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There is an increasing amount of information and pointers to where information can be found on this web site. This information is made freely available and should be consulted as a first step. Before you ask, then, please have a good look round this web site to see if the answer can be found.

For questions that are not answered on one of this site's pages, you may contact our Enquiries Officer. He will answer general enquiries about signalling from the general public as well as from members and may be contacted via our contact page.

It is envisaged that he might, for example, deal with a request for help finding the layout of a particular station or siding, the date or origin of a signalbox structure, or the function and working of some item of equipment. Similar simple questions are welcome. Of course, one man cannot answer every question, and most may have to be referred to appropriate experts. Your patience in such cases is appreciated.

Very often, the answer may be a reference to a published account such as a book or magazine article. Alternatively, the solution might be to purchase an SRS publication.

Some help may also be available with simple questions about Rules, Regulations and Appendix Instructions, from a historical perspective. I'm afraid we are not able to answer matters relating to current rules and regulations that should addressed to the appropriate railway industry officers.

Anyone with extensive queries, or wishing to research a subject in depth, is recommended to join the society as they will find more help available though the media of our Journals, Research Co-ordinator and Corresponding Member network. New members, on joining, are given a membership pack, including A Guide to Signalling Research, Some Background to Using Signalling Documents and a sheet of standard signalling symbols, which themselves answer some of the more commonly asked questions.


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