range of different types of material and, to make it easier to include links for downloading copies, has been split into several sections. Each section deals with a particular type of document.

Wherever possible the digital copy will be the complete document. This is especially important with the Weekly Notices as information about changes of signal frame or locking is often only published in section B. There was no section C announcement because no change was visible to train crews! Weekly and Periodical Notices will be combined so far as possible into 'year sets'. This is intended to assist members searching the files when the precise date of an event is unknown.

Parts of the Digital Archive are available for download immediately free of charge where the donor has specified this as a condition of the donation. Other parts are only available for download by members or on CD/DVD as a Research Note. The archive pages make it clear what is available by these means. The CD/DVDs may be purchased by non-members as well as by members.

Files are variously in PDF, JPG TIF format, all of which are recognised international standards. If your browser won't read some of these there are plenty of free readers available from internet sources.

The archive files are often large - please bear in mind that they will take some time to download, especially if you are not using broadband. Because of problems with older browsers or out of date plug-ins, it is recommended that files be saved to your own hard drive before opening them to view the contents.

Contributions to the Digital Archive are always welcome. Click here to read the guide to making digital copies for us.

Digital Archive Sections

Within each of the archive categories the listings are arranged by issuing railway company or other issuing body. Bear in mind that after 1948 reorganisations can (and did) lead to specific locations changing 'ownership' one or more times. You may need, therefore, to search more than one list for your location of interest.

Click on the most appropriate link in the list at the top of the page to find the type of document you are looking for.


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